SarahHorvat Love the unexpectedly delicate soulful nature
SarahHorvat WAAAOW! I feel good!

james brown - i feel good

| play
SarahHorvat Ask me why I loved this song...a fav 70s song


| play
SarahHorvat Blast from the past! This works : P
SarahHorvat This sounds like it's playing in space. For @bytera
SarahHorvat #FollowFriday @bytera who knows what it means to have soul..

E. Fitzgerald, L. Armstrong -- Cheek to cheek (Heaven)

| play
pjkilp ala @SarahHorvat: "Blast from the past! This works : P" (reblip)
SarahHorvat I'm all over that swirly shirt in the vid! Get it started..Radar Love
SarahHorvat Oh, I'm bringing it....monsterously

GODZILLA Blue Oyster Cult

| play
SarahHorvat And I do not have their CD's why? Cool band..Paramore I know I want more, haha


| play
SarahHorvat Still love this...and it's
SarahHorvat So..spill. What's the answer?

CAKE "Rock & Roll Lifestyle"

| play
SarahHorvat #FollowFriday @ampiphy young romantics that Set Me on Fire <--LOVE
SarahHorvat Punk Rock Girl LMAO The Dead Milkmen, who else?!
SarahHorvat #FollowFriday @leesafar for her hauntingly beaut music

Lee Safar- I'm Here- Music VideoTrilogy Part 1

| play
SarahHorvat Still awesome! ABC..easy as 123

Jackson FiveABC

| play
SarahHorvat Sweet...and smooth Ain't No Sunshine
SarahHorvat Cool cover..Social Distortion cranks out Ring of Fire

Social Distortion- Ring of Fire

| play
SarahHorvat It's been a while....5150

Van Halen5150

| play
SarahHorvat Far Beyond the Sun...awesome classical Malmsteen

Yngwie Malmsteen + New Japan Philharmonic/Far beyond the sun

| play
SarahHorvat Smokin' Spanish guitar

Virtuoso Spanish Guitar

| play
SarahHorvat I know this well...all I need is to learn guitar
SarahHorvat @bytera: "@SarahHorvat ..just enjoy! Stevie Ray Vaughan – Texas Flood (Long version!) B/c you I began blipping :)" (reblip)
SarahHorvat's been a while


| play
SarahHorvat Satriani..Satch Boogie, still love it
SarahHorvat This reminds me of simpler times and summertime
SarahHorvat Batman..LOVE this! modern symph @bytera

Batman Theme Song

| play
SarahHorvat If you saw Black Hawk tune
SarahHorvat Bad Horsie...CHUGGA CHUGGA CHUGGA
SarahHorvat *Note to self: Blip this around midnight
SarahHorvat Hey! @toddbrink ! Yeah. You!! I Know You're my eyes on you
SarahHorvat For @kimsherrell Jeffster ala Chuck (bot music)

JeffsterMr. Roboto

| play
SarahHorvat History Iggy Pop..Wild One

Iggy PopWild One

| play
SarahHorvat Sunglasses, long beards, spinning guitars and grooves
SarahHorvat Taking a Holiday..sounds good


| play
SarahHorvat A Certain Romance..sweetly fun riff
SarahHorvat Zambonies, hockey, monkey, good time, yeah
SarahHorvat MOJO-JO-JO + Devo, uh yeah!
SarahHorvat LMAO Code Monkey

Code Monkey

| play
SarahHorvat A gift for your KISS weekend--you know who you are!


| play
SarahHorvat Had to slip this in..not KISS, but close enough


| play
SarahHorvat In My Dreams

In My Dreams Dokken

| play
SarahHorvat VH, Baluchitherium...grooove
SarahHorvat Rock 'n Roll Fantasy..classic

"Rock N' Roll Fantasy" by Bad Company

| play
SarahHorvat Heavier, louder and more chugga chugga...This Time, Scorpions
SarahHorvat We Were Born to Fly....uh huh, Scorp's
SarahHorvat When We Dance...Sting, artsy vid

StingWhen We Dance

| play
SarahHorvat Have to get this out of my system..WHOO! Okay, I'm good
SarahHorvat So it's a little dark...but I like it
SarahHorvat Here it is, haha

