Ryuzaki_ Pretending he is the teacher... but I'm the one giving lessons. (reblip)
Ryuzaki_ "You're no one if you're not on Twitter." How true. Kyehehe.. ditto. (reblip)
dysolution Imogen Heap...interesting cover.
Ryuzaki_ Baaahware who you take sides with... Kyehehehe...
Choppingblock @AfterGala this ones for you

ChevelleThe Red

| play
Ryuga_ My death...it always looms over my shoulder, it seems.
Ryuga_ You can't snap if you bend with the breeze...be flexible, but never yield completely.

MINMIShiki no uta

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Ryuzaki_ What a relevant song. (reblip)

Johnny Rivers - Secret Agent Man

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Mello_Martyr I can't believe how I've been wasting my time.


| play
Mello_Martyr Let's go somewhere we can rest our souls.
Mello_Martyr Medicate away every nightmare that you create.
Ryuga_ I'm shouting out your name in my sleep but you hear nothing.

Sick is the One Who Adores Me

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Mello_Martyr Sometimes I just need some mindless self indulgence.
Mello_Martyr If you were expecting just another kid with a gun, you got another thing coming.
Mello_Martyr Heh. BB's a killer queen, alright.

QueenKiller Queen

| play

Beyonce Feat Shakira-Beautiful Liar

| play
dysolution I keep coming back to this one when I think of NIN.
dysolution You want revenge for what has been done to you and these lives you're leading, but you should know how unhealthy it is to hold a grudge for so long.
Ryuzaki_ Kyehehe, don't you want your sugar back, L?
Mello_Martyr This? This is not stripper party music...but ok.
Ryuzaki_ I'm wearing your skin so you'll have to tear yourself apart to find me.
Ryuzaki_ 'Cause there's nothing more sadistic than an infant... You can't talk to a psycho like a normal human being [our IQ's are higher]
Ryuzaki_ Civil war, once more, in our home, sweet home...
Ryuzaki_ What did you two ever lose? Did you ever really have, or know innocence? Only competition...
Ryuzaki_ Sneak, sneak about... things were so much more fun..

No DoubtDetective

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Ryuzaki_ If you could change what you've seen, would you? ...I wouldn't. My eyes are tired... but yours don't even see anymore.
Ryuzaki_ If everything I don't have makes me feel alright, what about the stuff I do have..? Does it even exist...? Really?
Yagami_Light Won't you embrace it, @LaightoYagami?

Sweet Insanity

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Ryuzaki_ Bitches, gimme back my jam and get out of my shirt. There is only one B.B. and it's me! (reblip)
Ryuzaki_ Hyuk hyuk hyuk, seems about right...

bmm-f*** Your god

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Ryuzaki_ I wonder if A heard the haunted cries of miserable children just before that moment between life and death...?

midnight syndicate haunted nursery

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Ryuzaki_ You bring the ropes and chains, I'll bring the pills and games...

Bruises And Bitemarks By: Good With Grenades

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Ryuzaki_ Life... a reaction to emptiness. Just gimme one chance to feature you in sunshine, and we can both dance...

Let's Talk Turkey ~ Ima Robot.

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brupequena to my little child... 'cause anyone else but you... tchutchururu... (reblip)
Ryuzaki_ Hyuk hyuk hyuk... my very own song.

SpaceMister Psycho

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Ryuzaki_ This is, strangely, uplifting..

DeathnoteL no Kabe

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Ryuzaki_ Mm.. a few of us have a shared song now. Kyehehe...

Swimming In the Flood @ Passion pit

| play

KiD CuDi Persuit of Happiness (feat MGMT and Ratatat)

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Ryuzaki_ Hard to see who you really are, who you belong to. But I know who I am.

Five Finger Death Punch- Hard To See [lYRiCS]

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Matsuda_ That sloping hill, it took you hours to run up. I listened to this everytime, I shall never forget. I saw you for the first time in years, and I fell.
Ryuzaki_ There's nowhere left to hide, in no one to confide. The truth burns deep inside and will never die. I only dream of you, my beautiful.
Matsuda_ I can't believe I forgot about this..

The Hoosiers- Worried About Ray Lyrics

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Ryuzaki_ Ah... Homunculus. Featured in Faust, and the loosely based game; Shadow of Destiny/Memories.

