amandahall Her confidemce is tragic yet her intuition is magic...

TrainMeet Virginia

| play
RunnerDJC Figured this was a nice start!
RunnerDJC Reflecting on the first time... But not that one!
RunnerDJC Already have morning on my mind....
RunnerDJC Someone once told me this should be my theme song....
RunnerDJC Still raining, guess I'll get wet running into the gym.
RunnerDJC Still trying to motivate myself to get out into the rain.

Tom Petty - Running Down a Dream

| play
RunnerDJC Kick off your heels it's party time...

Steely DanFM

| play
RunnerDJC Say yeah, yeah, yeah,,,,,

Billy IdolMony Mony

| play
RunnerDJC Gonna have a good time then....
RunnerDJC For Sandra's new hair style......

Rod Stewart Live - Da Ya Think I'm Sexy

| play
RunnerDJC Head out on that Highway.... Lookin' for adventure....
RunnerDJC It's hard to get by just upon a smile....
RunnerDJC I see trouble on the way...

Bad Moon Rising - CCR

| play
RunnerDJC Keep on tryin' and get better every day....
RunnerDJC Heading out for a 10 miler with the first wind chill of the season...
RunnerDJC Someone just reminded me of this song... LOL

Staying Alive-Bee Gees

| play
RunnerDJC A little fiddle playing.... rosin up the bow
RunnerDJC such a small world....

Harry ChapinTaxi

| play
RunnerDJC The poles have closed in many east coast states! We all win!

Queen - We Are The Champions

| play
RunnerDJC Out on the edge of darkness....
RunnerDJC BillyJoe, BobbieSue & BillyMack..... Don't have names like that in these parts....
RunnerDJC Life goes on... long after the thrill....
RunnerDJC @lisaheindel - I like some room to breath and with all the driving I've done this week CT is getting way to crowded...
RunnerDJC Reminder not to spend to much time working....

Elton JohnLevon

| play
RunnerDJC Revving myself up for the morning run....
RunnerDJC Prefer Rod's version but this will have to due...
RunnerDJC In between the dark and the light...
RunnerDJC Don't know why I came here tonight....
RunnerDJC Trying to motivate myself to get to the gym and hop on a treadmill...

Survivor - Eye Of The Tiger

| play
RunnerDJC When Black Friday Comes.......
RunnerDJC Young hearts.... time goes fast...
RunnerDJC When's the President gonna fix it up....
RunnerDJC My minds wandering instead of gathering income tax crap....
RunnerDJC Keep me searching....

Neil Young - Heart of Gold

| play
RunnerDJC You didn't like school and you know you're nobody's fool.....

Pink Floyd - Welcome to the Machine

| play
RunnerDJC Sitting on a park bench....

Jethro TullAqualung

| play
RunnerDJC In the mornin'..... don't say you love me.......
RunnerDJC where did the years go.....

Neil YoungOld Man

| play
RunnerDJC Jump up, Look around and Find yourself some fun

Jethro TullTeacher

| play
RunnerDJC I need to add the Rocky Running Song to my ipod....

Survivor - Eye Of The Tiger

| play
RunnerDJC I will have to raid your list for more songs to add... @DeAnn watch out - cool baby @Flower (reblip)
RunnerDJC Slowhand went a little country with this crossover hit....
RunnerDJC passing cars like they was standing still....
RunnerDJC Never going back to my old school......
RunnerDJC Blood in the streets of New Haven...

The DoorsPeace Frog

| play
RunnerDJC Going back to high school years.....
RunnerDJC After last night I'm dragging... Gonna be an early night! @DeAnn....more! I want more Stones blips!!! :-))) (reblip)
RunnerDJC Have to learn to pace yourself.....

Billy JoelPressure

| play
RunnerDJC Down around the corner.... half a mile from here...

Long Train Runnin' (Doobie Brothers)

| play
RunnerDJC Say what you Mean, Mean what you're thinking, and think anything.

Cat Stevens- Can't keep it in

| play
RunnerDJC Red tail lights heading for Spain.......

