jsotonyc @BohemianChick@bduubz@haizee@T_DeBarros and new friends i couldn't play today! Hopefully I can on monday giggle have a great week everyone!
Jacidbazz [♫ Mother Earth – Apple Green ♫] @T_DeBarros - Keep blip running and turn it up! Always helps me with the chores ☺
kirbyco #5 Top 40 hit,3 weeks #1 country hit.From the motion picture soundtrack "Urban Cowboy" staring John Travolta.Married to Charlene Tilton 1982-84.
haizee even though this is my least favorite season, this song has such a special place in my heart // @bduubz @bendrix @jsotonyc @T_DeBarros
avivajazz ♫ Dead Can Dance – Piece for Solo Flute ~ via @hajoni (reblip)
kirbyco #2 for 2 weeks in early 1980, #1 adult comtemporary single for 1 week.His 3 top 40 appearance.Died 12/16/2007 at age 56 from prostate cancer.

Dan FogelbergLonger

| play
coastlineradio *** Laid Back - White Horse ***


| play
Cyad thx for the fabulous songs, @dnya & @T_DeBarros & thx all for the listening & props-ing. Full version here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hcjMDVZxAm4
T_DeBarros Swing Out Sister. Caipirinha. vi @daihard {Hi @T_DeBarros!} HELLO TO YOU !!! YOU CERTAINLY GOT MY ATTENTION W ONE OF MY FAV DRINKS !!! LOL ☺ (reblip)

Ray Charles and Milt Jackson-How Long Blues

| play

Thievery corporation -Lebanese Blonde

| play
diva42 @DeAnn Jimmy Buffet Parody – Marijuanaville
bexmith doooo, doodoodoo, doodoodoo, doodoodoooo...

FeistOne Evening

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S4Songcrush [In Memoriam] ............. One of many Satie favourites.
Diordan ✔SAMBA - Aniceto do Império – Difícil
Diordan ✔SAMBA - Ary Barroso – Camisa Amarela (Aracy De Almeida) - Last for now blipsters!! see you later!! time for some soccer playin!
Diordan ✔SAMBA - Candeia - Olha o Samba Sinhá (Samba de Roda)
Diordan ✔SAMBA - Nelson Sargento - Encanto da Paisagem
Diordan ✔SAMBA - Nelson Sargento - Por Deus Por Favor
Diordan ✔SAMBA - Moreira da Silva - Acertei no Milhar - @CargoCulte Tight Indeed I love Quantic!!!
Diordan ✔SAMBA - Paulo Vanzolini - Samba Abstrato
T_DeBarros Chrisette Michele. Lets Rock. vi @RonnieBebop { @T_DeBarros.. "Let's Rock!!" ;o) } ...anytime ♥RonMan♥ ;)...♥ the song too !!! ☺ (reblip)
MikeMercer you're droppin some science here @briansabbeth.... oh sh--, then Gaye's Trouble Man1 u gettin DOWN (reblip)
morganh I'm standing at the water's edge in my dream...
morganh Jara sang, his song a weapon...his blood still cries from the ground.

U2One Tree Hill

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lipsync Nice day planned@T_DeBarros,been to the beach today,have started cooking dinner,turkey,windows wide open for lovely sun and jumping around to this XX
negar @dariushimes :-) this is what I hear when I read your road trip tweets

MetisseBoom Boom Ba

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sicklittlejag LOVED these guys' first album. New one just came out Tues, give Manchester Orchestra a listen. Already love this song!
bendrix Celebrating Vanessa Daou's new Album. Love the sassy female vocals the piano & 1950s jazzy band vibe with electronic yumminess (reblip)

02 Black and White

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T_DeBarros Celebrating Vanessa Daou's new Album. Fresh new upload vi @bendrix ...SOME SWEET TRAX !! THX !!..i am already out of props 4 u 2day! :( (reblip)
bendrix Celebrating Vanessa Daou's new Album What do ya'll think of this track=> @GR8FL @Sparklepony @organicsue @sheryonstone @threebears @LYRIC @T_DeBarros
thepetshopboy the only female on the soundtrack...STEVIE NICKS' "blue lamp"...when she was every teen boy's wet dream :)
Blippo Crustation – Down Down Deeper Down
tunereview The breeze is absolutely amazing tonight, reminding me of Mae's "Anything"


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Static So many mistakes... come back home from bars.
H_Money one of my favorites, reminds of my old drugged out days
Surferess @dreamscolor ♫ Muse – Supermassive Black Hole If I could only take 10 songs to a desert island I'd like to have this one on the list. (reblip)
sheryonstone must rb @amcandyc as I was just thinkin about playin some Pink ^_^ (reblip)
tinaeclark #1 song for the Ladies!!


