SusansSongs there's nothing quite like music... "There'll Always be Music"
SusansSongs Still stuck on ba, ba, barbershop!!! "God Bless America"

"God Bless America" By The Acoustix

| play
SusansSongs more barbershop...this time a medley.. "Hymns of the Cross"

"Hymns Of The Cross Medley" By The Acoustix (ACAPELLA)

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SusansSongs Barbershop at it's best... "Stars & Stripes Forever"

Acoustix, Stars and Stripes Forever

| play
SusansSongs Altho' I do't understand the language of this song I like it....pling o pling the mandolin... "Lydia the Tattooed Lady"
SusansSongs Looking for a marching song to wake me up...found one! "Football Polka"
SusansSongs See for yourself how fast this man's fingers fly on the keys!! What talent!

Rachmaninov-Volodos Italian Polka

| play
SusansSongs Who is the sunshine in your life? "You are MY Sunshine" Thanks Twitter friends for a great week!

The Soggy Bottom Boys: You are my sunshine (with lyrics)

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SusansSongs Summertime Memories....ahhh.... "Little Deuce Coupe"
SusansSongs A great way to start your day...sing a hymn and learn to pray... "Down to the River to Pray"
SusansSongs Are you living with passion today? "Any Dream Will Do"
SusansSongs A reminder that little things mean a lot... "It's The Little Things"
SusansSongs A touching message from Donnie and Marie... "When Somebody Cares For You"
SusansSongs I love's a song about "Paper Roses"

Marie Osmond (video) Paper Roses

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SusansSongs A beautiful youtube video w/ this one..."Take Me Home Country Roads"
SusansSongs Imagine hearing a message like this on YOUR answering machine!!! "Danny's Answering Machine"

Danny's Answering Machine!

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SusansSongs guess I'm stuck on barbershop this aft...trying to get woke up!!! "Just Between You and Me"
SusansSongs A special message in this song...doesn't end like you think! "The Greatest"
SusansSongs Thinking of my sweetheart... "You Make Loving Fun"
SusansSongs still thinking about candles... "Light One Candle"...don't let your light go out!
SusansSongs A special message from my heart to yours.... "Carry Your Candle"

Carry Your Candle (With Lyrics)

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SusansSongs I like how this songs keeps building and goes faster and faster... "Ezekial Saw the Wheel"
SusansSongs A tribute to love and roses... "I Found You Among the Roses"
SusansSongs Another Woody Guthrie song... brought a chuckle to me... "Worried Man Blues"
SusansSongs Here's one Keriann likes.... Music Man..."Rock Island"

"Rock Island" The Music Man (opening scene)

| play
SusansSongs Love the way this group harmonizes... "Lida Rose"

The Music Man (Lida Rose)

| play
SusansSongs Love the banjo pickin' on this song! "Dixie"

National Anthem of the Confederate States of America

| play
SusansSongs Rochelle's wake up song in Europe... "Relax, Take it Easy"
SusansSongs A song Rochelle listened to in Europe...guess what? It's about lollipops!! "Lollipop" by Mika


| play
SusansSongs More "Lollipop" smiles...


| play
SusansSongs A great rendition of "Lollipop"

Lollipop (The Chordettes)

| play
SusansSongs One for my husband and all those who love deeply... "Hopelessly Devoted to You"
SusansSongs Now for that "Peaceful Easy Feeling"
SusansSongs Has it been a good day? "Take it Easy"

Take It Easy-The Eagles (Live)

| play
SusansSongs This one for Rochelle, my daughter who is in England right now...seeing "Big Ben" and more!
SusansSongs for a lighthearted moment and perhaps a laugh or two... "In the Summertime"
SusansSongs For those special moments with your sweetheart...treasure them! "By the Light of the Silvery Moon"
SusansSongs In Memory of Melanie...6-10-85 to 7-5-09 Faith turned to sight and prayer to praise.
SusansSongs another good one... "Goodnight Ladies & Home Sweet Home"
SusansSongs I found this from Woodie Guthrie... "I Ain't Got No Home"
SusansSongs A hilarious rendition of "Home Sweet Home" when I was looking for something sober and serious!
SusansSongs In Memory of Melanie 6-10-85 to 7-5-09 "Cherish the Moment"
SusansSongs In Memory of Melanie...young people singing "I've Got Peace" Your faith is turned to sight and prayer to praise...

