Scrawl Failed to find the Dagmar Krause version, but given Marianne Faithfull's rep' this is ... err ... appropriate :P
Scrawl This is not the "Tobias Neumann club mix", 'cause it's not nauseating :/ (reblip)

Goldfrapp - Ooh La La (Tiefschwarz Remix)

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Scrawl Imogen, I want to have your babies!

Imogen HeapHeadlock

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Scrawl Failed to find "Shah Shah a Go Go", so we're having this stormer :)
Scrawl Failed to find "Seedy Films", so here's a scrappy replacement j/k
Scrawl Odd this'd come up on my Last.FM radio, since I just prop'd someone here for it within the last hour *plays Outer Limits jingle*
Scrawl Failed to find "Crying" - here's one of similar mood. Both a Q for v'loud sound system, your best dancing shoes / dance floor, sparsity populated :D
Scrawl No "There's Dub" found, which seems ironic - so light up a fat one to this!
Scrawl ... and I'll try digging out some remixed soon ... Ah-oo-oo-oo-ah! (reblip)
Scrawl Correctly entitled "Eau D'Bedroom Dancing" (reblip)
Scrawl Failed to find "Call Me", so here's ...

TrickyFive Days

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Scrawl Rocking power pop boogie down!
Scrawl Beautifully mournful


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Scrawl Nice to see Stacey getting more recognition. This is a replacement for "You're Looking At Me", which don't seem available.
sjjh blip soem Yacht Rock or a cover @sjjh and I will give you props (Fridays only) #yachtrock
Scrawl Failed to find "On Your Own", so here's one where wild animal's slightly less caged :D

BlurSong 2

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Scrawl Mr Zombie, do us with your industrial metal, please ... more more!
Scrawl Correction [Róisín Murphy - Ruby Blue] Swingin' rockin' downbeat boogie! @evablue Ta f'prop-return :D Avatar reminiscent of Róisín *takes cold sho (reblip)
Scrawl It seems "Takes You Back (Unexpected Dub)" is not available, so take this piece of super-tight mellow grooviness!

JazzanovaNo Use

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Scrawl Just remove underscores for proper naming *sighs* Then ... "Go on and do it!"


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Scrawl This feels like teenie-pop rock, but I just can't get enough of it :D
Scrawl Richard X seems a rare beast, around these parts. I wanted his "You Used To" but no findie ... So - Who can resist a bit of NIN :)
Scrawl "Nights On Broadway" is nowhere to be found :( and this classics got to go down someday :) so here goes ....
Scrawl One of the best pop rnb make-up tunes ever, IMO. The lass'd be a winner on that scene, if only she could dance :/
Scrawl @fernfiddlehead Must AFK, will check reply tomorrow. Again see http://Last.FM/user/IanAR for a 30 sec' sample of the Candi Staton tune. Meantime ...


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Scrawl @fernfiddlehead Yes - newbie error - thought it implicit about Candi Staton - we live'n'learn. Think you'll prop this (song my handle was lifted from)
Scrawl Failed to find [Roni Size / Reprazent – Heroes]. However, on a jazzier note, this'll do very nicely!
Scrawl Wanted [Alex Reece - Feel the Sunshine] but not much of Alex Reece about & not this one. Here's similar Drum n Bass goodness :D

LTJ BukemHorizons

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Scrawl Wanted Tony Orlando & Dawn's version, so it's line-dancing time @museek [a] prop blip(s) [b] make avatar [c] quite writing IMs on walls [d] bend over!
Scrawl You might's well admit it, you're ...
Scrawl @evablue BTW, Blip broke on your first prop - Didn't tell me which Blip you'd liked :( Not expecting you to remember but hope this'll fit y'bill :D
Scrawl The bit-rate's a little low but the soulful swing in the tune's amazing!
Scrawl Someone called for cheese? @sjjh


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Scrawl Not enough Betty Davis around these parts! I wanted "They Say I'm Different" (no findie) - here's a great stand in :D
Scrawl Heavy weight funky rock, from one the bands I'd most like to reform.
Scrawl King of night vision, king of insight!

Indigo GirlsGalileo

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Scrawl One of my fav'es from his bowieness!
Scrawl Not sure about this "(Larry Levan Mix)" suffix, I thought Larry Levan simply was the producer for this classic.
Scrawl Great to find this available! One of my fav'e 2008 releases!
Scrawl Well, I wanted his "Shashkin (Hefner Remix)" and no findie, so here's something groovy I discovered, instead.
Scrawl Shame I didn't find her "German Miserere" but this has some cracking lyrics ... "Take that damn pipe out of your mouth, you rat!"
Scrawl A John Peel fav'e.

