THREE_Dutchguy22 #Rock 3 Doors Down - Away From The Sun ~~~Live (reblip)
THREE_Dutchguy22 #IRock 3 Doors Down - She don't want the world (reblip)

3 Doors Down-She don't want the world(faster music)

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THREE_Dutchguy22 #Pop Christina Aguilera - Genie in a Bottle (reblip)
THREE_Dutchguy22 #RockandRoll Alan Price set - I put a spell on you ~~ 1966 (reblip)

I Put A Spell On You- Alan Price Set -1966

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THREE_Dutchguy22 #PopRock Mark Almond – Tainted Love
THREE_Dutchguy22 #Pop Marc Almond & Gene Pitney - Something`s Gotten Hold Of My Heart
THREE_Dutchguy22 #Rock Anouk - Nobody's Wife (reblip)

Anouk Nobody's Wife

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THREE_Dutchguy22 #RockandRoll B-52's - Private Idaho (reblip)

B-52s Private Idaho

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THREE_Dutchguy22 #RockandRoll B-52's - Love Shack - live (reblip)

B-52's Love Shack live

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THREE_Dutchguy22 #HardRock Bad Company - Good Lovin Gone Bad
THREE_Dutchguy22 #Pop Bananarama - Robert De Niro'sWaiting (reblip)
THREE_Dutchguy22 #Pop Bananarama & Fun Boy Three – Really Saying Something (reblip)
THREE_Dutchguy22 #PopRock The Beatles - Penny Lane (reblip)

Penny Lane

| play
THREE_Dutchguy22 #PopRock The Beatles Elenor Rigby

Elenor rigby

| play
THREE_Dutchguy22 #PopRock Pat Benatar - Love is a Battlefield (reblip)

Love is a Battlefield by Pat Benatar

| play
THREE_Dutchguy22 #IndieRock Betty Serveert - Lover I don't have to love (reblip)

lover i don't have to love

| play
THREE_Dutchguy22 #AlternativeRock Bettie Serveert - De Diva ~~ (2 Meter Sessies: Ballroom) (reblip)
THREE_Dutchguy22 #BritPop Blur - End Of A Century (reblip)

Blur-End Of A Century

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THREE_Dutchguy22 #Pop Bow Wow Wow - The man mountain
THREE_Dutchguy22 #Pop Bow Wow Wow - Do You Wanna Hold Me

Bow Wow Wow Do You Wanna Hold Me Live

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THREE_Dutchguy22 #AlternativeRock Edie Brickell - A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall

A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall-Lyrics-Edie Brickell

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THREE_Dutchguy22 #PunkRock Buzzcocks - Ever Fallen In Love With Someone (You Shouldn't've Fallen In Love With)
THREE_Dutchguy22 #PopRock Byrds - Eight miles high ~~ (1966) (reblip)
THREE_Dutchguy22 #RockandRoll John Cale - Venus in Furs ( BBC - Jools Holland : Later) (reblip)
THREE_Dutchguy22 #Post-Punk Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds - Where The Wild Roses Grow (reblip)
THREE_Dutchguy22 #PostPunk Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - People aint no good (reblip)


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THREE_Dutchguy22 #PostPunk Nick Cave & Current 93 - All The Pretty Little Horses
THREE_Dutchguy22 #GarageRock The Chesterfield Kings - 5 Years Ahead Of My Time ~~ live
THREE_Dutchguy22 #BluesRock Eric Clapton & JJ Cale - After Midnight (reblip)

Eric Clapton/JJ Cale-After Midnight

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THREE_Dutchguy22 #Rock Eric Clapton, The Stones, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page - Layla (reblip)
THREE_Dutchguy22 #PunkRock The Clash - Rock the Casbah (reblip)

