Renego Vôo sobre o horizonte - Azimuth


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TheSun ...that's real stalkerish miss 'retha...
Somerset08873 I got it, you got the magic.
tiagosx minha namorada tem muito bom gosto e só me apresenta musica boa huahuhuaa ;p @Leticia_
Somerset08873 I've got to get back to Sao Paulo. I need a music fix.
anadiomena para o #diadascrianças e para todo dia também (quem gosta de escrever sabe o que essa música significa)...
Somerset08873 Can't get this hook out of my head.
ArtBel cuidado , se llamaban cristianos pero puede que os hagan perder la religión
ArtBel @memoria... lo mío no es la memoria pero "Que bello es vivir"
Somerset08873 I "discovered" this British duo while in Rio watching music TV. They've got a unique sound.
Somerset08873 Nice mashup/sample of an old Hall & Oates tune.
webdigao Esse começo já foi usado em alguma abertura de programa na tv, só nao lembro em qual.
Somerset08873 That's it for tonight folks

Tony Toni Tone - Slow Wine

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jeff Y know, you're supposed to hate him, but the guy can totally play, he's got the Jimi rhythm thang going on. Only guitar players would know...
Somerset08873 This one will get you out of your seat and on the dance floor.
kellythegreat <--- would die if prince made her anything, much less a pink cashmere coat
kellythegreat i didn't even have to use my AK/gotta say it was a good day
Somerset08873 Missing Sao Paulo

Djavan Se

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webdigao Em homenagem aos Ets que estão chegando. Eu não falei que eles vinham? Preciso me retratar com o Manoel Jacintho Coelho, o Maior Homem do Mundo.
Somerset08873 What a great way to start the day.
Somerset08873 "Wall Street losing on every share, they're blaming it on longer hair."
AainaA Have a GREAT Weekend Blippers... AainaA has left the building :-*
Somerset08873 Ok, Ok...Four Play might be just a litte over produced on their version. Isleys by a nose.
davidwatts1978 was this such a bad song that radio 1 had to ban it, for goodness sake, Mike Read its your fault
Somerset08873 These guys have such an original sound.
klitoria ... dancing makes me feel free...
Somerset08873 Somewhere, deep in the jungle...
kellythegreat this song is the official anthem of black family reunions. every time i hear it i think of barbeque and gin rummy. :)
Somerset08873 One of the sexiest songs ever recorded
Somerset08873 You talkin' to me? You talkin' to me?
Somerset08873 Hard to believe she is so young. This is really a very good track
lorisgirl Worth every second. Algumas vezes eu volto pra Antena 1 e eles me presenteiam com algo ótimo.
lorisgirl And I say yes, I feel wonderful tonight
Babu quando começa essa música eu fico com vontade de sair rasgando, digo, não correr pq a música é ruim, é que o ritmo é intenso...
DJRodneyKing Realmente é incrível ... não conhecia ... Valeu pela dica ! @Diordan
clarkowitz I guess I'll have to go back to playing the piano. I'm cool with that.
Somerset08873 Hey-hey-hey-hey...hohh-hohh-hohh-hohh-oooh


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calamari John Coltrane is my official soundtrack for working late.
calamari Dream on dreamer, life gets in your way.

The Brand New Heavies - Dream On Dreamer

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crisgorissen • de trenó, avião ou balão não importa como, chega junto •
crisgorissen @driczz Falando em photographia, aqui vai uma que eu adoro.
calamari @andhow Completely agree. Love Chet Baker. He has a very unique and vulnerable voice for a Jazz singer. :)
raiopositronico essa banda o barry white deu pra mulher dele, será que ela levava uns coió tb?

I'm So Glad That I'm A Woman Love Unlimited

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ChristineLovesPhilly ahhhhhhhhh...wish I was sitting at the dock of the bay!!!
Somerset08873 Sometimes to and fro is exactly how it goes
DJRodneyKing Japonêêêssssssss, homenagem a tua prima !!! @Lecuos @drkk hahahahaha
dankeldsen Nothing quite like synth-wielding communists to round out a friday. No, seriously!
Somerset08873 I have to tap me foot whenever I hear this song ;-)
Somerset08873 Chill time

bajofondo tango club - pulse 1000 mares (omar rmx)

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Somerset08873 Never too early to catch the last train or plane home.
Somerset08873 Good morning tweeps. It is a beautiful day...dispite the light rain here.


