clonazepam carla r. vou pra belzonte te dar um beijo .. tu faz pao de queijo ? (reblip)
GroovyMonster (((( Kill the Ghoul ))))

Kill the Ghoul

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There's a Devil in the Bottle

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GroovyMonster Shopping for Witchcraft supplies in 1973...

Season of the Witch (George A.Romero 1973, Donovan's song)

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Warren Zevon-Dirty Life and Times

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crowjane @joechapman:Hey Joe~my bro~ gimme a peice of Oh Shelia~thnx bro~I trust U R having a great day~~ (reblip)
crowjane Of course she stamped it as only da' Queen can~with Paul's blessings~`
Stay19 This Friday. LYDIA. <><> This band makes my insides hurt. Feel it.<><>Curse this disease I have to be perfect...NO<><>San Fran. Be there. I will.
crispast perfect in this hot night ( 19 °out, 24° inside my house) stolen!@kareliz:) ehy there@MetalRocks (sorry, it's not your kind of music)! (reblip)
kbuech "Thanks! Cool way to find tracks to play. :) rb@by_starla Tame Impala – Flow "songs my iPod played on shuffle last night. hi " (reblip)

Tame ImpalaFlow

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Shukitty ....i hate to say it, but this is actually a fairly well done amv. It was at least well planned and spliced, and the imagery is pretty well matched.
kbuech "Keep that Lyle comin"!" rb@PS1968 Lyle Lovett – I Loved You Yesterday" ["Thanks"] (reblip)
MrThompsonR "Boom, Boom, Boom" Good evenin' Blip.(f)a(m)

John Lee Hooker: Boom boom

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Liris LOVE IT!!!! Otis Redding – I've Been Loving You Too Long
newNEWwave This was such a great find I have to Blip it again.
SouthernGothic @SgtMac: "@SgtMac: "Faster Horse, Younger Women, Older Whiskey & More Money, says it"" (reblip)
kbuech "My apologies to all who think I'm ignoring them...." JoJo - "Too Little Too Late" (imeem-free, NOT video)
Stay19 Sylvain Chauveau – Cinématographe 2<><>
newNEWwave Remember the first time you saw this video?

Sinead O'Connor -- "Jerusalem" Music Video

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GroovyMonster Tragedy - You Should Be Dancing (Metal Bee Gees Tribute)
SouthernGothic @by_starla: "[Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds - The Ship Song (live at Glastonbury)]" (reblip)
smartard Shocked, Michelle – Prodigal Daughter (Cotton Eyed Joe)
evilsharkerik 7 "I'm Impressed" because it's one of the most singable songs that I've had the fortune of having stuck in my head. #TMBG
GroovyMonster Galaxy Express 999

Galaxy Express 999 Original Soundtrack

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smartard Big Star – I'm in Love With a Girl
Diordan @CargoCulte I'm very well my friend Thank your for asking! Sonny Rollins for this quiet moment!
crowjane thanks @FOGGIELOANER that's it Barack Obama A Pocket Biography of Our 44th President Steven J Niven ~ LQQk forward to it!

Why Can't We Live Together. Timmy Thomas.

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smartard Andrews Sisters – Gimme Some Skin, My Friend
rubikoO :)

Lo Chiamavano Trinita' (They Call Me Trinity) ))STEREO((

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rubikoO ...singing songs that only birds can sing


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cdub sorry girls, but i think it is love...

The Pipettes-Because It's Not Love(But It's Still A Feeling)

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Sandie Shaw Are you ready to be heartbroken

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mammara last blip, goodnight @all.

DenteVieni a Vivere

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PauloStudio2002 Denise Reis - Negro gato vi@carlarafaela: " #Humantrumpet - Remember it? I loved it! :) #" (reblip)

Denise Reis no Programa do Jô

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stay_loose love burns... noite estranha essa...
Deesound (::) Rb@fabuleuxfab: "Good night mate ! This one is for you !#Deesound" i wasn't going ...or are you ..? ...:)) ...btw very nice this version TY (::) (reblip)
DareToEatAPeach New Horrors is produced by Geoff Barrow of Portishead. I can hear the Portishead. Can you? [self rb] (reblip)
SouthernGothic With Michelle Malone singing backup
Stay19 <><>shhh. Lets go on a walk. Yeah, down that path. Floating speakers glaring sound. Quiet. Minds at peace.

