Violent Femmes - Blister in the Sun

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SuperSpaceAngel @Netaid... I kinda like the original radio version better than the remix... but both are GREAT! =]
SuperSpaceAngel @MilwGonzo ~ GREAT song!!! love Love LOVE IT! =] (reblip)


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SuperSpaceAngel Here's one to replace "they don really care"... This one is sincere & true... @kompkid ... Much love! =]
SuperSpaceAngel K, fer U, You shall have a comeback... IJN =]
SuperSpaceAngel Yay... a little Replacements coffee fer the morning! ;)
SuperSpaceAngel ~OK, another Gordon live version that outspeaks the lp version (& that's a LOT for me to say, because I seriously dislike 'live' versions!) Peace!
SuperSpaceAngel @cheyenne ... Gordon had some wonderful songs! =]
SuperSpaceAngel I just had to rb again~LOL!@Trackeditor: "I have no idea...I only speak English, suck on this one and try and get it out of your head!, toodle pip!!"" (reblip)

Black LaceAgadoo

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SuperSpaceAngel That IS really cool! rb@RightNowRadio: "Like this animation " (reblip)

Uh Huh HerExplode

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SuperSpaceAngel ... Hahahaaaa! ... This song cracks me up... RAOTFLOL!!! (seriously!)

Willie One Blood: Whiney Whiney

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SuperSpaceAngel Beautiful!@verawooten:"@mrojas: "muy linda esa musica! donde esta mi guitarra? un rato que voy a buscar~@lausen @verawooten @SuperSpaceAngel @patita"" (reblip)
polarkat I'm back net been out the fireworks saturday, good afternoon blippers & listeners just got back online
spacespencer ... enough sad songs - now for a bit of fun! :D
SuperSpaceAngel Hey Joe~Good, thank you for asking... Hope all is well with you! @joechapman
SuperSpaceAngel @mrojas ~ (*giggles*) hahahaaa... wanna play video games? ;)
SuperSpaceAngel Fainted, but still typing... (typical internet junkie, eh?) Hahahaa! @RNRSteve: "@Stuelpner @RustyB: "An oldie but a goodie!" rb@patita @bubblegumjo (reblip)
SuperSpaceAngel @TrainWreckRadio ~Hey... I'm sure you've played this one on your show, but just a reminder! ... Hope all is well!
SuperSpaceAngel ~This wasn't what I was hunting for...but it is awesome, if you can wait for the "full" music.. the guitar is awesome!
SuperSpaceAngel Yay...This song is like caffeine to me! *Giggles!*@Stashdragon: "top o the mornin chica ;) @SuperSpaceAngel " (reblip)

Something Beautiful By The Newsboys

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SuperSpaceAngel I figured you guys would like this one... *giggles* ;)
finchbeak @LisaWorld: "Sounds like Dave Matthews" 'tis. (reblip)

Ants Marching Music Video

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SuperSpaceAngel I just realized it's 4am here...I'm interested in the game, but right now, I don't know how to play along!@rxrx1776:"i challenge you!@SuperSpaceAngel" (reblip)

Pokemon RSE trainer battle music (orchestral)

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SuperSpaceAngel "Afta~noon" back at'cha! =] @HERDE

Norah Jones Live Dont Know Why

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SuperSpaceAngel Heartbreaking vid re-rb@MilwGonzo: "Just picked up their CD (and it takes a lot to get me to the record store these days) - love it!" (reblip)

Army NavySaints

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SuperSpaceAngel Sweet!!!!! =] Happy Angel Grins! rb@MilwGonzo: "track 1 on the new CD @SuperSpaceAngel" (reblip)
SuperSpaceAngel Hi Sweetie! rb@JewelDMC ... great post! I'm "out" fer now...See ya in a couple hours if you're still around! (reblip)

Nelly Furtado I'm Like a Bird

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SuperSpaceAngel ... on a Fixx trip atm... sorry! =]
SuperSpaceAngel That BEPs song reminded me of this fun little Samba! @lizzieborden (reblip)
SuperSpaceAngel Excellent!!! rb@realtyman: "So why don't you slide?.." (reblip)
SuperSpaceAngel Niiiice... but keep yer pantz on, pleaze! ;) rb@DirtyUrine: "very cool tune! @ChadThomas: "nice brutha @rxrx1776: "nostalgia props +1@LisaWorld :D""" (reblip)
SuperSpaceAngel Excellent!!!! =] rb@realtyman: "You Can't Prove It..." (reblip)
SuperSpaceAngel ... and, What if God was one of us? =]
SpinninSara beautiful here too-currently 75 w/a high of 87 F w/ low humidity-perfect! Nice song! rb vi@TakeFive: "SARA HAZE - BEAUTIFUL DAY,,,28 IN ZURICH !!" (reblip)
SuperSpaceAngel Excellent song! Love it! Haven't heard it in forever! rb@TakeFive: "PAUL SIMON - LOVES ME LIKE A ROCK" (reblip)
SuperSpaceAngel @TakeFive ~ These goofballs look like they'd be fun hang out with!

