SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Heat of the Night - "The Dogs Are Out" ♥ (reblip)
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Evans Blue - "Cold (But I'm Still Here)" ♥ [.."you're so endearing, you're so beautiful.. //..Am I ever on your mind?"..]
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ In Flames - "My Sweet Shadow" ♥ ["I'm selling heavenly sketches, a world out of my mind, ready to explode in purity, to fill the holes inside"]
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Hurt - "Rapture" ♥ [.."Until your rapture falls to pieces, 'Till your rapture falls to pieces, Find in me the room to breathe..]


| play
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Evergrey - "A Touch Of Blessing" ♥ [.."One single army, Unite as one. A touch of blessing, Which cannot be undone"..] ✰
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Evergrey - "Blinded" ♥ [.."Compelled to speak, when not to speak, My words lead and I follow"..]


| play
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ TOOL - "Jambi" ♥ ["Shine on forever, Shine on, benevolent sun; Shine on upon the severed, Shine until the two become One. Divided, I wither away"]


| play
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ In Flames - "The Quiet Place" ♥ [.."And then I close my eyes.. And then I close my eyes.. Judge me now"..]
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Machine Head - "Nothing Left" ♥ [.."I fell aroused, The falling sun, For so long I been away, For years till now"..]
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Black Label Society - "Rust" ♥ [.."All that shines turns to rust.. All that stands in time turns to dust"..]
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Muse - "Stockholm Syndrome" ♥ [.."this is the last time I'll abandon you, and this is the last time I'll forget you"..] ✰

Muse- Stockholm Syndrome

| play
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Opeth - "Harvest" ♥ [.."Spirit painted sin, Embers neath my skin, Veiled in pale embrace, Reached and touched my face"..]


| play
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ IN FLAMES - "Cloud Connected" ♥ [.."I was told that I could fly, When least expected, Cloud Connected!"..] ✰
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ The Butterfly Effect - "Crave" ♥ [.."Always and forever, It's hard to be strong when I crave you like I do"..]
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Machine Head - "Halo" ♥ [.."The words will never hold us down, Prayers won’t be spared on you, Satisfaction denied, 'Til you’re dead and gone"..]

Machine Head Halo

| play
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Element Eighty - "Pancake Land" ♥ ["Nothing can teach me, No one can reach me; seeping through the skin, I'm screaming inside of you"] LOVE THIS!✰

Element Eighty-pancake land

| play
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ NIN - "Closer" ♥ [.."Help me tear down my reason, Help me it's your sex I can smell"..] Uncensored version; the only one that counts :P

NIN - Closer

| play
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Pantera - "Cat Scratch Fever (Ted Nugent Cover)" ♥ I rather enjoy this version over the original Meow! Rawr!
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Hurt - "Ten Ton Brick" ♥ [.."But I was told by two sweet crows, Nobody feels what nobody knows"..]
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Anthrax - "Fueled" ♥ [.."Hungry and I'll take the best, 'Cause I never wanted anything less, What doesn't kill me makes me stronger"..]


| play
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ In Flames Vs Soilwork - "Nerve Connected" ♥ F*ing awesome Mashup! Makes me feel alive :P
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Nitidus - "The Taste" ♥ One of Australia's greatest bands! :P I Love them!

NitidusThe Taste

| play
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Tool - "Schism" ♥ [.."I Know The Pieces Fit".. "Doomed to crumble unless we grow, and strengthen our communication"..]

Tool- Schism

| play
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Katatonia - "My Twin" ♥ [.."The neck and then the chain, The head is hung in shame, I thought that you had grown, That you would carry on"..]

KatatoniaMy Twin

| play
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Soilwork - "Nerve" ♥ [.."You've traveled a long way to get here, And now it's waking you up"..] ✰


| play
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Otep - "Special Pets" ♥ [.."Tonight I take you eyes, mind, and tongue, To spread the words and watch your kingdom come.. Another lay with you.."]

Otep- Special Pets

| play
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Dry Kill Logic - "Rot" ♥ [.."Everything I need is not really what I want. I really really wanna see you die... Rot"..]

dry kill logic Rot

| play
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Otep - "House Of Secrets" ♥ [.."Locked away, In the chamber of hysterics, Here.. In the house.. Of secrets..//.. Uprising!!"..]

OtepHouse Of Secrets

| play
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ TOOL - "Ticks and Leeches" ♥ ["Hope this is what you had in mind. Cuz this is what youre getting. I hope youre choking. I hope you choke on this"]

ToolTicks & Leeches

| play
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Opeth - "Porcelain Heart" ♥ [.."I see blood spilled 'neath my feet, Lead me through wastelands of deceit"..]

OPETHPorcelain Heart

| play
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Black Label Society - "Bleed For Me" ♥ [.."Bleed for me, I've bled for you. Embrace me, child, I'll see you through - I'll see you"..]
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Chevelle - "I Get It" ♥ [.."Do you want enough? Do you want it all? Should you need it at all? Do you want it or not?"..]
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Static X - "Black & White" ♥ Long time since I listened to Static-X! RB vi@DawgOnU (reblip)

Static-XBlack & White

| play
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ System of a Down - "Spiders" ♥ [.."Through my head, Before you know, Before you know I will be waiting all awake"..]
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Diecast - "Coldest Rain" ♥ [.."Dying within, Cracking up, breaking down, Down to nothing"..] One of my favorite slow ones.. Pulling heart strings!

"Coldest Rain" by Diecast

| play
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Skillet - "Rebirthing" ♥ [.."Rebirthing now, I wanna live for love, wanna live for you and me"..]


| play
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Grave Digger - "The Spell" ♥ [.."A man with a broken heart, Lost the reason to live, Lost in despair with nothing left to give"..]

Grave DiggerThe Spell

| play
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Endeverafter - "No More Words" ♥ [.."Never waste your words on a fool who won't listen, Never sell your soul cause you'll never buy it back"..]
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Nitidus - "Red Morning" ♥ [smiles] Is back for a little ✰

Red Morning

| play
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Puscifer - "The Undertaker" ♥ This is the Renholder mix and the greatest, coolest and most awesomest version of this song, in my opinion [smiles]

Underworld ( Puscifer The Undertaker )

| play
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Everlast - "Saving Grace" ♥ [.."Got a heart full of gold on a lonely road, She said, "I don't even think that God can save me"..]

Saving GraceEverlast

| play
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ TOOL - "The Grudge" ♥ [.."Wear your grudge like a crown of negativity. Calculate what you will or will not tolerate."..] ✰

Tool The Grudge

| play
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Drowning Pool - "Tear Away" ♥ [.."Can you believe it; Everything happens for reasons I just don't know"..] ✰

Drowning Pool "Tear Away"

| play
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Machine Head - "The Blood, The Sweat, The Tears" ♥ [.."Now I realized that freedom rises from comfort in the source"..//.. "Hold on to the End"..]
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Dry Kill Logic - "Paper Tiger" ♥ [.."Energy as i feel it calling, Cannot see through the cloud thats forming"..] ✰
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Hatebreed - "To The Threshold" ♥ [.."Give me your broken, give me your beaten; I will build them up, I will lead them.. To The Threshold"..] ✰
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Halestorm - "I Get Off" ♥ [.."I get off on you getting off on me; I give you what you want, but nothing is for free; It's give and take"..]✰ LOVE!