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Somerset08873 Watched the J.Lopez/M.Anthony DVD movie last night...OK movie but really good soundtrack.


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Somerset08873 Listening to my older brother's LPs, Wes turned me on to jazz, as a teen. No one has duplicated his sound!
Somerset08873 Parle vous Francais?

Christophe Mae Mon Paradis - cest ma terre

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Somerset08873 One of the best bands....ever!

DJLIMA-Earth, Wind & Fire - Devotion

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Somerset08873 Saw the video to this yesterday and it stopped me in my tracks.
Somerset08873 The perfect hustle song. Get up and dance!

deodato super strut

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Somerset08873 Babayface, probably, at his best.
Somerset08873 Dusty makes this the standard for this standard.
Somerset08873 Who needs caffine when you've got Miles doin' hip hop fantasy?

Miles Davis Fantasy

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clarkowitz I've been looking for these two since Blip started! Congratulations to the listeners who can dig this right now! I'm over the moon! Peace!!!
clarkowitz Picking up my parents at the ferry dock down the hill. They were visiting my sister and my new brother-in-law. He's a good guy. Good stuff.
CynDyn think this was a collaboration
TheSun sounds metropolitan, doesn't it? I 'on't know...just love jazz...
DownLow time to slow down for a bit and take it easy as the weekend approaches (reblip)
shamir @myriam: thanks, I was very very young the first time I heard this song... big flashback.
quozza ... always reminds me of Ian A at although he was a useless DJ... and an OWL
lunarboy @rtsnance that was lovely :D i *heart* your music too ;)
Somerset08873 Keep up the pace, now. Ur being timed
Somerset08873 One mo' time with a little J-Pop.
Somerset08873 It's time to slow it down. Hey-I'm older than I look!
Somerset08873 Song still smokes! Here's the answer to what ever happened to Maxwell...


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2Serenity OMG - JOHNNY Pate is in here. I better do a blog b4 beat down from my Pops. : / Johnny is mad cool. He looks FANTASTIC for 80 PLUS!
chuketti oggi qui c'è il cielo giusto per questa
Somerset08873 Do be dooooo

Five Stairsteps - Danger Shes A Stranger

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Somerset08873 Bajofondo TangoClub goes well with a glass of Malbec (reblip)
Somerset08873 CynDyn you are correct, it was a collaboration with EWF. Here's a link to a live performance (reblip)
camden @regis i normally hate Marley covers, but his one is nice
Somerset08873 Just of Santana's finest.
Somerset08873 Never heard this song before. Thanks @Paulina1 Where ya been? Hope all is well. (reblip)

Manhattan Melody - Glenn Rivera ReStructure Mix - Herb Alpert

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Somerset08873 I've gotta say Ray takes top props for his version. What say you?

Ray Charles Eleanor Rigby

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Somerset08873 Thanks @DownLow and @holaphil. I thought about blippin' Doc Severinsen the other day. Too much stuff in my head and I forgot.


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Diordan @Du_ já ouviu isso? Pra viajar longe e não desejar voltar! É música do BuckShot Le Fonque (Branford Marsalis) a letra é um poema da Maya Angelou
Somerset08873 Simply Awesome @Diordan @Du_ É música do BuckShot Le Fonque (Branford Marsalis) a letra é um poema da Maya Angelou (reblip)
threebears @ariherzog - follow people on blip to experience the interaction and fun particular to blip - it's different to twitter! come in, the water's fine ;D

