NewageSounds Anomalous Disturbances – The Spirit Molecule - KI (psychedelic space ambient) @Sandalicious@neuron..trippy ambient
NewageSounds Mike Oldfield Let There Be Light - Thanks 4 props! @Schallwandler

Mike Oldfield Let There Be Light

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Schallwandler see the world fade take a look around
Orgambient777 @straywebsurfer: "♫ Organic Grooves - "Banal Reality"... diggin this... thanks (reblip)

Makyo :: Sigh

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NewageSounds Shpongle – Shpongle Spores (ambient/electro/ mellow chillout) Thx for all the props! @progman@neuron@Sandalicious@Schallwandler @Orgambient777
Schallwandler good morning :)

Shpongle Linguistic Mystic

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hawk_pl and i'm happy to see you happy @Michizukizuki! :) i hope whatever it is that made you so happy lasts as long as you wish! :)
Schallwandler i will surely get my ears on more of their songs, don't worry @hawk_pl :)
Schallwandler I like Sundays with songs like this one :) @hawk_pl: "somehow i don't like sunday evenings... well, most of them, at least." (reblip)
Schallwandler hey there, thx again for all the props. You're a pleasure to follow@NewageBlipper: "Carbon Based Lifeforms - And Contact (electro/chill)" (reblip)

Hope. Scann- Tec.

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Schallwandler thx man, rb@hawk_pl: "good evening all my blip friends! (reblip)
Schallwandler I'm addicted to #psybient

Power Of Plants-Chilled C` Quence & Tajmahal

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Schallwandler good night everyone, I'm gonna listen to you soon :)
Schallwandler big thx@ParadiseInside: " Journey with the Tryptamine Pixies in NeverEverLand off "Emerald" (reblip)
Schallwandler astral waves is new to me but definitely something to enjoy@Orgambient777

Astral WavesSalome

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SHULMAN: A Magnificent Void

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Schallwandler now I'm coming back to this one @hawk_pl. best song so far imo.
Schallwandler I do too, though sometimes that sound is too cold and clean for me@Orgambient777
Schallwandler hey there@koiheart, this is quite trippy too@Orgambient

spinal chordoazis

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Orgambient777 i agree, have to be in a certain mood for Ultimae, they have a consistent sound you can hear. @Schallwandler
NewageSounds Mojave 3 – Bluebird of Happiness (Ulrich Schnauss Remix) (soft vocal/ambient/lounge/chill/electro)
Orgambient777 I want my planet BAAACK!!

DubtribeMother Earth

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NewageSounds Mark Isham – Sympathy And Acknowledgement (for air-brushing)(meditative new age)
forze Extrawelt - Mit Liese Auf Der Wiese (Max Cooper remix)
forze Mr Ozio Flat Beat | rb @antenaweb: "Flat Beat" (reblip)

Mr Ozio Flat Beat

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hawk_pl good evening blip friends!

ShpongleI Am You

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BeNine mad. was listenin to this minutes ago!! sync TY RB @MsMercurial (reblip)

SHULMAN: Small Grey Creatures

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EFR56 Hope ur'e doing well... Thx ~ RB@aacfilms / B. Fleischmann – Pass By (reblip)
Schallwandler good to have you back. I hope you enjoyed your vacation@progman (reblip)
Schallwandler one of my favs from Shulman, rb@az4justice: "Shulman, from In search of a meaningful moment." (reblip)
forze Bhakta - Total Gut

BhaktaTotal Gut

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hawk_pl one of the greatest electronic music composers of all times - for @Orgambient777 @Schallwandler @opruimfee and @Michizukizuki - good to see you. :)
Schallwandler hey there @2Tall, some dub for you


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2Tall Tabla Beat Science – Alla @Schallwandler > I love Eastern beats....
Schallwandler cool, I usually refrain from #dnb but this works @2Tall: "Aphrodite – Calcutta @Schallwandler >welcome new listener" (reblip)


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forze Kruder & Dorfmeister - Going Under
Schallwandler thx for the props shower @progman (reblip)

Unbelievable Technology by Astral Projection

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Schallwandler @progman, this is one for my playlist, excellent choice as always (reblip)

Shpongle-"DMT--Hallucinogen Remix"

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Schallwandler we're gonna listen to these guys live @Sardonyx, prepare to freak out!

HaldoliumAll My Life

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Orgambient777 interesting sound from them, on the new Environments album, woah i need that!
Orgambient777 =] from the seamless sonic masterpiece "Lifeforms"
Schallwandler I would spend all my credits for you digging out this project but there's none left :D @Orgambient777
Schallwandler last song for tonight, may you sleep well it was a pleasure again@Orgambient777@progman@NewageBlipper

T. Raumschmiere- Wir Kinder Vom Bahnhof Strom

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forze Boozoo Bajou - Tonschraube
Orgambient777 Similar Intro Soundz - 2 of 2 - i really should say the same sounds are used in both intros. =]

True To Nature "Ghetto" (Sofa Beats 2006)

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Schallwandler So you live in the mountains @Orgambient777? I'm just gonna chill out with my friends, the weather is autumn like.

