SquarerootZ I can't get enough of this song right now...

Exhibit A (Transformations) [SitDownStandUp.com]

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SquarerootZ Nina Simone again...nuff said
illMami Putting on bustier and stillettos now. Entering my lair later. (reblip)
illMami All I can say is...OMG I <3 Yukimi more and more. Her voice is sick.
illMami Their new album is on constant rotation in the whip. Makes me want to put on some ripped leggings.
illMami Tomorrow live at The Roxy bitches!
SquarerootZ Haha...classic material...Puffy steals everything...
SquarerootZ Even when you talk, it takes over me...


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SquarerootZ More shyt RZA was a genius for finding...

Ann Peebles - Trouble, Heartaches And Sadness Resample

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SquarerootZ Classic Memphis blues...


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SquarerootZ Two Words...


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SquarerootZ Even more classic material...Stakes is High. You know them stakes is high... (reblip)
SquarerootZ Even more classic material...
SquarerootZ There's only one beer left / Rappers screaming all in our ears / like we're deaf....HOT!!
SquarerootZ The video for this song is amazing to me...LD pwns!
SquarerootZ Classic Material...Charlie Wilson pwns!
SquarerootZ Not sure where they got the title, cause it's actually called Written In The Stone...
SquarerootZ Can't think of who sampled this but it still a great song...
SquarerootZ They used to play this at all the Middle School dances back in the day...did I just date myself?
SquarerootZ @bendrix - Possibly my fav 80's remake! Zo! and Tigallo pwn! The whole album is bonkers!
SquarerootZ @bendrix - Wow...very funky groove. Do I detect elements of Fourplay or Incognito in there? (reblip)
Matsuuuun you are not loser,BECK!


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SCSpartan I know it sounds funny, but I just can't stand the pain.


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SquarerootZ @bendrix - Of course I've heard of Nicolay. I love LB and Foreign Exchange stuff! This track is str8 butta too. (reblip)
SquarerootZ @bendrix - I have the whole Mos discography if your looking for the Love Song still.
SquarerootZ Roll that shyt, light that shyt, smoke it!!
SquarerootZ Can't help it...80's music still gets me..
SquarerootZ I stan for this song still...

Five for Fighting- Its Not Easy Being Me

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SquarerootZ Has to be one of the greatest posse cuts ever!!
SquarerootZ @bendrix - Dude!! You always here...;)! Sade is the essential man! I had to plunk down alotta cash for her whole collection recently. (reblip)
lala5f "you can pay for school but you can't buy class" jay-z
SquarerootZ Freakazoids, robots please report to the dancefloor...@bendrix
SquarerootZ @bendrix - What about this? Take you back far enough?
bendrix @SquarerootZ - YOU HAVE TO Give Props to this track its R&B, Hip Hop, Electronica, Downtempo, Lounge, Enigma, Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk - its Luv Luv
SquarerootZ And another one, and another one...its another beautiful day here in NC...you should be here to see it...
SquarerootZ Guilty pleasure...

O Brother, Where Art Thou I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow

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bendrix BRO SERIOUSLY this is worth a RE RE BLIP - xCellent lyrics and flow on this track RE @SquarerootZ Hotness ensues... (reblip)
SquarerootZ You know you used to have some penny loafers and would do the dance when the video came on. Don't front!
SquarerootZ Remember that they would have to do this song twice whenever they did it live and you would just as hype the second time as you were the first?
SquarerootZ See when you stimulate your own mind for one common cause...
SquarerootZ In your face like a can of mace baby...
SquarerootZ Back when he was still hungry...


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SquarerootZ Haha...Here's is the Santa Claus Aint Real mix by 9th Wonder. Its sorta long but worth the listen.
SquarerootZ Also uploaded this one cause there wasn't alot of The LuvBugz stuff here either...
SquarerootZ Surprised I didn't see this here so I uploaded it...
SquarerootZ I'm liking his writing skills on this one...


