Surreality Siddal were an awesome band, similar to Cranes but better


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Surreality Fun song. nice lyrical dissonance


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Surreality It will stop you dead right in your tracks. When you're just held together by hope and candle wax."...Beautiful.
Surreality @Surreality: "She doesn't know that I left my urge in the ice box. This is so awesome. (reblip)
Surreality This song evokes its setting so well.

Over The RhineOhio

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Surreality Low is so hypnotic. I love them...

LowIn The Drugs

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"Hannah Leah" Rykarda Parasol

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Surreality "Hung like jewels in a forest of veils"
Surreality @Totengrber: "@leaferi one time I was having margaritas for lunch with auntiesemantic. (reblip)
Surreality "I don't care. I've no conscience, My memory died on the day I gazed in to your far away eyes..."
divaelle Stalker songs -- Sting the stalker
Surreality Sweet melancholy. "He worships God....with ashes"
Surreality Such a great cover of this song way better than the original IMO.

Tori AmosVincent

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Surreality Lyrical dissonance FTW

The Legendary pink dots- The more it changes

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Surreality This is the original version, it is better I think
Surreality Does anyone know a site you can upload your own music to an then play it here? i tried a couple but they don't work. thanks (reblip)
Surreality @Alliemamma: Love that Projekt stuff :)

LyciaSlip Away

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Surreality @Alliemamma: Great minds think alike :) I adore this one....


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Surreality @mystwitch (not a cover of your song) just beautiful

Over The RhineOhio

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Surreality @Alliemamma: Wow, Ka-spel is like my favorite musician ever. Great to find another fan!
Surreality "the sun is not enough for us, though she wears her hat and her cheery rays"
Surreality @Alliemamma:"They had their way...She blew a kiss, said 'sorry' too.We're broken china dolls"
Surreality One of the better new neofolk bands (despite the rather disturbing band name)
Surreality Her lyrics are so inspiring to me. Beautiful song.
Surreality This vid is awesome. another shout out to Red Sox Nation!

Dropkick Murphys play Tessie at Fenway Park (7/24/04)

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Surreality "Some's circling, Someone's moving a little lower than the angels..."
Surreality I love how her voice sounds so crystal....
Surreality @jennyleepenny: Remember the name cos I had one song on an old Bedazzled records comep I liked a lot. I should try to hunt down some of their albums
Surreality This song is awesome from her new "recorded Delivery" live album
star45 Renaissance – Bound For Infinity
Surreality Another awesome one off her new album/ "Held together by hope and candle wax" @jennyleepenny it works! ty so much!
Surreality creepy sleazy but I love this.
Surreality Such a gorgeous ballad. Possibly my favorite Cave song of all.
Surreality So perfectly combines turn of the (20th) century themes with some modern musical touches
Surreality I live in a place even more desolate and just as cold so I identify with this song.
Surreality @Alliemamma: aw come on you know you want to :) I love this style of music (and this song in particular) are you on btw?
Surreality @Alliemamma: "@Surreality - yet another acquired taste. " Yep another taste I've acquired long ago :) (reblip)

Sarah Mclaughlin - Building a Mystery

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Surreality Love this....energetic!


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Surreality @cracked_oblivion: Gorgeous cover that made me fall in love with the song in the 1st place
Surreality This band channels the 80s 4AD sound well. Love this song
Surreality Slowdive's self-titled masterpiece


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Surreality "Some guys pick the perfect lovers, some guys pick the prefect whores."
Surreality Good electro/shoegaze from Sweden
Surreality @umraojan: More great stuff from Sweden (kind of similar)
Surreality Amanda channels the Beach Boys with wonderful lyrics.

Amanda PalmerOasis

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Surreality One of those rare songs that actually brings me to tears sometimes. "Don't judge me so harsh...Those angels can never take my place!"
Surreality Well 1 out of 2 ain't bad...
Surreality @JLF I'm partial to this cover as well
Surreality "all that's required is a pill and pillow..."
Surreality Good morning all. I want to drown myself in this gorgeous song (one of my favorites)
Surreality "We must realize that everone changes and everything dies..."
Surreality Love this band. One of the best albums of 2009 for sure.
Surreality @DJEmpire1: thanks... @darklion I liked De-luxe quite a bit. kind of sounds a bit like Stereolab in the vocals and mood. (reblip)
Surreality @DJEmpire1: "Oh yeah I love "Light From a Dead Star' really connected with me.TY. I gotta give their albums a spin again soon (it's been a while) (reblip)
Surreality @Alliemamma; oh those Dif Juz vocals are something special. You've given me another band to track down thank you! Here's some "Spanish fairydust"...
Surreality @Alliemamma - wow really? That is a a very pretty name though...unusual
Surreality @Alliemamma I think it is a really pretty name. She will probably love it :)
Surreality @HoDRadio : but wasn't it worth the wait?


