siutung you can find so many good songs through
siutung twitter, facebook, flickr and now i am sick.
siutung different class!

PulpI Spy

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SongstressWordsmith this song makes me cry..Sweet Dreams Patsy Cline
SongstressWordsmith bidi bidi bom bom


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SongstressWordsmith ♫and we'll all float on a modest mouse :d (reblip)
IslandRose This for @KansasCraig You are so very much so...welcome aboard.
LuvEE @dr0ck 'Tis why I'm always stalking your Blips. You've got GREAT songs on your list.
SongstressWordsmith Wasn't the version I wanted, but I like Time Bandits too :D
hBeats Blind Melon- Change (acoustic)


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SongstressWordsmith Butch Walker Here Comes.. (I LOVE HIM!!)
SongstressWordsmith I love the original, but this version is good, please allow me to introduce myself..


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SongstressWordsmith how come i end up where i started...
SongstressWordsmith I like the rolling stones version better :D more emotion.
SongstressWordsmith Ok i like this song..DONT LAUGH!!


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Vickingo The world is a vampire, sent to drain_Secret destroyers, hold you up to the flames_And what do I get, for my pain?_Betrayed desires
impossiblewmn @Annimallover, that is depressing. Here are some happy Turtles for you.
adolfhipster OMG! I just watched National Lampoons and got this stuck in my head. Don't listen or it will be stuck in your too. Don't say I didn't warn you.
SongstressWordsmith Too Late!! i didnt know Lindsey did this song lol (reblip)


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SongstressWordsmith she may be a crackhead/alcoholic, but i heart this song..
DJJonniBravo Michelle, here You go baby. I love you, very much. Jonni.
SongstressWordsmith i want a '49... (reblip)

Cornershop - Primful Of Asha

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SongstressWordsmith you're hot n cold..yes and no...damn pms!! lol
ghostnote actually, i'm listening to asob's three cheers but it's not on here. weak.
SongstressWordsmith i loved this song as a kid..RIP Falco:(
SongstressWordsmith This girl has an amazing voice! adele!!
SongstressWordsmith Gimme a head full of hair...
kmpettit Landon Pigg- Falling In Love at a Coffee Shop (on the ATT commercial)
winstonchiu representing Pearl Jam, here's their hit song.
greengo a little AiC before i crash for the night
SongstressWordsmith if you loved me, why did ya let me go....
SongstressWordsmith ...ruby ruby ruby sohooo!! (reblip)

Rancid-Ruby Soho

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SongstressWordsmith hehe WEIRD AL PEEPS!! :D summed up the movie in 3 minutes
SongstressWordsmith MUSE..New Born.. awesome driving song!!

MuseNew Born

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brianhewitt I loved this song before it had any personal relevance. The people I know are cooler than those in the song.
SongstressWordsmith They say the definition of madness is doing the same thing and expecting a different result...
SongstressWordsmith cool song.. it was good living with ya..i <3 the 90's! lol
SongstressWordsmith Brian May some of the most depressing songs..but i love this one..
SongstressWordsmith nothing your mouth...


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Loni So much yackety-yack over Flu, I fig I'd bone up on what Influenza really is: (Coasters)
EmCee Love this and anything by Orbison. Time again to get In Dreams (reblip)
SongstressWordsmith When they run the end credits for Kill Bill 2, this song was playing..classic!
SongstressWordsmith I found a way to make
Ayelen79 No soporto mi insomnio y encima no puedo sacarme esto de la cabeza...a ver correte un cachito...mirá como te bailo..See that girl, watch that scene..
StAngelS This song makes me think of being stuck in traffic and drumming on the steering wheel.

Me And Bobby McGee

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SongstressWordsmith viva forever..i'll be waiting....everlasting like the sun..until it blows up! lol (reblip)
CharlieBaltimore and I say oh.....Should of been there on a sunday morning.
SongstressWordsmith 2pac baby... I ain't mad at cha...


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SongstressWordsmith WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOO!! this is where i got it from kiddies :D

BlurSong 2

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SongstressWordsmith And you can tell everybody...that this is your song...
SongstressWordsmith baby's black baloon... (reblip)


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SongstressWordsmith This goes out to..well.. just listen :D
contraculto hope you remember my name, fucker. (reblip)
SongstressWordsmith yooooooooooo i tell ya what i want..what i really really want....
SongstressWordsmith i lost myself on a cool damp night...
SongstressWordsmith looking out of my lonely room...
SongstressWordsmith my shirt says, guaranteed to blow your mind..
SongstressWordsmith Bob seger..night moves...

