ejflavors Jamiroquai. you gotta stop that plane, turn it around.....
jenali My favorite scene in Madagascar is when Julien is singing this song. (reblip)
jenali I've never heard of this girl but I really like her voice. I'm so glad Shazam identified the song.
jenali ...so how you gonna fix it...fix it...fix it
jenali Don't walk away, boy...My love won't hurt you...
jenali I was looking for The Dream's "My Love" but I found this instead. :D
jenali I love the first verse of this song.


| play
embrownny Whatcha gonna do when you get outta jail? Genius of Love - Tom Tom Club
embrownny A throwback to the old days of Sooooooul Train. Ha!... Rock the Boat - Hues Corporation (ok, I'm think I'm dating myself)
embrownny This is my last one... Back to Life - Soul II Soul
toddkelley This is one of my favorite grooves- hands down.
jenali This brings back good memories...The next time I go to karaoke I'm going to check for this song.
jenali I sang this song at karaoke last weekend. Gotta love Whitney Houston :)
ShannonRenee we're all STARS...let's get ta goin' this morning...have a great day folks (reblip)
ShannonRenee I prefer the original version over Whitney's remake.
ShannonRenee yeah, this is THE song as only THE Queen can sing it
ShannonRenee this has special significance, going back to college days & all of the wonderful women I met at Mount Vernon College
ShannonRenee this is different if you've never heard Pink Martini...great band, excellent lead singer & I adore their music
ShannonRenee yes, you most certainly are baby, OXOXOX (don't be nosy, he knows who he is) ;-)
ShannonRenee before his downfall, he had goin' on...did anyone see the craziness coming on?
BevJack @ShannonRenee and @Vanceman have distracted me from my work...dancing around the office LOL

Ludacris ft. Mary J. Blige - Runaway Love

| play
ShannonRenee y'all know this was gonna be next after Teena Marie
ShannonRenee yes lawddddddddddd, that's what I want and deserve
ShannonRenee this is my favorite of hers...the orchestration is beautiful and the words are compelling
squintanilla85 Gym song that makes my ass "Run like you stole it" on the treadmill! oookaay!
ShannonRenee a Brighter Day on a cloudy day


| play
ShannonRenee ok, now I need some love beads, a mood ring & a big field w/ 20,000 others
ShannonRenee this is my FAVORITE rain song, Tina brings it home every time
ShannonRenee and probably one of the most RAIN songs ever, yes, my head is bobbing & shoulders are shakin' woohoo...let it rain baby, let it rain
ShannonRenee after the rain comes what? you got it, the rainbow, my favorite version of this song
TheHitMen excellent groove (I was looking for "No One To Depend On", tho', which is even better - I'll have to learn how to up ;-)
ShannonRenee I've got to get to the Caribbean soon!!!! (reblip)
ShannonRenee this is one of the rare cases where I ever-so-slightly prefer the remake
ShannonRenee this is for those in the "family" I may have offensed LOL...I wanna keep my card, pleeeezzzzzzzz
ShannonRenee I'm THRILLED Creed has reunited & is going on tour this Summer, coming to DC in August and I plan on being there, GREAT rock & roll band
ShannonRenee did I mention I'm seeing @BevJack husband next week, he's gonna sing this to me, NOT her
ShannonRenee truly srs #oldschoolmusic Mother used to have a thing for him heehee, hence my obsession w/ Lenny, my husband he just doesn't know it yet, is genetic
ShannonRenee she is one of my Aunt's favorites, voice smooth as silk, so clear and lovely

Nancy Wilson - Save Your Love for Me

| play
ShannonRenee this doesn't get a much play as some of the other ones, one of his best in my book...excellent triple swing dance beat
ShannonRenee definitely for the grownest & sexiest in the twitterverse
ShannonRenee and yes, he is ALIVE...y'all watch, you'll see
ShannonRenee I really may have to give up my card after these next few tunes, it was nice bein' part of the family...yes, I do country ballroom as well to this
ShannonRenee yes, I know ALL the words to this one too (shaking head), its a fun dance song, great for two-steppin'


