SoundSystemSDC Heard this on the Mr. Trick and Wrongtom podcast - essential for all your Ragga-Halloween playlist needs.


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johnpapa This song makes me want to grow a moustache.
SoundSystemSDC the remixes are nice, but you gotta have the New Order dude singing or something's missing

New OrderTemptation

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DJDoctorGirlfriend World will travel, oh so quickly, travel first and lean towards this time.
spikes feeling extremely tired & under the weather, but i'm happy to be introduced to
spikes not obama's campaign manager.
spikes yes grant green, it is all kinds of funky.
spikes can't say enough good things about dj krush.
spikes most ahead of it's time rap record ever made. 1980! kool moe dee was 18 when he recorded this.
spikes one of the best beatmakers around. he seems to know his way around an mpc. check him doing it on youtube:
joe_positive tall dwarfs

all my hollowness to you

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spikes more glitchy autumness.
joe_positive heard this last night for the first time in years.
joe_positive used to be my favorite song in the whole world
SoundSystemSDC Vaguely Indian beat + Commodore 64 electro sounds = pure musical goodness.


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spikes this edIT track is the sonic equivalent to grabbing both contacts on a car battery. hold onto your teeth!
spikes ah yeah party people rocks the house!
spikes i once had a dream i met 80's miles davis, with the big kool moe dee style sunglasses.
johnpapa The two best Canadian rappers are from Halifax and Edmonton, respectively. No coastal rivalries here. We're all from the Northside.
spikes hear the drummer get wicked. and check the flute solo. these are all high school kids playing!
Jeffie Sitting in my car outside your house - remember when you spilled Coke all over your blouse?...We've been having fun all summer long...
spikes mid-day election get down, get up, get into it and get involved.
spikes congratulations, president obama.
Starfighter1479 @andhow @BEEFcup @elfgirl this song is how I feel right now. I am so happy. Obama won't fix the world, but a beautiful thing has happened.

Sigur RHoppipolla

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Starfighter1479 We are done with this shit... Yeah! the world might just get a lot better very soon.
Starfighter1479 More beautiful instrumental to illustrate the point. Be good America (you and me) We are capable of so, so, so much. Life is short.
djstriker Before Sarah McLachlan hit mainstream she was lending her voice to some indistrial/electronic traxs on Nettwerk, like this one.
RoboFu I am what I am, says Popeye.
djstriker No question, NIN killed it.
djstriker Welcome to your life. There's no turning back.
spikes wow - a remix of one of my tracks already here.
Antenaweb Cybele's Reverie – Stereolab
johnpapa I wish this was happening to me right now.
johnpapa Question... Does Elvis say "I'm gonna get a law degree" or "I'm gonna get a lot of grief."?
yoyomama I mean cause blipping is pretty fun, right? Oh and listen to this:
yoyomama for this one I recommend earbuds and volume...just a suggestion.
yoyomama If you haven't seen the video, you should.
yoyomama says me.

14 Typewriter Tip, Tip Tip

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loriiseclectic great when he acts out the fight scene on his guitar. Great person to see live
loriiseclectic I like the idea of a woman (other than Scarlett Johansonn) covering Tom
Gaspar @patbarcelos realmente, foda demais. Mas sou mais a número 5 da lista. James Brown nem devia entrar em competições, não é justo.
DJDoctorGirlfriend Always hugging the ground And crying out for me

The BreedersSafari

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DJRodneyKing Come on, get rhythm when you get the blues !!! @Diordan @Gaspar @Lecuos @drkk
yoyomama is not really sari for blipping this.

Nellie McKaySari

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gunter77 Enio Morricone é o maior dos monstros. Ele, Macini, Behrmann, Schiffrin, John Williams… fazem do cinema algo ainda mais absurdo. Eu peço: OUÇAM!
DJSID this song has a cool vid...

