Scorpionkiss man,I loved the video of the girlies playing air guitar!hahaha,and red lipstick?My Fav!!!!
Scorpionkiss that's a kick in the teeth...been there, dont that...
Scorpionkiss just you and the bathroom,hahahaha
Scorpionkiss this is the one I wanted...


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Scorpionkiss Been there,done that,for about 7 years... (reblip)
Scorpionkiss HELLO DRAMA!!!The Pinks...hahahaha..."tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies"
Scorpionkiss this song used to rip me...
Scorpionkiss What does Siouxie know about my precious desert?
Scorpionkiss Ishka...again,just listen
lilythewitch so where was the passion when you need it the most? you're faking a smile with the coffee to go. It was a bad day, it was a bad day
Hollis My sister tortured me with this album.


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Scorpionkiss La belle dame sans regrets...with no regret
Scorpionkiss you are the reason i've been waiting for long...and I cant find my way home
Scorpionkiss I wana do bad things to Louisiana or Cairo...
star45 Juliette And The Licks – Sticky Honey – . . . moin @klitoria - @estrogen thanks!
leahtove The Youngbloods- Come On People/Get Together
Scorpionkiss Like Suicide...but not quite,lol...
Scorpionkiss Ummm,Lips Like Morphine...Kill Hannah
Scorpionkiss I want you to Trip Like I Do...just once,lol
Scorpionkiss duck and run


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rkmonkey Dose of the Kills (tx to whoever uploaded recent additions)
Scorpionkiss Smashmouth!!!

(smash mouth)- walking on the sun

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sadalit Continuing the Friday afternoon memory lane experience...
LeandroAzevedo Pode ser de vermelho ...azul !! Chris de Burgh – The Lady in Red (reblip)
csuspect Boo Ya!!! LOL OMG havn't heard this classic since middle school.
csuspect @mcpaige No man... This is Rock! (Note: I make an exception for Turbo Negro they are Rock Gods)
csuspect Here is some sheer blue collar genius. I bet Detroit feels like this.
Scorpionkiss Ghinzu - Do You Read Me ...I like this tune
Scorpionkiss oh,you're readin my mind,a LOT of Bailey's?I'm Irish!!!(Thanks Dad),hahaha (reblip)


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Scorpionkiss Okay @Edainsmom I guess I need A Girl Like You?hahahaha,put your boots on,me and the bike are heading over!! (reblip)
Scorpionkiss And since i've got "pink" on my mind,hahahaha
DesertLily Eu vou pra Londres, vou pra longe. Sei que vou,
Guarana_Brahma Because when I was seven........ txurururu
Gaz50 Your aching your breaking and i can see the pain in your eyes ... This song is something else :) 15/10 my ratings
Scorpionkiss Damn,you found the tune I was looking for girl!!!Kudos!!!My doper days,since like just yesterday,lol,oh it was. (reblip)
Scorpionkiss Dishwalla - Angels or Devils...
Scorpionkiss Krusher - Hell's Angel...isnt that copyrighted?hahahaha,you be sure, it is!!!
Scorpionkiss The Smithereens - Girl Like You
Scorpionkiss like the dawn I missed this morning...
DesertLily More of Mystic and Sufi touch. Rahat is the nephew of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.
Scorpionkiss Live For what they say...
theassent Sounds like the American Dream
Scorpionkiss Hi @Edainsmom oh I love this tune!!!!Thanks cupcake!!!


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Scorpionkiss Feelings Show...dont they though!!!
rtsnance and this one too, if you couldn't tell. (wait until i start in on lykke li and TVOTR again)
rtsnance love this fucking song right now.
Scorpionkiss My Oh My...David Gray says it for all of us...
Scorpionkiss Well @Edainsmom as the song goes,I got the stinger!!!hahahaha,ouch
joenunez68 Red Rider - Lunatic fringe....MTV memories in the 80's when it was real Music Television.
Scorpionkiss Take your baby by the wrist...and in her mouth an amethyst...
DesertLily @scorpionkiss Wow. Lucky you! I've never been to Giza, In fact, I never been to Egypt, though I have experienced the Sahara.
De_Ann Sorry folks...I keep walking away and being side tracked, but I'm all yours now...if U're still here that is ;-)@Gaz50 ..Ello u 2 :) (reblip)
Figgywithit The band with the most confusing name ever: Live.


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suzanamartins "My heart is drenched in wine, but you'll be on my mind. Forever!!"
Scorpionkiss @Edainsmom oh,you mean Elton's "ambiguity"?hahaha,im not ambiguous at all!!!I LIKE GIRLS!!!
jonidunlap "I never held emotion in the palm of my hand Or felt sweet breezes in the top of a tree" One of my favorites.
jonidunlap Fun dance tune.

