Cynbad Never fails to make me smile and get on with things...
Cynbad Pulling out the *stops*..the blender, sprinkler, bus driver...doing them all and laughing at myself..!!
sweetleaf highly addictive...yes evelyn thanx...this is for my bff sliver...i love my love for you (reblip)
lorinewton The Thrill is Gone, B.B. King & Tracy Chapman


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GypsyOwl [Keep Me In Your Heart – Warren Zevon]
GypsyOwl [On My Way Back Home – New Riders of the Purple Sage]
GypsyOwl [From the Morning – Nick Drake]
70sgirl Lee Michaels - 14 days since I don't know when....
RunsWithScissors Classic can't stand still steaming funky harp blues. Yowser!
RunsWithScissors Guitar warrior who can sing!


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malcolli Van Morrison makes me feel at home.
RunsWithScissors Rockin' live sendup of a Muddy Waters' classic. Dig it!
RunsWithScissors Can anyone play a guitar with more feeling angst and precision than Luther Allison?
RunsWithScissors Multi-winner for Best Blues Band from the Blues Music Awards. Incredible live show. Rod harp/vocals, wife Honey keyboards.
RunsWithScissors What a talent...hope she unscrews her life before it's....
RunsWithScissors Carlos says many women have told him they conceived listening to this song. One listen is all you need to know why.
Dave_Malby Baby I Love Your Way – Peter Frampton
RunsWithScissors Another one of a kind instrumental performance> Heart plucking Latin soul on guitar strings.
RunsWithScissors Great orchestral version of this classic tune.
RunsWithScissors A gem hidden treasure. Jazzy keyboard swinging.
RunsWithScissors Can we get this sound, this feeling, this sentiment, this soul back? Please!
entreproducer "You say you'll change the constitution... well you know. We'd all love to change your head."


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sweetleaf @sweetleaf .. @Radiobread, your welcome. i'm just getting the getting around figured... (reblip)
Figgywithit Compare this song's guitar to my last Bonnie Prince Billy blip, Beast for thee.
RunsWithScissors Drop your reds, drop your greens and to scrap that sh*t off your shoes...who else but the Stones can't make a line like that work?
MissAbigail This has gotta be the most obscene mash-up ever. Sorry, but it just popped into my head. Deal with it!
RunsWithScissors Title song from one of the best albums of 2008. Pretty alright!
RunsWithScissors The sinuous slinky sexy swinging understated cool and virtuosity of the players makes it an all-time jazz classic. Turn it up of multiple eargasms!
StonyTunes Abracadabra – Steve Miller Band making the music heat up a bit
RunsWithScissors World class world music, so many wonderful influences exquisitely balanced and translated into something unique, listenable, fun and compelling.
adbert [She's My Baby – Traveling Wilburys & Gary Moore]
RunsWithScissors A magical instrumental meditation on the moon from a master. Close your eyes, listen, breathe deep, relax, feel your tension melt...float away.
RunsWithScissors A greatly underrated Hendrix cut IMHO. "Here comes your master" indeed.
djwashingtonson I Will Always Love You - Whitney Houston
Figgywithit @GR8FL I don't miss the drugs. But I miss Jerry...this is playin' btw, not crazy fingers...
RunsWithScissors Pure ear dope...Hendrix tearing down a Dylan masterpiece of timeless lyrics and haunting melody.

Jimmi Hendrix - All Along the Watchtower

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RunsWithScissors The things you lose could be the things you miss, nobody prepares you for days like this.
lorinewton Everytime you go away, you take a piece of me with you...Hall & Oates (reblip)
RunsWithScissors Soft side to a hard rockin' blues master. I can dig sharing the breezes and warm blue water with my honey.
RunsWithScissors [Allman Brothers - Blue Sky]Some of the tastiest guitar licks surrounding sweet melody and sentiment (reblip)

Allman Brothers - Blue Sky

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RunsWithScissors Nice soulful twist on a standard with a blazing guitar riff courtesy of none other than Jimmy Page -Bye Bye Blackbird – Joe Cocker (reblip)
GypsyOwl [Train kept rollin' – Radiators]
RunsWithScissors Note to self: Don't ever break up with Duffy ;)
sheryonstone im such a sucker for this song, and some good piano
GypsyOwl [Mystery Train – James Burton]
Dave_Malby Comfortably Numb – Pink Floyd
RunsWithScissors Stones at the peak of their power all around. Tightest rhythmn section in rock,infectious guitar. Harp, keyboard, Props 2 Nicky Hopkins & Mick Taylor.
Dave_Malby Wish You Were Here – Pink Floyd

