elfgirl i think this is my new favorite band...although i am not sure i pronounce the name properly. ah well..
laviniacarvalho Between the click of the light and the start of the dream
tellthemilived I spoke with someone in Vernon British Columbia today that is having a streetside bbq december 19th. give me a break meng. its shiiite outside in T.O.
tellthemilived just you know @Samsonite , you will never end anything with little Wayne that needs to end well. Better switch genre before you kill hip hop for me.
elfgirl @cammy you should listen to this cuz @camden is totally right.new order bassline. & we all <3 peter hook. hi @by_starla & @NyQuilDriver @Anomaly :) (reblip)
elfgirl elfgirl needs sleep. goodnite lovelies!
elfgirl you take lines from ordinary books. yes yes yes! (reblip)
PaperBoy @Samsonite diggin your tunes, like the variety! In Honor of the King....hopefully i get a prop!
Samsonite @PaperBoy !!! How big is your world SON-A-SON! haha Let's go see the rest of this earth before we're buried in it!
DonnyShell A little sunday morning gospel
laviniacarvalho There's nothing i could say to make you try and feel ok
laviniacarvalho On the bed two half-eaten croissants ;)
PaperBoy @Samsonite i knnnnnoooooooowwwwwwwww u gonna dig this. They on Lupe's new label
Clicquot I won't change if you won't change, so I need you to fall again... And I won't leave if you won't leave.
Samsonite Ahhh the Holidays! A joyous time indeed! All the best in the new year BLIPNATION...and don't ever give up. (put that into whatever context u'd like.)
elfgirl @by_starla yeah, i think they're making a comeback..didn't like the last coupla releases. i just got rhapsody so i'm gonna check it out a bit more :)
Jacqueline126 great song. good for being happy on a sunday :) :) :)
elfgirl a hopeful note to end things for the moment, @snapper, yer a doll :) (reblip)
Samsonite "Empire Records" is the movie..."Dire Straits" is a band from the soundtrack..."Romeo and Juliet" is the song that warms the soul...
nightie82 As for 2009? Baby, let's take a walk on the wild side!
elfgirl don't worry, i plan to thank you very much! especially when ice cube is around @Anomaly :)
elfgirl for elfgirl to sleep... one more day down these stairs...and i'm beat. will still get up and jog and TCB!
Jacqueline126 you bet i'll be dancing. the stroke of midnight calls my name. lookin forward to this show in a couple weeks.
LauraO @RobertoFendler you seem a little down tonight, cheer up !
herloversrock The Space Between Two Worlds – Nujabes, Fat Jon
Samsonite I officially have a "musical - internet" crush on @solafida ! Your blips are always so fresh!!
Samsonite makes me feel forever young.
ABoyNamedSue I am of that opinion, that Matt & Kim was under appreciated their first time out. Hopefully their sophomore will do something about that.
Samsonite 2 days away from Blipping! I miss you guyz! Peace,Love,Lust,Life!
ABoyNamedSue This song always evokes a lot of great memories. Not to forget one of my all time favorite music videos.
ABoyNamedSue While we wait for a new Junior Boys album, this kinda helps kill the time.
ABoyNamedSue This would not have been out of place on Kanyes "808 Heartbreak" and it would have been the best track. Robots needs love too!!!
Samsonite "The Boy Who Could Fly" on Beta...that's all i'm gonna say...
ABoyNamedSue @SINGASONG Fødselsdags blip. "Congratulations on the mess you made of things". Og kæmpe kram!!!
Samsonite drudging through this academic storm...one foot in front of the other...with no end in sight.
elfgirl "i've killed the ghost of the consequences"
Samsonite What a weekend...time to put in work.
Samsonite a long day amidst this academic storm...
ABoyNamedSue A river of dirt still beats an empire of dirt any time.
sengseng Batting a thousand, but a homerun crack at love (I've Got Your Number – Passion Pit)
Samsonite my SAMMY AWARD WINNERS - for "Song of the Summer, 2008".
Samsonite If you like Amsterdam, then you've got nothing to worry about!
ABoyNamedSue Maybe my expectations were to big, but I still haven´t fully got my head around the new Junior Boys. I like it more and more though, for each listen.
ABoyNamedSue Man, the drums is so out of the world great on this. Screw it, the whole thing is fantastic.
rdrcr420 The LK - Tandem Bikes

Tandem Bikes

| play
ABoyNamedSue Everybodys favorite Shankar bringing you the 411 on the Streets Of Calcutta.
Samsonite ok i REALLY gotta get back this assignment now...keep the music flowing blippers!
Samsonite President Obama in Ottawa today... Yes Oui CANada!...ya, i said it.
Ldubya yay! can't wait for 500 days of summer to come out in july
JRoc I'm on a blippin' RAMPAGE!
ABoyNamedSue Sleepyhead, that would be me, pretty much all day actually.
JRoc Easy Listening... check out Dolphin Boy - Don`t Stop Remix
Ldubya I remember flying over the ocean and looking out my window and seeing nothing but water while listening to this song
JRoc Sounds like a male "My Brightest Diamond" version... Also check out "The Hill" by these guys...
Samsonite Off to a "Jack & Jill" fundraiser...have a good Saturday night blippers
Samsonite much needed night... which i paid for this morning... got tons of work to do this afternoon and night...so there can't be no half steppin'!
ABoyNamedSue Just a great song for lazy Sunday nights.
Ldubya great video for this song feat. kermit
tellthemilived A dove once looked me square in the eye & said 'Listen here, im flying out into that ocean & im not coming back,I can do nothing else for this world!'
ABoyNamedSue I don´t think I blipped this guy before, and the mood fits the weather pretty good. Eerie seventies synth and melancholic vocals with a lot of echo.
ABoyNamedSue This is pure cosmic bliss, I love whatever wacky accent it may be.