08 The Gangs All Here

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BetteDillinger Always loved this song, and Mick Karn is an incredible bassist.
TheSun so are these to people and this infectious song..
TheSun and these two people, plus Scarface for sampling this for "My Block"...
bendrix Another Tracy Thorn track - she has the right voice for the Chill Drum N Bass genre
clarkowitz Night. Had to hear this real quick-like. Night.
molzymcd I'm sure there's a very good reason why I woke up with The Final Countdown in my head. Too many reasons. (reblip)
gigia faaaaaaaaaaala @alexvalente!!! e a cor do pecado?? || @ricricardo, menino eu nao aguento com a fotinHA do seu avatar... muito boa mesmo
davidwatts1978 shame had enjoyed listening to daretoeatpeach, Zero tolerance
Telemill That's a wrap. Calling it a night.
clarkowitz I wasn't looking for this song, I swear. This song was looking for you. Hilarious. ;D
SuskeLT ....

Into My Soul Gabin featuring Dee Dee Bridgewater,mp3

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alexvalente falaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa @bruno__ kd vc no blip'n'beer? auhahahua te esperamos no proximo.
webdigao Tribal United Dance... começando a semana.
Somerset08873 You're still a young man-baby, Don't waste your time...I'm not a young man, baby
webdigao .. I know you'd like to thank your shit don't stank But lean a little bit closer, See that roses really smell like boo-boo.. AHUHAUAHAU!


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webdigao Dando sequencia nessa sala dos professores, agora Bob James com Westchester Lady.
Somerset08873 @favelao very few people know these guys...a jazz /fusion Japanese Band. Great find. (reblip)
Somerset08873 First heard these guys in the early 80's. Now, I've got to pull out the old LPs over the weekend. Thanks again @favelao

Casiopea - Places - 01 - Right On The Orbit

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yatzy I just want you to know that


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Somerset08873 Already another tomorrow in Japan. More smoooooth sounds from the East.
fireinmypants quando ela sai, perde a graça, só isso!
Somerset08873 @CynDyn - "It depends on what the meaning of the words 'is' is." –Bill Clinton (reblip)
marciahk As lembranças que uma música traz...
lunarboy valeu, querida @gigia vou sacodir e bater a cabecinha fazendo o 8
disconnesso - sarà una lunga notte a quanto pare
Somerset08873 Thanks @Kim777 My all-time favorite EW&F song. There are several close seconds...but, this is it. What's not to love? (reblip)
Somerset08873 Earth Wind & Fire - Even I can remember the lyrics to this one. LOL (reblip)
Somerset08873 @Diordan Only here for a minute. You could be right.
Somerset08873 Why haven't I heard this version before? It this a DJ mix?
Somerset08873 Having a hard time staying on point tonight - distracted by the music.
Somerset08873 @ARDELL it really isn't...too late, baby. But we're getting there. Good night blipville. (reblip)
Feilfer Con los ojos no te veo... se que se me viene el mareo... =P
bendrix @rikimaru - I think this is also from the Metalheadz compilation. What little I know of Adam F's work I have enjoyed :) (reblip)
Somerset08873 An 80's baseline that still stands strong with a falsetto to match. Where's El now?
Somerset08873 Only because @Kim777 asked for another. This one's for you...for no other Reasons.
Somerset08873 Another time zone dealing with jet lag
Somerset08873 Hey gang...I want to thank you all for the 100 props! Might not be much to some, but it's tremendous for me.
ambit When you've been blessed it feels just like Heaven! Patti LaBelle
Somerset08873 Dedicated to all who lent a hand to lift me up, when I needed it.

10. Wind Beneath My Wings.MP3

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UPTOWNflavor Luther's voice was So Amazing! Love the first verse of this song...Love has truly been good to me.
OhhhMikey 2008's best hip hop. coincidentally, 1989's best hip hop as well.