Biz Markie-Just A Friend

| play
bytera ZZ Top – 'Blue Jean Blues'
SarahHorvat WOOOOOO!! @R3s3rvo1rD0g: "-Star Spangled Banner- by Kiss - D0g's sweet #tune tweet #musicmonday | A Memorial Day salute to our Armed Forces" (reblip)
SarahHorvat Sweet! @bytera: "Led Zeppelin – 'Since I've Been Loving'" (reblip)
SarahHorvat Grooove @bytera: "Led Zeppelin — 'Black Dog' " (reblip)

Led Zeppelin Black Dog 1973

| play
SarahHorvat @bytera: Diana Krall--wise choice! (reblip)

Diana Krall Live in Paris: I Love Being Here With You

| play
SarahHorvat For those living passionately, dangerously..or just alive, you're good too. Kiss of Fire
SarahHorvat You know who you are! Get on Your Boots..that's a strongly suggested order
SarahHorvat You should be dancing, @R3s3rvo1rD0g

Bee Gees-You should be dancing

| play
SarahHorvat Ella sings Oh, Lady Be Good so gently, smoothly
SarahHorvat Sing, Sing, Sing..with lyrics

LOUIS PRIMA.Sing,Sing,Sing.

| play
SarahHorvat Mambo Swing @bytera ...F.U.N.!!

the swingers live MAMBO SWING

| play
SarahHorvat Humorous...Squirrel Nut Zippers for @bytera
SarahHorvat I leave you with this...a favorite. Good Things : )
SarahHorvat Awwww..I miss VH. Love Walks In
SarahHorvat CRIMINY!! Arpeggios From Hell..onto Yngwie

Yngwie Malmsteen-Arpeggios From Hell

| play
SarahHorvat Ooh. Smokey.Check out the fringe and military jackets. And smoke. Like being there, but flying around...Wish I was there
SarahHorvat @bytera: "Sting – Shape Of My Heart", one of the best! (reblip)
SarahHorvat Excellent!! Love this one @bytera: "Joe Cocker & The Greaseband – With a Little Help From My Friends" (reblip)
SarahHorvat Too lovely not to share! @bytera: "Astor Piazzolla & Quinteto Tango Nuevo – Adios Nonino" (reblip)
SarahHorvat AH!! One of my Nat Fav's...good choice @bytera: "Nat King Cole — Love! for all of you: @SarahHorvat @anabell39 @mommykins41" (reblip)

NAT KING COLE L-O-V-E (PUT after link &fmt=18 For STEREO quality)

| play
SarahHorvat @SarahHorvat: "Sounds like a.m. liquid sunRISE (caught myself)..don't ask me what all the words are..just soak it in" (reblip)
SarahHorvat I give it 2 thumbs up for danciness..ess. Can't Stop
SarahHorvat A little a.m. kick. Cheap Trick

Cheap Trick "I Want You To Want Me"

| play
SarahHorvat LOVE this! One of my missing Blips too (reblip)
SarahHorvat You'd never know how much I can relate ; P That's not my name (reblip)
SarahHorvat Blast from the past...Transvision Vamp, I Want Your Love
SarahHorvat All time fav. Lost blip. Dream On
SarahHorvat Where the Streets have no the energy
SarahHorvat Alive, P.O.D.


| play
SarahHorvat Stereo is Dead..catchy. You can snap to it
SarahHorvat Fire--Hendrix..another blip I lost

Jimi HendrixFire

| play
bytera Ray Charles with Norah Jones — Here We Go Again
SarahHorvat Everybody's Fool - Evanescence
SarahHorvat Billie Holiday

I'm A Fool To Want You

| play
SarahHorvat Innocence

The Airborne Toxic Event: Innocence

| play
SarahHorvat Flash...Best viewed late at night when extrememly overtired


| play
SarahHorvat Symphony X...salute to Egyptian metal, haha. Listen to the words.
SarahHorvat Double delight if blippeded...I am the Guitar Hero. Notice the level is missing.

