Seoul_dOut Track 5 on MBLAQ's 2nd album "Y"
Seoul_dOut These two together on a song... hellayeah.
Seoul_dOut Pantech China... Shou Ji. Hand Note...
Seoul_dOut "Na!" My very first glimpse of Rain, quite by accident, back in 2005. The rest, as they say, is history.


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Seoul_dOut Hooo! Come on. Let's go, baby. Woooh!
Seoul_dOut Hey, you gotta be yourself.

RAIN bi fanmade mv -Props in my life- (with Lyric , Kor.&Eng.Translation)

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Seoul_dOut Everything I want...gawd it feels so nice...
Seoul_dOut Yeoja-ya! Do you feel for this like me?

Bi(Rain)- Baby Baby

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Seoul_dOut Girl, obviously you have lost your mind. LOL
Seoul_dOut Ahhh... another new one for me...

(fanmadeMV) rain(bi) 6 to 5 sketch ~ even you

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Seoul_dOut To me, you are... an obsession.

Rain...To Me...You are

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Seoul_dOut Let's go to school, Sang Doo!!
Seoul_dOut Can your voice get any deeper? Hmm.

RAIN BI ♪How Much I Love You♪(Fan Made)

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Seoul_dOut Make up your mind, man. Seriously. :)
Seoul_dOut Here comes the Beamer... Yes-sah! Rain! And JYP! :)

Bi Rain ( still believe )

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Seoul_dOut Come on and ride with me...

Bi Rainfree way

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Seoul_dOut Yes, boys. Those girls are coming on board. Calm down. LOL
Seoul_dOut Track 4 on MBLAQ's 2nd album "Y"
Seoul_dOut Track 3 on MBLAQ's 2nd album "Y"
Seoul_dOut Track 2 on MBLAQ's 2nd album "Y"
Seoul_dOut One more time, boys. Make Rain proud...
Seoul_dOut Rain's baby boys, following in the master's footsteps, making his great choreography look good. Absolute! 'Morning, everybody. :)


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Seoul_dOut Let's have a different version this time...


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Seoul_dOut Oooooooooooh. Keep begging.

fanmade mv RAIN -Because of you-

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Seoul_dOut If you stop now, I won't make it...

Bi(Rain)Don't Stop

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Seoul_dOut All up in tha...

천상지희 The Grace The Club(Feat. Rain)

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Seoul_dOut How very sweet, indeed. Ah.

to you bi rain BACKING VOCALS

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Seoul_dOut And... the remix! Nice job, Panudda.
Seoul_dOut And in the Blue Corner... Mr. Rain. LOL
Seoul_dOut I don't think he'll ever get used to his mother being gone... It's just too hard.

Rain-Cant Get Used To It

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Seoul_dOut You... you make me crazy...
Seoul_dOut Just listen to that voice... that's real stuff. No faking.
Seoul_dOut A song called 'More Attraction.' That's some hot percussion.
Seoul_dOut The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but.
Seoul_dOut If you missed the concert, you missed something really special, my friend.


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Seoul_dOut Take a drive, let the car top down, and listen to this.
Seoul_dOut Be like water. Strong, yet fluid.
Seoul_dOut I can't believe I love you AGAIN...


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Seoul_dOut The downpour isn't letting up any time soon.

Bi(rain)-It's Raining

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Seoul_dOut He came, he saw, he conquered.

MV Rain/Bi- I'm Coming

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Seoul_dOut Yes, you certainly did do it...

Bi RainMy Way MV

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Seoul_dOut With you I'll never fall...

Bi (rain)With you

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Seoul_dOut Yep, that is pretty mean. Girl, how could you?

Rain bi In My Bed English Subtitled

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Seoul_dOut Well, you know which TV I want. Hands down.

Rain/Bi "Which television do you like?" ♪Wanna Talk♪

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Seoul_dOut As smooth as Christian Brothers brandy over ice cream. Yum.
Seoul_dOut Hot beat, hot beat, hot beat!

Rain/bi "I LOVE RAIN" ♪My Groove♪

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Seoul_dOut Nappeun namja-ya! Breaking that poor girl's heart.

Bi RainBad Guy

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Seoul_dOut Go s-l-o-w-l-y... slow down...

♥ rain bi ♥ ♫ slowly ♫

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Seoul_dOut Yes, you were a cute young baby yourself, Bi Ji Hoon. Sweet!

Fan clubBaby

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Seoul_dOut Heck yeah, I'll marry you! LOL

Rain/Bi -Drama album ♪Quiz♪

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Seoul_dOut She's insane if she doesn't, baby. :)

Bi Rain "Move On"

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Seoul_dOut Ah! This is new to me.

Bi Rain- Him and Me (feat Dynamic Duo)

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Seoul_dOut Featuring Kim Jeong Hee. Ah, the sadness...

RAIN fanmade mv [ CASSIOPEIA -Their Sad Love Story-]

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Seoul_dOut The perfect song for one of my Dark Paranormal characters... a lonely creature who only lives at night.
Seoul_dOut Another one of those "let the top down and ride" songs. :)

Rain/Bi DAEGU CONCERT "Not a single day "

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Seoul_dOut Let me, let me, let me...

rain- touch ya

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