nickle back photograph

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SuperSpaceAngel Cool! @TakeFive: "The Hooters- And We Danced,,,Like we did last summer !!" (reblip)

The Hooters- And We Danced

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SuperSpaceAngel I love this song too, obviously! =] @c3p0: "rb rb rb rb@TakeFive @SuperSpaceAngel: Had to rob your playlist to listen to this track,,,Love It !!"" (reblip)
SuperSpaceAngel Excellent song!!! (& I'd never treat ya bad!) =] @ChadThomas: "here is some more great firehouse @SuperSpaceAngel!" (reblip)
SuperSpaceAngel Perfect!!!@DJJazzyMua777: "ur still talkin to me after the mug shot comment? lol!@DirtyUrine: "coolio song! @DJJazzyMua777 (reblip)
SuperSpaceAngel Sent you a couple of PMs... I'm NOT going to be there... too far to drive.@TrainWreckRadio (reblip)
SuperSpaceAngel Yes, I know, this is crazy...
SuperSpaceAngel Woo hoo! I love the Ramones!!! @patita: "HEY-HO!!!!!! LET'S GO!!!!! @Jimmylad :D" (reblip)


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SuperSpaceAngel Great song! @joechapman: ""There's a fire in my heart, a pounding in my brain. It's driving me crazy."...rb@aloudhendo" (reblip)
SuperSpaceAngel *High 5's Patita & dances around the room* =] Great post, Sweetie!!! @patita: "do you??? :D:D:D I DO!!!!!" (reblip)

"Brand New Lover" by Dead Or Alive

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SuperSpaceAngel Wooo hoo! Awesome! =] @TakeFive: "THE B52`S - LOVE SHACK BABY" (reblip)
SuperSpaceAngel Purty? Um, no, but very cool song! =] @TakeFive (reblip)
SuperSpaceAngel @HERDE ... woohoo! Ramones!!! Love it!!! Awesome post! =] (reblip)

English Beat: "Save It For Later"

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SuperSpaceAngel Great one!!! =] @MilwGonzo: "LIVE! "Do you wanna make tea at the BBC? Do you wanna be, do really wanna be a cop?"" (reblip)

Career Opportunities (live) -- The Clash

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matchbox twenty = how far weve come

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Van Halen-Dreams (Blue Angels)

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SuperSpaceAngel Before "my time" ~ but great song!!! =] @TakeFive: "Al Stewart - Year of the Cat " (reblip)
SuperSpaceAngel I'm drooling ~ My favorite car on the planet! Woot! =].....

Christopher Cross Sailing Live

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SuperSpaceAngel Hahaa! Funny video! =] @ivar: "just hooked on a feeling | the hoff" (reblip)
edwinsng Madonna – Justify My Love

Hey Stephen by Taylor Swift

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SuperSpaceAngel Awesome song! (Who me, mischievous?) Haha! ;) @HERDE "Oops TY @SuperSpaceAngel~2 many letters, not enough caffeine yet." (reblip)
SuperSpaceAngel Nice! =] @SteadyBetty: "This song quite possibly saved my life in 2000. RIP KPS." (reblip)
SuperSpaceAngel Fabulous!!! Love the song & funny vid! ;) @misxz_bear_01: "I am currently loving this one!" (reblip)

LenkaThe Show

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Asia- Heat Of The Moment

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SuperSpaceAngel Indeed... those who deserve it, will reap what they've sown! @NikkiPixel:Yes! @prohect (reblip)

Diamond Rio-Love A Little Stronger

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SuperSpaceAngel I know this is on my playlist "somewhere" ... but heck if I can find it! =] @tallyho (reblip)
SuperSpaceAngel Love this!!! Awesome post! @julianlacey: "Me, Myself and I..." (reblip)
SuperSpaceAngel *Giggles* & Woot! =] @julianlacey: "You have to admit this was a hit in 1989..." (reblip)
SuperSpaceAngel Awesome! =] @DirtyUrine: "an absolutely beautiful song (w/ lyrics)! (reblip)