Arovane Tokyo Ghost Stories

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Requiem For A Dream Soundtrack - Lux Aeterna

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star45 Stereologica – A Valsa e o Caos – I like the video too! rb@stereomari: "That's my band, hope u like it! . . . @crispast @patita @djwttw @ladypn (reblip)
Stay19 There's a horrible crash. Standing on the highway, a girl and her Dad...<><> Just remember.

LydiaAlways Move Fast

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DareToEatAPeach Think this is not an actual video, but it is the highest quality clip assemblage I've seen.

Green Onions (Stax1967) Booker T & The Mg's, full version

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rkmonkey peace and love rb vi@GR8FL: "I think this song just about sums it up... and thanks " (reblip)
DareToEatAPeach @AbsinthEve used to send me songs all the time... hast thou forsaken me? (reblip)
KIMN_95 This the best "Little Green Apples" by O.C. Smith

Little Green Apples- O.C. Smith- 1968

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QueenJaneApproximately @JimmyHook I'm so jealous. He's not coming anywhere near me :( (reblip)

Lily, Rosemary, and the Jack of Hearts

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crowjane In honor of the finals~~ one last blip~Finish propping~ off to bed for me~

basketball jones orig. 1975 animated

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BLUESBOOGIE If ur To wasted to walk, And U need to Get Home.. put On some Jimi Hendrix – If 6 Was 9 - IT WILL get U home..BEEN There DID That.. @ManifestIntent
kpsoundadvice first heard this song at the close of a Weeds episode
Lemon I'm off Blipstas. Leaving you with this infectious groove. Cheers.
greglanders This band is my latest obsession ... can't get enough. I normally don't dig gutteral vocals, but these guys really know how to put the throttle down.


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RobertoWolvie Marina de la Riva excelente, dica do @rafadoprado, sujeito de muito bom gosto. (reblip)
powerhealths NO OTHER LOVE ~ John Legend Discover secret to losing weight While Eating Ice Cream, Devouring Burgers & Foods (reblip)
SpinninR @Snuff_D_Rooster all out of props for you today. You're blipping some premo stuff. :)


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anjeee @Diordan ~ have a good lunch! =)


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SeanMurphy Accidental discovery...who remembers this as the theme song for Dr. Demento's radio show? Stay deeeeee-men-ted!
tubilino hey @ximon ...if you invite a fresh beer, I go there now... ;)
crowjane I got it baby @ptneves ~sista got it real bad~~~
DJStress Groundbreaking, brilliant, and sadly, never followed up well. Surf+Punk in rarified territory.
avivajazz Novos Bainos – Biriba nos States
Rubens_ un marciano, un marciano sentado en el ala en un vuelo de taca que quiere entrar

Molotov- Marciano

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Llltex1969 R Dean Taylor – Indiana Wants Me 1970
Kubrickx The Bronx - Three Dead Sisters
philkirby well @Betterlucky, I don't think we'll be running out of Manchester bands anytime soon. Again, it almost chokes me, but MANCHESTER!!!!
dibbitydib That's two bass guitars on that. Jimi Hendrix loved this record.
joebob Since seeing the video, this song has been all over my head. I'm on a BOAT!
Criggles I think I want this instrumental to be my theme music. Now, who wants to follow me with a boombox?
smartard using computer, oldschool keyboard and a SM-57 mike....GE creates some great tunes.
dionroy @Suzn1177 - I just blipped this but Im already onto You Heart is an empty room!
rubikoO Fausto Bordalo Dias – A Memória dos Dias
AlyG haha no i wish i didn't...but hey whatever...i'll get bored with it eventually. i've started closing things like myspace etc..we shall see what lasts. (reblip)
elocio Rasa – Saulala raudona Lyrics in English: Sun is red, Evening is not far away, Let me, dear mother, Go home with the sun.

