bluebrummie You Are So Beautiful (Piano) – Joe Cocker
bluebrummie I Want To Know What Love Is – Foreigner
bluebrummie When a Man Loves a Woman – Percy Sledge
bluebrummie In The Ghetto – Elvis Presley
bluebrummie Unforgettable – Nat King Cole
bluebrummie Peggy Sue – Buddy Holly
bluebrummie Ladies night – Atomic Kitten
sheryonstone Nite good blipsters . take me to the airport. im hittin the feathered highway ~ keep the music coming ^_^ (reblip)
bluebrummie Gladys Knight & the Pips – Midnight train to Georgia
Ange_Recchia Now I'm bopping away to this ... and she was... Talking Heads (reblip)
Ange_Recchia If you're just starting your day, remember, James Brown - I Feel Good (reblip)

james brown - i feel good

| play
melodyofurlife R.E.M. released this album (Reckoning) in 84. 25 years later and it is still damn good.
SipsEssenceoftheSouth Barbara J. Walters, this one's for you. . . enjoy the view, too.
marilovisky G'night, @people! :) Later! {I love the cricket on this!} :D
QueenJaneApproximately The Twitter updates for Blip are different now, too
SipsEssenceoftheSouth You've Got a Friend–James Taylor Music lovers follow link to tunes you can pick & play all day & become 1 of my listeners,if you like Southern rock (reblip)
SipsEssenceoftheSouth Like Southern Rock, blues or oldies? Stay tuned!!!! Or go on down to the Whippin' Post
SipsEssenceoftheSouth Good morning Tweeps and Blips. Enjoy the tune. Click, and follow Sips Essence of the South. . .


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SipsEssenceoftheSouth Gotta get right, get down with the blues this morn. Nothing like those ole blues men, especially Son House...make ya snap your fingers!!
SipsEssenceoftheSouth Oh yeah...Hope y'all are enjoyin' this Sunday morn Blues show. Let me know
waiting4thebeat Sleepy Sunday Blip Show - My battery dead so wake up! Show's over. (reblip)

Lily AllenFuck You

| play
SipsEssenceoftheSouth Thanks Waitin' for you're Sleepy Sunday Blip Show... Slowing things down a little. (Hope you enjoyed this ole grandmother's blues show.) (reblip)
SipsEssenceoftheSouth Morning folks, how many times has this happened? Suddenly...Monday! Have a divine day, anyway!
avivajazz Vataff Project | The Eternal Flute
crowjane Betty's big hit "yum yum ~ Its in his kiss (reblip)

betty everett - the shoop shoop song

| play
crowjane Mom is your little boy choking the cat again?~stinging the back of gram's legs with wadded up spitbals~?~boy have I got a job for him~ (reblip)
avivajazz Crude Flute

Crude Flute

| play
avivajazz Oliver Shanti and Friends | First Flute Song
avivajazz Armand and Angelina | Amazing Grace (Double Flute)
howard74 T. Graham Brown – Memphis Woman & Chicken (reblip)
crowjane damn~ the memories~blue lights in the basement~knocking boots
melodyofurlife If ever get a chance to see Okkervil River live, check them out Blip'ers they are a great live band.
crowjane RB @rickps sez: crowjane I feel the fever.~~I have the antidote dude~ (reblip)
crowjane @RNRSteve sez: Great Tune......Bob Seger – Old Time Rock n Roll~~what up bro~~?~LQve seger~Love dat' fire down below~~Hell all of em~Peggy Sue~all~~ (reblip)
crowjane git' ready rick~~

Get Ready - Rare Earth

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Kittieskrafts @irgxana Excuse me while I kiss this guy.... ;-)
Kittieskrafts @irgxana I seem to have this tonight

ELOStrange Magic

| play
Kittieskrafts @irgxana I'm not saying anything.... just like it

JetCold Hard Bitch

| play
howard74 ~~This should wake everyone up! lol -- KISS – I LOVE IT LOUD (reblip)


| play
Flying_Roundhouse Translator – Everywhere That I'm Not "I thought I felt your my car...on my clutch..."
Flying_Roundhouse Hi blipfriends ~ I'm so proud. Because of my blog, trees are being planted in CT! Read about it here:
organicsue RB @golfnovels Good one - luv it! @>-------------------- (reblip)