HalestormI Get Off

| play
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ White Zombie - "Thrust" ♥ [.."Thrust in deep there are no limitations"..]

white zombie-thrust

| play
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ TOOL - "Hush" ♥ [.."People tell me what to say, what to think, and what to play..//..Fuck yourselves!"]
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Mash-up ~ The Beatles vs. Nine Inch Nails - "Come Closer Together" ♥ Gotta love some of these Mash-ups! ✰

The Beatles vs. Nine Inch nails Come Closer Together

| play
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Seether - "Fuck It" ♥ [.."(Fuck it) I see you in Me, (Fuck it) I feel you in Me, (Fuck it) I heal you in Me"..] ✰

SeetherFuck It

| play
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Blue Foundation - "Eyes On Fire" ♥ [.."Eyes on fire ..//.. And just in time, In the right place, Steadily emerging with grace"..]
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Default - "Deny" ♥ [.."Well don't deny, the hand that feeds you needs you; Oh god I'd die to try to Finally please you "..] ✰

DefaultDeny Lyrics

| play
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ In Flames - "Alias" ♥ [.."I found secrets about life untold; Life's wrapped in a riddle, Easier said than done"..] ✰ Good Night Lovelies! Love!
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Otep - "Blood Pigs" ♥ [.."They pretend to be us, It's fucked up, I'm different, Words remain my only escape; Art saves all of me; Evolving"..] ✰

otep - Blood Pigs

| play
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Elena Siegman - "One" ♥ [.."I've been waiting for you, To come here, And kill me, And set me free; I've been waiting for the one"..] ✰
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Wild Dogs - "Metal Fuel" ♥ ✰
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Chevelle - "Grab Thy Hand" ♥ [.."Bring me your time, How I long for release. Shown, presently, Reveals a man, to repeat.. God, How I long"..] ✰
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Nine Inch Nails - "The Hand That Feeds" ♥ [.."Can you get up off your knees? Are you brave enough to see? Do you want to change it?"..] ✰
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Chevelle - "Skeptic" ♥ [.."It doesn't tell the why; Even if I was all knowing; Wouldn't it mean that I love you?"..] ✰
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Chiba-Ken - "Forward" ♥ ✰


| play
iCloud Staple - Sound of Silence

Sound of Silence

| play
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Opeth - "Windowpane" ♥ [.."Blank face in the windowpane, Made clear in seconds of light; Disappears and returns again"..] ✰

Opeth Windowpane (official video)

| play
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Evergrey - "Broken Wings" ♥ [.."Come reach inside my inner fear, Come feel my sorrow and my tears"..] ✰
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Tool - "Ænema"♥ ["I can't imagine why you wouldn't welcome any change / I wanna see it all come down. Suck it down. Flush it down. Learn to swim"]
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Trapt - "Stand Up" ♥ [.."Stand up, I have had enough, Walk away before i finish what you started ../.. Face to face everything will change"..] ✰

TraptStand Up

| play
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Placebo - "Sleeping With Ghosts" ♥ [.."Soulmates Never Die"..] ✰
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Pitchshifter - "Shutdown" ♥ [.."No matter what you do, we're gonna stand back up again. And if you shut us down, we'll just get back up again"..]✰
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Drowning Pool - "Mute" ♥ [.."Shouldn't have that far to go, The less you think the more you know ../.. It seems the dream is impossible"..] ✰
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Threshold - "Opium" ♥ [.."a preconceived condition imagined long ago but will we ever know all that lies below"..] ✰


| play
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Avenged Sevenfold - "Scream" ♥ ["Relax while you're closing your eyes to me, So warm as I'm setting you free; You know I make you wanna scream"] ✰
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Theory Of A Deadman - "Quiver" ♥ [.."Well it's me, myself, and I; Quiver at the thought of you"..] ✰
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Black Label Society - "Beserkers" ♥ [.."Where I go and where I rise, I couldn't give a damn ../.. The Cage is broken"..] ✰

Berserkers-Black Label Society

| play
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Saliva - "Ladies and Gentlemen" ♥ ["Ladies and Gentlemen; Welcome to the show, Please come inside ../.. Your ears and your eyes will be bleeding"]
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Soilwork - "Stabbing the Drama" ♥ [.."It always depends who will deliver; Have you ever known Such a beautiful mind that gives you shelter"..] ✰

Soilwork | Stabbing the Drama

| play
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Devildriver - "I Could Care Less" ♥ [.."Every time you speak my name my image burns away (Give me that) I could care less"..] ✰
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ White Zombie - "Feed The Gods" ♥ [.."Do you know what it means to feel like god? Creep on the wheels of love"..] ✰
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Vampire Diaries - "Temptation (Moby)" ♥ [.."And I have never met anyone quite like you before"..] ✰
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ The Butterfly Effect - "Reach" ♥ [.."Last night I dreamt I held you with me, Close enough to feel you breathe"..] ✰
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Machine Head - "Halo" ♥ [.."The words will never hold us down, Prayers won’t be spared on you, Satisfaction denied, Til you’re dead and gone"..] ✰

Machine Head Halo

| play
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Refused - "New Noise" ♥ [.."Great words won't cover ugly actions; Good frames won't save bad paintings"..]
SkyeCebh @iCloud: "Brand New - Jesus Christ - "and i will die all alone, and when i arrive, i won't know anyone."" (reblip)
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Days Of The New - "Touch, Peel And Stand" ♥ [.."Yes I've finally found a reason, I don't need an excuse; I've got this time on my hands"..] ✰
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Soilwork - ""Rejection Role ♥ [.."Coming straight out of something, just killing time; Facing those walls so black, so vile"..] ✰
iCloud Devin Townsend - Suicide - "So I hide my internal suicide, all my pride just to keep it inside... keep it INSIDE. Ten thousand lies..."

Devin TownsendSuicide

| play
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Katatonia - "Day" ♥ [.."All the days are pale, I never thought it would rain this way, I should be knowing that, it used to be me"..] ✰


| play
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Static-X - "Push It" ♥ [.."I freak.. See through me, my eyes are explosive; I feed on it, black out, crucify me - you push it"..] ✰
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Testament - "More Than Meets The Eye" ♥ [.."No longer upside down, I've turned my life around, More than meets the eye"..]
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Chevelle - "Emotional Drought" ♥ [.."Won't keep holding back my conscious, Realize.. There's a choice to not end up like you"..] ✰

emotional drought

| play
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Opeth - "Harvest" ♥ [.."Spirit painted sin, Embers neath my skin, Veiled in pale embrace, Reached and touched my face."..] ✰


| play
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ TOOL - "Schism" ♥ [.."I Know The Pieces Fit".. "Doomed to crumble unless we grow, and strengthen our communication"..] ✰


| play
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Seether - "FMLYHM" ♥ [.."Fuck me like you hate me, (dig it up and tear it down), I love the sound when you come undone"..] ✰


| play
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Dope - "You Spin Me Round" ♥ [.."I set my sights on you (And no one else will do) And I, I've got to have my way now, baby "..] ✰
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ In Flames - "Trigger" ♥ [.."I am running from something I don't know, I am searching for something, which way to go?"..] ✰

In FlamesTrigger

| play
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ DKL - "Kingdom Of The Blind" ♥ ["If you could call it all misguided, What is left to say? When everything you know is taken, Can you walk away?"]✰
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Katatonia - "My Twin" ♥ The dub opium version. Little more.. sensual.. @jaxtheripper

Katatonia- My twin (opium dub version)

| play
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Otep - "Filthee" ♥ [.."she wants to be a fallen angel, without their swollen scars; she's unclean... unclean.... fillthee"..] ✰


| play
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Cold - "Bleed" ♥ [.."I wanna bleed, show the world all that I have inside; I wanna scream, let the blood flow that keeps me alive"..] ✰


| play
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Zakk/Slash- "Voodoo Child" ♥ [.."If I dont meet you no more in this world then, I'll meet ya on the next one. And dont be late.. Dont be late"..]✰
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ The Butterfly Effect - "Reach" ♥ [.."Just keeping holding my hand, Because i'm trying to reach you, I'm never letting you go"..] ✰
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Breaking Benjamin - "So Cold" ♥ [.."You're so cold, Keep your hand in mine, Wise men wonder while, Strong men die"..] ✰ Muah! Hey BlipLovelies!
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪Alter Bridge -"White Knuckles"♥ [How will it feel? To live a lie until your dying day Where nothing is real As we sacrifice bending until we break]
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Judas Priest - "Beyond The Realms Of Death" ♥ [.."I've left the world behind, I'm safe here in my mind"..] ✰
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Chevelle - "Still Running" ♥ [.."Say it say it that it's done, I want it, want it need it done. Still running never waking up"..] ✰