I've Got Peace Like A River

| play
SusansSongs I have always loved the words of this song... "A beautiful Life"
SusansSongs One of my favorites... "You are my Sunshine"
SusansSongs Children singing the song I sang as a solo in the 5th grade... "Tell Me Why"

Tell Me Why MIX_snip

| play
SusansSongs Instrumental favorite camp song... "Tell Me Why"
SusansSongs Another song "Tell Me why"...still not the one I am looking for! =/


| play
SusansSongs This one for Mark, my can be happy if you've a mind to!
SusansSongs This one for daughter Keriann... "Walkin' in the Sunshine"
SusansSongs Thankful for Rochelle's safe return from Europe..."The Lord My God Is Good"
dreaves802 Me and you , I love all my twitter friends, good night all.
SusansSongs Goodnight & Sweet Dreams to all..."Wings of a Dove"

charlie pride wings of a dove

| play
SusansSongs Scott Joplin... his fingers fly on the keys...such an inspiration to me... "Pineapple Rag"
SusansSongs stepping up the tempo... "Just What I Needed"
SusansSongs To my Sweetheart... "Love Me Over Again"
SusansSongs Slow & easy & melancholy...that's me tonight... "The Ties That Bind"
SusansSongs A bit sad tonight... "Some Broken Hearts Never Mend"
SusansSongs A song to lift anyone's spirits... "Music Box Dancer" (reblip)


| play
SusansSongs Let's live today to its fullest... "Walkin' in the Sunshine"" (reblip)
SusansSongs Let's get this day going! "When the Red, Red Robin comes Bob, Bob, Bobbin Along"
SusansSongs Thankful for my wonderful family and home... "Home"

Roger MillerHome

| play
SusansSongs This one for my sweetheart... "I Can't Stop Loving You"
SusansSongs Found this song while looking for touched my heart! "Tell Me Why"

Tell Me Why-Declan Galbraith

| play
SusansSongs More "Golden Slippers" ... this time with the words! :)

Golden Slippers

| play
SusansSongs Dedicated to my Sweetheart.... I thought I'd been kissed and I thought I'd been loved... but that was before I met YOU!

Before I Met You

| play
SusansSongs "I Wanna Be with You" In the mood for 50's music?!!" (reblip)
SusansSongs "Down By the Riverside" ~ gotta love those quartets!

Down By The Riverside By The Golden Gate Quartet

| play
SusansSongs For all my friends who have issues they are dealing with that are BIG... I am partial to this version b/c of the guitar! :)


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SusansSongs The Bumblebee Song I just blipped was from The 5 Browns... here is some info. about them! :)

The 5 Browns

| play
SusansSongs Summertime and bees.... can you hear them in this composition of of pianos playing?!! Amazing! "Flight of the Bumblebee"
SusansSongs I love the way this song starts out and the sweet harmony these singers share! Beautiful!

The BrownsBeulah Land

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SusansSongs This is my prayer many times... "Take My Hand, Precious Lord!" May the words of this song inspire and bless you today.
SusansSongs Scott Joplin... yes, you guessed it~ I like ragtime music! It's so bouncy and cheery! Puts a spring into your step and a smile on your lips!
SusansSongs A cheery ragtime song!! "Maple Leaf Rag"
SusansSongs "In the Good Ole Summertime" on a player piano...