Nothing but a Woman - Robert Cray

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RunsWithScissors Simply the best anthemic twin guitar riffs ever laid down.
GypsyOwl [Sloppy Drunk – Jimmy Rogers]
LYRIC I can't let go... And it doesn't matter how I try...
RunsWithScissors Country blues with acoustic hot licks you hear over and over from later electrifed players
GypsyOwl [That Kind Of Woman - Gary Moore & George Harrison]

Gary Moore & George Harrison That Kind Of Woman

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GypsyOwl [Carl Perkins' Cadillac – Mike Cooley]
GypsyOwl [Jumpin' Jack Flash – Peter Frampton]
RunsWithScissors Blues rock as good as it gets...the man can flat play his axe
LYRIC I hear a tender rhapsody... But in reality... She doesn't even know me...
RunsWithScissors Great song, great voice, great arrangement...jazzy, funky, bluesy, soulful too.
RunsWithScissors Grabs you from note one and doesn't let go.

Mick Jagger & Gary Moore Everybody Knows About My Good Thing (live)

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Figgywithit @robotnik @by_starla this is my other fave Evangelicals from the latest album. very Flaming Lips-like...

Evangelicals- Party Crashin'

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GypsyOwl [Born In Chicago – Paul Butterfield Blues Band]
GypsyOwl [Our Love Is Drifting – The Paul Butterfield Blues Band]
GypsyOwl [Stevie Ray Vaughn - Little Wing]

Stevie Ray Vaughn - Little Wing

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RunsWithScissors Sultry smoking slow R&B from the King of Soul
GypsyOwl @toosweet4rnr Nice! Thank You![The Stealer – Free] (reblip)
RunsWithScissors She gets you on her want to travel with with, you want to travel blind...a masterpiece
RunsWithScissors Extraordinary cover of another hauntingly beautiful Leonard Cohen tune.
RunsWithScissors Smokin' Joe knows how to rock a joint. This tune proves it.
sheryonstone Is anybody still out there? ;)@ladypn :D *waving blowin kisses. I just saw ya :) (reblip)
RunsWithScissors High octane blues from a great guitar slinger
sheryonstone @slightcloutter i got a canon camera, i love to take a photograph...@slightclutter :D perfect timing *dance ! dance! (reblip)
RunsWithScissors You got the music in you...What a shame they only put out one album.
Dave_Malby It has been fun being gross and a wise ass! I have had it! Good Night and Sweet Dreams – Roy Buchanan (reblip)
RunsWithScissors Gotta have this one in the collection too.
GypsyOwl [Astral Weeks – Van Morrison]
sheryonstone @Emperormau - I forgot to put your name on the last blip. :D so, you get what you're given :) and you can take what you take
sheryonstone are we having fun yet ? It may be a tad early, ah, what the hell :D
adbert [Sweet Black Angel – Rolling Stones] Jagger and Richards, winning a room in Heaven.
RunsWithScissors I'll do such things to ease your pain Free your mind and you won't feel ashamed...Damn, Sophie, but how do you really feel.


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RadioRider And finally -- Gentlemen please remove your hats. Starting to feel a little younger now . . ..
RunsWithScissors These are great ***** 5FiveStars Check them out, get the in the right state of your mind!
sthamikat Yeah, I'm reblipping my own song. I'm in a Cowboy Junkie mood. (reblip)
RunsWithScissors Could never get enough of his sound. Give us more Bill...Lean on me man!
RunsWithScissors Mighty fine...just as peaceful and moody and mighty fine as can be.
RadioRider Omar is of "Omar and the Howlers" fame and the girl is Lou Ann Barton - founding member of SRV's Double Trouble and a hell of a singer on her own!
entreproducer Here's the full version of "Five Minutes Of Funk" from Whodini
RunsWithScissors What man would not want his women to feel this way about him?
RadioRider Don't wanna be old and in a rocking chair when I find the love that I need.
RunsWithScissors Omar is of "Omar and the Howlers" fame and the girl is Lou Ann Barton - founding member of SRV's Double Trouble and a hell of a singer on her own! (reblip)
masterkid4u Presenting one of the craziest genius in music, from Brazil the one and only Hermeto Pascoal!! @ncv2929 Enjoy your weekend! Big hug from Mexico!
RunsWithScissors Early Dylan, nothin' else like it...should this tune be classified surreal folk rap?..."I'll let you be in my dream if I can be in yours. I said that"
RunsWithScissors A decidely disco definitive with a beat so strong it's guaranteed to raise your pulse even while sitting.