Q-TipGettin Up

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UPTOWNflavor Theme song for this year. Last Sunday of the year y'all! Rough year...truly a test of endurance.
bendrix @MeeJong <= has a hip hop soul, I am sooo digN your blip list. @pumpkinshellz <= hello U... the pict isn't that new but i smile at you :) (reblip)
CynDyn was looking for "Linda Cacao" but this popped
chicklitgurrl Heard this on a friend's MySpace page and was like, "What, The Commodores sang this?" It's beautiful. Another church-going song w/ R&B flair...
chicklitgurrl OK - I don't know how or why this song popped into my head just now, but here ya go. Have fun, LOL
chicklitgurrl What happened to Lucy Pearl? Loved the group's name, the group itself, its vibe. Sad they fell off...
chicklitgurrl Is it night time? Nope. It's dawn. Enjoy.

PM Dawn

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DJAdams Trilha sonora para férias de verão!
Somerset08873 Seems I regularly revist one last time before signing off for the night...for good reasons. @VikingKvinna Oakenfold *and* EBTG? What's not to love? (reblip)
bendrix Tears for Fears is great but In the spirit of the holidays I want to share my song of the day with you @DJAdams @Somerset08873 (reblip)

KoopCome To Me

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chicklitgurrl Eyes closed, laid back, and just float on...
chicklitgurrl Night, @cee1 :-) Off to listen to Musiq before I continue on my slow jam journey.
sisterdivas man the sax is tearing it up on this song ... and the words ... woooooooo
davidwatts1978 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ----- - - - - - -- -
threebears ... will you take me there to a distant place I've never been before... make the rivers of my mind go to my dreams... I'd call your name into the wind
bendrix This version is HOT thanks I always dug this song reblip=> @Flower Three my lucky number... (reblip)
threebears my bed is calling ... goodnight blip friends and thanks for your company! Have a good night/day/morning - not necessarily in that order ^_^
Rollmostar Dont U thinkl I'm Looking older?!

george michael older

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jeff OK - just did a search on "props" and Mad Props came up... I got 58 to burn - who wants one!?!
bendrix i use this song as a sedative when I need to chill out all the jungle animals in the forest. :) @patricia_coelho (reblip)
Diordan Mick Jagger & Gary Moore na blueszera @DJRodneyKing !! Sensacional!! animal master joe! (reblip)

Mick Jagger & Gary Moore Everybody Knows About My Good Thing (live)

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Diordan era um era dois era cem
kellythegreat i'm glad my dad kept all his vinyl from the 70's, my EWF appreciation came early in life
bendrix Here's another nice track by Jai Utal - on a middle eastern Indian jazzy vibe - ya'll might dig it @pavolo @RonnieBebop @Chickee
Diordan This is catchy as hell. :) true indeed! @CarolusMagnus I heard this song on and on for a month I guess! Great you liked! (reblip)
Diordan You may not have a car at all But just remember brothers and sisters You can still stand tall Just be thankful for what you've got
sheryonstone love this love it love it love it. (reblip)
sheryonstone @redroulettes omg omg, thank you. I had forgotten this one. *temporary insanity (reblip)


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sheryonstone @robtraut - no argument here, thx - big fan here, lots of them *I never thought of this song as sexy until I heard this version (reblip)
chicklitgurrl I was a good girl today, @bendrix. I had to work, so I didn't get to be Blipping Queen tonight! LOL Night, :-) (reblip)
lub bad bad bad you are bad!


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chicklitgurrl Rob Thomas is so hot. Enough said.
sheryonstone oh lord, it's the clapping song. wtf ?
TechJunkie Well, this is musically interesting...

Tito Puente - Take Five

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bendrix Yes this track has a hip hop soul - Wo bu shi wan Hong Kong. It was too western for me :) reblip=> @schau Yeah! I love this song and Hong Kong :) (reblip)
Diordan @fabiroba Which one's the sweetest voice? 12 Dee Dee? Thank you @Radmilla533!
kellythegreat diamond in the back, sunroof top, diggin the scene with the gangsta lean...
rogue_fm Toot toot. Beep beep. Boogie down. Don't forget your whistle.
Diordan Come down off your throne And leave your body alone Somebody must change You are the reason I've been waiting so long
rogue_fm @Somerset08873 Why gosh golly...I'm blushing! (Blip on, good people. Blip on.)
BeBliBrunch Easy like Sunday Afternoon.. we say bye - thank you for the music and listening (reblip)
come2whereimfrom quirky album with amazing songs and beautiful voice.
come2whereimfrom huey and the boys do 10cc classic with all their layed back new yoyuck swagger.
Jacidbazz @Somerset08873 - This pretty much sums up the weather here :-)
CynDyn Thanks @RonnieBebop and @mtlb nice mix... (reblip)

