TamaraLynn33 I want to hold your hand =] amazing song


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NAMG The lead singer is a douche but the song is beautiful
kbuech @DeAnn Nasty! Lol (reblip)

Van Halen - Eruption

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NAMG Anyone between a rock and a hard place? (reblip)
Suzn1177 I love ice-cream! & Van Halen

Van Halen - Ice Cream Man

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ucana422 love this cover (reblip)

Joan Jet-Crimson & Clover

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djnelly ahahah Red Red wine. chill it out peeps!
djnelly yes- Breakfast at Tifanys (reblip)

Audrey Hepburn - Moonriver

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kbuech In my fave big city, everyone knows it's windy;)
ReAnto Doobie Brothers – Long Train Runnin'
ReAnto Suzanne VEGA – Tom.s Dinner
EternalOptimism Dirty macs and inspector hats ... high heels a smile and the succulent legume X
ReAnto Genesis – Follow You Follow Me
kbuech @patita , I don't know any of Israel's other songs. Hard to believe, huh? Thx, I really like this :))@kbuech, this one should be in the top best too (reblip)
kbuech OMG! @patita That's a top 20 song all time 4 me, THX!! [but i know it's somewhere over the rainbow :D:D:D:D @kbuech LOL] (reblip)
pitonblock Much to the amusement of my friends, professors, and students (when it happened in class), this is my cell's ringtone. That damn monkey.
pitonblock It is a Ripon thing, in so many ways. Gin Blossoms, "Allison Road".
bacastro have more covers, this is my favorite @deadcakes (reblip)
RNRSteve Love the Forensics/watch different shows/like 48 Hrs/need a clue to solve it/quick/it's urgent.. (reblip)
DaChea I just noticed that i never leave a message with my things.......huh
RNRSteve Emerson, Lake and Palmer – Welcome Back My Friends
Vanderleun From Bruce Springsteen's brief sane period, The Rising.
kbuech Hey @DeAnn. I live in Jackson MS, and come to LR a few times a year to give medical presentations and for Daughter KIllian's Div. 1 soccer tournaments (reblip)
kbuech This is one of the most beautiful songs ever as well, @patita, always gives me chills, hope it's new to you. Enjoy!!
kbuech For @TMR, and all the other "blondies" out there that are listening/blipping today. Even the blonds who, like @kbuech, no longer have hair. LOL!!
kbuech @libraregular A Fave o mine. THX!! I'm glad to be your newest listener. Thanks for listening to me! (reblip)
kbuech I'm done crying now, so, shifting gears, I leave you with this gem. Catch-up with you later today. Thanks for props/ReBlips, and lovin's.You all rock!
ucana422 I was joking yesterday about Blip adding videos, and today I got a Tweet that was one, there it was the whole time , right under my thumb!
kbuech Oh, one more. Couldn't help myself :)) @TMR
bacastro porque maio está chegando e os carros de som dos sindicatos não podem parar! haha
Suzn1177 love all the props thnx for the listen @ucana422 @djblip@kbuech@rchglrts
ReAnto the Rolling Stones – 19th Nervous Breakdown
ReAnto Stevie Nicks (sheryonstone) – Planets Of The Universe
ReAnto Cowboy Junkies – ‘Cause Cheap is How I Feel
Suzn1177 love the classic


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Vanderleun It's a foggy evening in Paris, 1888, and Erik Satie is taking a walk along the Seine. Making notes.
Suzn1177 Journey JOurney aaahhh @Ravenspoetry had to I love the queen of rock &roll Stevie (reblip)
kbuech Great tune, from the movie.....The Wedding Singer (I think)
cArtPhotography Steely Dan – Aja < this takes me back

Steely DanAja

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djnelly oh my god cant believe they have this- its Cuban beat from the mask, hahahahaha... love that movie- pre-serious jim carey enjoy peeps!!!
cArtPhotography Various – The Doobie Brothers / It Keeps You Runnin'
cArtPhotography The Temptations – Papa Was a Rolling Stone
cArtPhotography Shania Twain - Man I Feel Like A Woman

