discotrash The Lemonheads - My drug Buddy
crazydani vocal feminino + cello = AMO :D


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joiceg No clima do final de semana já... \o/
crazydani tudo. Portishead é. tudo.


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cymelique きらきらしている。
sammysunshine Sad songs make me cry...that is a good thing...sometimes...
diskurs . ich gelobe besserung.


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libanesa I would go out and dance and dance and dance in the rain. But I just blew my hair.
ayocanada first head this on "NPR all songs considered"
umtantocacto vamos lá... todo mundo levantando as mãos e balançando a cabeça... \o/

BlurSong 2

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umtantocacto Não há ninguém capaz de ser isso que você quer

Los HermanosT

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bitinic ~get inside their clothes, love their loves~
SlipperyDistortion Up Beats on a Down Cold Day

CakeLet Me Go

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AndrewEglinton That melodie was just asking to be sampled...
WoweeZowee you knew the hands of the devil
emilycatherine My data is going off into the ether, somewhere between here and Houston...
pafurada you think i'm dead but i'll sail away. (reblip)
umtantocacto People love to drink their troubles away. Sometimes I feel that I'd be better off that way. (reblip)
stroud @helenmanson and i used to play this when we were young. i play the bass, she plays the guitars. (reblip)
TAKAPPRS そういや最近聴いてなかった。
Mama e até qm me vê lendo jornal na fila do pão sabe q eu te encontrei e só de te ver eu penso em trocar a minha tv num jeito de te levar a qlqr lugar
stroud they mentioned cafe tacuba in the song... hehe
elfgirl @babee yay! the laughing, my friends! i think they deserve more recognition! but i guess there's lots in ATX. "wait until he roars" is my favorite:)
elfgirl @paulzy i like it too! plus bell sleeves, sweaters, layers of clothing, etc etc...
HappyInBag Contemporary folkies can be just as effective as the old masters. This incredible song just tears me up.
libanesa Heard this song while driving my car in São Paulo. I completely forgot this song back in my memory. After many years... Here it is.
Margaret Great bay area band. Look up Excuses. Thank you, @2legit2quit
Margaret I never liked this until I heard it on the preview for Oliver Stone's W. "And you may ask yourself, well, how did I get here?"
SlipperyDistortion Friends by Olympic Size. Priceless. Playing in KCMO, Dec 5, Crosstown Station. Midnight. Can't wait. Come along, friends.
SlipperyDistortion Sara sang at my house concert. Amazing person, wonderful songwriter and singer.
Reckon I won't pretend to understand the movement of the wind or the waves out in the ocean or how like the hours I change softly slowly plainly blindly (reblip)
SlipperyDistortion Last song for the night. Upbeat. Girl group, Motown sound, modern verve.
andypowe11 how can you just leave me standing? alone in a world that’s so cold ?
sunnysunnysunny It's not going to stop 'til you wise up.

Aimee MannWise Up

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Pichi In the news. . . Blip favourites Brazilian Girls get Grammy nomination (Coldplay get 7)
SlipperyDistortion I was thinking of this song this morning. The Christina version, but this is sassier. (reblip)
SarahShoeMe ant to surf? Go on. Just watch out for sharks Bobby! Bobby? Bobbyyyyyyyyyyyyy!
lausen Pride (In the name of love) - U2
sudaca70 this one's for the kid I still am...
camden sundays and reggae just go together perfectly
sunnysunnysunny The downside of having a party on a Tuesday is you end up wishing it was a friday!!!//Thanks @jubalinha and @FlaviaZett for the props! :)
stroud @purplesime thanks. it took me a while to find a radio-edit version of "Remind Me" here in Blip. Thank you for following~ (reblip)

RoyksoppRemind Me

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Figgywithit Man, the guys and girls at NPR love this band.

Bon IverSkinny Love

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chimpotle To rock the mic is like my basic instinct

The RootsDynamite!

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chimpotle seeking crap I actually want to blip

The WhoThe Seeker

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sudaca70 playing at this very moment and I'm not there :(((
tanzbunny same same........:) @holaphil...........good night.....see you...
HappyInBag I fell in love with this band of goofballs when I saw them perform in the basement of a college dorm.
SlipperyDistortion And the original. Put on some paisley and dance in place.
natsukigamer the lollipop stile... jajajaja... serious???