(Rock lyrics I)Rock the Casbah-The Clash

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THREE_Dutchguy22 #RockandRoll Joe Cocker - Cry me a river - 1970 - on piano: Leon Russell - Mad dogs & Englishmen (reblip)
THREE_Dutchguy22 #Rock&Roll Joe Cocker – With a little help from my friends (reblip)
THREE_Dutchguy22 #Rock&Roll Joe Cocker – Feelin' Alright - Mad Dogs And Englishmen Tour (reblip)
THREE_Dutchguy22 #RockandRoll Joe Cocker - The Letter - 1979 The Mad dogs & Englishman Tour (reblip)
THREE_Dutchguy22 #FolkRock The Corrs - Toss the feathers - live (reblip)
THREE_Dutchguy22 #PsychedelicRock Cream - Sunshine of your love ~~ live 1968 (reblip)
THREE_Dutchguy22 #FolkRock Crosby, Still, Nash & Young - Almost Cut My Hair (reblip)
THREE_Dutchguy22 #Post-Punk The Cure - Love will tear us apart ~~ (Joy Division) (reblip)
THREE_Dutchguy22 #PunkRock Dead Kennedys - This Could Be Anywhere
THREE_Dutchguy22 #Rock-NewWave Depeche Mode - Enjoy The Silence – version 2004 (reblip)
THREE_Dutchguy22 #Rock-NewWave Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus (reblip)

Depeche Mode-Personal Jesus (With Lyrics)

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THREE_Dutchguy22 #Rock-NewWave Depeche Mode - Never Let Me Down (reblip)

Depeche Mode- Never Let Me Down

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THREE_Dutchguy22 #Pop The Donnas & Men Without Hats - The Safety Dance
THREE_Dutchguy22 #Rock Doors – People Are Strange (remix Infected Mushroom) (reblip)
THREE_Dutchguy22 #RockAndRoll The Doors - Waiting For The Sun ~~ (Subtítulado en español) (reblip)
THREE_Dutchguy22 #PsychedelicRock The Doors -The End (reblip)

The Doors-The End [FULL]

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THREE_Dutchguy22 #DrJohnRock Dr John - I Walk On Guilded Splinters (reblip)

I Walk On Guilded Splinters

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THREE_Dutchguy22 #IndieRock Eels - Fresh Blood (reblip)

Eels-fresh blood lyrics

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THREE_Dutchguy22 #IndieRock Eels - Dirty girl - In Concert (reblip)

Eels In Concert 2

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THREE_Dutchguy22 #IndieRock Eels - Novocaine For The Soul ~~ Live @ Glastonbury 2011 (reblip)
THREE_Dutchguy22 #IndieRock Eels – Hey Man (now you are really living) ~~ (Live BBC Jools Holland 2005) (reblip)
THREE_Dutchguy22 #IndieRock Eels - Susans House ~~ (Live Pinkpop 1997, The Netherlands ) (reblip)
THREE_Dutchguy22 #IndieRock Eels - Bus Stop Boxer ~~ (Live BBC Jools Holland 2005) (reblip)
THREE_Dutchguy22 #PopRock Eurythmics - There must be an angel (original video) (reblip)
THREE_Dutchguy22 #PopRock Eurythmics - Julia - (Music Video 1985) (reblip)

Eurythmics Julia Music Video 1985

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THREE_Dutchguy22 #Rock Fischer Z - Battalions of Strangers (reblip)

fischer z battalions of strangers

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THREE_Dutchguy22 #BluesRock Fleetwood Mac – Peter Green - Black Magic Woman (reblip)
THREE_Dutchguy22 #Rock Fleetwood Mac - Green Manalishi - live (reblip)

Fleetwood Mac-Green Manalishi

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THREE_Dutchguy22 #Rock-NewWave A Flock of Seagulls - Wishing (I Had a Photograph of You) (reblip)
THREE_Dutchguy22 #Rock-DancePop Frankie goes to Hollywood - Two Tribes - 1983 video (reblip)
THREE_Dutchguy22 #Pop Frankie Goes To Hollywood - The Power Of Love (reblip)
THREE_Dutchguy22 #Rock Frijid Pink - House of the rising Sun (reblip)
THREE_Dutchguy22 #PopRock Genesis Ft. Phil Collins - Land Of Confusion ~~ Live (reblip)
THREE_Dutchguy22 #Rock David Gilmour – There's No Way Out of Here
THREE_Dutchguy22 #Rock Golden Earring - Radar Love (reblip)