Night Moves

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SongstressWordsmith in the dark..for a while now i can't stay...
CLARITY youre in love, youre in love HELL BELOW ME, STARS ABOVE!
SongstressWordsmith ok the other version was a blip..literally lol
SongstressWordsmith i could use some possums in my

linkin park - faint

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SongstressWordsmith very underrated duet from montesserat caballe and freddie mercury :D
SongstressWordsmith This is the late Florence Ballard singing :D Diana Ross is
ClaudiaMagic ::: BY THE WAY ... i LOV IT !

Red Hot Chilli Peppers - By The Way

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SongstressWordsmith great driving song :D (reblip)

Red Hot Chilli Peppers - By The Way

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HollyIlling The Smiths - This Charming Man!!!
SongstressWordsmith i got a lust for life...and cheese lol
SongstressWordsmith From a brown-eyed girl to my fellow brown-eyed gals! (reblip)
DevinHerron One of Buckley's best. Probably has the most Zeppelin influence out of all of his songs.
gpshewan Keep your 90's version to yourself...
fabioeis I'm following the bands list, only switching the songs
SuperN @BigSugar I have this one :) Who knew we were so awesome? (reblip)


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SongstressWordsmith give a lil respect tooooo meeee....
amcas Last blip tonight. Maybe best love song ever...I know, I know, my opinion! G'nite!
SongstressWordsmith I love this song.. The Turtles..Eleanore :D
SongstressWordsmith Carrie Anne what's your game can anybody play??
SongstressWordsmith fleetwood mac double play... silversprings..
SongstressWordsmith the live version is better.. but the original is good.. Tusk....*growls*
SongstressWordsmith For all those who have given me props and listen to my station..Thank you:D
SongstressWordsmith I should join the


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SongstressWordsmith For those who like their men 'sparkly' lmao...


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SongstressWordsmith You can call me anything you like but my name is veronca....(not really though) :D
SongstressWordsmith Hello....Is it me you're looking for...


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SongstressWordsmith Take on meeee.. The only time i wished my comics came to life lol

A-HaTake On Me

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danudey I bruised my dragula a few weeks back when something slammed into the back of it. Still aches if I twist wrong. (reblip)
SongstressWordsmith I bruised my dragula a few weeks back when something slammed into the back of it. Still aches if I twist wrong. lmaooo (reblip)
asenseofrain My ultimate burn-out exhaustion song. James Blunt - Tears and Rain.
SongstressWordsmith This time of night really gets me seriously romantic. i agree! (reblip)
Gen22 Pink Floyd - 'Comfortably Numb'
SongstressWordsmith Take it off...Yes you..the male in the cute shirt..STRIP lol (reblip)
SongstressWordsmith The original version... Hush..
SongstressWordsmith For EVERYONE!! :D Give a lil respect!
SongstressWordsmith don't think your shit don't


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Thomas Dolby - She Blinded Me With Science

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SongstressWordsmith And it's Friday! Damn Skippy! but i'm not in love lol (reblip)
zephead George Harrison said that LZ didn't "do any ballads" so they wrote "The Rain Song." Plant said it was his "best vocal performance" to Rolling Stone.
BrknGirlSoldier and this one actually breaks my heart somethin fierce....

XTCDear God

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SongstressWordsmith The problem is all inside your head she said to me?damn that sucks!! (reblip)


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SilviaS Could be weird... «I wanna be your dog» | Iggy Pop & The Stooges
SongstressWordsmith Could be weird... «I wanna be your dog» | Iggy Pop & The Stooges (reblip)
SongstressWordsmith favorite zappa song... although this version is slower and not as good.../ it is a good song! (reblip)
SongstressWordsmith I knew a Peggy Sue..But I don't feel blue...
naireh I tried 2 be someone else, but nothing seemed to change. I know now this is who I really am inside @ 30secondstomars - The Kill (reblip)
SongstressWordsmith I like the original better... And that perfect shade of
SongstressWordsmith touch jim morrison...wait he's dead..don't do

Violent Femmes - Blister in the Sun

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SongstressWordsmith I don't get blisters in the sun! muahaha ! (reblip)