Elton JohnDaniel

| play
RunnerDJC Another Classic Rocker @ChrisBohn - one of my top 10's....EVER! (reblip)
RunnerDJC Great Running Beat from this One hit Wonder.....

Ram JamBlack Betty

| play
RunnerDJC You know that chick that used to dance a lot...
RunnerDJC Bad sneakers and a pina colada my friend....
RunnerDJC Radio's playing some forgotten song.....
RunnerDJC 90 mph is the speed I drive....
RunnerDJC @mlbroadcast Welcome back to the land of the living Mike!
RunnerDJC I've been in my's such a fine line.....
RunnerDJC Listen here baby... stop acting so crazy...
RunnerDJC It ain't me... it ain't me... I ain't no fortunate one...
RunnerDJC Its not time to make a change....
RunnerDJC I woke up in between a memory and a dream... (reblip)
ugogirl But then they sent me away, to teach me how to be sensible, logical, responsible, practical...
SarahWV We all want something beautiful ... Man, I wish I was beautiful
RunnerDJC Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose...
RunnerDJC Every time they were sure they had you caught... You were quicker than they thought...
RunnerDJC Life used to be so hard... Now everything is easy...
RunnerDJC Get your motor runnin'...Head out on the highway...
RunnerDJC @MsV ...Congrats on your marathon week...

EaglesThe Long Run

| play
RunnerDJC @BlueJeanBaby60 ...Harass Me... I can certainly handle it...
Arlene513 @IsJonas....does this make you think of Dad?

Billy JoelBig Shot

| play
RunnerDJC Never really thought about the color of the Easter Bunny.... (reblip)
RunnerDJC Know when to walk away and know when to run.....
RunnerDJC Spent some time feelin' inferior.. Standing in front of my mirror...
MsV Best running song. Ever. Plus, don'tcha love The Man in Black on Easter Sunday?
MsV Nod to Lodi Lite...last night. Good stuff...
RunnerDJC Does she walk?.... Does she talk? ....
RunnerDJC @BlueJeanBaby60 Just full of energy to keep going and going...

Eagles - Life In The Fast Lane

| play
zen23 Okay seriously, I'm out of here. But every little thing she does is magic! (reblip)
BlueJeanBaby Bob Seger - Old Time Rock and Roll. @gpharley Frank, do done with that time machine? I've got the carpet . . .
Solorunner Forgot about this one....via @ cyberpenguin said Awww, this song just does something to me every time I hear it. (reblip)
kjlavery “When you visualize, then you materialize. If you've been there in the mind you'll go there in the body” - Dr Denis Waitley
MsV @RunningRealtor: Here's one of my favorites to run to. Good luck on your taper (mine's 13.1)...Enjoy!
kjlavery I wonder who lives 3 doors down ?? will you be my super umm girl ya supergirl (reblip)
cyberpenguin I won't even tell you what I used to think the lyrics were for a particular line of this song. It really does sound like something QUITE different. :)


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Solorunner Cross lines I shouldn't have cross....... ya sometimes it happens. (reblip)

ColdplayIn My Place

| play
De_Ann thx - love his voice@Gypsylyn ♥ With Arms Wide Open ♥ tears of joy stream down my face..;-)DeAnn@Krimzen @ChristieLeigh@wickawickawhat@MonicaOnli (reblip)
De_Ann The power of a curious thing... Still got the LP vinyl thx@dreamside (reblip)
De_Ann vi@Oldies Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons – December, 1963 (Oh, What a Night) (reblip)
LoCoHeather ~~I'd give up forever to touch you..~~

Goo Goo DollsIris

| play
Arlene513 @DearPrudns....diff from Avalon, but it's reall FANE JONDA.
De_Ann Very nice tune :-)@Donnie44 DeAnn Lynyrd Skynyrd ((The Ballard of Curtis Lowe) (reblip)
ugogirl I see a man in the back as a matter of fact and his eyes are as red as the sun...

