JensSchmidt Mit Schwung in die Woche...
Jools28 Holiday in Greece summer 1992
Sunshine_Kukulcan Loving Peter's voice...wish they were still out there and active.........<3
Sunshine_Kukulcan and now...for something a little different. This is best song to drive reeeeeeeeeeeally fast to....
Sunshine_Kukulcan I love you Klink.....this is for you.
Sunshine_Kukulcan guitar makes me melt....just run to my arms and snuggle in.
Sunshine_Kukulcan Ofra Haza............another heavenly voice missed.
Sunshine_Kukulcan And I still love the Stones...the greatest rock and roll band in the world.
Sunshine_Kukulcan Robert Smith..................*swoons*
Sunshine_Kukulcan Peter..............come back.


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Sunshine_Kukulcan well this oughta get the lead out of your britches....... enjoy
Sunshine_Kukulcan ladies and gentlemen...the 80's!
formalhaut wenn der paule singt kann der sommer gar nicht lang genug sein.
Sunshine_Kukulcan and why not?? Disco never dies.
Sunshine_Kukulcan You let me violate you............yum.
Sunshine_Kukulcan turn it up till your ears bleed, then one more.
zeroinfluencer Is that the storm coming, or is it just another shower?
Sunshine_Kukulcan Its a lot like..............oh yes it is.
Sunshine_Kukulcan This is really Assemblage 23.. a wonderful song. Signing off with this one...look for me in Second Life for DJing!

a036_Let me be your Armor

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allanvass Words are very, unecessary....
Dolo ein Klassiker für die Kaffeepause
Geo8 Stone Temple Pilots in one of their best
Sunshine_Kukulcan !~GOOD MORNING BLIPPERS~! This is for all of you....who are about to rock!
Nettys Jetzt fängt's an, sich wieder einzuregnen & nebelig wird es auch. Scheisse - oops, sorry! Jeden Tag dasselbe Dilemma.


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Sunshine_Kukulcan /me loves Rammstein...better than coffee and a shower to wake you up and clean those ears out!
Sunshine_Kukulcan Twin spin Thursday.........keep up the beat!
Sunshine_Kukulcan And the truth shall set you free........


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Sunshine_Kukulcan and two from Front 242...........say that fast.
chisel we all live in america!
Sunshine_Kukulcan this one gets censored too!
allanvass Subita vontade de ouvir canções para ninar


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marcelohsq BïZ @fesalviano pior que tenho esse CD :) ... agora promessa é divida, fico na espera :*
soundmangroupie that is a cool is my favorite psych furs song.
soundmangroupie we'll both be working, me here, him there
Sunshine_Kukulcan I leave you all with this thought: "Don't you know what youre doin?" And this harmonica work just slays me....
allanvass Para você, que está chegando em casa DAQUELE jeito.
Sunshine_Kukulcan nini all.......sweet dreams........
allanvass Do fundo do armário, mofado.
clarkowitz OK, @daretoeatapeach. None of my business, but where the hell you moving?
raiopositronico definitivamente no top ten new order ever!


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danielamonteiro Estou leve hoje. Tudo azul no paraíso.
Sunshine_Kukulcan Goooddddddddddddd Morning Blipperssssssss!! A view back to the 80's or so.....enjoy!
Sunshine_Kukulcan Desire.................I need more........more..........moar!!!

Gene Loves Jezebel - Desir

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Sunshine_Kukulcan From desire to modern automatic! Essential 80's.
Sunshine_Kukulcan A short I disconnect from Blip. Good day, afternoon, evening and night to all. Keep safe!
allanvass Pq todo mundo tem um pouco...
rebokel Get out of that state, get out of that state you're in. You better beware
Sunshine_Kukulcan This song has been stuck in my head since I went to the dentist. Hope playing it here cleanses me!
Sunshine_Kukulcan This is for you Johnny.....hope youre well and happy!!!!

