Shamalamastreetman today's winter heat wave makes it feels like like fall...
Shamalamastreetman Live show had some of the most powerful energy ever felt in a crowd!
Shamalamastreetman Impressive to see this talent live and in concert!
Shamalamastreetman Winding down for the morning drive...
Shamalamastreetman Pass it around friends... peace out
Shamalamastreetman The guitar riffs really suited the movie!
Shamalamastreetman Oh Maudie you're high upkeep...


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0438 - Ramstein - Engel

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Shamalamastreetman Ever see her on the Muppet Show? Amazing spy skits!
Shamalamastreetman Doc what can I take? :)


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Shamalamastreetman Need some recommendations for some good chilling tunes after some Al Green, Sade and Norah Jones.... suggestions?
Shamalamastreetman OK the last one was rudely cut, try this!

BlurWoo Hoo

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Shamalamastreetman Slow lazy morning until the coffee is made, start it with some blues...
Shamalamastreetman Waiting for the coffee to perculate, let's dust off some Dixon...
Shamalamastreetman Mistah Wolf serendade us... 2 creams?
Shamalamastreetman Little known fact, Mr. Jake here was the originator for Daze and Confused, not Zeppelin
Shamalamastreetman having a good morning, finding some gems


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Shamalamastreetman Chevvy still going to be around?
Shamalamastreetman An Irish morning can't begin without some Pogues
Shamalamastreetman A little better

Merimac - The night Patty Murphy died

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Shamalamastreetman Now that's better!


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Shamalamastreetman Bah Pink Floyd went downhill after Syd
Shamalamastreetman Sabbath, Priest, DC... where we going?
Shamalamastreetman Time to take our thoughts down to the warm Carribean for lunch
Shamalamastreetman Almost feelin' the warm summer breeze


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Shamalamastreetman What trip down south would be complete without Bob?
Shamalamastreetman Need a nice drink with crushed ice to accompany lunch
Shamalamastreetman Dang can't find "Dis Phat (Like Albert)" by Trancenden
Shamalamastreetman So, Styx, with or without Gowan, what do you think?
Shamalamastreetman One more Styx just because...


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Shamalamastreetman What ever happened to these guys? Need a couple o' songs

Sex Pistols - Anarchy in the UK

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Shamalamastreetman Nice, haven't heard this one before, I like it!
Shamalamastreetman Good ol' smilin' fun!

Foggy Mountain Special.MP3

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Shamalamastreetman I don't think there is a single bad Juno creation
Shamalamastreetman turn down the lights, turn up the lava lamps


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Shamalamastreetman "One Fierce Beer Coaster" can't help but jump around throughout the whole album
Shamalamastreetman Original is by Dolly Parton believe it or not
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