Shania Twain - Man I Feel Like A Woman

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djnelly ooooh yeah-- rhapsody in blue by the chicago symphony orchestra.. got respect even if ya dont dig..
cArtPhotography The Marshall Tucker Band – Can't You See
cArtPhotography The Marshall Tucker Band – Heard It in a Love Song
barman412 1st lead vocalist for Procol Harum. Title song of solo album. Best song on album is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-UAXk06-ISQ&feature=related
Suzn1177 We love you Pao Botti get well soon!
Suzn1177 my love I hope you will always be
kbuech @BarbieRay. Hey girl. How are you? Nice live version of this tune. THX!! [This is what today is like in the Gateway City.......] (reblip)
kbuech One of the best tunes from was my favorite album for over a year in college. "How come everyone can touch me?"
NAMG She'll put a spell on you....
Suzn1177 reminds me of a film I did in college
Suzn1177 peace out blippers gotta get in the studio.. please forgive me! can't stop loving you!

Bryan Adams - Please Forgive Me

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jaks they can't make you laugh, no they can't make you feel the way that i do
Suzn1177 Pretty Women why do they put a line through all my favs!

26 Roy Orbison - Oh Pretty Woman(Pretty Women )

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cArtPhotography Seal - A Change Is Gonna Come... Gotta Luv It! :) < Yes, thanks @Knikkolette It's been a long time coming.... (reblip)
kbuech rb@ScurryNurry. Great dance tune @felle @hoagiesmama Your dedication is here. (reblip)


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Suzn1177 do you recall the most famous Mexican of all?
Suzn1177 hey what I miss? THNX @NAMG What have you done? would you mind? (reblip)
kbuech Nice calypso sound from The Talking Heads rb@JJ_Madd (reblip)
kbuech Blipping between patient appointments again, friends. Hope everyone is havin' a terrific day!!


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Suzn1177 RB@ReAnto,robert plant 29 palms (reblip)

robert plant 29 palms

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Suzn1177 @patita, I like blonde trend.. suicide blonde-INXS
Suzn1177 Bobby makes me cry.....

Bob Marley - No Woman No Cry(1)

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RockItRadio Something soft from Daughtry
Suzn1177 Oh JT! all the way from Memphis, Tenn.

Justin Timberlake - Senorita

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Suzn1177 para mi esposo, RB@BlondBlogger my husband's and my "death song" lol. we are to listen to this if anything happens to the other. (reblip)
Suzn1177 Para Todos, Buenos Tardes..Enrigue Inglesias
Suzn1177 Hey All! Just thought I'd wake you UP!
djnelly no prob! @Suzn1177 i enjoy ur mix an hope u like mine. ;)
kbuech TGIF!!!! Click to play the song from The Cure, "Friday I'm In Love"
Suzn1177 Hi All,TGIF!!!! rb@kbuech Click to play the song from The Cure, "Friday I'm In Love" (reblip)
Suzn1177 West End Girls-Pet Shop Boys


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Suzn1177 hey Doc! I need fixin..
Suzn1177 can you hear them?

Go Gos - Our Lips Are Sealed

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Suzn1177 havin been been born in the Mtr-city..
Suzn1177 painting & blippin-yea!Maroon5-She will be loved,look for the girl with the broken smile..
Suzn1177 love this version, there's a "motel" in town called Hotel California I afraid to check in though lol!
Suzn1177 Hi to my S.Africa friends...miss the tea!