DJ ZEBRA Back to beg

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Somerset08873 Awesome @CynDyn Thanks @RonnieBebop and @mtlb Really nice mix... (reblip)

DJ ZEBRA Back to beg

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yourpennylane One more DAY...In A Life....Make it a Great ONE!

A Day In The Life

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PFLX I need sun... 3 (and the author of this version) ehehehehe

Here Comes the Sun

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dickadcock Here we go by request @WindEnergy Iko Iko by the Dixie Cups
rogue_fm @playalongjon Just outside Victoria British Columbia on Vancouver Island. 5 mins from water & sea lions, hence last blip. Mix of urban & natural.Nice (reblip)
ecocity Time to call in the Daktari! Have a safe and healthy valentines weekend @klitoria @rasbo and lots of positive vibes to your extended love vibrations.
Diordan de volta a arrumação da residência, deixo essa aqui especial pra vocês! @ric @ekman @fabiroba e @Piveta vocês são maravilhosos!
Diordan A música da minha vida! presente em tantos momentos bons!
mrchristopherl The title says it all - Why don't we get drunk? ;)
luiz_com_z @nicavieira, é impressão minha ou nós dois somos os com maior crise de abstinência aqui hoje? Tamos disputando, sem querer, quem blipa mais!
sheryonstone viGR8FL&@abarbosa Happy Share the love day :) ♫♥♫ 14th Feb ♥ ♥ ♥open your heart ~ ♫♥♫share the love~♫♥♫ (reblip)
rogue_fm Ah, man! Gotta get away from the heartache. I'm gonna go watch a sad movie instead. Later blippers. Thanks for the company.
mystwitch Hoping you all had a "Beautiful Day"
mystwitch @bendrix so lucky to have seen those sites-I feel "There Is So Much More"
mystwitch @DJstromer19 Friday Fall – Secede<><> lush. perfect in this moment. just perfect [absolutely] (reblip)
mystwitch Good Morning @GR8FL-this is wonderful, thanks for always sharing such wonderful tunes! (reblip)
mystwitch The sun has set but still a nice tune.
mystwitch started the day with easy listening-maybe a bit slow for some but love enigma-Beyond the Invisible
luiz_com_z @Paty, não ficou ruim não! Aliás a produção tá excelente... e o Ziggy se esforça, mas convenhamos que a voz... (reblip)
Jacidbazz Thanks @m2ederson, @sederson, @Nefabrummion, @glenncase & @SatinLegsSmith. Just spent the last 2 hours cleaning the oven to your selections.
TheSun of the smoothest songs of all time...
Jacidbazz Rosalia De Souza - Maria Molta (Reconstruction By Zero Db)

7. Rosalia De Souza - Maria Molta (Reconstruction By Zero Db)

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Somerset08873 Thought I was done...@Jacidbazz just made this one my blip of the day! Sweeeet. Another rule breaking Props to you. (reblip)
toddkelley "Amy Winehouse – The Way We Were" - This song made me fall in love with Amy Windhouse. So raw and real and beautifully unpolished.
bendrix I've loved this song for some time now but U R the 1st blipper that I have seen blip this Xcellent selection my friend reblip=>@LYRIC via@DJMARCUTS (reblip)
bendrix Gald u dig Afterlife @Somerset08873 - They are one of the unknown groups that I really really really really.... LOVE!!!!
Somerset08873 @bendrix All Props All Weekend and my blip of the day!!! Nice...Thanks (reblip)
Somerset08873 @Diordan Insane All Props All Weekend - This could be the cause of me getting a speeding ticket. (reblip)

cruise control

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TerryLightfoot never found out what this was about, but the melody is haunting and compelling for me. A bittersweet beauty that reaches into my heart.
Diordan My house now is as clean as this song!
mikeg this is in response to mac's blip. this song will cover the trailer for the first romantic comedy i write. so perfect!
jakks baby...