Santana: Black Magic Woman

| play
SarahHorvat will do. I want the video : P
SarahHorvat Untouched..LOVE this

The Veronicas Untouched Video

| play
SarahHorvat Dance Floor Anthem, Good Charlotte

Good Charlotte-Dance Floor Anthem-I Don't Want To Be In Love

| play
SarahHorvat Spidey music...OK Spidey Movie music
bytera "Every little thing she does is magic, everything she do just turns me on... (reblip)
SarahHorvat Rock of Ages..cheesy 80's vid, rockin' classic
SarahHorvat WOW. Forgot about this one!Love, Def Leppard. Nice
SarahHorvat I Can't Hold Back...This vid has it all..mullet, big glasses, wing hair, shoulder pads, batwings, haha

Survivor: I Can't Hold Back

| play
SarahHorvat Only When I Sleep, The Corrs
SarahHorvat Subliminal message, haha..what I need to do...Get Some Sleep. Dreams are cool too
SarahHorvat Angel..Jack Johnson. Very sweet!
SarahHorvat A little wake up song...Lifeline
SarahHorvat You ask, you receive. (I lost this blip too. Paying off.)
SarahHorvat Walk of Life...a little blast
SarahHorvat She's So In Love..they say she was
SarahHorvat Too Much Love Will Kill You

Too Much Love Will Kill You

| play
SarahHorvat @kencasey: "@SarahHorvat Maybe Lenny Kravitz can help you "Fly Away". :-)" (reblip)
SarahHorvat My Heart, Paramore

paramore-my heart

| play
bytera The Beatles Rooftop Concert, 1969 — Don't let me down...
SarahHorvat First, a little Rattle and Hum..Desire


| play
SarahHorvat It's turned into a Ballroom Blitz Check out the hair!

Ballroom Blitz

| play
SarahHorvat You Really Got Me....The Kinks, of course
SarahHorvat Bring Me to Life...Oh, She get's to fly. I'm SO jealous
SarahHorvat This goes out to.. @SRowl because she knows the value of bands with girlie names. Something about the song too. Whatever.
SarahHorvat I've been holding out on this too long..must Jones it..
SarahHorvat Try It Again, The Hives..Why do I NOT own a Hives Cd??
SarahHorvat Funkay disco..T.H.E. H.I.V.E. S
SarahHorvat @robgokeemusic 's fav band. It's a teaching song
SarahHorvat Hmm. Who knew? Vy vy interesting. Yngwie does Kansas
SarahHorvat Icarus, Kansas

Kansas video Icarus

| play
SarahHorvat Deeeesssssssss-perrr-aaahh-do
SarahHorvat The Mighty Underdogs, The Anthem
SarahHorvat Even Cowgirls Get the Blues

The Gaslight Anthem- "Even Cowgirls Get the Blues"

| play
SarahHorvat Quit 'cho jibba jabba and let's find us some foo!!
SarahHorvat Anyone Else But You, The Moldy simply sweet
SarahHorvat's some FOO

foo fighters-my hero

| play
SarahHorvat I LIKE @UberDorkGirlie: "A dash of Social D...." (reblip)

Social Distortion- Angel's Wings

| play
SarahHorvat This will be a classic..Take Me Out
SarahHorvat Loud, Kutless..poppy with lemons


| play
SarahHorvat Oh. My. Starry Eyed Surprise..good choice @trekkerguy I need roller skates (reblip)
SarahHorvat Blast from the past..The Sun Always Shines on TV
SarahHorvat "You're born of a jackal. You're beautiful" Oh Ludo, hahahaa
SarahHorvat Butterfly...Crazy Town

butterfly crazy town

| play
SarahHorvat Love this..Dream A Little Dream of Me, absolutely enveloping
SarahHorvat This was on the radio on the way home--very dangerous for me!!
SarahHorvat I want to be on a racetrack!!!!!!!!!!
SarahHorvat Get it out of my system..Youth Gone Wild
SarahHorvat Eep. Opp. Ork. Ah-Ah..Get in this capsule baby, we're blasting off!
SarahHorvat Take Me, Papa Roach. I mean, Take Me. Papa Roach
SarahHorvat Mochtest du Retro?? @SRowl The Deeper the Love, Whitesnake..hairy rock ballad
SarahHorvat Hmm. Dream, White Lion

White Lion: Dream (2008)

| play
SarahHorvat Blackbird


| play
SarahHorvat haha. Even better. Love Stinks, ala Sandler
UberDorkGirlie Sleeeeeeeeepy Time for @R3s3rvo1rD0g Nighty night.........
SarahHorvat Wake Up Call...can't resist Maroon 5
SarahHorvat Desire...don't think this is on the list yet


| play
UberDorkGirlie Well GoOooD morning my dear coffee mug.... *wink*... come hither so I may grope thee........

