rollovellocet this never happened to the other fella!

coachwhips-evil son

| play


| play
ivanpope the only thing that helps me pass the time of day
rollovellocet If I don't blip this once in a while I get poorly! :)
rollovellocet I'm away hame!! Thanks to everyone for all the props and blips! See you soon xxx
rollovellocet as tempting as it is to blip the whole of Sister now @dubstarr I'll opt for the Crime version of Hot Wire My Heart :)

01 - hot wire my heart

| play
rollovellocet @AndyTheHat :( What good stuff? I'm all intrigued now....


| play
surforama Another senior year @ Uni-Hi song. A few months later: the death of JFK, the rise of the Beatles and the 'Nam!
Swampratje @ Anderkaliber.. alles okay? hoes't huus?
Swampratje Remember the Sparkles? Too bad the Sonics "Psycho" blip has died.. best of an era..
surforama Ah the snooty folks that live in Big Sur
rollovellocet @QuicksandRangero I've got an ion one but I'm probably not the best person to ask! Legal issues? Erm....dunno! :) Sorry to be of absolutely no help!
WildWildSound Life is a fuckin' poker game, my friends...bit of the nasty from thee Royal Pendletons bitchin' about bein' dealt a "Losing Hand"...dig it, kids!
WildWildSound RB @Dratsum: "My mom use to sing this to me when I was a kid.. is that weird?" ...only if yer mother found ya edible would this be bizarre...dig it! (reblip)
WildWildSound "GO, GO-GO, GO, GO-GO Gorilla" ...Houston, we have lost our minds...thanx Ideals! dig it, baby... (reblip)

The Ideals-The Gorilla

| play
Junit1 This is, in my opinion, possibly the greatest pop song ever written. Oh..this is the original version. Blondie and many others covered them.
Swampratje psychedelic as it could get in the Netherlands.. if we forget about Group 1850, Supersister, Sound of Imker.. all those great unblippable bands
Swampratje lykes of us

Tell Me Why Your Light Shines

| play

psychedelic freakout 1966/67 ricketts action painting

| play
Swampratje great intro from "LSD psychedelic freakout"

My world is psychedelic

| play
Swampratje love these guys

The Deviants-Broken Biscuits

| play
Swampratje heavy psych from 'The Legend'

Dragonfly "Crazy Woman " (1968)

| play
Swampratje all for the moment RB @dronnoisseur: "that's all for me for now, have a good evening/night @all // prop/rb thx @toxiferous @BluzeWorld @surlystein" (reblip)
Swampratje compulsory rblip @mrs_daniel: "@Swampratje Thanks!" -- one of best dutch beat groups (reblip)

Q65It came to me

| play
toxiferous I'm out for now. Later all! :)

No Neck Blues Band - boreal gluts

| play
Swampratje good to have you back! @VelvetGarage

The Affection Collection Time Rests Heavy On My Hands 1967

| play

Gary Farr & The T Bones Give All She's Got

| play
VelvetGarage Fun song to get your coolness on.
JimmyStagger From 1983's "The Guilty Have No Pride" album.

Christie Laume- Rouge Rouge

| play
ElNito once again leaving for a working day... keep on bliping for Blipland sake ! ;)

HENRY BADOWSKI baby sign here with me 1979

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Stolen This is the gravel pits.
erroneous anyone need a little shot of weird?
mammara @daretoeatapeach i love her, she was great and was burned too soon like Judee, Karen, Sandy and the other lost girls.

Linda Perhacs | Delicious | 1970

| play
DJJuxtaposedJunkie () 'Indie Flavored' Mish Mish () : Band Of Skulls -> "Cold Fame"
BleakMouse Thank you @impossiblewmn: "Found the original! Hello @BleakMouse - thanks for props! Thought you might enjoy this ..." (reblip)

Jeeves and Wooster Theme

| play
megg A get up and move song for ya... @Maedhros


| play
toxiferous @Yastrzemski G'night! Hope you have sweet dreams!/ @Craindre Sleep well! See you around soon. :)
Swampratje @ElNito .. with Mayo Thompson

THE RED CRAYOLA war sucks 1967

| play
megg new-to-me. nice find, sir. @Maedhros: "Another good new find for me." (reblip)
Swampratje do the hip shake thing


| play
Swampratje in the best tradition of sebadoh, smog and hood


| play
pulsar GREAT fuzz/psych - sounding like early Pink Floyd.


