SteveKayser Who even writes Rags anymore? I've seen him do this song live several times. Always powerful and fun

Stevie Ray Vaughn - Little Wing

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Stevie Ray Vaughn - Little Wing

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SteveKayser Staind- Right Here. Catching up on new music ... new to me.
SteveKayser It's Been a While ... Since I Haven't Been Butt-Face Up
SteveKayser Maybe I'm Amazed - Saw Paul Perform This in the "Wings Over America" Tour. Powerful. Always.
SteveKayser My Sweet Lord - George Harrison sung by Billy Preston
SteveKayser Billy Preston - That's The Way God Planned It. What a Voice. Hale. Ardent. Kicks.
SteveKayser Will It Go Round In Circles ... Billy Preston


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SteveKayser To the Sandman - Is this a Remake of America's Sandman (all seriousness aside)
SteveKayser Bloody Well Right Done Right With Wurlitzer Electronic Piano - Unique Sound
SteveKayser My Write-in Candidate For 2012 - The Nuge - Stranglehold (FedZilla's New Theme Song)
SteveKayser Secret Garden - Memories. Gone, but not.
SteveKayser Hereya Go - The Killer with The Boss doing Pink Cadillac. Hey Jerry Lee ... I'm coming after you for an interview. Get your Chops ready.
SteveKayser My Own Creed - My Own Prison. I'm really starting to like Blip.Fm. How did I miss this?
SteveKayser RT Too Rolling Stoned - RT doesn't Mean RT@. Robin Trower
SteveKayser One of the Stones best ... yet least known. Gimme Shelter
SteveKayser Running together two "Love Reign O'er Me'" 1st Pearl Jam ...then the original "The Who" - Pete Townsend wrote - released October 23, 1973. (reblip)
SteveKayser Does it get any better than this? Little Richard and Long Tall Sally. Listen to McCartney sing this. You can see where the inspiration came from
SteveKayser Clapton - Heart and Soul of the Blues. What question might he ask you about the blues? "Do you know who Robert Johnson is?"
SteveKayser Who is Robert Johnson? Wrote Love in Vain about 35 years before the Stones cribbed it
SteveKayser I went down to the Crossroads -- Clapton? Yeah. But he got it from Robert Johnson
SteveKayser Teenage (long long time ago) Wasteland. Not my favorite Who song. I like Eminence Front. Tried doing it live once in a bar band. Complete disaster
SteveKayser Hereya go - Try this in a bar band, Killer to pull off. I know. I flopped.
SteveKayser Immigrant Song -- not what you think. I think. (reblip)
SteveKayser The roughest place in town by - a down and out alley. Only SRV could pull this classic off
SteveKayser Who wrote this Bonnie Raitt tune? Eeasy to figure out ... listen to the piano
SteveKayser This guy from the "Valley Road"

bruce hornsby and the range the valley road

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SteveKayser Crazy by Seal - Accoustic ... excellent version.
SteveKayser 3 Chord Rocking in the Free World - Neil Young

Neil Young - Keep on Rockin in the Free World

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SteveKayser ELP - Here's a 3 piece band that would take 6 people to replace today
SteveKayser The End of Innocence" written and performed by Bruce Hornsby,
SteveKayser Bruce - 5/7/2007- Born in the USA. Slow acoustic folk version - live.
SteveKayser Some Rare Rare Earth .... and Smiling Faces. I'm having too much Blipping Fun
SteveKayser Been there? Bridge of Sighs? .... Robin Trower classic
SteveKayser In Memory of Elizabeth Reed- jazz/blues/ sweet harmonics - 4/4 time. Named after a Headstone Dickey Betts saw in the Rose Hill Cemetery in GA.
SteveKayser Come Down in Time by Reginald Dwight
SteveKayser I wish I could play like this when I was in a Rude Mood
SteveKayser Didn't know this was out there. 2000 Digital Remaster of Crippled Inside - John Lennon
SteveKayser No Quarter - Sounds like a Fender Rhodes 73 or 88 - correct me if I'm wrong. I used to have a a73
SteveKayser Wish I Could You Up a Live Version of - In the Air Tonight - by Phil Collins.
SteveKayser Saw Frampton do this live in a 9/11 benefit at Cincinnati Taft Theater. Brought the house down - Right after George passed. Will never forget it
SteveKayser @@TrainWreckRadio -- was going to mention. Cincy is in Ohio - when in tune - haha


