jacquig sweet home alabama one of my favourite tracks to cycle to warning there will follow some others (reblip)
jacquig this v good & i feel good

james brown - i feel good

| play
Sobk13 @joenoia This is going to be our wedding son.
Sobk13 One of a few songs that can make you cry and feel elated at the same time. A voice with a soul.


| play
Sobk13 Oh, I would like to be a sofa in a woman's beauty parlour.... too much fun
Sobk13 These guys know good earsex when they make it
Sobk13 Heard this song on the radio and it reminded how cool it was. And Joni is a goddess.
Sobk13 @BlackoutsBox For your kick boxing session ;)
leolobato @penfabulous this band is new to me. loved it, actually. :)
Sobk13 Here's a chilled one: thinking about bed....


| play
Sobk13 @JohnBolch Thank you John, I like this song lots and the first one they released:
JohnBolch @Sobk13 This was my favourite from their first album:
Sobk13 Reminds me of Summer time as a young girl. Wistful indulgence.
Sobk13 Last one for the night - go Sexy lips, go!
JohnBolch Zeppelin's greatest achievement:

Led ZeppelinKashmir

| play
Sobk13 One of my childhood/ teenage favourites. Still love them...
Sobk13 May need a little Jay Z to ward off US punters...this is bitchilicious though....
Sobk13 La, la, la, croc is happy once again....
Sobk13 I presume that macho 'Let's go!' was for me, yes? So...I see you and raise you one ;)
Sobk13 Can't find original, but this will do. Bashment still, but I think it matches the tone of your last song..... :)
BILL8032 Lenny Kravitz – American Woman (reblip)
Sobk13 @bill_romanos. I like your style, I surely do, this little rocker, is just for you ;) (I do hope I have the right man)....
BILL8032 The Chemical Brothers – Galvanize
Sobk13 I certainly don't lust after bad boys, but I listen to them.

Prodigy - Poison

| play
BILL8032 The Chemical Brothers – Block Rockin' Beats
BILL8032 U2 – I still haven't found what I'm looking for (reblip)
Sobk13 Mad Mister Magic keeps attracting me.....
Sobk13 For all the stressed out tweetie pies ;)

The CureClose To Me

| play
Bor64 Dee-Lite--groove-is-in-the-heart


| play
Sobk13 Can't stop myself. These guys are so funny, they make water bubbles come out of croc's nose...
DayBowBow I gotta have more Cowbell...


| play
Bor64 snow patrol – Chasing Cars
Sobk13 This is my new theme song. Until it is safe for croc to re-emerge from new, top secret, listed building/ mansion in country.
Sobk13 @TeresaCooper Sssshhhhhh, they must not know where we are...... (reblip)
Sobk13 Oh man, more memories from the angst ridden chapters of my adolescence.
Sobk13 @sleeprun British peeps are very cool; UK guys even let girls they like wear their accessories n shit. Ya.
Sobk13 This song was given to me by a very kind man and I think it only proper that it is set free to fly around twitter!
Sobk13 Ah yes, more angst. Feel really at home now.
Sobk13 Time to distract government spy with music. Loud rock will hopefully create interference with airwaves and burst ear drum?

Alice Cooper - Poison

| play
Sobk13 Labyrinth is still one of my favourite movies. What? (reblip)
Sobk13 @jacquig To cheer you up....

zoe sunshine on a rainy day

| play
Sobk13 Hhmmm, new to me, but my ears have pricked up...

EshamRed Rum

| play
joenoia Tribe Called Quest – Can I Kick It ?
Sobk13 Everybody's got the fever, that is something you all know...#Swineflu

Peggy LeeFever

| play
Sobk13 They don't make 'em like this anymore.

Everybody Wants to be a Cat

| play
Sobk13 And breathe.....

The Girl From Ipanema

| play
Sobk13 This is not really happening.You bet your life it is.
Sobk13 I am having a party in my flat. All the girls are naked.
Sobk13 For my son, whose ego was bruised this morning by an errant straw.
Sobk13 Am sensing a lot of angst on twitter. My psychic scales are feelin the heat.
Sobk13 Piano is delicate reminder of key to love
JohnGreenaway Ooh, blip's clever. You can enter a URL too... Here's that Kate Bush cover from earlier.

