StrictJoy "Bismillah! no-,we will not let you go-let him go-"!!!!!!!!!!!!!
StrictJoy I think Glen is officially my new number 1 over Damien Rice. He's so humble, genuine, and honest in everything he does. There isn't anyone like him.
StrictJoy Another one of my favorite Jason Mraz songs!
StrictJoy Someone blip'd this earlier and i wish i could give them credit. I love Bon Iver and this cover is just incredible. I can't stop listening to it!!

Bon Iver-- i don't want to lose your love cover

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StrictJoy "So we circle and strive and reverse when we drive so we'll never arrive"


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StrictJoy "I almost left myself for dead / I almost cried, or could it be / That you really want what's good for me / Do you really want what's good for me?"
StrictJoy "Nina I can be your boyfriend / so you can stay with your girlfriend"
StrictJoy "Listen girl you like it to" There was no limit for this young man. When he played with Glen Hansard they were even more unbelievable. "Listen Girl"
StrictJoy One of the best covers everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

mic christopher & glen hansard sing 'you ain't going nowhere' on grafton st

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StrictJoy "And this is our heyday baby / And we're not gonna be afraid to shout" Such amazing talent taken too soon. If you don't know him LISTEN! Share it! <3

Mic ChristopherHeyday

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StrictJoy "These are all the things I never got to say to you / Things I don't even tell my friends"
StrictJoy Watch this... This just makes me that more exctied. They are so amazing together and so adorable and cute and I could go on and on about them. <333
StrictJoy I'm so excited for the new album to come out! I'm like a 6 year old on christmas eve i'm so excited!

'Low Rising' by Swell Season on Q TV

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StrictJoy "I'm just pulling on a line, on a line / Sometimes it pulls on me"
StrictJoy "I wanna change your ways / Said I'm gonna get it right one of these days"
StrictJoy Glen and Mar are so charming! Look at Mar's smile! GORGEOUS! Click the video and watch the entire show! It is fantastic! You'll find it. Trust me.
StrictJoy Was not aware of this awesome cover they did! <3 RB @IndieSeed: "Bon Iver covers Peter Gabriel - 'Come Talk to Me'" (reblip)
musicalcure I gotta go for now, ty! For this month's theme, #gratitude, this beatle-sounding band plays a catchy "Thank you" :D Sing it for Thxgiving! lol" (reblip)
StrictJoy oooh new yeasayer song to me!! yay <3333 ty ty! (reblip)


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bduubz RB @user_name: "Bowery Ballroom tomorrow night." // jealous (reblip)

The XXDo You Mind

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StrictJoy <3 Sufjan Stevens. (On a side note, why can't we block people who tweet horrible songs? I want to filter people that tweet crap! <3)
StrictJoy I'm in a reblipping mood today... <3 RB @Nymph (reblip)


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StrictJoy Kina Grannis Covers Simon And Garfunkel's "Sound of Silence" and I've got to say.. It's probably one of the best covers I've heard... LISTEN!!!!!!
StrictJoy "Star star teach me how to shine shine / Teach me so I know what's going on in your mind / 'Cause I don't understand these people"
StrictJoy I am LOVING the new cd from KoC! Listen to the ENTIRE album here for free!!! class="hashLink" href="/channel/tag/|2">#/2 <33! They definitely bring the joy!
StrictJoy New Album out by the amazing Duo! I just learned this today... YAY! "Declaration of Dependence"
StrictJoy Yes, I changed my name! I didn't like WhatIsPlaying so I changed it to StrictJoy. Stolen from The Swell Season's latest album because it's great! <3
StrictJoy I probably put this song up already but I don't care. Her voice is just increadible!!!!! Gorgeous girls and amazing talent. I can't wait to see them!!

Zero 7Somersault

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StrictJoy Okay blip can't find the youtube link i want since it's fairly new still I guess. But search for Glen hansard untitled and watch it. it's better sound

Untitled-Swell Season

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StrictJoy Tori Amos and Damien Rice - The Power of Orange Knickers! Sounds like a funny name for a song but it's a brilliant song and 2 amazing artists!