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SteveKayser Staind- Right Here. Catching up on new music ... new to me. (reblip)
SteveKayser Bruce Hornsby - Covering Madman Across the Water
SteveKayser Spidey Fingers -- makes you want to do bad things to your own fingers - so much prestidigitation
G4GUITAR No one grooves like - Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble – "Cold Shot" (reblip)
DensOnAir ♥ ♪ Lynyrd Skynyrd – Simple Man (Live) ♥ ♪ (reblip)
SteveKayser Ahh ..Finally found it - Bruce Hornsby's version of Madman Across the Water
SteveKayser BB King and U2 - Love Comes to TOwn - That's a whole lotta song for 2 chords
SteveKayser The Madman Across the Water ... No, Not the Korean Whacko ... Hornsby's version of EJ's Madman
SteveKayser Ray Charles, Jerry Lee Lewis, the Fats on stage playing together? Classsssssiccccccc
SteveKayser Bruce just keeps'em coming 'Last to Die"
SteveKayser The Rooster-I've met the "Rooster" many times/ with many different faces. Sometimes he was a friend. Lyrics- Real Tear-ics.

Alice In Chains-Rooster

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SteveKayser Saw Billy Joel on Charlie Rose -- said this is one of the few songs he got right ... ? One of my favorites
SteveKayser Hold the Line... Piano driven - great voices of Toto

Toto -Hold the Line

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SteveKayser What a voice - live too- Marvin Gaye, What's Going On

Marvin Gaye "What's Going On / What's Happening Brother"

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SteveKayser American Trilogy-1973-Televised Live Elvis. This plays in Graceland as you leave- or it was a month ago when I was there
SteveKayser SHe's Waiting - Eric CLapton - always thought this'd be a big hit. Never was. But it's great anyway.
SteveKayser @SteveKayser: "The Rooster-I've met the "Rooster" many times/ with many different faces. Sometimes he was a friend. Lyrics- Real Tear-ics. " (reblip)

Alice In Chains-Rooster

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SteveKayser Recomended to me from Fi -- guess I'm new to Alice in Chains
wayoutosphere Dan Mangan – Robots : Can't seem to get enough of this. #LOFNOTC
SteveKayser Not given but earned- the middle name of my 2nd son - Hells Bells - AC/DC

hells bells

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SteveKayser Talks to Angels ... Black Crowes - I shoud be finsihing up a work project but I'm Blip-tasking.
SteveKayser Stevie Wonder - off Innervision - All in Love is Fair ... D Minor (I think.) Sounds like it anyway if it isn't
SteveKayser The best are at their best live - J Taylor "Steamroller"
SteveKayser Kenny Loggins smokes on stage - He's not SRV - but all around vocals and band ... he is always on

Forever by Kenny Loggins

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SteveKayser Here's a REAL FIND RT@KiddRock:"@BuzzEnwell:"Stevie & brother jimmy duet same guitar" (reblip)


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SteveKayser Rarity - Where to Now St. Peter - Demo by Elton John- later on Tumbleweed Connection

Elton John Where To Now St. Peter? demo

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SteveKayser An Acceptable Level of Ecstacy - Lyle and his very large band -to all the funeral directors on Twitter

lyle lovett -3/10/89- acceptable level of ecstacy+what do you do

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SteveKayser "Rain Rain Rain Song" Many Blippers on Twitter? Let me know. @SteveKayser (reblip)
SteveKayser I miss this band - unique vocals, guitar style, good lyrics. "Faceless Man," Creed

Faceless ManCreed

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SteveKayser "Take You Higher." My first concert ever was Sly and the Family Stone & the Ohio Players in Cincinnati. They took you higher