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kbuech My favorite song containing the naughty word, "fuck", and a great Friday track, bitchez!!! @patita@nervioso@MaddyTheSongWhore @ChicagoCher@ishibutsu
Suzn1177 if you ain't got no money take your brok A$$ home....
lvndaughtry For my 11 year old, she LOVES this sound!!
kbuech "Can the child within my heart rise above Can I sail thru the changing ocean tides Can I handle the seasons of my life" rb@TMR @storylet (reblip)
Suzn1177 Get it over it! Stop Your Sobbing- Pretenders
Suzn1177 they got us in lockdown here - hey you (let me out!)lol!
ThrillKill xP heee heee haha wow 7 listeners withen like 20 minutes..
yasakani Esta Power Ballad me trae muy buenos recuerdos, ¡Tell me you're Frozen! woowowowo =)
mac_in_to For Chris - to enjoy with your Kelly; For Izabela - because we share a love for Miss Ross
luillo Uyyy I think is time to prepare some fancy drinks.
DaveHamilton "...and we're makin' bets on Kentucky Derby day."
ileana la voz suave del mar y mi cuerpo convertido en río
Suzn1177 Si, Gracias @ileana la voz suave del mar y mi cuerpo convertido en río (reblip)
Suzn1177 forever my love..gotta split for a little muchas muchas gracias to all! @c3p0 @ileana
Suzn1177 oh I do love this one..UMMMMM
Suzn1177 ahhh love these guys...Simple Man
Jalapeno Love the Beat Farmers.. wish there was more to blip
Suzn1177 haven't heard this one for years~enjoy!Hey @BubblesToGo love the list tonight!
Suzn1177 oh I am so happy we have this one!
Suzn1177 I feelin one now think a storm is headed in nice...its hot in the desert
Suzn1177 ok one more from my boyz!enjoy Buenos Noches everybody.....
Suzn1177 sleepwalk- Richie Valens


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Suzn1177 Straight from "The OC" lol! to all mi amigas PJSalvage!

Aqua - Barbie Girl

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Suzn1177 Tax man took all my dough!And I can't sail my yacht!
Suzn1177 sooooo beautiful! wasn't this in a movie?
Suzn1177 Your House-Jimmy Eat World @sheryonstone tnX for listening
Suzn1177 Lets Squonk him! ThnX @BLUESBOOGIE ThnX @cy_myrick catchcha later sleep well


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Suzn1177 signing off for now gotta get some sketches done for tomorrow. Hugs to all! Happy Cinco De mayo! Party in Puebla!see you there!
njschloss rb @rogue_fm ack ackack ack ack ack ackack. Mars Attacks is great! (reblip)
Suzn1177 exllnt cover!congrats on the 11k! @Figgwithit I like all the ATU versions of the Liverpool lads. (reblip)
Vargasmic I can listen to the woman sing this song over and over. Gabriela Anders – Wanting (reblip)
Suzn1177 Very kool version! ThnX & Welcome to RB@SaoRibeiro fantastic version of Amy! rb @brummie (reblip)
Suzn1177 agree,beautiful song... RB@ladeebugz (reblip)

Secret Garden

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Suzn1177 sometimes my Motown roots just get the better of me, hey nice star! @joshuaarnao
Deja_vu You haven't heard this song until you've heard this version. Beautiful! (reblip)
Deja_vu Woke Up This Morning ~ A3 (The Sopranos theme song, full version)

Sopranos theme song Woke Up This Morn

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sybil ==>> so long blippers!!! sorry but i could not give you all props (were not working) =/ see ya tomorrow!

GusterSo Long

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Suzn1177 Love these guys(old Badfinger members & Jimmy Page was playing too! The energy OMG! A M A Z I N G is all I can say! @djnelly @kbuech @ZachsMind
Suzn1177 Oh I hope this plays (no preview) Its my song for me, from me, Thank you, me!
Suzn1177 Love the beginning of this, my friends from South Africa turned onto them.
Suzn1177 just keep it on the down-low...
DJDreamy this is a great song "Everything You Want ~ Vertical Horizon {~.~}" (reblip)
Suzn1177 one of my favs too!RB@kbuech: "Collective Soul – "December" [Album Version] . rb@Ribbonlynn Thanks for this blip, one of my fave tunes!" (reblip)
Suzn1177 guess I got what I deserve! a new listener @westham999 kool!
davidwatts1978 as a fuck son you suck, nice one karen
kbuech Chicago - "25 Or 6 To 4" rb@TawnyMarie non-imeem,2screen➔http://bit.ly/3lHLOU ["the orig..."] (reblip)
Suzn1177 ok this is so not right.... LMAO! so funnieee!
mammara well, is better that i play some good italian indie music before it disappear from here (some of that stuff is already unavailable)
Suzn1177 Here's to hoping for all good things,@GR8FL if this thing 30sec blips only... I'm otta here...
Suzn1177 Love this RB @verawooten: "@ZONE: "Imagine you are in the desert..........."" (reblip)