Transposer - Running up that hill

| play
Sobk13 Fun, fun, fun. Reminds me of Christmas :)
Sobk13 Sobuki found music nirvana in the bayou. Thank you @tubilino *Kissy*
Sobk13 Feelin the piano today. Today is a piano blip day.
Sobk13 Had to blip the bees. No piano so mandatory exception to rule.
Tsaksonakis @ me - Stop and think, awhile... Paul Weller – You Do Something To Me (reblip)
Sobk13 I left you by the house of fun.
Sobk13 Continuing with Piano blips....

Rachmaninov 1 - Piano Concerto No 3 in D Minor 1, David Helfgott2

| play
cjh Police - Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
Sobk13 It is National Piano Day down in the Bayou. In honour of an art long neglected.


| play
Sobk13 Be kind to me, or treat me mean. I'll make the most of it, I'm an extraordinary machine.
Sobk13 Loves Oscar. Loves his pjianoooo... and bass, goddamit, have to love the Count's bass!
Sobk13 Delicate piano. Simple sound. Haunting the chambers of the soul?

Alanis Morisette - Uninvited

| play
Sobk13 I like cake. (the music kind).

CakeI will survive

| play
pisith 39 (2008) Jesse McCartney - Leavin
Sobk13 For @TeresaCooper (I think you like Dance Music, yes?) FUN!!!
iamKYM Love this Song!! Love Lily Allen Too!! HAHA!!! Lily Allen - Knock 'Em Out (reblip)
Sobk13 My heart doesn't feel bad; this is a voyeuristic blip.
JohnBolch An old favourite, even though I won't get props for it:
Sobk13 These dudes are the klinkety clonk of music. To me.

AK1200 & Dom & Gidlok - The Lycan Autopsy

| play
cjh Sheryl Crow - All I Wanna Do
cjh Muse - Can't take My Eyes Off You
Sobk13 Control yourself little croccy, it is late and the candles in the bayou have all been snuffed out.
MauiMichael Otis Redding – Try a Little Tenderness
Sobk13 @JohnGreenaway Unlike you, who is a smooooooth operator.........

SadeSmooth Operator

| play
paulasilva It is what we have been doing this afternoon. See you later..
Sobk13 Eurovision A&E starts here. Ready or not.
xelavee RT@nancyperez: "Here we go..." (reblip)


| play
Sobk13 If you still feel sane after listening to #Eurovision, please refer to the leaflet and make your way to nearest A&E.
Sobk13 We need to go deep; the bad music has infiltrated the dermis and there's not telling what it will do to the nerves..#Eurovision
Sobk13 A&E is now closed for the evening. We have successfully brought the Euroverse back to life. #Eurovision
Sobk13 DJ Sobukisounds signing out. It's a wild world out there and crocodiles are just a small part of the urban jungle.
Sobk13 Good evening; this is your music muse, DJ Sobuki Sounds, coming to you live from the top of a building.
Sobk13 Son's request. And as we live in bayou, perfectly appropriate.
Sobk13 In the bayou, with the birds I share this lonely view....
Landru Supergrass – Alright


| play
Sobk13 @sage_in_spain A moonlight Sonata for you, smoothie pants.
Sobk13 Oh yes, 1994 here I come....

Alice Cooper - Poison

| play
jacquig turn it up loud! tis for charidee
Sobk13 A favourite from university. Remember *discovering* them before they were famous with best friend. Amazing day.
Sobk13 Kewl song. One of my all time favourites.


| play
Sobk13 Yes it is, it's the magic number.....
Sobk13 Oh-oh, DJ Sobuki Sounds' Kitsch Gene is kicking in. *At top of her little lungs "I DROVE ALL NIGHT!!!"
Sobk13 Cautionary Fairy Tale for modern youth.....
Sobk13 You can't go wrong with De La Soul. It's the Law.

De La SoulBreakadawn

| play
Sobk13 Speak a little louder? I'll even shout....
Sobk13 Sobuki is getting that Friday feeling. She may shake a tail feather this weekend in some box of the night....needs movement.
chrysanthalbee for my angelbee --> jimi hendrix :: angel

Jimi HendrixAngel

| play
Sobk13 DJ Sobuki Sounds switching it up: What a voice.

