disconnesso - per completezza d'informazione http://twitter.com/disconnesso/status/1518597162 (e comunque all'Akab per chi può c'è L-Ektrica stasera!)
eliott_is_dead fuck me! already 4.500 listeners!! don't you guys have anything better to do, you punks?! =D


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Snowblood Gotta drive 'crosstown 4 that appt.now, gonna leave U guys with a little Damien Marley&CypressHill 2 chill 2. SssssmOKin! K, ciao...


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Snowblood This one's 4 my dearheart old BF Cornell, who had 2 go & die on me a cple yrs ago. I miss you, baby...


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Snowblood I TAKE breath, the opposite of Primatene mist.
De_Ann ~genuinely retro of course~ vi@RTM_PROTRADER Janis Joplin-Summer Time (reblip)
righteousbabe Sexy, raw tune. Definitely reminiscent of old school PJ Harvey. Nice. (reblip)
Crumbs what happened to these guys?? SISCO happened lol
briangreene they all sound so similar.


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briangreene are facebook quizzes sent to profile us better so we become more obedient advert recipients? #fb
DJRodneyKing SonZera do Dylan pra vcs @drkk @Carlin (devia ter ido com agente no show!) (reblip)
DareToEatAPeach @Arajay LOL Yeah Bloody Beetroots played Daft Punk. Is there ever a DJ that doesn't play DP? I <3 it but come on! No points for originality there. (reblip)
DareToEatAPeach @613mike Crookers were so focused on showing off, they never let a melody play, it was all bass. Skillfully executed but nothing I wanted to dance to.
marilovisky And I'm finally leaving here, babies! #work# See you, be safe, be good! :)
Snowblood 'Cause all you need is soul,& self-esteem will release. The rest is up to you. Rakim, I'll say "Peace." (reblip)
De_Ann vi@ambit How is everyone feelin today?Peace...Frampton!!! @Gaz50 @evablue @CynDyn @grt8fl @suzan @Geo8 @rkmonkey Hope you're great :) (reblip)
DareToEatAPeach Should lastFM be shutting down their nazi groups instead of folks like @AndreaUrbanFox who're praising the competition? http://bit.ly/shameonlastfm (reblip)
De_Ann grrreat! vi@LeBomba Garbage - Only Happy When It Rains (reblip)
De_Ann have many artist friends on MySpace, but blip won't accept the best@Flying_Roundhouse ~ DeAnn, where the heck do you get all those cool profile pics? (reblip)
De_Ann hola Rrroberto - thx for the Kurt blip :) @RobertoFendler (reblip)


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Snowblood I'm just gonna be playing a bunch of Thievery for a while, in one of those moods 2nite...
jencvs I think this one plays better than the last one...so literally it is getting better :P


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Snowblood NaS and Snoop, doin their thing
Snowblood Friday night's a good time for parties & bullshit...
Snowblood oh hell yeah. This was such a badass album.

Chicane - Behind The Sun - Saltwater - Remix

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De_Ann janice is crying, but the toothfairy isn't far :-)@DaToothfairy (reblip)
DareToEatAPeach Can't resist sending this to @steno. Much love for this version! @steno just gave me an excuse to play it.
DareToEatAPeach I don't want to play dance athems now but it's a lot harder to transition down than up. Taking it down slowly, still quite a hopper, this one
DareToEatAPeach #danceanthem from turn of the milleneum. RB @DJMassacre Nice. Didn't recognize it at first. (reblip)
DareToEatAPeach Some of my favorite lyrics from this time period. (reblip)
DareToEatAPeach Ok that's more the tempo I want to be at. Don't know why I care about transitions, very few people listen to Blips consecutively anyway. =P
Aluciel I think I'm going to watch some TV and read a bit before bed tonight...which means no blipping. So long, blippers, and goodnight! *muah* ^_^