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aquietend From the pretty killer new album 'Two Suns.' Had to bring this back to the top, because man, it is ever good. Can't get enough of this album right now (reblip)
avivajazz RB @DougAlder Benny Goodman and His Orchestra ~ I Ain't Lazy, I'm Just Dreamin'. Doug, I finally had to admit that I was deeply lazy. Blip.fm's fault. (reblip)
Cyad hey back @Gaz50! @BlueJeanBaby: no problem blipping. Maybe it's a firm thing? (reblip)
by_starla hello @intinet :)


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Detty This is from the movie "The Point." So far, I am the only one I know who has actually seen this movie growing up.
Detty I am a harry nilsson fan. there. I said it.
S4Songcrush @crowjane Great set today! If I'm not mistaken, this one was on the soundtrack for "Black Snake Moan". (reblip)
tubilino un traguito de champagne? siiiiiiiiiiiiiií!
ICEGIRL152 blipped by the smokin' monkey---WARNING----Adult Content---ICP sing some nasty songs!
T_DeBarros Solange.Sandcastle Disco. vi @yazvita hello n thx 4 the GRT blip !! ☺ ☺ ☺ ...And bay ba ba ba ba-by Please don't blow me away ... (reblip)
Stay19 @T_DeBarros it was heavenly. I usually don't try to coordinate my blips and messages but I couldn't resist. A light blanket of snow fell overnight.
DJFrankie That would be the fork I left out on the counter, right?
diva42 Grease Vs Dr Dre & Snoop Dog – You're The One I Want In The Next Episode (reblip)
ladypn RB @GR8FL Love this song... & worry fit into the day, I know this is how it will play, & I'll try & I'll try to think of all the things I could do.... (reblip)
T_DeBarros Amir Diab. Nour El Ayn. @ZONE ... habibi..i love it...lets dance !!! I remember my friend Saad(Sam) use to play this for me all the time !! ☺
T_DeBarros Dania Meftahi. Ya. ~ i loved the "Bhaigo Uni". My friends also introduced me to Dania. ☺ @ZONE (reblip)

ya dania meftahi

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daihard Paperback Writer... one of my favs!

Paperback Writer

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rogue_fm Winner, New Group of the Year at Canada's Juno Awards last night.
De_Ann Heelloooooo.......who wants to do a Tom Petty train tonight???
CLARITY @Racheltfd ... the erykah songs are limited.. but it helps to type in album names ;)

Erykah BaduMy Life

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ZONE Good evening all in this blip-Union! "One for all and all for one" - ....A suitable title/text !!!
De_Ann don't anyone think I have no ear for classical music ;-) vi@smiley Franz Liszt – Liebestraum No. 3 in A flat (reblip)
miguesme The White Stripes – Hello Operator...via....@arthurfurlan (reblip)
miguesme LAS MEJORES BALADAS: Whitney Houston – I Will Always Love You, Casi estamos llegando al final de esta sesion romantica,
livlee if you could read my mind