(In The Good Old Summertime) Player Piano

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SusansSongs Singing with my family is a precious blessing... "Singing on the Mountain"
SusansSongs Here's Charlie Pride singing "Before I Met You" For sweethearts everywhere! <3
SusansSongs "Before I Met You" on the accordion! Can you tell I like this song?!! :)
SusansSongs A neat song I found called "Golden Slippers". <3

Music Camp Band plays Golden Slippers

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SusansSongs Getz Memorial Steam Calliope... hear the steam and water in this one!! :)
SusansSongs Calliope music from the Delta Queen...


| play
SusansSongs Jimmy on the Calliope... more to come! :)

Jimmy on the Calliope

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SusansSongs Memories of yesterday... Calliope Music! :)

Calliope Music

| play
SusansSongs Did someone say "ice cream"? Here's the Buffalo Bills.

Buffalo Billis- The Music Man "Sincere"

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SusansSongs A friend just said ice cream... here's a cute song about ice cream! "IceCream"
SusansSongs Thinking about the thoughts in this song... "Lean On Me"
SusansSongs Memories of yesterday... when we'd get a new car I remember this song played on the radio... "Golden Ring"
SusansSongs One of my favorites from Creedence Clearwater Revival... "Hello Mary Lou"
SusansSongs "Down on the Corner" .... Come on down to my corner and we will make some music! Bring your guitar and harmonica! :)
SusansSongs Here's the Everly Brothers.... "That's Old Fashioned" (That's the Way Love Should Be)
SusansSongs Thinking of pumpkins and this song... "Country Bumpkin" by Hank Williams Enjoy!!

Hank Thompson / Country Bumpkin

| play
SusansSongs "Before I met You" featuring the banjo... :)

Before I Met You

| play
SusansSongs An interesting look at interactions and relationships ~ "10-4 Over and Out"
SusansSongs A song that tells a story from my favorite couple ~ Porter and Dolly. "Little David's Harp"

Little David's harp -- Dolly Parton and Porter Wagoner.wmv

| play
SusansSongs What would it be like if "Teardrops Were Pennies"?
SusansSongs This song touches my heart today.... "Hello God, are you Listening?"

Hello God- Dolly Parton

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SusansSongs #Music Monday ... love the banjo on this song... the words are great, too! "The answer is blowin' in the wind"
SusansSongs My kids Rochelle and Mark danced to this number on Sat. @ school program ... "We Rock"
SusansSongs My kids, Rochelle & Mark, danced to this jazzy number Saturday @ school program... "Footloose"
SusansSongs I have a friend...His name is _______
SusansSongs Now one for the children in all of us...
SusansSongs Thinking of my true love..."Who's your baby?"
thatgirlmegan can't resist this one on such a beautiful summer day
AliveinMe LOVE THIS SONG!!! Such a BIG AMEN...Blessings to you all!! (reblip)
golfnovels Keith – 98.6 @gladperez @martiword @LoisMarketing @ShannonGrissom @barbaraduke @jamesrossbooks


| play
SusansSongs "Honey! I'm Home..." and I've had a hard day...please rub my feet!! LOL!
SusansSongs an instrumental piece... "Joker's Wild"

Joker's Wild

| play
SusansSongs A hilarious rendition of "Sittin' on Top of the World"

Hot Air Buffoons Quartet

| play
SusansSongs "I Used to Be Crazy"....a lighthearted song about a serious subject!! We's all crazy, chickie baby...huh?!
SusansSongs More from Ray Stevens.... "The Woogie Boogie"
SusansSongs I believe we have the right combination... here's to love!
fxp123 Bob Dylan - Ring Of Fire
fxp123 Hi @ShutterBugGeek: "Good Day to my Sunshine! >> Paul McCartney (reblip)
SusansSongs In keeping w/ our zippity-do-dah's a neat song! "I Like to Feel Pretty Inside!"
SusansSongs One of my favorites... an oldie! "You Are My Sunshine!"

