Hutton led zep live good clip

Led Zeppelin -- Dazed and Confused

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prodigy vs white stripes (mash-up video)

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Oldies Robert Johnson – Love In Vain
Oldies Jeff Beck & Tal Wilkenfeld – Cause We Ended As Lovers
De_Ann thru the voodoo to You! ~ AM SO INTO YOU ~ Atlanta Rhythm Section
DamnTheMan All propped out for you babe, as usual :) rb@Claudine_fairy (reblip)

GodsmackI Stand Alone

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BlueRoute Keb' Mo' –"Come On In My Kitchen" thx@bigskychef 4 new #blues (reblip)
BlueRoute Leon Russell & Friends "COME ON INTO MY KITCHEN" - another take on a classic #blues
BlueRoute Robert Johnson "Come On In My Kitchen" — the first recorded #blues "kitchen"

Roots of Blues -- Robert Johnson „Come On In My Kitchen"

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blues_b_us @BlueRoute: "Leon Russell & Friends "COME ON INTO MY KITCHEN" - another take on a classic #blues" (reblip)
BillyBlues @BlueRoute: "Robert Johnson "Come On In My Kitchen" — the first recorded #blues "kitchen"" (reblip)

Roots of Blues -- Robert Johnson „Come On In My Kitchen"

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Sylak Oh you do? ☺ @donnadontplay: "I really like this one! @Sylak" (reblip)
DamnTheMan I don't even have to blip. I'll just take y'alls. @donnadontplay: "Great minds think alike! @mr_grandprix: "you beat me to this one rb@donnadontplay"" (reblip)


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DirtyUrine Kings Of Leon – California Waiting !! (reblip)
TrainWreckRadio @hittman check your local PBS affiliate for an upcoming SKYNYRD Soundstage special.... (reblip)

Lynyrd Skynyrd-Saturday Night Special-1976

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DamnTheMan Madness comes and madness goes. An insane place with insane moves. Battles without for battles within where evil lives and evil rules....
fxp123 hi thanks @ShebaJo: "Luv this version! @fxp123: "ty @StarStruk: "RB @DirtyUrine: "Nirvana – Come as You Are (Live Acoustic) !!"" (reblip)
DamnTheMan Hysteria was where they stopped their run I think cuz Adrenalized was just horrid, maybe 2 good songs on it and Slang sucked @Dawnrazor @DanceDog

Def LeppardHysteria

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DirtyUrine I noticed that myself! Nice job! \m/ @Time2Burn: "Your on a roll tonight bro! @hawaiibuzz: "Metallica - The Unforgiven II [HD]"" (reblip)
DirtyUrine Anthrax – Cowboy Song! \m/ ~ Great Thin Lizzy cover! (reblip)

AnthraxCowboy Song

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FineNGood I wish I never had taken this dare I wasn't quite prepared doll me up in my bad luck....

Foo FightersDoll

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Schoork cool! tell me then!@Time2Burn: "No @dirtylittlesecret and i are going for the marathon badge lol @Schoork: "Morning Bro!Did you ever sleep? lol (reblip)

U2 Sunday Bloody Sunday Live From Slane Castle

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harmony60 U2 Elevation Live At Slane Castle ...Awesome...enjoy.....

U2 Elevation Live At Slane Castle

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DamnTheMan Cut my life into pieces, this is my last resort. Suffocation, no breathing, don't give a fuck if I cut my arm bleeding....

Papa RoachLast Resort

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SoylentGreen Sanctuary – Battle Angels
DamnTheMan Thanx y'all. I do what I can :) @frspirit: "oh, I know, he's very good at what he does ;) @jarnokeim: "listen to the man! He is right u know ;) (reblip)
DamnTheMan THAT'S what I'm talkin bout \m/\m/ rb@marijaanadj: "Slayer – Hell Awaits" (reblip)
DirtyUrine It's up! ~ @SpinninSara: "Turn it up! ~~ Lynyrd Skynyrd – Sweet Home Alabama~~" (reblip)
FineNGood @angelheart: "Im with you man@CooperHarris: "@angelheart @AnotherLeaker This is what I have to say to the haters out there."" Let's start a club (reblip)
DirtyUrine one of my faves! \m/ @DeAnn: "@B828: "Arizona"" (reblip)


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DirtyUrine I love this tune! @B828: "gr8 blip thx!@ladypn: "rb@Angie74 Love this song, thx!: "Every time I'm falling down All alone I fall to pieces""" (reblip)
SoylentGreen Titãs – Marvin ~~ "meu pai disse boa sorte, com a mão no meu ombro, no seu leito de morte"


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DirtyUrine @mark_till: "Foo Fighters – Born On The Bayou (live CCR cover been known to chase down a whodo there as well. @Time2Burn @aprildax @S4W2E0D@Time2Burn" (reblip)
DirtyUrine never heard this cover guys! ~ @Time2Burn: "Great cover!! @mark_till: "Foo Fighters - Baker Street also this cover which is a good wayback!!!!"" (reblip)
SoylentGreen Simon & Garfunkel - Scarborough Fair