Etta James I just wanna make love to you

| play
Sobk13 For all my 1D, 2D and 3D friends!
Sobk13 Alright, so Bashment tends to surface at Notting Hill Carnival, but Sobuki can't get enough: have you ever danced to this S***??!!

Kat DeLuna feat Elephant Man- Whine Up

| play
Sobk13 @refashionista Thank you! Happy weekend to you too :)
Sobk13 Whatever happened to these guys? They were groovy.

Pearl JamBig Wave

| play
Sobk13 Laugh and die.

14 The Beautiful Briny

| play
DanielLeclair Beautiful Girls – Sean Kingston >>> This one is for All of the Beautiful Girls! Have an awesome Saturday!!!
Sobk13 Dj Sobuki Sounds here, signing in for an evening of reading, tweeting and maybe some dancing in her nightie.

Billy Joel-Uptown Girl

| play
Sobk13 The weird squeaky voice works. *kissy*

Bee GeesYou Win Again

| play
Sobk13 It's a club, girl, why you arrive neked?

Will SmithSwitch

| play
Sobk13 Rose attar on suede

sting-desert rose egypt pharaohs

| play
Sobk13 You can't beat the way she says "Haaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrtake!"
Sobk13 Khalas DJ Sobuki!

aicha cheb khaled

| play
Sobk13 I see camels and hubbly bubbly and I shall smoke as much as I want!
Sobk13 Oh won't you stay? Just a little bit longer?
Blackout Falcor! growwwwwwwlllll! Raaarrwrr!


| play
Sobk13 Oh-oh. Kitsch dance gene resurfaces. Oopsy.
Blackout Perfect song for a Corona & lime buz... (reblip)

Roy Orbison's "Blue Bayou"

| play
Sobk13 Whitney having a clubby moment, and it's rather good.

Whitney HoustonFine

| play
Sobk13 It wasn't me!!! Okay, maybe it was, but you have NO PROOF.

ShaggyIt Wasn't Me

| play
Sobk13 Oh Mans, I used to looooooove this song. I still do, for the love of all that is wiggly and windy, I still do!

SHAGGY OH CAROLINA official video

| play
Sobk13 Oh,oh,oh, am teenager again...
Bor64 Amii Stewart – Knock On Wood
Sobk13 Early music memories

A ha- Take On Me

| play
Sobk13 Oh look! It's 4 mini MC Hammers! Not knocking them though, BIIM were like my pinups when I was a little croccy.
Sobk13 A parting gift, complete with sexy video for the guys and fun beats for the girls. And a nod to my Stateside relatives!
Sobk13 Let us begin with Rock Royalty.
Sobk13 Big fetish for these guys. DJ Sobuki has much love for you. Magic systeme, Je t'adore!
Sobk13 Il faut bouger!!!!!! Cerebrally, physically and speereetooallie!

Magic System "BOUGER BOUGER"

| play
Sobk13 Magic Numbers? I like 3, but I prefer it when accompanied with a 1....
Sobk13 I don't care that they prance around naked. They're shamanlicious :)
Sobk13 He can dance, she can dance, they make magic!

Justin Timberlake and Ciara.Love Sex and Magic

| play
TheMasterplan79 Sophie Barker wrote and sang on this Zero 7 song most probably remember as part of the awesome Garden State soundtrack!
Sobk13 Last Magic blip of the night and they are one of my favourite bands! This song is called Little Firefighter :)

Magic System Petit pompier

| play
jacquig and you'll sing pizza bella !

Thats amore Dean Martin

| play
jacquig am nothing if not eclectic & love to sway xx


| play
Sobk13 @Gjacqui: this is a remix of Sway, just for fun!
Sobk13 Tell me Saxophone, tell me!

Etta James I just wanna make love to you

| play
Sobk13 When it all falls down....capitalism's connundrum.
TrollopCupcake {sings} 'does that make me crazy'

Gnarls BarkleyCrazy

| play
Sobk13 And breathe. (But not for long, as may surge to something more beatie. Who knows with DJ Sobuki. She barely knows herself).
TrollopCupcake {sings Duran Duran – Hungry Like The Wolf}
Sobk13 Now I would like a caravan.