You are my Sunshine

| play
SusansSongs Still thinking about love.... "Love Will Keep Us Together"
SusansSongs Everyone needs a love song... here's one for you...just from me! "I Need a Love Song"
SusansSongs The country version of "Top of the World"... =)
SusansSongs Since it's a zippity-do-dah's "Top of the World" WooHoo!
SusansSongs To go along w/ your Zippity Day here's some "Elite Syncopations" by Scott Joplin himself!
SusansSongs Is today a "Zippity-Do-Dah Day" for you?! Ta-Ta!


| play
SusansSongs Thanks for this song! @Power2BThin: "Today is a beautiful day to be Alive! " (reblip)

Celine DionI'm Alive

| play
SusansSongs A nice relaxin' instrumental... Just for you...
SusansSongs Another version of "Witch Doctor"
SusansSongs A cut up group of 4... singing "The Magic Flute"


| play
DaveCarter This One Rocked the Jungle 1965


| play
SusansSongs @SusansSongs: A song just for you ~ easy listening ~ "When you wore a tulip" Needed to be woke up! =/ (reblip)

Track 08

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SusansSongs This one's for fun... "Hello Mary Lou!" To all my friends have a fabulous Friday!
SusansSongs This is a question we've been asking in Indiana all week... "Who'll Stop the Rain?"
SusansSongs Another version of my favorite song... "The Rose" Do you know the Secret of the Rose?
SusansSongs Another childhood favorite of mine... "Holding on to Nothin' "
SusansSongs Just for you today... "You are my Sunshine"
SusansSongs Make this a Terrific Tuesday... "Go Light Your Candle"
SusansSongs A song just for you ~ easy listening ~ "When you wore a tulip"

Track 08

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SusansSongs Dedicated to sweethearts everywhere...true, true love
SusansSongs I have a daughter Keriann...@klholsinger I often find myself saying "hey Keriann" enjoy!
SusansSongs @SusansSongs: "Best song was this one...Any Dream Will Do..." (reblip)
SusansSongs Play song was Any Dream Will Do...another instrumental...
SusansSongs Best song of tonight's performance~ instrumental... Any Dream Will Do...
SusansSongs Thinking of you... Saying goodnight...Sweet Dreams! "Dream, Dream, Dream"
SusansSongs Still like this song... "I wonder if I Care as Much" Enjoy!!!
SusansSongs @SusansSongs: "In special remembrance of Memorial Day... "Battle Hymn of the Republic"" (reblip)
SusansSongs In Memory of loved ones... "Precious Memories"
SusansSongs Alvin & the Chipmunks sing a song in German...
SusansSongs "Yankee Doodle" Alvin and the Chipmunks original ~ LOL
SusansSongs For those who love Alvin & the Chipmunks..."Home on the Range" Where the "cantelope" play!!
SusansSongs Wind up your Friday happy & whistling..."Whistle While You Work"
SusansSongs Alvin & The Chipmunks...singing "America the Beautiful"...Have a special Memorial Day.
SusansSongs In special remembrance of Memorial Day... "Battle Hymn of the Republic"
SusansSongs And one more for this Terrific Thursday... "A Dueling Banjo" original

Primus - Dueling Banjos (Original)

| play
SusansSongs Make it a Terrific Thursday...just for you... "The Entertainer"
SusansSongs The song every fiddler wants to play..."Orange Blossom Special"

Chubby Wise Orange Blossum Special

| play
SusansSongs See if you can keep up with this song!! "The Auctioneer"
SusansSongs "You love me and I love what do I care?" Love the guitar pickin' in this song!
SusansSongs Rochelle & Mark in play song was this one...Any Dream Will Do...
SusansSongs A song for sister and I listened to this for hours when I was a girl! Itsy...bitsy...teeny...etc.
SusansSongs Like spirituals...if you need a wake up you go!
SusansSongs Dedicated to @4PrinceBrothers...A special springtime song! One of my favorites! (reblip)