| play
ElNito leaving again, but still alive... strolling through twilight furniture ... later blipmates ;)

THIS HEAT twilight furniture 1978

| play
zamfir The Isles – Eve Of The Battle
megg hola, amigos @chelseagirl19: "Right out the get... @JimmyDanko: "good morning peeps."" (reblip)
suckmydeck ευχαριστώ πολύ φίλε!!! καλώς ήρθες!!! @fuSi0N: "Πολύ καλό :) @suckmydeck" (reblip)

the killing moon nouvelle vague

| play

Manuel Göttsching: Echo Waves (1975 Inventions for Electric Guitar Kraut prog Berlin Drone)

| play
Junit1 @ElNito Tonight I am posting a podcast of my radio show where I give you a shout out ElNito! Thx for the Metal Urbain Http://

METAL URBAIN numero zero (Peel session 1978)

| play
Swampratje thats a fine tune ! RB @ElNito: "time to go to work... leave you with those weirdoes from froggyland, later blipmates ;)" (reblip)

CATHARSIS 32 mars (single version 1972)

| play
Swampratje wau-wah-wau-wo-wau wah, freak out quietly

Hush now by Jimi Hendrix

| play
Swampratje @wahwahwah: wah-wah Hendrix

my best friend

| play
toxiferous RB @JimmyStagger Your warning will be heeded, I promise. "If you learn nothing from me, remember to never see that film. I lost a bet!"
Swampratje @toxiferous - - yes all's well -- except for my Royal Headache -- so enormous, that it can accommodate another two beers.. ;)

Journey Through a Burning Brain / Tangerine Dream

| play

Mat Demaz- Prozac Dance

| play
Swampratje Takin'Off / Freddie Hubbard, Dexter Gordon, Butch Warren, Billy Higgins/

Watermelon Man-Herbie Hancock

| play
Swampratje Africadelic(atesse)... Bembeya Jazz National de Guinee

Regard sur le passé (2eme partie)

| play
CargoCulte @GrassyKnoll I'm a big fan of them Welsh Rare Beat LPs.

Huw Jones-Mathonwy

| play
weething why are all the prettiest songs so sad? Where are all the pretty happy songs?

BURNT FRIEDMAN & JAKI LIEBEZEIT obscured by five, part one 2002

| play
vandaleyes We are scientists in our lab lookin' through the microscope... I never seen anything like it before, this amoeba's got a mind of its own!
toxiferous @Franimal I know the feeling all too well! 'Night to you! "I had to blip that song quickly so that I could hear it later. Have a great night hon! :)"
JimmyStagger 95% of "rock" bands need to give the hell up, they are never gonna be this good. Turn it up.
CargoCulte It's back to the battle today...

IN A SILENT WAY : Miles Davis

| play
bearantes otra nueva banda, muy recomendable #recomendar
JimmyStagger A lost '70s power trio, Carmine Appice (Vanilla Fudge) and Mike Kellie (Spooky Tooth/Only Ones) sat in on drums on this LP from 1971.

Three Man ArmyDaze

| play
vandaleyes great song, new music for 2010! ( hi & thanks @by_starla )
ElNito leave you with one of my favourite monsters.... later blipmates :D

JOHN COOPER CLARKE i married a monster... 1978

| play
JimmyStagger Spizzenergi- "Where's Captain Kirk?" @chelseagirl19 ok last one hahaha

Where's Captain Kirk? World's 1st Indie Chart No.1

| play
JimmyStagger Breakfast time, later blippin' geniuses!
Swampratje us psych '67 --- madness

EVERYMAN-It's a push button world

| play
Swampratje more snotty frenzie punk

THE VERMINES "rock n roll riot" 1983

| play

THE LINES dance for a drop of blood 1979

| play
Swampratje hey, hey, 1966! That's why I can't..


| play
JimmyStagger Hahaha hilarious, God I love punk rock (1978 in this case)...goodnight you blippin' geniuses!
JimmyStagger @DingoDingo a rather sarcastic take on the situation ;) MAE MAE CAAAAATTTT... (reblip)
ElNito Eerie french oddity from 1967...another kinda chelsea girl ;) @pulsar@BarronSherer@BleakMouse@FifiDingDang@mme @maypuffy@Shanti46@Jazzhole@paintedword

MARIE LAFORET pour celui qui viendra 1967

| play
JimmyStagger Forget Hole, before them was The Bags...

