S4Songcrush Ain't nothing like the first time..... ;D (My first Blip. W00t!)
TheLovemakers Your not gonna believe you've never heard this one.
S4Songcrush Thx to my listeners, blipzpeeps, & visitors for the props--- '2013 props' to be exact! Nice number--- looking forward to that year of beginnings! ;)

As the Rush Comes-Motorcycle (Armin Van Buuren's Mix)

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S4Songcrush "Those who speak--- do not know. Those who know--- ENJOY THE SILENCE."
S4Songcrush I love that scene so much. My robot can't fly..... [not yet]. (reblip)
S4Songcrush "I fought the war [on household dust]; I fought the war ; I fought the war, but the war won't stop for the love of god." Thx for blip @FunWithMartin (reblip)
S4Songcrush Like this version of Can't Take My Eyes Off You @shika I agree! This cover is a treat. (reblip)
S4Songcrush The video shows the cutest little mermaid evvvaaahhhhrrrrrrr.
S4Songcrush love. Love. LOVE this song.
S4Songcrush @TrixieTreats Wholeheartedly & sincerely: THANK YOU /kindly/ for this little bit of heaven of a blip. (runs away to relish the goodness) (reblip)
S4Songcrush [Planet Earth] OMFG, finally found this one on blip.fm !!!! <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3
S4Songcrush How can a song be quirky and hella sexay at the same time? Listen to this one! (From "The Departed" soundtrack.)
S4Songcrush Any respectable "mermaid-themed dj set" contains this drop-dead-gorgeous song by Tori Amos! (from the "Great Expectations" soundtrack.) ;)

Tori AmosSiren

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S4Songcrush ~~~ Mmmm Nothing like this sultry lullabye by Duke & Johnny to tuck this girl in & draw today's set titled "SEXAY" to a close. Thanks & GOODNIGHT! <3
S4Songcrush A double-whammie (Blondie + Doors )before I head out for the day. Still so groggy, but that weekend was worth it!
S4Songcrush Sending this one out to my Aussie friends.

Aphex TwinDigeridoo

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S4Songcrush From "Stay" to a song in a film called "Stay"; this song's in one of my playlists titled: "Devastatingly Beautiful". *sigh*
S4Songcrush "Don't slow down, you're gonna crash!" I adore this song......


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S4Songcrush I think when all is said and done, both Buffy and Echo are Wild At Heart. :p
S4Songcrush An all-time favourite Clash diddy. So is "Train in Vain"!
S4Songcrush Always reminds me of Pasadena and driving with my friends to the ocean, blasting this song......

INXS - Dont Change

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S4Songcrush Oh lovely how this particular mix of Inner City's "Good Life" follows the previous song: "You Belong"

Inner City - Good Life (Magic Juan Mix)

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S4Songcrush Among my favourite songs. So much in my life attached to this song...... "When she smiles my way my eyes go out in vain....She's got perfect skin."
S4Songcrush I miss seeing these guys live! "Ring ring the bells Wake the town Everyone is sleeping Shout at the crowd Wake them up This angers deeper than sleep"

[02] Ring The Bells

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S4Songcrush Looks like Goldfrapp doesn't listen to advice from Laid Back. "I wanna ride on a white horse I want to ride on a white horse" :P
S4Songcrush Never knew this was the title lol..... This version is so...... STAR WARS! /sweet/!


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S4Songcrush My kitties have been meowing like crazy; when I point my Catspeak Translator iPhone app at them, the reading is: "TURN IT UP! TURN IT UP! TURN IT UP!"
S4Songcrush Dedication: to all my listeners & my favourite DJs here: "Say Hello To Heaven" I'm working on a new set for later today. *waves*
S4Songcrush ~~~ Start of set for Sat 040409: "Sexay" set; because today is one SEXAY SATURDAY! :X :X :X
S4Songcrush Looks at the train schedule. :X :X :X
S4Songcrush A welcomed respite from the original version. It's a /stompy-Sexay/ version of The Cure's "The Walk". w00t! ([=^.^=])
S4Songcrush Dedicated to all my listeners, future listeners, blippers, re-blippers, quiet & shy lifeforms, etc. THANK YOU for hanging out & having a listen. >^.^<
S4Songcrush Words fail to describe how much I love this version of "Halo" by Depeche Mode....
S4Songcrush I love this one from DM after the Siouxie "Red Light" song with the camera sounds!
S4Songcrush [Planet Earth] YOU have it within your personal power to exact change; this song was in the film "Pi". "Save the planet" DOES COMPUTE. EOM.

gus gusAnthem

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S4Songcrush [Cinematic set] Remember kids: When yer good to Mama, Mama's good to you! ;-D

When You're Good To Mama - Chicago Movie Soundtrack

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S4Songcrush @EclecticGrooves This will fit nicely into my future "JESUS CHRIST" setlist! Thanks! ;) (reblip)
S4Songcrush [Planet Earth] "It's gonna be a fine night tonight It's gonna be a fine day tomorrow" Let's try to make it so that we have A LOT of "fine tomorrows".
S4Songcrush via: @ICEGIRL152 thanks, @DrDebs this is a fav of mine ;) (reblip)

Joan Jet-Crimson & Clover

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S4Songcrush Among my favourite Cure songs. This live version is /indescribable/. Memories of the Disintegration tour flood back. Prayers for rain have been sent!
S4Songcrush Also for Martin: "Don't Change" beautiful man. Memories of Pasadena in '04/'05. "Change" is inevitable, but some things stay un-changed. Love you!