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Suzn1177 love it!Fav4shr RB@verawooten: "@escalios – Rose Petals On The Ocean - Check out this amazing artist! Please RB." (reblip)
ffluxx Erik Satie – Trois Gymnopedies 1 <= My fav. This really makes me cry..Ok sorry for being sentimental but it does @120hippos1girl Nite and sweet dreams
Suzn1177 LMFAO!rb@TawnyMarie: "LOL love him !!! Git 'er done!!! @BigPayLess: "Larry The Cable Guy - Home Depot"" (reblip)
Suzn1177 gimme all your love and anything else you got too!2 funniee!! Rb@djLop: "Baby I Don't Care" (reblip)
Suzn1177 Electro Pop - Jupiter Rising love this group!

Jupiter Rising- Electro Pop

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cafe tacuba-como te extrano

| play
Suzn1177 in my studio... I'm out for a bit...(non-imeem)
BPMRandy @SeanMurphy: "@melodyofyourlife Used in movie "Reign Over Me" a DRAMA with Adam Sandler, Don Cheadle and Jada Pinkett Smith - good movie. (reblip)
BPMRandy Sounds like amy winehouse - but it's not - it's a man! (reblip)
BPMRandy @Randall207: As good and as moving as Jeff Buckley's recording - better? Whadaya think? (reblip)
BPMRandy @juniorone: "Dance floor CLASSIC - gr8 for workouts too!" (reblip)

Cut Glass Without Your Love

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BPMRandy The biggest piece of bubblegum ever recorded - but I like it, makes me wanna dance!
MrFlinger Shake That Ass Bitch set to Teletubbies video via @bravo23 (reblip)

Teletubbies: Shake That Ass Bitch

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BPMRandy @Randall207: "sounds like amy winehouse - but it's not - gr8 recording." (reblip)
BPMRandy Timberland's Apologize workout mix 127 BPM...

Apologize (Club Remix)

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BPMRandy Viva la Vida workout remix - 137 BPM - great workout song.
BPMRandy The Jacksons (w/Michael) Walk Right Now - 132 BPM - gr8 workout/dance mix.

The Jacksons Walk right now (Extended mix)

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BPMRandy Latin-flavored workout/dance mix - 135 BPM - gr8 workout/dance mix...

Two Man Sound-Capital Tropical(1986)

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BPMRandy @juniorone: "Apologize/Sweet Dreams (Eurythmics vs. OneRepublic) GREAT workout/dance mix - 137 BPM" (reblip)
BPMRandy @BPMRandy: LOVE this "Workout/Dance Remix - 123 BPM. Start w/songs at 110-114, work up to 132-136 beats per minute for 45min. Cool down 15 mins. (reblip)
BPMRandy Workout/Dance classic 122 BPM - start w/songs 114-116 BPM work to 132-136 BPM for 45 min,cool down to 110 BPM - then call me in the morning!" (reblip)

Vertigo/Relight my Fire-Dan Hartman. OJZ

| play
BPMRandy Workout/Dance mix - 138BPM - THIS will get ur heart rate UP!

Cut Glass Without Your Love

| play
BPMRandy Workout - 132BPM - get ur heart PUMPIN! - Gr8 mid-workout song.
BPMRandy Workout/Dance mix - 120 BPM - start ur treadmill increase/climb w/this one
BPMRandy LOVE this Workout/Dance Remix - 123 BPM. Start w/songs at 110-114 work up to 132-136 beats per minute for 45min. Cool down 15 mins call me in the am (reblip)
BPMRandy GR8 Workout/Dance Mix - 131 BPM - good 4 1/2-way through workout - get the heart rate UP.
BPMRandy GR8 Workout/Dance Mix - 116 beats per minute - good starting song for workout - work up to 136 BPM for 45 to 60 mins.

Frankie goes to hollywood Relax (Body Double)

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