ChevelleStill Running

| play
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Zakk Wylde - "Sold My Soul" ♥ [.."Your love is all I know and ever knew, Therefore I have sold my soul for you"..] ✰
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ 6 Feet Under - "Seed Of Filth" ♥ [.."A human piece of waste, an experiment of decay ../.. To grow and conquer, on death, on myself"..] ✰ (reblip)

Six Feet Under "Seed Of Filth"

| play
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Saliva - "Tongue" ♥ [.."All this time I believed your lie ../.. I raise my glass to all you guys who drive your god from nothing"..] ✰


| play
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ The Old Dead Tree - "Chained To Life" ♥ [.."I'm Born Into Life, I Have No Choice ../.. I Suffer Endlessly"..] ✰
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Deathklok - "Kill You" ♥ [.."Like to take all the skin off your face; Like to smash all your brains with a vase"..] ✰

DethklokKill you

| play
iCloud Iron And Wine – Teeth in the Grass
iCloud Puscifer – Rev 22:20 (Renhölder Mix)
iCloud @SkyeCebh Sky Eats Airplane – Giants In The Ocean : good song for the day :)
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Paramore - "Ignorance" ♥ [.."You treat me just like another stranger; Well it's nice to meet you sir ../.. Ignorance is your new best friend"..] ✰

Ignorance Paramore HQ Studio Version w/ Lyrics

| play
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Katatonia - "The Promise Of Deceit" ♥ [.."Out here, Dissonance surrounds; I hold my head high; I see the wings behind your back"..] ✰
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Genghis Tron - "Board Up The House" ♥ [.."The last lights are all fire, Let the heat thrive ../.. I won't wait, You'll give up with me"..] ✰ Mmm!
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ In Flames vs Celldweller Mashup!! - "Frozen Clouds Connected" ♥ [.."Inside this fantasy it seems so real to me ../.. Cloud Connected!"..] ✰
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Machine Head - "Nothing Left" ♥ [.."I fell aroused, The falling sun, For so long I been away, For years till now"..] ✰
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Soilwork - "Exile" ♥ [.."Now you tell me what it was worth; Was it meant to be broken; The circle that wouldn't shed a single tear"..] ✰


| play
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Lamb Of God - "Walk With Me In Hell" ♥ [.."Pray for deliverance; Some kind of purpose, a glimpse of a light in this void of existence"..] ✰
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Otep - "Sacrilege" ♥ [.."(eternal salvation suffers from inflation!!) Say what you need to save your soul"..] ✰


| play
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Lake of Tears - "So Fell Autumn Rain" ♥ [.."So fell autumn rain; Blinded by dawning so you would take me further away, away from the fall"..] ✰
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ 36 Crazyfists - "Bloodwork" ♥ [.."Here is your wake and smile, that you seem to need. The safe and the touch, and the unweave"..] ✰
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Nothingface - "Make Your Own Bones" ♥ [.."You hold your head up and deny, You realize that you're not all moral, They see right through you"..] ✰

Nothingface Make Your Own Bones with lyrics

| play
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ APC - "Judith" ♥ [.."Never taste of the fruit, Never stray, never break, Never choke on a lie"..] ✰ Renholder Mixes fucking Rule My Soul! Mmm!

A Perfect Circle Judith Renholder Mix from Underworld S.T.

| play
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Celldweller - "Afraid This Time" ♥ [.."Even if you want, you can't touch me now; Leave me if you want, you can't hurt me now"..] ✰
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ TOOL - "Prison Sex" ♥ [.."I've got my hands bound, my head down, my eyes closed, and my throat wide open"..] ✰
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Kyuss - "Deadly Kiss" ♥ [.."To live in a paradise; Look into my face now, Stare into my eyes, Hellfire in my veins, In my veins"..] ✰

KyussDeadly kiss

| play
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Motograter - "Down" ♥ [.."We're falling throughout eternity; The clock is ticking and you're still counting sheep; You're still half asleep"..] ✰


| play
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Riverside - "Loose Heart" ♥ ["All those nights are coming back to me now and I know there're coming back to you; Raise me up, don't let me fall "] (reblip)

RiversideLoose Heart

| play
DirtyUrine for those listeners who demand only the very best! ~ G3 (Satriani, Vai & Petrucci) - "Smoke On The Water" - live in Tokyo ~ vi@OmeRoon (reblip)

G3 "Smoke On The Water" Live in Tokyo

| play
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Deftones - "Hole In The Earth" (Renholder Mix) ♥ [.."It's too late for me now, There's a hole in the Earth, I'm out"..] ✰
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Mashup #1 - "Evanescence vs. Marilyn Manson" ♥ ✰
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ #Mashup - In Flames vs. Soilwork - "Nerve Connected" ♥ ✰
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ #MashUp - Beatles vs. Nine Inch Nails - "Come Closer Together" ♥ ✰
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Ensiferum - "Treacherous Gods" ♥ [.."I Witness The Birth Of A New Born Star, I Climb The Highest Mountain, To Find The Essence Of A New Era"..] ✰
skunk63 stomp stomp and stomp fucking beats


| play
Sylak ‡‡Sacrifice - "Cyanide"‡‡ (reblip)

Sacrifice "Cyanide"

| play
Sylak ‡‡GWAR – "Sick of You"‡‡ (reblip)
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Celldweller - "Frozen" ♥ [.."Strips everything away, This one moment is intensified, And the colors all fade to grey"..] ✰ Mmmm!


| play
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Arcade Fire - "My Body Is a Cage" ♥ ["I'm living in an age That screams my name at night; But when I get to the doorway There's no one in sight"]✰

Arcade Fire "My Body is a Cage"

| play
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Deftones - "Cherry Waves" ♥ ["If like you should sink down beneath, I'll swim down, Would you? Is that what you want? With you? / Escape.. below"]
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ As I Lay Dying - "Through Struggle" ♥ #metal [Only through struggle have I found rest, With a piece of me taken away, I begin to understand Love]
SkyeCebh SOILWORK!! :P Ok okok.. NOW I will brb! GREAT blip though sweets! @OmeRoon: "Soilwork - "20 More Miles"" (reblip)

Soilwork-20 More Miles

| play
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Saliva - "Raise Up" ♥ [.."I'm all over the world, using you as a witness; Test my drive, sweetie, cause my hunger's relentless"..] Muah! [grins]

SalivaRaise Up

| play
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Soil - "Halo" ♥ #metal [.."Make a change,gotta rearrange, Idle minds,crushing time.. I AM...ALL SINS ..And you're my reason for life"..] ✰


| play
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Hurt - "Wars" ♥ ["Please open your eyes ./. Won't you please close your eyes? ..For the millions of lives who have senselessly died in a war?"] ✰

HURT wars

| play
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Switched - "Memories Of You" ♥ #metal [.."You, the only sense the world has ever made; This I need to save ./. I choose my final scene today"..] ✰
SkyeCebh Great to see you! Playing awesome #metal blipping DevilDriver just like that ;) Yah! Keep it up! @AcidBlack: "DevilDriver – Driving Down the Darkness" (reblip)
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ God Forbid - "Precious Lie" ♥ #metal [.."The power behind your eyes Makes me believe My faith in you Can do no wrong"..] ✰ Awesomeness!!

God Forbid Precious Lie

| play
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Mushroomhead - "Save Us" ♥ #metal ["All alone I hear the whole world calling; Save us from ourselves ./. Are you pure enough to hear me out yet?"]

