Sven777 old school industrial


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Sven777 droooooooooooooone


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Sven777 classy electro from sheffield
threebears love this one @Sven777 ^_^ thanks! (reblip)
Sven777 absolutely fantastic band


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Sven777 everyone should have som weldon
Sven777 just discovered them , i like
Sven777 german punk

Schleim Keim In Gotha gibt´s nen Laden

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Sven777 cant go wrong with a bit of pixies
Sven777 hehe

Ivor Biggun I'm a wanker

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Sven777 never get fed up with godflesh
owai Yo se que le debo más de la mitad del gusto de mis oidos a las cosas que Scape Records me ha ofrecido. Y eso es sublime.
Sven777 beatiful music, relax, haunting
Sven777 my fave harvey milk. great band that deserve more attention rock/metal/etc
Sven777 metal innit


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Sven777 harcore crust fuckin punk like motorhead playing hc
Sven777 jazz

Duke Ellington Orchestra- Caravan

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Sven777 spanish industrial


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e_bag Salvation set in reverse
Sven777 who doesnt like the munsters?
noiseisforheroes just in time for the holidays - music from the boys x-mas alter ego the yobs:
noiseisforheroes ahhh, the classics always sound right!
Sven777 bird bird bird


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Sven777 motorhead


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Sven777 german thrash ace stuff
Sven777 new electronic band. very good indeed
Sven777 i feel allright.............
Sven777 file next to the Stooges
Sven777 funk electro or something

23 Skidoo - Kundalini

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Sven777 lalalalala...

Blue Oyster Cult - Dont Fear the Reaper

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EnchiladaRex Still one of the best Pop-Punk-Rock songs ever recorded. Pure pleasure. Sex for the ears.
Sven777 another new metal band worth checking out. they truly sounds fab
karatte Santa Dog's a Jesus Fetus!!
Sven777 ol school death metal try it
Sven777 jap psych . have released like one album a month
Sven777 old electro/ambient goodness
Sven777 im addicted to to these rocking guys!!!!!
Sven777 king of ambient


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Sven777 more lustmord


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evablue @bendrix please reverse your statement. kd lang reminds you of patsy cline. it would then be accurate. ;)
evablue wow. alone again for a few hours. time to walk around and air the apartment again.
Sven777 better than original?

Toy Dolls - The final countdown

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Sven777 band ive should have gotten into earlier
Sven777 what can i say . one of the best 80s rock bands still playing?
mautinus the sea and the space, another of the greatest musicians all the time, he came from outer space and give us this....
tatialmeida_ 'when you get the blues'...
Sven777 another great female fronted Punkband
Sven777 one of the better ebm bands
Sven777 havent heard much by him. but this one is good
Huldine .... und möglichst langoooo, es schmiegt sich engooo, bei dem Gedäng ohhh ..........
Sven777 german punk


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Sven777 henry rollins finest moment
Drunk_Monkey does it get any better than this
Drunk_Monkey I wanted the Tom Waits version, but this is good too
Sven777 proto-post punk. Awkward genius!
Sven777 In a world of it's own! So many years ahead of their time
Sven777 This lost classic from 1968 is sheer genius
dignan have truer words ever been sung?
fizaster I'm BACK IN BLACK baby! yeah!

ACDC - Back In Black

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dangermain swedo psych stomp, with 'fluid' bass


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Danacea A little something for the hellhole that is Croydon...


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penispatriot Weils geil ist und weil ichs gerade in der live version höre! 20.12 Palladium Köln...sonst jmd da?
Static Okay, huddle all around, and we'll sing you a song.
Static Lord, please let me be with my little baby.
lilwldchld When you cross that floor, I sense trouble in the room....
Madigan this is a great spooky tooth track


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deboram Can't you smell that smell?
devis I prefer the Boulez/Schäfer version, but anyway... it's a good way for breaking the day and starting new blips: Pierrot Lunaire (my night music :))

Arnold Schoenberg - Pierrot lunaire (The Sick Moon) (1)

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deboram I'm not gonna let 'em catch me, no, Not gonna let 'em catch the Midnight Rider.
fizaster @snarkattack - your tweet inspired this song :)
Nightshade Don't lean on me man ....It was worse it was a lodge full of my family....EEEEEK!! THE HORROR Oh the humanity
maiya "Blue-eyed honey in the sun Warm, wet and on the run On the run, on the run"
ranblv another Jam session this time PJ and Young
ChristyB I dont know if Ive ever been good enough Im a little bit rusty, and I think my head is caving in (reblip)
brito_o Essa tem que tocar na festa... \o\
maiya @ZachsMind trick question? Depends on your answer. Give it to me & I'll have a better response for you. ;)
Sven777 ol punk from sweden. part of my growing up period haha
zaralockwood Warrior in Woolworths - saw staff members taking final memory snaps of empty store today, then heard Adams is also going down the pan whos next ? :-( (reblip)
DJNonymous Fifty million times better than the commentary of 'Art School' but still possessing that upbeat writerly knack. Plus musical a bridge to die for! (reblip)
Jenocidal Your kiss so sweet Your sweat so sour
seancarmody More Coil, from the same classic album
lilwldchld @Vickingo You forgot one :)