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SquarerootZ I'm feeling this one too just for the live guitar sounds...
SquarerootZ I been feeling her since the last Outkast album...
SquarerootZ This track is incredible so I uploaded it...
SquarerootZ This one I just sang the hook for. The guys rapping were in the Navy with me
SquarerootZ One more original and I'm out for the night...everyone be peace til I return.
SquarerootZ Love this song, so I uploaded it..
SquarerootZ Takin' me to the point of No Return...
SquarerootZ So wide you can't get around it / So low you can't get under it...
NatRockSki I gave you silk suits, blue diamonds and gucci handbags. I gave you things you couldn't even pronounce! But now I can't give you nothing but advice. (reblip)
NatRockSki Hey that's the giiiiirl for you...
NatRockSki This is that feel good...saturday morning clean up music.


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NatRockSki i think i got some curl juice on your collar...


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NatRockSki they woke up and thought about me :).... the girl who's come to town.
cee1 this is what diamond d used..peep it
cee1 reggae feel with that soulful feel..
NatRockSki on my "I love the 80s" tip...this video was DOPE!
SquarerootZ I love this one just because of all the different styles incorporated into it....

Dexys Midnight Runners - Come On Eileen

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SquarerootZ I repeat, just in case you doubted the last blip...
SquarerootZ What, you thought I was just Hip-Hop, Old School Soul and R&B? No grasshopper. There is much to learn....
ekman !Groovin High! @SquarerootZ (reblip)

Arturo Sandoval Groovin High

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SquarerootZ @ekman - Nice one! And then the scats in there are making this even better! Arturo Sandoval huh? Must find more now. (reblip)

Arturo Sandoval Groovin High

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SquarerootZ They are watching you, watching your every move...
SquarerootZ What in the world could make a brighter girl turn blue?

Roxette She's Got the Look

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SquarerootZ Back to where I was going with this...
SquarerootZ I had such a crush on Martika when she was on KIDS Incorporated.
SquarerootZ Just in case you doubted my last Blip....

RushTom Sawyer

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SquarerootZ Found a Biggie Blendz mixtape. This DJ did a impressive job blending BIG's rhymes with Dr. Dre's 2001 tracks. Must listen!
SquarerootZ I'm just really impressed with this guy's flow plus any J. Dilla track is great to me..
SquarerootZ Another Biggie Blendz track. Juicy's lyrics / Whats the Difference production.
SquarerootZ Another one from the Biggie Blendz.
SquarerootZ Biggie Blendz - Going back to Cali / The Watcher. Hot!!
SquarerootZ DJ went in on this one! Dead Wrong lyrics / Xplosive track. HOT!!!
SquarerootZ Sky Is the Limit Blend...
SquarerootZ 10 Crack Commandments / Big Ego's. HOT!!!!
SquarerootZ Hypnotized / Still D.R.E. Nice!
SquarerootZ There's only one beer left / Rappers screaming all in our ears / like we're deaf....HOT!! (reblip)
SquarerootZ Haha...Here's is the Santa Claus Aint Real mix by 9th Wonder. Its sorta long but worth the listen. (reblip)
SquarerootZ And sometimes I smooth it out with Bilal...

Bilal - Sometimes

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SquarerootZ @ekman - OK, Jazz AND Funk get my attention. I was just working on a new post about Funk this morning. I just met you. Stop reading my mind! (reblip)
SquarerootZ Galt McDermot had some weird sounding stuff but it made for great samples...

8c-Galt Macdermot - Bedroom

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SquarerootZ A little more of the Beatnuts samples...Dizzy Gillespie...nuff said..

1d-Dizzy Gillespie - The Matrix

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SquarerootZ A little Don Byrd...The Beatnuts sample good stuff...

1b-Donald Byrd- Wee Tina

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SquarerootZ Beatnuts samples...

1a-Enoch Light - A little fugue for you and me

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SquarerootZ Freakazoids, Robots please report to the dance floor.. (reblip)
SquarerootZ Stakes is High. You know them stakes is high... (reblip)
SquarerootZ I want you to be a father / He's your little boy / and you don't even bother / Like, brother without the "R"...
SquarerootZ 1 Million, 2 Million, 3 Million 4. In about three months, 30 Million more.
SquarerootZ Welcome to NYC...