Nickelback Far Away Lyrics

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SuperSpaceAngel My fav song for my Honey, Robert! Thanks! =] @Danae75: "Buenas noches. Norah Jones ~ The Nearness of You" (reblip)
SuperSpaceAngel Great song! The vid trips me out with their makeup! rb@mrojas: "yes, I was...@SuperSpaceAngel" (reblip)
SuperSpaceAngel ... I'm watching "Storm Chasers" on Discovery Channel atm... OMG... so Jonezin'!!!
SuperSpaceAngel Love this! Great post! =] @calamari: "Listening to -- Sam Cooke "Twistin' the Night Away"" (reblip)
SuperSpaceAngel Who you? Hahaa! =] @DJLackey: "What? Noooo, I just get into it :-P" (reblip)
SuperSpaceAngel Cool! @mrojas: it goes to my facebook @SuperSpaceAngel: "OYeah, me too~in my Fav super car on the planet! " (reblip)


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SuperSpaceAngel I've never heard this! Good one! =] @kompkid (reblip)

Murder on the dancefloor-SOPHIE ELLIS BEXTOR

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SuperSpaceAngel *Big grins* ~ Love it! See ya laterz, Sweetie! =] @finchbeak: "a little something fun for @SuperSpaceAngel ...; )" (reblip)
SuperSpaceAngel Great song... trippy vid, eh? LOL! =] @mrojas: "@angelheart" (reblip)

kansas Point of know return

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SuperSpaceAngel Hope to see ya later, Sweetz! =] @finchbeak: "all right, y'all. i'm out....for now! ; )" (reblip)

technotronic Get Up

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The B-52's- 52 Girls (vinyl)

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SuperSpaceAngel Great song! =] @grizzyb &@Soul945 ~ The Kinks – You Really Got Me (reblip)
SuperSpaceAngel Awesome song! =] @faros: "@ROSIEOLIVEIRA: "@RightNowRadio: "Eric Clapton- Wonderful tonight (with lyrics)""" (reblip)

Eric Clapton- Wonderful tonight (with lyrics)

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SuperSpaceAngel Sorry for the repost... Found the vid to accompany =]
SuperSpaceAngel Hey! Keep missin' you Miss Marian! =] @marianixmiroux: "reblip! @SuperSpaceAngel" (reblip)


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situation by yaz

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SuperSpaceAngel ~Love this song =]

Squirrel Nut Zippers "Put A Lid On It"

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SuperSpaceAngel @TrainWreckRadio ~ Umm, cuz I'madork? lol! =]

Weird Al- Angry White Boy Polka

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SuperSpaceAngel Cute! rb@SpinninSara: "The Marshall Tucker Band – Heard It in a Love Song" (reblip)
SuperSpaceAngel I've never seen this! Cool! TY rb@flinndc: "David Bowie- Space Oddity Original Video (1969) @SuperSpaceAngel " (reblip)

David Bowie- Space Oddity Original Video (1969)

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SuperSpaceAngel Awesome! rb@VonD: "Marvin Gaye, "Can I Get A Witness" ~ Original Vid" (reblip)
SuperSpaceAngel Excellent tune & love the vid! =] rb@SayWhatAgain: "Jack Johnson- Breakdown " (reblip)
SpinninSara I haven't heard this in so long- thx ;-) @dooode: " lots of heat, little rain here @joechapman @SpinninSara " (reblip)
SuperSpaceAngel Me too! rb@flipchickmom "...Africa is one of the places I wish to one day visit! TY & Smiles: @mizdemeanor @SuperSpaceAngel @rachidkas" (reblip)
SuperSpaceAngel Lovely remake! rb@vuarnet:"How Deep Is Your Love – The Bird And The Bee" (reblip)
SuperSpaceAngel My laptop is hollering that it needs a nap ~ or it's threatening to crash n burn! BBL Sweet Blipperz!!! =] (reblip)
SuperSpaceAngel ONE more try... sheesh! (I'm so sorry for the repost... um, dorky Angel typos!) :S ~ Thanks, Cosita!!! =] @cosita: "doesn't know what hit him" (reblip)
SuperSpaceAngel rb@flipchickmom: "@Husky_Daddy: "U2 - 80's style" TY: I love anything 80's!" (reblip)


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SuperSpaceAngel Super hit! rb@MrFlinger (& MrsFlinger!) =] ~ "Lenny Kravitz - Love, Love, Love" (reblip)
SuperSpaceAngel Niiiice! =] rb @matriax & @NicoleVSanchez: "The Human League – Don't You Want Me (2002 Digital Remaster)" (reblip)
SuperSpaceAngel Yay! Great tune & Hi Sweeties! =] @finchbeak: "@marianixmiroux: "be freeeee tonight"" (reblip)

Rod Stewart-Young turks

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SuperSpaceAngel @Trackeditor... I laughed at this song... reminded me of your sense of humor!!! *Cheeky grin* (TY & rb@the_night_manager & @TwilightofOurIdols) (reblip)
SuperSpaceAngel (Sorry, had to rb this) DCI is awesome! "Woot! Excellent! Me too! rb@finchbeak: "holy schnike. wish we vid for this."" (reblip)