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golfnovels Good night all. Celtics beat the Bulls 109-99. Great series. (reblip)
SipsEssenceoftheSouth I'll take your breath away...speak to me in riddles...
sheryonstone without even looking, I know where this "gem" originated @SevenTenths ^_^ great track (reblip)
SipsEssenceoftheSouth Late nights are made for questions such as these...
SipsEssenceoftheSouth Fate has led you through it, you do what you have to do...
SipsEssenceoftheSouth Spend all your time...need some distraction...peace & nite blips and tweeps. May you find some comfort here...Love~Sips
avivajazz ◄ Joni Mitchell | Chelsea Morning // Good morning, @palacios!
avivajazz Good Morning, @dickadcock! I've had many a "Sunday mornin' comin' down" myself, so congratulations (to us both)! (reblip)
SipsEssenceoftheSouth Need a little southern spiritual tune? This one takes me back to my roots...I can't even remember not knowin' 'bout Elvis
SipsEssenceoftheSouth Finally found a Stevie Ray that played worth a flip. Hope you enjoyed this "Sunday Morn' Blues Show," have a divine day & y'all come back now, ya hear
SipsEssenceoftheSouth Enjoy this lovely tune on this lovely Monday~Peace y'all!
420thoughts Lord, teach me how to speak. Teach me how to share. Teach me where to go. And tell me will love be there. Will love be there?
420thoughts "But when I get where I'm going, And I see my maker's face. I'll stand forever in the light of his amazing grace..." @SipsEssenceoftheSouth
SipsEssenceoftheSouth Take 2, the other skipped a beat... hang in there, I wanta hear this song by Louis
Jeffie Eric Carmen - "All By Myself" (reblip)
elementguy I'm taking the positive look at the weather
SipsEssenceoftheSouth Thanks @nightsurfer~ Love them mornings when you look out & there's Smoke on the Water and misty mornin' dew... (reblip)
SipsEssenceoftheSouth @elementguy~ Me too!"I'm taking the positive look at the weather." So are you all about the Elements? (reblip)
elementguy @SipsEssenceoftheSouth - You were supposed to be drinking Juleps last weekend! They are very tasty
kbuech Creedence Clearwater Revival – "Down On The Corner" rb@Gypsylyn (reblip)
Samanthai Damn fine song @DeAnn ! I know @planetjefferson might like a slow ride! (reblip)

foghat - slow ride

| play
Samanthai Dream a Little Dream of Me ...and off to sleep I go.. @planetjefferson @philkirby @Sascha Luv this song, so pretty


| play
Samanthai Oh, one more before bed, thanx @Juliuss ! Sending to @philkirby and @planetjefferson g'nite! (reblip)


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Waterfront1984 Ann Peebles – I Can't Stand The Rain

Elvis Presley - Fever

| play
Waterfront1984 Marvin Gaye – What's Goin' On
Waterfront1984 Marvin Gaye – I Heard It Through The Grapevine
lilwldchld Jungle love in the surf in the pouring rain, everything's better when wet.....
lilwldchld You're the right kind of sinner....
Waterfront1984 George Thorogood and the Destroyers -Madison_Blues III In A Row.


| play
Waterfront1984 The Police – Message In A Bottle - III In A Row.
SipsEssenceoftheSouth Have the perfect day, the rain has gone...Peace~
SipsEssenceoftheSouth @samantha-"Damn fine song @DeAnn ! I know @planetjefferson might like a slow ride!" There's somethin'about those slow rides, on a Harley of course! (reblip)

foghat - slow ride

| play

Buddy Guy - Ten years ago (UK Chess)

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organicsue I love the sound of water........
SipsEssenceoftheSouth Back to the Gypsy that I was...Road trip, this time to Chattanooga to see my 98 yr old Grandmother, who's sick...

Fleetwood MacGypsy

| play
SipsEssenceoftheSouth ...which brings me to: "On the Road Again." Have a divine day!


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2fast4u Maroon 5 – @Edainsmom @JJDJ Goodnight Goodnight. Sweet Dreams =)
bluebrummie RB: @patita @caporal Electric Light Orchestra – Hold On Tight (reblip)
SipsEssenceoftheSouth Thank you, Lord for another brilliant day, thank you baby...
SipsEssenceoftheSouth Fly away little bird...find a song in you that no one's heard...
SipsEssenceoftheSouth Welcome to Sips Sunday Morn Blues Show! Happy Mothers Day to all you Mothers!!! And Mother-in-Laws, Grandmothers & Stepmothers
SipsEssenceoftheSouth More on Mothers, cute tune not so blue, but worth listening to...
SipsEssenceoftheSouth Funky blues...for the Sips Sunday Morn Blues Show!!! Tell my mama...