Anita Baker - You're The Best Thing Yet

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SquarerootZ Hope you were able to keep up...lesson almost over for today...
SquarerootZ Fix your hair in the mirror, lets roll...

Tom Brock - There's Nothing in This World That Can Stop Me

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SquarerootZ More stuff Kanye sampled...for some song I can't think of right now...
SquarerootZ Did you realize?

Steely Dan - Kid Charlemagne

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SquarerootZ This is real smooth...Bill Conti...have to find more of this...
SquarerootZ For the people in the cheap seats... catch this one way back there...
SquarerootZ Streets is Watching & My Name Is...all in one song....
SquarerootZ Ghostface....Fishscale sample. This is hot just for the horns and originality of it...I'm pretty sure this was a School House Rock song too. (reblip)
SquarerootZ Hold this while I upload a couple thangs....
Jason7 5th Dimension did the original, but nothing comes close to the excitement of Shaw's version. The violins! The handclaps! @SquarerootZ, @rarerotation
SoundSystemSDC One more re-blip of @SquarerootZ - the man knows the breaks...check his station! (reblip)
rosetopal Breezin'~George benson reblip @fbrahimi...Lovely...thanks @santamistura (reblip)
SquarerootZ Now this is hot! Serious old school right here...
THC1138 Clearing out my playlist so it'll be a bit random for a bit -- little soul-jazz from up-and-comer Esperanza Spalding (reblip)
SquarerootZ Another one I like. Ida know it's something about the guitar and the guy's voice.


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THC1138 Here's a nice parallel track to the Nilsson, the classic of classics from Marvin Gaye (reblip)
SquarerootZ Still a big Little Dragon fan...
SquarerootZ @bendrix - Feeling this and the way they incorporated the Issac Hayes in it. Are you on Twitter? (reblip)
ecocity rollin' right out of some black eyed peas, I'm feelin' very superstitious. Hope you are too (reblip)
SquarerootZ Its hard to believe Sweden can create something so funky...
SquarerootZ Take it from the Tech Nine holder... (reblip)
chicklitgurrl Me and my cousin would sing this song all the time back in the day...
SquarerootZ @LadyProducHer You mean this one right? Classic. No. doubt.
SquarerootZ One for the money, yessir two for the show...
SquarerootZ And ya say NYC!! (reblip)

Grand Puba - I Like It

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SquarerootZ Candy likes Brandy / Especially peach / She keeps it by the radio / and listens to the Reverend preach...

Ghetto Heaven - The Family Stand

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SquarerootZ Ok...back to where I was going earlier before I got side tracked...
SquarerootZ I hit a high note cause of the way that she was walking...
harlemloves minnie riperton - I am the black gold of the sun. Just came on my ipod so I thought I'd share some old skool funk.
harlemloves Marvin Gaye - Where are we going? - How have I not heard this song before?
Chickee This little flower is stepping out...I'm making progress!!! .
Chickee Canadian Flava lovely this tune does her No justice..Divine Brown's album has soulful variety album, i really dig.
SquarerootZ If you ain't feeling this ish right hurr...you're a lame. Point. Blank.
SquarerootZ This one is just for the old soul in me...
SquarerootZ Beatnick & K-Salaam really put a great spin on this classic....

Michael Jackson "Never Can Say Goodbye" (Beatnick & K-Salaam Remix)

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SquarerootZ Liking this one for the use of the Foreign Exchange track @AyahMusic ...Props!!