Bob Marley - Redemption Song

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DareToEatAPeach Thanks to @prosa_tu for giving me this track (like in the real, non-digital world!)
DareToEatAPeach Speaking of the greatness of MSTRKRFT and speaking of the greatness of The Hood Internet...
Crumbs This was a tough track! excuse that still is! Zion
DareToEatAPeach [said @28apple_chic YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSnesssssssssss. vi@filthymixer] was going to play something else but enthusiasm like that can't be denied. (reblip)
NEWB @Snowblood hit it on the nose man on the nose right the nose @Snowblood Climb this bitch time knows all bounds are off to us Stray no-wh-erE AnoZ3 (reblip)
NEWB @Snowblood hit it on the nose man on the nose right the nose @Snowblood Climb this bitch time knows all bounds are off to us Stray no-wh-erE AnoZ3 (reblip)
Snowblood Sometimes I feel like a motherless child, a long, long way from home.Sometimes I feel like I'm almost gone... (reblip)
Snowblood Thanks, Newb!I'm in this weird thom yorke/bjork kinda late night mood...
NEWB @Snowblood hit it on the nose man on the nose right the nose @Snowblood Climb this bitch time knows all bounds are off to us Stray no-wh-erE AnoZ3 (reblip)
Snowblood Love Diplo, love Dead Prez, love this shit.
DareToEatAPeach @rynosoft Yeah I had issues w/her because my boyfriend at the time had a crush on her. This is the song that won me over. / @prosa_tu A remix!
DareToEatAPeach I find his thick accent appealing. The Twilight Sad – Cold Days From The Birdhouse
DareToEatAPeach Does no one have a cute kitty that wants to star in a book? Seriously need kittehs!
Snowblood "Blow a blunt, get a drink, whatever soothes you, cuz if it ain't the street,the system will lose you."Alchemist/Snoop/PushaT/Jadakiss
DareToEatAPeach @thevanish Let me know when you sign up for www.blip.fm and I'll alert my listeners to check out your page. =)
DareToEatAPeach This is a live version. Pixies – where is my mind
DareToEatAPeach I always kind of think of this as the Clash's rap song.
DareToEatAPeach I see a lot of these around. The Ting Tings – Great DJ
DareToEatAPeach On May 6th Blippers the world over take over the music at some lucky bar and drink and blip the night away.
DareToEatAPeach Best Rapture song IMO. The Rapture – Whoo! Alright - Yeah... Uh Huh
DareToEatAPeach @handstamp No I have a business trip in LA. You going?
Snowblood For my Twitterpeeps, this'll get the funblood movin' on a Friday afternoon! Chromeo ~
Snowblood This is 4 @LosAngelista ~Depeche Mode's Martyr remixed by Paul Van Dyk
Snowblood this lasts 10 min or longer, but if U feel like gettin' in the zone, this'll do it~Radioclit
jencvs Gary Jules version gets you depressed, tears for fears makes you move to rhythm while you agree there is a Mad World indeed
marilovisky Come as you are, as you were. Take your time, hurry up.
Snowblood I think this has always been my favourite Marvin Gaye joint right here~ Trouble man
Snowblood Another favourite Marvin Gaye song~Makes me wanna holler, & throw up both my hands.
jencvs Tori covers Jim Croce's Operator
Snowblood MethodMan, LaurynHill, JeanGrae~ Things They Say (LaurynHill always chokes me up, that VOICE, oh man...)
Snowblood Just take me as I am, or have nothing at all. Mary J Blige, feel like she's talkin bout ME. LOVE!!
DJRodneyKing I'm with you my brother @Diordan, Jimi is alwaysss welcome!
DJRodneyKing I Put a Spell on You! @TassiResende Olá queridaaaa, seguuuuuuuura a Nina... kkkkk
DJRodneyKing !It's All Good! @TassiResende @Lucas_Lima - Mais uma do disco novo dele pra vcs...
Snowblood Why not. I can't find anything but remixes for Big L, this one'll do for now...
DareToEatAPeach [I love it when Bob gets hot and bothered.] RB@HappyInBag (reblip)

Bob DylanIsis

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DareToEatAPeach Dusty Springfield is a goddess. Probably the goddess of drag queens, but a goddess no less.
Snowblood Add It Up~Violent Femmes "Guess its got somethin 2 do with luck, but I look at your pants,and- " (reblip)
Snowblood testing (why the hell isn't the preview function on today? and why have songs here that are "unavailable?" maddening.
Snowblood U don't know what you'll do until you're put under pressure. Across 110th st. is a hellova tester~ for @DreamHampton
DareToEatAPeach This new Discotech remix supposedly has synths added by Gigamesh.
Figgywithit find this song heartbreakingly beautiful for some reason
DareToEatAPeach Hey, ya'll? Whachadoin? I'll be reorganizing my closet when I tear myself away from my PC. And shaking my booty of course.
Snowblood When I first heard "Ain't Got No" on my Nina Simone CD, it got me, I really wept. Cleansing, good tears tho.
DareToEatAPeach Damn. That one didn't work either. Perhaps I will distract you from my failure with this mighty sick track.
DareToEatAPeach @evablue Yes, I was shaking my booty when both went caput. Just glad to have you listening. ;)
drkk Muy bien! @TassiResende Ando escutando muito Leonard Cohen...
Snowblood Absolute power corrupts absolutely.~MF Doom, Absolutely(Listen2 what Doom says here, it's all truth. Believe that.)