Caravan / Ellis Marsalis & Harry Connick,Jr.

| play
Sobk13 Sometimes, music just moves right through you and takes a molecule or two with it.


| play
Sobk13 @sleeprun Good morning my Musical Majesty. Here's a Bassline for your breakfast.

Portishead Wandering Star, With lyrics.

| play
Sobk13 Sobuki knows it's bad form for DJ to dance to their own music, but she can't help it; she really can't!!! :)

Sam Cooke Everybody Loves To Cha Cha Cha

| play
Sobk13 It's Funky Friday.....huh, huh, huh!
Sobk13 What?! Reptiles are *hugely* romantic; have you ever seen their courting dance?

More than Words = Extreme

| play
Bambi429 Soon you'll come around and let me know its time to leave
Sobk13 Like this reworked version. I shall kill you softly @MiniPopper, you will see.
Sobk13 Oh,ho,ho, yes. Toxicity levels high, the female of the species *is* more deadly than the male....

Alice CooperPoison

| play
Sobk13 As Sobuki was saying....
Sobk13 Even Dracula finds women intimidating. What luck to be born a woman! #SobukiSounds
Sobk13 Kay, feeling all silly and giggly now. #Girlyattack

Rick JamesSuper Freak

| play
Sobk13 Fun rock.

she's got the look "roxette"

| play
Sobk13 Courtesy of @LudiMagister: possibly one of the funniest songs Sobuki has heard this year.
Sobk13 DJ Sobuki revving it up, *live* in Twitterville - watch out birdies, the cat's in town!
Sobk13 The politician - a primeval beast by *divine right*? I think not :)

Pras featuring Mya & Ol' Dirty Bastard "Ghetto Superstar"

| play
Sobk13 You wanna get hot & heavy @sleeprun? Well then, let's forget foreplay and let's meet the master....

The RootsProceed

| play
Sobk13 Don't panic! It's just a bug in the attic.
DJrythaman Black Eyed Peas – Where Is the Love?
Sobk13 I dedicate this to you @sleeprun, my Southern Boy, I found you a Southern Girl :)

Southern GirlAmos Lee

| play
Sobk13 @sleeprun You can't be posting those kinds of musical messages here; only talent please!
Sobk13 @sleeprun, hmm, the ladies don't always get their way - and so they shouldn't!!!!

Mack the Knife- Frank Sinatra and Jimmy Buffett

| play
Sobk13 @sleeprun, alright, let's get sentimental, you know women are masters at that! Sleepy, I would give it all up for you!

Amos Lee- Give it Up Simple Version

| play
Sobk13 @sleeprun, you've got a wedding to go to, pull yourself together man!

Megadeth-Symphony of Destruction

| play
Sobk13 Well, @sleeprun, sentimental it is. But just for a minute. Us girls have to be careful you know. We have soft hearts :)
Sobk13 Or else, @sleeprun, you could end up being my favourite mistake....... :-)
Sobk13 In which case @sleeprun, we would just have to travel in my time machine and erase and rewind....
Sobk13 @sleeprun I'm not the jealous type but if my eyes go green, there's a problem.

Music Video: "Green eyes"

| play
Sobk13 Are you going all #HashtagBrownie one me @sleeprun?

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

| play
Sobk13 Oh @sleeprun, Barbara has a beautiful voice, one of a few Caucasians I would say can sing. Speaking of Bee Gees.... (they are quirky cool too).

Bee Gees-How Deep Is Your Love

| play
Sobk13 I could listen to mo and mo Satchmo. And the Bing aint bad either @sleeprun.

Bing and Satchmo Jazz Jazz Jazz

| play
Sobk13 @sleeprun: "@Sobk13...buoy these guys were talented.....Harry Belafonte & Nat King Cole" Yessir, they were. (reblip)

Harry Belafonte & Nat King Cole

| play
Sobk13 @sleeprun, this man makes a big impression on me too :-)
Sobk13 You tell him sista!

Hit the road Jack!

| play
Sobk13 This may be the only day of the year in Britain where this song is inappropriate.