Studio 54 - If You Could Read My Mind

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ladypn OK, her link didn't work.... THIS is dedicated to @LilCav68 on her BIRTHDAY! Hope it brings a smile to you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
T_DeBarros Secret Garden. Nocturne. ~ good nite @haizee you def had a good blippin' day !!! ☺ here is one of my fav neo-classical tunes..swt lullabye 2 u..☺
dickadcock I think you should do non-stop belly-dancing until you reach 500 listeners! So close now! ReBlipping @Jalire (reblip)
dickadcock I was going to follow Metallica with Iron Butterfly, but playlists like that could lead to complacency by the listener, so . . . it's Gore!!!
bendrix What more can I ask for N'Dea and Supa Dope sexy shoe's @Karuna - BTW I used to have the biggest vocalist-crush on N'dea for yrs :) (reblip)
njschloss my dick: V.I.P., your dick needs ID
star45 Mark Bonilla – Hurling Blues Skyward – . . . hi @Lilynight thanks - @thrak a littles blues!
evablue and why can't i find this when i search for it. bah. (reblip)
evablue left hemisphere please connect with your frosted side
evablue i have some serious fuzz in my head today. synapses not firing properly.
T_DeBarros 5nizza. Vesna (remix by IJO). @santamistura you are sooooo r-i-g-h-t !!! i ♥ ♥ ♥ it!! 1st time i heard of them too!! this is in my Favs now!! TH (reblip)


| play
santamistura i think that you will like this blip also ; )) @T_DeBarros @bendrix @GAT @bitinic @Diordan @DJRodneyKing @APB1 ;))


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T_DeBarros Barry Manilow. Ready To Take A Chance Again. ~doin okay...but not very well...no jokes..no surprises...~ but NOT ready to take a chance again.
T_DeBarros Lisa Lisa Cult Jam. Can U Feel The Beat. ~~you are the bomb @bduubz !!! i ♥ ♥ this song !!! i couldnt find it. glad u did !! ☺ (reblip)
ladypn Hi @Suzed! I just blipped another Jackie Greene a bit ago, Shaken. I really like him! (reblip)
dickadcock LOVE IS T RIP P Y . . . . not pulling quotes. hear it all!
ptneves as easy as 1 2,(1 2 3 4.) there's only one thing two do three words four you.

(donnaslut.com) Andrea True Connection - More, More, More

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TrainWreckRadio Billy Gibbons first GIG! Get this one...it's RARE! BTW...Billy taught HENDRIX to play slide guitar! (just an FYI) (reblip)
DJFrankie "We Fall but we keep getting up. Over and over and over and over..."
bendrix Thanx for the Robin S track earlier ... Thought I'd return the favor with a similar kinda dance track but this one has got the chillz @T_DeBarros (reblip)
ladypn Thanks, @tac! I hadn't known that Slick was reborn in 93! :) (reblip)
Burgers !!!Thank you for this one! I love it! @accdias & @Greencoconut ♥♥♥Love Love Love♥♥♥ The moment I opened my mouth... (reblip)
Burgers Hello My Friend! Happy Saturday to you! @by_starla hope your day is well xoxoxo (reblip)
bendrix This track is dedicated to all the Alanis Morissette - Emilíana Torrini - Imogen Heap & other female vocalist lovers. The Sundays are a Superb group (reblip)
Diordan ✔SAMBA Minha vez de sorrir = My smiling time!
GR8FL [#1 dream karaoke song. It was this or a toss up of any erasure song.Thanks for the upload GR8FL :) and thanks for everyone indulging me] @Atomik :) (reblip)
Punched :: Burt Bacharach – Trains And Boats And Planes ::
T_DeBarros POE. Haunted. vi @sheryonstone ~come here,pretty please...can u tell me where r u?...i need to get my bearings~ *HI @olumide_e @smartard @mystwitch


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Scheiro @remedyloame nice to listen you, that heal my cowboy heart ;-)
yakbuttersupply /////////////////////////////
lilwldchld I'd sell my ass before I think of you..... Back Later Maybe :-)
ladypn Ginger Mackenzie - another early @ZachsMind reblip! Great voice! (reblip)


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T_DeBarros Smile ~when u 1st left me i was wanting more..but u were f***ing that girl next store,watcha do that for? ~AMAZES ME HER VOICE SO SWEET BUT BANG!