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Surreality one more from Curve (because they were awesome)
Surreality @mammara: "Lisa Gerrard has an incredible voice, but Brendan Perry's songs go straight to the heart." Well, so do Lisa's. Wish they'd reunite. >3 both (reblip)
Surreality This post-punk band hets really over-looked. I don't know why. they were great.
Surreality And the original....


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Surreality dang...It's been so cloudy and rainy here the last week
Surreality @jennyleepenny glad you enjoyed January. Hope you are seeing the others if not they are in my blip history :)


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Surreality @jennyleepenny OK Got the August song I *wanted*. To work. Much better than that other one :)
Surreality Monica Richards on vocals. *great* new band/album
Surreality cos it's hard to stop with just one from LPD "Mommy's ghost will watch you from the better place, be brave."
Surreality I think this is Neil's best solo song. "Blessed by the night..."
Surreality "There is so much untouched beauty; The light, the dark, both running through me..."
Surreality but you really shouldn't fall in love with your little sister
Surreality Spectacular song from Thea. "Well, they sold you back your outrage, in the neat little shrinkwrap and a beautiful face..." *Love* Thea's zingers :)
Surreality "And the devil keeps me fed..."
Surreality Cos I just can't get enough of Alan Sparhawk lately
Surreality And a definite "sister song" to the last one...
Surreality "August....September...October....November" *hums* Mmi, you are awesome :) .


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Surreality I love this...brings out the dark potential of this song well.
Surreality She's like a younger female Nick Cave..addicted to this... .
Surreality Really nice (different) cover of "Nights in White Satin) sung in French
Surreality *sigh* Here is the full version.
Surreality song that made mefirst fall in love with Over The Rhine
Surreality Words cannot express how much I love Lisa's voice *swoon*

Loreena McKennitt- Beneath a Phrygian Sky

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newNEWwave Oh @SabriESC - you know I have a week spot for MBV! rb @newNEWwave: one for you" (reblip)
Surreality Psychedelic Furs - love this song! "Come and spend a day..."

Alices House

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Surreality really revisiting my clubbing days in this little set...ah...nostalgia
Surreality Last one for tonight....goodnight all...ty for listening and propping :)


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Surreality another great political song here
Surreality this cover is awesome (of course)
Surreality this is so beautiful


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Surreality I love her "An Ancient Muse" album. It was worth the 9 year wait....
Surreality Love the bittersweet mood...
Surreality This is just pure brilliance...

CoilThings Happen

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Surreality That was so awesome I need another LPD it is :)
Surreality "You drug me with kindness so I can pretend I exist..." and "You blacken my innocence with sugar and opium" Amazing song...

SwansHelpless Child

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Surreality (Victoria Lloyd of Claire Voyant on vox). Forgot how good this album is hi @Alliemamma
Surreality One of his few unironic love songs. beautiful.
Surreality "His ghost peeps through the curtains gently whispering her name. It hovers over crushed momentos trying to explain..." Brilliant!
Surreality Side-project of Ether Aura but different sound (blues/folk)
Surreality Last one for me tonight all...goodnight and ty for listening...
Surreality I really like this band. They make a style of mellow downtempo rock. i suppose they sound a little like some Radiohead songs but I like them better.


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Surreality "I suffer mornings most of all. i feel so powerless and small. By 10 o'clock I'm back in bed fighting the jury in my head." Great song.

Amanda Palmer - Have To Drive

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Surreality Good song from Current 93's new album

Current 93 - 04 - 26 April 2007

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Surreality One of the best artists and albums I discovered in 2008. I love her...


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Surreality I finally found a copy of this and it sure doesn't disappoint. Sarah Slean and her new band covering one of my alltime fav Cohen tracks
Surreality @newNEWwave: "Always liked this song because it seemed to have a bit of Slowdive in it." Yes! My fav Mojave 3 song for that reason :) (reblip)

Mojave 3Mercy

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Surreality I have so much love for this song :)

CoilAmber Rain

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Surreality I was walking home along the road through the light misty rain in the forest just a few minutes ago and this song came on. I blissed out...
Surreality This song is so creepy and yet so cool....I love it
Surreality This song is just awesome on so many levels! :)
Surreality rb @mmemaledicta one of my favs. This could also go out to @weathersongs sort of :) (reblip)
Surreality Wow, surprised to find this on here when I was looking for something else. Great poem...