Violent Femmes - Blister in the Sun

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SongstressWordsmith I drive a nice car..I'm
LAGooden Maybe one of the greatest songs I ever heard, Nancy Sinatra did a version that made me cry when I was a boy. "It is the evening of the day"
SongstressWordsmith Maybe one of the greatest songs I ever heard, Nancy Sinatra did a version that made me cry when I was a boy. "It is the evening of the day"/ i agree (reblip)
SongstressWordsmith SUPERMAN!! or is it smallville? lol
rguimaslima * * * * * Fake Plastic Trees * * * * *
SongstressWordsmith My grandma loved this man..Its not unusual.. (reblip)
TheMishky My favorite Who song. I get tickets if I listen to this behind the wheel.
SongstressWordsmith I had the hugest crush on Davy Jones and Peter Tork... Before i knew it was in
SongstressWordsmith Cover of I Will Follow Him from Sister Act :D

Sister Act - I Will Follow Him

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SongstressWordsmith One of my fave Brian May songs.. "For my life, still ahead..Pity me."


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PauloFurtado Naked Eyes – Always Something There to Remind Me
kristel @DJrainndietrichwilson a little late at responding, I know, but THIS song is the saddest in the world! *tear
Scalper68 Another song for our politicians. Courtesy of Fleetwood Mac.
SongstressWordsmith Another song for our politicians. Courtesy of Fleetwood Mac. (reblip)
JennEJenn We like the cars. The cars that go BOOM ... LOL


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SongstressWordsmith whoohoo..i need a drink!

BlurSong 2

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SongstressWordsmith you're not the boss of me TWITTER!! lol
SongstressWordsmith i love this song.. *runs from the men in the white jackets*
SongstressWordsmith stayin aliiiiiiiiiiive.. (reblip)

Staying Alive-Bee Gees

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levers42 Santa Claus go F*** yourself

Scott Walmsley - xmas with the trailer park boys

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ju_liana188 Twenty-five years and my life is still, Trying to get up that great big hill of hope. For a destination
SongstressWordsmith she asked me why...why is he a hairy guy...*grabs wax*
SongstressWordsmith .......even though he now takes it in the behind....

Sublime- DateRape

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CerealitosNocturnos jungle life, you're far away from nothing. It's alright, you won't miss home.
SongstressWordsmith heard in the 80's never they were a SKA band until college! | Madness – Our House/ lol i loved this song as a kid! (reblip)
SongstressWordsmith Como la la flor.. con tanto amor.. me diste tu.. (reblip)
miyuki1115 Julian Lennon - Valotte


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SongstressWordsmith Julian Lennon - Valotte :D (reblip)


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filipinowise Aerosmith - Dream On

Aerosmith - Dream On

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SongstressWordsmith Aerosmith - Dream On (reblip)

Aerosmith - Dream On

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SongstressWordsmith Its a good song!!! I have three of their cds!! :D (reblip)
mauropm Lust for life. without you, as you wished.
leavingsocialmedia TCHAIKOVSKY – Swan Lake - Ballet Suite [Op. 20] - Scene (reblip)
SongstressWordsmith if you haven't seen this film, see it!
SongstressWordsmith Its soo wrong but it's such a sunny day!!
SongstressWordsmith Did you know Butch produced this song for Avril??
jen004 Eric Carmen~ All By Myself
SongstressWordsmith Jeff had a way about putting it into song./ yes he did! and you could feel everything! (reblip)
SongstressWordsmith He looks and sounds like a girl..right or wrong?? Like the guy from Coheed &Cambria sounds like a girl!
SongstressWordsmith Bang bang, my baby shot me down. (reblip)


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SongstressWordsmith Cold, cold water surrounds me now... and all I've got is your hand. Lord can you hear me now? (reblip)
SongstressWordsmith paranoia, paranoia, everyone's coming to get me (reblip)

Jellyfish - The Ghost At Number One

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SongstressWordsmith this song makes me cry..Sweet Dreams Patsy Cline..RB vi@SongstressWordsmith great song but please don't cry..XX/i can't help it. so sad. (reblip)
SongstressWordsmith The video was quite dramatic...
SongstressWordsmith haha! i haven't heard this in years, months and Sundays! (reblip)
SongstressWordsmith Cheese and whole wheat bread, green eyed men and zero calorie drinks and doctor who..these are a few of my favorite (reblip)