Patrice Rushen - Forget Me Nots

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jonidunlap "My heart is that much harder now. I thought that it would stay that way, before today"
MattTabesss Back from ball hockey, won in ot, had one goal. Some wintersleep for yah
Scorpionkiss @Edainsmom okay Gypsy Woman!!!what about Please,Please,Please?
mbottan Though the girls love us we're so into you incredibly we'd love to see you terribly
DesertLily Ta xingando ninguém não @luiz_com_z مشاعر حب عطشانـة - I am just thirsty feelings of Love from head to toe. (reblip)
Scorpionkiss @lasnara i see u... Sweet Disposition...i thought you would... (reblip)
deadasdisco just watched garden state today and was reminded of why it's still in my top 5. yeah i said it.
deadasdisco for the 1% of the population who've still never heard this.
deadasdisco @spendoctors @leigh_roy @PhilthyKnuckles @mozmachine @likelinus42 @ROWDIE :ok i win. this is the worst song ever and it was just on beavis n butthead
DesertLily It's just another day on Earth.
BrewsCues Sorry for the typo - it's, of course, Ramen (with an "e"). Maybe Raman was a greek god :-)

The CabBounce

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BrewsCues "Fast Times at Barrington High" is one of the best, and most underrated, albums of 2008.
DJBansidhe Possibly better than the original - best lyric ever: Feel her body rise when you kiss her mouth

eva cassidy - fields of gold

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Kaethe_Cox i'm falling into bed- thanks to all my fav @blipers - you brought me through a pretty hard monday...
Kaethe_Cox Back from Austria - first summer and still enough snoooowww....;-)
Kaethe_Cox @ABoyNamedSue - yep - i like it very much - thanks.... (reblip)
DJJazzyJacq R/b @mirzwick its a very very very very Mad World...indeed (reblip)
DJJazzyJacq @toddtyrtle nice and easy on the ears and a 70's favourite too. (reblip)
DJBansidhe Ladies and Gentleman - welcome to the show!
glucas Navy Blues (Getting lots of help now - thx @DJFrankie!) #side1track1 (reblip)
theapplejuice dirty cage


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FloraIsadora Reblip Thursday! (reblip)

Spiritualized - Anyway That You Want Me

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rkmonkey Too low to find my way Too high to wonder why.... hello @djwttw
tiffsplaylist if this dont give you a one two punch to wake the hell up this morning i dont know what will...

Level 42 - Something About You

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Thraeryn A little Japanese power metal never hurt anything.
Thraeryn A sharp-dressed monsterman, that is. Also, CJ's dad, Clifton, is awesome.
Winits nunca me canso dessa musica (reblip)
theartgoddess my brother lovesss this band haha


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leighcedar Challenge/Theme for everyone!!! Bands with the best names! I'm starting us off with The Buttless Chaps. Can you top that?
FloraIsadora I probably Blip this too much...don't care though. (reblip)
DesertLily I miss practicing Persian dance so much...


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DesertLily Não tão azul... verdinho, eu diria... @ekman E contigo, azul céu ou azul mar? (reblip)
DJMcSexy good american southern blues/rock
DJSelchie Taxes. Shitty, snarky, self-involved "friends," packing, trying to get out of here, sell all my shit... *glub glub* How can a waterbaby totally drown?
bundydb This song just popped in my head... I remember being sick the day it came out on MTV and I had to see the video about 30 times..
bundydb @yamamiya inspired blip. Good song with a bizarre video. Definitely worth a look!
bundydb This is the song that got me listening to Ken Andrews. Year of the Rabbit, On and L.A. Digital Noise Academy are some of his other projects.
bundydb A Perfect Circle does a good cover of this song!
bundydb @jennmichelletx Thanks! Here's another of my favs from them. I think everyone knows this song : )
bundydb Gotta love the smooth sounds of Citizen Cope!
lilythewitch love is the only thing that is the only thing that's real.i know we hear this's still the hardest thing to feel
Gaz50 Samantha Fox – Touch Me (I Want Your Body)
Maggiemelba for the Scorpion Man :).. sort of.
Scorpionkiss Tribute to ____.... by London Beat? ;)...yeah! (reblip)
FloraIsadora Sorry I can't credit the reblip, I lost who you were!
Scorpionkiss back later...gota clean my gun and eat sumpin...hahahaha
melodyofurlife If you got Thugs in your home, it never is a good thing! Get them out ASAP! Serve them toast and have them go on their way!
Nani1982 I luuuuuv this song...AND ... she's a Norwegian singer :-)
Nani1982 @edullima eeehhh, mó engraçado, putz putz sueco...e a letra é mais tosca ainda! of course it's me! =P (reblip)
melodyofurlife Here you go Blip'er "DRUMMER" a new band with the Drummer from the Black Keys, and some guys my buddy at work is friends with.
melodyofurlife Jack White's new band, with the lead singer from the Kills, Jack in on Drums
kelliemaria Still falling, breathless and on again...
Scorpionkiss goodnight boys and girls,hahahaha,gota catch some winks...
DesertLily The silence has already spoken, now the answer awaits you to listen.
melodyofurlife So Alive! Classic from Love and Rockets

