toosweet4rnr [Stray Cats – Sleepwalk] aw, your cat is demanding your full attention. @JDsRecordShop :) enjoy your coffee!
DaddyDM (mp3) Jonezetta-Get Ready (Hot Machete) [Get this song for free over on Spin Mag's web-site]
kerrikrueger God, I heart these guys! <3 "Home" - Breaking Benjamin.
kerrikrueger This has been popping up a lot lately..."Time Is Running Out" - Papa Roach.
SammyJack Best song on the new Killers CD
SammyJack And the best song from the new Keane CD


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DJMees rb@Anaid212: "This song is catchy.. funny video.. lol" (reblip)


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rsmac Stone Temple Pilots – Days Of The Week
SammyJack I'm not responsible

Rem-Bang And Blame

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SammyJack Pretty in Pink flashback

OMDIf You Leave

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ThrillKill ♥am i the reason you breathe or am i the reason you cry..;;i love you i hate you;;i cant live without you♥

Always by Saliva Lyrics

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shortygal Robert Palmer – I Didn't Mean to Turn You On
judi "Foo Fighters - Learn To Fly" (reblip)

Foo Fighters - Learn To Fly

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shortygal "It Ain't Over 'Til It's Over" – Lenny Kravitz
SpinningDiscs Chevelle - The Red...... Shout Out & Thanks: @JimmyBizz

Chevelle - The Red

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2fast4u In a weird mood

Im Blue Eiffel 65

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sandraew Come on baby, tell me what's the word? (Word Up ~ Korn)

KornWord Up

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SammyJack Been waiting about 2 weeks for this!
SpinninR just learned how to play this one.... fairly simple... only like 4 cords.... still a good song.
SammyJack Nice Sax

KENNY G LIVE-I've Been Missin' You

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kerrikrueger "Thnks Fr Th Mmrs" - Fall Out Boy. (Still a favorite and always makes me feel better)
SammyJack That doesn't happen every day

Arizona Sky Video (China Crisis)

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SammyJack Its monday, everyone feeling better now that the weekend is over? Didn't think so!
SammyJack Feeling a little unlike myself today
SammyJack They're picking on me


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SammyJack What's so wicked about her?

Chris Isaak-Wicked Game

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shortygal Pete Townshend – Let My Love Open The Door
frustratedauthor Electric Slide - Marcia Griffiths


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shortygal Squeeze – Black Coffee In Bed
LaBelladiva_ Good afternoon Ann! RB via @Cowgirlannq: "Hold on tight to your dreams....yeah, baby!" Thanks to @angiece @gpharley @hawaiibuzz @FUDGE44 @prie_tita (reblip)
Metal_Rocks Trapt - Headstrong. Blasting some Kickass #Metal & #Rock tunes and letting it be known that @pinkpolkadots Rocks!
edustarling My moonwalker's tribute. One of his best songs
shortygal You don't have to wear that dress tonight....
420thoughts "Our house in the middle of the street!" This video cracks me up, but I go crazy dancing whenever this song plays (no matter where I am).

MadnessOur House

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shortygal Robert Palmer – Simply Irresistible
SammyJack I must've hung too far from the floor
SammyJack I like scarlet drawls

Scar Tissue Lyrics

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SammyJack Rip that tape from your mouth

paramore- crush crush crush

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paisley Boom (Crystal Method Remix) – P.O.D.
SammyJack Does it pay to be honest?

Depeche Mode- Policy Of Truth (Official Video)

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SammyJack What've you got against hatless men?
GinaDunc GREAT choice, ty! rb:@Triple5Light: "r/b via@calamari:My love, tell me what it's all about You've go something that I can't live without Happiness, is (reblip)
DJMees @patita: sooo good!!!!! thank you Radiobread (RB@Radiobread: ""John Mellencamp - Rain on the Scarecrow" on Farming in the Free World.. (reblip)

John Mellencamp Rain On The Scarecrow

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DJMees :-) RB@Edainsmom: "Wishing Well--Terence Trent D' many few wells!" (reblip)

terence trent d arby wishing well

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SammyJack ouch

Last Resort- Papa Roach

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SpinningDiscs Better Than Ezra – Good........ Shout Out & Thanks: @erinagin, @elevendreams, @Ana82
SammyJack Fruity AND Fun, can't get much better than that!