Singing in the Rain - Fred Astaire

| play
Bambi429 Im hungry as a motherfucker you know I got the munchies...I keep it gangsta, start dippin Oreo cookies


| play
tubilino rb w/thx @jj91 :) (reblip)

The Richest Man In Babylon by Thievery Corporation

| play
Bambi429 Here's another reason that I'm gonna take you home Cause I can't be a fiesty little freak when I'm alone
Sobk13 One of Sobuki's favourite remixes of all time. French DJ's make soxy music!
Sobk13 @sleeprun - your last blip doesn't count - I blipped that already! Honestly, here's another kiss; I hope it inspires you ;)


| play
Sobk13 Oh @sleeprun, I can't say a bad word about the bad disco, because I am hopelessly devoted to you. In fact...
Sobk13 @sleeprun, one might say I am a slave for you...........r mUsic?
Sobk13 Okay @sleeprun, this is disco for the 21st century. Get wid it man.
Sobk13 You wanna hear good Disco @sleeprun? DIS ting could CO on for ever!!!

Bingo Players vs. Chocolate Puma-Touch Me(Bart B More Remix)

| play
Sobk13 Alright @sleeprun. Enough bass. Let's have some harmony between us :)

The Cinematic Orchestra feat. Lou Rhodes Crimson Skies

| play
Sobk13 These guys make Sobuki so happy @sleeprun.
Sobk13 More bootyful lyrics for @sleeprun.

Shirley Bassey "Where Do I Begin" (Love Story)...

| play
Sobk13 Oh, so yu wanna play like dat @sleeprun? He digs her class, I just dig Dwele :)

Jimmy Stay DownLive

| play
Sobk13 Are you trying to sex me up @sleeprun? You know I got the toons for that shit.

Jill Scott "Gimme"

| play
Sobk13 @sage_in_spain Not so: all girls like @Bambi429 and @Sobk13 want is charisma and.......a KISS! Tell him Bambi! " (reblip)


| play
Bambi429 @sage_in_spain, @Sobk13 has got that right :) A kiss, and a little fun!

cindy lauper girls just wanna have fun

| play
BubblesToGo "I havent to hear this song every few days! @ptneves @Listermate @Leandro_Azevedo @Alberick @dtm @mui @Cispassinato @AmandaBaker @Sobk13 @dtm @mui " (reblip)
nordravensoundsystem @Sobk13. its not *all* goth and industrial around here you know...

BurialShell of Light

| play
Sobk13 My feet are still a little hot from the blow torch backlash. #FireStarterSobuki
Sobk13 Kealll the Ciops......
Sobk13 Oh my, oh my, where did you go Buckshot? How I've missed you....
Sobk13 @sleeprun These musicians are part of my favourites selection: what do you think? (reblip)
Sobk13 Branford BABY.

Buckshot LeFonque feat Branford Marsalis & Dj Premier ´*** ~ Breakfast At Denny's

| play
Sobk13 Add a little this, take out a bit of that...Fuse it funksters....!
Sobk13 Getting carried awaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy....
Sobk13 One Sobuki willing to clean keys and make teas for the late, great musician.

Rachael Montgomery - Moskowski Etude de Virtuosite Op 72

| play
Sobk13 Technically brilliant little dude but the emotion, young man, the emotion!
Sobk13 @chaoszac Once your head is better, you may need to contemplate the following.

Where's your head at- Basement Jaxx

| play
nordravensoundsystem @Sobk13 oh no. the professor's head is still aching. please. something kinder...
Sobk13 @chaoszac Is this a little softer? It may help you to sleep....
nordravensoundsystem @Sobk13 much nicer. and a little bit of overblown goth bombast for dreaming:

The mission uk dream on

| play
Sobk13 @chaoszac In fact, I think this is perhaps better for a confused headache.
Sobk13 Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Amen for that!
Sobk13 @sleeprun I love you from the bottom of my pencil case ;)
Sobk13 Funny how quick the milk turns sour, isn't it?
Sobk13 Thanks Sleepy (@sleeprun) I got sunshine on a cloudy day!
Sobk13 For @sleeprun What becomes of the broken hearted? Why, they rise like the Phoenix, of course :)
Sobk13 Don't worry my Sleepy, it may not happen at once but it will happen, at last! @sleeprun

Etta James / At Last

| play
Sobk13 Son's request; and he is *always* on my mind :)
Sobk13 Sobuki has no desire to turn the clock back nor to prevent change. Come with it what may! And *look* what change brings!