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SusansSongs How far is Heaven? Here is song to go w/ one of my blog posts
SusansSongs This song is dedicated to the babies we love.
organicsue Me 2. Give praise @>-------------@SusansSongs says I love to sing and write songs & this song says it all! (reblip)
SusansSongs I love to sing and write songs & this song says it all!
SusansSongs This is about giving w/ no thot of getting!Enjoy!
klholsinger SHINE... all you lovely people!!! :) Bye for now!
SusansSongs This song reminds me of spring...enjoy!
SusansSongs In the spring the heart thinks of of my favorite songs
SusansSongs This spring music works...sorry about the other one! Couldn't get it to load right. ugh! =/


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SusansSongs This song is for my honey! An oldie but a goodie!
SusansSongs In Honor of Earth Day...This Land is YOUR Land...
SusansSongs Thoughts of home...Home is where your heart is...
SusansSongs Good Morning! Thinking about shining today...this little radiant for all to see.


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SusansSongs In times of times of distress...where could I go but to the Lord? Pray for Melanie...


| play
SusansSongs Fridays Marching of my favorites!


| play
SusansSongs To all my Twitter friends...Keep on the Sunny and blessings to you
SusansSongs I love the message of this song...listen closely to the chorus...


| play
SusansSongs His Truth is Marching on...God's in Heaven all's right w/ the world!
SusansSongs Angels are watching over me...and my friends @ the bedside of their daughter Melanie
SusansSongs This song my parents sang often..brings back memories!
SusansSongs Maybe this song will help me wake up..."Wake up! Lit'l Suzie"
SusansSongs No matter whether I am sad or glad this song always lifts my spirits...from my heart to yours...b/c today is a gift! (reblip)


| play
SusansSongs The sun is shining...even when the day is cloudy...let the sunshine into your heart...your life...
SusansSongs Pure and simple encouragement for my friends @ the bedside of their daughter, Melanie, very sick w/ cancer.

How Beautiful Heaven sample

| play
SusansSongs Thinking of my friend is hosp. sitting @ bedside w/ daughter.

Rock Of Ages

| play
SusansSongs One of my favorite songs...since Roses speak a special message to me.
SusansSongs For all Alvin & the Chipmunk lovers..."Witch Doctor"
SusansSongs Still thinkin about camping this weekend... "By the Light of the Silvery Moon"
SusansSongs I love roses... here's a neat song... "Till a Tear Becomes a Rose"
SusansSongs @rochelleholsinger: "@klholsinger: this is the definition of my car... it definitely bang bangs... just doesn't have the chitty down yet... lol :)" (reblip)
rochelleholsinger @klholsinger: "A song to lighten up your oldie by the Oakridge Boys... SMILE.... :)" (reblip)


| play
rochelleholsinger @klholsinger: "In MEMORY of my sister Bethany Marie who lived only a short while here...." (reblip)
rochelleholsinger @klholsinger: "@MirrorFinish- this is the definition of my car... it definitely bang bangs... just doesn't have the chitty down yet... lol :)" (reblip)
SusansSongs It's official...summertime is here! "In the Good Ole Summertime"

Good Ole Summertime/Take Me out to the Ballgame

| play
SusansSongs Good Morning... some music to get the day started...
SusansSongs Here's to a sunshiny day for you... "Hello Mary Lou" ♥
SusansSongs Weddings and more weddings... "There is Love" ♥
SusansSongs A message to touch your heart today... "I want to Live" ♥

1.04 John Denver - I Want to live

| play
SusansSongs Let your heart decide... "Play the Game"...♥

Play the Game -- Queen cover by Nataly Dawn

| play
SusansSongs smooth and soothing song... Thinking of my friends today...
SusansSongs A love song... "All I Need"

Ryan Shupe Sings All I Need

| play
SusansSongs A banjo song by world famous Bela Fleck... ♥
SusansSongs A Camp Song ... "The Happy Wanderer"