BeckBottle of Blues

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SipsEssenceoftheSouth And his mama cries...In the Ghetto. First time I heard this was in Vegas at Elvis' concert. I cried through the whole song & can hardly listen now...
Waterfront1984 @mydeal24 too short mate! but better than nowt! : ) New Minds Single Video "Rockets" here >>> (reblip)
SipsEssenceoftheSouth To all you Motherless children, bless your hearts...
Jeffie Van McCoy - "The Hustle" ...Anyone else having trouble with blip.up-loaded songs? kKobold is not aware of problems, but I cannot play them...


| play
SipsEssenceoftheSouth Thanks for joinin' us on Sips Sunday Morn Blues Show...Y'all hug your mama today!!!


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DJRadioFreeSanFrancisco @DJRadioFreeSanFrancisco: Get up and CELEBRATE YOUR LIFE right now with Katrina & the Waves with Walking on Sunshine! (reblip)
stevetuf Time for some licks from the James Gang... Thanks @TeresaLovesMusic@wynnwinberg !

Joe WalshWalk Away

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stevetuf Another great tune from John...


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SipsEssenceoftheSouth Spring is my favorite season, yet it makes me sneeze...
marilovisky Hello, blip people! Hope you @ll have a nice day! :)
melodyofurlife Back to the music! not sure it is Footstompin' LOL
BradHart is it too early for drink with little umbrellas?
bearchay I wonder how many ppl that like this still can't spell saturday?
De_Ann I'm on the road again...and it's so hot here....had to change my pic for tonite... hahaha
Jeffie Richard Marx - "Right Here Waiting" (reblip)
SipsEssenceoftheSouth Your listenin' to SIPS SUNDAY MORN' BLUES SHOW...keepin' it slow this time, enjoy~

Buddy GuySlow Blues

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SipsEssenceoftheSouth Recession Blues? let B.B. take you away...
SipsEssenceoftheSouth Catfish? Sor'nuff...none-the-less Muddy Waters at his best~
SipsEssenceoftheSouth Seems we started out this SIPS SUNDAY MORN' BLUES SHOW with this one~but wasn't it Robert? Full circle guess that's my sign. Hope you enjoyed...later
SipsEssenceoftheSouth SIPS S'DAY MORN' BLUES...R.J. "The Sky is Crying" UPDATE: @SRV's Jukejoint says this is not Robert, perhaps Elmore James. Just tryin' to keep it real! (reblip)
SipsEssenceoftheSouth If it's rainy in your space,then this song is for you on this #MusicMonday ~ Enjoy your day!!
SavannahsGMA Tim McGraw: Do You Want Fries With That

Tim McGraw: Do You Want Fries With That

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SavannahsGMA Rascal Flatts-Me and My Gang (With Lyrics)-I'm outta here for a while-xoxox

Rascal Flatts-Me and My Gang (With Lyrics)

| play
DINA_ "REM ~ Losing My Religion"
pjredd Pat Benatar – Promises in the Dark (2005 Digital Remaster)
save_the_wolves @Loesje: "Sing along now folks! ..Oh happy day ( The Edwin Hawkins Singers) " (reblip)

Oh happy day ( The Edwin Hawkins Singers)

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Elvis Presley- Can't Help Falling in Love (With lyrics)

| play
PabloM While My Guitar Gently Weeps – George Harrison
save_the_wolves @mrtunefest: "Is This Too Obvious?: Johnny Cash and Kris Kristofferson - Sunday Morning Coming Down" (reblip)

Johhny Cash and Kris Kristofferson

| play
nawlinswoman Nobody sings this like Billie/sometimes you gotta look it in the eye & say: go away heartache..
Voxetta When Johnny Comes Marching Home – U.S. Military Band ~In Loving Memory~
organicsue Heartfelt_Strings Deep in the Heart of me... Good Morning Blue ((hugs)) 2 @kbuech @JimmyHook @momrocks2 @ladypn @Nani1982 @CosmoHavanese @ishibutsu
mrtunefest My Top Ten Dead Songs: The Grateful Dead - Brown-Eyed Women
pjredd Bachman-Turner Overdrive – Hey You
Tsaksonakis R|B @AoifeMWard - Donovan - Sunshine Superman (reblip)