Ofra HazaGalbi

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Scrawl There goes a girl in a hat!
Scrawl Reminds me of something from Luke 'Spacer' Gordon's band The Orchestra - 21st century Stravinsky - yum! (reblip)
Scrawl Music for summertime bicycling, in the country, and freewheeling down a hill in the sunshine! *weeeees, whilst holding hat on head* @museek


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Scrawl I wanted the welsh pantie collector's cover of the Ink Spots classic "My Prayer" (no findie) - lets have this one from my youth, instead :D
Scrawl Something entirely different from another Welshman ... well, his parents were welsh ... Drill those broken-beats Mr Twin!
Scrawl Who needs that petulant Oasis mob, them you've got the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club? @museek (This is a live version)
Scrawl Now to counterpoint that, with something beautifully counterpoints itself. Yes man, we're so hep we can hardly see over it!
Scrawl This guy's so talented that I, even, forgive him for being a scientologist!


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Scrawl Yes, it'd be sweet if the Blip.FM search facility more than 25% worked *growls*
Scrawl Lazy Sunday afternoon-aas and birds with lumbago! @sjjh BTW there's a cover of the Velvet Underground by ... err ... James ;)
Scrawl Stonking 'big beat' from the Kill Bill soundtrack @sjjh
Scrawl Classic white-boy soul britpop.
Scrawl Shocking dirth o Rip Rig & Panic around these parts (pay big props f'their "Storm the Reality Asylum"), meantime here's f'dancing around t'barbecue :D
Scrawl Ace Baile Funk from a super sexy French lady.
Scrawl Is this new slightly-twisted pop release your cup of tea Mr @sjjh ?
Scrawl From the soundtrack of Penelope Pitstop's life :) (reblip)
Scrawl Another of my fav'es from last year. They playing at the Melt! festival @ Gräfenhainichen, Germany in July ... _very_ tempting!
Scrawl Concrete downbeat disco! Would this've been made w/out influence of Stockhausen / Kraftwerk? Herr @jumelles has me on a Simian Mobile Disco revisit. (reblip)
Scrawl @jumelles Last.FM only gives 30s, so a nice find here. The influences below (preceding Blip) + Lee "Scratch" Perry - v'post-punk UK + C21 tech, IMO ;)
Scrawl My fav'e SMD - m'be less creative than I Believe, more danceable - straight forward post-electroclash *bounces around room* Push it push it push it!
Scrawl @jumelles I failed t'@ one t'you (see profile). If in London, any Saturday, find more like this at Slimelight club tech/trance rm, find me in goth rm. (reblip)
Scrawl @jumelles More along t'concrete dance line - Love t'way this one near drones - All of my most sensitive areas inflamed! Pulsating pulsating pulsating.
Scrawl A bit of soul in your country? I've loved this since a boy and it remains on of my most quoted lyrics :/ @sjjh @JohnSpithead
Scrawl For anyone who's DJ'd IRL @evablue "Have you got any thrash rock be pop? Have you got anything a bit more uptempo? Handbag? Techno? Disco? Electro?"
Scrawl @JohnSpithead Nice guitar from Mr Thompson as usual. My fave cover's one o'many in t'prog/industrial metal area (unfound), so here's blip-ishness :)
Scrawl I wonder how long this'll stay my fav'e 2009 release - Know any better? @klitoria @jumelles @sjjh @JohnSpithead @museek @pierregrimm @Sappha @picou
Scrawl Wanted "Inward Singing" (unfound), so @DJFrankie @sjjh @JohnSpithead @museek from high above the mucky-muck, here's ...
Scrawl @sjjh Out forkin' standin! Gotta love those TeddyBears ... and you can tell, by the way I use my stalk, I'm a woman's bear, no time t'jaw @museek (reblip)
Scrawl More TBs @sjjh When I was a little stereo, I listen to the champion, and I always wonder, when will I be the number one! @museek @JohnSpithead @Sappha
Scrawl Since you've announced you're such a fan, here she is again @sjjh Charlene Robinson, OBE :)

