RustyBullethole This pretty much sums up music journalism...
RustyBullethole and the western folks all know.......


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RustyBullethole When will people realise its people that drop that litter and not the council
RustyBullethole Top Tune Get in Hardcore Rave On Mo Fo's
Dancer12 It is blip!! I love Chrome, but blip is bogging down, sticking@mz_rocko what BROWSER is everyone using? my blip is hiccuping all over the place (reblip)
RustyBullethole An awesome track by the Cash Machine.....
RustyBullethole The Jesus and Mary Chain did some good stuff....

Jesus and Mary Chain- Darklands

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RustyBullethole Time to put on your iron shirts people.....
RustyBullethole All trapped in a high rise block....


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RustyBullethole Ah Yeah, back from a holiday and totally refreshed. Word up Blippers!
RustyBullethole There I was diggin' this 'ole..... 'ole in the ground....

Bernard Cribbins "Hole in the Ground"

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RustyBullethole Kind of sums it up, just ignore Rollins, he goes away....
RustyBullethole BAck to the good old daze...... and haze and sun and buckets of fun class of 94 stand up you know the score....
RustyBullethole A song that still stands for politicians. :)

Sum 41Moron

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RustyBullethole Good Friends Free Choice Paradigm have their album coming out soon. Keep 'em peeled..... visit
RustyBullethole Get on moshing down with a bit of Luddite Bastard to sort you out. Raaaar! Get in. Wheres your God?! :)
RustyBullethole :D fuckin' each other mums....

Motherlover (feat. Justin Timberlake)

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RustyBullethole Every time I hear the sound.... What is goin on?

Dreadzone The Warning

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RustyBullethole Razor Blade Alley - hell yeah - a bass line I will be playing along to later....:)
RustyBullethole Brilliant. Pure class. One day.....:D Mozart on guitar. Awesome.
RustyBullethole Kinobe - Whirling Around (quality).... there's jack in a mac with some smack in a shack :D

KinobeWhirling Round

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RustyBullethole True Enough. Mr Marmite himself: Billy Bragg. You love him or want to spread him on your toast. Still we wait.....
RustyBullethole I woke up in Autumn and ran up in Spring..... top Half Man Half Biscuit..... :)
RustyBullethole Pretty much sums up my thoughts on royalty too. :)

Chumbawamba (2000) Her Majesty

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RustyBullethole Hohohoho, if only........

AllWorld's On Heroin

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RustyBullethole Big Audio Dyamite II - The Empire Won't Go Away..... City Lights
RustyBullethole Find peace and happiness with Ted Hawkins

Ted Hawkins

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Fine Jelly Blues by Redd Foxx

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RustyBullethole A tune to get you moving :) everyone jive....
RustyBullethole Take a good hard look at the mutha fukkin boat....
GGDANCE @Studio512: "Your Love Keeps Lifting Me Higher ( Higher and Higher)...and Higher...and Higher. ;-)"" (reblip)


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RustyBullethole A very funny song about songs and artists....
RustyBullethole No more Carbon Taxes for us normal folk PLEASE!

Carbon Neutral by The Weasel Kickers

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RustyBullethole and while we're there...

The HypnotistGod

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RustyBullethole Sold my soul to the company sto'....
RustyBullethole ah, those songs about reclusive manic depressives eh, they're always the best!
RustyBullethole something else a little different....
RustyBullethole At passers by cars and buses... :D
RustyBullethole whoop, cracking tune to sing along to in the summertime...
RustyBullethole and now for a little Kinks....hi sam!
RustyBullethole Mention the Lord of the Rings just once more and I'll more than likely kill you.
RustyBullethole Weird Al does white rapping very well :D this is great for a good chuckle!
RustyBullethole Hahahahahahaha... Reggae Reggae! Night time and me Shreddies are Calling ME!....
RustyBullethole @ankita_gaur: "Symphony Of Destruction – Megadeth\m/\m/" - Nice One! Cracking Stuff! (reblip)
RustyBullethole A cracking little number I came across, had to wipe it off, but its still a good track...
RustyBullethole Keeping with some reggae dub trance space spliff music....

DreadzoneAli Baba

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RustyBullethole Arise from the grave Messrs KLF!

The KLFBuild a Fire

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RustyBullethole hohohohoho Lisa and Louise again....

Nofx-My Vagina

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RustyBullethole Come on Dan, sort it out, Dan. Dan! Dan! Dan! Dan, can you hear me Dan? (for the Alan Partridge fans out there)...
RustyBullethole He looked a bit like Alexi Sayle, but a cracking composer
RustyBullethole piss sails but who's flying?

MegadethPeace Sells

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RustyBullethole OH YES!

Half Man Half Biscuit-Restless Legs. Eraserhead parody

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RustyBullethole Sure can get lost in the Louisiana Bayou...

Amos MosesJerry Reed

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RustyBullethole one Brooklyn Bridge please and 6 first class stamps...
RustyBullethole Chumbawamba as the full show.... excellent live...
RustyBullethole Cash being quite powerful again I think in a subtle manner.
RustyBullethole :D bugger, I just finished my holiday....

SuggsOff On Holiday

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RustyBullethole all they do is beg and they scrounge...
RustyBullethole A cracking tune and story to boot!
RustyBullethole Ghana! One more time folks, this tune is cool!
RustyBullethole get off your feet and dance to this one....
RustyBullethole So many things give me a Headache... funky funky from TWK!
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