SweetBallroom Blitz

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De_Ann LOL @KiddRock @deadwood4 - hope i don't get the betty davis knees - (reblip)
Solorunner Your right on with the music tonight Via ijefffForeigner – Head Games (reblip)

ForeignerHead Games

| play
RunnerDJC If I listened long enough to you... I'd find a way to believe that its all true...
RunnerDJC I'm hot blooded... check it and see... I got a fever of a hundred and three...
klitoria hello my dearest how are you ?...i can fell your touch.....@GR8FL...have a happy loving day....
zen23 All my instincts, they return. The grand facade so soon will burn. I reach out from the inside...

Peter Gabriel - In Your Eyes

| play
gpharley I don't know. I just like this song. Kinda dark don't ya think?
RunnerDJC Thinking of closing day money songs but shakin' tits are tough to resist....

Eddie MoneyShakin'

| play
sandraew @SAFSteve Yeah! Gotta keep on rockin, Someday hes gonna make it to the top... (reblip)
Gaz50 @REO Speedwagon - Cant Fight This Feeling

REO Speedwagon - Can_t_Fight_This_Feeling

| play
Solorunner Your just time away.......... Your so far away. (reblip)
toosweet4rnr April 18 birthdays - Mark Tremonti, American guitarist of Alter Bridge and Creed [Creed - With Arms Wide Open]
RunnerDJC @gingerw... Got a nice running beat. One of these days I'll actually develop my new playlist.
RunnerDJC Gotta get fueled up for my morning run but need to cut it short due to showings.. work never ends...
gpharley This is for my old lady who is taking care of her sick sister. I haven't seen her since November. Will fly to MO to see her May 4th.
gpharley I love George Thorogood's version of this John Lee Hooker song.
gpharley Lookin' Out My Back Door all I can see is my neighbor's house. Must not be smoking the the brand as John was when he wrote this.
KimWood Oh yeah ! Another 5K down - w00t ! Now I just have to overcome fear of running to the finish line with all those scary people watching :)
RunnerDJC @DeAnn...On the road for forty days...Last night in Little Rock put me in a haze.
youragentsteph Going to see these guys Thursday at House of Blues - GHBA Extravaganza Unplugged!
RunnerDJC I don't need a whole lots of money... I don't need a big fine car... I got everything that a man could want...
RunnerDJC She seems to have an invisible touch.. yeah..She reaches in, and grabs right hold of your heart...
RunnerDJC Well I won't back down... no I won't back down... You can stand me up at the gates of hell... But I won't back down...
DrDebs Remember I said I was hungry at 11:28? I just got some lunch--4 hours later. Now I'm hungry AND crabby.
ugogirl ahhhhhh!!! love this @BarbieRay vi@holyshadow - my fave Bon Jovi (and fave karaoke song, too lol) (reblip)
RunnerDJC Its six o'clock on a Saturday...the regular crowd shuffles in...

Billy JoelPiano Man

| play
RunnerDJC Me and my old lady...Ain't been getting along ...If things don't get better... I'll soon be long gone...
RunnerDJC What time zone are you in? @ugogirl "Time for me to get on with my day...wishing you all a great one!" (reblip)
RunnerDJC Well I took a walk around the world to ease my troubled mind... I left my body lying somewhere in the sands of time...
RunnerDJC Who's that knocking on the door....

Rod StewartHot Legs

| play
RunnerDJC Wondering if you use the same name on Twitter... @ugogirl
RunnerDJC Seems we're still connected somewhere... Have a good one... @chrisgriffith


| play
shmegan Because of seeing this video as a little kid, I think I was aware of George Harrison before I knew of the Beatles.
RunnerDJC My most memorable concert was when Fleetwood Mac closed the show by dedicating Imagine to my wife for me on our anniversary.

John LenonImagine

| play
RunnerDJC Young teacher... the subject....of schoolgirl fantasy...
RunnerDJC I got a way with girls on my block...Try my best be a real individual...
RunnerDJC Sometimes.. I feel I've got to... - -... Run away I've got to...- -... Get away
RunnerDJC I get up... and nothing gets me down... You got it tough... I've seen the toughest soul around...

Van HalenJump

| play
lilwldchld Baby, hold on to me, whatever will be , will be....
RunnerDJC Gotta do some real work myself... @scarlettkisses: "For all you BLIP.FM ADDICTS like myself! is there a 12 step program???? lol" (reblip)

Saving AbelAddicted

| play
scarlettkisses @RunningRealtor lol....i love cheeseburger in paradise!!!

