qbnscholar This is an anthem. Great for waking up to.
bkrocker Another NYC hip-hop/dance pioneer, during a performance at Studio 54 an audience member yelled out "Holy s**t, Man Parrish is a White Boy!"
stustevens @barryholloway never heard this before, heard the sample loads, TOP TUNE (reblip)
trixiedelite more music from my teenage years - electro boogie?
masterkid4u From Japan, the amazing Dn'B producer Makoto feat. great jazz singer Cleveland Watkiss and presenting the song TIME. @ncv2929 @flep @DJPremiumBlend
Kanyin a como me gusta esta rola!
lub time 2 go 'n' have a brunch...... or should i say linner? is quite late ;)
Superfly Some more Latin flavours @trixiedelite Thanks for the welcome... am liking your sounds :)
lub alexkid featuring my loved ursula rucker.......
solarlion more funtime festi shake yo @$$ vibes

04 Roustabout (Bassnectar Remix)

| play
masterkid4u Enjoy and feel the energy... this is The sound of Music.... DAYTON in the house!! @ncv2929 @DJPremiumBlend @fbrahimi @srta @formalhaut @Kim777 @flep
lub @bendrix i love this song!!!!!!!!!! how's all goin??? (reblip)
bendrix For hip hop heads this is a true Breakdance track!!!
trixiedelite @donkeyrapist blipped this a while back but it's such an absolute masterpiece that I'll do it again (reblip)
trixiedelite I think Carl Craig must have sampled this for Bug in the Bass Bin
masterkid4u Enjoy this Todd Edwards Dub Mix of the song If I ever feel better by great Phoenix!! @flep @Superfly @DJPremiumBlend
toe_70 say what you like - i'm just an old softy.
stustevens Oh @Superfly i love you. Great tune from the old days (reblip)

136 The Smurf 1

| play
masterkid4u Do Brasil ao sensacional guitarrista Chico Pinheiro e sua maravilhosa invitada a linda cantante Luciana Alves!! @fbrahimi @lub @Superfly @viksgroove
bendrix This is the 1st CD I ever bought. If U dig downtempo jazzy mellow chill female vocal stuff U will meld with this @Krissi_D @GioLovesYou @ladypn
DJSID (((O^_^O))).oO I wish I was in Jamaica right now... or someplace warm... (reblip)
bendrix Bro glad you dig, I have so much hip hop for you I don't know what to do with it haha. These 3 artists are the next iLL MC's of hip hop @olumide_e

08 Better Man (Dutchmassive, Median, Von Pea)

| play

James Brown - Funk On Ah Roll - Bump & Flex Mix

| play
Z80GameCoder Just because Number Two would be wrong.
Z80GameCoder A large bowl of Total... now I feel ready to give 110%.
AbstractionKills Living my life like its golden...
bendrix After U hear this song, U will be able to feel the City breathing - Her chest heaving - against the flesh of the evening. @ladypn <=last one :)
masterkid4u A ver que te parece este grupazo desde Noruega... D'Sound!!! Sweet MUsic... really is so sweet!! @ncv2929
M_C From 1984, I used to breakdance to this as a kid :)
julianlacey Kanya sampled from Curtis Mayfield... Mayfield was an soul, R&B, and funk singer, songwriter, and record producer
djdiggla Great sample in that intro. Beautiful snag from them beat diggers.
trepanado Karen Young (from the "Hot Shot" track) - "Deetour". spaced-out funk with great chorus and piano melody

Deetour 12'' (Party Mix)

| play
DJSID @jigulous thanks for the comment and blipping my remix!
Goodgrooves just an amazing voice Please Please Listen
Holycow Right thats me done for a while - see y'all laters...

Tosca - Busenfreund (Baby Mammoth Remix)

| play
jigulous @Bambooklyn - I'd like to introduce myself. You started my day with this one. (reblip)
Goodgrooves Bouncing Dance Trax

Shades Of Rhythm 90

| play
Goodgrooves Big Big Big Time Tune Awesome !!!!
masterkid4u I'll never get tired of listening this House track by Copyright or Reel People haha,things remain in family for sure!Feat. Imaani,great voice @ncv2929
masterkid4u Check this young talent from UK! Natalie Williams! but passing through a flavor of Pop,Soul, House, Eletronica & R&B! Talented and beautiful!@ncv2929
DJShyguy Hot track for WMC 2008! Still one of my faves...I prefer the Frankie Feliciano remix though!
M_C AH AHHHH AH AAAAHHH GOOD VIBRATIONS!!!! Love this version by The Rebirth....re-blip cos I Love this (reblip)
djilo Una vida mejor


| play
yakou 朝日がでればこんな曲は聴けなくなるな。
Goodgrooves B,B B Blast from th th the P P P Past