Lily AllenSmile

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negar Given y'all enuff of that lower lip already. Here's some lovin' Good night. (reblip)
VinylNirvana One of those Van songs that sounds so simple, yet is made complex by the addition of the word "exactly"...bringing up the notion of pre-destiny.
Detty This song gets stuck in my head. I don't really like it, but I figure maybe reverse psychology will work on this one.
T_DeBarros Dresden Dolls. Missed Me. vi @santamistura thx 4 the great blip !! ☺ ☺ ☺ (reblip)
ladypn I LOVE this so much, just heard on the radio when out back with the kid & Madeline, have to hear again! :)

Robert PlantBig Log

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flyingscot_54 OK settle down for this soulful songstress Alicia Keys

Alicia KeysFallin'

| play
Stay19 YOU & I face to face spinning round..spinning round<><>
kasponya Miles Davis' ex wife (nee Betty Mabry), she turned Miles on to Sly, Jimi and pimp clothes....way ahead of her time!
ladypn Now this kind of day has no night. Ain't got much on my mind Ain't got much on my mind 'cause I know something good this way comes
salleegal Waves @DrDebs @ashtabula, right back at you. thank you! @ladypn, hello to you, too. OK, ladies, one for you: Michelle Shocked, When I Grow Up. (reblip)

When I Grow Up

| play
bendrix In the late 90s the Cafe Del Mar series were hard to find. At that time they were foreign imports & in some spots I paid between $30 - $60 per CD (reblip)
T_DeBarros Cafe del Mar.Lubumba(Funky Generation Ftg Marika).vi @bendrix {I Highly Recommend this track}*U R SOO RIGHT!!I TOTALLY FEEL IT! EXOTIC N CAREFREE (reblip)
T_DeBarros Gabriella Cilmi. Sweet About Me. ~~OMGosh get over urself @bduubz !! I just ♥ ♥ ♥ it !!! Thx !! I guess u could tell i like Cilmi !! LOL..thx ag (reblip)
T_DeBarros @bendrix {When U say Paradise Do U mean this track?}*THIS IS IT! OMGosh! I LOOKED THIS UP 3x & NO FIND IT! THX!! GONNA START LOOKIN UP UR NAME ☺ (reblip)
bendrix On my iTunes I have Cafe Del Mar volumes 3,4,5,6,7,8, Dreams, two double disk volumes of Utlra Chilled & one of Undiscovered Ibiza. Any Requests? (reblip)
Gibsonplucker Who put these two together? Whew!
stena [Eartha Kitt: Old fashioned millionaire] :D

Eartha Kitt: Old fashioned millionaire

| play
ambit This is for all ya'll with just a little Lover in ya!! Howard's finest!! Thumbs up to:@T_DeBarros @nilsm111@1001queen @RonnieBebop @broadwayg @ladypn
ginaATL John Mayer – Human Nature [MJ Tribute]
Intriguingds Luv Spanglish! TY! @joechapman: rb@Daeflyn: Three Dog Night - Never Been to Spain (reblip)
T_DeBarros Peter Himmelman. Checkmate. vi @crowjane thx 4 the GRT blip n i'm w u "C" ! LOL ! ☺ ~checkmate, i believe this game is over..i need something more..~ (reblip)
liminal Echoes of Sufi Chants | Doha Baba Farid | Shafqat Ali Khan || Thanks, @lodro (reblip)
liminal Nawal Raad | Dancer | Taqasim Ney || Improvisation au Ney (flûte orientale en roseau) de Hassan Ben Gharbiyah in Paris

Nawal Raad Taqasim Ney

| play
liminal Nawal Raad | Danse 'Le Taureau' | with music by Lhasa de Sela

Nawal RAAD danse "Le Taureau"

| play
De_Ann Love it! @crowjane ~Eric Burdon:Devil Run~ I gotta run out, but I'd rather blip with ya!! I will be back later in the pm. @Gaz50@patita@MrsASoprano

Eric Burdon:Devil Run

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alebur Thank you for nice music! @Vanili: "Thank you all for the props @alebur @Awannabeangel @Rayvencure @mistamariob" (reblip)
Nani1982 #Soundtracks - ** Beetlejuice ( Os fantasmas se divertem) =D (reblip)
ambit No Feet? lol...via:@Cocoamel: "Foot pedicure with no corns....uh huh" (reblip)

NextButta Love

| play
MrThompsonR @T_DeBarros "Let's hear it for Tammy!!" Hey Tammy!!