Donovan "Sunshine Superman"

| play
KFEM @ManifestIntent Thankxx for the reblip - I don't have props so I'll reblip the reblip & catch ya latah. (reblip)
RNRSteve Joan Jett and the Blackhearts -"I Love Rock and Roll" Video

Joan Jett and the Blackhearts -"I Love Rock and Roll" Video

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ribbondeflector Many a young maid lost her baubles to my trade.
Matericia Good Morning working class heroes! Don't Give Up, we don't need much of anything. Willie and Sinead @DOCSTIMULAS @Tsaksonakis
SipsEssenceoftheSouth Let's try this one...(Sorry that last one became unavailable a second ago.) This one's for Dave: where ever your spirit roams...Peace

Yeha-Noha (Wishes of Happiness & Prosperity)

| play
pjredd Harry Chapin- Taxi

Harry Chapin- Taxi

| play

John Lee Hooker Boogie Chillen

| play
SipsEssenceoftheSouth Sweet song~Crash Test Dummies... Reminds me to ask: Do those in the middle of a rainbow, know?

Crash Test Dummies: Superman's Song

| play
Jeffie The Lovin' Spoonful - "Do You Believe In Magic?" (reblip)
melodyofurlife Hey its Hump Day already! Love a short week, that way. But really won't catch up on work till next week. :-)

Alanis Morissette "My Humps" video

| play
Matericia Develop the habit of turning inward whenever something goes wrong outwardly. ~ Inner Light ~ The Beatles
Matericia Let Dolly Parton, the little bird, sing to you this morning. ~ Shine ~ Collective Soul
Marystudio The Orioles – Baby Please Don't Go
kchferragamo rb @redskyy: "I hate to say it, but it really is catchy and has a good story." (reblip)
SipsEssenceoftheSouth Good Day Sunshine!! Check this out, will take those born in the 50's, back in time...
Waterfront1984 The Commodores – Brick House - III In A Row.
Chupie The Beach Boys -Good Vibrations

The beach boys -good vibrations

| play
RockinRobot Cheesy exit alert : "If I leave here tomorrow will you still remember me?" Gotta go to work. Free Bird – Lynyrd Skynyrd (1973)


| play
PabloM Louis Armstrong – What a Wonderful World
BradHart i love this song

nothing compares

| play
Kittieskrafts This sums up my philosophy

Bang On the Drum All Day

| play
GR8FL @Atomik - hope your FL trip hasn't been too grueling... look forward to your return tomorrow :)
gpharley @EclecticGrooves: "Happy Friday!! Right back attcha sweety!! (reblip)
BradHart let's get funky - bring on the coffee
Request_Line AC/DC - Back in Black (reblip)


| play

Leon Russell -- Back to the Island

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Shaman777 Thanks for all props music and everything. I think I got to all the regulars (friends) w/ props , let me know if I missed you. Shaman777
KFEM Mellow Sunday Morning with Bill Doggett's Ol' Mose Blues
cachita @trialbyjury: ... this one is so sweet... innocent haircuts and all...thanks!!!! (reblip)
TrainWreckRadio @jackstowe thanks for the props! BTW....this one has re-blip written all over it! (reblip)


| play
Marystudio Etta Jones – They Can't Take That Away From Me
STonyJack @cjh, Ich hab einen südlichen Mädchen!
jlsokh I swear, I could listen to k.d. for days and days on end.... what an amazing voice.

KD LangSave Me

| play

michael jackson you are not alone

| play
Vk_Designs_LLC It's time we come together to mourn Michael. Perhaps a world concert celebrating his life.

13. Michael Jackson- Come Together/ D.S., History Tour Bucharest, 1996

| play
FOGGIELOANER @shanti45: "Tired of your socks...tryin' your father's on..." aha this one was on Slade Alive! The Noddy Holder voice a bit more familiar on this 1 (reblip)
jlsokh maybe this will all help us understand MJ. Sad. SOO sad.
jlsokh I always wanted to throw a champagne jam!
Matericia Fundamentalists judge books by their covers cuz they don't like to read.
OFUMedia Eluveitie – 09 Carnutian Forest ---> This is some awesome Celtic Music! Check this band out!
OFUMedia To all my friends who no longer walk this earth... You are still remembered... --->Whitesnake – Sailing Ships
Annimallover rB!@flipchickmom: "@Annimallover: "Stretch beyond who U believe U ought to be.We must leap among the stars U & I together. Emmanuel" EJ fix TY!" (reblip)
LXIX Queen – Fat Bottomed Girls
SipsEssenceoftheSouth This is a great one to call it a night~ Night moves! TY @joechapman: "@LuckySong: " @rachidkas: "Can't stop listening!! It's beautiful song!""" (reblip)