Realtor Blues II

| play
drubloomfield It's nature's way of telling you in a song

SpiritNature's Way

| play
BubblesToGo For all the Journey fans out there.
ugogirl ...lazing on a sunny afternoon... tks for listening to @johnnyag!
CarolannB ☮70s Sunday☮ - "Evil Woman - ELO"

Electric Light Orchestra- Evil Woman

| play
CarolannB ☮70s Sunday☮- "If Loving You is Wrong (I don't want to be Right) - Percy Sledge"

PERCY SLEDGE If Loving You Is Wrong (I Don't Want to Be Rig

| play
toosweet4rnr [The Jam – Heatwave] gracias :)@JDsRecordShop: "@toosweet4rnr for your heating pad and your Birthday blips." (reblip)

The JamHeatwave

| play
toosweet4rnr video [England Dan & John Ford Coley – I'd Really Love To See You Tonight] I'm not sure why I called.
RunnerDJC I'll be there in the early fall too for the Distance Run... @toosweet4rnr: "[Hall & Oates – Fall In Philadelphia]" (reblip)
RunnerDJC Have fun on the run.... @PainterNik @maddyhubba
TawnyMarie there she stood, in the street, smilin' from her head to her feet....

Free-Alright Now

| play
scarlettkisses it makes me a jolly good fellow!!!!
RunnerDJC @scarlettkisses... Still have mine too but never listen to the old pop & hiss... miss album art though...

Do You Remember Vinyl?

| play
star45 Emerson, Lake & Palmer – From The Beginning

Fleetwood Mac (I'm A Road Runner)

| play
BlueJeanBaby My promo guy says I need Facebook friends. Any takers?

The Twitter Song

| play

There's Only One Way To Rock -Van Halen-

| play
ShiaoMei ♪ ♪♫ Greg Lake (King Crimson) ~ From the Beginning .....This has 2 be 1 of my all time favs:)) hi!! ღ@RunningRealtorღ ~ღ@GR8FLღ ~ ღ@sheryonstoneღ~
RunnerDJC For years I've remembered hearing this but never knew where to find it!..... @Ribbonlynn: "Lady Marmalade- THANKS (reblip)
RunnerDJC She was a long cool woman in a black dress... Just a five nine beautiful tall...
RunnerDJC @drubloomfield: "Stopped in for a bite of lunch and heading back out to show more homes. Was listening to this one earlier. Adios!" (reblip)

Love Me When I'm Gone...

| play
charliebishop I just spent about 28 minutes researching my blips to find this jewel. It was faster than rechecking search engine. :) @RunningRealtor (reblip)
MsV Best kickass speedwork song. EVER. @SpeedySasquatch is my homeboy. Frickin' Mile Repeats!
str8jgirl LUV this! RB!!@klynnDemar: "whatcha got in mind? @BunnyHoney: "Hey @klynnDemar @RonnieSoak.. wanna play?"" (reblip)
RunnerDJC @ShiaoMei: "~>> @RunningRealtor .....See if you like. Hiromi Uehara ROCKS!!!!" { should work on a new Playlist for me to run San Diego!} (reblip)


| play
ShiaoMei IN Flagranti~~ Perfect for >> #SanDiegoRun! >>Clash Torn
harmony60 g'morn..tyvm @TmS: "@zoja01 @AmyisImaginary harmony60" (reblip)

Jethro Tull- Locomotive Breath

| play
RunnerDJC echoes with the sounds of salesmen...