| play
GinaDunc Nice, ty ;) @ICEGIRL152:a beaut "Song for Lord Krishna | One of the most loved gods in the Hindu religion; "krishna" means "one who always brings joy" (reblip)

lord krishna

| play
angelheart my fave NIN!@DreamWarriorRadio: "Yup, that works for me!! lol :P!!@marijaanadj: "You want closer?! @DreamWarriorRadio"" (reblip)
klitoria hallo @thelema2009 @steno @bluecipher....and many thanks and kisses to all blippers for the wonderful music......


| play
Gaz50 Gary Moore – I've Still Got The Blues
daihard Jewel – Goodbye Alice in Wonderland
Diordan never enough 300 - Bob Marley & The Wailers - Babylon System - We are what we are! that's the way it's going to be!
Diordan never enough 298 - Peter Tosh & Bob Marley - Mr. Brown
hijadecano "i surrender... i need a lil sympathy..."

Chopin Nocturne Op.9 No.2 (Arthur Rubinstein)

| play
olumi_day LOL... yeah @pita4l: "oooooohhhh cuz we r connected olumi_day ~SPOOKY yeah?^^" (reblip)
olumi_day Anthony hamilton – Lucille
JaDoodles Within Temptation- Restless. Originally was one of their singles in 1997.
bendrix SendN this DOPE A$$ track to all my hip hop dudes & dudettes. Please Watch!!!!

frontier psychiatrist

| play
JaDoodles Within Temptation- The Last Time. I love this band and somehow I fell across this song that I do not have!
Diordan never enough 301 - Bob Marley - Burning & Looting
flyingscot_54 Another highly evocative work with video and music entwined in a manner that engages.
star45 Garbage – Nobody Loves You
Kaleem1966 This songs got such the sexy flow....... i had to rb myself. Wrap those chocolate legs.... (reblip)


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jet333 Suren Asaduryan – Navavar (reblip)
ZachsMind Don't miss tonight's kevinpollakschatshow.com where @kevinpollak's guest is Mike Bender. The blip is Rick Yost. No relation. I just like the song. =)
Punched Liking this one :: Morcheeba – Rome Wasn't Built In A Day :: (reblip)
seaghost Smile though your heart is aching, Smile even though it's breaking...

SmileCharlie Chaplin

| play
star45 Sugarcubes – I'm Hungry
Cyad @ninajanky: "MUSE" <-- absolutely love that one. thx for blipping it. (reblip)


| play
FineNGood And if its an all night thing And we fall like a tear falling To the ground I'll never come around And you'll never hear a word from me....
DarinErin The ultimate love song. This gives country a good name.

Mi Amor & Basokin of D.R. Congo in Africa

| play
ladypn My friends they all agree, give in too ardently
Flying_Roundhouse Nouvelle Vague – The Guns of Brixton

Deanna Bogart_03_Love and Attention (feat. Tommy Castro) (Deanna Bogart-Tommy Castro duet)

| play
T_DeBarros vi @ladypn ``thx Lady ☺ i ♥ the song,1st time 4 me !! ☺ ..@bendrix ..LOL got a few of those,but,need chinese 4 my MBS degree,internatl mkt & finance☺ (reblip)


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T_DeBarros Hey there @MrThompsonR !!! Its been a long time, thx 4 thinking of me, darlin'. i need 2 get back 2 u. I have explorer 9 and i cant hear any music. :( (reblip)
DDPlay Hi sweets! @lostndanet: "*hugs* hiya! @donnadontplay: "rb luv! @lostndanet: "Na! Na! Na! Na! Nanana! ~ So What!!!!""" (reblip)

P!nkSo What

| play
DownLow well dug. thx! @4C3C: "You'll dig this! Enjoy (reblip)
sheryonstone that' ll be enough of that !!

Deanna Bogart_10_Thrash Boogie 2010 (instrumental)

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ladypn Its a curious sight - that rabbit mask scares me! ;) Everything's gonna get better even if it never gets better... I believe that!
LadyStarlightD Cake "Short Skirt, Long Jacket" ...and a loooooooong jacket...