Golden Earring ~ Radar Love

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THREE_Dutchguy22 #Rock Golden Earrings - Sound Of The Screaming Day ♫
THREE_Dutchguy22 #Rock Golden Earring - Twilight Zone ~~ (Extended Version) (reblip)

Golden Earring-Twilight Zone (Extended Version)

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THREE_Dutchguy22 #HardRock Grand Funk Railroad - Gimme Shelter
THREE_Dutchguy22 #HardRock Grand Funk Railroad - Some Kind of Wonderful (reblip)
THREE_Dutchguy22 #HardRock Grand Funk Railroad - We're an American Band
THREE_Dutchguy22 #Rock The Grateful Dead - Eyes of the World
THREE_Dutchguy22 #Rock Grateful Dead - Fire On The Mountain (reblip)

Grateful Dead• Fire On The Mountain

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THREE_Dutchguy22 #Rock Guess Who - American Woman (reblip)

American Woman- Guess Who

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THREE_Dutchguy22 #Rock George Harrison - While my guitar gently weeps - The Concert For Bangladesh (reblip)
THREE_Dutchguy22 #AlternativeRock P J Harvey - Down by the Water (reblip)

pj harvey down by the water

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THREE_Dutchguy22 #Rock PJ Harvey - Send His Love To Me ~~ (Live Jools Holland) (reblip)
THREE_Dutchguy22 #AlternativeRock PJ Harvey - Who will love me now

PJ Harvey "Who will love me now" (with lyrics)

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THREE_Dutchguy22 #HardRock Jimi Hendrix - Voodoo Child (reblip)

Jimi Hendrix-Voodoo Child (Slight Return)

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THREE_Dutchguy22 #HardRock Jimi Hendrix - All Along the Watchtower (reblip)

Jimi Hendrix- All Along the Watchtower

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THREE_Dutchguy22 #HardRock Jimi Hendrix - Purple Haze (reblip)

Jimi Hendrix Purple Haze

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THREE_Dutchguy22 #PunkRock Iggy Pop - Lust For Life (reblip)

Iggy Pop Lust For Life (HQ) (Lyrics)

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THREE_Dutchguy22 #PsychedelicRock Jefferson Airplane -White Rabbit

Jefferson Airplane -White Rabbit-

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THREE_Dutchguy22 #AlternativeRock The Jesus and Mary Chain ft. Hope Sandoval - Sometimes Always ~~ (MTV in Studio live) (reblip)
THREE_Dutchguy22 ✖ AlternativeRock The Jesus and Mary Chain ft. Hope Sandoval - Sometimes Always
THREE_Dutchguy22 #Rock Jethro Tull - Living in the Past - 1969 (reblip)
THREE_Dutchguy22 #Rock Jethro Tull - Hymn 43 ~~ (1977) (reblip)

Jethro Tull Hymn 43 1977

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THREE_Dutchguy22 #FolkRock Jethro Tull - Thick As A Brick (total 43 min 50 sec)
THREE_Dutchguy22 #GlamRock Jobriath - I'maman (reblip)

Jobriath I'maman

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THREE_Dutchguy22 #BluesRock Janis Joplin - Me and Bobby McGee (reblip)

Janis Joplin-Me and Bobby McGee

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THREE_Dutchguy22 #Pop Mariza Koch _ Panagia mou (Eurovion 1976, entry Greece) (reblip)
THREE_Dutchguy22 #PsychedelicRock Kula Shaker - Govinda/Hush (reblip)

kula shaker. govinda / hush

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THREE_Dutchguy22 #PopRock The La's - There she goes (reblip)

The La's There she goes

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THREE_Dutchguy22 #HardRock Led Zeppelin - Black Dog (reblip)