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SlipperyDistortion @andhow Love that Lightning Seeds song. Thanks for the reminder.
Leo_Almeida le fabuleux destin d'amelie poulain
texdanger more famous hip hop samples, I didn't forget about Dre
texdanger something fun for a bleak afternoon
SlipperyDistortion a mind-blowing blend. never would have put them together, but how pretty.
loverox ah! faz tanto tempo que eu procuro essa música nessa versão! Obrigada, blip!
jccunningham @by_starla Great seeing other Buckley fans out there!!! Loving your selections today...
lausen Snowy morning blues - James P. Johnson
Figgywithit Brass monkey, that funky monkey. Someone needs to mash the Beastie Boys with this one.


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infodiva It will get better Tweeple, Blippers
TacoKid Keep On Rolling – Quiet Village -- This is Fresh.
TacoKid "The Funeral" – Band Of Horses -- haven't heard this song in a while. Still good. Still makes me mellow.
nfrobbie listen to this song and your senses will be honey. you will see it, smell it, feel it, taste it and, well. just listen. you'll hear honey.
lausen Feliz Navidad!! Espero que hayan pasado una hermosa Noche Buena =)

StrawbsLay Down

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elfgirl i love being smothered in hugs..and kisses and leaves and sweaters and warm clothes from the dryer and beautiful songs but mostly smothered in love :)
lausen For what it's worth - Buffalo Springfield
OneLuvGurl Something about a southern girl make me feel right. In a Mississippi morning, she's an angel in flight...
dojodub credit crunch me arse, it's cyclical casino capitalism, if you don't pay the workers enough to buy back what they produce, this is what you get
SlipperyDistortion Loved this movie. OSS 117. Great spoof.

OSS 117 - 17 Bambino

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emilycatherine Take It On The Chin – William Elliott Whitmore This guy is amazing
MrThompsonR Sweet Love – Me'shell Ndegéocello In the mood for love tonight? :~) (reblip)
lpl ジャパニーズなオールディーズロック。

The 5 6 7 8sWoo Hoo

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VikingKvinna Shawn says it's the story of her marriage, so I have to hear it.
bendrix @Flower - this is a new Hooverphonic to me so I'm all geeky and giddy - I also see you got some Cafe Del Mar & Tosca :) (reblip)
sheryonstone @REBlogGirl = well we definitely must reblip that one *it's a prerequisite :-) thx Warren Zevon song ever. My Shit's Fucked Up – Warren Zevon (reblip)
sheryonstone believe my dream has to start now. Nite all, happy blipping, blip on !!! I'll be guiding you *blowing kisses *Magic - onj
gloreebe i'm your only friend i'm not your only friend but i'm a little glowing friend but really i'm not actually your friend
kirbyple I would do it all the same.
HappyInBag "It's been the same way for years- we need to change." Spoken like a true outlaw.
HappyInBag Marion sings Bob on a sunny Sunday morning. Perfect.
Sparklepony Re-blipping my own blip, cuz I have to hear this at least several times a day... (reblip)
elfgirl yes! time to play chords on the Korg.... (reblip)


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Sparklepony Good stuff..l I'm likin' it! Thanks @Stolen (reblip)
sandraew "Give Up the Funk" (Tear the Roof Off the Sucker) – Parliament Thanks @amyb88 (reblip)
LesleyLambert This woman has crazy emotion in her voice...If Wishes Were Horses...dreamers would ride. Giddyup!
sandraew thank you @threebears @briangreene via @evablue chain-re-blipping and re-blipping @GR8FL Also love finding new music and great DJs here!! Ha! (reblip)
lpl 言わずと知れたニーナシモン。さいこう。 (reblip)
elfgirl thanks @Jerronimo . and btw, glad you like NMH! (reblip)
GR8FL @aldenia - your blip got me thinking about the new year and the need for world peace, etc. - but it starts with us and we can all be heroes, even now
lausen No matter what - Badfinger
texasbywayofma A hit from the man in black himself.
HappyInBag Robert Ward founded the band that eventually evolved into the Ohio Players.
HCE put on your cincinnati jackets and clap hands

Tom WaitsClap Hands

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jonasryan Nobody wanna see us...

AkonDon't Matter

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evablue as much as i hate the doors, this quite nice. :) (reblipping) @briangreene (reblip)
dojodub @davidwatts1978 primitive code caused the script to crash, so I killed it and backed it up for revision, nothing like a a bit of usage to clean it up


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bendrix Yes I really do like this Thanks reblip=> @Saorsa You ask me, why it is I come to you. @santamistura @smirrh @JoyUnLtd @Wickie @parfurada ENJOY... (reblip)

Oi Va VoiRefugee

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e_bag May the wind take your troubles away

Son VoltWindfall

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hyhm trip-hop.net, collection, th is not dead (neither m... bug!) (reblip)

Oi Va VoiRefugee

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wiseacre Yankee Hotel Foxtrot will forever be Wilco's magnum opus; on par with OK Computer and Achtung Baby. Watch "I am trying to break your heart" docu.