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calamari @daretoeatapeach Yup, can def bring more fliers. Did you want to include any more copy? Email me if you do. Or I'll just put time, date, etc... :)

PrinceThe Word

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bendrix @MrsASoprano U told me B4 that U love this song - I'm doing an audio interview w/ Vanessa tomorrow. Email me if U want me to ask her somethin. OK! :) (reblip)
shibari Etta James – Sunday Kind Of Love
RealtorLefebvre What's this feeling? My love will rip a skylight in the ceiling...
JordanAdams Darren Hayes inspired me .. check out my music.. ... let me know what you think!


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djxkn "Low Rider" by California, American band War, from 1975 album "Why Can't We Be Friends?" [music video =] - thanx @Mrmin! (reblip)

WarLow Rider

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djxkn "Love and Happiness" by Al Green, from 1972 album "I'm Still in Love With You" - thanx and welcome @jeshudak! (reblip)
djxkn classic song "(Sittin’ On) The Dock of the Bay" by legendary singer Otis Redding (1941-1967) - thanx @sophie_o! (reblip)
luiz_com_z @elismarchioni, pra mim a melhor letra de todas as feitas na última ditadura declarada deste país. Apesar das do Chico serem páreo duro. (reblip)
Diordan bye bye blackbird!!!!!! This rocks!
Somerset08873 Sunrise in Japan today - 5:39 AM
lub time 2 go............ hope you all have a beautiful night ;)


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threebears gig last night - oi va voi and los desterrados - VJ the brilliant Miki Shaw
rogue_fm Whew @ICEGIRL152 I'm sure glad you were here to talk me down. Thx for the moderately mellow tune to ease the transition. Deep breaths... (reblip)
Jacidbazz Everytime I comb my hair Thoughts of u get in my eyes Ure a sinner, I dont care I just want your creamy thighs
Diordan curtis to let this day go in peace. Tomorrow will bring more victories to those who dare to dream!
mystwitch vi@NeedBlues2Live Heaven done called....another Blues stringer back home.....check this out Baby@GoodByeBlueSky [dedicated to Stevie Ray!] (reblip)
Jacidbazz Grant Green - Red River Valley

Red River Valley

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mrskutcher Loving this recommend from @dyannnn on twitter!
JerzoTheKing Black Eyed Peas – My Style (Feat. Justin Timberlake) (reblip)
CynDyn must remind @DownLow (again): u create, i admire. but, i can come up with an impromptu performance piece for when next i c u! thx @inesobjectsmart (reblip)
lub always feels good some fila brazillia....
JPmicek A GR8 song 2 remind u of how important good friends & mentors are when u feel overwhelmed
Somerset08873 Tony Terry or Maxwell...pick the winner


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Somerset08873 Maxwell or Tony Terry...pick the winner
dudess it's gonna take a lot to take me AWAAAYY from you.. it's nothing more than a 100 men can ever do.. (reblip)


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T.I.-Whatever You Like (Instrumental) w/lyric

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stanleyblue hardest workin' man in show business...

James Brown-Prisoner Of Love

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Dontia OMG. One of my favorite songs. Reminds me of lazy summer afternoons.
Dontia "I can believe anything, provided it is incredible." -Oscar Wilde
loryn24 teena marie. i need your lovin. sing it teena.

American Gypsy-Golden Ring

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bendrix Wo kan dao ni men hen kuai le :)))))))) Wo men shi wan Esthero=> rb@LYRIC rb@ladypn rb@ZOEBOE (reblip)
mystwitch Yasuko Kyoda-Evening Glow [many more replies to answer but time for a short break-thanks for the great tunes blipstars]
CynDyn rbs this one from @Highena as the perfect outro to a great blip day. g'nite all. (reblip)
Somerset08873 My delayed flight has me w-a-i-t-i-n-g..uurghh