BELL BIV DeVOE - Above The Rim - (alternate vocal version)

| play
2HandedJam California Soul (Diplo/ Mad Decent Remix) – Marlena Shaw
julianlacey This song was one of the first rap songs to become a pop hit... you "Down Wit' OPP"
jvos007 Go the opportunity to see Marc Mac playing. He played a fierce remix of this 4hero tune.
discomole is in party breaks mash-up mood.
flep Wow, amazing House + jazzy song, feel it!
stevetuf and that kinda screams out "let's have another remix...!"
shigekicks DAISHI DANCEは聞いてて気持ち良くなってくる
Superfly We Are Lonely as remixed by Quentin Harris... quality


| play
Superfly an old anthem but shame theres not much of it
trepanado hehe, forgot this existed - a dub version of Chris Isaak's 'Wicked Games'. wicked remix. Business Man is Trentemøller
formalhaut hey blipperados. txl for the cool music & replies @ulliver @DownLow @melpimenta @estrogen @JRex have fun with this Pixies rmx
thesonginmyhead I'm torn: I want the embargo to end, but I don't want McDonald's in Havana. How will the Castros survive?
thesonginmyhead Reggae has still not been scorched by as much soul as Toots' torch brought to it. You can have Funkytown, I'm going to Funky Kingston ...
nuria29 What a lovely bossa version of the 80's hit by the band A-HA, Take on me in the voice of Marcela Mangabeira do Brasil! Enjoy @masterkid4u (reblip)
Superfly @masterkid4u you played one of his tracks the other day and Im a fan of his work :)
trepanado sweet sweeeeeeet badaaaaass latin funk
UltravioletRed "You can put away your masquerade"
SatinLegsSmith @Superfly Another nice Isley track. ...look, yeah, but don't touch...
plateaux Dubstepだけど、メロディアスで好き
DownLow Oh, why am I still at work??? Ugh.


| play
The_Kraken My favourite mashup of today: Some Madcon Beggin? Call the Police
stustevens Brand New Heavies, JTQ, Herbaliser, Incognito, New Mastersounds, Jamiroquai, Galliano all in this one FUNK SUPERGROUP
2HandedJam *** I Specialize In Love - Glenn Rivera ReStrutcure Mix - Sharon Brown

I Specialize In Love - Glenn Rivera ReStrutcure Mix - Sharon Brown

| play
masterkid4u Saludando y deseandote una muy feliz semana querida amiga!! @ncv2929... Gracias por toda esa impresionante sesión musical que me regalaste!! Besos
Superfly this was some time ago but still sounds great


| play
masterkid4u Happiness and funky vibes for you!! @ncv2929.... for everybody!! ENJOY Wilson Simoninha - Rei da Luta
nuria29 Esta ya la conoces, y siempre que la escucho me recuerda tu estilo NewAcidWave @masterkid4u
Superfly de la soul and chaka khan... nice combination
Superfly its an anthem indeed

Anthem 90s

| play
julianlacey Maxwell is one artist who is in constant with delivering great music...
Carica 2 nights of beat spinning, 3 hours of sleep and now... 4hero.:)
kittikat43 almost the weekend...hope everyone has a great one
The_Kraken More lovely, lovely Lemon Jelly
formalhaut @lub thanks for the Triosk track! another fine one. i agree with you! btw, do you remember you asked for some Funki Porcini a while ago? voilà!
trepanado it's time to renew yours. vocals by Sharon Redd. Front Page is one of the best disco combos in history
Z80GameCoder @steno @Z80GameCoder you asked for it, so good it hurts. Yes, it is that good. Cheers! (reblip)
rosstimson One of my all time fav French House tunes. I may be persuaded to start rooting through all my old House records in the near future.
rosstimson And another, I couldn't resist.
rosstimson Garage track by one of the best producers in the biz.
rosstimson Little bit of Drum & Bass to wake me up this Sunday afternoon.
rosstimson Some might say it's too commercial & cheesy but I still like it.
gigia | www.blipathon.com | via@DownLow //// ____________________________________________ definitivamente @Delfin é o mais fofo do mundo! (reblip)
DownLow vi@potele Hey funky lovers, here comes the KING of FUNKY! (reblip)
2HandedJam *** Chicago – Street Player
Jacidbazz Jaaazzzzz