Clocks Buena vista social club

| play
Sobk13 Sobuki is momentarily peering into the universe's soul, just for now.
Sobk13 It's bigger than us, we don't have to worry about it :)

Crowded House Its Only Natural

| play
Sobk13 He's the kind of cat who *always* gets his bird. Not this time!

Playgroup"Number One"

| play
Sobk13 Oh-oh, Sobuki getting all hippedi hoppedi on herself.....
Sobk13 She's the best, this song's the best, where's my plectrum?
Sobk13 @sleeprun Good morning; another of my favourites winging its way to you :)
RadioFreeZombie Follow the the spiral!


| play
RadioFreeZombie @Sobk13 have some english breakfast and wake the fuck up :) But that might be a bit much for you. but who knows
RadioFreeZombie @Sobk13 come join my mad tea party.. the food might taste a little strange though..
RadioFreeZombie @Sobk13 While the Earth Sleeps here you awaken to the new day before you.
RadioFreeZombie "And the vision that was implanted in my brain... still remains" (reblip)

sound of silence

| play
RadioFreeZombie @Sobk13 sure, lets go for a drive...

Drive (The Cars)

| play
RadioFreeZombie @Sobk13 but the road I'm on can get a little bumpy (reblip)
Bambi429 @Sobk13 & @Malakh7 - are we acting like Animals tonight?
Sobk13 For the Conspiracy Crew @chaoszac and @Malakh7. Sobuki would co-pilot the flying saucers with them anytime. We are not alone. (reblip)

OliveYou're not Alone

| play

josef k- sorry for laughing

| play
RadioFreeZombie @Sobk13 That is so sad, I hope you find the Dark Crystal and other soon.

The Dark Crystal--A Song of Fire and Storm

| play
Sobk13 Good morning.

Smash Mouth-Then the morning comes

| play
BubblesToGo Hello and sleep tight! Enjoyed blipping with you tonight. @gigia @batman2829 @Daeflyn @acanuckfan @MusicWithMsB @Sobk13 @ericsvonk

AI season 8 FINALE Danny Gokey Hello

| play
technosomething @Sobk13 - bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! - pyromania is about as complete as it gets - oh baby...DON'T PANIC!!! - hehe :) - late night

Journey of the Sorcerer

| play
inadaequat Jay Tripwire – I See A City In The Clouds (Original Mix)
giridhar Michael Jackson – Smooth Criminal

ruzdi "bahtalingum romja caven"

| play
Shukitty @squidbrain @sandyriverside except I'm picking the movie and I pick Muppet Treasure Island

Sesame Street Muppets Cabin Fever

| play
Bambi429 Yes, @lordlucan @Sobk13 - Its like this and like that and like this and uh
hambers Good advice and a cool tune...

AaliyahTry again

| play
MuzanE More Beastie Boys? Yes please! "Hey laaadies! I've got an open mind so why don't you all get inside.."
Starmonique Reblip @storylet """I Can Feel The Beat Darude"""" (reblip)

I Can Feel The Beat Darude

| play


| play
katarinax Welcome new listeners! どうぞよろしく。ハンガリーのブラスで「紙のお菓子」です。Tortapapir! @whym @Sobk13
amphore RB @powerhealths: "✿~♥~✿ Heart of the matter ✿~♥~✿ "Let your love be like the misty rains, coming softly, but flooding the river. " ~Malagasy Proverb" (reblip)
Bambi429 @Sobk13 maybe we should ditch the party an head to the club to get tipsy?
Bambi429 @Sobk13 Or maybe they're tryin' to do something else? ::wink::
Bambi429 @Sobk13 your Goodies, my Milkshake :)


| play

yalla habibi

| play

Eagles-Tequila Sunrise

| play
Bambi429 Oh @Sobk13, it's not YOUR ass I'd be kicking lol You can always lean on me :)
Bambi429 @Sobk13 Oh man... yes, thank goodness for that! I'd much rather be *this* kind of friends :)
amphore Misha - Bugs (Receptor Unofficial Remix)
Bambi429 @Sobk13 Yes, we must be sure to Keep Em Seperated!
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