| play
BevJack @ShannonRenee upset me so now I must recalibrate the universe!
ShannonRenee it's quittin' folks, woohoo
BevJack @ShannonRenee if they were confused before...Lord what day gon do now!! LOL
BevJack another example of a kick arse drummer for @ShannonRenee xoxo
embrownny Really miss her, but her voice lives on... Phyllis Hyman - You Know How to Love Me
guitar_girl But tonight while I'm making excuses, some other woman is making love to you. (reblip)
ShannonRenee it is Sunday morning & time for me to praise the Lord
ShannonRenee I need this on a such a cloudy morning, supposed to rain on & off all day
ShannonRenee holding on and holding out

donnie mcclurkin - stand

| play
ShannonRenee I did a liturgical dance to this song years ago
ShannonRenee one of my favorite hymns as only the Queen of Gospel can do it
ShannonRenee a get up & move Gospel jam (yes, I said jam)
ShannonRenee this is the song that put Luda in prime rotation on my iPod, it's for the grownest of you, not for the faint
ShannonRenee more grown folk music from Luda
ShannonRenee in honor last night's #apprentice

Ojays - For the love of money

| play
ShannonRenee this what I want, a man who ain't too proud to beg, yes lawd #oldschoolmusic
ShannonRenee every1 has had time 2 get coffe/tea (or stronger), let's make today & this week OURS, it really is all about YOU (wink)...move it people #musicmonday
ShannonRenee I like the R&R vibe of this song and the message is tight
ShannonRenee U know I can't have #musicmonday w/o my husband who just doesn't know it yet
ShannonRenee what about song for rockstar wives & assorted others?????
ShannonRenee this is a GREAT waltz and adore the Queen
ShannonRenee if only more of us did this, our lives would be sooooooo much better
ShannonRenee ok, we've chilled enuff, time to get moving again #musicmonday (whew, remembered)
ShannonRenee slightly embarrassed to admit I like this song & a few of their other ones as well
ShannonRenee now this is THE movie song, this was the orignial swagga song heehee #musicmonday #oldschoolmusic
ShannonRenee my HS colors were purple & orange, this instantly became our theme song, even did a cheer routine to part of it...NO video survived #musicmonday
ShannonRenee was going for "Arthur's Theme" (staying w/ movie songs), wouldn't play, opted for another favorite Chris Cross song #musicmonday
ShannonRenee we've chilled, time to move and gonna keep it moving for a while #musicmonday
ShannonRenee I did a cha-cha-cha at my 40th b'day party to this song, it was hot, I looked great (if I do say so, heehee)
themisse Miss E's song of the Day: Nine Inch Nails – Physical
crowjane RE: Duffy – "Mercy" @kbuech asks: How does someone so young have so much soul in her voice?~!~ Amazes me too bro~sista got it going on~!~ (reblip)


| play
ShannonRenee a morning motivation song! <<this is an automatic move song>> (reblip)
ShannonRenee majic <<now everyone up and do the "Carlton">> (reblip)
ShannonRenee speaking of disco music, the Queen has arrived...all pay homage
ShannonRenee and the disco hits just keep coming, you won't get many more, I'll get tired of them soon enuff LOL #musicmonday
ShannonRenee and finally (told you I would get sick of it quickly), the godfather of all disco songs #musicmonday
ShannonRenee on this gloomy day, altogether appropriate #musicmonday
ShannonRenee do as I say and no gets hurt up in herre #musicmonday
ShannonRenee this is a f*cking happy, move UR a$$ song, work it tweeps, shake it, don't brake it...we're old & stuff don't heal like it used to LOL #musicmonday

OutkastHey Ya

| play
ShannonRenee great song...movie was okay...f*cking great orchestration, strings in beginning are powerful #musicmonday
ShannonRenee I use 2 talk 2 dude, I ALWAYS say, "tell me something good", we don't talk anymore & I have plenty of "good" to tell his trifling a$$ #musicmonday
ShannonRenee COME ON EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!! get the fluck up & dance to the music, its Monday and we're alive w00t! w00t! didn't have to be this way #musicmonday
ShannonRenee not their best work, solid tune though...whoever thought putting David in spandex was good idea should be hung by the short & curlies #musicmonday