Galliano - Jazz_

| play
2HandedJam *** The Stylistics – You Make Me Feel Brand New
Superfly i would change my name if it was digby
Superfly anyone have any spare time to listen to this?
masterkid4u This is the kind of hip hop I really like... nice vibes, cool sounds, nice rap, good energy... D Allie - Change the name! Enjoy everybody!
2HandedJam *** Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes - Wake Up Everybody

Harold Melvin and the Blue notes-Wake up everybody

| play
stustevens go go good evening all @patita @adbert @abarbosa @Superfly @djttw lets start of running
Superfly looking for another track but am liking this... some d&b
Superfly some groove alright... get down!
deejayladydee i'd like to... rock that soul music from across the pond...
steno @bendrix I think I started listening to you pretty soon after I joined... ,-)
nuria29 @masterkid4u - Beijossss y arrumacos enormes pra voçe. Bon dia!!!!!
Superfly how does it feel? im curious

Trackheadz - Feel

| play
masterkid4u You're right dude!! we walk down the same street!! @Superfly... enjoy this!! Gerideau - Take a stand for love (Blaze remix)
2HandedJam *** Sly & The Family Stone – If You Want Me To Stay
Superfly going back to the 80s... @lizonthedecks what do you think?

Lisa Lisa and The Cult Jam - I Wonder If I Take You Home

| play
Superfly time to strut your stuff... follow me

01 super strut

| play
Superfly this certainly has some snap to it... hot! hot! hot!
Superfly pianolicious sounds from the ramsey lewis trio
steno good vibes..feeeeel the magic ,-)
DJTwitter @applemacbookpro Time to get ur boogey on..."Do I Do"
steno so smooooooth...one for the ladies ,-)
steno I Love the Nightlife - I Love this Song!!!!!! ,-)
julianlacey Did you know Chaka Khan also sang a modernized theme song for the hit children's TV show, Reading Rainbow?


| play
KushiQ via @voxefx great!!!


| play
masterkid4u Enjoy one more for the pleasure of music!! Check this version of Steppin' Out... you're gonna love it! @nuria29
masterkid4u Que pases un muy feliz dia!!! Hasta pronto! @nuria29... Good luck everybody... Martin Solveig Feat. Michael Robinson - Something about you
masterkid4u Lounge sounds and vibes... ENjoy my friend @nuria29
DJTwitter Lupe Fiasco – Daydreamin' (ft. Jill Scott)
deejayladydee soul bossa trio vs. jazzanova ~ words of love... {absolutely beautiful @Jacidbazz!} (reblip)
stustevens @Corts unlucky with the tickets, try Coventry that'll be the mental one (reblip)
rosstimson Heard this tune for first time ages the other day.
cRAIGmITCHELL They were were the gold standard for dance music at the time. So many great memories as a DJ and a listener! LOVE IT!
KushiQ Good Morning Blipers,@Superfly@MeeJong @lub@markwelsby@Brandrede@Kennie@Aimee@rasbo @Joschi and all my Listeners have a nice Sunday bababa baaaabaaa
stustevens Play That Beat Mr DJ - G.L.O.B.E & Wizz Kid @Superfly @2HandedJam


| play
Superfly good call @stustevens no more props left... :) (reblip)


| play
Superfly first listen but really like this
ashleynicole Kelis ~~~~~~ Trick Me ♥♥♥♥ (reblip)

KelisTrick Me

| play
steno listening to Queen Latifah sing ... very nice ,-)
steno here's a remix you gonna like ,-)
bduubz @Atomik, this is one of my faves by guy gerber... do you have the full track?
nuria29 Um Favor: cuidate muito bem @masterkid4u - Nos vemos pronto!!
2HandedJam *** Sam Cooke – A Change Is Gonna Come
itsRamel Strange Fruit Project – Special
itsRamel Strange Fruit Project – get live ft. erykah badu
steno #Deluxe #11 - will be back for a last round of #SUPERIOR tracks...stay tuned ,-)
BohemianChick The Moments aka Ray, Goodman & Brown - Sexy Mama Hi BlipStars!! @jsotonyc...good tracks! How are U?
masterkid4u Enjoy the fine House beat of Chuck Love!! one of the greatest House producers!! Soul Symphony.@nuria29@Superfly @Bluespanther @lub @patita @jazzidbass
KushiQ @Superfly---> thinking of your funkyness when I bliped that, have a sunny nice day and long weekend!!....

ideal vs seeed - music monks, whatever

| play
thepetshopboy love kerri chandler...just a shame that the selection of deep house on blip is limited...mainly samples :(