Mushroomhead -"Save Us" Filthy Hands/Megaforce Records

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Sylak ‡‡Acid Bath - "Jezebel"‡‡ (reblip)

Acid Bath-Jezebel

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SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ All That Remains- "The Air That I Breathe" ♥ #metal ["I push to the edge, never falter; For this cements my beliefs; I'll remain my own master"] ✰
SkyeCebh Great #metal!!!! ♫♥♪ Slayer - "Dead Skin Mask" ♥ ✰ RB vi@DamnTheMan: "One of my fav metal tunez!!!!" (reblip)

slayer-dead skin mask

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SkyeCebh Love Submersed! Great choice!! @razorfire: "Submersed lays down some nice melodic rawk, reminds me of 7Dust @SkyeCebh" (reblip)


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SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ RED - "Fight Inside" ♥ ["Enemy, familiar friend. My beginning and my end. Knowing truth, whispering lies. And it hurts again"] ✰ Love this song!
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Devin Townsend Project - "Ki" ♥ [.."And it's all inviting as anyone could ever know, and this warm collective we endure... We endure"..] ✰ BRB
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ 32 Leaves - "All Is Numb" ♥ [.."Here you'll stay, Where lies are spread wide open, And ties are not so strong ./. I've already gone"..] ✰

32 LeavesAll Is Numb

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SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Soulfly - "Prophecy" ♥ #metal [.."I must reach the mountains of Zion, I'm with the prophets and the prophecy goes on - This is the prophecy"..] ✰


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SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Mnemic- "Meaningless" ♥ #metal ["I know you know the way to drag us down in nothingness, Spending your time in raising the masterpiece of lies"] ✰


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SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ All That Remains- "The Air That I Breathe" ♥ #metal ["I push to the edge, never falter; For this cements my beliefs; I'll remain my own master"] ✰
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Strapping Young Lad - "Love?" ♥ #metal [.."I'll wait for the night to come, So far suicide at home ../.. This love it's about control"..] ✰
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Poisonblack - "Rush" ♥ #metal [.."All disguised beneath the smile of the temptress, siren, evil child; the devil's sweetest whore"..] ✰
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Threshold - "Slipstream" ♥ [.."are you already lost when you get to the daylight, when you recognise the world you walked across"..] ✰


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SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Celldweller - "Frozen" ♥ [.."Strips everything away, This one moment is intensified, And the colors all fade to grey"..] ✰


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SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ The Butterfly Effect - "Saved" ♥ [.."Where it hurts nobody knows, Mouth full of marbles I've been sold"..] ✰ Hey BlipBeautifuls! Muahs!! ♥
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Elena Siegman - "Beauty Of Annihilation" ♥ [.."All my atrocities, Come by way of reciprocity, I'm chewing the bones of my own reprieve"..] ✰

Elena Siegman-Beauty Of Annihilation (With Lyrics)

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eliott_is_dead @Arth {How many drugs did u'took today?}


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SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Nevermore - "Believe in Nothing" ♥ Have a fantastic day Beautiful People! Thank you for YOU! Much Love and I will see you later! Muah! ✰

Nevermore | Believe in Nothing

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SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Atreyu - "Her Portrait In Black" ♥ #metal ["Can you feel her, Burning through your veins; She will always live forever(can you bear the burden?)"]
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Meathook Seed - "My Infinity" ♥ #metal ["Mutual feelings Unfulfilled, Lack of Trust A circumstance, A wall is built On disbelief"] ✰

Meathook Seed- My Infinity

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SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Atreyu - "Bleeding Is A Luxury" ♥ #metal ["Give til there's nothing left, Value in every breath, You need to realize that bleeding is a luxury"] ✰
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Blood For Blood - "Runaway" ♥ ["Im walking in the rain, tears are falling and I feel the pain, wishing you were here by me to end this misery"] ✰
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Gojira - "To Sirius" ♥ #metal [.."Crave affection love and courage; Being courageous, And flying instead of Falling down"..] ✰
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Otep - "Perfectly Flawed" ♥ ["You're perfectly flawed, You're perfectly incomplete, Let them come near when Imperfections will keep you unique"] ✰

Otep-Perfectly Flawed

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SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Mushroomhead - "Before I Die" ♥ #metal [.."This Life's A Fight, For Fulfillment Inside, A War Of My Own Hindsight"..] ✰ LOVE it SO much :D
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ DKL - "Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck" ♥ #metal ["Im no jury really, dont care how you feel; the pleasant notion of miraculous change"] ✰@Uller
Uller Blood for Blood covers Motorhead good stuff
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ My Dying Bride - "The Cry For Mankind" ♥ #metal [.."With lust, you're kicking mankind to death, We live and die without hope"..] ✰
OmeRoon Soundisciples – "Reject" @SkyeCebh I knew it. 8-) But here's a secret (don't tell it to anyone okay?): I don't think she's that hot either! 8-)
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Flyleaf - "I'm So Sick" ♥ [.."If you want more of this We can push out, sell out, die out; So you'll shut up And stay sleeping"..] ✰

I'm So Sick-Flyleaf

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SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Fear Factory - "Bite The Hand That Bleeds" ♥ #metal [.."One more drop and I will spite, And bite the hand that bleeds"..] ✰ For lovely @ec_mike
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ 36 Crazyfists - "Slit Wrist Theory" ♥ [.."And as it falls from your mouth, it seems like you needed it more .. Well I can still ask for more"..] ✰
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Deftones - "MX" ♥ [.."You're so sweet, Your smile, Your pussy, And your bones, You're on fire, You move me, Like music, With your style"..] ✰

DeftonesMX Lyrics

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SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ The Butterfly Effect - "Perception Twin" ♥ [.."Perception over reality, And what we see is not always what we see"..] ✰ Morning Lovelies :)
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Opeth - "In My Time Of Need" ♥ #metal ["And I should contemplate this change, To ease the pain, And I should step out of the rain, Turn away"] ✰

Opeth- In My Time Of Need

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SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ APC - "Passive" ♥ [.."Wake up and face me, Don't play dead 'cause maybe Someday I will walk away and say You disappoint me ./. Wake Up"..] ✰
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ DevilDriver - "Pray For Villains" ♥ #metal ✰ I Love DD! TY sweets! @ec_mike: "@SkyeCebh - This was meant for you! Thanx for keeping it "METAL" " (reblip)

DEVILDRIVER Pray For Villains

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SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Dream Theater - "Pull Me Under" ♥ ["This world is spinning without me. Every day sends future to past, Every breath leaves one less to my last"] ✰

Pull Me Under

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vixxeninpink awesome Floyd cover

Shadows Fall- Welcome To The Machine

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SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Katatonia - "The Promise Of Deceit" ♥ [.."Out here, Dissonance surrounds; I hold my head high; I see the wings behind your back"..] ✰
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Death - "Empty Words" #metal ♥ [.."When visions that should be, Are tattooed in your mind; The power to let go is sometimes hard to find"..] ✰

Death Empty Words

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SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Trivium - "Rain" ♥ #metal [I know what I must do, Die choking on your every word, Swallow every blasphemy] Ha! I saw you :P @Thanatoric


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SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Ninhurt - "Waving Goodbye" ♥ Goodnight Sweethearts! Muah! ✰
SkyeCebh Agreed!! Then again its DeviDriver, man! What not to like?! :D @steppinheavy: "this tune is HARD not too like!" (reblip)


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SkyeCebh Kittie will do it :) You let me know when its a good time? @NikkiPixel: "Hehe Yes! Trying to breathe @SkyeCebh, really trying! :D :D!" (reblip)


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SkyeCebh Thank you, dear :D We keep passing with flutter blips, man! @DJSPEEDYZ (reblip)
SkyeCebh There you are sweetie!! Great blip :D @ec_mike: "So go and weave your tale of woe, Convincing yourself it's so, You're so set to fail... " (reblip)
OmeRoon Thine Eyes Bleed – "Cold Victim"
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Soilwork - "Distance" ♥ #metal ["Is that your only entertainment? (Spoiling your desire) To blow your minds on a one way track. From a distance!"]


