StellaBears welcomeSweetie, i♥luv urMusic,2!! @doctorfetal: ""Beauty..thx so much for props*love ur profile pic*U have a new listener*love this music@StellaBears (reblip)
StellaBears TYLovelyBlipStars☆4G'music & props. Had funX today fr laughter to discovering new songs that moves my Soul. Music a fabulous gift! TY and G'nite❤ (reblip)
StellaBears I'm blipping in my sweet dreams!! :))) HA! @kirkill: "I have blip'd it, but I doesn't bother me, blip away! @StellaBears @kirkill @kobiswim (reblip)
StellaBears MUaaaaaah rb traceyluv!@traceyr: "Thirsty Merc ~ All My Life~~~~~~love u blip-sis! Muahh! @StellaBears (reblip)
StellaBears oh my! is this true?@NotSoSpecial: I beg your pardon @WithOutMakeUp TY Ladies! :)@SBears: love is where you are2 ツ@NotSoSpecial love is where you are (reblip)
StellaBears tyDavid luvit! miss urGr8 Blips!@DavidL1313 You are such a sweet heart, as always lovely to know you are around and still high on life(& T.)@SBears:>D (reblip)
StellaBears TYhugs&lotsoflove♡@matoart: "uhmmm...sweet waltz ; )))warmest hugs for two @StellaBears: TYsweetie! They're Fab! TY4 the add:) dear!@MarMir (reblip)

♥♫ Waltz of Love ♥♫music Stamatis Spanoudakis

| play
StellaBears well hello:) ...2cutest toad ever! hugs&smiles& happy wkend♥ @moretoadisgoodtoad: "Hi sweetie! nice music! tyrb @StellaBears (reblip)

Mozart, Piano Quartet in G minor, KV 478, third movement, Rondeau (animated score)

| play
StellaBears always delightful 2CU, Ko (ړײ) ty! GoodNight hug!@kobiswim: "many thx my dear Cal friend always so kind :) big Bhugs & sweet dreams RB@S:TY:)@kobiswim (reblip)
StellaBears hey where's my fav bLab? is he in disguise? :) @kirkill: "hey fav G.Shep! RB @StellaBears: "INXS ~ Don't Change (reblip)

INXS Don't Change

| play
StellaBears tyvm hun! LuvYa ♡@LOVE4ME: isn't this beautiful @scotlandlover @lukesharp .. RB~~>@StellaBears is a GREAT DJ with a BIG HEART!!! (reblip)
StellaBears TY!!! UR the BEST, as well:) @favre: "best girls in the world @StellaBears: "I actually hv the heater on HA :) nice & warm!! @favre (reblip)
DavidL1313 All good in Daveyland thanks...just been busy but the music still flows through me instead of i will always end up here! @StellaBears :>D
StellaBears thinking of YoU bear (ړײ) @VicTHor33: "You are so Beautiful" ~Joe Cocker ((@StellaBears)) (reblip)
JonathanDune G'day cutie@StellaBears: "TYvm4props, did this make Usmile? HA! :)@JonathanDune!!!< { ;)) Me Smilin!} (reblip)
StellaBears fabuloso Sunday Bella~>@matoart: TY sweet friend ;)) big hug@R_A_Y_B_E: nice!:)@m: never forget you dear #Star;) kisses and sweet dreams @StellaBears (reblip)
StellaBears TYSuperdjs! remember our Brave Soldiers •.¸(ˆ◡ˆ)¸.• honor our Heros! Happy Memorial Day everyone (◡‿◡✺ Goodnight!!!
StellaBears Chilling Out •.¸¸ღ HappySunday! love these ocean vids! TYdears @lightblu: lucky girl <3@JoanieBeachMusic (reblip)
StellaBears Sorry OOPs4U:( I will miss U indeed:(@webbedradio: met so many gr8 folks here at blip (like u@StellaBears)..very special years spent here..w/u friends (reblip)