UM Drumline - Cadence Series (2006) MP3

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SuperSpaceAngel Great song! rb@DJAjay awesome track by Jay Sean Hi @sylvia638 @LexiePixie@crispast @sheryonstone @SuperSpaceAngel you guys are awesome blippers (^_^)" (reblip)

Jay SeanDown

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SuperSpaceAngel Great song & we're neighbors! =] rb@Kspez: "getting ready to go to the lake. Summertime in northern Michigan! (actually, southeast)" (reblip)
SuperSpaceAngel Love this sound! Cool post =] rb@Kspez: "My life is unorganized but I love it" (reblip)
SuperSpaceAngel You too, Sweetz! Cool song ~ Love the vid! rb@HERDE: "Aftanoon@LizzTurner.....& the @SuperSpaceAngel..hope ur days a fine 1..." (reblip)

Tim McGraw: Just To See You Smile

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acabelt Black Eyed Peas - Meet Me Halfway
SuperSpaceAngel Excellent! =] rb@tropic_of: "Cheap Trick" (reblip)


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Cool Change Little River Band

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SuperSpaceAngel Hahahaa! This version is quite amusing! =] rb@DoanDoDat: "Baha Men – Who Let the Dogs Out" (reblip)
SuperSpaceAngel Hahaa! Funny! rb@Turbolax: "oh damn! makes me wanna pop and lock!! Rb@GinaDunc Midnight Star - No Parking on the Dance Floor"" (reblip)

80's - Mike and The Mechanics - All I Need Is A Miracle

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SuperSpaceAngel Excellent! rb@scotlandlover: "tks for rbs :) @NicoleVSanchez: " @Awannabeangel: "@QueenofDazzle (reblip) ♫ Bryan Adams – Please Forgive Me" (reblip)
SuperSpaceAngel Awesome song, Hon! =] rb@NicoleVSanchez: "Come away with me and we'll kiss On a mountaintop Come away with me And I'll never stop loving you " (reblip)
SuperSpaceAngel @joechapman ~ Your post of "Love Bites" reminded me of this song! =]
SuperSpaceAngel (Dedicated to my dear friend, Tammy & her lost loved one ~ Peace, girl!) Love ya, Hon! =]

Otis Redding-Sitting on the dock of the bay

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SuperSpaceAngel Great post! =] rb@PixiesPics: "Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers – Don't Do Me Like That" (reblip)
SuperSpaceAngel Great song! rb@scotlandlover: "for all djs today who have given me props, rbs and replies, etc. you are..............." (reblip)
SuperSpaceAngel Hahahaa! rb@AalexBaldwin: "@katietolman is trying to get me to listen to this junk hahaha" (reblip)
SuperSpaceAngel Love Tom Petty ~ Great post! rb@realtyman: "It's alright if you Love me. It's alright if you Don't!..." (reblip)
SgtMac The Desert Rose Band - "One Step Forward"
SuperSpaceAngel Hello! to @eagledean ~ this is the original (lp) version I wasn't able to locate earlier... One of my favs! Peace! =]
SuperSpaceAngel Sweet post! Very nice! =] rb@Ibericana (reblip)

Under the Boardwalk

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SuperSpaceAngel He knows! =] Another by a gifted artist @eagledean
SuperSpaceAngel Sweet! rb@LightBearer: "Rebecca Lynn Howard – You're Real" (reblip)
SuperSpaceAngel Excellent song! rb@LightBearer: "Randy Travis – Forever and Ever, Amen" (reblip)
SuperSpaceAngel Wonderful! =] rb@periferica: "@MarvelousMabe: "I must be a Cat Stevens fan. "Morning Has Broken" @StreamingMimi: "Good morning everyone! " (reblip)
SuperSpaceAngel A great one by them! Sad, but loved anyway, here, too! (sorry i deleted comments... they wouldn't fit!) =] rb@aloudhendo (reblip)


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SuperSpaceAngel I find it hysterically ironic that you reblipped "Loser" after posting this... how Priceless... @sacwoo (reblip)
SuperSpaceAngel Hahahaaaa!!!! Hilarious! =] @sacwoo (reblip)

Cledus T Judd Every Light In The House Is Blown

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SuperSpaceAngel GREAT song!!! rb@flinndc: "Santana – you got to change your 'Evil Ways' baby" (reblip)
SuperSpaceAngel I LOVE the Ramones! EXCELLENT! Woot! Great post! rb@ChadThomas (reblip)
SuperSpaceAngel For all you creative romantics out there~check out this wedding vid~it's awesome!! ===>
SuperSpaceAngel This song is heart breaking ~ have friends breaking up... it's so sad to witness! Thank U for posting this rb@madasahatter (reblip)
SuperSpaceAngel Great song & hilarious vid! rb@pipercat1 (reblip)

Men at work: Land down under!!!! (One of their best songs!!)