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Snowblood I'm the life of the party! It don't take much for me to get started.~Snoop & TooShort (now THERE's a match made in Thug'sMansionheaven!)
Snowblood It's best that U never knew what good head'll do.Turn a freak in2 a bisexual, & if she's flexible, fuck the n**ga next2U...
Snowblood Caution: This song causes extreme relaxation and may lead to premature sleeping. Try not to drive while listening.
Snowblood This is the way I'll fall into sleep now, drifting into my memories...Into Dust~Mazzy Star
Snowblood Why hasn't this amazing 80's song been sampled/mashed/remixed by anyone yet?~Lawyers In Love, Jackson Browne
Snowblood "All U SuperDJs who act so cool/When U gonna realise that you're acting like a fool?" LOVE!!!!!

CameoWord Up

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DareToEatAPeach Fun trivia question! Props for anyone who can tell me the name of the song and musician that this song alludes to. Hint: seventies rock
Snowblood @djdnice This one's 4U, baby! RunDMC & KrushGroove,a Liveshow. From wayback in the Days of Real
Diordan @yohanp's musical selections never fail to astonish me; they are profoundly beautiful, and smart, and moving. Many, many thanks! @avivamagnolia : ^) (reblip)
DareToEatAPeach "You can't stop us from dancing!" What an addictive refrain.
Snowblood Beware. Big Pun. Another genius the world is smaller without...

big punBeware

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Snowblood "You're quite hostile." PublicEnemy"I got a RIGHT 2 be hostile, man, my people's been persecuted!"
Snowblood Lend me your ears, and I'll sing you a tune! I'll try not to sing out of key...
adbert @des_liz_atroz [Eurythmics – Here Comes The Rain Again] Acá taaaaaaá!!! Feliz finde!!! :-)
klitoria @GR8FL...how are you today ??? Is everything going well for you???...tender hugs from heart to heart (reblip)
Snowblood If HipHop should die B4 I wake, I'll put an extented clip insida my AK, roll to every station & murder the DJ.
Snowblood Love you @RiFent and nevermind the bollocks, girl! U R Beautiful,inside&out, never forget it.
Diordan never enough 27 reblippin' @Vesna's Superb pick! Hey @CargoCulte Howard Andy no... noooooo! : ^) I need to sleep someday! (reblip)
Diordan never enough 18 @DownLow @avivamagnolia @CargoCulte Geeez no I haven't! A giant unique gem pal! Thank you once again!
Diordan never enough 26 This is special for my pal @calamari I know he will dig this! You're ever welcome @avivamagnolia how are you @threebears?
Snowblood Dead Prez - Fallen Soldierz Beautiful song, this...
OnasussMaximus Precisely what we're looking for... "Freaks of the Industry" from Digital Underground, here on WCHD. "Hoes N Fuck Talk 24/7"
OnasussMaximus Bringing y'all nothing but "Hoes N Fuck Talk 24/7." De La Soul with the best posse cut ever, "Buddy." Black medallions, no gold here on WCHD.
OnasussMaximus You're tuned into WCHD. This how I'm trying to get tonight. "Too Drunk Too Fuck." The Dead Kennedys...
OnasussMaximus Getting my dubstep on! WCHD, bitch! Joker... Psychedelic Runway...
DareToEatAPeach @struggleville Going to see them in 2 weeks. Haven't found a song from them yet I don't like. //@Mirrorshades
Snowblood Raekwon with Inspectah Deck ~ Rap Burglars
Snowblood Welcome2MyBlock~ @ClintonSparks remix, 2Pac,Scarface,DamienM.,NaS - this mix right here just WORKS, really well. (reblip)
Snowblood The incomparable @SnoopDogg with Willie Nelson, talkin' bout My Medicine - LOVE!! (reblip)
OnasussMaximus Evahree ting is irie, here on WCHD. "Baltimore" by The Tamlins. Blakka!!!
OnasussMaximus Fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa far better than the competitors, of which there are few. "Psycho Killer", Talking Heads. WCHD...
OnasussMaximus R.I.P. Camu Tao. SA Smash with "Illy" around these WCHD parts. "Hoes N Fuck Talk 24/7"