Kerri Chandler - The Promise (Stripped Down Vocal Mix)

| play
BohemianChick Kevin Yost/Peter Funk - Dreams of You
masterkid4u Enjoy the groovyfunkyjazzy beat of Everett B Walters-Always High Reaching@nuria29@lub@JLW@Feathers@Jacidbazz@Superfly@GR8FL@BohemianChick@Bluespanther


| play
BohemianChick MIguel Migs/Kerri Chandler - Atmospheric Beats
masterkid4u A touch of House for the evining with Reel People feat. Jag - Second Guess (Grant Nelson Mix) @nuria29@lub@Bluespanther@Superfly@flep@BohemianChick
masterkid4u Mexican House! check this up!! some good countrymen of mine are doing good things as well! @nuria29@BohemianChick@lub@flep@2HandedJam@DownLow@Superfly
masterkid4u House House House & more House 4U!! @nuria29... Todd Edwards - Fly away


| play
Superfly hey @KushiQ we definitely share some blip planet tastes :)

DJ Marky - Jorge Ben & Toquinho - LK

| play
Atomik Robert Owens – Ill Be Your Friend [Perfecto Re-Edit]
Anubis81 Yeah man, i'm blipping to you because i know that you are the one that probablly like this kind of music!@Superfly
masterkid4u Nice remix for Jill Scott's Love rain!! @nuria29


| play
masterkid4u Now the amazing sound of Nathan Haines in the style of Kenny Dope (MAW) - Believe---- great music Beleave it!! @nuria29..... See ya soon!!
funkfinger Eric B & Rakim – Let the Rhythm Hit 'Em (Quarterbar remix)
masterkid4u This version from Claudio Zoli of Tim Maia's Acenda o Farol was shown to me by @nuria29 Enjoy@lub@fiederels@Superfly@GR8FL@IKR@DoubleUdB@2HandedJam
KushiQ @LiLNiC1981 Hey I´m feelin relaxed, but tooooo much work for the moment, an you? Nice to see you..


| play
tripleoent reminds me of a Daft Punk track (reblip)

BentMagic Love

| play
masterkid4u Presenting jazz fusion guitar phenomenon, australian Frank Gambale presenting Spanish Harlem @nuria29 @star45 @Superfly @GR8FL @steno @Inesobjetsmart
djvaan @DJTerribleTee @bendrix @Superfly @Karuna please play "Let me take you on a hip hop ride ... move side to side ... sliiiiide .. sliiiddddeee ..."
rosstimson Old disco.

Evelyn Champagne King - Shame

| play
rosstimson 2-Step Garage - I really like Misty Dubs productions.
DeeJayMajo “! Deep Dish blir bättre med Axwell...”
djvaan das ist ein goed lied ? @steno @stena @chiron08 @Deesound @maidomuso @PhatAzz @Jacidbazz @Superfly ... i'm up , i'm out - brin d noiz - Thanks ppl ..
djvaan now .... if only you would stay .... lol .... baby love ...
nuffced One of my all time fav' Ass Kickin' Hip Hop Track. I had to up it. @Newmaidumosa @Jacidbazz @bendrix @Deesound @120hippos1girl Thx 4 de Original!!
em_81 Get inspired!

Hip Hop Violin - Paul Dateh_Inka One

| play
masterkid4u Enjoy these wonderful vibes! Let's pray for all the world get backs to normal soon!Enjoy!@NURIA 29@lub@patricia_coelho@Superfly@steno@Maridol_34@GR8FL
em_81 Doing some light cleaning while sippin acai tea
masterkid4u More of genius MJ Cole!! Featuring the legendary Carmen McRae - How Long Has This Been Going On @nuria29@Inesobjetsmart@BohemianChick@Superfly@GR8FL
masterkid4u Another great song from NYC band Chin Chin - Go there with you... amazing arramgements!!@nuria29@lub@Superfly@GR8FL@LYRIC@brabul@DoubleUdB@RonnieBebop
BohemianChick Was looking for Praful and found this..I have no idea who this is, but I like it! ;-) @Superfly...hey! I'm maintaining, how about U?


| play
nuffced Quick blip to say g'nite - Hey @Jacidbazz long time no blip - @Superfly keepitfunky - @120hippos1girl no goldfish'ndahouse - Thx @Deenice & @Ninon xox
nuffced Damn, dis one's so fine - Dig it my fellow blippers! @Deenice @studiojm @Deesound @Karuna @Lady_S @Superfly @ZOEBOE @VayVay > Dis is what it's about
nuffced Heya blipsters & twitsters: @Jacidbazz @ZOEBOE @hijklmn @cabrochette @Superfly - Time to get up... Dis lil' handclappin' might help.
djilo More blues than funk, but I think it goes with the motif =) @Deesound @studiojm @stustevens @steno @BohemianChick @ScottJ