Sly and the Family Stone I Want To Take You Higher Woodstock

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SteveKayser Who did the guitar leads on the Doors "Roadhouse Blues"hint ... from Cincinnati
SteveKayser Answer: Lonnie Mack - actually 20 miles west of Cincinnati in Harrison Ind. That's THE END of that

The DoorsThe end

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SteveKayser An amazing young fellow performs Scott Joplin's Augustan Waltz

Wesley Reznicek @The Blind Boone RagJazz Festival June 2008

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SteveKayser If you play piano you know who this CHICK is. If you don't - it's like not knowing who Eric Clapton is -- and playin the guitar
SteveKayser Fi - thanks for widening my musical repertoire

Linkin Park In the End official music video

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SteveKayser Chuck, for you brother. "The Rooster" hard to believe it's been 35 x 365's. Like it was yesterday.

Alice In Chains-Rooster

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SteveKayser "Fat man sitting on a little stool... Bruce -"Tunnel of Love" live in Barcelona. Man, I thought Lyle Lovett had a large band.

bruce springsteen tunnel of love

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SteveKayser Nothing like a good old fashioned hoedown. ELP. That's not a Hammond B-3.
Shamalamastreetman vi@Vickingo prolly the only Rush song I like, but it's a good one! (reblip)

RushTom Sawyer

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TrainWreckRadio @SpinninSara gonna get you country-fied! TWANGED- OUT n stuff! Actually........I like this act! (like a country-version of fleetwood mac)
SteveKayser Can't you see live long time ago -- Toy Caldwell - boy he left early - 45 yrs old.
SteveKayser Wonder whatever happened to Leon Russell - great songwriter. Lyrics - melody - voice. "A Song for You"
SteveKayser "Jumping Jack Flash" with a young Leon Russell. Still have my Concert for Bangladesh Album- Before YouTube of course. About 34yrs

George Harrison & Friends 1971 : "Jumpin' Jack Flash Medley"

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SteveKayser To the Iranian freedom protesters: I'm from OHIO - this is a memory to me and a watchful reminder to you. Non Vi Sed Arte
SteveKayser Another classic form John H. Probably been re-recorded 25 times. "Have a Little Faith in Me" ...
SteveKayser What's Going On? --- Marvin Gaye. Can't listen to this one without being pulled back into another time and place.
SteveKayser @Iranian protesters-I finally found the song I was looking for "Rocking in the Free World"=Neil Young- Non Vi Sed Arte (reblip)

Neil Young - Keep on Rockin in the Free World

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SteveKayser Brave Heart ... Piano theme
SteveKayser Prelude to a Hope -2008 - Keith Emerson

Keith Emerson 2008: PRELUDE TO A HOPE

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SteveKayser Dueling pianos Keith Emerson and Oscar Peterson
SteveKayser Hurt - I miss this man. Johnny Cash. Who writes like that? Who cuts open his heart in front of you?
SteveKayser Prelude to a Hope -2008 - Keith Emerson, wonder if Keith Emerson has put any new albums out? I need to find the sheet music for this. (reblip)

Keith Emerson 2008: PRELUDE TO A HOPE

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SteveKayser Billy Preston - simple - yet beautifully eloquent musical arrangements -
flipchickmom 2nd last blip, you guys are so addicting..I got to go..too much to think about, lol! (reblip)
SteveKayser Excellent version of the Beatles "Blackbird" - Never heard this one before. Thanks to whoever contributed it
SteveKayser Blackbird .. by Mike Oldfield - lots of Blackbirds out tonight.
SteveKayser "Hurt - I miss this Johnny Cash. (reblip)
SteveKayser Since I've Been Loving You - Led Zeppelin. Interesting history. Recorded live for Led Zep III Album - then very little editing

Led Zeppelin Since I've Been Loving You 1973

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SteveKayser No Quarter - Fender Rhodes 73 Suitcase... Led Zeppelin. Sometimes stretched to over 35 minutes in concert