SA SmashIlly

| play
OnasussMaximus WCHD. Rocking out right off of exit 6 on the turnpike. Jersey? What's good? Def Leppard with "Too Late For Love."
DareToEatAPeach Odd little remix of the Black Lips from SoopaStah DJ Diplo via www.pastaprima.net
Snowblood Reblip from another 1 of my FAVrit DJs on BlipFM,@daretoeatapeach ~a Diplo mix. Je pense que Diplo's some kinda mixin' genius. (reblip)
Snowblood Live version of Talking Heads' Psycho Killer~ I think this is the one. DON'T TOUCH ME!I'm a real live wire...
Snowblood When they kick at your front door,how U gonna come?W/ your hands on your head,or at the barrel of your gun?
Snowblood Police and thieves in the street,scarin' the nation w/ their guns&ammunition.From Genesis 2 Revelation...
Snowblood Blazin' chronic thru the galaxy! Hydro, doja, chocolate Thai weed... ~Dre, LightSpeed

DRELight Speed

| play
Diordan She had black hair like ravens crawling over her shoulders All the way down She had a smile that swerved She had a smile that curved
Diordan Candy says she wonders why we try I couldn't think of what to say I had no ready reply But Candy says I'd like it where she is


| play
Diordan I hope you're waiting for me across your carpet of stars you're the night, Lilah you're everything that we can't see Lilah you're the possibility
Diordan And I feel all right now I have to tell ya I think it's time for me to finally introduce you to the Buena buena buena buena good good good


| play
Diordan @gracieriots Flexing like a heartbeat we don't like to speak Don't talk to me for about a week I'm sorry it just hurts to explain
Diordan Where is the ritual And tell me where where is the taste Where is the sacrifice And tell me where where is the faith
Snowblood I'm not crazy! YOU'RE the one that's crazy! You're driving me crazy!! ~Suicidal Tendencies
Snowblood Asshole Dub ~ Minor FUCKIN' Threat
Snowblood I don't care! I don't care! DON'T care.(well you're gross anyways) i DON'T care.~Black Flag
Snowblood I don't want to grow up. ~The Ramones
Snowblood Stooges, Iggy Pop~Gimme danger, little stranger, and I'll feed your disease. Kiss me like the ocean breeze.
Snowblood 'K, so! what is it w/ the name "Johnny" and punkrock? For real! Johnny's like MostFavouredName ~Stiff Little Fingers
Snowblood Which side are YOU on? ~ Dropkick Murphys
Snowblood Queen Omega, Sizzla & Capleton ~ Warning BEAUTIFUL!! You get warm merely by listening.LOVE!
Snowblood It's my life! Who's gonna live it for me? I am who I am! ~ Queen Omega-No Retire LOVE!!!!
Snowblood Twitter needs to get some fuckin' Ackrite abt this reply-function-change thing. Tell 'em, Dre&Hitman
gigia @gigia: reblipando gigia. preguica bateu mesmo (reblip)
DJRodneyKing @erinagin Working like a Camel! hahaha and u? This tune is great, enjoy! There's always Hope!!!
Snowblood Thx 2 @kcrw I just discovered a beautiful new artist 2 love, and I LOVE! ~Juana Molina-Sonamos
Snowblood Wanted 'Suck My Dick" but it's not on Blip.Cuz if I was a dude, I'd tell that punk 2 suck my dick.~Li'l Kim
Snowblood Go 'ead, roll up the Swisha, but don't drink all my liquah ~Life Of Da Party-Snoop, TooShort & Mistah F.A.B.
Snowblood One of the best songtitles ever, & an enduring classic ~Black Steel in the Hour Of Chaos -Public Enemy
DareToEatAPeach Rats. Couldn't find that last one w/out Imeem. Well here's one I know isn't Imeem. ;)
Snowblood "one more time for Old Times' Sake" ~Eminem & Dre LOVE!! Can't wait 2 buy this CD
Snowblood This one's 4 @Atrak - baby, I been knowing & loving Ma$e since the beginnin'ovit! Totally missed your "blimp" reference *kiss*
Snowblood I gave you all the love I got, I gave you more than I could give. Gave you LOVE. I gave you all that I had inside...
Diordan Ahahahaha hold me back now!!! I got some kinky to blip!!! Hahahahaha hold me now!!! (still not receiving most reply warnings by mail blipsters)
Snowblood Reblip 1 of my top 5 fav. BlipFM DJs @Diordan whose eclectic taste educates me daily~ Kinky, Soun Tha Primer Amor (reblip)
DareToEatAPeach @avivamagnolia OIC. True. I did that before I figured out the upload. Even much reduced, Blip is still the best music site out there.
gigia @mibenevento!! eba!! sou sua mais nova fa!! seja bem-vinda gatinha!!! isso daqui é a melhor coisa que foi inventada desde a coca-cola!!! =) (reblip)