Junior Wells - Snatch it back and hold it

| play
djilo A wave a funky basslines and break beats are washing over me right now. Love it bro! I may have more than one guru ;-) @stustevens (reblip)
nuffced Heya @stustevens & @Superfly > Glad to hear your funky sound, dudez - Ciao @franfer happy to get an Italian connection at last. Dig dat Nu(York)Soul
Atomik listen to this cover and tell me if it aint kinda dope
Lady_S let's get this day started!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
tometty [The Joneses - Summer Groove] Thanks everyone for tunes & props! Esp: @thebajangirl@kzythm@hijklmn@studiojm @Newmaidumosa@bigmothers1@Superfly @ZOEBOE


| play
KushiQ Rhodes and a funky bass, part two... Need some fresh air&sun.... thx to ya all for props an listening.... wish you a nice and soulful sunday!!
steno "...her name is Godsdog..." :-D
beta1 Some DANK chill-out music..
stustevens Good evening all, on a rb via @rico: "F A N T A S T I C ! ! ! !" (reblip)
nuria29 @masterkid4u - Tras un ajetreado fin de semana toda calma es bienvenida...
masterkid4u Esta noche sere breve! Estoy aprovechando este rato "libre" para avanzar con las nuevas producciones... uuuff que tension ;-) @nuria29 Besos!!
retiredprodigy truly broken beats.

Sonar Circle - Screaming Mimi

| play
retiredprodigy @djilo i'm back on the soulful. it's wayyy to late for the zzzzzhhh's lol.
tometty [Kenlou - Moonshine] Louie Vega & Kenny Dope aka Masters At Work
nakatake PNAU – Baby (Breakbot Remix)
steno cut off tracks like this one is a reason I wanna strike ... #noblipfriday (reblip)
djilo Are U kidding? He's got a place staked out in my den! ;-) @HighNDrye: "@djilo I'm assuming you've listened to Ian Pooley, seems right up your alley." (reblip)
BohemianChick @djilo...hey! I'm doing good...so glad it's Friday. How are you? ;-)
LaKarune Rb@DaLady: *Daydreaming* (ft. Jill Scott) I think I've added this song to my auto-prop, reblip rule (w/Grace Jones). It's sooo beautiful @nuffced@DHS (reblip)
KushiQ @Superfly searching the database for new tracks, found this track and thinking about how this "goes out to you", so here it comes..... ;-)))))
ffluxx Dimitri From Paris – Love Love Mode <= Speaking of Dimitri From Paris .... Yes LOVE
ffluxx Tim "Love" Lee – Super Rappin No. 5
Superfly the weeked is nearly over :(
thepetshopboy one of my fave early 90's rap songs ft. houston's GETO BOYS: scarface, willie d & the CRAZY rappin' midget bushwick bill ! (this one works, lol)
BohemianChick Slope ft. Ovasoul7 - Ain't Nothing Like This Feeling
BohemianChick @Atomik...hi! @tometty...g'night @superfluxx...that's a really cool song :-) Thanks for the props and replies BlipStars...see ya later!! ;-)
i_Dea >>vi@ekman<< To:@crowjane@Diordan@how_long_it_takes, @threebears@CargoCulte,and goodnight kisses to @all, thanks for listen, rb, props and songs (~.~) (reblip)

Buddy Rich Big Band - The Beat Goes On

| play

Nick Holder -Summer Daze

| play
Superfly not everyone understands house music; it's a spiritual thing, a body thing, a soul thing
Superfly im liking the youtube link-up... cant say the same about imeem
Superfly im loving this too... :)

Nujabes and Shing02 Luv Sic pt.3

| play
ffluxx The Salsoul Orchestra – Getaway
tometty [Paul Johnson - Get On My Camel] Original: First Choice - Love Having You Around
KushiQ Hey Jazzanova are real Blipstars I think... I love their music, special jazzy&funky Spirit and kind of styles...
KushiQ The track to wake up with good energy...
tometty [Hamilton Bohannon - Me And The Gang]
tometty [Julie McKnight - Home (Reprise)] My absolute favorite version of this song. And there are many out there. Please Enjoy! @ffluxx@djilo@THX3@Superfly
Superfly i have to blip this regularly for own sanity... enjoy vid ;)
Superfly hey @KushiQ thanks for props, replies & music... always a pleasure
Superfly now we're talking... thx youtube