Led Zeppelin No Quarter 1973

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SteveKayser Who in the world is Professor Longhair - anyone know? Decent boogie-woogie reminds me a little of Dr. John
dj_bluesdaddy Dr John – I Don't Wanna Know || || Join me and my blues friends at Blues You Can Feel ||
SteveKayser RT@patita: Face in the Crowd -- "HEY JOE :D..@joechapman" - haven't heard this for a while - thanks@patita (reblip)
SteveKayser More Chick Corea. If you're a piano player and you don't know this one - i's like being a guitar player and not knowing who Eric Clapton is
SteveKayser Or not Knowing who Robert Johnson is -- Where Have I known you before? Chick Corea. Dmaj7 Cm7 riffs (reblip)
SteveKayser Chick did a lot of "Where Have I ... songs - 'Where Have I Loved You Before"
SteveKayser Love this one Where have I danced with You Before" Absolute Joy to play - Almost as fun as Maple Leaf or Root Beer Rag
SteveKayser Rocky Racoon - nice little ragtime piece - wonder who did the accompanying video?

The Beatles "Rocky Raccoon" Music Video

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SteveKayser My Immortal - Evanescence - found the music for this on Scribd
SteveKayser Good storytelling is good storytelling. Text, film or music. "Jackie Brown" - John Mellenkamp
SteveKayser Good way to start the BlipFm'ing day "Higher Ground" Stevie Wonder (reblip)
SteveKayser Robin Trower - Tribute to the Stratocaster - Bridge of Sighs

Robin Trower- Tribute Stratocaster dvd Pt.1

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SteveKayser RB@ImperialSymphony: "@SteveKayser: Live performance of Apocalyptica playing "Enter Sandman." I love this one." Nice find (reblip)

enter sandman (apocalytica)

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SteveKayser "You're the Only Woman" live Ambrosia-Fender Rhodes and a Hammond B-3 (I think - too old to fake the swirling organ sound). Great 3-part harmonies.

Ambrosia-You're The Only Woman

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SteveKayser Wow. I've heard many versions of "While My Guitar Gently Weeps," but nothing like this one. Amazing Uke. RB@DrSara: @precentor: (reblip)
SteveKayser @patita George Thorogood had a great title - but you never really drink alone -- least I don't. Always Me, Myself, and I. (reblip)

George Thorogood I Drink Alone

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SteveKayser Here's one you don't here everyday Nancy Armbruster's "Melancholy Blues"
SteveKayser Another one I never get tired of listening to. "Hurt" Johnny Cash. Simple. Clean. Clear. Real. Ouch.

Johnny CashHurt

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SteveKayser @girl_piper_pilot- Clapton's version of Crossroads is super. But Robert Johnson wrote the original in a hotel room in 1937 came out on 78 rpm

Robert Johnson- Crossroad

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SteveKayser Prelude to Hope - Keith Emerson - Only guy I've ever seen play Bach Backwards -

Keith Emerson 2008: PRELUDE TO A HOPE

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SteveKayser @SteveKayser: "Another one I never get tired of listening to. "Hurt" Johnny Cash. Simple. Clean. Clear. Real. Ouch." (reblip)

Johnny CashHurt

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SteveKayser No Quarter - Led Zep -- Sounds like a Fender Rhodes 73 (keys) or 88 - correct me if I'm wrong. I used to have a a73 (reblip)
SteveKayser BEt this song has been recorded 50 times by other folks. "Have a Little Faith in Me" John Hiatt (reblip)

JOE COCKER "Have A Little Faith"

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SteveKayser One of those days - "Down by the River" Neil Young remake by the Georgia Prophets
SteveKayser Here's the Live Version by Neil Young " Down by The River"
SteveKayser Have a Little Faith - Joe Cocker's remake of John Hiatt Classic (reblip)

JOE COCKER "Have A Little Faith"