La Valse D'Amelie

| play
Snowblood You got the look. I want to get to know you better. ~Rakim, Mahogany


| play
Snowblood The invincible, microphone fiend Rakim, a smooth operator operating correctly.
Snowblood We're living this 'til the day that we die. Survival of the fittest, only the strong survive.~Mobb Deep
Snowblood For the beautiful, brilliant & all-around fairly fuckin' awesome @DiggsWayne ~Maria Callas, Casta Diva
Snowblood It's driving me nuts cz his work needs modern digital remastering.He WAS a Maestro, of the highest order.~Enrico Caruso,Torna a Surriento
Snowblood Luciano Pavarotti, 1 of the finest, most genius tenor opera singers to have created art in the 20th century ~Ave Maria
Snowblood Great way 2 segue outta an Operatic run, I find, is 2 get Bjork on the line. ~Bjork, Human Behaviour
Snowblood I ask myself: How am I going to make it right?"Oh Bjork, why must you make me weep like this??~Desired Constellation
Cruzito webs on the neck from the necklace stripping!!@haykay47
Cruzito Tricky – Evolution Revolution Love w. Ed Kowalczyk
Cruzito Janis Joplin – Take Another Piece of My Heart


| play
Snowblood I like my beat down low, my top lit back. I like this motherfuckin' song, aLOT.~T.I., Top Back

T.I.Top Back

| play
Snowblood Don't let that Georgia peni shit fuckwit your spirit & your art, baby. No Matter What. ~T.I.
Snowblood Well, can't do T.I. without Young Dro. I fucking LOVE this song. LOVE. I just do. ~Young Dro, Shoulder Lean
Snowblood And while we're on Southern rappers,In Between Us,let's just defer to the King, shall we?~Scarface (with NaS)
Snowblood Creep. We in creep mode, baby. Comin' round here, shinin' like Death. ~Mobb Deep, Creep


| play
Snowblood Keep on Pushin'. I GOT to keep on pushin'...~Bun-B with Scarface & Young Jeezy
Snowblood If this was My World, I'd be Tony the Man,call me the Godfather. Controllin' the Fam. ~Big Pun
Snowblood Remember this-In This Life-survival of the fittest. ~Gang Starr, Uncle Reo & @SnoopDogg
Snowblood Vintage Dre & Snoop

dr. dre & snoop doggie dogg - dre day

| play
Snowblood Yo! Yo, Ma! Check it out ~Cello solo, Suite no. 1, Prelude
Snowblood For @ThatWrite1 because Only God Can Judge ~Tupac Shakur
Snowblood I always dedicate Black Superman 2 my dearheart best friend Cornell Holloway who died 4yrs ago.Tryna keep his memory alive. (reblip)


| play
Snowblood I don't regret a thing. Not the good, not the bad; to me it's all the same.~Edith Piaf, Je Ne Regrette rien
Diordan Off blipland for now!! see you later blipheads! Oi @i_Dea nêga!
Diordan reblippin @i_Dea and leavin' this was one of the first Mp3 files I've downloaded in my life @CargoCulte @Atomik @anjeee @lollydaskal @threebears (reblip)