The Beatles While My Guitar Gently Weeps Music Video

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Ryuzaki_ Once I stop I can not stop myself... and I know where you live. @Mello_Martyr. (reblip)
Ryuzaki_ ...You haven't gone but I miss you, and yeah, we're a mess...
Ryuzaki_ Such pleasant trash to reach my ears.
shinigamix This one is dedicated to my son the Pokemon master.

Crank Dat Pikachu!

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Ryuzaki_ @Ryuga_ Have you got it in you... when love is put aside?
Ryuzaki_ bang bang, shoot em up, shoot em up yeah.
Ryuzaki_ Now I'm stealing a body and taking it home... you must trust me, darling. You see you deserve more than me. ...Funeral fire.
Ryuzaki_ No, dear Mr. Justice is nowhere near a size 14. But such lovely skin he does have, regardless...
Ryuzaki_ Yes, Special Agent Starling, going into a killer's abode? Don't you know any better?
Ryuzaki_ 'It puts the lotion on its skin'. BWAHAHAH!!! Singing killers, maybe @Ryuga_, we could have our own duet?
Ryuzaki_ 'All good things to those who wait', Oh, I am so glad I found this gem... Kyahahehahah!
Ryuzaki_ A... B.. listen up closely, focus your brain. [People could say you're our personal Jesus...]
Yagami_Light If I was a little younger, would I care...?

~ SR-71 --- TOMORROW (Lyrics)

| play
Mello_Martyr Everyone is waiting for the light...it'll blind you.

Rammstein sonne

| play
Mello_Martyr I want it all...I want it now.

Muse-Hysteria Official Video

| play
five12 You know your stripper from your paint, your sinner from your saint. Uh huh ...

Peter GabrielSteam

| play
Ryuzaki_ Kyehehe, this was in Bad Santa. And it is still as luring... (reblip)

Rachmaninoff plays Chopin Nocturne Op. 9 No. 2

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Ryuzaki_ It was like everything dropped into place that night, that very same night I saw my own blood pour. (reblip)
Ryuzaki_ Do you remember me? The one you loathed when he set you free!
Ryuzaki_ ...you may be worshipped, or locked in the temples of religion. (reblip)
Ryuzaki_ Is there such a thing as a visible Enigma? Yes, I do believe so... that maybe it is just the essence of a person that is so capturing.
Ryuzaki_ It's almost something I can think to.
Mello_Martyr I got my fist. I got my plan. I got survivalism. What else could I need? NOTHING.
Ryuga_ Do you believe in destiny? Or are you merely testing me?
Mello_Martyr Ack! MATT! This has been stuck in my head all day now...damn.


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Mello_Martyr You better believe when Matt plays video games it's awesome. Downright badass.
homemfantasma 3 libras são hoje, praticamente, 3 euros. Mas a música continua com muito valor.
Yagami_Light When the storm arrives, would you be seen with me by the merciless eyes I've deceived?
Mello_Martyr There's nothing like beautiful music for you to die to.
Mello_Martyr Live it up while you can...in the end, no you don't get another shot.
Mello_Martyr What do they know? For what it's worth, I'd do it again, with no consequence.

06 What Do They Know

| play
Mello_Martyr My world. There's no room in it for you.
Mello_Martyr I don't want you to hate me...I want you to want to hate me. I'd enjoy watching you struggle with your emotions.
Mello_Martyr There is nothing you can do that I have not already done to myself.
Alibaba Its looks like your letting go.

No DoubtDon't speak

| play
Mello_Martyr MarshMello...that's...*eyetwitch*...not my name.
Tinselworm And a few of the usual suspects.... ;)

Rammstein[Du Hast]

| play
Mello_Martyr It's just goodbye for now...I'll be waiting for you at the end. It's not like I'm gonna lose that easily...I can scream until the world goes deaf.

POD - Goodbye For Now

| play
Ryuzaki_ Are they skinned? Or dyed? Or am I dreaming?
Ryuzaki_ Is it love? Yes, it must be.
Ryuga_ Someone old once said to me that lies will lock you up with truth the only key.
darkscore Lazlo Bane - I'm No Superman Love Scrubs :D

I'm No Superman

| play
Yagami_Light Yes, trying to create a new world is difficult, especially when everyone wants a piece of it. “It” is a flexible pronoun here.