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SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Scar Symmetry - "Morphogenesis" ♥ #metal Love my Swedes. They are AWESOME in metal! What do you think? Too lame? LOL @DreamWarriorz
razorfire And I hear this calling, still you don't seem so far at all!@SkyeCebh @DreamWarriorz @DamnTheMan
djdickbag I can't find much Throwdown, but this will do! Throwdown – Holy Roller

ThrowdownHoly Roller

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SkyeCebh Love it! New to me! TY! @djdickbag: "Ok, I lied.. Last one for REAL. Fucking amazing guitar work." (reblip)
Tacker79 to a #metal friend @SkyeCebh Disturbed ~"Stricken"~


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SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Skillet - "Kill Me, Heal Me" ♥ [.."Breathing your love, You're ferocious.. You're in my lungs, Resuscitate"..]
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Fear Factory - "Bite The Hand That Bleeds" ♥ #metal [.."One more drop and I will spite, And bite the hand that bleeds"..] Will BRB!
razorfire What is best in life? Crush your enemies, see them driven before you, hear da lamentation of dah womenz!
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Full Devil Jacket - "Wanna Be Martyr" ♥ [.."I'm not a liar and I'm not a martyr, I'm just trying not to get thrown away ./. How does it feel?"..]
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Demon Hunter - "Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck" ♥ #metal Prong Cover :) [.."I'm no jury really, don't care how you feel"..] I will BRB :D
MrSpoon hmmm i want one of these, where do i get the seeds??
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ In Flames - "Pacing Deaths Trail" ♥ #metal [.."Compassion. Confession. It's all a compromise. Dedication. Domination. Please define the lines."..]
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Skinlab - "New Flesh" ♥ #metal [.."You don't have the love it takes to give it all anyway, I'm through shedding skin. Sick of running thin"..]

SkinlabNew Flesh

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Dysn0m1a rb@screwedupjack Someone sang your name today and a stranger saw me crumble (reblip)
SkyeCebh Ohhh AWESOME #metal blip, sweetie! TYSM for the compliment! <3 @jarnokeim: "@SkyeCebh haha THE hottest DJ. You must suffer a POWER TRIP by now :D" (reblip)

ChimairaPower Trip

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SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Zakk/Slash - "Voodoo Child" ♥ [.."If I don’t meet you no more in this world then uh, I’ll meet ya on the next one.. And don’t be late"..] ♪ Muah!
SkyeCebh Scar Symmetry! ARGH! hey! You gonna be my RButt for the day? [big smile] Brilliant choice! @TheMorbidSlayer (reblip)
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Hatebreed - "Live For This" ♥ #metal [.."Live for this, Live, Live! If you don't live for something, You'll die for nothing"..] Mmmm!
SkyeCebh YES! Excellent choice! RB! @PokerBlundersRadio: "Chimaira – Taste My... ♠♥PBR♦♣ #metal" (reblip)

ChimairaTaste My...

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SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ As I Lay Dying - "Confined" ♥ [.."In a world passing through my fingers ./. What have I learned from yesterday?"] RB @krystalmystic (reblip)
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ The Answer - "Come Follow Me" ♥ [.."Come follow me; It's a new day...yes it is; Don't swallow me down...oh don't swallow me down... Today"..] Mm!
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Pergamum - "Classical Metal X" ♥ #metal This whole blip is a MUST SEE! It is greatness and awesomeness and fantabulousness :D Hahah! Dont miss it!

Pergamum Classical Metal X

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SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Fozzy ft Zakk Wylde - "Wanderlust" ♥ [.."I tried to play your game ./. I let it infect & detect & affect; My clarity, my charity, my destiny"..]
SkyeCebh Dammit! Dont wanna miss your Anthrax wave. You got me hooked on Crush in the first place! @CooperHarris: "@SkyeCebh Anthrax was earlier in the day :)" (reblip)


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SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ #Mashup ~ Evanescence vs. Marilyn Manson - "Going Under/This Is The New Shit" ♥ Again, thank you all! I will be back in 10 :) Love!
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Poisonblack - "Soul In Flames" ♥ [.."I am a soul on fire, with flames within yet frozen to the bone; I want you...come into me"..]
SkyeCebh Oh duh!! Thanks! Music should NOT be censored.. didnt we agree on this before? @Darkangelkas: "Dug up uncensored one = even better! :) @SkyeCebh (reblip)

Machine HeadImperium

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emctsprime HammerFall-Angel Of Mercy @Pixiesxpics @SkyeCebh (reblip)
SkyeCebh You got tunes up! Awesomeness! keep on making music! Muah! @SonsOfOne: "Finally got the YouTube thing to work!" (reblip)

Sons of OneStride

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SkyeCebh Muah sweetie! Thank you! :D I AM enjoying! @ilklovn: "to @SkyeCebh :)enjoy!" (reblip)

Fear FactoryArchetype

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SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Scar Symmetry - "The Kaleidoscopic God" ♥ #metal [.."As above, so below. Microcosm is macrocosm. Anything I visualize, takes place for real"..]
Schoork Hoe are you ?@SkyeCebh - SWEDISH EROTICA : ROCK' N' ROLL CITY


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SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ InMe - "Faster The Chase" ♥ [.."I feel alive, You were my ecstasy, It's you that I'm craving"..]

InMeFaster The Chase

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SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Scar Symmetry -"Carved In Stone" ♥ #metal ["I could never believe that the veil I saw just came from my mind.The illusion is gone"] Superb lyrics!
SkyeCebh Celebrating on the eve (tradition here) but am agreeing!! :D Good to see you here, sweetie! Such an awesome song! @Moshers_Moll: "@uhunziker @SkyeCebh (reblip)
SkyeCebh Honey, Im not a judge nor a jury :P (although Im sure the society would be better off if i was :P) We all have lives to enjoy :D Muah! @Moshers_Moll (reblip)

Children of Bodom- Somebody Put Something in My Drink

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SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ APC - "Annihilation" ♥ [.."Power is power, the law of the land, those living for death will die by their own hand ./. Peace or annihilation"..]
SkyeCebh Got a nice cold/flu/pneumonia wrapped into one gift. Still not done messing but I miss blip so fuck it, im here :P MUAH! great to see you!@Lothlorien (reblip)

Spread your wings-Black Label Society

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SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ May you fill 2010 with things that are worthy your time, your Love, your Being ♥ @Air_rapupo @ladypn @WirthDesign @rafaelboo @pixelmongress @sKewn

HurtHouse Carpenter

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SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ May you fill 2010 with things that are worthy your time, your Love, your Being ♥ @ICamaleonte @lady_pop @RonnieSoak @iMickeyD @Travis286
SkyeCebh Muah! @NikkiPixel: "Inspired by @SkyeCebh 's Bush blip! | "The Chemicals Between Us" by Bush" (reblip)

"The Chemicals Between Us" by Bush

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TaraKLucero omfg! awesome vid!! so damn good hahaha KATAKLYSM – Blood In Heaven
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Skillet - "Awake And Alive" ♥ ["I’m awake I’m alive, Now I know what I believe inside; Now it’s my time, I’ll do what I want ./. Here, right Now"]
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Swallow The Sun - "Don't Fall Asleep" ♥ #metal [.."The signs show slowly with the dark, they glow brighter as the shadows grow deeper"..]

Swallow the Sun: Don't Fall Asleep

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SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Katatonia - "Forsaker" ♥["The dark will rise, Abandon your freedom, Give up the right to find the true self, Forsake your own reasons ..Forsaker"]
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Cipher System - "Sufferstream" ♥ #metal [.."Putrificated acts still stop the future, With that progress in mind we feed on the feeble"..]
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Mors Principium Est - "Pure" ♥ AWESOME #metal [.."As we head towards eternal, for the better, for this time ./. The weaker must die"..]
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Deftones - "Root" ♥ Doing a little better, yes ty :) Deftones help ;) Metal helps better :P @Darkangelkas


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SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Thine Eyes Bleed - "Truth In Evil" ♥ #metal [.."Infected with mind control, A function to identify ./. Watching those who choose to deny"..]
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Cloudscape - "Under Fire" ♥ #metal [.."I’m so far away from the misery. The world’s in pain and in agony. I am not justified to complain"..]

CloudscapeUnder Fire

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SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Pain Of Salvation - "Linoleum" ♥ progressive #metal [.."Sometimes that's really all it takes: A word or touch and then we break"..]
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Ayreon - "Liquid Eternity" ♥ #metal ["Would you prefer to live the life we've learned to dread? Would you prefer to live a mortal life instead?"]

AyreonLiquid Eternity

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SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Novembre - "Anaemia" ♥ #metal [.."As black sprites keep draining your life, When at night you're all alone. And dance, dance to remain alive"..]