Night Moves

| play
SipsEssenceoftheSouth Welcome to the "SIPS SUNDAY MORN' BLUES SHOW" This seems like a good place to start with since many believe this is where the Blues came from...Hu-um!
SipsEssenceoftheSouth SIPS SUNDAY MORN' BLUES SHOW~ You ever been walkin'? A little Muddy Waters...
SipsEssenceoftheSouth Don't cha just love those songs that not only crossed over but joined forces?
SipsEssenceoftheSouth SIPS SUNDAY MORN' BLUES SHOW~Make me an Angel...
SipsEssenceoftheSouth SIPS SUNDAY MORN' BLUES SHOW~Blues Johnny Winter style...Mississippi Blues

Johnny Winter-Mississippi Blues

| play
SipsEssenceoftheSouth SIPS SUNDAY MORN' BLUES SHOW~Come on around...This one's from sometime in the '20's, that'd be 1920's. Gotta love Blind Wille McTell!
SipsEssenceoftheSouth SIPS SUNDAY MORN' BLUES SHOW~Hope the sun is shinin' on you today, yet not too hot!
SipsEssenceoftheSouth SUNDAY MORN' BLUES SHOW~Ah, Southern Rock n' Blues at it's best. Now this is what I'm talkin' about...the music I grew up on.Get's in your Soul, toes!
SRVsJukeJoint Put me in the mood!

John Lee Hooker and Bonnie Raitt play "I'm In The Mood"

| play
SipsEssenceoftheSouth SUNDAY MORN' BLUES SHOW~A little Buddy before we go...
SipsEssenceoftheSouth SUNDAY MORN' BLUES SHOW~Let me leave you with this one. Can AMAZING GRACE get any better? This one'll give you chills...God bless ya!
SipsEssenceoftheSouth What I Am...Chuck me in the shallow water, before I get too deep! Don't let me get too deep!
SipsEssenceoftheSouth Welcome to the SUNDAY MORN' BLUES SHOW...Bonnie Raitt as a young'n...make me an Angel
SipsEssenceoftheSouth SUNDAY MORN' BLUES SHOW~Worth watching the Duel at the Crossroads... You ever been down?

Steve Vai vs Ry Cooder (Crossroads Guitar Duel)

| play
SipsEssenceoftheSouth SUNDAY MORN' BLUES SHOW~The sound of new Blues with Norah Jones...Sinkin' Soon
SipsEssenceoftheSouth SUNDAY MORN' BLUES SHOW~Nevermind My Blues! Never heard this one by Ben Arnold...SWEET
SipsEssenceoftheSouth Ain't no cure for the Summertime Blues...SUNDAY MORN' BLUES SHOW
SipsEssenceoftheSouth SUNDAY MORN' BLUES SHOW~Ah Blues Boy King...
SipsEssenceoftheSouth SUNDAY MORN' BLUES SHOW~Whoa...slow ...

Buddy GuySlow Blues

| play
SipsEssenceoftheSouth SUNDAY MORN' BLUES SHOW~Gotta have Amazing Grace

"AMAZING GRACE": The Blind Boys of Alabama

| play
SRVsJukeJoint Kinda like two knuckel ball pitcher goin at it!
Daligoddess Startin' my Sunday off with my girl Etta. Nice and slow, easing me into a lazy day.
UmpNews Dave Clark Five – Catch Us If You Can (1965)
Daligoddess Yeah, diggin' me some Ben Harper on this beautiful morning
lunagalla ﻬ Funkier Than A Mosquitoes Tweeter ﻬ
dickadcock Rickie Lee Jones – Have You Had Enough . . . of hypocrisy, rubber stamp, etc?
SipsEssenceoftheSouth 64 years ago the world changed forever (we must remember). It was a Monday, but we can remember on this Thursday morn...PEACE, damn it!
PabloM Ginno Vanelli – its hurts to be in love
SipsEssenceoftheSouth Thanks for this one... @TakeFive: "People Get Ready There's a Train Calling..." (reblip)
DavidLarsson @Mistadobalina Jennifer Warnes sings Leonard Cohen, with Stevie Ray Vaughn, could life improve? I submit that it cannot (reblip)