RJD2Work it Out

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fabi_massae I like this version. I'm not sure what this could mean... (reblip)
gunter77 @Diordan COnhece? Era a banda do Sivuca! Ops! Hermeto Pasqual (hehe… tou zuando) Jazz de primeira linha
johnpapa This band always reminds me of the first snowfall.
digitalgreg what an interesting combination: Tammy Wynette and The KLF
Joice @Du_ @gigia @maujabur, I´m so proud of you! Blip blog, tchutchutchuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Tom JonesProud Mary

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jorrge @crishirama @willsilva -- no rio também tem rap. haha
yoyomama Yes, I know. This seems really too good to be true, but it is true.
Diordan pow assim num guento é f...essas mina (Ice Blue)
Diordan @antenaweb Monstro! Colombia Monstruosa! HOY BLIPNBEER en 3 Ciudades de Colombia! - Santa Marta Bogota y Medellin (reblip)
AndYuki Bela música do Weezer, boa para a volta do almoço e depois da sessão barulhenta!
rico what can right, can surely wrong
Diordan @sophie_o que eu acho que é de lá tb! Agora vai! Ae pessoal da VR ao finado Alex F que Deus o tenha! É CAMPINAS no AAAAAR HJ (reblip)
Gaspar @foncati velho, incrível essa mixtape! Me deu até uma pilha de aprender mais o Traktor pra tentar fazer algo nessa linha :)

Doces BF

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yoyomama @loriiseclectic...aha. thanks. I like Frank; I need to listen to more of his stuff.
claudix @davidwatts1978 thank you:) (you know I wont play the other version - I like THis one ;P
johnpapa Rewatching their episode of Austin City Limits. Amazing what you can do with Jazzmasters, loop pedals and an innate understanding of musical forms.
loriiseclectic @yoyomama...inappropriate from a speech therapist?
trepanado vão remover todos os uploads já feitos no Blip dentro de 30 dias!! fudeu geral mesmo
bendrix @DownLow - This track is DOPE!!! Me likes. Actually Vanessa's music is the foremother to nu jazz - that music I posted is from early 1990s (reblip)


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Diordan Duerme, duerme session feribas consciênça!!! 4
fabiotelles Versão banquinho e violão com a Rita Lee... nada mal. :-)
paeix @bizarrogirl cool, thanks -- I'll check my pile.

CSSRat Is Dead

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SoundSystemSDC Go forth into the world, little blip...
loriiseclectic @SoundSystemSDC...oops! I screwed up your celebration song

Gilberto Gil e Jorge Ben Filhos de Gandhi

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SoundSystemSDC Subway Joe, singin' some soul...

Joe Bataan - Subway Joe

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bendrix YES even within the first 45 seconds I could tell this was good. Nice find @ita___thedjcat - Listening to full track right now :))) (reblip)
lomovogt An earthquake is erupting...

MadnessThe Prince

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anlugonz David Hasselhoff singing Feliz Navidad... Que no falte en casa esta Nochebuena!
Diordan @ladybug sim, verdade! transa é o melhor disco do caetano, de verdade! (reblip)

Caetano VelosoIt

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medina Acho que essa pode ser uma das trilhas do feriado! Tudo muito bom! Que que eu quero mais?

Jorge Ben JorMagn

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yoyomama ok, Lyle, but there IS more than corn in Indiana, ya know...
sagetyrtle What's not to adore about Polish rap? (reblip)


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johnpapa This is now my official "walkin' around" music.
irsocal Description: A cocktail of funk, jazz, lounge, deep house and latin, melted with sexy vocals and spiced with hot jazz improvisations.
Diordan @CargoCulte This is the kind of song I love! Ok Ok.. I know you realized! Hope you enjoy if you don't know it yet! Madlib invades blue note studios!