Peggy LeeFever

| play
SarahHorvat I Know Kung Fu @Sp0on heheheh

Shitdisco I Know Kung Fu

| play
SarahHorvat Sabo. Tah-shjay

Beastie Boys- Sabotage

| play
SarahHorvat Loves me the laserbeam pistol...Knights of Cydonia

Knights Of Cydonia

| play
SarahHorvat A special send out ; ) Young Hearts Run Free
SarahHorvat My Adidas...symph/opera and rap..who knew? Love it
SarahHorvat Run to Me...stuck on the run theme
SarahHorvat The quiz..You have to sing that again. Too many questions.
SarahHorvat Bumping up: Dreams. Van Halen rocks my world! Sometimes (reblip)
UberDorkGirlie For my girls @JandJsmommy74 @SRowl ...*shake shake*
elocio Cab Calloway – Hi de Ho Man
elocio Jamiroquai, Canned Heat

Jamiroquai, Canned Heat

| play
elocio Jennifer Grassman - For Always
SarahHorvat Fearless...never rlsd vid

FEARLESS (BATMAN VIDEO) never released

| play
SarahHorvat Molossus...I want to hear this live..good a.m.
SarahHorvat TX : ) @elocio: "Chris Isaak – Baby Baby TU for props! (reblip)

The Prodigy Spitfire (High Quality)

| play
SarahHorvat I was going to blip this the other day, haha @UberDorkGirlie: "Hey midlife crisis man 2 houses down w/ your yelllow Camaro.. this song's for you...." (reblip)
UberDorkGirlie It's Saturday.. how many deadly sins can you break? >;-)
bytera listening one of the best Tango composition by Piazzolla: 'Libertango' performed by Yo-Yo Ma. @butterfleyes
SarahHorvat Blue Skies..Blue October is so cool
SarahHorvat What If We Could...Blue October
SarahHorvat Boogie Wonderland..WHOA..Check the jumpsuit!
SarahHorvat Everything..Faster music.Good
SarahHorvat Apple Blossom, The White Stripes
SarahHorvat Lips Like Morphine..because who doesn't want a pair of those?
SarahHorvat Look What You've Done, Jet

Jet Look What Youve Done low(live)

| play
UberDorkGirlie Because I just watched Bedtime Stories with my monkeys.... and it ROCKED.
SarahHorvat Wow! I remember Nelson. Good tape, haha Probably have a tape of the tape somewhere
SarahHorvat Stars...poetic and sweet
SarahHorvat I Burn Today...Looking at old sample CD's

Frank Black-I Burn Today

| play
SarahHorvat Worst Song's great.
SarahHorvat Track 07, Mellowdrone..they really are mellow
elocio George Michael - I guess it would be nice if I could touch your body #80sSongs #musicmonday

faith-george michael

| play
SarahHorvat Liquid Dance from Slumdog Millionaire..I'm waiting for someone to say Rock Me Amadeus
SarahHorvat Skeleton Key

Margot & The Nuclear So and So's-Skeleton Key

| play
SarahHorvat Surrender, Dropkick Murphys....that works
SarahHorvat The Spicy McHaggis Jig....I agree, there certainly aren't enough kilts in the world

Dropkick Murphys- The Spicy McHaggis Jig

| play
SarahHorvat Jump Rope...that's why there's double Dutch
SarahHorvat Paul Anka covers Jump..??..You won't tear out the crotch of your pants on this one

Paul AnkaJump

| play
SarahHorvat The Lone Ranger..Wow. Where has this gem been hiding all my life?

The Lone Ranger.(Quantum Jump).

| play
SarahHorvat I Don't Want to Be a Lone Ranger..hello. Tonto??
SarahHorvat The Lone Ranger...the REAL deal..Awwwwesome
SarahHorvat I Did It for Love, Night Ranger ballad..isn't that an oxymoron
SarahHorvat Goodbye, Night Ranger..You KNOW the best part is the end guitar solo..and the beginning
SarahHorvat Can't forget...When You Close Your Eyes
SarahHorvat I'm Gonna Be..The Proclaimers..a good marching song, and drunk guys need love too
SarahHorvat I'm On My Way..Uh-huh. uh-huh. Uh-huh
SarahHorvat I'm surprised this isn't in more movies..@UberDorkGirlie Life With You
SarahHorvat Shadows, Red..Nice mix!