Tom Rush The Dreamer

| play
StellaBears obrigada Bella´¯`•.¸¸✰☄xoYa! @matoart: thanks darling #STAR baci & love ;-)))@StellaBears: when the sun has set •.¸(ˆ◡ˆ)¸.• no candles can replace it! (reblip)
StellaBears TYSuperdjsღ´¯`•.¸¸✧✶on my merry way 2 a smooth sailing day!!! Happy Blippinღˆ◡ˆ) (reblip)
StellaBears Ready 4 cuppa English tea ")>❣️xx@LisaWorld: lets go@StellaBears Q? 4U SisX this the famous fortress? ..Tower of London?on the Thames? :)x@elyss (reblip)
StellaBears pleasure 2CU xx@40GRAUS: Tysm! xoxo..@StellaBears: love this! hva wonderful wkend tYhugs@Camargoo ♥♫♪ TY:))x @S: Let**•.¸☆❣️there positive light! tY@4 (reblip)
StellaBears (ˆ◡ˆ)¸☀️•*¨*♫♪ "WAVING" ByeByeHugs<"❣️@elyss: See You Laterzzzzzz :) Bye for now x@StellaBears (reblip)
StellaBears Cheers ...Amor Vincit Omnia •.¸☆❣️NJOY ur day! (reblip)
StellaBears ´◡`)/ ♥<"U make us Smile tYx@Sharuana_: If you just ..*‿* (ړײ) ✭‿✭ (ツ) ʕ•̫͡•̃ʔ ( ◕‿- ) (ˆ◡ˆ 4@zoja01@Acoustic_Music@amycanbe@elyss@40GRAUS ❣️ (reblip)
ellendiane exactly- thanks xx Edie Brickell & the New Bohemians -What I AM
scotlandlover What YOU am is the fake. Stop your blip BS, please!
StellaBears ...elegance✴♫ღ.¸¸.•´¯`✯Beauty that never fades! (reblip)
StellaBears YvW (")>♥ hugs! @SpinninSara: LOVE THIS!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥ Thank you sweetie! ☺☺☺ (")>♥<(")RB@SB: smilin' & chillin' in the Galapagos◠ᴥ◠ tYxx@SS (reblip)

Pinguin, Galapagos, 1080p, Full HD, penguin, chill out music, Musikwasserbett

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StellaBears Mornin' (‾◡◝✾ .¸¸.•´¯`✯dear@JoanieBeachMusic: G☼☼d M☼rning fr☼m the Beach︵  ︵⁄    \︵     ︵⁄     \︵       ︵⁄    \︵     ︵⁄     \︵       ︵⁄    \︵     ︵⁄ (reblip)
StellaBears awww.. peaceful❣️indeed TYboth:)@scotlandlover: lovely...rb tks @GaiaMix: "``°❋¸⊹Merry Christmas⋆❧* d(~.~)b ⋆❧*Lღve & Pe☮ace´`°❂¸⊹´`°"" (reblip)

2 hours of Peaceful Classic Christmas Music

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StellaBears Indeed:) hva wonderful day:) tY!@Plural_Tastes Was about to rb this song, really! @StellaBears: mpeccable timing! talking about birds:) @p
zoja01 @blipfm is no longer as fun as it used to be. I'm nagyon sorry.

VNV NationBeloved

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StellaBears happy wkend..U know we love the strings ︵⁄ <"(")>❣️tYdear friend:) @Arron188: "@StellaBears one 4u (reblip)
zoja01 Is blipfm not showing that props. The Favorite stream is rotating. Only reblip works, but myself, the end blip? rb@skunk63: "Dance Like You Wanna Die" (reblip)
ate2zee I noticed that too...we're back to that RB@scotlandlover: "why is the ALL DJ page stuck on last night?" (reblip)
ate2zee New problems @blipfm--the "all djs" has been stuck a few days, & my "blips" count has also been stuck. Replies and reblips haven't worked in months...
StellaBears WoW..super quiet, SisX❣️ dance dance WOOHoOO! Happy Friday:)@elyss: he Beatles-Happy Just To Dance With You
GeorgeSand You're the 1st DJ to have (negative) -1 blips, or so it says on your page. WTH @blipfm! @Jazzy_Sarah:"But Now I'm Back-After losing my other account!" (reblip)
StonyTunes ~.~ BLIP IS FKD & BROKEN SO FIX IT ~.~
StellaBears luv authentic, fresh Northern Italian cooking, SisX:) NjOYED it while in Italy❣️ @elyss@crazyeddie2@eyedeal@aerowolf36@Eclecticist@MrTinMan@luka2810