"Scarborough Fair" Simon & Garfunkel

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DirtyUrine AWESOME!! \m/ @CaboCrazy: "Judas Priest – Heavy Metal @DirtyUrine" (reblip)
nawlinswoman My mother was a tailor..sewed my new blue papa was a gambling man..
Schoork Metallica & Ozzy Osbourne- Iron Man/Paranoid #TallicaTuesday \m/ (reblip)

Metallica & Ozzy Osbourne

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AshliVicious holdin onto you like broken glass... back again =] had to talk to my daddy @aerowolf36 on my birthday of course! ^_^
harmony60 ZZ Top – La Grange ...i got to see this Band twice..great time both times....please enjoy...thanks....

ZZ TopLa Grange

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SoylentGreen wow! i haven't listened to this one for a good while. rb @adbert: "[Kansas – Play the Game Tonight] Nice to see you, @CherryBlossom! :-)" (reblip)
SoylentGreen The White Stripes - It's True that we Love one Another

The White Stripes-It's True that we Love one Another

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vanbytheriver Buckley - Hallelujah ..."you saw her bathing on the roof, her beauty and the moonlight overthrew you..."
SoylentGreen you don't need to ask again. let's enjoy it :) rb @harmony60: "The Who – Who Are You ...just love this one...please enjoy...thanks....." (reblip)

The WhoWho Are You

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DirtyUrine I totally agree with ya! \m/ @mark_till: "This is a great version DU!! @DirtyUrine: "Social Distortion – Under My Thumb! \m/ ~ vi@ mark_till"" (reblip)
DirtyUrine DU approved! ==>@AdamOfDallas !! Only serious rockers should add him now!! Others should run like hell 'cause we gotta Tejas rocker in the house! \m/ (reblip)
adbert [Kansas – Play the Game Tonight] Y @Flower? Dó estará mi querida @Flower?
SoylentGreen Jeff Beck - Steelin'

Jeff Beck / Steelin'

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SoylentGreen Joe Bonamassa – So Many Roads, So Many Trains
FineNGood @Angie74: "ded to @CooperHarris who intro'd me to all kinds of new music, esp the best Cornell TYSM sweets :) #playlist" YW baby (reblip)
SGMan Sure, make me grab one from my stash.. @jpblogger

Frank Black-I Burn Today

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Sylak LOL kiss your ass? Maybe! ;) @backasswards: "kiss my lily-white ass..LOL. im a metal girl at heart, i swear! @Sylak" (reblip)
De_Ann Cream – Strange Brew turn it up :)

CreamStrange Brew

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DirtyUrine love this tune! @DeAnn: "@GiantPimpslapper: "Soundgarden - The Day I Tried To Live : Superunknown (1994)"" (reblip)
Saltydog Jockey Full Of Bourbon

tom waits jockey full of bourbon

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DirtyUrine personal fave! @Time2Burn: "Good Evening! @Rella How are you?" (reblip)

The CultFire Woman

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TrainWreckRadio anybody here a veteran of RockFest in Cadott, WI ? Their line-up is coming together nicely, early!
DamnTheMan Thanx bro! I like to get icky with it \m/ @creativeness: "yo! nice thump#DamnTheMan: "I could go for a little White Stripes right about now"" (reblip)
ChadThomas One of my all time faves!!! rb@romanus: "Gorillaz – Clint Eastwood" (reblip)
ChadThomas Good to me but very bad to my liver! @SuperSpaceAngel: "♥ Hola back at'cha Sugar!!! Hope your weekend is being good to you! ;D @ChadThomas" (reblip)
DirtyUrine AC/DC – Jailbreak (Hot Russian Girls Version)! \m/ (reblip)
SoylentGreen Metallica & Ray Haller - Killing Time (Sweet Savage cover)
SGMan A favourite..thx.. @StemOfThorns (reblip)

Tahitian Moon

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DirtyUrine RB! @ankita_gaur: "Paint it Black – The Rolling Stones" (reblip)
SoylentGreen bedtime, blippers! gonna sleep w/ one eye open, gripping my pillow tight! ~~ Motörhead - Enter Sandman (Metallica Cover)

Motorhead "Enter Sandman" Metallica Cover

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SGMan Used to crank this song for my daughters when they were 5yrs and 7.. they loved it!@backasswards: "eh, ive got so many vids i of em. @SGMan" (reblip)
AshliVicious mine again xD@DamnTheMan: "I'm stealin it back! @Time2Burn: "And i'm stealing it from you lol@ AshliVicious: "and i'm stealin this one ^_^ (reblip)
DamnTheMan This guy rocks!!!! One of my fav lines from him.....This is MY country! .....Do you have a flag? rb@LikeAnAngel (reblip)

Eddie Izzard Death Star Canteen

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adbert [Asia - Only Time Will Tell] Las trompetitas insufribles.
vanbytheriver Satch. Vai. Johnson ...Red House (Live...Bluesy...yeah) Word has it that Satch & Johnson & Lang will be in AZ on Sunday... ;-)

Joe Satriani,Steve Vai,Eric Johnson.-Live-Red House.