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SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Coal Chamber - "My Frustration" ♥ #metal ["If i could just take this simple breath of life from me; you couldn't take it motherfucker eternity"]
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Clannad - "I Will Find You" ♥ [.."Nachgochema Anetaha Anachemowagan"..] (Cherokee ~ "I will find you no matter where you go") @Former_Self

I Will Find You

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SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Illdisposed - "I Believe In Me" ♥ #metal ["In that second I called my defeat, All the friends have lied; But at least Im not strapped to my seat"]
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Dagoba - "The Things Within" ♥ #metal (melodic death) [.."We ate the fruits, protected by the leaves, Carved our names on this tree that died"..]
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ 3 Inches Of Blood - "Deadly Sinners" ♥ #metal (black) [.."Ruling the night, winning the fight; Taking it all right to the end"..]
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ DevilDriver - "Pray For Villains" ♥ #metal #MetalMonday Allt är fantastiskt faktiskt :) En dag i sänder :) Många förändringar :) @caporal_chief
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ MudVayNe - "Beautiful and Strange" ♥ #numetal #metal [.."So beautiful and soo strange, Scatter all the pieces, The puzzle will remain the same"..]
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ NofucK - "Tragedy" ♥ #metal #MetalMonday ..okokok.. I REALLY like them :P Damn! Muah! Its LOVE :P


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SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Death - "Within The Mind" ♥ #metal [.."This power lies within the mind, Gain wisdom through abilities, Change what's to come in future time"..]

DeathWithin the Mind

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SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ 36 Crazyfists - "The All Night Lights" ♥ #metal [.."Under the weight of it all, we all collapse ./. We will come from the fall and rise again"..]
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ NIN - "Physical" ♥ [.."I want the touch of your charms, The heat of your breath; I wanna say all those things, That would be better unsaid"..] <3
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ W.A.S.P - "Heaven's Hung In Black" ♥ One of my favs [.."I can’t take anymore, I have no more wings ./. Don’t you fear me of never coming back"..]
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ God Forbid - "Shallow" ♥ #metal [.."A heavy burden Trapped between the extremes, Coming apart at the seams, Left alone to stand on my own"..]

God Forbid Shallow

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SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Katatonia - "Journey Through Pressure" ♥ [.."Pushing the will, Being alive ./. Thoughts will unwind ./. They are for you when you come"..] Muah!
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Throwdown - "Burial At Sea" ♥ #metal [.."Bury me under this spiteful sea. Take the life it took away from me ./. Carry on, I will return"..]
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Mors Principium Est - "Altered State Of Consciousness" ♥ AWESOME #metal ~ All their lyrics are undeniably beautiful.
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Mnemic - "Bloodstained" ♥ #metal [..lived your life on a level of indiscretion ./. Your ignorance makes my silent anger just wake up..]

MnemicBlood Stained

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SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Throwdown - "The Scythe" ♥ #metal ["It's an abomination of truth, The illusion of hope, Before you're reborn you must die"] Fucking LOVE Throwdown

throwdownThe scythe

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SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ All That Remains - "It Dwells In Me" ♥ #metal [.."I cast doubt no longer ./. True to this cause I hunger ./. l do what I know is right"..]
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Machine Head - "Aesthetics of Hate" ♥ #metal ["The words I read on the screen left me fucking sick. I felt the hatred rising, you son of a bitch"]
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Shadows Fall - "Still I Rise" ♥ #metal [.."How can you know yourself when your world is just a lie; Still I rise! From the ashes - Look Inside"..]

Shadows Fall Still I Rise With Lyrics

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SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ 36 Crazyfists - "Absent Are The Saints" ♥ #metal ["Hopes lives unlost, gain strength at all costs, I don't want to see it all come crashing down"]

36 crazyfists-absent are the saints

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SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ As I Lay Dying - "The Darkest Nights" ♥ #metal [.."These thoughts will carry me through the darkest nights while your eyes rest in"..]

As I Lay Dying- The Darkest Nights

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SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ The Agonist - "Serendipity" ♥ #metal #metalcore ["The age of wondering led me to a place never revisited again. Stillborn pride - spare my mind!"]
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ OTEP - "Invisible" ♥ [You can be my crucifix, Hold me up to watch me die. Behold, Feast your eyes as the peripherals explode. Can you see me now?]


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SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Opeth - "Deliverance" ♥ [Look me in the eye, I'm clear - this is your time ./. Gazing into the deep, from love to death in a time span of seconds]


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SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Mors Principium Est - "The Lust Called Knowledge" ♥ #metal ♪ [.."The ancient one in the emptiness, we call his name awake .. "open your eyes""..]
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Chevelle - "Sleep Walking Elite" ♥ Have a great day Lovelies! Will be back later! Muah <3
SkyeCebh Hmm Robin? As your helper Robin, or the fact that you think my name is Robin? @Frikidelinfierno: "This one goes for my dear Robin (A.K.A. @SkyeCebh) (reblip)
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Evergrey - "As Light Is Our Darkness" ♥ melodic #metal ["In a garden of sorrow among the mourning of souls, a silent whisper you must walk alone"]
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ In Flames - "As The Future Repeats Today" ♥ #metal [.."All my time, compressed to itching moments as the future repeats today"..] Hey Lovelies! <3
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ The Sins Of Thy Beloved - "All Alone" ♥ doom & goth #metal [.."Here.. here I am.. life is bright.. There's no sorrow.. nothing can stop us.."..]

The Sins Of Thy Beloved + All Alone +

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SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ God Forbid - "Force Fed" ♥ #metal ["What exists around us? The right to choose free spirit; Master of fate, embrace ./. Force-fed awaken realize"]

God Forbid Force Fed

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SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ God Forbid - "Better Days" ♥ #metal [.."'Cause I won't bow down won't let this eat me alive; Crawl out of my hole, Exorcise the demons"..]
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Death - "Voice Of The Soul" ♥ #metal Brilliance!
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Anthrax - "1000 Points of Hate" ♥ #metal [.."My mind has never been so clear ./. Take a good look what do you see, no friend to me, Jealously"..]
SkyeCebh Love DevilDriver! TY for an awesome blip! Muah! @jarnokeim: "@SkyeCebh it took me some time to find a nice #metal track. hope you like this ;) " (reblip)
OmeRoon In Flames – "Moonshield" @SkyeCebh enjoy! @Valent good to see you blippin to, Spudmonsters rule!!!

In FlamesMoonshield

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SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Otep - "I Remember" ♥ [.."And I feel it move in its mysteries, Exploring me. And I remember this, And I know"..] How about this? :P @Time2Burn
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Anthrax - "Burst" ♥ #metal [.."Don't assume and damn it, don't praise me, My thoughts would drive you crazy..] Wakey Wakey Lovelies!


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SkyeCebh Ha! My fav HIM! Geez.. all my fav's coming up :P @kiddo84: "HIM ~ Buried Alive By Love" (reblip)

HIM-Buried Alive By Love

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SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ TOOL - "Merkaba" ♥ ["our body is light, we are immortal; our body is love, we are eternal; omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent, without judgment"]
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Mors Principium Est - "The Distance Between" ♥ #metal ["..another solution, I have traveled so far. Maybe I could find the answer for who we are"]
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Mortal Love - "Existence" ♥ [.."This dimension-ascension to sullen despair; Your eyes they lie as we cry to the tired sky "..]

Mortal LoveExistence

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SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Mors Principium Est - "Finality" ♥ #metal ["I feel the sickness starts to grow, Inside I bleed ~ Not much time to spare"]
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Machine Head - "Slanderous" ♥ #metal [.."They want to murder us, silence us, divide and conquer us"..]
IDREAMOFJEANIE2 "foot in mouth... and head up asshole... whatcha talkin' 'bout?"...

ToolThe Pot

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SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Chimaira - "Taste My..." ♥ #metal [.."Should I work to achieve my goals or should I work to leave you be or should I work to keep you home?"..]