Italian Classical Music

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AirighNamBeist Blip seems to work only for a few hours during the day and then it's restricted to 2 blips per day. This is my 1. ! ;)@77Stars (reblip)
GeorgeSand Blip keeps taking away - 1st replies & now email notifications. All that's left,it seems, is [limited] music & YOU. But that's why I stay. TyAll4props (reblip)

...for my friend...

| play
zoja01 no email, blipfm either :( rb@lubadika: "Yeah, @blipfm is certainly in trouble..:( @zoja01: "hi :) money-blipfm :( rb@lubadika: "If Trouble Was Money" (reblip)

Gary Clark Jr. "If Trouble Was Money" (2001)

| play
zoja01 It is frustrating that blipfm is no longer sending email. Only the site remained. Bye.
UltraMarin I havent got any mail from for the last 3 or 4 years?? @zoja01: "It is frustrating that blipfm is no longer sending email. (reblip)
DJBadBilly Don't hold your breath ! @Tambourine_Man: "Blip is going to fix things up for our Christmas Present!" (reblip)

Natalie Cole "Sleigh Ride"

| play
zoja01 Yesterday @blipfm had a server error. Today it has been repaired. No email again.
DavidL1313 Hello and thanks for are sweet @StellaBears btw I make all the vids I did this one!
salondelynn Blip no longer works for me… I can re-blip but nothing plays anywhere… rb@bubosito: "You Made Me Love You – Harry James / Helen Forrest" (reblip)
CharlieZipp Okay, something is fishy here@ate2zee Is Blip starting to put the hammer down?
CharlieZipp Guess Blip wants to lose even more listeners. Actually, there aren't much more to lose, including the people who faithfully paid them. What a scam.
StonyTunes @StonyTunes: "~STAIRWAY~ Led Zep ~ a song of hope that Blip can recover from this unstable stupid virus :-)(-:" (reblip)

Led Zeppelin Live Aid 1985 3 Stairway to Heaven Stereo

| play
Coffeenuts Can't re-blip & all search results are suddenly sucky Spotify only ...what am I paying blip for? ...anyone else with these issues?
elyss . All I Need Is A Miracle ~ seems I can't Blip any Youtube vids/songs..... Mike & The Mechanics
Seal_FM Neil Sedaka – Breaking Up Is Hard to Do - Sorry about the spotify but I cannot get on lone using any your tube. Might call it a day soon. not good.
Seal_FM Elvis Presley – Return to Sender - So, no help then I'm off to the credit card company for a major refund. Never had problems before.
Seal_FM Roberta Flack – Killing Me Softly with His Song - More like killing Me Softly with missed Songs.
BklynBagel The is no one else. @dkrmdude101: "@blip fm you're fooling yourselves you should just shut down and let some one else run the show." (reblip)
juankarh why cant I blip any song, no youtube and neither Spotify?" (reblip)
StellaBears Indeed! we love fuuji-san's playlist! HNY! tYxx@brest: Hello how are you? Your playlist is beautiful full of stars@fuuji: Fjordne – Constellation (reblip)
StellaBears by the deep sea ✴♫ღ.¸¸.•music in its roar, i love not man the less, but nature this! tYxx@brest ..Pe☮ce.&Lღve! (reblip)
StellaBears here's a fave ✴♫ღ.¸¸.•´U can almost smell it, lol, quite lovely indeed! inspired tYdear@ursulla7

(HD 1080p) Ladies in Lavender (OST), Joshua Bell

| play
StellaBears thx! new artist, luv her music! Cheers@mylittleradio
StellaBears what a exquisite piece❣️Cheers & tY:)@dirt_creak KiwiChris love this too...tYagain<(") (reblip)