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SuperSpaceAngel One of my favs! rb@pipercat1 (reblip)

Safety Dance- Men Without Hats

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SuperSpaceAngel You're just on my list tonight! =] Excellent post! rb@pipercat1 (reblip)
SuperSpaceAngel Awesome! ty sweetz! =] rb@pipercat1: "for superSpaceAngel =^..^=" (reblip)
SuperSpaceAngel Dernit,I ran outta props for you~Great post! *giggles* =] rb@pipercat1: "to one of my favorite ladies" (reblip)
SuperSpaceAngel This is a great song! Thanks for posting it! rb@SgtMac: "Kenny Rogers - "Scarlet Fever"" (reblip)
SuperSpaceAngel Hahaa! rb@pipercat1: "i feel dizzy" (reblip)

Dead or Alive You Spin Me Round

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SuperSpaceAngel Hey Joe!!! =] rb@joechapman: "Eddie Money – I Wanna Go Back" (reblip)
SuperSpaceAngel Hahaa! Funny girl! rb@NikkiPixel: "Yes it's true I'm a...@SuperSpaceAngel Flirty flirty Miss Pixel! Watch out fer her! ;) @romanus" (reblip)

The Pussycat Dolls- Flirt

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SuperSpaceAngel I'm gonna go toss my laptop in the freezer for a few minutes...
SuperSpaceAngel I eLuv U my Blipper fiends *oops!* i mean Friends! ;)
SuperSpaceAngel Woah! rb@1980s: "<<<< Kolohe!>>>> ♥ @rxrx1776: ">_>@1980s: ""Who's got the look? I don't know the answer to that question"""" (reblip)
SuperSpaceAngel Such a cutzie song... I just had to rb@1980s: ""So in love.... in a world of our own" ♥ " (reblip)

So much in Love / Timothy B.Schmit

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SuperSpaceAngel Love this song... I'd like to make a racing vid to it! =] rb@DirtyUrine: "lets hear it Right Now! @ChadThomas: "some van hagar from @hotbeans!" (reblip)
SuperSpaceAngel Hahahaa! @ChadThomas... uh... NO, but RU one? *j/k* ;)
SuperSpaceAngel I missed this blip~ Hahaa! ~ Love this song! rb@ChadThomas (reblip)
SuperSpaceAngel ... ran across this... thought it was interesting...
SuperSpaceAngel Absolute Hit!!! rb@finchbeak: "love this live version!" (reblip)
SuperSpaceAngel It's 3:45 am here... Time for Angel to go to sleepyville! Sweet dreams, everyone! Much Luv!!! =]
SuperSpaceAngel Haha! DON'T call me... I'm going to sleepyville! =] @DirtyUrine: " a great Blondie cover ~~ IN THIS MOMENT – Call Me ~~ ROXXX IT HARD!!!" (reblip)
SuperSpaceAngel Thank you for the kind thoughts and beautiful spiritual meditations.... lovely =] rb@lifecanon: "@SuperSpaceAngel may daimoku be with you " (reblip)
SuperSpaceAngel Love The Cure! rb@DirtyUrine: "only when ur off Blip! @MrsASoprano: "Do too @LeandroAzevedo" (reblip)

Boys Dont Cry : The Cure

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SuperSpaceAngel I haven't heard this in forever! rb@flipchickmom: "Gen X song of the day happens to also be a quirky one hit wonder!! WOOT! TY: @AUDIOLESIblog" (reblip)

m pop muzik

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SuperSpaceAngel Another great one! rb@scotlandlover & @D_Doyle & @flinndc "Go West - King Of Wishful Thinking" (reblip)

Go West - King Of Wishful Thinking

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SuperSpaceAngel Hahaa! Funny! They are a riot! =] Great post! rb@Turbolax: "i like the ting tings and i like fruit!! RB@wickawickawhat: "@Turbolax"" (reblip)

The Ting Tings- Fruit Machine

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SuperSpaceAngel Hahahaa! "I found my Friends, they're in my head" ... ROTFLMAO!!! rb@Turbolax (reblip)


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SuperSpaceAngel ... I believe this is the original ... *rawr!* =]
SuperSpaceAngel DU... WHY do you do this to me?!@DirtyUrine: "rb@VenusFly"usually just lots of alcohol in mine. Ramones – Somebody Put Something In My Drink"" (reblip)
SuperSpaceAngel I've never heard this! rb@ChadThomas: "Groovy old Sammy tune!!!" (reblip)
SuperSpaceAngel *Giggles* This song makes me think "Scooby-Doo I'm in love with you!" Hahahaa! =] rb@MrsASoprano" (reblip)


