lausen Beautiful beautiful beautiful song
gabasanch when I die this is the song I want everybody to sing
Will_the_bloke Looks like I'm 3 props from 1000. Who will be my thousandth? That person wins a peck on the cheek one day when we have a blip-up. Promise! :)
SylentSyd @Fidelity - Remember Sneak's Birthday Beats at the Docks?...sadly, the ECBs are no more...but that was one legendary set!


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SylentSyd "Hold it...hold it...hold it!..." ;)

Joe TexI Gotcha

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SylentSyd "Second verse same as the first..." :-p
SylentSyd ...this aft, first time I've heard's not without its charm...:)

Jan & DeanBaby Talk

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SylentSyd some RZA to close-out...peace y'all!...

16 My Lovin's Is Digi (feat. Roxy

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SylentSyd "You can be the bun, and I could be the burger, girl..." :D
AlyG @SylentSyd yeah bessie smith is one of my favorite dylan/band songs. it's all so good it's really hard to pick but the basement tapes are so good.
SylentSyd This one swings! - Give it a peep (Dr. John's old band)...heard it on the bonus disc that came with the new Dylan CD
SylentSyd ...Heavy, indeed...groove so thick, you can walk on it!...
SylentSyd Layer upon layer, building, building...a masterpiece, imo
SylentSyd buddy of mine just intro'ed me to this a few min ago...pretty good west coast psychedelia with a hint of Lennon...
SylentSyd ...have to blip this at least once a week...=)

John Barry- The Midnight Cowboy Theme

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SylentSyd "You talk about your woman - I wish you could see mine"
SylentSyd "I know it's hard, but you've broken all my walls..."
SylentSyd "I will never know, cuz you will never show..."

The CardigansCarnival

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SylentSyd ...Bob's beautiful country which I'll never understand why went unreleased for so long..:s
SylentSyd "She said she'd be the designated driver!" =P
SylentSyd "A million years old and still in-trouble..."
SylentSyd What the...?!?!... Hey @gmona , have you heard this?...LMAO
SylentSyd's just gotta better groove...s'all 'bout da groove...;)
SylentSyd Tryin' to teach myself this...and deeply regretting never learning to fret with four fingers instead of three...:s
SylentSyd "Live a little, be a gypsy, get around" =)

Paul & Linda McCartney "Uncle Albert / Admiral Halsey

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SylentSyd ...kinda funky, really...The Rollers give it a good go, at least...

Bay City Rollers--Are YOU Cuckoo?

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SylentSyd ...the Keane concert is now exactly three months from today...very excited, esp for the fact that it's in a theater and not a hockey arena...
SylentSyd Eddie Tenpole is the only reason I didn't trash my copy of this film...His facial expressions - and singing - were hilarious!
SylentSyd's's the - imo superior - Bangladesh performance...

Bob Dylan-Just Like A Woman live

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SylentSyd Yes! Love findin' classic techno tracks...=)
SylentSyd that's not Austin Powers on the
SylentSyd "Where I come from, we don't play around..."

freestylerspush up

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SylentSyd ...still The Don...likin' the minimal buzz he's been on..

Marco CarolaNinety

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AlyG i want to seeeeeee friend has connections at the LA silent film theatre...perhaps i can make a suggestion/inquiry... (reblip)
SylentSyd "...Then if you got it, you dont want it - Seems to be the rule of thumb..."

Devo- Freedom of Choice

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SylentSyd ..this one I'm gonna miss fo sho...totally fits the game...


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SylentSyd ...once the bassline kicks in, it's pretty much understood that you won't be leaving the party anytime soon...woot! =D
SylentSyd "And the drums, the drums, the drums, the drums..." =)
hideaway 'cause it's so important to do the things we want with whoever turns us on
SylentSyd ...I wish I never gave this record away...I meant well...
SylentSyd ...a nice l'il combo...

Velvet Underground. Venus In Furs & Barbarella

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SylentSyd ...don't know how many songs are on here; I'm hoping all of 'em...

Playstation Wipeout XL game soundtrack

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SylentSyd "He don't ever take it slow"


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SylentSyd thanks to Mike Gleeson for being very generous in revealing the track ID for this dancefloor stormer last night... @Racheltfd @Mysterymix @GR8FL
SylentSyd "She said she'd be the designated driver..."
SylentSyd "What time's best for you?" ;)
SylentSyd Your Sasha & Digweed blip reminded me of this @wahwahwah (Must now find my old Communicate mix CD) ;)
SylentSyd It's Hockey Afternoon in Canada...zee background music eez, 'ow yoo zeh, fromage... @melky @MrsASoprano @tuatara @GR8FL =D

Guy LafleurScoring

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SylentSyd Pleasantly surprised at how awesome Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing is! (I just wish Seaman was included)
SylentSyd ...I think it's a sad indictment on the state of radio that I discover more new music through video games... =P
SylentSyd ...

Neil Young ~ My Heart ~ UnReLeAsEd VeRsIoN. ~ Vincent van Gogh Morphing vIDeo ~Sleeps With Angels.

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SylentSyd ..well thank you, Melsville!...nice pic btw ;) (and I want that suit and Fender Jaguar) @melky: "thank you for the music" – Abba (bye Ryan, haha!!)" (reblip)

Faron YoungDreams

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SylentSyd this was #1 in Holland when I visited there as a kid...I might still have the @DJMaririje
SylentSyd "I raised the wall and I will be the one to knock it down..."
SylentSyd Great tip, thanks! @Ineluctable "This is very good, play if you haven't heard it yet."" (reblip)

The Morning Benders-Excuses

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SylentSyd "Hulk is such a yo-yo!" (Roddy Piper FTW!) LOL
SylentSyd ...this is definitely more enjoyable after a win (and three Heinekens)... ^_^
SylentSyd I have not...would be very interested in reading that! @nattieb: "you read 'we' by yevgeny zamyatin orwell stole the whole the whole idea for 1984" (reblip)

David Bowie1984

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SylentSyd ManUre played a friendly in Toronto vs Celtic last week..couldn't be arsed to spend money on them =P...Inter are here in Aug (Sneijder!) @nattieb

Celtic FcHail Hail

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SylentSyd just discovered this thru the Umbro website...of all places...
SylentSyd "Try smoking your own, and don't look at me..."
formalhaut can't get this song out of my head too. cheers laurie ;)

The UniquesMud & Grit

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SylentSyd stylin'! RB @melky: "." (reblip)

Jacques Dutronc / Les gens sont fous, les temps sont flous (FH Blues 1966) [HQ Stéréo]

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SylentSyd ...just the right amount of strange, thank you... =) @tuatara: "Strange enough for ya?" (reblip)


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SylentSyd ...right on...i heard this on the PES 2011 playlist...standout!...
SylentSyd Ya ya ya, ha ha ha! =D @melky (reblip)

Bla Bla Bla Cha Cha Cha

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gypsybug :) rb@JanaBanana: "best song ever right now, your welcome" (reblip)
greentrees I meshed both kings into one! cheers @scotlandlover "geesh, didn't recognize you greenie"
SylentSyd hawt fi-yah! thanks bro! @2Tall: "AndrewMcDonnell – Bong Hits in Chinatown Mall >deep house released Mar 17th" (reblip)
SylentSyd This is my song of the moment...for the moment?...ah, whatever...
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