Seigo My diva, muse, goddess Kaori Muraji's guitar :)

Kaori Muraji new MV

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Seigo I'm attracted by their magnetic personalities, and also I love Tokyo in chaos....
Seigo When I feel depressed, I listen to this tune and be relieved....
Seigo "Hibari" means a skylark in Japanese, and this tune makes me imagine tweeting skylarks in the sky.... :)
toosweet4rnr [Tom Waits – Little Trip To Heaven]
Seigo Itty bitty hippie shake. Teeny weeny floppy deck.
Seigo Silence of a sweet nightmare.
jumelles I can fly ~ just a great great song... ~


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rubikoO Art of Noise – Robinson Crusoe
Seigo So don't leave me. Nobody else is here. Stay close, and we'll dance in the fire....

yukihiro takahashi 1986 stay close

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Seigo But I love such a beautiful harmony....

坂本龍一 -黄土高原-

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Seigo I guess Claude Debussy wasn't only the great composer, but also the great painter and poet!

Ryuchi Sakamoto -- Word (Rob Da Bank & Mr. Dan remix)

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Seigo If I'll meet my real "princess", I would die for her....
BlackTokyo arigato @RonnieBebop: "jazzatronic" is great w/ some port wine or cognac. (reblip)


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Seigo Just needs light, that's all....

Ballet Mecanique

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Seigo I feel like sinking in the standard pool.
Seigo I'll take you on a trip beside the ocean....

yukihiro takahashi 1986 Moonlight feels right

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Seigo As for me, this tune is a sort of 'soul music'!!
Zarabeth OMG, this song is wonderful! I missed you too! ^__^ Thanks. Arigatou! :) rb@Seigo: "@Zarabeth How are you doin'? I missed you!! xx" (reblip)
Seigo Just like my ordinary life....

Harold Budd + Brian Eno "The Plateaux of Mirror" (1980)

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MyleneRenoir Benjamin Lew - Passage


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Seigo Beauty : forest in the rain, footprints on the pavement, spiral stairs of a lighthouse, rusty compass, watched up tram....
LYRIC One of my fave CD's of all time....

This Heat: Suffer Bomb Disease

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LYRIC ~Hypnotic... asthe otherhalf ofthe BentPromotingDuo, I have2 saythisoneismyfave... thisonegets2meeven withoutLYRICs ittakesmeupin2theclouds rb@bendrix (reblip)
LYRIC Lovely to see U @freehiro :) I wish you a lovely evening... @ffluxx, I wish U a lovely and productive and ~inspired work day, mysweet :)
rubikoO Bananarama – Venus
Inge_FS well thank you @Seigo, very nice of you :)

DntelRock My Boat

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lilyetc sufjan stevens ~ concerning the ufo sighting near highland
MyleneRenoir Hmm, weird version, but... not so bad after all. (reblip)

endorphin satie

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JTB Towa Tei feat. Luomo "Risk Some Soul"
JTB Sweet Robots Against The Machine (aka Towa Tei) "Free"

Fever Ray 'When I Grow Up'

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1001queen ♥♥♫♥ ♥ urgent calling now...Until then ~ Takecare all Blip Land Adioss


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Seigo What can you see beyond the zero?
Hypnotica Shipstad & Warren – You and I. Nice
Seigo @twirldrone: I'm grateful that I could know you :D (reblip)

Nite Jewel, "What Did He Say"

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Hypnotica Solar Fields – Still Alive Man of the Moons Remix
Hypnotica Bioground – Love Addiction (Original Mix)
Hypnotica Bioground – Smooth Summer Nights
Hypnotica Chase & Status – Believe
Seigo Their performance was so awesome, and I couldn't stop exciting!!

Thousand Knives/Yellow Magic Orchestra(@World Happiness 2009)

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Seigo Self reblip :p

Thousand Knives/Yellow Magic Orchestra(@World Happiness 2009)

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Seigo to all blippers and twitters... :)
Seigo This is my 300th Blip! :D So, I'd like to introduce one of my best tune.

RavelJeux d'eau

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Seigo @twirldrone: That's so cool :) thanks!! xx (reblip)


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Seigo I hear my breath and heartbeat... #musicmonday
danieldiver Heard these guys at Big Chill. Performance was like a student and his new secretary girlfriend. @klitoria @chiron08 @Chekkov @Atomik

HeliosCoast Off

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Seigo my monochrome mind-landscape... #musicmonday

Light YearsCalm

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deo rb@BasileLeConquerant: "What do you call the "French Touch" ?" (reblip)
BleakMouse with a difference.