Van HalenJump

| play
ShannonRenee Y, cuz I have 2, I'm product of 70s/80s & this sh*t rocked then...they're like Maze, ain't done a thing since then & still gettin' paid #musicmonday
ShannonRenee NO poppin', lockin' or breakin' allowed, y'all ain't suing my a$$ cuz U old & thought U could still do that mess #musicmonday
ShannonRenee I bought this album, yes the vinyl...ROFLMAOOOO, and we (yes, U too) thought this was the sh*t when it came out, it was the jam at club #musicmonday
ShannonRenee great version of this song, bama or not...good tune
ShannonRenee I can tell y'all still sitting down, come on y'all...let's get up & move it (even a little bit) #musicmonday
Knikkolette Cameo - couldn't find Alligator Woman - so here's Single Life
ShannonRenee I was part of his fan club in HS...leave me alone, he was the sh*t in early/mid 80s
ShannonRenee can barely type...B4 everyone unfollows, remember, we ALL thought they were the sh*t until we learned the truth #musicmonday
ShannonRenee let's get it cranking folks, its a new day and we're here to experience it to the fullest #musicmonday


| play
ShannonRenee one of those songs, I don't know Y I like it...just know that I do #musicmonday
ShannonRenee this song is hysterical to me, what a dumba$$ (him for gettin' caught & her for believing his lying a$$) #musicmonday
ShannonRenee yeah...I got a pair of these, ask @ oooopps, no kissin' & tellin' here ;-) #musicmonday
ShannonRenee yes, I like this song and I'm standing by it #musicmonday
ShannonRenee this is Y I <3 blip, folks R reminding me of GOOD music #musicmonday (reblip)


| play
ShannonRenee one of my favorite lyrics, "I've hungered for your touch" that's good stuff right there y'all #musicmonday (reblip)
ShannonRenee begin w/ head bob, add shoulder hunch, move torso side-2-side, now hips go back & forth, woohoo chair dancing & no rhythm required #musicmonday
ShannonRenee this is for HIM, have good trip to ATL baby, see you when you get back #oldschoolmusic #musicmonday
ShannonRenee gonna do an EB run for next few mins, saw him on Thursday & had EXCELLENT time at show #musicmonday
ShannonRenee this is @askmo24 my sista as she prepares for the next phase of her life, many, many, many blessings B yours #musicmonday
ShannonRenee Does #oldschoolmusic only refer to R&B, LOL? I was elementary school when she was kicking R&R a$$ #musicmonday
ShannonRenee ROFLLLLLLLLL I actually remember this song #oldschoolmusic #musicmonday (tears streaming down face, I had his poster from Tiger Beat magazine)
ShannonRenee did you ever wonder, if he walked more he may not have been so fat #oldies #musicmonday
ShannonRenee yes, he is ALIVE! Tupac is dead as doorknob though #oldies #musicmonday
ShannonRenee was this made before or after he married his 14yo 2nd cousin??? #oldies #musicmonday
ShannonRenee cuz your named after a comic strip character, that's why #oldies #musicmonday
ShannonRenee don't give up honey...he's worth it, unless he's an a$$ LOL #oldies #musicmonday
Vinha [Pussycat Dolls – I Don't Need a Man]
Vinha By @DJTalent[Usher ft. Young Jeezy-Love In This Club] @musicRmemories @Ad_C @Mr_Steve @AnitaBreakSoon (reblip)


| play
RuiFelix @midnightwalker tanks for the props Vertical Horizon – Everything You Want
daynaRT My dad's middle name is Leroy. He hates it; I think it's awesome.
flanflan suddenly I see why the hell it means so much to me (8) (reblip)
DanielleRicks It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that GoGo swing "Chuck Baby" Chuck Brown
DanielleRicks Sending out THUG LOVE w/ T.I. "Big Things Poppin" WARNING explicit lyrics! Heart him so...it's the Ying in me
DanielleRicks Whatcha know about Sergio Mendes ft Black Eye Peas "Mas Que Nada" This joint is HOT!
ShannonRenee @DanielleRicks is puttin' out the hits today y'all (reblip)


| play
DessaJensen Its Flash Back Friday. First track of the day: Rappers Delight.
ShannonRenee yeah...this is working for me right now
ShannonRenee live it up folks, its now or never...this is NOT a dress rehearsal
ShannonRenee final Jill cut...this is special to me b/c of the go-go beat & as a DC girl, gotta give her mad props for it
ShannonRenee everyone, lets get a mambo going on this AM...gotta smile & move when you hear this, even if its just chair dancing