Short Skirt Long Jacket by Cake

| play
Buster66 Roger Whittaker - The Last Farewell
T_DeBarros Johnnie Lee Hooker. Baby Lee. ```ooh lala...this song feels so good...` **hey there darlin' @ZONE !! all is well in my world. things go by fast. U? ☺
T_DeBarros Johnny Cash. Walk the Line. ~i keep a close watch on this heart of mine..because ur mine..i walk the line..~ ``Enjoyin a Bass beer..join me? ☺

Johnny Cash-Walk The Line

| play
ladypn The freshest oxygen I've ever inhaled.
ksablan Here is the song that turned me on to Cullum. The Pharrell connection is too cool. @crowjane @T_DeBarros
sheryonstone G'nite, sleep well.@JosieMK thanks for all the props/replies "is signing off with 1 of my fav songs @abukum @backtoback @blm849 @ginhollow @DownLow (reblip)
La_Tua_Cantante Aurora-The Day It Rained Forever...Lizzy Pattinson's (yes Rob's sister) old dance band :) Enjoy!!!
T_DeBarros Astrud Gilberto. vi @Anahitama ```WOW ...awesome ... havent heard this in years.... nice !!!! ☺ (reblip)

John Mayer Slow Dancing In A Burning Room

| play
star45 Sleepthief – Rainy World
avivajazz Béla Fleck ≈●≈ Places ≈●≈ Moontides
JaDoodles Morgan Page feat Lissie- The Longest Road. @T_DeBarros Great! Excited because I was just hired today as full time graphic designer at my internship!
Rella sorry...just need...my dose !!!
JaDoodles Joshua Radin- No Envy, No Fear. Played at the end of a Bones episode, the one with the circus.
bendrix Amazing what I find on my iTunes... I love blip cause it forces me to discover tracks I didn't know I had ... U ChillOut kats will really dig this
madhatter1982 This girl has a great voice- full of soul!

Leela JamesMusic

| play
Redrobinrockn 4 ALL our great TwitterSistas! RT @PeaceDiva ...You're Unbelievable...EMF ♫ http://blip.fm/~43j1w (reblip)


| play
LeidysMC And don't you ever wonder What became of all the time
H_Money i know i know, it's dance time


| play
kbuech @mushka @rammerplex you're right of course... running towards empty for days! A new take on an old fav... thanks friend! (reblip)
bendrix HAPPY 1 WEEK Blip Anniversary... This is the song U should celebrate with. U R a lovely "Blip-Raven" => @SufiBEE
JaDoodles Skeeter Davis- The End of the World. Hello @T_DeBarros! Used to hear this on my dad's radio station all the time. Station is gone now.

Skeeter Davis - The End of the World

| play
ladypn Love me faster than the devil Run me straight into the ground Drowning deep inside your water Drowning deep inside your sound You're always floating
organicsue Theresa Andersson – Birds Fly Away
Clark_Griswold I'm going to be cleaning out my closet tonight. I now have over 800 followers and following over 1400. I would like it to be 800/800. :)
bendrix This song is WOW - its absolutely incredible have either of U heard this? => @KathysArt @T_DeBarros (reblip)

Nitin SawhneyNadia

| play
zamfir Ahhh. Good morning.

Begin the Beguine - Cole Porter

| play
Jacidbazz [ Ursula Rucker – Read Between The Lines ]
mystwitch too early for me but I missed this last night-goes on my list vi@seamuse, @Edainsmom rb@BigBadMike_CanadaFirst777 [special thanks!] (reblip)
avivajazz Laïs | Serenade Portugaise // Belgian trio mixing Flemish folk roots with noise rock & indie pop
ladypn Did precisely the same thing @broadwayg... played as the next title, but this song... Which I LOVE by the way! Did you know that? ;) (reblip)
bendrix YO!!! This is iLL. U should get=> @bduubz @Ad_C @Deesound @Ashakur @djvaan @Karuna & @ZOEBOE in on this too. Xcellent blip sir=> rb@djilo=> (reblip)

Polyrhythm Addicts - Big Phat Boom

| play
TrainWreckRadio I got an hour to burn.......I guess I can spend it - Down By The River (reblip)
aquietend @CLARITY - no, picture is from an independent photog...but I'd never thought how Pythonish it really is. Thanks for listening and the compliment!
hollygolightlee probably not what i should be thinking about in christian political thought.
hollygolightlee Is it only 19 more days?