The Bags-Babylonian Gorgon

| play
toxiferous RB @frabjousDei: Great stuff, thank you! "under-the-radar new order-esque '80s shoegaze. " (reblip)


| play
Swampratje @Junit1@ElNito : new to me, both thanks for this one.. love it
Swampratje hey hey PICCOBELLO! rb@rollovellocet (reblip)

PIERO PICCIONI- "Babylon I'm Coming" (1966)

| play
Swampratje 1975 snot


| play


| play
Swampratje plastic people get the most beautiful psych-songs.. lucky me, haha

WILDWOOD-plastic people

| play
Swampratje civilized fuzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz-pedal

THE PLASTIC CLOUD-Civilization machine

| play
Swampratje For those with special morning temper: don't apologize, it is much too late now..
Swampratje rb@pennydreadfulnightmarejuice .. get to hear that fantastic playlist!! (reblip)
ElNito keep this to yourself ;) @garbageman01

CHARLES HAYWARD pretend to believe 1987

| play
ElNito wish she send me a metal postcard too... rb vi@garbageman01: "Check out Siouxsie's punk haircut . . ." (reblip)
Swampratje so my car broke down --- no brakes
amphore CHAN CHAN-Matej Benko

CHAN CHAN-Matej Benko

| play
Swampratje rb @FernandaW: "ai quem me dera ter a cegueira dos leitores de Caras...talvez eu vivesse "a vida cantando. lo/Por isso sempre contente estou "" (reblip)
Swampratje rb @ElNito: "a slice of french cold wave ? @Carmilla": a little old, still cold (reblip)

KAS PRODUCT so young but so cold 1982

| play


| play
toxiferous RB @Pantagruella: Aha! Thank you for the response. I definitely am curious. :) "For @toxiferous who is as curious as a proverbial cat..."

Crash Vegas Smoke

| play
toxiferous RB @KurukamiX There's no substitute for you! Where have you been hiding? :) (reblip)

Hey Paulette-I Really Do Love Penelope-Video

| play
Swampratje GREAT SONG @toxiferous: "RB @solid Awesome. Hiya, hope you're having a good evening! :)" (reblip)
spacespencer … at least it's sunny. // You Should All Be Murdered


| play
aigin And fuck name-brand shit @aigin: "BT all the way..fuck the record labels and Hollywood @ElDorkoPunkRetro: "rb@Sven777 fuck their shit up..."" (reblip)
toxiferous RB @ElDorkoPunkRetro: Wow! Not often that I see something like this go by. Nice choice :) "The Rip Offs - What's in it for Me" (reblip)

Imelda May "Johnny Got A Boom Boom" Live on Soundcheck

| play
cubbymendoza nice rb@state1848: "that's good, zone coverage. You never know.@GregDJ: "Jesus likes everyone! Its why I have a buddy Jesus on my dash next to Buddha" (reblip)
Swampratje rb @ragtimerebecca: "fave version of this song, never knew who the artist was. many thanks! @igetfreepie: "@ragtimerebecca here's one."": thanks! (reblip)
Flavoured Congratz! @Nicekitty: "Today is my one year Blip anniversary! (reblip)
Swampratje best hello! RB @PennyDreadfulsNightmareJuice: "Big hello to the new kid! rb@thestraightandnarrow" (reblip)
toxiferous Time to sleep. 'Night all
toxiferous Can't get enough of this song
Swampratje melancholy about beatles and the stones.. did you try reading Richards "Life" while listening to the Beatles... I did, funny, it don't work!
toxiferous RB @treakiepop: Great song! You're fine! I'm keyboard mashing over here. :) "My fingers = The Wrong Stuff" (reblip)
feynschliff Tocotronic – Letztes Jahr im Sommer.
Swampratje hey officer stop twisting my arm..
toxiferous RB @JimmyStagger: I have to reblip this. :) "Oh this oughta go over well" (reblip)

Mokum Beat Five / Apologise (1966)

| play

The Outcasts -=- "Love is For Sops"

| play
toxiferous Bring 'em out! And I'm gonna leave before they start to smell. ;) G'night/G'morning all! See you later. :)
toxiferous @Yastrzemski Man Man secret handshake! :) "Glad to hear you're good as well :)"
Swampratje return (again) to psychedelic! cheers favorite blippers @RafaelCortines@romanus@Carmilla@soniktruth@zappaconcrete@hoochieman (reblip)