Phill and Friends - This Man

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tellthemilived Hey girl,its alright,we'll do our thing & dance all night. We'll do the cabbage patch & the dynamite. Play ur cards right & u can take me home tonight
Ldubya This is Evan Voytas, if you don't know now you know (reblip)


| play
nightie82 Possibly the best song title ever? Also, Beirut = <3
Samsonite This is just the kinda Saturday morning its been....sun shining smoooooth...
punkrockdiedwhen This never happened. Not even close. But you know what--it feels like it did. How does something like that happen?
herloversrock Rebirth of Slick (Cool Like Dat) - Digable Planets
ABoyNamedSue @yourwife Good to know, that you are okay. I don´t need any more worry in my life right now. This is for you and it´s all types of great.
ABoyNamedSue I totally overlooked the note, that said that all water would be turned off for six hours. Ofcourse now I totally feel like doing dishes & showering.

Say HiMaurine

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JRoc Mogwai can always tell me how I'm feeling (reblip)
Samsonite The sun doesn't go down...it's just an illusion caused by the world spinning round.
Samsonite time seems to be standing still tonight...and i'm not complaining ;)
1indienation Do your ears a favor and listen to Memory Cassette. lovely :) (reblip)
Samsonite Perhaps the most underrated fruit known to man....
tellthemilived If youre not following @whatsyourproblem you are making a mistake and KITTENS WILL DIE!!!
ABoyNamedSue Still one of my favorite songs of the year, can´t wait for the album.
ABoyNamedSue Here is some more afternoon Japanese Avant-pop bliss.
Samsonite Bonjour Blippers! A song that makes you want to appreciate the sun, trees and air ;D
JRoc Really big sunglasses... 70s style
elfgirl thanks guys, for letting me be part of the magic. and for just being you. Petter's voice carried across the fest..made me smile :)
ABoyNamedSue Last night I was in a real crappy mood, so I watched Mitt liv som hund, listened to Mountain Goats and smoked Cigaretes out the window. Woke Up New.
ABoyNamedSue Something tells me I´ll be listening to this album a whole lot this summer, I hope my summer will be just half as good.
Kamillae some people at my house woke up singing this
ABoyNamedSue French me a fry, crack me a nut!!!!
elfgirl off with your head dance till yer dead.
ABoyNamedSue And so is this. I wish the new album would get some decent remix treatment.
ABoyNamedSue Not going out for a second night in a row. Going to watch a midnight screening of Drag Me To Hell, here is some cool horror disco to pass the time.
Samsonite If it's a beautiful warm sunny day like it is here in Toronto...bump this track ;D
ABoyNamedSue I am taking a dip in The Skygreen Leopards pool of sun-drenched pop.
Ldubya @xpolynation: "If I stayed behind, would you let your hair grow?" (reblip)
billibaracuda Have fun little one! @Kieselle: " I have never been dancing to this song in a club until yesterday. OMG I love Sydney <3" (reblip)
ABoyNamedSue Drone step is the new dubstep.
Kamillae o.k. now I must leave the house and do something, I just don't want to get dressed yet
elfgirl i miss you blipsters...thinking of you @by_starla <3
ABoyNamedSue This is breezy dreamy shoegaze pop, which i´m sure is not a genre, but it fits.
ABoyNamedSue I already confessed my love for The xx. Here is another track from their upcoming album, I think this might just win you over too.
ABoyNamedSue I missed out on the video for this. But here it is, not the first video to be inspired by Blade Runner, but it fits the track quite nicely.
ABoyNamedSue I have been a big fan of his for a while now, can´t wait for his debut album to drop. The piano line on this is so classic.


| play
Samsonite time for sleep and the forgotten. g'nite blipiverse...
ABoyNamedSue This is one of my favorite go to tracks, when it comes to relaxing these days.
elfgirl @Starfighter1479 i'm great! haven't see you in a while... you okay? its ACL weekend here in austin.. going to see these guys tonite :)

Neon Indian Deadbeat Summer

| play
tellthemilived @Nymph were off to see fever ray tonight at Kool Haus ourselves.
ABoyNamedSue If you like your indie rock fuzzy & dreamy, whatever that must mean, I highly recommend Real Estates debut album.
ABoyNamedSue Looking forward to finally seeing these guys in action tonight.
ABoyNamedSue Danger Mouse & James Mercer of The Shins takes the high road on this tasty teaser of a tune for their upcoming collaboration.
ABoyNamedSue "it was sunday & the street was empty, the sound of ringing bells, pulled me back again, i don't want you to hear those bells, ringing for me."
Samsonite I'm at my desk. She's on my bed with her laptop. And this is playing in a room of comfortable silence ;) Happy Sunday blippers
elfgirl @eightbitkoala @emilymphocyte got distracted immediately by this. fuckin A!!!! F nyc i'm moving to sweden. (reblip)
elfgirl i've listened to this like a billion times today, why not add another?!?!
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