"The Visitor" by Adam Hurst

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StellaBears love this! tYboth.. hugs@tapirekitten: "TYVM@Clair_De_Lunar! [: thanks @tapirekitten John Mayer – Emoji of a Wave (Audio)] (reblip)
StellaBears sending UaLL lots of Sun, Sand, Sea, BeachBabies (◡◝✾ & Oysters!! lol@elyssyan@HistoryHistory@harmony60@playalongjon@luka2810@Rocketron@tapirekitten

Relaxing Tropical Beach and Guitar Music

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StellaBears my colleague is an ornithologist! love this thx again! @Song_Birdy: My Choice Nature Bird Song - FM in S^S ツ" (reblip)
StellaBears music is life..PLAY ON..don't stop the music hon! Nice2CU xx@JacoLovesMusic ♥♥♥ @StellaBears: makes our day! tYSis<"❣️ xx@JLM
StellaBears If love & light be the music of life•*¨*•♫(♥) (◡‿◡✿ Play On❣️ Superdjs!

GoviTouch of Light

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StellaBears saw him live.. in concert! he's totally awesome:) tY!@Music_Delight: Chris Botti – Venice (reblip)

Chris BottiVenice

| play
JonathanDune G'day guitar-afficiando@StellaBears TY Rbs!..."When I´m with YOU...Everything I ever needed..." #ottmarliebert #guitar
StellaBears a fave •♫♪¸¸.•*¨*♫(♥)tYaLL:) @luka2810: "@Jillee: @SarahHorvat: Of corse wouldn't know cos I never went further norf than Cambridge did I? Gnight zzz (reblip)
StellaBears Nice 2CU.. HNY2U2❣️tYboth@AudioFile: Hi & thank u :D Happy new year & weekend! Rb@tapirekitten: Dulce Pontes Alfama do novo album Peregrinação 2017 (reblip)

Dulce Pontes "Alfama" do novo album "Peregrinação" 2017

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StellaBears ⊹*¨`*•.¸❋¸.⊹•︵⁄ <"(")>❣️whattttt? No fake! natural Only, lol hi@HistoryHistory: u conduct ur #research make sure u keep these as a #Variable ...:)))@S

Natural Breeze in the Trees

| play
StellaBears OhDearLord¸.⊹☆¸•︵⁄ heading out soon tY4g8music & props as well dear@killerswp: #george" @auticomics1@dkrmdude@MoonCastle@ChicagosFinest@Greenfields47 (reblip)
StellaBears Super Blue Blood moon' ECLIPSE will be lovely tonite:) NJOY❣️tYXs:)@killerswp@SpinninSara@HistoryHistory@ChicagosFinest@dkrmdude@EssenceofLight@Annie7 (reblip)

Roberto-Cacciapaglia Floating (tribute to Carl Sagan)

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StellaBears reason why we love blip..discovering new music is exciting❣️a newbie! tYvM:) @essjam: "@StellaBears - here is another pretty one. Enjoy! (reblip)

Tedeschi Trucks Band ~ Midnight In Harlem

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StellaBears Silence?⊹*¨`*•.¸❋ by Disturbed? lol ..we luv our ☮Silence:) tYdear@Annaleise: Disturbed The Sound Of Silence@tapirekitten@DJBadBilly@ValMixMusicFm || (reblip)

Disturbed "The Sound Of Silence" 03/28/16

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StellaBears Sorry OOPs4U:( this is worth props! love this artist❣️IOU, lol NjOYur day Cool@bluescat_: tysm for the sunshine! @StellaBears (reblip)
StellaBears Exquisite**•.¸☆❣️tY! YvW..hva gr8 wk:) @bluescat_: E.Satie - Gymnopédie No.1 sharing w/x@Usva@luka2810@LostSouL7@Buzzz@DJBadBilly@goshen1966@Magli (reblip)

Gymnopédie No.1, Satie

| play
StellaBears YvW...luv this❣️hugs right back:) tY!@LostSouL7: "★·.·´¯`·.·★ • * • Tyvm, @StellaBears :) hugs • * • ★·.·´¯`·.·★ sharing w/ dearSisX ❣️@elyss (reblip)