United States Of Existence Return To Psychedelic

| play
Swampratje you're right! rb @vandaleyes: "awesome (& thanks for the props) @knsrex" (reblip)
Swampratje also Spizz.. classic

Where's captain Kirk?

| play
pulsar Great memories of my younger days. :) @mrs_daniel

The Deviants-Broken Biscuits

| play
randomoldrecords YES! Love it! Leaving Trains - "Temporal Slut" RB @brutusrock: "Time, time, time, I got buckets full of time." (reblip)
Swampratje rb @trishpants: "Dear Dearhoof -please wake my sorry tired ass up this morning." (reblip)
pulsar @mrs_daniel Selected for your listening pleasure. Hope you like.
Swampratje GREAT PSYCH - best of its kind!

THE NEW LIME-Aint got no soul

| play
Swampratje us garage psych

THE EXOTICS-I was alone

| play
Swampratje From The Album"Faces Of Jade"1970

JADE-My Mary

| play
Swampratje psychedelia

CHILDREN OF THE MUSHROOM-August mademoiselle

| play
Swampratje '67 psych


| play
Swampratje great swiss psych 1969

THE SUB- Ma Mari Huana

| play
Swampratje rb!! @the_night_manager: "'"I'm Alive" by Johnny Thunder (*not* the New York Dolls feller) is a soul-stompin', psych-fuzzed howler of a masterpiece.' (reblip)


| play
BurstPistil Ladies and Gentlemen I give you - The best album cover of all time!
nofrills RB @telekinesis - ty. I was so intrigued I searched for the artist and song name and got this: #freemusic (reblip)
Swampratje there's somethin about Iowa ;) @vandaleyes: "RB guys are from my home state. :) #Swampratje: "most impressive scream in this scene" (reblip)

"funky skull" by Melvin Jackson

| play
Swampratje RB! @psychelix: "and the best kf song ever and ever, forever.." (reblip)
Swampratje hey how are you?! @vandaleyes: kind of fed with work consuming lots of thats truely mine.. so not so active but listening! (reblip)
vandaleyes yes! @neo_akboy: "know these folks? Death was a black punk band formed in Detroit, Michigan, in 1971. Awesome" (reblip)
vandaleyes cheers @kattegat: "Depressive and beautiful from @grebbo // sharing with #vandaleyes @sparklysqualor @Sensa111" (reblip)

Blessure Grave: Open or Shut

| play

The Cannibals-We`re Pretty Sick

| play
ElNito out for a gig... here's an old impro we did in a friend's living room, walkman recording... thx for your props & replies, see you late blipmates :)

LES NAUFRAGEURS Kalat Sukkar Impro 1996

| play
Swampratje its a swamp thing & I love it great! rb @robdaswamp: "@Fanetic: "Terrible name. Great Band."" (reblip)
Swampratje 60's psych - love it

Sun Lightning Incorporated- Quasar 45

| play
Swampratje sitar '60 psych

the dave pike set mathar 7''

| play
robdaswamp Great instrumental!

buddy lee countdown 7''

| play
Swampratje '63 instumental - great!!


| play
uncoolbeing I'll leave you with this one for the time being. Hope to see you all later, take care ;)
nofrills New to me, and yay, among my fave tunes of 2010! TYRB@everythingispop: "Early frontrunner for favourite of 2010!" (reblip)
vandaleyes RB @JimmyStagger: "do you wanna be a cog in a system you've always hated?!" (reblip)
Swampratje when I here a sound, there is no emptiness..
toxiferous If I let you hang around, I'm bound to lose my mind
Swampratje RB @psychelix .. sorry my reblip tool does not work.. great song!

Beacon Street Union-The Clown Died In Marvin Gardens

| play
Swampratje heard it in John Peel's VPRO sessions in the 80's: nothing really changed! @koekoeboeroe @anderkaliber
ElNito great band indeed ! @Swampratje

Crass, Shaved Women, peel sessions, 1979 (3/5)

| play

Him & The Others , She's Got Eyes That Tell Lies

| play
Swampratje hi there! @pulsar@VelvetGarage thanx for the prop @vandaleyes@ElNito