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wiseacre For some reason I think of recess jump roping ...
hyhm 'and a little bit of lust' (my fairy godmother favorite quote)
wiseacre One of the best forlorn love songs written in the last 20 years.
Natalie_Brown I want somebody who cares, For me passionately... (reblip)
Frauke Are Friends Electric ? - Gary Numan
PinkBearLover Que decir a ver si le ponemos algo de trópico a este día.


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PinkBearLover Anoche con esta rolita nos despedimos.
by_starla @sudaca70 it has been a difficult year-i'm also wondering what 2009 will bring. taking hope from acts of kindness & love in the midst of troubles.

The OwlsAir

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by_starla @Aluciel The Like is really hard to find-i think b/c the and like appear in too many song titles. not much ULed either-will see if i can rectify that.
lausen This one's for @manuelmontaner, who wanted to be embraced =)

Etta James Embraceable You

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CookStar The original tell me how it is Marvin.

Harold Melvin and the Blue notes-Wake up everybody

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Aluciel You can't knock it or rock it or be bop it/It's an itch you can't scratch nothing's gonna stop it
sudaca70 ... because, among other wonders they wrote this absolute beauty
cle50000 trying to spend all my props. thx for making it so easy ;-)
TKC - Whenever someone asks me what I want to do. I ask them if they want to get down.
stickylicks This is awesome. His voice sounds a lot like Robert Smith to me and speaking of, got 4:13 for xmas but ain't checked it yet...hope it's gooo. d.
midy some noise for the guy sitting behind me.
GR8FL @Sandman5, yes! So where are the strong? And who are the trusted? And where is the harmony? Sweet harmony.... (reblip)
ekman magic song... Black Magic Woman – Carlos Santana (reblip)
HRAKI dance dance to hook's bass
bj5s @hermetic @godninja its about one of the only things i did see! Now for some Thunderclap Newman brilliance!!!;) @marilovisky nice Jimi song Mar!;)
jenna_ jute laune, wahr. irgendwie!

XThe New World

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jenna_ it was actually a very good year. for me. (enter new year's sentimental mode right about... now. sniff.)
bj5s "I fought the law and....I Won" ha!!! Nice one Jello;)!!!
fabianodelgado And the drive home... Essa é a bandaaaaaa (reblip)

The WhoBaba O'Riley

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bendrix Your blips make me Proud - This is DOPE - BTW I had a chat with Magestik Legend yesterday, I didn't know U knew him. he's like Fam :) rblp=> @Chickee (reblip)


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olumi_day Last Night – Mar-Keys

Mar-KeysLast Night

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DGitall I got something that will knock all your pride aside
olumi_day Try a Little Tenderness – Otis Redding
rhino i'm mad, i'm mad, i'm mad like a big dog yeah!
TKC - They don't play the German version of this song enough. Also, hope for world peas in the New Year since this song was the rare 80's "message" song.
ShyTrbleMaker From their 2008 EP - The Bird and The Bee
KSTV Jeannie C. Riley is best known for this #1 hit in September of 1968. She was the 1st woman with a #1 hit on the pop & country charts a the same time.
digitalrub my college room mates hated this one after about the 300th time i played it
lausen Los que estén en el camino: Bienvenidos al tren!
lausen Yo asumo que @Betto me habla a mí, porque soy muy engreída =P
Donch Schnell, bevor der Laptop-Akku leer ist...
solarlion pure magic ... haunting, lilting melodic wonder of the heart.
lilwldchld When I`m with you baby, I go out of my head.... Back later :)
Figgywithit Favorite funny songs for $200 please, Alex
alfonvaina Temazo (Part XXIX) (penúltima)
Radiobread mmmm Nina Simone - To Love Somebody.. (Mr Bojangles was Nina not Aretha)..
Craterbaiter Goose bumps saw them live in Las Vegas .. (reblip)
lausen @SlipperyDistortion Everything's great! Hope you are starting an amazing 2009! =)

Rolling Stones - Lady Jane

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LesleyLambert I am dying to put my tap shoes on and lay some rhythms to this. This will be a performance piece for me...not sure where or when, but it will!
Figgywithit Over the supermarket PA

The KnackMy Sharona

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fabianodelgado Maravilha, esse som (reblip)


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CookStar thx man, reminds me of a girl and a pub in camden london 1985;) (reblip)

Terrance Trent D'Arby - Wishing Well

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fbrahimi words of love (remix) – soul bossa trio vs. jazzanova (reblip)
ladypn @JRex what do you take me for, a....
GR8FL Roberta Flack hails from the DC area where I was fortunate enough to have caught her singing several times. Clint Eastwood raised her popularity.
HappyInBag Have you heard Ledisi? What a voice!
ulltra they're all out to get you.. once again

JamesOut To Get You

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lemerodrigo @aldenia I don't know why I've remebered you. :)
erinscobee Who doesn't love this one - Baby, Now That I've Found You - Alison Krauss
Donch würde sich dafür glatt selbst Props geben.