Safe and Calm

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StellaBears the farmer's market for organics!︵⁄ ︵⁄ ︵⁄ LaterX❣️
StellaBears happy friday SisXღ.¸¸.howU? xx@elyss: Hi & Friday Greets to you :) Yes I quite agree re:pre Blip It's a cheer up song any day of the week:)@bluescat (reblip)
StellaBears & determination! BTW, Life is sooooo Fragile*•♫♪¸¸.•*¨*•♫(♥)NjOY the rest of the week:)@HN_@elyss@SpinninSara@MoonCastle@playalongjon@HistoryHistory
StellaBears awww...shall I compare thee to a winter's day♫ღ.. a lovely sonnet indeed❣️inspired tY:)@HistoryHistory@elyss@ChicagosFinest@MoonCastle@SpinninSara
StellaBears Blessings to aLLthe lovely Superdjs:) Hugs! tYhon❣️ @LostSouL7: "★·.·´¯`·.·★ • ♫ • BiLL LesLie • ♬ • ★·.·´¯`@elyss@crazyeddie@eyedeal@StreamingMimi (reblip)

Irish Blessing

| play
StellaBears YW GF, here to discover newbies for our office playlist. Life is good! Hope UR doing well:)@Intermittent: Thanks GF, good to be back, I hope, LOL rb@S

Lucky, Colbie Caillat [Live at Front Row Center]

| play
StellaBears heading back 2 work, GF, working on tomorrow's logistics❣️here's a fave.. take care Hugs! @Intermittent: (reblip)


| play
StellaBears NO's me, SisZOMBIE !! Geezzzzz, did U forget SisX? lol HA, I'm a scary Zombie again this year :)) @elyss
MZDancer Bourvil - La tendresse! also see --> SORRY, I can't go on like this! has changed!goodnite(day), TY (reblip)

La tendresse

| play
Tambourine_Man Blip seems close to death to me @Greenfields47: Blipfm software idea should never give up. @elyssyn" (reblip)
GJV Fed up with using Spotify. Thinking about moving to Twitter so that I can share YouTube again. (reblip)
HobbeLink Hi & ReBlip. We want Youtube! @zoja01: "@blipfm, nothing works with spotify. waste of time having it on here. youtube please." (reblip)
MZDancer RB!@zoja01:Hi &yes rb@HobbeLink:"Hi & RB.We want Youtube!@zoja01@blipfm, nothing works with spotify.waste of time having it on please. (reblip)
MZDancer i think that spotify doesn't find all the songs... or I'm stupid! for example "foreign lands" ---> ΤΥ..... (reblip)
StreamingMimi Hi Sal! I don't have, nor want, spotify, so I RBd this one instead. Now I can listen to it. :-) TY and stay safe! rb@dkrmdude101: "@StreamingMimi..." (reblip)
StellaBears humm..sir william shakespeare says "Love looks not with the Eyes but with the Mind" @elyss
StellaBears ahhhSisX❣️relax..sleep well:) x@elyss: Nice Sis Tks & it is getting late We're expecting torrential rain this eve so can have my very own waterfall!:)
elyss Aha !You WIN! Sis :) lol @StellaBears caught napping there!
StellaBears hehe...Knock Knock, who's there? George!!! HA, Sir Paul said Everyone got Old except George, lol@elyss: Trashcan Sinatras – Obscurity Knocks

Prince, Tom Petty, Steve Winwood, Jeff Lynne and others -- "While My Guitar Gently Weeps"

| play
StellaBears Nice Knock, Knock SisX, lol, it kind of grows on YOU:) @elyss: "." (reblip)
StellaBears Luv Julian's new gig! See bit of Dad in him...Sweet! SisX, always BLAST. I play my Blip list often at work. U share FAB music, LUV IT G'NITE x@elyss
elyss Sweet Sis I Thank You & G'Nite till next time :) Hugs :)@StellaBears
StellaBears Sorry everyone, tried to Prop some of you but my prop isn't working. Thanks for great music. Don't stop the music. Gets us thru the day with a SMILE.
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