RasaSaulala raudona

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coliwilso I think you're old enough to know better...
FernandaW ...E o que me importa,é não estar vencido,minha vida, meus mortos,meus caminhos tortos...
dj_OPIUMatic jimmie along time comin yooooooooooooooowwwwwww!!!!!!!!!! :-)

Journey by Jimmy Cliff

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ShiaoMei @briannack's another 1 of my favs... eNjoYyy~~

Joe I Wanna Know

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Diordan never enough 9 - Molecule - Linea de fuego

05 - Molecule - Linea de Fuego

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avivajazz Vera Hall // Trouble So Hard
JefDrus "There's TOO many of them, they're coming though!" only the Aquabats! thanks vi@isabellathestrange (reblip)

Roy Orbinson-In Dream

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avivajazz Roby Lakatos – Deux Guitares // Virtuoso violinist of Roma (Gipsy) music
CallMeBlake and Tom makes me think of Stephin Merritt ( he's in several bands)

The Gothic Archies- Scream and Run Away

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ToulouseLatrec Back from seeing JL at HOB...amazing show

Jenny Lewis at Coachella 2009: Silver Lining

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lilwldchld as a kid I would dance every time I heard her sing, lol...
Divvzz most relaxing, soothing music....@digitpt good night ...

Hari tum haro

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newNEWwave Cool mash up @WunderTwinPowersActivate. This is my favourite Cure mash up with the Commodores.


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LeandroAzevedo RB @DJSUNSHINE2: "Sisters of Mercy - Cry Little Sister. Great song from a great film (The Lost Boys)" (reblip)
Megamuff This movie is sooo depressing but sooo good!!
RockinRobot RB @PatriotGams123: "RT @theantirockstar: "Better than Phil Collins.. that's for sure.. lol" Agreed! :)" Ditto! (reblip)
CHaDmAn "Yippie yi yaaaaay, Yippie yi ohhhhh!" (1949)
wreckchords i am ghost - pretty people never lie vampires really never die

I Am Ghost Pretty People Never Lie/Vampires Really Never Die

| play
omegga Para que @juanguis se anime y baile conmigo!

JImi Hendrix "Taking Care of No Business" outtake

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lilLADYT8845 are y0u Ready?!?.......

Golden Earring vs. Beastie Boys vs. Ludacris

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Amethyst Boy 8-Bit vs. Daft punk – Technologic Suspense (Crocoman cheeky Bootleg)...
rabbitchy this song playing my memory of love...

THAI SONG (MV)-- Varunee (วารุณี) -- Kort-chun (กอดฉัน)

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joshatblip Betty used to be married to Miles. This song is by a girl for the girls.
Jazzhole Insane Theremin playing.

Gnarls Barkley Crazy Theremin Jam

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poochiesan24 RB vi@Songbird1 AJ Croce, Jim's son...can you almost hear him.. NICE!! (reblip)
avivajazz Fascinating, RB@ZOEBOE: "trippy burial...but all his shit is trippy :) @DJ_JaMn: "RB@everythingispop another trippytastic track, ty" (reblip)


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westham999 Mashup ~~ DJ Mike W – Silence Is Golden (mashup of Simon & Garfunkel, Depeche Mode, New Order and Sarah McLachlan)" (reblip)
OliviaWilder Do you love this song like me? Hop onto the TGIF #Lovetrain and let's roll!

KoopIsland Blues

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scotiaj brilliant video, great song IMHO (U2 – hold me kill me kiss me thrill me)
zebra_as_bolinhas Mogwai – I'm Jim Morrison I'm Dead. Sugestão do Miguel Barroso. Poeta de Valor
MrMDNews This is my sister-in-law @bekahkelso she is playing at The Cove on July 17th - stay tuned for some cool specials.... #music #sanantonio
sandraew Can't get the damn thing out of my head @GravyBran: "A guilty pleasure of mine. Thank you for the song, @iluvavanquish" (reblip)
caryseen thx everyone for propping & blipping..... it's been fun as usual. this is the penultimate track....thx for listening & spinning! } ; )
Jazzhole Okay, Friday night...must be time for "Shut Up Brooklyn Sandman".
pulsar Another inadvertent find. Couldn't resist. :)
MrNatural digs Savoy Brown! @djwttw: "pretty much my favorite hippie song ..." (reblip)
ICEGIRL152 hey @AnnieLicious, I tried to stay with your show, but could not hear the audio--hope you and Burl enjoy your guests tonight! Peace Out!
CargoCulte I blip this way too much, but I'm ok with that.
Awannabeangel I think she sounds great too @Annimallover: "Oh my GOD! I can't believe she recorded this song!!@Awannabeangel: "@rakeshparmar: "Heartbreaking cover: (reblip)
Woywegian "haunting song about not really being parted when someone passes over" (reblip)
rico :) @Mojo_girl: "ah the same beat as mojo girl by nora dean.... love both songs but yeah now you know where i got my name" (reblip)
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