| play
SarahHorvat Never Be the Same..Red They should be on the radio
SarahHorvat Myster of You, Red..They are consistently good..what gives?
SarahHorvat For the island of #Sarah 's out there and I still don't know where to find you : P
SarahHorvat This has action movie music written all over it...Fight Inside, Red
SarahHorvat This song too..screams motorcycle. Breathe Into Me
SarahHorvat I Wanna See You Bellydance..The Red Elvises
SarahHorvat Little Red Riding Hood....OwwOOOO!
SarahHorvat OOOOOOH! I like...Lost, Red


| play
SarahHorvat Pieces, Red..Their slow song


| play
SarahHorvat A Dustland Fairytale for @Emmmy22

The Killers A Dustland Fairytale

| play
SarahHorvat A Dustland Fairytale...Official Video for @Emmmy22
SarahHorvat The Unforgiven 3

Metallica-The Unforgiven 3 (with lyrics)

| play
SarahHorvat Yertle the Turtle for @joycecherrier , couldn't resist
SarahHorvat Tell Me Baby for @joycecherrier

Red Hot Chili Peppers Tell Me Baby Official Music Video

| play
SarahHorvat 'Til the End of Time, Whitesnake
SarahHorvat Steal Away, Whitesnake..seemed endlessly long old school
SarahHorvat Into the Night, Santana + Chad Kroeger

Into The Night-Santana feat. Chad Kroeger

| play
SarahHorvat Photograph, Nickelback

Nickelback Photograph

| play
SarahHorvat Hero..always room for Spidey musak
SarahHorvat Rhythm of Love..Scorpions are awesome live. Wish I could find my T-shirt
SarahHorvat Swing, Swing..The All-American Rejects for @Drummerguy417
SarahHorvat Bam Bam, Los Rabanes...def worth the wiggle
SarahHorvat Come On Lets Go..Los LAST

Los Lobos-Come On Lets Go

| play
elocio Gotan Project – Diferente [ty @nvaquero] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ (reblip)
SarahHorvat Harder to Breathe feat. The Cool Kids..Twit hell...PFFT
SarahHorvat Can't believe I've listened to this 4x in a row..hmph. I'm learning symbiotic French? Oi. Je Veux Te Voir, Yelle
bytera Norah Jones – Turn Me On (reblip)
SarahHorvat Always good for night @Mathiayus: ""♥ ♪ Queensryche – Silent Lucidity ♥ ♪"" (reblip)
SarahHorvat Thumbs up! @UberDorkGirlie: "If you can't stand the heat...get the hell out tha kitchen :) Weee fantastic voyage...." (reblip)
UberDorkGirlie Good MMmMMmorning coffee mug....*wink* get your fine self over here and let the inappropriate groping commence...


| play
SarahHorvat This needs more air time..Shiver (reblip)

ShiverMaroon 5

| play
SarahHorvat Dreams makes me want to lay in the grass and stare at the sky today..hello sun..In the plane with a Blue Angel would be one cooler. (reblip)

Van Halen-Dreams (Blue Angels)

| play
SarahHorvat Eye of the Tiger...with the walking beret. Stuck in my head, thanks, @magnusholmgren + world energy solution
SarahHorvat Something I didn't get to do this a.m.: Dream On ..I'm always dreaming, I cannot lie (reblip)

Aerosmith-Dream On

| play
SarahHorvat See, now if it were the dream-weavin' train waking me up...whole other story @trekkerguy: "Since dreams seem to be this mornings subject on blip :P" (reblip)
SarahHorvat NICE! @elocio: "Joe Bonamassa – Tea for One Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening, all . Happy Friday!" (reblip)
SarahHorvat Not sure if this is on the list, so it is now (reblip)

Spirit In The Sky By Norman Greenbaum

| play
SarahHorvat Hallelujah....heard this on the way out of the theatre
SarahHorvat Head On, Pixies...One of those "Oh yeah!" songs I forgot about

PixiesHead On

| play
SarahHorvat Ca-rack that whip! OK, @trekkerguy you must have heard this...Whip it, Devo

DevoWhip It

| play
SarahHorvat Voulez Vous, ABBA..Uh-HUH uh-HUH
SarahHorvat They were young and they had each other, who could ask for more?...but just WHO shot WHO? Copacabana


| play
SarahHorvat I still dig Stevie..For Once in My Life. Man, stage dancers sure have changed : P
SarahHorvat Brainstorm, Arctic Monkeys. My innovator song..?
DensOnAir ♪♫♥ U2 – I Will Follow ♥♫♪
SarahHorvat Don't Bring Me Down, ELO....classic