Mambo Kings - Cubana

| play
ShannonRenee when it came to my mind, I had to...please don't unfollow, thanks

Village People - YMCA

| play
ShannonRenee this is one of my favoritest waltzes #musicmonday (remembered this time)
ShannonRenee yep, this is it...brings back a FLOOD of great memories from college #musicmonday
ShannonRenee I like this song and I'm not sure why, other than the guitar, hmmm #musicmonday
ShannonRenee yes, baby...you belong to me and I accept you...hmmm, @lennykravitz my husband, he just doesn't know it yet #musicmonday
ShannonRenee and you know I had to play this Hootie, I cried when I first heard this song (stop laughing) #musicmonday
ShannonRenee not kidding...regional ballroom competition, couple did a samba routine to this & included the Carlton...they won honors for it, #musicmonday
ShannonRenee luv this song, they play it at the studio to get the wallflowers on the floor #musicmonday

Cupid Shuffle

| play
ShannonRenee my theme song...I'm livin' it baby...to the fullest woooo-frickin'-hooooo!!!!!
ShannonRenee @lksriv: "This deserves a rb... @aidswalksf: "When I get that feeling, I want (safe) sexual healing..."" <does anything need 2 B said> (reblip)
ShannonRenee nice, chill way to begin bringing work day to close


| play
ShannonRenee you and me, me and you...its the only way baby
ShannonRenee yes, I'm this old, I was in elementary or middle school when this song came out; loved it then and love it now #musicmonday


| play
ShannonRenee yes, I know ALL of the words and I'm singing them...leave me alone ;-) #musicmonday

BlondieCall Me

| play
ShannonRenee its the beards, facial hair + hawt ass guitar = me, bought & sold #musicmonday
SugarBoobs Courtesy of @pinkstuff: "@CrescentMoonglow I haven't seen the video, I'll have to check it out!" (reblip)
ShannonRenee @mssoulflower: "he still does it for me..." <<me toooooo>> (reblip)

Biggie Smalls,Mase,Puffy-Mo Money Mo problems

| play
ShannonRenee yes, he is the all that & a bag of chips...it ain't braggin' if its true
ShannonRenee where is she, I really like her voice

That's Amore (Dean Martin)

| play

Jeremiah was a bullfrog

| play
ShannonRenee yeah, mighty fine wine is mos def needed #Tuesdaytunes (reblip)

Jeremiah was a bullfrog

| play
ShannonRenee I like her music/voice, in spite of fact she mainly covers #Tuesdaytunes
ShannonRenee lets get ta going up in herre

C & C Music Factory Freedom Williams- Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)

| play
ShannonRenee lets take it down home to the bayou, right cher @coonassdotcom #Tuesdaytunes

Sugar Hill Gang-Apache (Jump On It)

| play
ShannonRenee I've come to respect this artist a lot (explicit version) #Tuesdaytunes

missy elliot (get your freak on)

| play
ShannonRenee not a dance song, my favorite hymn so I decided to play it...want a bit of sanctified head-bobbing for minute or two #Tuesdaytunes

Joyful Joyful- Sister Act 2

| play
ShannonRenee this is a great cha-cha-cha, we move to it at the studio #Tuesdaytunes
ShannonRenee Brothas, have you heard this lately, pay attn to Mr. Redding, he knows what he's talking about #Tuesdaytunes
ShannonRenee cool song, @lovebabz this is a srsly HAWT ARSE Argentine tango my sista #Tuesdaytunes #ballroom


| play
ShannonRenee as only she can do it...sang Angie, sang #Tuesdaytunes

Angie Stone I wish I didn't miss you anymore with Lyrics

| play
ShannonRenee one more from Angie for good measure...yes my Brotha, you are my baby, you are MY man #Tuesdaytunes

BrothaAngie Stone

| play
ShannonRenee this is for good laugh heehee, like her voice, the lyrics are whack #Tuesdaytunes
ShannonRenee EMPOWERING SONG #Tuesdaytunes

Kelly Clarkson-Breakaway(CD Version)

| play
ShannonRenee good way to end #Tuesdaytunes, nothing else to say on this one, he is the master (reblip)
ejflavors the limousine is waiting, please drive me up the wall and don't let go...