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SteveKayser RBSteveKayser "Down by the River"remake by Georgia Prophets"- "This much sadness is too much sorrow"-Pickmeup line if you need it (reblip)
SteveKayser @ImperialSymphony: "@SteveKayser Arturo Sandoval - not only a fabulous trumpet player, but also a fine pianist." Excellent find. Thank you (reblip)

Arturo Sandoval (his passion for the piano)

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SteveKayser RB@JODYGIRL162: 'Summer Breeze" by George Benson - Wow- didn't know this was out there. Thanks Jody (reblip)
SteveKayser @ImperialSymphony: "@SteveKayser "I Got Rhythm" - The Gershwin Piano Quartet" (reblip)

The Gershwin Piano Quartet plays Gershwin's "I Got Rhythm"

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SteveKayser What do Johnny Cash and "Nine Inch Nails" have in common? HURT
SteveKayser The Rooster --- excellent storyline.

Alice In Chains-Rooster

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SteveKayser @ImperialSymphony: "@SteveKayser Arturo Sandoval - not only a fabulous trumpet player, but also a fine pianist." Excellent find. Thank you" (reblip)

Arturo Sandoval (his passion for the piano)

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SteveKayser "Native Son" Super song by Bryan Adams. True- sad- probably no one but me has ever heard of, or remember it...
SteveKayser In the Arms of the Angels --- for those that Secure the Blessings of Liberty - (reblip)
SteveKayser Saw Loggins do this live in Palm Desert. He said it was about his dad -- who was sick. Totally different context than I'd supposed

Kenny Loggins This Is It Live 1993

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SteveKayser @SteveKayser: "Only Lyle Lovett & his Large Band could pull off a song about a Funeral Parlor and An Acceptable Level of Ecstacy" (reblip)

lyle lovett -3/10/89- acceptable level of ecstacy+what do you do

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SteveKayser #NeverForgetSept11th Ted Nugent - Star Spangled Banner at the Alamo Tea Party RB@TrainWreckRadio: "#NeverForgetSept11th at " (reblip)

Ted Nugent Star Spangled Banner at the Alamo Tea Party

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SteveKayser Excellent remix @Time2Burn: WHat's the HD 16:9 stand for? Ratio?"Don Henley ♫ The Boys Of Summer ♫" (reblip)

Don Henley ♫ The Boys Of Summer ♫ ►HD16:9◄

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SteveKayser I was going to get off that barstool - just as soon as I could figure it out ... John Hiatt - Paper Thin
SteveKayser RB@bshendr: "@SteveKayser Haven't been able to find that one, but here's "My Back Pages" w/Bob Dylan and friends." -- Excellent (reblip)

Bob Dylan,Eric Clapton,George Harrison,Tom Petty,Neil Young & Roger McGuinn- My back Pages

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djaces29 the congressional them song!@dirtylittlesecret: "sorry if i'm a little delayed....brain is not" (reblip)
SteveKayser Same song-I dorked the title up last post. "For the Love of a Princess" Braveheart, performed by London Symphony Orchestra
SteveKayser @djaces29: "Billy Preston & Syreeta Wright – With You I'm Born Again" - December 1979 (reblip)

Brick House (Muppets From Space Version)

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Tropicsz4 (((@ShiaoMe )))i: "Hey Will !!!! ((-: @TropicsZ4:-)) Listening >> "Steely Dan – Kid Charlemagne (Live) @ShiaoMei"" (reblip)

Smokey Robinson -- Sara Smile + Ooo Baby Baby [Live from Daryl's House #22-06]

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SteveKayser SPLEEN - but not venting... Enrico Rava & Richard Galliano (reblip)
djaces29 Chris Rea – The Soul of My Father's Shadow
SteveKayser @Lunaladee: "you too! :) @distantsky: "G'day! :) @Lu: " Good day, Bliplandia (bbl, ... ~ thanks!) ☮♡"" (reblip)
Lunaladee cool :)) thx @kaleidoscopeblue: "@ Lunaladee Mellow Lizard – I Wish I Was Her Dog" ~you'd be so pampered ;) (reblip)
DaveMayhem Filous ft. Mat Kearney - Goodbye
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