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SuperSpaceAngel Hahaa... The intro makes me laugh "I want my MTV" Great tune! rb@TropicsZ4 & @Black_miniskirt (reblip)
SuperSpaceAngel Yer leavin... to visit here? ;) ♥♥♥ Lovely song, Styx is awesome! rb@mrojas: "4u @SuperSpaceAngel" (reblip)

Styx- Babe

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SuperSpaceAngel Sweet dreams, Sweetie! =] rb@NicoleVSanchez: "Good night everyone. I am heading to bed early and look forward to blipping with you tomorrow :-) " (reblip)
SuperSpaceAngel Oh, you in a naughty mood, Finchie? ;) Hahaa! rb@finchbeak: "@Edainsmom: "hi and reblip love to @finchbeak: great song, great band"" (reblip)
SuperSpaceAngel Hey, where've you been hidin'? Sheesh! 'bout time you showed up here! ;) rb@star45: "Flyleaf – Perfect" (reblip)


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SuperSpaceAngel One of my friends was really into that show... Funny stuff! =] rb@ChadThomas: "i need another season of rock of love rb@klynnDemar! nice pick!" (reblip)

Bret MichaelsRaine

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SuperSpaceAngel My tripped out cousins! ;) rb to my Sweetz... @ChadThomas & @docstimulas: "SPACEHOG-"IN THE MEANTIME" for the super @SuperSpaceAngel (-:"" (reblip)


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SuperSpaceAngel *Pant pant* ~ you blippers are just too hot! (My laptop is burning me up!!!) ♥ Gotta give it a nap before it starts on fire!!! ♥
SuperSpaceAngel The name of this song was just too funny to pass up! rb@nicklove01 & @LycanJezzy: "Smiths – Girlfriend in a Coma"" (reblip)
SuperSpaceAngel Hahaa! This is great! =] rb@docstimulas: "Dave Matthews – Crash Into Me (acoustic) this is awesome check it ! (-:" (reblip)
SuperSpaceAngel O no U din't! ;) HaHAAA!@DJJazzyMua777: ":-P not nice! sigh! @DirtyUrine:@BenWright007TX: "another slice of Cake? ~ Cake – Never There" (reblip)
Tropicsz4 Expose – Come Go With Me
SuperSpaceAngel Great song! rb@flinndc: "Roy Orbison – Anything you want 'You Got It' " (reblip)
SuperSpaceAngel LOL! Nice! rb@flipchickmom @jimmybradley:@sandraew @joechapman@mrrowe8 really feel my mission 2day is to help the world begin to get its groove back! (reblip)
SuperSpaceAngel Sneaky! I have to sign off! rb@flipchickmom: "@MiguelMoreiraaa - Ramones kick start! TY: @flinndc @whoizat515" (reblip)

The Ramones Pet Sematary

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SuperSpaceAngel Hahahaa! How weird! Have a nice lunch, Sweetz! rb@Kspez: "Starving! Heading out for lunch. see you blippers later" (reblip)
SuperSpaceAngel Yeah, I heard those rumors! ;) rb@emmelineshines & @romanus: "An' you know what they said? Well, some of it was true!"" (reblip)

Feeder Just the way i'm feeling the official video

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SuperSpaceAngel Hey Sweetz! Whatcha doin? =] How fun to see you here, too! (Petty Rocks!) rb@HeidiSaid (reblip)

STEVE PERRY " Life After Journey" "You Better Wait" with Lyrics.

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SuperSpaceAngel Nite! =] rb@HERDE: "Ouutta here...TY ALL!" (reblip)

Jeff healey band " angel eyes " live uktv 1989

| play
SuperSpaceAngel It's supposed to be a sunny day today~Feelin' kinda Catalicious! ... Have work to do tho, n that sux! Lakerific laterz! (reblip)
SuperSpaceAngel Excellent! I'll happily send props shortygal's way! Great tunage! rb@Kspez: "used up all my props! LOVE this! Classic ;) @shortygal (reblip)
SuperSpaceAngel O Yes, letz! =] rb@TakeFive: ""David Bowie – Let's Dance"" (reblip)
SuperSpaceAngel PS:@Kspez... love the video, too! "Sweeeeet!!! Excellent! =] rb@Kspez: "@SuperSpaceAngel How about this one?"" (reblip)
SuperSpaceAngel Ya ya ya ya ya ... I love the Ramones!
SuperSpaceAngel *Snarky* post fer my sweet friend @Kspez (start listening, friends!!!)
SuperSpaceAngel I don't know if that last link will work... you might have to be a member of the community... Sorry about that! ... If ya join, bug me! =]
SuperSpaceAngel An amazing song... Clapton is such a gifted artist! rb@Marikinderovo (reblip)
SuperSpaceAngel Excellent song! rb@loudmouthny22: "When the lights go down in the city..." (reblip)