Black Dog Led Zeppelin Lyrics

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THREE_Dutchguy22 #Rock Led Zeppelin (and Sandy Denny) - Battle of Evermore
THREE_Dutchguy22 #HardRock Led Zeppelin - Stairway to Heaven (reblip)

Led Zeppelin-Stairway to Heaven

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THREE_Dutchguy22 #HardRock Led Zeppelin - The Rain Song (reblip)

Led Zeppelin-The Rain Song

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THREE_Dutchguy22 #HardRock Led Zeppelin - Over the hills and far away (reblip)

Led Zeppelin Over the hills and far away with lyrics

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THREE_Dutchguy22 #HardRock Led Zeppelin - Immigrant Song (reblip)

Immigrant Song with lyrics HQ Led Zeppelin

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THREE_Dutchguy22 #PopRock John Lennon - Working Class

Working Class Hero-John Lennon

| play
THREE_Dutchguy22 #PopRock Annie Lennox - Love song for a Vampire .

. Love song for a Vampire .

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THREE_Dutchguy22 #Pop Annie Lennox - Sisters are doing it for themselves - live 2008 (reblip)

Annie Lennox Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves Live 8 2005

| play
THREE_Dutchguy22 #Pop Annie Lennox - Thousand Beautifull Things (reblip)
THREE_Dutchguy22 #BluesRock Long John Baldry - Walk me out in the morning dew
THREE_Dutchguy22 #PopRock The Lovin' Spoonful - Darlin be home soon (reblip)

The Lovin Spoonful Darlin Be Home Soon

| play
THREE_Dutchguy22 #ComedyRock Liam Lynch - United States of Whatever

Liam Lynch: United States of Whatever

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THREE_Dutchguy22 #SouthernRock Lynyrd Skynyrd - Sweet Home Alabama (reblip)

Lynyrd Skynyrd-Sweet Home Alabama-1977

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THREE_Dutchguy22 #Pop Madness - Baggy Trousers

Baggy TrousersMadness

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THREE_Dutchguy22 #TripHop Massive Attack - Paradise Circus
THREE_Dutchguy22 #TripHop Massive Attack - Inertia Creeps
THREE_Dutchguy22 #Pop Men Without Hats - The Safety Dance
THREE_Dutchguy22 #IndieRock The Monolators - We fell Dead (reblip)

The Monolators "We Fell Dead"

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THREE_Dutchguy22 #IndieRock Morrissey - Something is squeezing my skull (Live BBC, Jools Holland) (reblip)
THREE_Dutchguy22 #IndieRock Morrissey - Irish Blood, English Heart ~~ Live (reblip)
THREE_Dutchguy22 #IndieRock Morrissey - The more you ignore me, the closer I get (reblip)
THREE_Dutchguy22 #BritPop Oasis - The Importance of Being Idle (reblip)

Oasis-The Importance of Being Idle(Official Video 2005)

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THREE_Dutchguy22 #BritPop Oasis - Don't Look Back In Anger (reblip)

Don't Look Back In Anger

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THREE_Dutchguy22 #Pop Outkast - Hey Ya

Outkast Hey Ya w/lyrics (high quality)

| play

Pearl Jam Black music video

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THREE_Dutchguy22 #Rock Pearl Jam - Throw Your Arms Around Me
THREE_Dutchguy22 #PopRock The Peddlers - Tell The World We're Not In
THREE_Dutchguy22 #Rock Tom Petty - Last Dance with Mary Jane (reblip)

Last Dance with Mary Jane- Tom Petty

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THREE_Dutchguy22 #Rock Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers – Free Fallin' ~~ live
THREE_Dutchguy22 #Rock Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers - Free Fallin' ~~ live (reblip)
THREE_Dutchguy22 #Rock Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - Don't Come Around Here No More ~~ live
THREE_Dutchguy22 #Rock The Pretenders - Stop your sobbing (1980) (reblip)
THREE_Dutchguy22 #Rock-NewWave The Pretenders - Message Of Love ~~ (Live Royal Albert Hall 1999)
THREE_Dutchguy22 #PopRock The Proclaimers - Letter From America ~~ (Acoustic Version)
THREE_Dutchguy22 #Pop Brian Protheroe - Pinball