ZGA - Downcast Miserable

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Hypnotica Cosmic Baby – The Space Track (CD Album Mix) 1992
BleakMouse Thanks @Tubabo: "Good Morning..only time for a short visit this morning.....Prokofiev playing his Piano Concerto No.3" (reblip)

Prokofiev playing his Piano Concerto No.3 (Audio Only)

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Hypnotica Prins Thomas – Goettsching
Seigo Have a nice October days :D

put your hands up 坂本龍一

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Seigo @twirldrone: taking islands in Africa... :)

Salif Keita-Kuma

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kaoruo thanks@Seigo

Jens Buchert-Lagoon

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amphore Minus 8 – Slow motion

Minus 8Slow motion

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Jacques Brel Le Bon Dieu

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dead can dance - how fortunate the man with none

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Hypnotica The Orb – Once More (Mark Pritchard remix). Gr8
LYRIC as TheSun rises in Japan for @Seigo, TheMoon shines brightly in America for LYRIC~ she sends U this lovely musical vision,but with many more colors :)

Bruno Sanfilippo & Alio Die ambient music

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Seigo Shake it!!

Donald Fagen: Big Noise, New York

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amphore "Pure Imagination" – Jazz Version
amphore ParanormL – Strive To Survive (short version)
Seigo just started to read Virginia Wolf's "to the lighthouse"...
amphore Gipsy Kings – Djobi Djoba

Go: Organic Orchestra with Yusef Lateef, Bennie Maupin

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セルロイドスター FEAT 佐田真由美 music by トベタバジュン

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Seigo we ought to think about our future...
Seigo @twirldrone: my favorite Yagya's tune :)
punchdrunkdaisy The week finally seems to be looking up.. ^___^
Hypnotica Sally Shapiro – Dying In Africa. Girly vocals & ace electronica - I'm in heaven! @DJBratty @manipulator @Atomik @Cosmix @leaferi @Seigo @kooi @THX3
Seigo nowadays I started painting again :)

aus- hero of the paper boy (motoro faam rmx)

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1001queen hi....hope u have a fab Sunday sweetie'@klitoria


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bthecat is both...actually. :) right...ENOUGH B.L.I.P
bthecat flowers at the end of february - mazzy
Seigo will see some old movies tonight :)

swod: ja

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exit_music for @nonchalant another version... have a peaceful saturday
sybi Mop Mop Feat. Jackson Sloan / Perfect Day
armchairclubber Eddie Russ ~ Feelin' Fine....hi & thx @djbrianvega......hope you'....
theantid0te 808 State - Pacific 707
theantid0te Seba - Dangerous Days

Sebadangerous days

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theantid0te Audio Lotion - Voodoo Velvet
p_ferd Observing life is a wise thing …
formalhaut hiru kara ha chito kage mo ari kumo no mine


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theantid0te how wonderful - so many thanks and kisses @Seigo: "@theantid0te: for you :)" (reblip)

It´s For You --- Pat Matheny & Lyle Mays

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theantid0te ♥♥♥ @Seigo: "@theantid0te: so many thanks & kisses from far-east :)" (reblip)

Steve Jansen Yukihiro Takahashi Stay close

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theantid0te @darkjazzor: "Parhelia – Sweet Intoxication Of The Fall : my favorite of the week ..." (reblip)
theantid0te Nujabes - Horizon


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theantid0te Stefan Anion - Orion's Belt (The Emissary Remix)
theantid0te @Seigo I'll blow on you gently from afar.....

Bochum Welt8221sb

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theantid0te @ojott: "Bonobo feat. Andreya Triana– Eyesdown (Floating Points Remix)." (reblip)
theantid0te really enjoying listening to Ochre these days :)@frida_spatz (reblip)


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theantid0te @Seigo thanku so much ♥

flica ~ In Dreams

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midas22 • Heidi Happy - Back Together
Seigo eating sandwiches as a late tea.