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SuperSpaceAngel @finchbeak ~ fellow slacker!!! ;) & @twiistedblipper (yer not a slacker, i was just givin' finchie some crap!) =]
SuperSpaceAngel When I first saw this, I thought it said "house of tornadoes" (one track mind stormchaser here!) ... =]
SuperSpaceAngel Awesome song! Love it! TY Sweetz!!! rb@TakeFive: "JOHN MAYER - BACK TO YOU,@SuperSpaceAngel:Cheers !!" (reblip)
SuperSpaceAngel Sweeeet! =] rb@Yan: "@Porter @Murph, there's a video for this one hahaha!" (reblip)

The Outfield-Your Love

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SuperSpaceAngel Whuut? Where's the mashed potatoes? ;) rb@SgtMac: "The Clash - "Lost In The Supermarket"" (reblip)
SuperSpaceAngel Uhhh... Whuut!? O dear! rb@creativeness: "most requested at a dance party back in the daze..." (reblip)


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SuperSpaceAngel Oh, U Din't... LMAO!!! rb@finchbeak: "i want to eat some cake and watch the end of a movie @SuperSpaceAngel" (reblip)
SuperSpaceAngel Hahahaa!!! Great post! rb@PixiesPics: "~Rick James – Super Freak~"she likes the boys in the band..."" (reblip)
SuperSpaceAngel Hey! Long time no see! =] rb@pinkpolkadots (reblip)

Sister Christian: Night Ranger

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SuperSpaceAngel Nice one! I love Mayer's style! rb@TakeFive: "John Mayer - Free Fallin`,,,Cool Cover,,," (reblip)
SuperSpaceAngel Another fav ~ Great post! rb@RoyalG: "Toto – Africa" (reblip)


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SuperSpaceAngel Good one! rb@RoyalG: "Erasure – Love To Hate You" (reblip)
SuperSpaceAngel Awww, You steal my heart! LOVE the Ramones! =] rb@HERDE (reblip)

Ramones, Baby I love you!

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SuperSpaceAngel I love their antics! I'd participate if invited some time!!! rb@Reiver_Iron: "Nuf said@GUI_: "Flash Mob?"" (reblip)
SuperSpaceAngel Love this! Haa! Funny! =] rb@TheGrifter: "It was you wasn't it?@DrCocker@donfelipe" (reblip)

Baha men-Who let the dogs out (official)

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SuperSpaceAngel Love it! Great post! rb@DJfvsong (reblip)

Babyshambles Killamangiro

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SuperSpaceAngel Hahahaaa! (OTFLMAO!) I don't have words fer this one!!! @sacwoo (reblip)
SuperSpaceAngel Nice! =] LOVE this one!!!! rb@twiistedblipper: "haven't seen any styx come through the feed so let's do it (reblip)


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SuperSpaceAngel I'm sorry... this is frikkin' hilarious!
SuperSpaceAngel Sorry to keep reblipping the same silly song... I was hunting for the original... Love Youz much! =]
SuperSpaceAngel Awesome! =] rb@DirtyUrine: "stolen! I love this tune! thanx both of u!@annapurna: "via@zephyrlily"" (reblip)
finchbeak 'mout. love to y'all, and: peace. Da. Da. Da.
SuperSpaceAngel Hahahaaa! That intro was hilarious! Love the song! rb@hawaiibuzz ~~ Forward to @sacwoo (reblip)

SheGreen Day

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SuperSpaceAngel ... Yeah... you know what I mean! (Friends who know me!) =]

Bugatti Veyron Trance Top Speed

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MC Hammer- Can't Touch This (Real Vid)