INXSDon't Change

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S4Songcrush [Planet Earth] Having lunch right now and this Hybrid remix is /tasty/! Speaking of which, Tip: Hybrid cars, anyone? Even better: Electric cars!
S4Songcrush Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. =^..^= A little piece of "awesome covers heaven"!
S4Songcrush [Spring Cleaning] "G--L--O--R--I--A"! is what I'm gonna be hollering when I'm completely done with my half of the cleaning duties!
S4Songcrush [Spring Cleaning] Another one that get's me wanting to put some muscle into it! hahahahahaha...

U2Gloria (live)

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S4Songcrush [Spring Cleaning] .... it's going on "Around the World" and probably "Harder Better Faster Stronger" (oh, and people are cleaning too.) >:} Lol! :X
S4Songcrush HAPPY FRRAAAAACKING BIRTHDAY, SIR DAVE GAHAN. (I think it's high-time you get knighted, my dear!)
S4Songcrush "Life is a tragedy when seen in closeup but a comedy in long-shot" "To truly laugh you must be able to take your pain and play with it!" ~~C. Chaplin
S4Songcrush Hahahahahahaha! Another one for my "ding dang my dang a long ling long" playlist! Thanks!: @FunWithMartin: [sez] "Yep, more good times!!" (reblip)
S4Songcrush "Meow.Meow.Meow. Meow.Meow.Meow....... (Meow--Meow--Meow--Meow) Little bag 'o bones been out all night"
S4Songcrush What lots and lots of DM fans & hardcore devotees are doing right now; damn-near holding a global vigil for Mr. G. :/
S4Songcrush Yep, most of us have been there. RB @RnBE a /classic/ from Ms. Keys. Thx! (reblip)

Alicia KeysFallin'

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S4Songcrush Make Love Your Goal.. When the chips are down I'll be around With my undying deathdefying Love for you Envy will hurt itself Let yourself be beautiful
S4Songcrush I could certainly keep blipping "All Night Long"! So this is my goodnight lullabye, bliprs. Thx for blipping this @FunWithMartin Buona notte........ (reblip)
S4Songcrush Gonna go take a walk; enjoy the oh-so-sunny day; smell the roses-- with this sweet little diddy in mind! ;-D IT'S ALMOST WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!

01 Ministry - Jesus Built My Hotrod

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S4Songcrush [musicformyrobot] That's it-- my next robot's gonna have that accent! Cute!!! Hahahahahaha!
S4Songcrush [musicformyrobot] If I see robot-dancer dude dance to this DM mix I think I'll need a few bottled waters. That.Is.All. o_O

Depeche Mode Told you so (ON-U-Sound Dominatrix 1983 Remix)

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threebears I am still amazed at this - starts off slow... quote'n'rblip @PembrokeDave ^_^ thanks! Back home and unwinding from night out :) (reblip)


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S4Songcrush [musicformyrobot] Seriously, though-- his voice. I just want to have little hybrid babies with him. o_O Hahahahahahahaha! Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
S4Songcrush Looks like he'll be "Leaving on that midnight train to Georgia". Heh.
S4Songcrush OMG the video to this is sweeeeet.

Bang a Gong (Get It On) by T.Rex

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S4Songcrush Heard this over the weekend. Looking forward to lots and lots of summer slow-dances......... :X
S4Songcrush And my Goodnight MOON lullaby blip. ".....When we were lovers.......... Stay--- You can leave tomorrow. Stay--- Wait until tomorrow."

Dave GahanStay

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S4Songcrush P.S. This song makes me smile all over. :) :) :) So cute! Have a great night!
S4Songcrush "We won't say 'goodnight' til the last minute. For all we know this may only be a dream. So love me tonight. Tomorrow may never come for all we know."
S4Songcrush NOT IN MY NAME!!!! F*ck you, I won't do what you tell me! F*ck you, I won't do what you tell me! F*ck you, I won't do what you tell me!
S4Songcrush [InMemoriam] This set is for you...........
S4Songcrush [InMemoriam] This set is for you...........
S4Songcrush [InMemoriam] This set is for you...........

Johnny Cash & June Carter- Help Me Make It Through The Night

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S4Songcrush [InMemoriam] This set is for you...........