9084Madlib - Slims Return

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irsocal Pouring it all into one note. Fah so lah te doh
ms_strait This song is funny: Liam Lynch - United States of Whatever :-).
dubstronica うへー、いっぱいRemixある。いまEPをiTSで買ったけど、これ入ってねー
MysticTris Stush seems like a delightful girl...
Merlene More Chick Corea & Bela Fleck - these guys are poetry in music - "Children's Song"
evablue @davidwatts1978 ha! saw mgmt before they blew up and couldn't fill a room with 50 people :P (your setlist still trumps ;) (reblip)
johnpapa You might not equate this song with X-mas, but it does have sleigh bells throughout.
bendrix @PlasticRobot - don't laugh but It sounds like a symphony tuning up+Bees+River Dance. A little disorienting but I see how its shoegaze :) (reblip)
bendrix @PlasticRobot - Wo shi wan zhe ge. This is the 2nd slowdive track that you sent that I've put in my playlist. I like this Shoegaze group a lot :) (reblip)

SlowdiveMachine Gun

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SoundSystemSDC Sonic Youth loves Christmas as much as anybody
SquarerootZ Just because...I think this was the first time I heard Obama mentioned in a track before the influx of Pres Inspired music hit the net...
SoundSystemSDC One more re-blip of @SquarerootZ - the man knows the breaks...check his station! (reblip)
moriddim @PlasticRobot I love running to this one. especially during that little interlude where it gets quiet, builds and then explodes! (reblip)
luiz_com_z @delira, sim, tá tudo bem. Tudo muito bem.

Os MutantesTudo Bem

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rasbo @ecocity this one is a lil' bit faster than the Mooncat vs Capleton you blipped. Jungle ! more ♨

annias - that day will come (rmx)

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Starfighter1479 @mammara Blipping is more addictive than most drugs, I know from experience, but I don't feel like shit the next day.
paeix via@clonazepam...thanks! (I have a prescription...) (reblip)
bendrix this reminds me of the electronic cool coming out in the 80s - I really really dig this. I'm still blown by that Imogen track you sent me @Stolen (reblip)
marinarama última da noite e de comercial. beijos @leloo
threebears I think you can blip some songs as often as you want, threebears. For example.. It's time for a little Three Girl Rhumba! re-blip@angrybob ^_^ thanks! (reblip)
CargoCulte @by_starla So what are you going to do for fun while you're on vacation?
angrybob It's days like these, that I learn that there will always be days like these.
LL_Bazwaldo Tequilla, sambuca, B-52s. That's right, I'm calling the shots.
RustyJames Jovenes Punks de America Latina!

Manu Chao - Politik Kills (Prince Fatty Remix)

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agentorange more j-live on


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claudix thanks, @briangreene :) love ska, love the trojans, love Ireland (reblip)
eSandberg And more...

03. Urban Dance Squad - Happy Go Fucked Up

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spikes if you were at 'the show' at market square arena the summer of 1990, you are a small part of this song.
RealtorLefebvre But fun and joke aside it gives me deep deep meditation. It fills my heart with Niceness and I get nuff inspiration...
CargoCulte @claudix Out of curiosity, does Brazil have an equivalent to the redneck? For example, in Mexico I believe Chúntaro is similar to redneck. (reblip)
RealtorLefebvre My favorite part? Ray's first line: "Now wait a minute..."
CargoCulte @sudaca70 y @Striker I'm a big fan of the Sinead reggae cover LP.
paeix hey@thundercunt ☜☜☜☜☜☜☜☜☜☜☜☜☜☜☜_________________________________ I like your symboly thingys.. x
frankenspock @CargoCulte yeah, I first got into them when I was in college. This album, actually (Double Bummer), had just come out. Yes, I'm old.
SoundSystemSDC OK yeh somebody saw 24-hour-party-people, 'tis true...
julimello Essa vai pro Nadis ... pena que esse coisa não tem blip :P
yohanp well, actually I meant this version, but Ro's one is also a good one.
yohanp 1957. it's said this song was an influence on Tom Jobim in formulating the Bossa Nova. I dunno whether it's true. @titoliveira (reblip)
yohanp Птица (a bird)


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Atomik Model Goes Missing – Kraftwerk v Everything But the Girl (Matt Hite) (reblip)
AndrewEglinton One of my favourite songs by Dead Can Dance.
hideaway e tem a versão pros roqueiros também
yohanp feeling myself like a whore
yohanp the most valuable in this track is the crowd which seems to be pissing a boiling water
yohanp ha-ha. *much* better. although sounds a bit stretched. as if they were high on pot during the recording ) (reblip)
heycarol tem q ser mt seguro d sí pra se atrever a fazer cover de Sigur Rós
equinda I'm gonna catch you punk!