RushSpirit of Radio

| play
gallopaolo67 Rod Stewart – Every Picture Tells A Story
RunnerDJC rb @dawnie22: "Staring into blip space :)~> Unwritten' TY RB @JacoLovesMusic: "♫♪♫"" (reblip)
RunnerDJC rb @ladyb2kool: "Luv this rb@gmd054 > Carly Simon – You´re So Vain" (reblip)

Frank Sinatra, My Way, With Lyrics

| play
RunnerDJC Hot Blooded and Humble Heart :-) @Flying_Roundhouse: "Irish Blood, English Heart – Morrissey ~ @andrew025 ~ (reblip)
RunnerDJC rb @CMFlinn: "Nazareth – Hair Of The Dog (inspired by @Louden last blip ;o))" (reblip)
RunnerDJC rb @TropicsZ4: "Very nice, ty , rb @SGMan: "You blippers heard new Jethro Tull yet?"" (reblip)

Jethro Tull - J-Tull Dot Com - 02 - Dot Com

| play
RunnerDJC Hope you don't mind but I'm gonna steal your ♥ for future use - heart icon that is :-) @Oneangel

HeartMagic Man

| play
RunnerDJC rb @DjblueClariz: "KATIE MELUA ~ I put a spell on you" (reblip)

Lucy Kaplansky -- Five in the Morning (with lyrics)

| play
RunnerDJC Have Fun! Fun! Fun!@kveebee: "Friday nights are my night off #justsaywhen @HeyAmaretto: "@kveebee - we need to go out and celebrate"" (reblip)
RunnerDJC ♆ ...Devil Inside... ♆

INXSDevil Inside

| play
dawnie22 Only in the Sunshine lol 'Ventura Highway' -America -
RunnerDJC If I go crazy then will you still call me superman...
RunnerDJC Music does soothe... @awriterchick: "This is my church. This is where I heal my hurts. ღஜღ" (reblip)

FaithlessGod Is A DJ

| play
RunnerDJC When the rain came I thought you'd leave...
RunnerDJC Hmmm... the day I stop running is the day I arrive... @teresa_8888 (reblip)
RunnerDJC rb @ShebaJo: "rb @p_conn: "Rick Derringer – Rock & Roll, Hoochie Koo "Never gonna lose that funky sound""" (reblip)
lilwldchld Boom Box Pro & In the Mood are the two I have. They're not perfect but you can blip from your iphone with them :-) @RunnerDJC (reblip)
RunnerDJC Haven't heard this in ages... @LadyFox: "Beware ;-) ->rb@SAMSLICK: "Taking "U" Back, Smiling Faces - Undisputed Truth @LadyFox"" (reblip)
lilwldchld Well it looks like I'm very free this evening, so done

PinkThere You Go

| play
RunnerDJC Shit happens... @BattLady: "Fuckin' Perfect – Pink (Lyrics) ~" (reblip)
RunnerDJC rb @kimme23: "K-so it was hopefully my computer and now it's hopefully fixed~happy b-day boy~~>@romanus: "<3 n tY! What's wrong w/ blip?! @kimme23" (reblip)
RunnerDJC Damn... Another Saturday Night Reminder! @RunnerDJC: "My New Year's Resolution... Stop Existing and Start Living!"" (reblip)
RunnerDJC Daniel was hot... he drew first and shot...

The Beatles "Rocky Raccoon" Music Video

| play
RunnerDJC Dreaming of the night... would it turn out right...
RunnerDJC Panama Red...

New Riders of the Purple Sage-Panama Red

| play

Alison Krauss and Robert Plant in Please Read the Letter

| play
RunnerDJC Natural Aphrodisiacs to boost Sexual Desire

S E X with lyrics By Nickleback

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RunnerDJC :-) @Vyxtoria: "She's so close now, this girl is half his age..." (reblip)


| play
RunnerDJC I feel fine... I'm talkin' bout peace of mind...
scotlandlover either, I go after it~open sep browser page and go to link> after being logged into blip (reblip)
RunnerDJC Yeah... think I'm getting pretty good at it. :-) @heavenlyhands: "All we can do is smile @RunnerDJC and carry on :)" (reblip)

Lily AllenSmile

| play
RunnerDJC rb @MrsASoprano: "Somebody bring me some water. Can't you see I'm burning alive?" (reblip)
RunnerDJC rb @awriterchick: "I still remember my dad with tears running down his face as he listened...@Vivke .. good night dear one...have a BLESSED DAY!" (reblip)
RunnerDJC There she was just a-walkin' down the street...
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