Kylie MinogueSlow

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Scrawl One more before bed - Wanted her "Govinda Jay Jay" (unfound) - This is even more relaxing. Night night @Karuna @klitoria @Sappha @jrhermeneut @museek
Scrawl @Karuna Funnily enough, I blipped "You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)" a few days ago - Make it through to Xanadu? La-l'l'la-l'la-la! @JohnSpithead
Scrawl Sweet dreams from @JohnSpithead who I will be trashing in the female harmony stakes, with my next Blip @sjjh@hkremer @fernfiddlehead @Karuna@Pixieguts (reblip)
Scrawl Nice big beat from @jumelles Wherever Dan The Automator goes, good things seem to follow (see next Blip). (reblip)
Scrawl Wanted "Wild and Crazy" (unfound) ... so ... @Karuna Some ants in your Adidas? @klitoria @jumelles @ @DJFrankie @JohnSpithead @patita @Paule

Dr. OctagonAnts

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Scrawl Nice one @DJFrankie This blew my socks off, when it arrived in the UK record shops! (reblip)
Scrawl @sjjh Hard t'name songs that I dislike http://Last.FM/group/Gil+Scott-Heron Most poignant under Republicans (eg Winter in America), this more generic.
Scrawl Mistagging of [Plastique De Rêve - It Happened Then (Instrumental Loop Mix)] Underrated German 2002 electroclash @evablue@jumelles @Elling_@spacescap
Scrawl Loved @first listen! @santamistura via@Karuna ... Vanilla strawberry knickbocker glory, vanilla strawberry knickbocker glory @sjjh@spacescape@Elling_ (reblip)
Scrawl Notwithstanding guitar tuning abilities, a nice tight piece of ska from @Karuna via moi to @sjjh (reblip)
Scrawl Prop'd @LittleChinaGirl f'this yesterday & just can't scroll past w/out doing something else t'this camp big beat fave' @evablue@cavallote_365@hkremer (reblip)
Scrawl Garage rock night over here, this from 2007 - Esp' for all the single guys w/ paunchs & @cdub@adbert@klitoria @jumelles@klitoria@Meas @sfs@sjjh@museek
Scrawl How many 70s' teen's rooms got pained electric blue, due to this? @sjjh@JohnSpithead @adbert@jumelles @klitoria@djmisscloud @DJFrankie (w/ Brian Eno)
Scrawl OK everyone - arms outstreached, running around like a mad person - Nyow! Nyow! @sjjh@JohnSpithead@adbert @Karuna@DJFrankie@djmisscloud @Karuna@museek

Bat For Lashes - Sleep Alone

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Scrawl @DJFrankie's ♥ Sweet! Was suggesting "Blockbuster" (unfound) for The Thought Criminals to cover yesterday @sj
Scrawl "Dearheart" _re_discovery? http://Blip.FM/profile/Karuna/blip/4734928 *boggles* @Karuna Thought it just came out Jan 09! Here's similar+nice @jumelles

Sophie HungerShape

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Scrawl Thanks f'the Muddy reblip@jumelles I've had a few blues tunes washing around m'brain recently inc... @adbert@cdub@klitoria @Andreaas@hkremer@HobbeLink
Scrawl Late welcome t'@stena m'latest audio symbiote. Usual 200% party time from Bonde do Rolê @evablue@seancarmody @jumelles@Karuna @klitoria@BlondeUnivers
Scrawl Lifted from t'world between trip-hop & post-rock & @johnnysmooth m'newest audio symbiote. Wish I'd been here -> (reblip)
Scrawl in frustration @ not finding "Three Moons in the Maze" + any Electroslide. Via http://Last.FM/user/IanAR/library/tags?tag=0c+download MP3 link @Karuna
Scrawl Wanted Ely Guerra's "Más Bonita" (unfound) So here's something softer from NYC @stena@jumelles @adbert@cdub ..
Scrawl Namaste @DeAnn I wanted their "Rex Kramer" http://Last.FM/music/Gomez/_/Rex+Kramer (unfound) So here's my next fav'e from'm @DJFrankie@adbert@klitoria
Scrawl Song seems liked, s'here's the Chicks' cover + their typically cynical vid' @sjjh@yummuu @carolg88@jaimeiniesta
Scrawl From '84, 20 yrs ahead of its time. A good song for learning Japanese :D @santamistura@JohnSpithead @stena@sjjh@DJFrankie @evablue@cleanskies@klitoria

Frank Chickens - We Are Ninja (Not Geisha)

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Scrawl @BohemianChick (via @DJFrankie) you've found my soft spot! One of my fav'e tunes ever :) I think I've put out about 5 prop's on this! *encourages GQ* (reblip)
Scrawl I wanted to follow @BohemianChick's GQ w/ [Atlantic Starr - Gimme Your Lovin'] (unfound). So here's something else that wants more play! @DJFrankie
Scrawl Ta f'the SL#23 info @DJFrankie Not enough Betty D avail' but you want heavyweight? Want the bomb? @BohemianChick@Karuna @ThermWizzle@evablue@klitoria
Scrawl Burroughs @sjjh on ancient Egyptian disincarnation myth - dub psy-krautrock @Pixieguts@BlazingMinds@stena @DJFrankie@Karuna @djstef415@LittleChinaGirl