Brian Protheroe Pinball

| play
THREE_Dutchguy22 #Rock Red Hot Chili Peppers – Under The Bridge ~~ Studio Version (reblip)
THREE_Dutchguy22 #Rock Red Hot Chili Pepers - Snow , Hey Oh (reblip)

red hot chili pepers "snow hey o"

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THREE_Dutchguy22 #AlternativeRock Red Hot Chili Peppers - Castles Made of Sand (reblip)

Castles Made of Sand- red hot chili peppers

| play
THREE_Dutchguy22 #AlternativeRock R.E.M. - Texarkana

Texarkana R.E.M.

| play
THREE_Dutchguy22 #AlternativeRock R E M - Exhuming McCarthy (reblip)

REM- Exhuming McCarthy (Demo)

| play
THREE_Dutchguy22 #AlternativeRock R E M – This one goes out to the One I Love ~~ (Live - Tourfilm) (reblip)
THREE_Dutchguy22 #AlternativeRock R E M - This one goes out to the one I love ~~ MTV unplugged (reblip)

REM The one I love MTV unplugged

| play
THREE_Dutchguy22 #AlternativeRock R E M - Sweetness Follows (reblip)

REM-Sweetness Follows

| play
THREE_Dutchguy22 #AlternativeRock R E M - Everybody Hurts (reblip)

REM Everybody Hurts

| play
THREE_Dutchguy22 #AlternativeRock R E M - Losing My Religion (reblip)

REM Losing My Religion

| play
THREE_Dutchguy22 #AlternativeRock R E M - Its the End of the World (reblip)

REM Its the End of the World REM

| play
THREE_Dutchguy22 #AlternativeRock Red Hot Chili Peppers - Around the World (reblip)

Red Hot Chili Peppers- Around the World

| play
THREE_Dutchguy22 #Pop The Rembrandts - I'll be there for you ~~ (Theme from Friends) (reblip)
THREE_Dutchguy22 #Pop Right Said Fred - I am too Sexy
THREE_Dutchguy22 #BluesRock The Rolling Stones - Little Red Rooster- clip from 1965 (reblip)
THREE_Dutchguy22 #BluesRock The Rolling Stones - Let's Spend the Night Together (reblip)
THREE_Dutchguy22 #BluesRock The Rolling Stones - Ruby Tuesday (reblip)

Rolling Stones-Ruby Tuesday

| play
THREE_Dutchguy22 #BluesRock The Rolling Stones - Honky Tonk Women ~~ live (reblip)
THREE_Dutchguy22 #BluesRock The Rolling Stones - Under my thumb / I am waiting / Paint it black ~~ live 1966 (reblip)

The Rolling Stones Live 1966 Under my thumb / I am waiting / Paint it black

| play
THREE_Dutchguy22 #BluesRock The Rolling Stones - 2000 Light Years From Home (reblip)
THREE_Dutchguy22 #Rock-NewWave The Romantics - Talking in your Sleep (reblip)

The Romantics: Talking in your Sleep

| play
THREE_Dutchguy22 #BluesRock The Rolling Stones Ft. Amy Winehouse - Ain't Too Proud To Beg
THREE_Dutchguy22 #Rock Roxy Music - Virginia Plain - 1972 (reblip)
THREE_Dutchguy22 #Pop Kyu Sakamoto - Ue wo muite arukou (Sukiyaki)
THREE_Dutchguy22 #TripHop Emeli Sandé – Heaven ~~ (Later with Jools Holland)
THREE_Dutchguy22 #DreamRock Hope Sandoval - Play With Fire ~~ Live
THREE_Dutchguy22 #Rock-Latin Carlos Santana - Guajira (reblip)