Dub TreesMagnetica

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Schallwandler enjoy your weekend, rb@2Tall: "Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad Live at The Hosiery – Swiss Dub> @blipwisp @KushiQ > welcome new listener" (reblip)
Orgambient777 @Schallwandler - it is a blast! winter is alot of fun here as well. =] always going to Boulder and Denver for concerts, i live a few hours west

Miserere mei, Deus

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Schallwandler try to remember this group's name...


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forze Mindsphere - Painful Stories
Schallwandler great, thx@forze: "Hoopy Frood - Never Coming Down" (reblip)
Schallwandler rb @forze: "Celtic Cross - Shwazz" (reblip)

Celtic Cross-Shwazz

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EFR56 Massive Attack – Angel

Massive AttackAngel

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Schallwandler a beautiful start in the day thx to @NewageBlipper: "The Mists of Paroketh: The Veil of Illusion (healing/new age/ambient)" (reblip)

The Mists of Paroketh: The Veil of Illusion

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Schallwandler you don't need a lot of sleep, do you? good morning @formalhaut

HEALER aka MICHAEL ANDRESEN infinity and beyond

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Schallwandler was deutsche musik anbelangt bin ich schon noch recht unterbelichtet, hoffe auf deine unterstützung @formalhaut (reblip)

AG Geige - Fischleim

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BeNine still Love it! gotta eat. laters blippers..

Hallucinogen Mi Loony Um!

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Klaus Schønning; "trix" from "NASAVU"

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Orgambient777 @theantid0te: "rb@kaoruo" thanks again for your beautiful blips. =] (reblip)
Schallwandler rb @2Tall: "@beastie_girl > MIA is HUGE in Canada!!>>> i love blends of sounds/styles from all over the world. >> That is the stuff i seek out !!!" (reblip)
Schallwandler :D @2Tall Today I woke up at 4am remembering having grabbed icecream out the freezer and leaving it beside my bed to melt. 1st time I woke up4icecream
forze Harold Budd & Eraldo Bernocchi Fragment Two (reblip)

Harold Budd & Eraldo Bernocchi Fragment Two

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ParadiseInside ♒♒TrypZone♒ Heady ElectroDub off "Spontaneous Illumination" 2003 12:33mins
sputnicker your pictures are amazing, great, more please 8:)@leffi333: "african velvet. air." (reblip)

AirAfrican Velvet

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NewageSounds AES DANA – Natti Natti (ANDROCELL rmx)(ambient/electro chill out mix)
NewageSounds Entheogenic – Ground Luminosity (Ott's New Yoghurt Loom mix)(psy chill)
Schallwandler so many smoothly flowing songs...
Schallwandler recommended for a mind massage

PadmasanaBe Where Now

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progman we'll dj's that ends a walk down "wizard's alley" / hope u enjoyed,please cut thru again/peace/ @progman/ RB@neuron" (reblip)
ParadiseInside ♒♒TrypZone♒ o you done dropt in Zone now! i'm sorry dude! (Tyler Smith aka Androcell) "Spiral Empire"2008 9:01
Schallwandler good to hear. And I can't thank you enough for the wonderful italian cuisine which I have just enjoyed (as best as I'm able to produce it :D)@xatstilo
Schallwandler I'm really enjoying his sounds
2Tall Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad Live @ The Hosiery – Swiss Dub @Hypnotica @droolius @sunyata @DeckHead @Schallwandler @UncleBeard >welcome new listener
Schallwandler I'm 50 listeners strong listen to me ;)
NewageSounds Tariq – Spiritual signs (dream chill)

TariqSpiritual signs

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NewageSounds Karunesh – Mount Kailash (deep drum/meditative)

KaruneshMount Kailash

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NewageSounds Total Loving Kindness (vocal dream)

Total Loving Kindness

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ParadiseInside [ - Check Out Flower Ornament Sutra! very psychedelic ] "Sacred Gateways" 2000 10:07
formalhaut from Nine Lives Causeway album

Ciaran Byrne: Ode to able Sail

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Schallwandler hey there @Orgambient777. I hope your week started easy...
Schallwandler thx man. My monday was quite relaxed. Done some workout and ate well. And now it's chilling to music as always :) @Orgambient777


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Schallwandler I think you should. I have only heard a few songs though @Orgambient777


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hawk_pl hi everyone! thanks @Schallwandler @neuron @straywebsurfer @pandoras_box @twirldrone @opruimfee. one of my favourite tracks by sundial aeon.

Sundial AeonMysanthia

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Orgambient777 @Schallwandler - i think i will, its only $15, plus Bluetech, Phutureprimitive and Heyoka will be there too.