My World

| play


| play
Ryuzaki_ I closed my eyes to make a wish But opened them up to find You'd slipped away
Mello_Martyr Another one with the golden tongue, poisoning your fantasy.
Mello_Martyr You are all fucked and overrated. I think I'm gonna be sick and it's your fault.
Mello_Martyr The miserable, the lonely, and depressed...PATHETIC.
Mello_Martyr Uh...no, Matt, when I said kidnap, I wasn't talking about that game...is there ever anything else on your mind other than games?
Ryuzaki_ I am destroyer, I am lover...

StarsDeath To Death

| play
Ryuzaki_ Will you remember me for my sins and call them mistakes, or for the time we had together, and call it a mistake?

Pink FloydHey You

| play
Stay19 Curtis Vodka – Diamonds & Cream<><> (reblip)
Mello_Martyr Kira's nothing but a Mark David Chapman.
Ryuga_ On my mind tonight: Mozart's Requiem.
Ryuzaki_ Before you make a choice, make sure everyone else has made their's, or that you've taken them away... then you can't lose.
Ryuga_ I don't have anything to say...I'm just...listening...
Mello_Martyr We want more than this world's got to offer.
Mello_Martyr If I bled for you would you come and save me?


| play
Mello_Martyr This makes me feel like going cruising...Matt, go rev up the car.

MF DoomSaliva

| play
dysolution Can't get "The End of Heartache" to play reliably...so I'll listen to this one.
dysolution Remember the TV show Tour of Duty? They used this as the opening title theme.
Ryuga_ I'm glad to say that we've met, but I'm sad to say that the circumstances weren't on our side.
Ryuga_ Will you ever let me go? Would you ever be willing to set my guilt free?
Mello_Martyr BB, you crazy bitch. MY bitch.
quakkaz what we have now, it will never be the same, so we call upon the author to explain
Yagami_Light Inertia creeps...what to do to pass the time?
Yagami_Light Don’t be ridiculous. Shinigami don’t exist. They’re as plausible as monsters under your bed.
Ryuga_ Strawberry jam...made from the slaughter of strawberries...
Mello_Martyr I'm not your boyfriend, BB. OR your bitch.
Ryuzaki_ Bathing in your arrogance Dining will ensue God made me a cannibal To fix problems like you


| play
NoCommentCoyote Looking for a catchy, upbeat song to lift your spirits at the end of an all-nighter? This tune will do you good. I promise. "Gotta keep on movin'!"
Mello_Martyr They call me Mello...just Mello.
Mello_Martyr You can crush them all for what they’ve done to you...or we can have a quiet evening alone. No...that never happens.
Mello_Martyr I swear they’re just trying to make the worst possible noises they can when they sing…so why can’t I stop listening? Like watching a train wreck

BrokencydeBREE BREE

| play
Mello_Martyr It's one of those days EVERY day.
Mello_Martyr Yeah, so? I can like Brokencyde if I want to.
Mello_Martyr Let's fuck the world with all its trend.
sup3rfm Whites Stripes day. Just because.
ThinkFloyd61 Pink Floyd – Cirrus Minor - On a trip to Cirrus Minor, Saw a crater in the sun, A thousand miles of moonlight later
pambo117 @hawaiibuzz: "why u wanna be an angel? u gotta cutout your clothes to make room for wings, sleep on your tummy, etc. (cumbersome) lol rb@backtoback" (reblip)
Aiace @avivajazz Nyman inspiring Glass or viceversa?
wejazz So nice! Ty@kvstr: "Tindersticks ~ My Oblivion wejazz@monika@mammara@nattieb" (reblip)

Tindersticks My Oblivion

| play
Ryuzaki_ I like the way you look, I love the way you fuck.

Violent KinBlue Eyes

| play
xTRiPPx Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Hysteric
xTRiPPx Ladytron – Destroy Everything You Touch
xTRiPPx The Birthday Massacre – Play Dead


| play
xTRiPPx ooh, i love this song@ShedMySkin: "I can float here forever......." (reblip)

DeftonesKnife party

| play
xTRiPPx son of a bitchin ass vancouver canucks are still tryin to cheat!
xTRiPPx @Totengraeber: "rb@rafaelladm: "rb @ForlornHope: "rb @quorum: "+20K songs :: 1356 songs left :: Have an adequate day."""" (reblip)
Ryuzaki_ You're living in your own private Idaho, you're out of control, the rivers that roll, you fell into the water and down to Idaho. @Nyx_Hebe

The B-52's Private Idaho

| play
TweakerRay Crystal Method - I know It's you (feat. Milla Jovovich on reverse Vocals ;-) )
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