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juxtapeer bass is like air's 'sexy boy'

Muse - Plug In Baby

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meencantaSoho i wanna get the real good ones

KillsThe Good Ones

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juxtapeer @clarkowitz : here's kool keith in his black elvis persona
angrybob I haven't checked my email in a week. I have so much spam that I could feed millions.

junk buddhaangels

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devis No [German] words for this :) :)
johnpapa You know it was a great year for music when this song doesn't even crack my top 20 singles of 2008.
loriiseclectic Russian punk from the 80's

00 - Sektor gaza-Tuman

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DJDoctorGirlfriend Why Should I Worry? featuring Terry Hall and Martina Topley Bird
loriiseclectic a good way to start my Sundays
johnpapa Most underrated record of 2008.
jakeberglund the orb. dub. electronic. with some samples.

The OrbKatskills

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DJFrankie Feeling good now. Can't ever listen to this song too many times. (Hence the self re-blip) (reblip)
Overratedsoundsystem this is serious stuff... SATANIC MESSAGES!
Overratedsoundsystem Obviously Charlie Watts worships Satan!
Overratedsoundsystem Not the Eagles! C'mon! Bastards! Welcome to the Hotel California 666
fuzzygroove Brain upgrade complete. Good morning blippers.
Overratedsoundsystem Going out for some beers...I'll be back.
musoSF OK @ladypn, the songs we both just blipped are scary-similar-themed. :) (reblip)
SoundSystemSDC A brief interlude. I'll be back.
bendrix Brutha this track is beautiful, I usually get high octane trax from U. this is an Xcellent blip reblip=>@formalhaut - Hey @ladypn U will Njoy this (reblip)
DJDoctorGirlfriend There are 22 catches when you strike your matches
DJFrankie @dojodub. I'm out of props, but I LOVE the sax in this tune (and I hate saxophone). A terrific double play with that Slits track. Many thanks! (reblip)
RustyBrown It's always too much of something, huh ?
SoundSystemSDC mostly my dreams are weird. But that's nice. (reblip)

RadioheadNice Dream

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steno It seems, @BohemianChick doesn't wan't me to leave ,-) (reblip)
pavolo The Beatles are back and Major Tom is one of them. (reblip)
ishibutsu 君が僕を知っている (reblip)


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douglasgottlieb Lollapalooza 1992 Memories (reblip)

LushFor love

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TomAllen1965 I've always been the kinda man who doesn't believe in strings...... (reblip)
fabuleuxfab Oh my god ! This is revolting :) Thanks@PHyX8: "#imeemfree - Revolting Cocks feat. Giby Haynes and Al Jourgensen – Caliente (Dark Entries)" (reblip)
fabuleuxfab Sia, fabulous & creepy cover of Radiohead's Paranoid Android vi@toobad: "yr welcome @doux =) @GR8FL @ffluxx @Dessound @spiraldelight @SceniKK (reblip)

Sia- Paranoid Android (Radiohead Cover)

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fabuleuxfab Last track for 2night. I leave u with this Dj Krush song/vid. Enjoy the relaxing effect of the Shakuhachi ! @Ninette @MusicIsMySunshine @avivamagnolia

DJ KrushStill Island

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zenshine Peter, thank you--I'd forgotton how great this song was♥ @peterfrancon: "@zenshine for you my dear." (reblip)
BonniefromGA Thoroughly infatuated with this song.

Regina SpektorUs

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2HandedJam *** Unlimited Touch - Searching To Find The One
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