07 - Funk Hum

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Snowblood @WarrenGeezy this one's 4U "Don't wanna make excuses, cuz this is how it is. It's just me against the world, baby." ~Pac
Snowblood This song is rather gangsta, I must fuckin' say ~Sean Kingston & BunB
OnasussMaximus "Poke Her Face" sucks. Here's how you make a song about head. "Just Don't Bite It," by NWA. WCHD, fucker...
Snowblood Malcolm X - By Any Means Necessary

Malcolm X-By Any Means Necessary

| play
DJRodneyKing Nice @erinagin, you won one for free... You deserved! hehe Listen to this amazing brazilian music!
Snowblood THIS is a stick-up. Everybody get face down! Ren, gag their mouths so they can't make a sound!!
Snowblood Reblippin @DjKaze - one of my favourite voices in music, @B_Real420 Hand on the Pump (reblip)
bencetera Step One: Set mode to "repeat." Step Two: Play this song. Step Three: Turn it the hell up. (reblip)
bencetera This song is for @Lavanetta, the definition of Pontiac-fabulous! (reblip)
Snowblood Reblippin @bencetera because Music is MY hot, hot sex as well. LOVE this song!! (reblip)
DareToEatAPeach RB to prop: You're max bumped ma'am. @headshaker: "I listen to the music with no fear." (reblip)
DareToEatAPeach Oops @Mirrorshades *shrugs* I had the Dynamite Hack album back in the day and I don't remember anything else worth remembering them for.
DareToEatAPeach <3 Yelle!


| play
Snowblood For my homies in the pen ~Tupac, Still Ballin'
Snowblood "Goin outta town, blowin' up. Six months later all the dead bodies showin up. ~Biggie " (reblip)
Snowblood You never thought that Hip-Hop would take it this far.It's all good, baby bAYbay. My god you are missed, Biggie...
DareToEatAPeach @Mirrorshades Yes, but still for teen angst _song_, I'd pick the Violent Femmes again. It'd be this one. It makes me feel like a 15yr-old boy.


| play
Snowblood We miss YOU, Biggie. I'll smoke a blunt for U, baby. ~Biggie Smalls, "Miss U"
Snowblood He was aMAZIng on the mic, listen 2 this live performance he did with Pac ~Where Brooklyn At?
DareToEatAPeach Should I stay at home and wait for guest at 11 or go the the TV on the Radio Show at 7?
DareToEatAPeach @aproxy: "Ooooo she'd be cool to be 4 halloween!" You should write that in your calendar right now (reblip)
Snowblood Music is my sanctuary, music is my blanket. I see only what I wanna see. I'll be only what I wanna be.My blanket covers me.~Urban Species & ImogenHeap
Snowblood If you don't need me, then don't you deceive me. You're letting my freedom turn into stone. ~Mazzy Star, Be My Angel
Snowblood Of course I'm like a wild horse, but there's no other way I could be. ~Sinead O'Connor, 3 Babies
Snowblood Send me your flowers, of your December. Send me your dreams of your candy wine. I got just one thing I can't give you... ~Mazzy Star, Flowers in Dec
Snowblood Reblippin @jencvs It sure the fuck IS a Mad World. Tears For Fears, one of my favourite childhood bands. memories... (reblip)
Snowblood You know wha? All this lawsuit work, fuckit. I'm laughin' straight to the bank with this. I'm a get PAID.
Snowblood God gotta let me in heaven, all the shit I been thru! ...if U take a look in my eyes, you'll see I'll be a gangsta till I die~
Snowblood This song put me on to 50, and brings back SO many memories, my thrilling, fucked-up bad-girl days. NO regrets. Always loved 50.

50 Cent : In Da Club (Dirty)

| play
Snowblood My mom's on Valium and lots of drugs. That's why I am what I am, cuz I'm my mom!
trynarashun have u ever had MIND SEX? i have...*no words...except maybe, yeah, it was borderline tantric....word* trynarashun radio...

Dead PrezMind Sex

| play
trynarashun uh oh...special dedication goes out to all the guys on bitchassness...*trynarashunradio*

Blu Cantrell-Till i'm gone

| play
Snowblood My mom's on valium & LOTS of drugs.That's why I am how I am, cuz I'M MY MOM! LOVE Em'sMomSongs.(last blipwas clean.HERESY!!)

EminemMy Mom

| play
Snowblood Two of my most cherished rap artists together, fuck death - this remix is THE FUCKIN' BOMB!!~ Em&Biggie,Dead Wrong
Snowblood "One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain." Bob Marley ~Redemption Song