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AshliVicious omg i love it! i'd heard black sabbath and godsmack, but not this one! ty!@DamnTheMan: "Oooooo, you know the perfect gifts \m/ @Lisa_Michele: "Oh (reblip)
DamnTheMan For my drive by blip bud, this one's for you babe, keep your chin up. Good things come to those who wait @DescendingDown

PanteraShedding Skin

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DirtyUrine I agree! @DJLifesGood: "great track from Slave To The Grind@DirtyUrine: "RB!! @ankita_gaur: "Skid Row – Wasted Time[@MetalRocks]""" (reblip)
Sylak ‡‡Dick Dale (The father of heavy metal) – "Miserlou"‡‡ (reblip)

MiserlouDick Dale

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SGMan You too! Excellent blip :)@SliverMoon: "G'nite ST thanks@SGMan..have a nice weekend out see ya ;-))" (reblip)
SoylentGreen This 1 is from Mali! A tune I've never heard before. It sounds really good. I like the strings & the percussion :)
FitzgeraldKC Mississippi Sheiks : "The World Is Going Wrong" #blues

Mississippi Sheiks:The World Is Going Wrong

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nawlinswoman Oh, BB, you'll always thrill me..thx RB @PavlovsStepson (reblip)

B B King & Bobby Blue Bland-The Thrill Is Gone, etc. (1977)

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nawlinswoman Totally wonderful..thx RB !!@daytonacharger @desyslava Love this Live song & video too!!!! BRILLANT!!!" (reblip)
melodyofurlife I'm way excited about this show. RB-> @monkeyjumps: "luscious new collection of tunes @melodyofyourlife SHEARWATER-runners of the sun (2010).wmv" (reblip)

SHEARWATER-runners of the sun (2010).wmv

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SGMan Los Bravos ~ Black Is Black
DamnTheMan Friggen sweet \m/ @romanus: "Guns N' Roses – Sweet Child O'Mine" (reblip)
DirtyUrine I worked overtime! lol rb@ankita_gaur: "thnx dude fr being my top propper..whopping 81 props @DirtyUrine======>The Dead Kennedys – Holiday in Cambodia (reblip)
Schoork Thank you Bro!@Time2Burn: "Great tune bro! rb@Schoork: ""Stone Sour- Through Glass""" (reblip)

Stone Sour- Through Glass

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IDREAMOFJEANIE2 rb @theFRUKE: "TY!! :) @IDREAMOFJEANIE2: "rb @theFRUKE very nice... again!!! ;}"" well deserved... rock on!!! :) (reblip)
IDREAMOFJEANIE2 I will no longer resist... :)))!!!
DirtyUrine Great tune!! I added u as well! Not sure why I wasn't listening! @DreamWarriorz: "Awesome new song!! \m/ Bullet For My Valentine – "Begging For Mercy" (reblip)
AshliVicious there's another world inside of me that you will never see..
MONIKKA Lovely !! Thanks for sharing; rb vi@Coffeenuts: "Anna Ternheim – What have I done" (reblip)

Steely Dan- Reeling in the Years

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Sylak ‡‡My Chemical Romance – "Helena"‡‡ (reblip)

Stevie Ray Vaughn Life By The Drop

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DamnTheMan Hey bro! @DreamWarriorz: "Breaking Benjamin – sooner or later (with lyrics)" (reblip)
DirtyUrine RB! @LindyLuv: ~ best recommendation: buy PT's DVD "Arriving Somewhere but Not Here," which is a concert film from Chicago, 2005 #progressivemetal" (reblip)
cpcdiniz RB@digitpt: "Bob Dylan – It's Alright Ma, I'm Only Bleeding." (reblip)
SGMan ::Fucked Up ~ Son of the Father

01 son of the father

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SGMan Yeah, a kicker man.. :) @AlloutMMA: "Realy realy liken this one! May be a contender for this falls card." (reblip)

Motley Crue-Knock 'Em Dead Kid

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DamnTheMan Depends on the topic :) @Angie74: "What do you know?" (reblip)

Puscifer"The Mission"

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DamnTheMan Groovin tunage!! rb@GiantPimpslapper: "Godsmack - Greed : Awake (2000)" (reblip)


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harmony60 Carlos Santana & Rob Thomas – Smooth
AshliVicious will do =] @EKU_Pride btw.. may i ask what eku stands for?


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SGMan one for #coversthatdontsuck @lulacarneiro: "@SGMan Rush covering Who? Can't go wrong." (reblip)

RushThe Seeker

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SGMan I remember when I thought this song was called 'guilded cage' .. @lulacarneiro


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