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judi rb @DirtyUrine:I remember this.later did NYC on the back of flatbed truck..even let a guy on the street play the drums when they played I will follow (reblip)

Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' [RIP]

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gunsnnoses @fernorton: "===via @pmpnorton__talking heads___and she was." (reblip)
ramacharaka Kool & The Gang - Celebration
mav_rick I Get It

I Get It Chevelle w/ lyrics

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GinaDunc Hey are you?@joechapman: "***** Hey Gina rb@GinaDunc: "Ty!...why is BLIP SO freakin' addicting??? Oh, I know...cuz "music is life!" :D (reblip)
SammyJack Please no MORE rain!

Blind Melon No Rain

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nicolewilson crowded streets are cleared away, one by one... you're so cold, keep your hand in mine...
SammyJack Almost 5pm!

Musical Youth- Pass the Dutchie

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rsmac Seal – Walk On By (another cover, now inspired by @Flying_Roundhouse)

SealWalk On By

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SammyJack Anyone for a refreshing rum cocktail?
GinaDunc Morning to U! ty! OH, and I agree, GR!!!@jimmybradley: "I am seriously considering boycotting Blip until they remove these annoying damn pop-ups! (reblip)

Beastie Boys-Fight For Your Right to Party

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GinaDunc Heehee... :D @mark_till: " "See... Heres the thing....Gym Class Heroes – Clothes Off!!"" (reblip)
paisley Prince – Raspberry Beret (New Mix)
SpinningDiscs Soul Coughing – Circles.... Shout Out & Thanks: @DeeSki & @girl_piper_pilot

Fuel- Shimmer (lyrics)

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GinaDunc "I break tradition, sometimes my tries are outside the lines. We've been conditioned to not make mistakes, but I can't live that way."
GinaDunc Great song!~~Jason Mraz – I'm Yours
GinaDunc :-)!@scottlackey: "restolen from "@rachidkas: "You're Welcome ! "stolen from " then YOU BETTER STOP IT DAMMIT..and I'm fucking serious..."" (reblip)
420thoughts I'm totally digging this today!! RB @organicsue @fernfiddlehead How are you today? "Roxy Music – Love Is the Drug 4 sure! " (reblip)
paisley Prince & The Revolution – Erotic City (Make Love Not War Erotic City Come Alive) (Original 12" Version)
GinaDunc You GO! ;) lol! @Triple5Light: ""Romper, bomper, stomper boo. Tell me, tell me, tell me, do. Magic mirror, tell me today. Have all my friends had fun (reblip)
SammyJack It's still a little early, but what the heck ...

UB40 Red Red Wine 1983

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SammyJack Don't think that I can wait!

Maroon 5Kiwi

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SpinningDiscs Pearl Jam – Black..... Shout Out & Thanks: @LA420, @SkyeCebh, @kmccort

Pearl JamBlack

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LaBelladiva_ I love it ~ thank you!! RB via @Toso: "for @DJDolceVita: Here's one of my unknown starts favs. thanks for listening :)" (reblip)

Roses -Poets of the Fall

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GinaDunc Safri Duo – Played - A - Live [The Bongo Song]
GinaDunc O'Jays – Used Ta Be My Girl
shortygal Talking Heads – And She Was
ladypn Since I'm running dry on drums, turning to chimes... Show me more DRUM intros! ;) Save me, I'm lost, oh Lord I've been waiting for you!