Full ForceAlice

| play
ShannonRenee what better way celebrate the new week...remember folk, unless it is TRULY a life/death situation...IT AIN'T THAT D*MN DEEP, enjoy life!!!
ShannonRenee since girls had fun on last blip, this one is for the fellas...LOL! #musicmonday (dang it, gotta remember to do that)
ShannonRenee is it bad the margaritas are on my mind before 10am?


| play
ShannonRenee this is an adorable song...George's aunt is one of my American standard favorite singers

Rosemary Clooney 1981 -- Come On-A My House

| play
ShannonRenee I REALLY like this song...srs chair dancing happ'ning now #musicmonday

Black Eyed Peas ))) Boom Boom Pow [Clean] | Lyrics Included |

| play
ShannonRenee staying here for a moment, not the most original or challenging lyrics or music...fun as all get out though #musicmonday


| play
ShannonRenee head bobbing, shoulders hunching & feet tapping...what happened to them, they used to be the sh*t!!! #musicmonday

Jackson five-Blame it on the boogie

| play
ShannonRenee how can I play Jackson 5 and not play the musical family 1.5 version from the 80s LOL #musicmonday
ShannonRenee he was, so others would become #musicmonday (another song for the fellas heehee)
ShannonRenee another legend & trailblazer, gonna B here for a minute....hold on #musicmonday
ShannonRenee are you still sitting down...not for long #musicmonday

Little Richard, Tutti Frutti

| play
ShannonRenee great dance song...you know you wanna get up #musicmonday
ShannonRenee doing his thang as only he can, you who I'm talking about, my husband, he just doesn't know it yet #musicmonday

Lenny Kravitz "Believe"

| play
ShannonRenee I prefer the original by Smokey Robinson, this one doesn't suck though #musicmonday
ShannonRenee d*mn, I miss him...silky smooth voice & great smile (tearing up) #musicmonday
ShannonRenee I can not explain how much I adore this song...the video touched me, love the lyrics, their sentiment & smooth voice singing them #musicmonday
ShannonRenee in the Black crooner vibe, went for a bit faster song this time #musicmonday

Freddie Jackson- Jam Tonight

| play
ShannonRenee before there was Danity Kane, Pussycat Dolls, Girlicious, Ciara, Lil Kim...they were the original #musicmonday
ShannonRenee fun 80s song...yeah, I know words to this one as well...what can I say???? #musicmonday

Eddie Money-take me home tonight

| play
ShannonRenee ohhhhh, another fun 80s hit! where is she? there's a group of "them" who have disappeared from music, such a shame #musicmonday
ShannonRenee head bobbing, all good in the universe #musicmonday

Patrice Rushen - Forget Me Nots

| play
ShannonRenee YAY!!!! I heard she got a kidney...wishing her all the best, saw her live in St. Lucia couple yrs ago...GREAT live performance #musicmonday
ShannonRenee yeah, now this is definitely a move your a$$ song...I dare you get you to get up & MOVE #musicmonday" (reblip)

Sergio Mendes "Mas Que Nada" feat. The Black Eyed Peas

| play
ShannonRenee great way to get Monday going, thanks @DanielleRicks for finding this one (reblip)
ShannonRenee I <3 this quirky little orchestra/band/group & their lead singer, China has a wonderful voice

Amado Mio by Pink Martini

| play
ShannonRenee another Pink Martini song...they're at Wolf Trap tomorrow night without me, lets not discuss...I'm severely irked by this fact #musicmonday
monedays Listening to "Have you ever Really Loved a Woman." More mellow background for writing :)
ShannonRenee trying really, really hard to find my f*cking happy place right now, music will guide me there #musicmonday (reblip)
DanielleRicks Sitting here w/ @ShannonRenee turning her on 2 Chrisette Michele. How she not know? It'll "Be Ok"
ShannonRenee this is what I'm feeling right now...everybody move w/ me, left, right, left...there you go :-)
ShannonRenee heehee...this was me last night, just a bit though...heehee
ShannonRenee do I really need to say anything, just get up and move your a$$ (reblip)
ShannonRenee Jill + go-go = d*mn good jam right herre
ShannonRenee this is for y'all...and you know who you are...STEP BACK & RECOGNIZE
ShannonRenee this is for you baby...I got mad <3 for you & will always be here for you