Orchid Star- A Day Out Of Time (Subsonar remix)

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Terra Nine Circle Maker with Jugglers @ Full Moon Festival 08

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Orgambient777 amazing chill out from the new album "Everlasting Tone" - @theantid0te @iTranscendence @NewageBlipper @rainstormy @Shallwandler @Schallwandler @djilo
NewageSounds Bullitnuts – Heavy Air (chill/lounge/sounds)

BullitnutsHeavy Air

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Orgambient777 @redoctopus: "Bill Frisell – 1968" great song thanks! (reblip)

Bill Frisell1968

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Bullitnuts: Between The Eyes

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Schallwandler for me one of the best things to do after work is working out a little, having some good food and relaxing to music@Orgambient777 Your blips help
Orgambient777 very unique and interesting song. awesome! thank you @dronnoisseur @en_ki_du @AlKronos (reblip)
Orgambient777 @Phoenixbird: "Zer0 0ne ... "I'm from another reality" ... from pSy-fi ." @Snord @bizcochar @progman @Schallwandler (reblip)
Schallwandler i'm gonna be at their show next month

Altom- Plasma (Shaker Edit)

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Schallwandler I better get my sleep now. This girl wants to talk to me tomorrow... :]

Smiley PixieThe Dream

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2Tall Subatomic Sound System – Our Father, Our King (Middle East Dub)
NewageSounds Ginkgo Garden – A Mystic Day in Mandalay (relax chill)
EFR56 Susumu Yokota – Love or Die / Time to catch some sleep. Thx all for the great blips, comments etc. Hasta la vista...
progman nice to meet you /big "TREE" fan here/thx/ rb@postdisillusionment: (reblip)

Arriving Somewhere But Not Here ........ Porcupine Tree

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NewageSounds " Eagle's Path " – Ah*Nee*Mah (native american/angelic distant flute)
Orgambient777 @NewageBlipper: "Karsten Koch – Apeiron Part 1 (deep ambient chill/electro) @progman@Orgambient777" big thanks to you for the props as well. (reblip)
Orgambient777 @NewageBlipper: "Beyond Sensory Experience: The Only Alternative (dark ambient/meditative)" great vibrations (reblip)

Beyond Sensory Experience: The Only Alternative

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Orgambient777 @zerlina: "~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~" loving it! (reblip)

Cosmic Consciousness...Magic Sound Fabric...Album..Ambienism

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Orgambient777 @ja_net: "thx for ⓅⓇⓄⓅⓈ ⓇⒺⓅⓁⒾⒺⓈ இ ⓇⒺⒷⓁⒾⓅⓈ ✩✩✩✩✩✩ good night @all" nice space ambient! thanks (reblip)

Akasha Project "Green Gaia Venus"

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Orgambient777 @NewageBlipper: "Hallucinator – Waterline (deep electro ambient chill) @progman@Orgambient777" hells yeah (reblip)


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The Sacred Dub Vibe

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Space Is High Dub

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Mysterymix salut ma@FernandaW ^)^ rb@YvesSatellite: "Nina Simone – Baltimore" (reblip)
ParadiseInside VisionResearchHighSpeedCameras…Soundscape "Eternal Now" by Don Peyote (aka Yvon Mounier) 9:39

"Eternal Now" 2/2

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Orgambient777 one of the most beautiful songs ever, goes good with love and sunsets =] @bizcochar @theantid0te @NewageBlipper @ja_net @Sandalicious @Schallwandler

TrisanMay Yoi

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NewageSounds Phutureprimitive – Hyper-Sence (electro/psy chill) THX @Schallwandler
NewageSounds Kaito – And That Was The Way (Echospace's Shinjuku Sedative)(ambient deep chill)
Orgambient777 cover by Steven Drozd (the flaming lips) & Maynard James Keenan - @zoja01
Schallwandler i'm off to the land of dreams. good night everyone


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NewageSounds (Wolfram der) Spyra – SEEDS (mixture of soft electro trance/chill)

zen traveller.wmv

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galactic dice ''green groove''

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Orgambient777 @xaryo: "Tangerine Dream – No Man's Land" thank you!!! (reblip)
Schallwandler er verrät noch nicht, was es gibt. krabbensuppe steht aber als vorspeise schon fest :) @DJ_Broiler

MaitreyaNight Vision

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Reality Surfing ~ Children of the Bong ~ Interface Reality

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ParadiseInside Bowls & Bells with great Mandala Vid. 9:36 TRYPZONE SOON Full Moon – Wed January 19, 21:21GMT EveryFullMoonCelebratorySetOfPostModernRockBeatsBeReady!

Cymbal Gong Meditation

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Prayer of the Golden Chain by Harijiwan

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sputnicker rb.thx und moin@formalhaut: "rb@avivajazz: "Samir Zarif | American History | #jazzaviva" simply great! I've never heard and seen this one before." (reblip)

American History by Samir Zarif

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ambientocclusion Big Bud's Stone Groove, #dnb that goes down smooove (#fridaybeats)

Big BudStone Groove

| play
EFR56 Inspired by @iMatthew_ ...The Golden Palominos – For A Few Dollars More - 1985
ParadiseInside Angelic Music off the HEAVEN half of HEAVEN AND EARTH (2000) 6:43


| play