Le LoupLe Loup

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minga Gute Vorsätze #9: fleißig arbeiten... (reblip)

Kate Bush & Peter Gabriel - Don't Give Up

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alicebates Doing Media coursework...why have I left it so ridiculously late?
gingerw take me on a trip i'd like to go someday
THC1138 Here's a reblip from @420thoughts -- been saving this one for a while -- a classic from Harry Nilsson (reblip)
elfgirl they knocked my socks off last nite...the funnest part of the nite :)
elfgirl time for some cutsey tunage on COLD ass sunday morning....

SeabearCat Piano

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lausen Much better than the original: Striaight up - The lost fingers
elfgirl and something w/ a bit more energy. kick on it now coffee or tullycraft :) these girls are game to fight!
clonazepam @buchmamsell Brecht and Dresden Dolls.. better choose ever. Vielen Dank .. but Ich spreche kein Deutsch : ]
DownLow First day back to work in 2009. Trying to get back into the swing of things

0970 - Pm Dawn - Set A Drift On Memory Bliss

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MilesBonny the future and past are always up against each other. Makes enjoying the present difficult. :: Curtis Mayfield "Future ShocK"
sandraew ( @ThanksSlipperyDistortion) Don't let life get me down... (reblip)
PlasticRobot via@futurebiblehero Wow! This takes me back! I haven't heard this since probably 1989! Still a great track. (reblip)
pipercarter this song makes me wanna jump around on the bed doing back flips onto the floor in a split & back up again in a fresh spin again & again & again...... (reblip)

the hussystiger

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GR8FL @sidfaiwu <Myrrh - This is such an amazing song. This is the song were The Church finally came together as a band.> !!! (reblip)

The ChurchMyrrh

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GR8FL @lub you have such great music taste! <from the movement called Nordic jazz this is my favorite band! solid productions & gr8 musicians involved> (reblip)
iddybud James Carr was singing in church & in gospel groups and making tables in a factory in Memphis. He began recording in the'60s for Goldwax Records.
bendrix Easily one of my favorite Beth Orton tracks, F@#$ beautiful acoustic and vocals. Nice range Digable Planets, Madonna and Beth :) @k_lish
lilwldchld No one knows who she is or what her name is....
sunnysunnysunny Because I have to be up before 4 am tomorrow (this is an isolated case), GOODBYE and GOOD NIGHT. I'll catch up with you all when I get to. Enjoy :)
loriiseclectic always gets stuck in my head
lub domu knows how 2 play with good sounds........
SlipperyDistortion Love the sprawling feel of this song. Perfect road trip music with the windows rolled down, music infecting the landscape with its groove.
jonasryan They trapped you and they used you...

FacesOoh La La

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GR8FL I've been done for about 1/2 hour @patita - never went out on my errands - would rather be inside where it is not freezing cold or raining.
tonyladesich i feel sort of cheesy blipping this... but god damn it, just beautiful.
tonyladesich @tonyladesich - Here's one of my favorite songwriters. i agree totally! (reblip)
SlipperyDistortion @bunster10, "Sometimes it feels like I'm...." Guess I feel that way too, but connected a the same time to lovers of great music. (reblip)
SarahShoeMe A Israeli band. The song is nice, doesn't sound like a missile at all...
SlipperyDistortion @purplesime Thanks for reminding me of this band. I've been trying to remember this song for weeks.
purplesime @SlipperyDistortion I know how you feel. 42 props to give out this morning, received over 40 today and currently at zero! Still, that's a good thing!

Pearl JamGone

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GR8FL a different take on Take on Me...
oxfordslacker @Slipperydistortion Goddamn right...
HappyInBag I have a new theme song. It's by a guy from Page France. RIYL: Catfish Haven, The Mamas & the Papas
tonyladesich from my favorite neil record ever... more important, check out my old friend who just joined... http://blip.fm/cdub not many people with better taste.
SlipperyDistortion Lonely boys and girls, listen up. The music makes you feel out of sight.
tubilino jajajaja @pumpkinshellz ...any problem? one virus? ice-cream? a nice guy? love in the air? your favourite song? jajaja :) (reblip)
SlipperyDistortion Here's to all my friends on Blip.FM.