Elvis Costello - Everday I Write the Book

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otogno Der komissar – Falco
mrfantomhawk more songs, girls names

Aerosmith - Janie's Got A Gun

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Sunshine_Kukulcan lost love, wrong gone took my love for granted, why?
allanvass Falando em músicas que 'resumem' tudo...
Sunshine_Kukulcan Still brings tears to my eyes............
otogno You Can Leave Your Hat On – Joe Cocker
sophie_o saudades do show já que foi incriiiviland.
Torrefaction I'll be shocked if this wasn't nailed already, and I don't get called out for it. #girlsnames
Sunshine_Kukulcan My addition to girls names.........Angie
calamari I'm just now realizing that this song reminds me a bit of Protection by Massive Attack
mrfantomhawk how did i not think of this earlier
Mister_R a great cover

Marilyn Manson - Personal Jesus

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Torrefaction This totally counts. Greek Goddess and all. #girlsnames
jnv500 For my southern boys and girls.....#girlsnames ..ignore the previous one
SuperstarDJ Easy on the top 10 of most beautiful rock songs
jnv500 Original...Coneheads anyone
nickellis Uma música perfeita para esta sexta! :P "By order of the prophet, We ban that boogie sound Degenerate the faithful With that crazy casbah sound"
TheyFell Why do I feel that I carry a sword through a battlefield?

VNV NationJoy

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TheyFell Eng umschlossen sitze ich hier nun ganz nah mit dir allein
TheyFell I would like you on a long black leash
TheyFell Hangin' ten on a shockwave
Sunshine_Kukulcan Seems the head is in one place.....heart in another
Sunshine_Kukulcan Yes....cry.

Sisters of Mercy Cry Little Sister (Theme From The Lost Boys)

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BaronessHeather Chasing away the Monday morning blues. Actually, more like making them run screaming away in terror. Jesus Built My Hotrod – Ministry
Sunshine_Kukulcan Seems rather appropriate for an early
Sunshine_Kukulcan Closer to Samhain....I begin to love this song more and more.

Blue Oyster Cult - Dont Fear the Reaper

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LauraPark can't believe she forgot this was in her library!


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euphemist and slowing it down with some psych furs
Lighty Whatever happened to Ms Cherry?

Youssou N'Dour & Neneh Cherry Seven Seconds

| play
CaduBorges @Barracuda.... isso faz parte do processo...
Sunshine_Kukulcan And I can say I knew him when.......a shout out to Al! Love ya hon, where ever you are!
CaduBorges @Barracuda, essa é pra ouvir em alto volume!
CaduBorges Meus tempos de ensino médio... @Sunshine_Kukulcan, this one is for props..

Type O Negative Summer Breeze

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Lighty This is for you Mr Wosskow
Sunshine_Kukulcan old times........memories....... *smiles*
Sunshine_Kukulcan baibai all....thanks for listening. @CaduBorges, thankies! *grins*
neozeitgeist laughing like children, living like lovers, rolling like thunder under the covers. hahaha. adoro
neozeitgeist open my heart and let it bleed onto yours
neozeitgeist aaaaaaaaall right (apesar desse sax maldito)
neozeitgeist Electric blue, that's the colour of my room where I will live. Love this version
threebears back in the cave, they were preparing lunch but had run out of lemon thyme and Batman's secret passion fennel. Unfortunately the local shops had none.
Sunshine_Kukulcan one of the most beautiful videos I have seen....
neozeitgeist God is an American


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Motti #planetaterra Se a memória não me falha, a última do J&MC ontem. Fantástica.
Marie #PlanetaTerra Essa lembrei da minha mãe. Foi ela que me apresentou o J&MC
morningtide when destiny calls you, you must be strong / i may not be with you, but you've got to hold on
CalebBooker yeah see cuz there's "human", right, and then there's "really human" where you're, like, very-very-very human, right?
CalebBooker Weird that there isn't more Die Mannequin on Blip. They have some major hits on the radio right now.
CalebBooker Intense guy at the mic with lots of thundering electric guitars... not bad, but not really unique.
knusperkind Let´s dance to Joy Division (reblip)

Joy Division - Love Will Tear Us Apart

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Sunshine_Kukulcan my one and only offering for today........
Sunshine_Kukulcan A baby's arm holding an apple.....XD! *wink*
Psuke A little something hard and angry to clear the afternoon doldrums

stabbing westward - haunting me

| play
Sunshine_Kukulcan Will it play?? Come on....PLAYYYYYY!
Sunshine_Kukulcan This is sooo darkly yummy............
Sunshine_Kukulcan It sure is.........and momma look what we've done now!
Sunshine_Kukulcan on a tangent-here we go!


| play
Sunshine_Kukulcan continuing on...