Shame_Evelyn Champagne King

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RunsWithScissors Come on and satisfy the need in me. Only your good lovin can set me free...burning disco desperation...don't leave me this way. oh no...
RunsWithScissors Modern power pop surprisingly well done. Nice hooks stay with you.
DaphneA All my life I've been searching for something Something never comes never leads to nothing Nothing satisfies but I'm getting close
ladypn Bought some wine&some paper cups, near your daughter's school & picked her up. Drove to a cemetery on a hill, watched the bullets paint the sky gray
sheryonstone Is the site cutting out for anyone else, or is it my imagination ? one min I am connected, the next I am not. Is it on my end ?
sheryonstone @ladypn - slowwwwwwwly I turn. lol Yes, but I am older. You know, experience and all that :D (reblip)
RunsWithScissors Edie & Barry team up to make a terrific duo. Who remembers the video version of this classic on the Win 95 intall CD?
MikeSchmid Words cannot express how much I love this.
adbert [Sweet Child O' Mine – Guns N' Roses] @djmisscloud={title}. Pure sweetness. Cheers @photogurrl! @photogurrl=photogurrrrrrrrrrockl! \m/
RunsWithScissors Saw her do this one live on the Today show with a choir. She totally threw it down, converting a surprised jaded fan in the process!
RunsWithScissors Philosophy is a doggone cereal box. Religion is a smile on a dog...I know what I know if you know what I mean.
bwmson please come to Boston for the springtime...
iddybud How'd You Learn To Shake It Like That? – Ana Popovic .....her Daddy was a preacher but her Mama was an alley cat..
Dave_Malby The Extremist – Joe Satriani
Figgywithit @SevenTenths has fixed my faulty blips!
RadioRider Sorry for the onslaught - you've heard of speed dating, well I was trying speed djing. Blip is 2 slow to make it work. G'night all LP&R Happy bliping (reblip)
RunsWithScissors [Tom Jones-Kiss] You don't have 2B rich 2B my grrl. Name a decade when TJ was not cool.

Tom Jones-Kiss.mp3

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Dave_Malby Religion – Ten Years After
RunsWithScissors [Slow Blues – Mick Taylor] When he left the Stones, they were never the same...what a low down crying shame.
Dave_Malby 50,000 Miles Beneath My Brain – Ten Years After
mamasaurus If you're hurting so am I.

Concrete Blonde - Joey

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RunsWithScissors Alvin Lee & Mylon LeFevre–So Sad (No Love of His Own)...dust this gem off...rinse and repeat :)
rogue_fm There's such an innocence about this song. We've all been here at some time. Waiting, wishing, longing...hoping.
RunsWithScissors [He Was A Friend Of Mine – Bob Dylan]Play it for me when I'm gone
iddybud Waiting for You Girl – Cracker
RunsWithScissors [If you Love Me – BB King and Van Morrison]Seriously now folks, does it get any better than this?
iddybud Don't Forget To Dance – Kinks
nattylynx I like listening to this when I'm driving late at night
iddybud Keep Me In Your Heart – Warren Zevon ..goodnight, Blippers....
Somerset08873 Now I lay me down to sleep....nighty, night y'all.
heylolo because i cant go very long without blipping this band.
nattylynx She's starting to look healthy again?
TravisBedard Or driving through the early morning Arizona desert while moving to Texas?
rogue_fm Not only one of my very, very, very favourite Bowie songs -- one of my very, very, very favourite songs ever. I'm a romantic at heart. @playalongjon
powerhealths Who knows what tomorrow brings... What is the no1. killer of women? Find more at (reblip)
MovingOnUp What a Combo Sound..Easy Lover – Phill Collins and Phil Bailey.. Turn up the Volume!!!
cry5tal Prepare yourself you know it's a must Gotta have a friend in Jesus So you know that when you die He's gonna recommend you To the spirit in the sky
RunsWithScissors Bye Bye Love – The Ditty Bops - a tasty cover sent up by the cutest funnest gay girl duo you'll ever see. Oh and they are talented too.
RunsWithScissors You Get What You Give – New Radicals - What we didn't get was enough of this group.
ladypn Thanks, @mystwitch! That's so nice of you! I know I'll be OK, more worried about Madeline... ;( (reblip)
ladypn I'm not the one who broke you, I'm not the one you should fear. We got to move you darling, I thought I lost you somewhere
RadioRider Last dance - Save it for me - G'night all - PL&R (reblip)

Drifters - Save The Last Dance For Me

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RunsWithScissors No Hendrix collection is complete without this deservedly so "put him on the map" track.
RunsWithScissors [All For You – Sister Hazel] "Words can't say, I can't do enough to prove it's all for you"
deadwood4 thx @melodyofyourlife for this slow and easy/awesome --> Excellent, R.E.M. with Neil Young! (reblip)
RunsWithScissors [Blues Before Sunrise – Leslie West]- Mountain man lets loose on this blues classic
CliveWild For all you young dudes out there:
RunsWithScissors [Sweet Black Angel – Rolling Stones] Jagger and Richards, winning a room in Heaven. (reblip)
ladypn Out of props for you, @musoSF! I LOVE this!! (reblip)
Koufie One more, SOS – Rihanna