Jennifer Warnes & Leonard Cohen: First We Take Manhattan

| play
sheryonstone For West Coast Listeners ~ Smokey Robinson is musical guest on Conan :)
PabloM "Gerry Rafferty - Baker Street" (reblip)

Gerry Rafferty Baker Street

| play
SipsEssenceoftheSouth Ah, Tuesday Afternoon...I'm glad I can still work from home. It's still cold out there.....
SipsEssenceoftheSouth Amen @jlsokh: "One of country music's finest!!!" Thanks for reminding me...Sing all night long.... (reblip)
SouthernYankeeMusic More 1960's Texas trend setters

Bubble Puppy (Hot Smoke & Sassafrass)

| play
nawlinswoman Here's to a great Irish lass, Scarlett O'Hara..loved the movie & book, too..
WoodStackRecords God, I love this band more and more every time I hear them. Talk about texture. (reblip)


| play
AtheDJ Great song. I won't be too. Time for another fool to be fooled.:D rb @DJJazzyJacq: "won't get fooled again!" (reblip)
Awannabeangel The GAP Band – Disrespect
THEORDEROFEARTH dido*o@dANGELofLOVE: "Lovely Day To You @BriansMcGurk.....I Tried To Be Your 100th Listener But Instead I Made [101]!Congratulations On Your New Badge (reblip)
Chupie The Sims 2 – lily Allen - The Fear
LaBelladiva_ Anywhere is home with you my love @Captblackeagle: "Of all the places I can is where I choose..because it is close to you. @DJDolceVita" (reblip)
THEORDEROFEARTH o*o @nbztunes: "i do a fantastic impression of t elmer fudd@2liveis2fly: "@nbztunes technically not a cartoon song, but LMAO funny, noneTless (reblip)
dANGELofLOVE OK! Wishing You A Wonderful Day! @donnadontplay: "Gotta run some errands, BBL!" (reblip)
blue_buddha fotage? lol@MaskMuse: "Led Zeppelin – Harper's Blues [live great old fotage]" (reblip)
lovemusic @Annimallover Here comes that rainbow again & Jesus 2 songs that say so much

Kris Kristofferson Here comes that rainbow again & Jesus was a Capricorn Graz 09

| play

Last Of The Mohicans theme "original song"

| play
ChristienGB YW! and TY,(for you X + -> O );-) @Kfornow:"This one is just for this angel@ChristienGB..THX for the props XO.... Calling All Angels - lenny Kravitz" (reblip)
SipsEssenceoftheSouth Amen to that one @MaskMuse: "XTC – Dear God" (reblip)

XTCDear God

| play
DJschootgenoot @dannek: "This will have you dancing in your chair..." (reblip)
Louden My pleasure. Nice to see you put the inspiration to good use with this song choice :) rb@klynnDemar: "thanks for the inspiration @Louden" (reblip)
SipsEssenceoftheSouth Just thinking about those days on..... (reblip)
SipsEssenceoftheSouth Thanks @FilippoVoltaggio: "Think of your fellow man Lend him a helping hand Put a little love in your heart... And the world will be a better place" (reblip)
rachidkas I like Celtic music so much!TY & have a good night! @LynnSunshine: "Glad U like it:)@LynnSunshine: "Celtic Woman -One World"" (reblip)
SipsEssenceoftheSouth TY for a great tune...@patita: "goooooooood moooorniiiiiiiing friends :) have a great week!!!" (reblip)
bizzybee Once, on a documentary, saw Louis Armstrong sing this slow and sad. Changes everything. It was beautiful and bittersweet.
Shilo blue sky 2day rb@Stregaserena: "have a nice day..kissssesssss@rockmonsta44: "mr blue sky, were did u goooooooo, cum back"" (reblip)
Chupie Allman Brothers Band- Ain't Wastin' Time No More

Allman Brothers Band- Ain't Wastin' Time No More

| play
Terrebelius Some more guitaar. Here are the Gypsy Kings with "Passion"

Gypsy KingsPassion

| play
dANGELofLOVE HI! It's A Beach Day Here! I'll Send You Some Sun! TYSM 4 The Song! @JonnyWilson: "Hi ANGEL - well it's not a beach day here @dANGELofLOVE" (reblip)
PabloM I Can't Fight This Feeling – REO Speedwagon
nawlinswoman love her voice..mornin' to & Rb @JanetSEyre: ""If I was in pain I know you'd sing me soothing songs.."" (reblip)
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