Retro Reeds Accordion duet Happy Wanderer by Ed and Celia

| play
SusansSongs "Rose of the Mountain"

Rose of the mountain.

| play
SusansSongs Getting ready to go camping...leaving Thursday...


| play
SusansSongs "Blue Kentucky Girl" ♥

Emmylou Harris : Blue Kentucky Girl (1978)

| play
SusansSongs Thinking of you today while I am busy getting ready to go camping...easy listening... ♥
SusansSongs Good Morning.... "I Got Rhythm" Let's get this morning started! =)

FredI Got Rhythm

| play
SusansSongs ready for a laugh... listen in... ♥
SusansSongs This one will make you laugh... ♥

The Curse of Monkey Island - Guybrush trying to join a barbershop quartet

| play
SusansSongs A neat medley of barbershop singing at its best! Enjoy! ♥


| play
SusansSongs more barbershop ... "Tonight You Belong To Me" ♥
SusansSongs Found one! "Go the Distance" great barbershop sound!
SusansSongs One more yodel song... then my music break is over for now ♥ "Arizona Yodeler"


| play
kiliuhuru @SusansSongs: "What will you choose to do today? ♥ "With my Own Two Hands"" (reblip)
SusansSongs "A light and happy sunshine tune... "Somethings Doing" In honor of my birthday! (reblip)
SusansSongs @SusansSongs: "Love this cheers me up ~ so light & cheery! "You are my Flower"" (reblip)
SusansSongs A song for all my friends in Twitterland tonight... "Love is Like a Butterfly"
SusansSongs Love this cheers me up ~ so light & cheery! "You are my Flower"
SusansSongs A special message in song for you...
SusansSongs A message to Father's (and everyone!) "Go Home"
SusansSongs Give & it will come back to you! Thinking of you today... "Let Your Love Flow"
SusansSongs An interesting song...smooth & soothing...
SusansSongs #MusicMonday Katy too... from the man in black. Each person so unique!

Johnny Cash Katy Too

| play
SusansSongs For all you busy Mother's and Father's here's one for you... "Tippy Toeing"
SusansSongs here's a song for your children...our most gift precious of all... "Shortnin' Bread"
SusansSongs Success... Learning from Life... "Up from the Ashes Grow the Roses of Success"
SusansSongs a silly song from The Chipmunks... "Polly Wolly Doodle"
SusansSongs All of you... maybe faced this a time in your life.... Luv you all!! :) Better Get to Living!! :)
SusansSongs I watched Hee Haw when I was younger... a funny lil show... this is a lil clip of it.... lol! :)

Hee Haw Conway Twitty, Loretta Lynn, Buck Owens, Roy Clarke, and Many Others avi 5 of 7

| play
SusansSongs What will you choose to do today? ♥ "With my Own Two Hands"
SusansSongs Slow and Easy does it this morning while I "wake up!" ♥
SusansSongs Let's get this morning started! Wake Up! Wake Up! "Kiss an Angel Good Morning" ♥
SusansSongs A unique message w/ a neat twist @ the end... "The Greatest"
SusansSongs An oldie that will make you laugh... "It's Me Again Margaret"

Ray Stevens----It's me again magret!

| play
SusansSongs Do you remember this song? "Running Bear?" =)
SusansSongs A special message in song ... "Silver Sandals"


| play
SusansSongs Alan Jackson and Sissy's Song...♥
SusansSongs It's's a rain song just for you! ♥
SusansSongs One more from Tom T. Hall...."Me and Jesus"
SusansSongs A solemn message in song..."One Hundred Children"
SusansSongs A song we loved to listen to when I was a kid... "Sneaky Snake"
SusansSongs Monday, good to me! Thinking of you today on this best day of your life!
SusansSongs More from Alvin & the gotta love 'em! "The Orchestra"
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