Sylvia Plath "Lady Lazarus" Poem Animation Movie

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Surreality definite contender for my favorite song ever by anyone.

Faith and the Muse - 01 - Annwyn, Beneath the Waves

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Surreality "Medusa in the mirror etched out in acid" Last one for tonight..My last one for tonight. Good night all.

Loreena McKennitt- The Highwayman

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Rasputina~ Wish You Were Here

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Surreality @muzicmajic Wow, great to see This Ascension blipped by someone other than me! :) (reblip)
Surreality This is also my last (blip of the night). Good night all. TY for listening and props
Surreality rb @LeeTonSao Nice. I don't think I've heard this cover before. (reblip)
Surreality Incredibly atmospheric song.
Surreality interesting remix "The sunshine girl is sleeping. She falls and dreams alone..."
Surreality Here's the original mix. Which is very different. Don't know which I prefer, they are both so good!


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Surreality Yeah,I'm tired. Good night all. Thanks for the listens and props

SlowdiveSo Tired

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Surreality rb @daniel_levi: "Oh how time flies With crystal clear eyes And cold as coal When you're ending with diamond eyes " (reblip)
Surreality And of course there is Ms.Slean. a lady from Toronto who I fancy greatly. :)
Surreality More selections from my favorite Canadian artists. Here's Jane Siberry
Surreality I love this song and only partly because of all of the Toronto references :)
Surreality "Pay your respects to the vultures for they are your future..."
Surreality My last blip for tonight. I actually saw them do this live on the '98 tour and it was mind-blowing! I hope I can see LPD again before I die. Goodnight
Surreality New Wave gem "I stand and scan the strand of sand.." for @jennyleepenny and of course @StreamingMimi
Surreality hi @curatEar that Polly cover was really moving and beautiful. TY for it!
Surreality @space_cadet Glad you liked it! Attrition are one of my favorite bands and highly under-appreciated. Here's another great song. 'Morning @Alliemamma
Surreality A very good and hard to find song for @Alliemamma and the rest of the Ka-Spel fans in blipland

New Kids On The Block- Dirty Dancing

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Surreality Double shot of Ms. Nadler
Surreality One of those very rare Cohen covers I may actually like better than the original. Beautiful.
Surreality This is indeed awesome! TY for sharing rb @Epicrates: "staying in South America..the greatest Gaze ever from down there...great lovely stuff" (reblip)

slowdive- 40 days

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Surreality "I know this song is awesome...":)
Surreality Yes it's a darkwave cover of this song and yes it's cool :)
Surreality Love it when one of my all time favorite bands covers another :)
Surreality "It makes a tidy end...' Goodnight blippers...
Surreality More photographic stuff. My favorite from LPD's latest album.
Surreality @Cerulean another band from the same label and period you should check out. Also for @jennyleepenny @MsAineseY @Epicrates @by_starla @Alliemamma

SiddalThe Pedestal

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Surreality @Cerulean Bedazzled Records. My favorite label of the 90s :)

Mistle ThrushCicada

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Surreality I probably blip this one too much but I can't help it. It's just pure unadulterated awesome.
Surreality Hi blippers. I'm only on for a few minutes (will bbl tonight) I wanted to share this nice songwriter with a great operatic voice with y'all

Emily BezarSuncrash

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Surreality Keeping the Monica awesomeness going! @Ddraig @glitterdream @leaferi @TheFish @Totengrber

Monica Richards: Into My Own (Widescreen)

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Surreality rb @Ddraig: "Okay, shameless plug here. Features Monica Richards' "I Am Warrior" from the InfraWarrior CD. I built this vid for the graphic novel..." (reblip)
Surreality Back to that melancholy mood. (Not that I ever really went far from it :))
Surreality The Legendary Pink Dots - "Andromeda Suite '98" "A long way..." but SUCH a beautiful trip!
Surreality PJ Harvey – "The River"

PJ HarveyThe River

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Cassiette Had to come back to blip this :)

Rumi Poem, Iranian Music and Divine Dance

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yuuhi_hajime iTunes play "Adele - Set Fire To The Rain" #nowplaying
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