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SuperSpaceAngel You have no idea how perfect this is!!! Hahaaa! =] rb@SgtMac: "Jimmy Buffett - "The weather Is Here, Wish You Were Beautiful"" (reblip)
SuperSpaceAngel I think my laptop needs a cool one! a vaca in the freezer again... fussy thing! =] rb@SgtMac: "Kenny Chesney - "Beer In Mexico"" (reblip)
SuperSpaceAngel I am sooo jealous! Wish I was there! (Hey, did you git my invite on GTalk?) rb@bradysbeau: "Beautiful storms tonite here in big D Gotta Love it!!!" (reblip)
SuperSpaceAngel Ouch! rb@SgtMac: "Mickey Gilley - "A Headache Tomorrow(Or A Heartache Tonight)"" (reblip)
SuperSpaceAngel Hey Sweetz ~ this was the one I was hunting for! =]
SuperSpaceAngel OMGosh! Still soooo one of my favs!!! Awesome! =] rb@sacwoo: "sorry, much better version than my last blip." (reblip)
SuperSpaceAngel RAOTFLMAO!!! Great song! HAHAHAAA! (I'd say that about a guy that doesn't fish!) rb@SgtMac: "Brad Paisley - "I'm Gonna Miss Her" Speaking of fishing" (reblip)
SuperSpaceAngel Great song, Sweetz! rb@MrsASoprano: "r/b@vivasanta: "A great song from the 80's."" (reblip)
SuperSpaceAngel ... Another great Avalon Remix =]
SuperSpaceAngel Found it! =]

Avalon remixed Undeniably You

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SuperSpaceAngel Excellent! I love the drum transitions in this! =]

Avalon remixed Testify to Love

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SuperSpaceAngel I hope this song to be prophetic for the betterment of humankind. =]

ace of base happy nation

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SuperSpaceAngel Hahahaa... (I couldn't help it!) ... LOL!
SuperSpaceAngel O dang! Stand and Deliver... dammit! ;)

BlackHawk / Every Once In A While

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SuperSpaceAngel I know... totally 80's dorkiness... Let's make Heaven a place on earth, anyway! ... Seriously! ... =]
SuperSpaceAngel I used to want to be sedated... now I have a real life... still love the Ramones though!!! =]
SuperSpaceAngel @SGMan: ... reblipped it! ;) TY, Sweets... I haven't heard this one if forever! ... Loves Ya!!! ... Angel =] (reblip)
Netaid Is it just me? I canny see the re-blip buttons at the bottom of the blips? and what's with covering up pictures with big blue squares of stars & No's?
SuperSpaceAngel Yer evil! LOL! =] rb@pinkpolkadots: "haven't tortured all of U w/this 1 in a very long while!! hahahaha!!! :p" (reblip)
SuperSpaceAngel I love this group ~ Still new to me but love their sound! =] rb@MilwGonzo (reblip)
SuperSpaceAngel Excellent! =] rb@MilwGonzo: "can't stop listening to this..." (reblip)

Dazz Band Let It Whip Disco Funk Soul Boogie Orig Custom Label DJ PROMO Vinyl EXT Disco 12

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SuperSpaceAngel Cool one! rb@vidabatine: "The Kooks - Kids (MGMT Cover)" (reblip)
SuperSpaceAngel Great one by them! TY! rb@PennyDreadful: "I saw your eyes, and they made me smile for a little while. I was falling in love." (reblip)


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SuperSpaceAngel O M G ~ rb@TropicsZ4: "Chic – Le Freak >>> Saturday Night Party Fav " (reblip)

ChicLe Freak

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SuperSpaceAngel Sweet song! Awesome ♫•¸.•*¨*•.¸♪ ♫•¸.•*¨*•.¸♪ ♫ rb@hawaiibuzz: "Hello All You Dj's here at BlipLand! Happy Weekend! =]" (reblip)
SuperSpaceAngel Haven't heard this in forever! rb@pipercat1 (reblip)

"I Need a Hero", by Bonnie Tyler

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Good Girls Don't by THE KNACK

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SuperSpaceAngel Hahaa! Good one! rb@daviddatson: "werewolf song" (reblip)

Werewolves Of London

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SuperSpaceAngel Haha! ZAA!@TrainWreckRadio @SuperSpaceAngel I heard bunnies like this stuff! that a YAWN, or a GROWL? Must I tuck you in, or feed you pizza?" (reblip)
SuperSpaceAngel Love this one! Awesome! TY Sweetz! rb@ladypn ~~ FWD: to @MilwGonzo (thought you might like this!) =] (reblip)
SuperSpaceAngel For a cherished friend.

Daughtry Over You HD

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The Outfield-Your Love

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SuperSpaceAngel This is cool... I guess Trix "aint jist fer kids" any more! (@ChadThomas)


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SuperSpaceAngel rb@Nastasjia: i can't stand it for another day,When you live so many miles away,Nothing here is gonna make me stay,Ya took me over, let me find a way. (reblip)

Richard marx-Should've know better

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SuperSpaceAngel Dang! How did you do that! ... I am so on the floor laughing my arse off... OMG! Thank you & i think i love you! rb@sacwoo: "@SuperSpaceAngel Enjoy" (reblip)
SuperSpaceAngel Good question! Great post, Sweetz! rb@NikkiPixel: ""Delicate like a touch That's delicately brief" Where did this guy go?" (reblip)
SuperSpaceAngel Awesome song! rb@Berus (reblip)