Teo Usuelli "piacere sequence" 1972

| play
pulsar Very cool! Love it! RB @ElNito: "slumberland is waiting for me, got strange halucinations about animals !!! :D (reblip)
vandaleyes Thanks!Still would love to see them! @Swampratje: "never saw such energetic live garage punk.. was hoping for a second visit to N'lands RIP Bass Wolf" (reblip)
Swampratje alllllllright! Last one for me.. thnx all of ya.. its not that mushrooms are kickin' in.. ;)
vandaleyes For sure! Thanks as always. RB @ElNito: "hell of a band! @CreepyGirl@Swampratje@FifiDingDang@shanti45 @vandaleyes" (reblip)

The Mekons: I'll Have To Dance Then On My Own 1978 post punk

| play
Swampratje notice the space-time curvature! @pulsar: "A trip through the space/time continuum." (reblip)
pulsar A trip through the space/time continuum.
pulsar Good ole Jacques! Love it! Is he still active in music? RB @ElNito: "(1966) something for u ;) (reblip)
psychelix hello VG, what's up? (beacon, excellent choice) (reblip)

Beacon Street Union-The Clown Died In Marvin Gardens

| play
Swampratje not the last one.. @FifiDingDang I just love this prelude
ElNito the kind of stuff that could be an everyday rb tx:)@Swampratje you might love it @GroovyMonster (reblip) (reblip)

psychedelic freakout 1966/67 ricketts action painting

| play
Swampratje Rare Footage of the Zeros from 1977


| play

Dawn 5 A Necessary Evil 1966

| play
VelvetGarage I like the hooky organ too. TY! RB @pulsar: "1968 sounds. Fuzz guitar! @VelvetGarage" (reblip)
vandaleyes Amazingly good (and underrated) band from NZ.
ElNito love the drunkk machine... spitting feathers !
VelvetGarage Oooo I like this. RB @vandaleyes: "Thanks for the props! @VelvetGarage" (reblip)

Los Spiders "Something I Heard (Last NIght)"

| play
pulsar GREAT fuzz from 1966!

T C AtlanticFaces

| play
FifiDingDang ding a ding dang my dang along ding dong

Jean- Luc Ponty (Tarantula)

| play
Swampratje superb! @Corts: "rb vi@VelvetGarage: wanted 2 rb cos it's amazing, thx"@GrassyKnoll RB @pulsar: "1966 sounds. GREAT!""" (reblip)

The Missing Lynx "Behind Locked Doors" 45rpm Ohio Garage 1966

| play
Swampratje RB @Arth: "RB@chesswithdeath: Another fine one, similar to Riceboy Sleeps methinks. What have you been drinking Son?" (reblip)
pulsar 1966 sounds

The Grains of Sand-She Needs Me-1966

| play
Swampratje these guys got it right - dynooooomite!
Swampratje raunchy as hell - I love these F**ckin' Frenchies .. this one dates back to 98
Swampratje great dutch beat group

Het Alleen op het kerkhof

| play
Swampratje Birmingham 1969 .. from the album When You're Dead - One Second

Ghost Now You're Dead

| play
liminal Ustad Ghulam Ali Khan // Ghazal, Untitled // Considered one of the best ghazal singers...


| play


| play
Swampratje guess I'll be advertising for them today - love these guys

TV Killers Pas Peur De Depleurer 1998

| play

Melting Eskimo's Legendary Veterinarion

| play
Swampratje beautiful arrangement by Chadbourne and Kramer - 1984, Reagan ruled at the White House...

Shockabilly Signed D C & Nicaragua

| play


| play
Swampratje RIP Simon Vinkenoog - Timothy Leary of the dutch lowlands << dutch most sought-after sixties lp "Woorden"

Wesseling, Vinkenoog, Lens Woorden

| play
rollovellocet Hello @QuicksandRangero :) Hope you're having a top day! :)
surforama The boys are dressed in tight pants and Nehru jackets

The Chantays "Pipeline"

| play
Junit1 The video is great.
WildWildSound Some how this lil' gem made it's way onto my ol' radio program and the world forever a gas, baby, let's evaporate...dig it. (reblip)
VelvetGarage Slapping my tamb. Classic! RB @DJPJH: "a few randoms before I pass out @VelvetGarage" (reblip)
Swampratje Here's the idea.. roses may be red but..

The Savages -- World Ain't Round It's Square

| play
Swampratje lovely melancholic garage - quite different in spirit from the version cranked out by the Savages..
rollovellocet I love this long time! Got to blip it every so often! :)

David McCallum : The Edge

| play
vandaleyes Waaaaahoooo! I'm handin' props out like candy.
Swampratje Another kind of blue - the WERPS..


| play