So Heavenly./Senoo~Ecole de 細野晴臣

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Seigo aquariusangel... bloody monday is nearly here :/
ambientocclusion That breathtaking freedive is even better with a Blu Mar Ten remix of Jakatta. // hi @e_m_s @twirldrone @hawk_pl @Seigo @theantid0te
nakatake 細野晴臣:PLEOCENE : Haruomi Hosono


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kaoruo 4you @Seigo

LEVIN 《Passages》

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elfin_ :: Lemongrass – Elle et moi
elfin_ :: Pheek & Benfay – Knoten Meister
elfin_ :: Deru – Next Door

DeruNext Door

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elfin_ :: Halogen – Millicent


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theantid0te @Seigo thanku so much ♥♥♥ i'm gonna do like u & drink some tea now altho not iced coz its not that warm here :)
p_ferd Ty&rb@formalhaut: "monday morning greetings @all" Love the video too … (reblip)
theantid0te work almost over for today :)
armchairclubber Donso ~ Waati ... top of the morning to you @wetrust


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theantid0te rb@amphore: "AKMusique – Prêt - Á - Porter" (reblip)
theantid0te rb@inadaequat: "Monday : Best to stay at the Homebase +++ dZihan and Kamien – Homebase +++" (reblip)

dZihan and Kamien - Homebase

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theantid0te Maxmillion Dunbar - Bare Feet

Bare Feet, Maxmillion Dunbar

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theantid0te Nosaj Thing - Nightcrawler
theantid0te pouring with rain today - stuck indoors.....
theantid0te so many beautiful tracks :)@darkjazzor: "Komatic & Technicolour – The Entire City : focus on them" (reblip)
cromofilia nostalgic.

『arrive』 ed holdsworth

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David Sylvian & Holger Czukay: Premonition (Giant Empty Iron Vessels 1988)

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elfin_ :: Tycho – The Disconnect rb@neuron (reblip)
p_ferd ☉☉☉ 100% full moon today. Gets up at 17:31 & down again 08:40 GMT ☉☉☉
armchairclubber Keaver & Brause ~ Awake / Laastic
elfin_ :: Bluetech - Airstream rb@mparent77772 (reblip)

BLUETECH: Airstream

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theantid0te rb@2Tall: "Blue Motion – Another Morning > liquid dnb rollers" (reblip)
theantid0te rb@reimusho: "@2Tall: "Tayla & Artemis – Soft Focus @MsMercurial > Merry Christmas sweet one ;)"" (reblip)
theantid0te @Seigo I hope your hospital visit went ok :)
Hypnotica A Rainbow in Curved Air. From 1967! An Electronic pioneer...
Seigo saturday has come :)

"Heliotherapy"/Haruomi Hosono (細野晴臣)

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Spectrasoul "Some Day Soon" Westbay International 002

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theantid0te friend's birthday last night, had such a good time :)
Seigo late tea time :)

Kanding Raysub.res

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theantid0te @Seigo trying some redbush tea, for a change :)
armchairclubber Pharoah Sanders ~ Upper Egypt & Lower Egypt
theantid0te Happy Valentine's Day ♥
theantid0te just got back from weekend in Paris :)
theantid0te @Seigo hope you enjoy your day trip :)

QuantecThe Formula

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Seigo @theantid0te: a little tired but enjoyed so much, thanks :)
Seigo the wind is still cold, but saw plum and peach blossoms today :)
Seigo drinking a cup of hot green tea :)
armchairclubber Mr Fingers ~ On My Way touting required :) @LeParadis .. I'll work on it !
DJKatalina Good Morning BlipFriends.......Enjoy your weekend! ;))
amphore Erik Satie : Air du Grand Prieur ............ thank you as always :)

Erik Satie : Air du Grand Prieur

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DJKatalina Hope you are having a Lovely Day BlipFriends!
DJKatalina After the Rain.......we dry off and keep walking forward into our next chapter of Life

After the rain By Ottmar Liebert

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armchairclubber Mike Westbrook ~ Original Peter
armchairclubber Lee Konitz ~ Five,Four and Three

Nujabes feat. Shing02 // Luv(sic) Part 4 // Instrumental

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BUIKA: Las ciudades (nuevo tema)

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Above The Clouds | Amina Figarova

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avivajazz James Love – Blue Moon
armchairclubber Fela Kuti ~ Army Arrangement ... we need one to protect our city from the sheep
Cris_tina mmm, he will be at punkt festival :)@leffi333....have a great time!!!
armchairclubber Joe Sample ~ Hippies On A Corner

Joe Sample Hippies on a Corner

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Seigo @etsu101: enjoy your wonderful evening :) xx (reblip)
DJKatalina Harvest Moon...sung by the sublime style of Cassandra Wilson
HaLaN Benn Jordan – Floating Vacuum
DJKatalina Spent the weekend with my niece and had a great time...hoping your's was wonderful as well!!
Seigo after writing today's diary, taking a cup of hot barley tea :)
armchairclubber John Tejada ~ Farther And Fainter
DrCocker nice @backpuss: "smile:) @DrCocker .. tyvm rb@ipppei" (reblip)

Smile / 細野晴臣坂本龍一Haruomi Hosono, Ryuichi Sakamoto

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