Disillusion - Icon of Coil Remix

| play
Sunshine_Kukulcan And with this...I leave you all for today...*skips away smiling happily*
Sunshine_Kukulcan oh yeah....and this is one BADDDDDDDDDD girl!
Sunshine_Kukulcan @pumpkinshellz: My contribution to the Ska slam....I love Rankin Roger's voice...!!
Sunshine_Kukulcan Old friends in this band....Dallol....bless guys!
briangreene orig. rain (like we never knew it before)
Sunshine_Kukulcan And the best of em all in my eyes...Jimmy.
Sunshine_Kukulcan weeeeee and does this bring back memories!
Sunshine_Kukulcan nini all....and bless you forever Iggy my love.

Iggy Pop The Best Of 15 Candy

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Sunshine_Kukulcan Get those stakes up HIGHER!! Viva Las Vegas! Spending Thanksgiving there this year!
Sunshine_Kukulcan arrrrrr let's all talk like pirates....ayeeeeee matey!
Sunshine_Kukulcan and I leave you all with this little gem... *gets up and starts dancing* nini all!
CalebBooker To paraphrase: "it's kinda hard when she's ready to go". Great song. :)
Sunshine_Kukulcan so...Im sitting here writing a paper...and THIS song pops into my head.....
cloudchair The Boy With The Thorn In His Side / The Smiths (reblip)
threebears How does it feel to treat me like you do, when you wrap your arms around me ...... tell me how do I feel?
Sunshine_Kukulcan Because sometimes music says it best.


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GR8FL @ threebears Good Morning on this chilly blue Monday...> And I thought I was mistaken, I thought I heard you speak (reblip)
Sunshine_Kukulcan Haunting dreams.....death...destruction. What a way to start Monday!
GR8FL How does it feel To treat me like you do When you've laid your hands upon me And told me who you are
Sunshine_Kukulcan last up for today....enjoy kids.

Psy Trance Skazi Rave

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BaronessHeather reblip @Beogradoholik. Taking me back on this Monday morning! (reblip)
BaronessHeather Painted On My Heart – The Cult
BaronessHeather She Talks To Angels – Black Crowes
BaronessHeather My mom just called & asked for my measurements. I'm not allowed to skip the gym tonight.
badaro Essa é pra quem curte Depeche Mode, eu gosto dessa música!!
badaro Anos 80' ...

The Cure Lovesong

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paeix Totally a stigmataed martyr. That's, like, so me! I HATE it when I get all that blood gets on my new pants!... (...said with Valley accent...)
maltezefalkon With one breath, with one flow, you will know Synchronicity
raiopositronico good evening! vai uma breja aí?
maltezefalkon I wish I would I have met you, but now it's a little late
Sunshine_Kukulcan No sense crying after every mistake...
maltezefalkon for @Djsue who blipped Breakfast in America
maltezefalkon I'm minding my own business...

Sevendust - Black

| play
Sunshine_Kukulcan I got somethin...and it goes thumpin like this.....
Sunshine_Kukulcan Put the you know what in the you know where....And I LOVE BAM...*kiss*
CelsoBessa That's what i was looking for. And you know, it's not in the rhyme or reason.
CelsoBessa The nostalgic ones excuse me, but this version is far better than the original one. Sing along me in the park, kids: "eins... zwei... drei... vier..."
CelsoBessa Yes, I'm a non-believer and I refuse and resist. Yes, I don't make sense and I don't need no meaning. And trust me: I love it.


| play
CelsoBessa Don't ever forget: You make and break your own restrictions.
CelsoBessa Disorder unleashed, Starting to burn. Refuse. Resist.
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