Mark Owen Reading Stop All The Clocks, Cut Off The Telephone by W H Auden

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S4Songcrush [InMemoriam] This set is for you...........
S4Songcrush "Lovemakin.Heartbreakin.Soulshakin." (that about covers it.) :p
S4Songcrush "But I can't remember where or when......" Tonight's goodnight lullaby.
S4Songcrush P.S. Consider this that little snippet, which sometimes follows the end credits of the film. Dedicated to my 'Deckard' "One more kiss (or two) dear."

Blade Runner Music Video: One More Kiss, Dear

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S4Songcrush "There's a song on the air with a love-you line-- And a face in a glass and it looks like mine........ And heaven is the home of our hearts." <3

Psychedelic furs- Heaven

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S4Songcrush OK, /this/ is the last one of the evening. Thanks to my lovely listeners; for your wellwishes, musings, blips, and props. 'Night'Night!
S4Songcrush LOVE this video almost as much as the song it belongs to.
S4Songcrush Didn't really sweat too much during that previous set, but I'm certain my muscles will be feeling it tomorrow! Goodnight lullaby- 'Night blipland.....

Artie ShawStardust

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S4Songcrush I really do. Particularly when he throws out the trash and cleans the catbox like a good little boi. ;-D
S4Songcrush [Internet Pioneers] setlist: MEMORIES!!!
S4Songcrush He was always such a mopey, grumpy-pants during the monastery years. ;)


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S4Songcrush "You say you'll give me eyes in a Moon of blindness....... All the promises we made, from the cradle to the grave--- when all I want is you.........."

U2All I Want Is You

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S4Songcrush Boy sure can slow-dance, when he really sets his heart to it.......
S4Songcrush Here's to seeing a lot more UI improvements, playlists & profile-control features added to Blip. Thx 4 blips & smiles. Enjoy the Silence, Blipsville!
S4Songcrush "In Memoriam" set. Dedicated to those grieving & affected by last week's quake. (Set originally broadcast in memory of those lost in Italy in '09.)
S4Songcrush "In Memoriam" set. Dedicated to those grieving & affected by last week's quake.
S4Songcrush ~~~ "Light A Candle" set - "But some things-- They just don't change. I need you. Yes. Sometimes so hard to say 'I Need You.' Some things remain."
S4Songcrush ~~~ Cinematic ~~~ For the City of Angels peeps: Watch out for falling palm tree branches & the crazy coconuts! "Mr. MoJO Risin'....."

The Doors-LA Woman

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S4Songcrush WHOOOOOMP THERE IT IS! LOL!!!! Have a great weekend! :D
S4Songcrush ~~~ Throwing.the.trash.out ..... sort-to-speak. ;-) (reblip)
S4Songcrush ~~~ This might be one to add to that "Valentines playlist" ;) TY!: @Arajay "@FunkShoi" (reblip)
S4Songcrush I'm making a special #babies /mom/dad playlist for a close friend who just became a Mom today! Can you recommend songs to possibly add? Thanks! ❥ (reblip)
S4Songcrush "I'll take you to the highest mountain To the depths of the deepest sea And we won't need a map .....Believe me."
S4Songcrush ☂ .•*¨*• ♥♡♥ •*¨*•¸¸ ☂ #nowplaying #loveis #valentinesday playlist — I know the girl's got a new album, but ain't nothing like the older stuff. Dang!
S4Songcrush ☂ .•*¨*• ♥♡♥ •*¨*•¸¸ ☂ #nowplaying #loveis #valentinesday playlist

Date Stamp ~All of My Heart by ABC

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S4Songcrush #funny !!!!!! What the hell is he drinking and can I have some right now, please? Hahahaha!

Flight Of The Conchords-David Bowie *Full*

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S4Songcrush #nowplaying Nice. If there's ever a sequel to Pi, this would fit in nicely.

DJ PomX&HeliyJangle

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S4Songcrush Seriously though by the time Recoil finally gets around to announcing dates for the 'selected events' in the /U.S./ Alan'll be too pooped! :D
S4Songcrush Nothin' but lovin' for The #Kate & #Lost! Parrrtay at Chez-Pixelintime!
S4Songcrush #springisintheair #love #questionoflust Pheramones are off the charts. :x

Chemicals Between Us ( UNDERWORLD )

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S4Songcrush #music #nowplaying DM "Nothing" Headcleanr Mix THEE BEST FRAACKIN DM MIX EVVVVAAAAAARRRRRRHHHHGGGR. Even the kitty-kats are headbangin' right now. :P

Depeche Mode Nothing Headcleanr Rock Mix

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S4Songcrush #SpringIsInTheAir "If this is the stuff dreams are made of-- No wonder I feel like I'm floating on air." #nowplaying The Chameleons – Second skin
S4Songcrush #nowplaying The Waterboys – "The Fisherman's Blues" #stpatricksday shenanigans ♣♣♣
S4Songcrush "And time goes by so slowly And time can do so much....." Might want to fasten your seatbelts, #Lost -ies. Gonna be a bumpy ride beginning tonight.
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