ChimairaTaste My

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SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ TOOL - "Sweat" ♥ Progressive #metal [.."Seems so familiar. Seems like I'm slipping into a dream within a dream. Must be the way you whisper"...]
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ As I Lay Dying - "The Sound Of Truth" ♥ #metal #metalcore [.."But what wisdom is there within us; To live based on the feeling of our hearts"..] ✰
fishkopp_deluxe @SkyeCebh: "Must RB! And you know it! @blackwaterpark: "#Katatonia – Burn the Remembrance [In the emptiness behind you I will walk about]"" (reblip)
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Throwdown - "The Blinding Light" ♥ #metal [.."In my youth the ghost stepped through me, and life was never quite the same"..] ♪
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Soilwork - "Fate in Motion" ♥ #metal [.."And I can't move at all now.. ~ What I can see now, I don't want anybody else to see"..] ♪
shamwhat @aigeanta: ""A Perfect Circle – Counting Bodies Like Sheep To The Rhythm Of The War Drums"" (reblip)
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ OT3P - "Possession" ♥ [.."Where will these visions lead? How far dare I go? ~ Into the deep unknown ~ Spirits, spirits; Come, come"..]
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Fear Factory - "Fear Campaign" ♥ #metal ["Strategy to manipulate, paralyze, intimidate ~ Mind killing, restricting. Fear is the enemy on my path"]
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Evergrey - "Rulers Of The Mind" ♥ ["I can't tell when i'm awake or when i dream and my hiding is useless. My anxiety reveals me, gives me away"]
SkyeCebh ["I sleep too deep, For you to wake me ~ My lips are kissed with tiny stitches"] Great blip! RB vi@DamnTheMan: "I haven't blipped this one in a while" (reblip)
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Slayer - "Beauty Through Order" ♥ #metal ["feel of your blood as it flows smoothly down my skin, Intoxicating my soul; Immortality, seducing me"]
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Sonic Syndicate - "Denied" ♥ [.."You pulled me up from the dream, Let's compare scars you and I"..] ♪
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ BlessTheFall - "To Hell And Back" ♥ #metal [.."Slow motion but we're moving faster, moving faster; So much further"..]
mark_till 26. Seether - Across the Universe (iTunes Originals Version)
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Tool - "Swamp Song" ♥ [.."My warning meant nothing. Youre dancing in quicksand. Why dont you watch where youre wandering?"..] ♪

Tool Swamp Song

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SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Machine Head - "From This Day" ♥ [.."Cause the time has come to pull together (feel together) ~ Better now, So do it now or never"..] <3

machine head from this day

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SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Orgy - "Ashamed" ♥ #metal [.."All day long, I want to know why, 'Cause it makes no sense to me"..] ♪ Hello BlipLovelies! :)


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SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ #Mashup ~ In Flames vs Soilwork - "Trigger" ♥ ✰
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Thine Eyes Bleed - "Truth In Evil" ♥ #metal [.."Infected with mind control, A function to identify ~ Watching those who choose to deny"..]
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Skinlab - "Bullet With Butterfly Wings" ♥ Groove/Thrash heavy #metal Smashing Pumpkins #Cover.. And this is helluva tons better :P
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Bush - "Mouth" ♥ [.."We'd been missing long before, never found our way home; We'd been missing long before, we will found our way"..] ✰ GN! <3
SkyeCebh Rb ♥ vi@aash08: "RB @vix_rock Katatonia – RUSTED" (reblip)


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SkyeCebh #metal Love! Rb ♥ vi@hanslanda37: "devildriver - brutality@DescendingDown: "RB @glsjawtomatica: "DevilDriver - Not All Who Wander Are Lost""" (reblip)
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Sepultura - "Refuse/Resist" ♥ #metal [.."Silence Means Death. Stand On Your Feet. Inner Fear, Your Worst Enemy ~ Refuse/Resist."] Rb ♥ vi@metaljax (reblip)

Sepultura Refuse Resist Official Video

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SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ NIИ - "Vessel" ♥ [.."I am you and you are me. We will never be alone. I have finally found my place in everything"..] Awesome Live video!

Nine Inch NailsVessel

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SkyeCebh Rb ♥ vi@TweakerRay: "worked yesterday on this remix... i tried to make an orchestral version... didn't worked that well..." (reblip)

How To Destroy Angels: The Space in Between [1080p]

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SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Celldweller - "So Long Sentiment" ♥ @TweakerRay mix [.."Under this crushing wait, I'm sinking; It never goes away, the Thinking"..] Morning Loves!
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Wumpscut - "Tell Me Why" ♥ [.."Tell me why should I come back to life for free ~ Don't ask me why"..] Rb ♥ vi@quorum: (reblip)

WumpscutTell Me Why

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SkyeCebh [.."And suddenly moon rose.. Frightened, aching, and alone.. And that's what I remember most..The ache".] @theNetherest: "Otep - Andrenochrome Dreams" (reblip)

Andrenochrome Dreams-Otep

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SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ #Mashup Tori Amos vs Rob Zombie - "Body and Pussy" ♥ One of my fave Mashups. Talk about creation gone top! ✰
SkyeCebh This is my fav modern blues! Sexy! Soft! Goosebumpy! Enjoy! @METTSHAW9 @SkyeCebh: "Seriously.. Blues makes me .. come alive [smiles]"
SkyeCebh Life happened! Awesome to see you! I should come down to Amsterdam and hang with you guys! @3rdMachinejohn: "@SkyeCebh where have you been hon..?" (reblip)
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Raintime -"The Black Well" ♥ Fantastic #metal from Italy! [.."Lost! Caught by the smile of the moon, Wandering through the unknown"..]
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Rustmine - "Alone" ♥ #metal ♪ A slow song by a new love of mine! LOVE them! Check them out! (Myspace & Twitter) @RUSTMINE #Rustmine

Rustmine "Alone"

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SkyeCebh Love Trivium! Good choice! :D Rb ♥ vi@straywebsurfer: "♫ Trivium – "Like Light to The Flies"...Thanks for mega props for me! @SkyeCebh ...!" (reblip)
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Alyosha - "Sweet People" ♥ [.."Oh sweet people what have we done? ~ This is our Home"..] ♪ This is a new non-metal favorite :) Hi Lovelies!! <3
SkyeCebh Slayer! Rb ♥ vi@AllSlayerAllTheTime: "Catatonic ☞☞☞ⓢⓛⓐⓨⓔⓡ☜☜☜" (reblip)


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SkyeCebh Rb ♥ vi@MeirleanShawk: "cos if you dont know them yet you damn well should #metal" (reblip)
SkyeCebh Welcome to Blip, sweetheart! Great to have you here! :D Rb ♥ vi@@MeirleanShawk: "First Blip - and one of my all time favorites..." (reblip)
SkyeCebh Rb ♥ vi@NoPityForaCoward: "Avenged Sevenfold – Chapter Four" (reblip)
SkyeCebh Great choice! Thanks for RB, and listening! Welcome :) Rb ♥ vi@HeviMan (reblip)
SkyeCebh Muah! Rb ♥ vi@darrenoftinley: "why so serious?" (reblip)

DamageplanFuck You

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SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Celldweller - "EON" ♥ Neon ReMix by @TweakerRay [.."I'm Pushing Through - Facedown"..] ♪
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Becoming The Archetype - "The Trivial Paroxysm" ♥ #metal ["And though I'm incapable of sustaining myself even for a moment, I will outlive time"]♪
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Black Light Discipline - "Tides" ♥ Industrial/electro #metal from Finland ♪ I actually really like this!
SkyeCebh Have I told you lately that you ROCK!? Well you do! Don't stop being great! @TheAnarka: "Thanks @SkyeCebh the world is under construction" (reblip)

Berri TxarrakLibre

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SkyeCebh As much as I love blip and you beautiful people, it is 1.30 am and time for bed! See you tomorrow! Love. Muah! <3 Leaving with Rb ♥ vi@MWeezles (reblip)