Electric Light Orchestra- Don't Bring Me Down

| play
SarahHorvat Can't Bring Myself to Light This Fuse, R S Supernova [cut the distortion RSS!!]
SarahHorvat Raaaaay CHaaaaaaahhhhrles, Don't Set Me Free, always cool
harkitsme7 @SarahHorvat this was the only ABBA song with a water conotation...(for the smoke+stuff)


| play
SarahHorvat Some people want everything, but.... + Georgia, Alicia Keys & Jamie Foxx

Alicia Keys & Jamie Foxx

| play
SarahHorvat What'd I Say, Ray Charles with long jazzy intro
SarahHorvat Get Your Way, Jamie Cullum...not sure where he is now, but this is a good album
SarahHorvat 7 Days to Change Your Life, Jamie Cullum
SarahHorvat Give Me the Simple Life, June Christy
SarahHorvat I Concentrate on You, Oscar Peterson. One of the great's.
SarahHorvat Moonlight Serenade, Frank Sinatra
UberDorkGirlie Yaay!! For @lala0000 Good Day Sunshine :) *wigglin' nose for @tlcox19* Bring on the sun! (reblip)

Good Day Sunshine

| play
SarahHorvat awesome..tx @elocio ! "Matthew Wilder – Break My Stride (reblip)
SarahHorvat Oooh. Most excellent! tx @elocio "Manfred Mann/ Blinded by the Light (reblip)
elocio Manfred Mann – Do wah diddy
DensOnAir "♪♫♥ Shinedown – Second Chance ♥♫♪" (reblip)

Safety Dance- Men Without Hats

| play
SarahHorvat Primal's really 3fer Wed
SarahHorvat In My Dreams..Dokken one of their best songs
SarahHorvat Alone Again, Dokken...This was a tough pick, has 3 letters. Anyway, nice ax

Dokken-Alone Again

| play
SarahHorvat Dreaming, Yngwie..what I should be doing again
SarahHorvat Beauty and the Beast*...Yngwie. *Noted for future fairytale theme picks. Good lick
SarahHorvat Had a case of the Deja Vu's...excessive guitar solo. Get your moment's worth
SarahHorvat Youth Gone Wild...enough hair for 3 songs
SarahHorvat Nothing to do with my 3fer's..just wanted to hear it. Oh. 3 word name: My Chemical Romance
elocio Brooke Waggoner - Live for the Sounds
elocio Brooke Waggoner – Cause I want to be seen With a fresh pair of eyes The single white tree In a black hood of disguise
SarahHorvat I like the guitar..Is this new? He was always singing love..sad for him @IreneRencsi (reblip)
SarahHorvat I expect this some a.m. also @UberDorkGirlie

I want a little sugar in my bowl Nina Simone

| play
SarahHorvat Wait. Moved too quickly. @UberDorkGirlie Do I Move You...{WOOH!}
IreneRencsi @Winsornewt is back WooHoo!

BlurWoo Hoo

| play
SarahHorvat Wild is the Wind...Whoa. Must see who wrote this
SarahHorvat Ohhh. I DIG it! #warrior musak and inspiration
DensOnAir ReBlip @celebitchy sasha (sex secret) (reblip)

sasha (sex secret)

| play
SarahHorvat : ) @DJ_Warped: "Come on Guys Lets Get some Runs In! AC DC Thunderstruck #music " (reblip)

AC DC Thunderstruck

| play
SarahHorvat Gorillaz..good pick @DensOnAir: ReBlip Feel Good (reblip)
IreneRencsi I will follow him. ....if he follows me back....hahaha! #followfriday #ffparty

I Will Follow Him

| play
SarahHorvat Nina Simone makes my day! @UberDorkGirlie: "GooOoOod MmmMMmMMorning Coffee Mug.... *wink* saunter on over here and Gimme Some .... " (reblip)
SarahHorvat Where the hey was I that I missed? You started eeearrrly @IreneRencsi
SarahHorvat I saw Loverboy a looong time ago (was little)...rockin' awesome! @trekkerguy (reblip)
SarahHorvat Beautiful...The Promise, Secret Garden
SarahHorvat Mission Impossible, U2


| play
SarahHorvat Friday is kicking my butt again (reblip)
SarahHorvat Always good for tunes @DensOnAir: ""♪♫♥ Gipsy Kings - Hotel California (Spanish) ♥♫♪"" #FollowFriday (reblip)