Will Phalen and the Stereo Addicts - I Come From the Ocean

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HappyInBag I don't Blip my favorite artist. Bob Dylan's songs are so deeply ingrained in my DNA that it just seems pointless. This, however, just blew my mind. (reblip)

Gal CostaNegro Amor

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Figgywithit For all the amazing musicians who touched my heart and passed too soon. (reblip)
olumi_day Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler) – Marvin Gaye
tonyladesich Mm @ natehofer - or something... this is a great song!!! i am proud of you my man. (reblip)
SarahShoeMe Such a great classic. @diordan beijoca de 2009 que eu ainda não te mandei
olumi_day Chrisette Michele-Best of Me

Chrisette Michele-Best of Me

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SlipperyDistortion Woo hoo to @LauraO, my 200th listener! And her blip is apropo, "Lordy, don't leave me." Ha. Welcome also to @studiojewel, listener #201. Blip on. (reblip)

MobyIn This World

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angrybob And then, @CargoCulte she said, "No, the Ramones were there first and besides, I like them."
angrybob Reblip of the reblip @GR8FL. I knew this song from @Ruadh, but @evablue played it at me last time she sent me a picture. (reblip)
angrybob But, off and still, like, listening... so don't stop (as if anyone could stop you, you princes of blip, you queens of the innerwebs!)
Shukitty I would just like to say that melora creager in a corset with red hair, a chain mail choker and a sword is hot. I <3 my new album
Aluciel I wanna tell you that I’ll never love anyone else/You wanna tell me that you’re better off by yourself/But darling when I see you, you see me.
SlipperyDistortion @aoibhneas Sometimes being without a computer is a good thing. Well, I'll try not to let the suspense slay me. (reblip)
sudaca70 Mr. Eno siempre presente, dónde quiera que vayamos ;)
lilwldchld @sheryonstone He just gave me a warning, but geez embarassing!! You know?

Hot ChipThe Warning

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aoibhneas What's good with a linen shirt? @Reuben ...and a nice body... (reblip)
aoibhneas And still no Blue Song.....
cdub someone i discovered recently and wonder how i lived without
aoibhneas @djfrico dreamy one to fall asleep to.... thks @SlipperyDistortion i will. Til we blip again.. (reblip)
SlipperyDistortion @aoibhneas @djfrico, This is exquisite. I've got a long night ahead. Until next time... (reblip)
lilwldchld Hey you, won't you listen...

INXSWhat You Need

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by_starla @ladypn-truly laughing out loud at your reply-same problem here with work, etc getting in the way of blipping. makes me wonder about my priorities. :)
Figgywithit @ladypn this was my looking for something else but really like this song of the day. :) (reblip)
CargoCulte Speaking of cracker, one of my favs by them!
by_starla @JRex--i am fine, thanks--unwinding after a busy day, trying to decide when to turn in. how are you? good to see you as always. :)
by_starla @CargoCulte-b/w books here-trying to decide among Anthony Shadid Night Draws Near; Ian MacDonald Revolution in the Head; VS Pritchett London Perceived
by_starla "It's X. What else is there to say? Honest-to-goodness." precisely--thanks @SlipperyDistortion. (reblip)

XThe New World

| play
dals French Connection (T6)

France Gall - Le Coeur Qui Jazze

| play
alicebates I know, I'm a day early...but I love this too much! :)
DJVee Chilled mix, lion down with Lamb.


| play
HappyInBag Tom Z makes me dizzy. (reblip)

Tom ZDoi

| play
michaeljoel Feelin' the need... the need for caffeine
cdub hadn't seen that video - you are exactly right. This song reminds me of the Obama campaign! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EcRA2AZsR2Q (reblip)
GR8FL Back to Grammy nominations (airing on 8-Feb). This category is "Best Rock Song" 1 of 5
lawduck @jaxbee can't find nanny nanny boo boo, this'll have to suffice. My My Metrocard is hands down their best ever though.

Le TigreTKO

| play
HappyInBag Until just moments ago, I'd never heard this deep soul gem. How is that even possible? (reblip)
santamistura I love Crosby, I love Nash, I love Stills and I love Young @washingtonson thanksssssssssss (reblip)
jencvs @ladypn I know its such a nice mellow kind of odd version hehe
cdub there's no mention of improbable italy - oh well.