| play
BellaClairdeLune Like a chld my eyes are open.. Open your own world into everything
ChicagoCher George and Whitney...pure magic....
ChicagoCher One of the best love songs ever written....
fuzzygroove La La La La La La - This Max Raabe is ridiculous, but awesome. (reblip)
crowjane Head still WhirlN form Mavis&Bill~She had to go thru SomethN to sing that song. When they did Let's do it again" the Black Church had a hizzie fit~lol
Stubbytate crazy fun song..love the video, too, cause Walken is the greatest
ptneves http://bit.ly/r6c65 I've been there today, simply mesmerizing

bachAudioTrack 12

| play
MapleLeaves time for some joke covers of preposterous songs. rb@Foolish (reblip)


| play
musicRmemories Just an amazing song...listen carefully to the words they R beautiful !
SatinLegsSmith @T_DeBarros @m2ederson Thanks for the shouts. Life is fine; good to see ya. Hope you like this one, too.
feguedes Are you gonna be my girl???????????????
kareliz RB @messinwiththekid: "very cool performance, nice match with my previous Sinatra blip..just forget about Dave at the beginning :)" (reblip)

TILA TEQUILA, T-Pain, J-Shin "Send Me an Email"

| play
smilecin a favorite from the past...btw (blip.up) rocks!
BingFutch Thanks for test-driving this tune for me, folks. The responses have been great so far. "Icarus" - first studio draft.

Bing FutchIcarus

| play
PoetaChica For My Tweep, @tayalejandro This is a throwback for me :)
avivajazz Arturo Sandoval – I Remember Clifford
ambit oK....I know it's late.....but backup off me......or I'll put ur tail on BLAST~MARCUS MILLER~Classic!

Marcus MillerBlast

| play
Mtii thanks..." we've got to stop.......@DJDolceVita

Teena Marie We've got to stop (meeting like this) 1984

| play
melodyofurlife Hey, somebody got her name right. Here is: Santigold - Anne (King Britt Moody Mix)

Monte Montgomery: World Turning (unplugged)

| play
DHS SWEET Dr Hook blip! thx@Msbiddybytes: "Better Love Next Time.....♫ ♫ ♫" (reblip)
T_DeBarros Delfonics. Daddy's Home. vi @ShiaoMei ....OMGosh !!!! i tried lookin 4 this many times, not there !! THK U !!! my dad is a marine 27 yrs..our song☺♥☺ (reblip)
GR8FL Seal singing this beautiful track...
SatinLegsSmith Out of the Sounds of Blackness, Ann Nesby has a singular voice. And again, Happy Mother's Day. @goldenlady1
thepetshopboy diggin' on the new WHITE LIES album...especially "to lose my life"
star45 The Lovemakers – Whine & Dine – hello @T_DeBarros - thanks @polarkat so out of props!
Request_Line Triple Play 2/3 - Toto – Hold the Line

TotoHold the Line

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stena [The Weepies –Painting By Chagall] for some reason, thought you might like this ;) thanks!@dspringfels fwd: @Corts @Karuna @organicsue @sheryonstone
SavannahsGMA For all our soldiers-everywhere!!!Tim McGraw – Please Remember Me
Embroidery @diva42: "Player – Baby Come Back I always thought this was Hall and Oates "Pick Your Pleasure Poison http://www.pleasurepoison.com (reblip)
lipsync @T_DeBarros..... you reminded me of this song with your Bjork blip XX
T_DeBarros vi @avivamagnolia this song takes me away!! beautiful,thx!!~~i had such a BLESSED DAY..fashion show,brunch,peach mimosas,fab friends,dinner ☺ (reblip)


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lovebeyondwords Good Lovin' for all the mothers-all the time. Holla!
T_DeBarros hey there @rerkaizen i have been UPLOADING MUSIC too but it wont allow me to put in my name to keep inventory. is it my program or blipup ? THX (reblip)
MrThompsonR @T_DeBarros Yes, I remember... Good night my "Latin Lady"
Shyone44 I look to the sea, reflections in the waves spark my memory.... Some happy, some sad.... I think of childhood friends and the dreams we had....

StyxCome Sail Away

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