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ladypn Spiders, beetles, clowns....
ladypn there's nothing more to it...
Koufie SHE'S GONE – Eric Clapton
chilly Grabbing the King to play some Blues tonight!
ladypn Perfect @threebears! Isn't it amazing, there's a song title appropriate for most any need. ;) Thanks!! (reblip)


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RunsWithScissors Samba Pa Ti Carlos Santana says many women have told him they conceived listening to this song. One listen is all you need to know why. (reblip)
ladypn everything I can't remember as f'd up as it may seem, the consequences that I've rendered I've gone & f'd things up again. Why must I feel this way?
ladypn Oh I'd like to be at the club, my friend's band used to play this every night, had such fun! I NEED FUN TONIGHT!! OK, I've vented. ;)
jossGK Tied for #309 - my top played songs.
RunsWithScissors I'll do such things to ease your pain Free your mind and you won't feel ashamed...Damn, Sophie, but how do you really feel. (reblip)


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fishdeleuze Lightnin' Hopkins – Hear Me Talkin'
RunsWithScissors [Debbie Davies & Kenny Neal – Money]
harmonjazzman lets keep living our for the future!
fishdeleuze Lightnin' Hopkins – coffee house blues
fishdeleuze Bob Dylan – Down In The Flood
fishdeleuze Bob Dylan – Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat
RunsWithScissors Charlie Musselwhite – Leaving Your Town
fishdeleuze Bob Dylan – Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues
RunsWithScissors Rod Piazza – Hate to See You Go/Shake Your Hips
RunsWithScissors [John Mayall – Highway Song] featuring Walter Trout on guitar and vocals - check it out, the man can play the blues...
RunsWithScissors [Walter Trout and the Radicals – Work No More] - blazing blues guitar sung with soul. See him @ the Rhythmn Room in Phoenix 3/15/09
sheryonstone @ladypn~got a bunch of Neko that am going to upload. I don't think much of what I am working on is here, although they have a way of hiding sometimes (reblip)
WendyH For Amber: Ashley Tisdale – He Said She Said
FranciscoIV #DFF @MerlottesBar Waiting For Tonight -Jennifer Lopez (reblip)

Waiting For Tonight -Jennifer Lopez

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Figgywithit Up and coming DJ with great taste: @thadkrgr Add him, you'll like him.
adbert [The Marvelettes – Please Mr. Postman]
ericsvonk What is Hip? Being yourself [Tower Of Power – What Is Hip?]
jasoncrouch Eric Clapton – "Wonderful Tonight" - by request from my friend @KayBallard:
FranciscoIV #DFF at you know who... Donna Summer – I Feel love
ladypn @zero7miles... no matter how many others cover this song, none moves me as much as Joe Cocker. LOVE it! Takes me to a time & place of my life...;) (reblip)
ericsvonk Man, who doesn't love this song. DISCO FUNK. WOO HOO! [Rose Royce – Car Wash]
ericsvonk Where you from? You sexy thing. [Hot Chocolate – You Sexy Thing]
ladypn Took a few to load & play, but its worth the wait. Wonderful to listen to when trying to fall asleep...
ericsvonk Keep on using me until you use me up. [Bill Withers – Use Me]
jasoncrouch MuteMath – "Typical" - lesser known song which is well worth a listen if you haven't already heard it:
adbert [Suzanne Vega – Language] Toomanythingsforafridaynight @lollydaskal! HAHAHA!
ericsvonk I got the funky genes in the family. :)~ [The Headhunters – God Made Me Funky]
adbert [Suzanne Vega – Luka] Hello @craigz! Is the same with me, perhaps i posted that song 50 times or more. Have a wonderful Saturday, buddy!
RunsWithScissors Chuck Mangione – Feels So Good ~ practically singlehandedly launched smooth jazz genre with this one.
ericsvonk The Godfather has spoken! [James Brown – Funky President (People It's Bad)]
RunsWithScissors Christina Aguilera - Mother ~ a stunning interpretation of John Lennon's deeply plunged personal angst
ladypn There'll be girls across the nation who will eat this up... ;)
RunsWithScissors Great pairing of guitar & vocals. Carlos plays so well on her cuts. You'd think he has a crush on her. With that voice, who can blame him?
ladypn Darling, quit confusing me... rb@Annamira (reblip)
sarah__o e, claro, nem todos os arcade fire juntos teriam a minha paciência. sorry, too harsh. begös.
KristaDarling Dale Evans & Roy Rogers.


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