Show Me What I'm Looking For

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SammyJack This song will get you moving
GinaDunc Stevie Wonder – Knocks Me Off My Feet
shortygal I need your arms around me, I need to feel your touch....
SpinningDiscs Sixx AM – Life Is Beautiful..... Shout Out & Thanks: @DJSPEEDYZ, @steppinheavy
ladypn Hi @BenWright007TX! Its 11am here, so neither early or late... ;) (reblip)

Savin' Me By Nickelback Official Music Video in HQ

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SpinningDiscs Everything But The Girl - Missing...

Everything But The Girl - Missing

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SammyJack What would you do?

Carolina Liar-I'm not over lyrics

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Gaz50 Billy Idol – Eyes Without a Face

The Rain, The Park & Other Things \ Flower Girl The Cowsills

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GinaDunc Modern English – I Melt With You
shortygal Dexys Midnight Runners - Come On Eileen

Dexys Midnight Runners - Come On Eileen

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lorisays But sometimes I really would like to sleep . . .

Cold by Crossfade (Lyrics)

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Cold - Stupid Girl

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SammyJack A little country? just a little

Outta Here Kenny Chesney

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SammyJack TY! @GinaDunc -- dunno how long I can hold on
GinaDunc Londonbeat - I've Been Thinking About You


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star45 Collective Soul – Georgia Girl

Collective Soul Hollywood

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GinaDunc Nope, not the ONLY 1... Hiya! ;) @Whodat: "Thought I was the only 1 that liked this song, lol "*Dancing* to Seduction – Two to Make It Right"" (reblip)
SpinningDiscs Lenny Kravitz - It Aint Over Til It's Over

Breaking Benjamin- Forget it video

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Steely Dan- Reelin' In The Years

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threebears my first blip of FotC's B-time today (restrained don'tcha think?)
SpinningDiscs Disturbed – The Night.... Shout Out & Thanks: @shadowdragon1, @DJJackD & to One Of My "Favourite Blippers" @SkyeCebh
threebears the connection between my blips is 'mercury' ...xplain why later.
Chrissyisms Sorry, off format 4 a minute...HERE'S TO NJ CORRUPTION (lol) Woke Up This Morning – Alabama 3 - The Sopranos
SpinningDiscs Queens Of The Stone Age – Little Sister.... Shout Out & Thanks: @MrsASoprano
Chrissyisms 1991: who remembers this one? P.M. Dawn – Set Adrift on Memory Bliss

Dirty Hot Sex Song

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Tony Carey I Won't Be Home Tonight

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SammyJack "Strap your seatbelts on ya" -- TY for the props! @LindaHNH


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Save tonight-Eagle Eye Cherry

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SpinningDiscs Live – Selling The Drama.... Shout Out & Thanks: @DJJackD, @gysah

S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y NIGHT! Bay City Rollers

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Big Audio Dynamite E=MC²

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SpinningDiscs Incubus – Drive......... Shout Out & Thanks: @EmbryC, @MoSkinny, @TakeFive, @grizzyb, @DigitalDJay, @DJMoneyBags


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frustratedauthor Since I'm doing laundry right now. ;) Dirty Laundry - Don Henley

Lifeline- Papa Roach

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Cold Happens All The Time (with lyrics)

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Toni Braxton: He Wasn't Man Enough

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toosweet4rnr [Men at Work – Be Good Johnny] @PsychoRoadie I figured you more for a schoolboy uniform a la Angus ;) LOL

Street life-Randy Crawford

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SpinningDiscs Korn - Thoughtless..... Shout Outs & Thanks: @DoctorOctagon


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Scorpionkiss gota go,back later...have a great day!!!

Default, Count on me

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MrsASoprano @Saltydog where are you? @rsmac: "Santana & Michelle Branch - I'm Feeling You" (reblip)
shortygal Scissor Sisters – Take Your Mama
rsmac Empire of the Sun – We Are the People
ladypn Give it to me baby - @ladypn your fave Dance Party hits! ;)
Skiznot Love the dancehall


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Skiznot @ImAnElectricDuck: "HEY!" And she was proud about it, no doubt about it. (reblip)