Love and Rockets - So_Alive

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Nani1982 Leave me breathless !! =D (reblip)

Breathless - The Corrs

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Jennaharg getting it started right this morning :)

NizlopiFind Me

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smartard Lucero – Dive Right In
Scorpionkiss she just pulls me right over to her...
diptychal her voice gives me goosebumps

Je Ne Sens Plus Ton Amour

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DesertLily Souad Massi (reblip)

09 Khalouni(DesertLily)

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DesertLily "The lover wakes, and whirls in a dancing joy, then kneels down in praise" Rumi


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dtatusko beth orton needs more props. this is a great song.
dtatusko i hate that this awful song has been randomly stuck in my head all day. this song SUCKS!!!!!
Scorpionkiss @Edainsmom sent you a tweet...keep em all happy for me,they're prone to panic!!hahahaha
Nani1982 " 'Cause you know me better than I know myself..." (reblip)
Scorpionkiss Where is Flower?She was walking home?WTF?
Scorpionkiss Mirror Kissers///Narcissists...Yeah!!!
Scorpionkiss still cumming down from Filter,hahahaha


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DocRockstarDiva So sorry to hear that. Lost my parents very young. Made my kids listen to this the other day. rb @rogue_fm Brother, father, brother-in-law..all gone (reblip)
MisssV33 So in love with this, so i thought id share it with you @scorpionkiss

vaste - touched

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DesertLily Susheela Raman's voice seems to make an emotional connection with the lyrics and the song comes across as catchy and thoughtful. Love it!

Yeh Mera Deewana Pann Hai

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DesertLily Thank you @avivamagnolia Unfortunately, one of my favs by Susheela is not available here - The same song - There's just a sample of it. Shame (reblip)
Scorpionkiss great metaphor,of course,ever metaphor is sex i'm guessing,in my guy brain,hahahaha
Lemonheadlover vh1 could not get this band back together...and i don't know why i remember that (reblip)
Scorpionkiss more lush Arabic that wraps around you
andycarpediem Alpha Male song all the way.

Kid RockCowboy

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Scorpionkiss we're slipping under the covers,seeya tomorrow...
angiece RB @blackittyblack RB @JusticeSmither This guy is incredible! I LOVE this!!!! soosoo good!! (reblip) (reblip)
angiece Time to call it a night . . ."Wild Cats of Kilkenny" - The Pogues . c u manaña (I hit return instead of "a" on the last one-proof I need to go to bed (reblip)
dontworkforever "this is the time and this is the place to be alive...."
muzicmajic where is my little cinnamon girl?

Dishwalla - Every Little Thing

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smartbunny Today I feel outer-spacey! Or Kevin Spacey. No, the first one.
smartbunny I prefer redheads, but brunettes will do.
FranciscoIV Smooth Sunday @MerlottesBar Train – Drops of Jupiter
Scorpionkiss well @Edainsmom the broken heart is asleep right now!hahaha,but i'm awake!YAAA
Scorpionkiss yeah @Edainsmom i'm staying up all night,seeya later cupcake...
Kort82 Since I can't be at the show tonight, I'll just play tons of toadies on blip
Kort82 Underneath a paper dress...
Artist_chic @patbrone, @melbrehl -- you are right. this is a great beatles cover. Thank you! (reblip)
Scorpionkiss for Red Haired girls everywhere...
Kort82 I saw this band during Japan Night at SXSW this year. they brought the house down.
smartbunny Sometimes there's a tarantula in your bananas.
riffrandall this song was introduced to me by @maizemeanscorn like two years ago. and it's pretty damn amaizing.
riffrandall one of the betters songs off their new album

Pretty Ricky - Make You Wet

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Scorpionkiss and @Edainsmom I bet you were a heartbreaker!!!
Kort82 Is feeling some Mars Volta today.