They Were Lyin-Ayah 08

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SatinLegsSmith A nice little Nina composition using lyrics from poet Paul Laurence Dunbar's "Compassion." @xraye63 @Veronique @olumide_e @bendrix @SquarerootZ
SquarerootZ Now let's all get baked like Anita


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SquarerootZ Jody got a cat but she won't let it out / Oh tough luck, 'cause it makes Jack pout
SquarerootZ Knocking on my door, saying, "a yo yo" / "I got a funky new tune with a fly banjo"


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SquarerootZ The best buddy's in evening wear Long lovin' less Tru know (he's in there) I feel sorry for those who pay a fare (a fee) word to the D


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SquarerootZ Stickabush, stickabush, stickabush, stickabush


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SquarerootZ Take those acid-washed jeans, bell-bottomed, designed by your mama...off? Please? Please..


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SquarerootZ ecoutez. a midi. quel heure est-il? il est midi. cest lheure de dejeuner. quest-ce quil y a a manger? il y a saucisse, sans doute.


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SquarerootZ Or this but I'm in a De La mood now...


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SquarerootZ Umm...I wasn't gonna do this tonight but...


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SquarerootZ And this one too...Busta goes in as usual on it...
SquarerootZ This one is flames right now...
SquarerootZ @SatinLegsSmith - I understand, respect and prociate the props for this one...it caught me off guard how hot it was too... (reblip)
SquarerootZ New ish from the homie Everett James. Props!!!
SquarerootZ Had to ReBlip this one...was just listening to it last weekend... (reblip)
SquarerootZ Intro for this one is ill...wonder what it's from...

Not Too Far From Nothing

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SquarerootZ Guilty and Mr. Porter were good but Jay said that wack emcees were imaginary like Mr. Snuffleupagus and basically made me forget what they said...
SquarerootZ This one is hot...are there anymore verses to it hidden somewhere @JayElectronica ?

Jay Electronica & J Dilla - Forever

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bendrix I'm surprised there are not many Sade tracks on here. I hardly ever dedicate a track to U luv so here's one of Sade's best @chicklitgurrl
SquarerootZ The verdict is still out on this guy for most people but I happen to like a few of his tracks. Read: http://tinyurl.com/95297x
SquarerootZ They should have told ya (I am for the people) / And I'm a shoulder (Carryin' the world) / Say yes sir / Victory Is Mine © Dilla & @JayElectronica
SquarerootZ I forgot all about this one until VH1 reminded me last weekend...
SquarerootZ And since I'm on a little bit of an 80's kick right now...
SquarerootZ Just cause this is the only thing I've been listening to for the last week...
harlemloves My sisters playig DJ in my house today and she shared this tune. Love it!
SquarerootZ To see the heaven in your eyes is not so far Cause I'm not afraid to try and go it
SquarerootZ Until we dream of life and life becomes a dream...
SquarerootZ One of my faves songs from this very talented guy...
SquarerootZ Was listening to Vol. 3 the other day and got re-introduced to some new aspects in Jigga's flow from this track...
SquarerootZ Which also made me have to find the original song by Alana Davis this Jay-Z gem was sampled from...


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itsRamel Eric Roberson – Been In Love...
itsRamel Eric Roberson – When Love Calls
SquarerootZ Adding this one cause I looked for it before and it was just a small clip which doesn't give the entire song the justice it richly deserves...
SquarerootZ Working on adding some tracks to Dropbox...wait for it...
luve1995 @SquarerootZ This is song is hot!! (reblip)

Leon King - Knowingness

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SquarerootZ @CynDyn - Find anything you like in the archives yet? @RonnieBebop - Nice one man. I might have to dig in my Clutchy file, dig out a few to upload. (reblip)
SquarerootZ Still one of his greatest in my book...


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SquarerootZ @GarrisonStrange - Glad you felt the Nikki Jean track. Surprised you overlooked this one though... (reblip)

Leon King - Knowingness

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SquarerootZ If I could block the moon and rob the sun from the sky...
SquarerootZ Also let me mention / My only intention / Is to feed you every single thing you hunger for...

DweleHold On

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SquarerootZ Another great track from @NicholasHoward. Read more about him @ TSR ---> http://tinyurl.com/lhqop3/
SquarerootZ The homie @Dubbslane told me I could throw this out here since it helped him become a finalist @ 501 MICS in VA...let me know what you guys think...
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