Gipsy Kings - Hotel California (Spanish)

| play
SarahHorvat Love it! @DensOnAir: "ReBlip @djflavinha: "..." Gipsy Kings – Volare" (reblip)
SarahHorvat Decode for @OliviaOlivia13 --with vid
DensOnAir ReBlip haha nice 1 @ShutterBugGeek: "Reblip @alexmaxbir: "A good Jason Mraz song for @DensOnAir... "Geek in the Pink"."<<Love this song!" (reblip)
DensOnAir ♪♫♥ Gorillaz – Feel Good Inc ♥♫♪ (reblip)
DensOnAir ReBlip @Oldprog Genesis – The Chamber of 32 Doors (reblip)
SarahHorvat Life could be a dre-eam..Sh-Boom (reblip)
SarahHorvat I probably have this at least 3x on here, but love it! Awesome song @DensOnAir (reblip)
SarahHorvat This popped up when I typed in "I love a rainy night" Cool old song..She's So In Love
SarahHorvat WHOA! Check the lightening machine, haha. One of the happiest rain songs I could think of
UberDorkGirlie Good MMMorning coffee mug... mama's feelin' slow and sweet this mornin', come knock me a lil love....
SarahHorvat OOOoohh. I LOOOOVE this. SO bummed our classical station is gone. @DensOnAir: "Night All ♪♫Thank you♫♪ Reblip "Nimrod from Elgar's Enigma Variations" (reblip)
SarahHorvat Disloyal Order of Water Buffaloes, Fall Out Boy
SarahHorvat I Don't Care, Fall Out Boy..on my list, but I like it. Bump.
SarahHorvat Fire Cracker, ELLEGARDEN...a song that grows on me
SarahHorvat check out Tweets @ampiphy Sweet song..Set Me on Fire
harkitsme7 Love this song frm Keane-appropriate for our times now...
SarahHorvat Haha..funny you blipped this. College friend and I used to sing this (chick). I think I was Cher with a few 'hunna''s thrown in. @IreneRencsi
SarahHorvat Ring My Bell, Funkstar/Anita Ward
SarahHorvat I'd like to dedicate MR. Barry White, veddy nice @harkitsme7 ..Heavenly, That's What You Are to Me
SarahHorvat Take It to the Limit, The Eagles for @JandJsmommy74
SarahHorvat Life In the Fast Lane for @JandJsmommy74

The Eagles: Life in the Fast Lane

| play
SarahHorvat DEEEEEsssPERaDO @JandJsmommy74 I like this one quite well
SarahHorvat Will You Still Love Me? Can you believe I saw Chicago yrs ago? haha @JandJsmommy74
SarahHorvat Saturday in the Park for @JandJsmommy74
SarahHorvat Hard to Say I'm Sorry for @JandJsmommy74
SarahHorvat Angel..blipped this a LOONG time ago, but just in case..Jimi lovin'
UberDorkGirlie Nighty night SuperChillaxMacaroniMan >;-) Sweeet dreamzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz @R3s3rvo1rD0g
harkitsme7 This is my fav Doris D song for @SarahHorvat my friend "again"....
elocio Duke Ellington & Coleman Hawkins – Mood Indigo (blip.up)
elocio Valhalla – Ship Of Dreams @SarahHorvat, this one?
SarahHorvat Bubble...mix it with the bubble gum vodka, shake gently @blatzliquor haha
SarahHorvat Dude looks like he fell out of the 1800's...Summer in the City
elocio Whitesnake – All I Want All I Need
SaraSantiago Remote Control - Michael Franti & Spearhead.
UberDorkGirlie In with the goooood... out with the bad...... @R3s3rvo1rD0g >;-)
SarahHorvat Ich Besorgs Dir, Hardformers This works as background to a painfully long convo and cell with the same text msgs : PPP
SaraSantiago <sigh> Otis Redding - These Arms of Mine.
SarahHorvat Haven't heard this in a while...Our Love Is Like Water, Live
SarahHorvat We Care A Lot, Faith No More
SarahHorvat Crazy on You, Heart. I'm fascinated with the guitarist's shirt.
SarahHorvat Cowboys From Hell, Pantera ..Slightly off the gravy train
SarahHorvat Summer Night City, ABBA WABBA heh
SarahHorvat A little late night KISS..All Hell's Breakin' Loose