BrothaAngie Stone

| play
ShannonRenee y'all may have noticed...I'm in a "place" right now...yes lawd
ShannonRenee yes I am and once you realize it, everything will go much better, assimilation doesn't have to hurt ;-)
ShannonRenee yep...we are, trust it, know it, live it and walk it
ShannonRenee like the rain on my coat...gonna give a brisk shake and move the h*ll on honey...your big arse loss
ShannonRenee yes, yes, yes....its about you, your life, your dreams, your desires, your destiny....GO FOR IT...RIGHT NOW!!!
ShannonRenee unless you're dead...you've got another chance, another shot, another opportunity...don't give up, don't give in, don't stop now, you've come to far
ShannonRenee and everybody...sing along, you know the words

The Pina Colada Song

| play
ShannonRenee this is one of those songs I really, really like and have absolutely no frickin' clue what its about and I don't really care *shrugs shoulders*

Gravity by John Mayer

| play
ShannonRenee now, this song always makes me move and I know exactly what its about...note: explicit inuendo (sp)
ShannonRenee even w/ all the sappiness, I still <3 this song

No Air Jordan Sparks ft. Chris Brown (Lyrics)

| play
ShannonRenee no need to say anything hear, just sit back, close your eyes and listen
ShannonRenee yes, my lover is gettin me for tonight's dance party
debra_bee que lindo... Adele pela 1° vez no estúdio.
HopeClary How I am feeling... Who is with me... Is it 5 yet?


| play
HopeClary @isfullofcrap this one is for you!

Ooh Wadda Doo Dadda (Big Whoop Mix ft. Timbaland, Magoo. & Sebast)

| play
BingFutch John Barry - "Somewhere In Time"
BingFutch Kate Bush - "Symphony In Blue"

Monica featuring Tyrese- Go To Bed Mad

| play
Soulflower Avoiding this at all costs.


| play
DJYourMama my dad is always like, blip sam cooke girl, that's how you get listeners!!@crowjane: "Sam wants to tell us about his Ba~~~by" (reblip)

Sam Cooke-Bring It On Home To Me Live

| play
DJYourMama love this one, thanks! @ambit: "Superwoman~ Karen White" (reblip)
DJYourMama rb @shiner: "@freda_i: "in the mood for Prince this morning"" (reblip)

Anthony Hamilton-Can't Let Go

| play
DJYourMama good one @joechapman: "LOL!!!....The Jets – Crush on You" (reblip)

Keith Sweat: Make It Last Forever

| play
DJYourMama good one @DJBiggL: "One of many LL's more smoother joints. Boyz II Men on vocals." (reblip)

LL Cool JHey Lover

| play
ShannonRenee I love this song...one of those songs, I get lyrics wrong (still) & don't have clue what it means, but I always stop to listen to it #musicmonday
ShannonRenee this is who I need, my husband ALWAYS knows exactly what I need and when I need it #tuneTuesday (reblip)
aqu listening to Stephanie Mills--Real Love.

Stephanie Mills--Real Love (1990)

| play
GottaLaughGirl @GottaLaughGirl: "Go Go's---Vacation. I will be back soon after short weekend get away. Take care." (reblip)
P84WRD @fluffyboots: "I have my twinkly disco shoes on.. and my flares:)" (reblip)

Cheech and Chong Born In East LA

| play
cstella23 Best Drum Solo of life award goes to:

Elvis Presley- Can't Help Falling in Love (With lyrics)

| play
ShannonRenee come on people, its time to get your serious Latin groove on with Tito #musicMonday
redredbeard @jennyleepenny Ready for tonight's round of inappropriate propositioning? ;)
redredbeard FBS remix-by-numbers, still great tho. @jennyleepenny haha, I never doubted it! ;)
LENAYEHEAVEN @Dj_kwame: "LeToya Luckett feat. Estelle – Take Away Love [NEW SONG 2009]" (reblip)
AbsoluteVenus house4life...Steve "Silk" Hurley – Jack Your Body @digitpt thanks for listening...stay tuned!


| play
djwashingtonson Annie Lennox – Put A Little Love In Your Heart
suzan Bring me to life...Bring me, please!!!!