Tori Amos- The Power of Orange Knickers

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aspirina Bom dia! Kings of Convenience – Peacetime Resistance
StrictJoy Dan Mangan - So Much For Everyone (Live) I saw one of my Favorite musicians Dan Mangan tonight for FREE at a mall! tonight and he was amazing!!!
StrictJoy Going to see Jason Mraz Live again tonight for a second time! Youtube this song live! It's amazing and so much fun! I can't wait!
StrictJoy My friend told me about Miike Snow and now i'm hooked!

Miike Snow"Burial"

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StrictJoy Your love is old / But even despite it all / Give me your hand / Let's face this night and see it through /

Friendly Fires 'Skeleton Boy'

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StrictJoy Don´t let go this could be so perfect. Don´t let go if we hold onto it Don´t let go this could be so easy Don´t let go if you hold on to me
StrictJoy I change shapes just to hide in this mess but i'm still an animal...

Miike Snow"Animal"

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StrictJoy Simpke and amazing song that you'll be singing over and over! Listen!!
StrictJoy Jens is again one of my favorites and this song captures this feeling sooooo well!
StrictJoy One of the best songs of all time!
StrictJoy "I'm in love with a shooting star"!
StrictJoy Alright, Off I go to bed. I leave you with an amazing live cover of Hairshirt (R.E.M.) by my favorite artist Glen Hansard. Cheers,
StrictJoy @evablue: "this is AWESOME. i'm giggling. :) RB @fuzzygroove: "And this is how fucking amazing I really am. Really. I know Karate."" Awesome song! lol (reblip)


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StrictJoy Lisa Hannigan and Gary Lightbody - Some Surprise. Definitely the best song of the cake sale!! And who can resist Lisa's gorgeous but yet, shy smile?

Some Surprise

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StrictJoy One of my favortie David Gray songs! Check out his new CD "Draw The Line" that's out now!
StrictJoy Do i really need to say anything? It's Oasis!

The Masterplan

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StrictJoy Turn it up in the car and start singing! He's got that magic that makes you smile and feel good. Don't be shy and have a good time!
StrictJoy After Dan Mangan Sam Roberts was next in line to conclude an awesome day of FREE music! The setting was odd but the sound and atmosphere was amazing!
StrictJoy so catchy it will be stuck in ur head all day. "Climb on, climb on aboard"

Friendly Fires 'On Board'

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StrictJoy I told you to be patient I told you to be fine I told you to be balanced I told you to be kind Now all your love is wasted Then who the hell was I

Bon IverSkinny Love

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StrictJoy She has an AMAZING voice and I can't get enough of this song! One of the best ever! and @LisaWorld Thank you and thank you for the reblip! and TY! :)

Zero 7Home

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StrictJoy "I could really use somebody..."
StrictJoy If you like what I blip then please listen up! There's plenty more of good stuff just like it to come! "Are you running up that hill"?
StrictJoy This man can whistle like no other. It's amazing. You'll be amazed if you look him up!

Andrew BirdHeretics

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StrictJoy One of the best and coolest music videos ever!! Also another amazing song by the amazing Radiohead. Cheers.
StrictJoy I feel like i'm rediscovering Athlete all over again. I guess I just forgot how good they are. "Athlete - Tourist" Check them out, lots of great stuff


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StrictJoy Yay I managed to find Hometime! Check out this website for more One Eskimo! You'll love them! and

one eskimo hometime2

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StrictJoy "He called me baby, baby all night long"
StrictJoy Heads up! One eskimO bomb incoming!!!! <3

One eskimOUFO

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StrictJoy "Oh this world was made for ending "
StrictJoy "i said ooh girl / shock me like an electric eel / baby girl / turn me on with your electric feel" Turn it up!!!!!

MGMT electric Feel

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StrictJoy Everyone needs a little bit of Emma in their lives.. And just in case anyone makes the same mistake I did Bon Iver Is pronounced Bon EYE-ver.

Bon IverFor Emma

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StrictJoy The Swell Season is one of my favorite bands of all time and they get to be my first blip! If you don't know them you need to listen! LOOK THEM UP! <3
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