Samsgirl_Emily For my first ever blip i dedicate this to all my friends & family @ Everytime i hear it, it reminds me of u guys

2. Band of Skulls-Friends- Twilight New Moon OST

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Samsgirl_Emily as I lay in @Sam_Uley_86 arms my mind wanders to thoughts of his guilt about what happened at the start of our relationship as i listen to

Hoobastank The Reason

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Samsgirl_Emily as I wait for @Sam_Uley_86 to get home I listen to

Augie March-Craig Ferguson One Crowded Hour

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Samsgirl_Emily laying bed as I listen to the cd playing
Samsgirl_Emily This one goes out to my dear friend @Lady_Sulpicia who fixed my blip
SimplyEdward @Samsgirl_Emily I thought youd like to hear your namesake Marc Broussard, Emily
Samsgirl_Emily @Samsgirl_Emily: "This song is for my dear beautiful baby girl Ayasha" (reblip)

Justin Bieber "Favorite Girl" Response

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Samsgirl_Emily -laying on the couch as I listen to the cd playing softly as Ayasha begins to stir- (reblip)
Samsgirl_Emily -swaying to the music as I hold Ayasha close, trying to settle her-

Britney Spears Everytime HD

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Samsgirl_Emily -as I hold Ayasha my mind wanders to @sam_uley_86 this song making me think of us. Forever-

Chris BrownForever

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Samsgirl_Emily -sways as i try and get ayasha back to sleep as i listen to radio-

Milley Cyrus "The Climb"

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Samsgirl_Emily -humms along to the script as my eyelids droop as i rock in the rocking chair, wishing ayasha would settle and go to sleep-
Samsgirl_Emily -swaying as I try to get ayasha to settle, my mind still thinking about todays events with Leah-
Samsgirl_Emily On this #musicmonday my mind wanders to @Sam_Uley_86 and our baby as I listen to

Missy Higgins : The Special Two

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Samsgirl_Emily My mind wanders to @Sam_Uley_86 on this #musicmonday Im listening to our song
Samsgirl_Emily Turns the music up as I ready the house for the baby shower while @Sam_Uley_86 jumps in the shower
Samsgirl_Emily For my first ever blip, this is for my friends and family @ www.thecullensonline. Everytime i hear it i think of you guys

2. Band of Skulls-Friends- Twilight New Moon OST

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sam_uley @Samsgirl_Emily just wanted to tell you I love you today.
Samsgirl_Emily This one is for @Sam_Uley_86 the most amazing husband and father to be
Samsgirl_Emily -slips quietly from @Sam_Uley_86 sleeping body as I hear this song playing softly from the lounge room, my mind drifting to the baby shower on Sunday-
Samsgirl_Emily Listens to this song, wondering if @Sam_Uley_86 and I will be having a baby girl or boy
Samsgirl_Emily -smiles happily as i look @ a baby shower invite as i play @Sam_Uley_86 & my song again-This song sums up my babe & the way i feel about him perfectly
Samsgirl_Emily Unable to sleep, Im going through pics of @Sam_Uley_86 and me as I listen to this song
Samsgirl_Emily @Sam_Uley_86-Sways gently as I go about making scrambled eggs with cheese and hash browns for our breakfast as this song plays on the radio-
Samsgirl_Emily -giggles as @Sam_Uley_86 stops cleaning the house for the baby shower, grabbing me by the waist & twirling me in his arms, dancing to

paul dempsey ramona was a waitress

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Samsgirl_Emily If you loved New Moon come check out me and @Sam_Uley_86 and our babyshower tomorrow 10am FT @
Samsgirl_Emily -as I lay in my babe @Sam_Uley_86 arms mind wanders to our baby as I listen to
Samsgirl_Emily My mind wanders to @Sam_Uley_86 sadness and past regrets tears well in my eyes as I my heart aches at his pain
Samsgirl_Emily lets myself go as @Sam_Uley_86 pulls me in tighter to his commanding body, the outside world melting way to nothing as the song plays softly

Kate Miller-Heidke 'The Last Day On Earth' Official Video

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Samsgirl_Emily -humming along as i listen to the song, thinking about @sam_uley_86-


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