MaterialSeven Souls

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Scrawl Wanted [Petula Clark – Ya Ya Twist] (unfound) Another y'might know. Yé-yé! @Girl_in_uniform@AndreaUrbanFox@evablue @arefsum@sjjh@Karuna @DJFrankie
Scrawl Knockout Cab's rmx via @dazzliod Back in t'day, some slated "Sensoria" f'being too accessible or something - here it comes good, v! @evablue@DJFrankie (reblip)
Scrawl Due t'Rickie LJ shortage - "Tigers" & "Rebel Rebel" (unfound) - I'm run run running t'Nico @Karuna@Pixieguts@sjjh@stena @dazzliod@BlazingMinds@evablue

nico - innocent and vain

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Scrawl A Josh I prefer @evablue saw this urban folkie opening for the 2007 Arctic Circle Christmas Concert, he's a riot! :D @sjjh@DJFrankie @arefsum@Pelagian
Scrawl Seems HEALTH may've been victim o'passing-off w/this later distro's were [Crystal Castles - Crimewave] where's the orig' artist gone? @DJ_MarilynRoxie
Scrawl Ta f'the Plastics reco'@AutumnLeafProjekt thought I knew them 'cause I know these - my fav'es "Sunnymaster" & "T.Riangle" (unfound) - here's ... @sjjh

PolysicsMy Sharona

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Scrawl @Karuna wants garage? I bring the noise! One of my fav'e rock tunes of 2009 so far. @stena@generalelectrik @cheesy80s@arefsum @lomovogt@adbert @j3ffpa
Scrawl @evablue finds ano' weak spot. Imogen often leaves me breathless - One o't'most seductive women in the world, here live w/ video @Pusteblume@DJFrankie (reblip)

Imogen Heap "Hide and Seek" live on Indie 103

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Scrawl @AndreaUrbanFox@DJFrankie thanks for the WBs. Find Blip pretty high maintenance & I'm v'busy IRL, s'not here much :( @sjjh@stena@jtabz @Karuna@evablue
Scrawl Not better than org' & t'intro's pretty naff but as soon as Beth voice purrs in Fred does a great job o'making palatable to a house/disco crowd @stena
Scrawl There're not many I'd put up w/ a 3 min intro' from - great dnb w/ fab' vid' @sjjh@DJFrankie @stena@AntiBrad @dazzliod@AndreaUrbanFox @Karuna@evablue
Scrawl Keeping w/ the asian surf theme here some desi psyc surf funk @stena@AndreaUrbanFox @DJFrankie@generalelectrik@cheesy80s @sjjh@evablue@LittleChinaGirl

Ananda Shankar-Dancing Drums

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Scrawl The Knife - Heartbeats (correct tagging) What's Sony Bravia good for? Funding quirky indietronica swedes! @makechoice@stena @DJFrankie@AndreaUrbanFox

Heartbeats The Knife

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Scrawl @dazzliod Crazy Frog just don't cut it! Aug' 72 this was my fav'e - sophis' stop motion anima' vid' :P @stena@sjjh@DJFrankie @AndreaUrbanFox@Pixieguts

POPCORN -Hot Butter

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Scrawl From the latest Red Hot Organization LP. Sounds like Shara can give Nina a run for her money! @stena@santamistura@AntiBrad @DJFrankie@sjjh@Pixieguts
Scrawl @bduubz No hi-hat ad nauseum here - vis Flat Beat - just filthy bass & denim tease :) @AndreaUrbanFox @libron@DJFrankie@kooi @chiron08@AntiBrad@Karuna
Scrawl Les Négresses Vertes' "Zobi la mouche"
Scrawl 8 yrs wait, One Little Indian emailed today, about this "Smashes And Thrashes" precursor (2 Nov album) @Karuna@klitoria@jumelles @AndreaUrbanFox@stena
Scrawl @DJFrankie been lookin @ m'Last.FM loved trx? No more props allowed - Take this, instead >:) @optiontab@lizziegolightly @AndreaUrbanFox@fernfiddlehead
Scrawl Kessen wa Kinyoubi (Version of "THE DYNAMITES") - I'm selective vis #pop more so #jPop this many notches above most @AndreaUrbanFox@stena@santamistura

決戦は金曜日 -Dreams Come True(ドリカム)

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