Judas Priest - Turbo Lover

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mellomatic Ding a ding dang my dang a long ling long.
CHKLTK Inara George and her beautiful voice..
lilwldchld Give to me your leather, take from me my lace....
Sven777 classy energydriven star trek punk
Sven777 classic 70s hardrock got certain traits similar to some sabbath tunes
Sven777 70s hardrock (one of their better ones?)
Sven777 psycho billllllllllllllllllllllllllllly rock it peopleeeeeeeeeeeeeee batmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan
Sven777 krautrock. btw people if someone could tell how to message others on here would be great. im not rude or anything. thank you
Sven777 love some hard brazilian metal me
Sven777 yep more great Magus


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Sven777 haha another blast from the past 80s pop
Sven777 more australian industrial
Sven777 never get enough of kraftwerk :)
Sven777 not fascist band (the were leather gays actually haha)
Sven777 worst fucking elvis covering ever. Eilert is half deaf and cant sing. from the north of sweden (cult figure)

Eilert Pilarm - Hound Dog

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Sven777 first punk single apparently
Sven777 dropkick murphys singers first punk nband
Sven777 more super kraut rock


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Sven777 70s hardrock recomended highly
Sven777 yeahhhhhh


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Sven777 one of few rap bands i like
Sven777 one of the better priest tunes
Sven777 another great southern rock band
Sven777 singalong ...............
jenna_ just walked by my local chapter of Hell's Angels ;)
Sven777 hmm love Ramones R.I.P. boys
Sven777 just marvelous


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Sven777 sticks in yer head doesnt it :)
Sven777 us punkers spikes and leathers and all
Sven777 chaos punx


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Sven777 belgium electro/industrial


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Sven777 excellent tune thanks mate (reblip)
Sven777 belfast punk/oi!


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Sven777 i loooooooooooove.............

Joan Jett - I Love Rock`n`Roll (early version with the sex pi

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Sven777 bet u havent heard this version
Sven777 superb band

Coil - The Anal Staircase

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Sven777 one of the best 70s tunes ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sven777 rockkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkit
calixte A musical wip just hits you. Remember the sad sweetness of past days?
Sven777 good stuff indeed. wish i was around in the sixties
Sven777 classy swedish rockabilly


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Sven777 he did know his stuff i reckon
Sven777 love this


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UKMelia I really think so :)

Vapors - Turning Japanese

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Figgywithit Trouble ahead, trouble behind. And you know that notion just crossed my mind (reblip)
sean808080 When I had to drag myself all around NYC on cold, grey, and hostile days, this ditty was my soundtrack. Irony? I don't even speak German.
youragentsteph Haven't listened to BHP in a while. This one is only good with the speakers REALLY LOUD!!!
Sven777 brazil psych . classic i dont understand portugese but this song is fab (reblip)
Sven777 80s not sure where they were from?
Sven777 brilliant guitars and effects
Sven777 best drone guitars ever!!! cult band
Sven777 Lush, shimmering guitar ambience and hypnotic, propulsive instrumental heaviness
Sven777 thrash metal classic!!! nuff said
Sven777 Justin from Godflesh

JesuDead Eyes

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Sven777 mid-90's art-damaged powerviolence to modern blastpop visionaries
Sven777 thrash


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Sven777 great gory thrash metal
Sven777 old school thrash from Gothenburg Sweden
Sven777 the man with the high pitched voice
Sven777 black metal


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Sven777 finnish doomsters. pretty good


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Sven777 more cab voltaire fronman electro madness


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Sven777 cult band. kurt cobain like em
Sven777 loved inspector gadget


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Sven777 one of the better 80s punk bands me think
Sven777 oooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhh yeaaaaaaaaah
Sven777 Give ´em the boot thanks for this (reblip)
Sven777 dance

Dee Lite - Groove Is In The Heart

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Sven777 punkrock?

blyth power - under the sea wind

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Sven777 scotlands finest


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Sven777 great antifa tune


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Sven777 brighton punx


| play
Sven777 oi! oi!


| play
Sven777 HC


| play
Sven777 macclefields finest

the macc lads - fluffy pup

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Sven777 a favorite. great band great track (reblip)
Sven777 Ding a ding dang my dang a long ling long. yeah baby (reblip)
Sven777 I really think so :) me too (reblip)

Vapors - Turning Japanese

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Sven777 New Wave Eve. happy new year megmagdah :) (reblip)
Sven777 happy new year all folks. dont get too sloshed haha
Sven777 punk new year song babyyyyyyyyyyyy
Sven777 i really like this one. hope miracles happens 2009
Sven777 should i order one or not? decisions?


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Sven777 shake it people. i love you all. have a great 2009
Sven777 first tune for 2009 . enjoy
Sven777 great metal


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