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OmeRoon Scar Symmetry – "Obscure Alliance" @SkyeCebh a colleague of me is in Oslo now, reporting the whole event. Here in Holland we're broadcasting it. ;-)
SkyeCebh Awesome track!! Ty for listening! Welcome to blip! Rb ♥ vi@AntonioGabbiano: "Incredibly cool collaboration of two seemed to be incompatible styles." (reblip)
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Archons - "Plague Of Corruption" ♥ melodic death #metal [.."Omnipresent oppression that keeps us low, Beneath the surface, plague of corruption"]
SkyeCebh Rb ♥ @marijaanadj: "Puscifer Feat Trent Reznor - Potions" (reblip)
SkyeCebh RB! #OTEP!!@theNetherest: "I will find the edge- I will force my fingers in- I will sip from the slit- I will rip you to shreds... ♠ Otep – Communion" (reblip)


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SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Rustmine - "Bleed" ♥ #metal ♪ Check them out! (Myspace & Twitter) @RUSTMINE #Rustmine

Bleed By Rustmine

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SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Rustmine - "Alone" ♥ #metal ♪ Muah Beautifuls! <3 This is a song by a new love of mine! Don't miss them! (Myspace & Twitter) @RUSTMINE #Rustmine

Rustmine "Alone"

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SkyeCebh Muah! Be well sweets! @vix_rock: "Katatonia – Unfurl.Alright People Time To Leave But a lil Slowly ;)" (reblip)


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SkyeCebh [.."You got the money, I got the soul. Can't be bought, can't be owned"..] TY! RB vi@dj_kraviec: "Better don't kill them! But it's a great song!" (reblip)
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Tool - "4°" ♥ [.."You won't feel what you'd like to feel. Lay back and let me show you another way ~ All the way in ~ Take it up higher"..] ♪

Tool4° - HQ Audio

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BJPR @MarianitaG: "Combichrist – I'm Happy Anyway." (reblip)
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Tool - "Third Eye (AEnima) [@zx10r07]" ♥ [..""So good to see you. I've missed you so much ~ Prying open my Third Eye"..] ♪ #ToolTuesday
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Björk - "Pagan Poetry" ♥ ["Morsecoding signals.. They pulsate.. and wake me up.. from my hibernation ~ I love him, I love him"] RB vi@Eclecticist (reblip)
SkyeCebh ["First untie me, Untie me for now.. You said you would, right? And you were right (soon I’ll let you go)"] RB vi@ARSCHLECKER: "@SkyeCebh" (reblip)


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SkyeCebh Sweetie, Accidently removed you as fav when I gave you props. Youre back on though :P Awesome #metal! RB vi@DEXTER_M: "Fear Factory – Self Immolation" (reblip)
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Godsmack - "Mistakes" ♥ #numetal [.."Every breath you breathe deep, I feel you circulating through me"..] How about this one? :) @Time2Burn
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Throwdown - "Propaganda" ♥ #Metal #Cover (Sepultura) [.."I know my ways, i'm here to stay; I didn't start all this yesterday"..] ♪
SkyeCebh Love it!! @TweakerRay: "My ReMix of [NIN] - The Warning in a cool Video ! Check it out... Gooood Morning... and have a great WEEKEND !!!" (reblip)
NoPityForaCoward The Ghost Inside – Siren Song. fuckin game time
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Katatonia - "In The White" ♥ Gothic Doom #metal [.."Now that you're here, it becomes so clear, I have waited for you always"..] #SwedenRocks! hehe
SkyeCebh ALWAYS!! :D Muah! Great to see you! @OmeRoon: "Katatonia – "Soil's Song" - @SkyeCebh Hope some Swedish metal will make it up.... ;-)" (reblip)
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Evergrey - "As I Lie Here Bleeding" ♥ ["Falling away from what I thought was you, Falling come shelter me as I lie here bleeding"] #BBL Lovelies!
SkyeCebh TY you rock! And Welcome! ;D @Skysong: "Opeth – Still Day Beneath the Sun d^_^b" (reblip)
SkyeCebh RB ♥ vi@Aches: "♫✰ Nickelback - Something in your mouth ✰♫" (reblip)
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ OT3P - "Possession" ♥ [.."Where will these visions lead? How far dare I go? ~ Into the deep unknown ~ Spirits, spirits; Come, come"..]
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Courageous - "Fade Away" ♥ #metal [.."It vanished like an hour-glass; Feel the shades"..] Morning Lovelies!

CourageousFade away

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OmeRoon Soilwork – "Final Fatal Force" @SkyeCebh long time no see, how are you?!
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Soil - "Unreal" ♥ #metal [.."You fucked me Behind this garden - Don't fuck me ~ I feel.. Unreal, Everytime I try and stop to feel"..] ♪


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SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ All That Remains - "Undone" ♥ #metal #metalcore ["I know my limitations, I've learned from life ~ Not sacrifice, not price"] ✰
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Atreyu - "Untitled Finale" ♥ #metal #metalcore ["You put a bullet in my head, turned black thoughts to red ~ I dream of your death"] ✰ Dumdadum!
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Infected Mushroom - "In Front Of Me" ♥ [.."I fall into a hole, and I can take no more"..] #Nostalgia
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Skinlab - "Bullet With Butterfly Wings" ♥ Smashing Pumpkins #Cover [sighs] THIS is a better version! Gah! Steev (Skinlab), lemme rape you :P
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ 30 Seconds to Mars - "Time to Wake Up" ♥ Breathe sweetie! ♪ In reply to @romanus The Black Crowes :: Don't Wake Me
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Dope - "Let's Fuck" ♥ [.."Let's go all the way; Let's do it all day; Let's do it wherever we want"..] ♪ Straight communication works [grins]

Dope Lets fuck w/lyrics

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SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Infected Mushroom - "Project 100" ♥ Good Morning, Lovelies! Missed you! ✰
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ The Raconteurs - "Blue Veins" ♥ [.."The most beautiful thing cause anything else can't compare"..] ✰
SkyeCebh Rb ♥ vi@skunk63: "When the wind is howling, its high and painful, screaming in my ears RB@Totengrber" (reblip)
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Combichrist - "Give Head If You Got It" ♥
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Sepultura - "Refuse/Resist" ♥ #metal [.."Silence Means Death. Stand On Your Feet. Inner Fear, Your Worst Enemy ~ Refuse/Resist."]

Refuse / Resist (New Video) By Sepultura

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SkyeCebh Hey sweets! Thank you :) @barrin: "@SkyeCebh: "♫♥♪ The Prodigy - "Wake The Fuck Up" ♥"" (reblip)
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Aktiv[E|H]ate - "What I Want" ♥ [.."My job is to make sure that you do your job. So my jurisdiction is pretty much in your face"..] ♪
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Combichrist - "Deathbed" ♥ [.."In this shadow I wait for you, I strip for you, In white light, my fearless Mind ~ I'm Invincible"..] ✰


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SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Candlebox - "Breathe Me In" ♥ [.."You came out of nowhere, and our eyes collide.. Like a wall collapsing, a crushing tide"..] ✰ You.
SkyeCebh [.."You make me feel like the Amazon's runnin' between... my thighs"..]
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Genghis Tron - "Board Up The House" ♥ [.."The last lights are all fire, Let the heat thrive ~ I won't wait, You'll give up with me"..] You.

Board Up the House- Genghis Tron

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SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Aktiv[E|H]ate - "Blood Roses" ♥ ♪

aktivehateBlood Roses

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SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ C-Lekktor - "Silence Remains" ♥ ♪
SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ A7IE - "Because The Night" ♥ #Electro band from France. And yes, Patti Smith #Cover [.."Because the night belongs to lovers"..] ♪

A7IEBecause The Night

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SkyeCebh ♫♥♪ Front Line Assembly - "Masterslave" ♥ #Wumpscut mix ~ #Electro-Industrial ♪ Hey Beautifuls ♥
SkyeCebh @SonOfOdin: "RB @Aredhel73: I love Carmina Burana and I like very much Therion's version of "O Fortuna"" (reblip)

TherionO Fortuna

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SkyeCebh P.O.D (PayableOnDeath) Rb ♥ vi@KatWilliams: "@musicalmind: rb@cpcdiniz:" (reblip)

Youth Of The Nation

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Genitorturers- Lecher Bitch

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