Evanecense--Bring Me to Life

| play

SWV Give it to me

| play
ambit Hey haven't I seen U somewhere before? U look familar! Duran Duran~Notorious!
AbsoluteVenus have a mellow afternoon everybody...Desmond Dekker & the Aces – Israelites @iReign69 @ShannonRenee @Siberia thanks for listening!
AbsoluteVenus @ambit thanks! that gives me happy feelin's @ShannonRenee @iReign69 hi mi amigos...have a beautimous day ;) Maze feat. Frankie Beverly–Happy Feelin's (reblip)
ShannonRenee I do enjoy his music...its fun, light-hearted and dancable
ShannonRenee as this season comes to an end in the next couple of weeks, I hope y'all had as much fun as I did...Summer '09 owes me NOTHING...woohoo!
ShannonRenee LOLLLL this is nice w/ funny lyrics and solid samba ballroom beat
ShannonRenee I'm not sure what I like more the song or the video...both are AWESOME


| play
ShannonRenee I adore this group, their music is authentic & their lyrics are honest
ShannonRenee this is the song that first caught my attention
ShannonRenee sang baby, sangggggg, everybody sway w/ me
ShannonRenee that's right dang it, I deserve a standing ovation...preach!!!
ShannonRenee this is THE love song...it was a great night in NOLA (I need a fan right about now, oh lawd)
DanielleRicks Happy #MusicMonday @ShannonRenee: "this is THE love song...it was a great night in NOLA (I need a fan right about now, oh lawd)" (reblip)
ShannonRenee this song brings tears to my eyes...song of love, passion, struggle and hope...I'm feelin' this y'all, one of my all-time favorites
DanielleRicks Hello it's the Soul troupin' in with the Jungle patrol #MusicMonday
DanielleRicks Ain't it "Crazy" how I fall every time you call my name?


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ShannonRenee #musicmonday I don't think this counts as a love song, does it?
ShannonRenee this song cracks me up...of course it was you fool, you got caught & she let you convince her otherwise, then she's the REAL fool #musicmonday
ShannonRenee ROFLLLLLLLLLL this is the Eastern Motors commercial #musicmonday
ShannonRenee this is my favorite Shaggy song, go 'head y'all get your chair dance on (I won't tell) #musicmonday
ShannonRenee she is a talented woman, why does she tend to dress & act like a 'ho, I don't get that mindset #musicmonday
DanielleRicks "I Don't Need A Man"... uh... I don't NEED one but I'd sure like one... I'm just sayin' #MusicMonday
ShannonRenee yeah...no words needed...what she's sayin' #musicmonday
ShannonRenee one of my favorite songs...EXCELLENT bolero as well, hot, hot, hot #musicmonday

Un-Break My Heart By Toni Braxton (HQ Sound)

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ShannonRenee visual image of some folks dancing to this has me crying over here #musicmonday
DanielleRicks Couldn't find the radio version so put headsets on if u r @ work or don't listen @ all if ur sensetive :-)

Jay-Z Dirt Off Your Shoulder

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ShannonRenee the fact that Timbaland & Sir Elton collaborated is more impressive than song, tho its good tune #musicmonday
ShannonRenee hittin' my wall, time to get movin' folks, only few more hours, we can do it...move your a$$es to some cool Latin beats #musicmonday
DanielleRicks Shh... don't tell but I LOVE Tom Jones! @Oldies: "Tom Jones I'll Never Fall In Luv Again @DaisyDee @PeaceDiva @juice_box @DanielleRicks -Thnx 4 props (reblip)
ShannonRenee of course this is the beast, the blending of Afro-Latin sounds...its always wonderful #musicmonday
ShannonRenee perfect example, I have NO clue what she is saying and frankly my dear, I don't give a darn...the music is speaking to my soul #musicmonday
ShannonRenee uh oh...did you catch it...I dropped *it* LOL ;-) #musicmonday can you drop it AND pick it back up heehee
ShannonRenee hear it, the samba beat reaching into your soul, moving you whether you wanna move or not #musicmonday
ShannonRenee move it, bounce it, shake it, shimmy it...just *do it* #musicmonday


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