TallicaRules OK...One more by The White Stripes and I'm outta here. Ball And Biscuit. Take it away Jack White... Sweet dreams everyone!! =)
TallicaRules Love this song. Love this band. It rocks, don't you think! Porcupine Tree...Open Car


| play
TallicaRules Oldie but goodie...The Cult-She Sells Sanctuary
TallicaRules The Cranberries-Salvation

Cranberries - Salvation

| play
TallicaRules This song pretty well sums it up...Evanescence-Call Me When You're Sober
TallicaRules Right up there...One of the best. Pearl Jam-Jeremy
Turntablez It's been a long time .. but her voice takes me back!
TallicaRules When all else fails,Blip a song.Coldplay-Clocks


| play
TallicaRules It's midnight somewhere...From "Hedwig And The Angry Inch"- Midnight Radio
by_starla [The White Stripes - Walking With A Ghost]
by_starla [The White Stripes - Shelter Of Your Arms]
TallicaRules Think her music stands the test of time. Neneh Cherry-Buffalo Stance
TallicaRules This might work better for what it's worth.Bourgeois Tagg-I Don't Mind At All

Bourgeois Tagg - I Don't Mind At All

| play
TallicaRules Dr.Dre & Eminem Vs. The White Stripes-Forget About Dre.
TallicaRules At this show in 1984 & this song always brings it back. Prince & The Revolution-The Beautiful Ones
bretlinford Oh, YEAH! Dream Theater's new single. Don't miss the great Petrucci solo! A Rite of Passage. w00t!
TallicaRules Patiently waiting for a new album... Evanescence-Weight of the World
TallicaRules Rockin'song.Tracy Bonham-Mother Mother
TallicaRules Don't Laugh. This song is incredible. Lyrics at end are a bit cheesy but otherwise...
JodyGirl162 ღღღa chica that spins some awesome tunes!"" (reblip)
TallicaRules The White Stripes- The Hardest Button to Button
TallicaRules I LOVE this song!!! Beth Orton-Stolen Car
TallicaRules Off her new album...Just listen. Paula Cole-14

Paula Cole14

| play
TallicaRules Gearing up for tomorrow night in Fresno!! No Doubt-Platinum Blonde Life
TallicaRules If you haven't heard of TC, you should listen. She tears it up. Toni Childs-Don't Walk Away
TallicaRules OK. I'm dating myself ...The Motels-Mission of Mercy
TallicaRules WHOA!!!This is MY COUSIN! Sari Baker-Tired


| play
TallicaRules The Judybats-She Lives(In a Time of Her Own)
TallicaRules Garbage-Cup of Coffee...Lyrics are haunting if you've ever split up w/someone you really loved.
TallicaRules Porcupine Tree-Even Less(Live) Love this...
TallicaRules Metallica-One (SF Symphony) Nice version
TallicaRules Adam Lambert-A Change Is Gonna Come...Even if you don't like Idol, you've got to appreciate these vocals.
TallicaRules INXS-Need You Tonight..M.Hutchence had it all...Love him.
aimeejolene Don't be jealous that it's my Friday now. (reblip)
TallicaRules Eurythmics-The Miracle of Love...My fav.Eurythmics song period.

The Miracle of Love-Eurythmics

| play
TallicaRules Ghinzu-Jet Sex Wow! What a pretty song...New to me.

GhinzuJet Sex

| play
TallicaRules The White Stripes-Girl,You Have No Faith In Medicine
TallicaRules Limp Bizkit-Nookie...Woodstock 99-Wild!!

Limp BizkitNookie

| play
TallicaRules James Blunt-Carry You Home...Think this song is sooo pretty.
TallicaRules Prince-The Ladder...Great Prince tune!!
TallicaRules Limp Bizkit-Phenomenon..."All you hollywood rockstars..."
TallicaRules Metallica Hero Of The Day-Devil's Dance w/SF Symphony
TallicaRules Prince-Face Down...Love this.
TallicaRules Kid Rock-Bawitdaba(Woodstock 99) I was there...almost 10yrs. ago & it was wild.
TallicaRules Neneh Cherry feat. Michael Stipe-Trout
TallicaRules Phish-Wasting my time...Beautiful Phish tune


| play
TallicaRules James Blackshaw-Fix...Wow! This is a pretty song.(instrumental)

james blackshaw fix

| play
TallicaRules Jefferson Starship-Awakening...This is the song I meant to play off album (Freedom at Point Zero) Great song!!
TallicaRules Michael Jackson-Superbowl performance...Forgot that he did this...Sooo cool!

Michael Jackson Superbowl

| play
TallicaRules Heart-Sweet Darlin...Favorite Heart song hands down.
TallicaRules Michael Jackson-Jam...Simply amazing.Would have given anything to see him.

Michael JacksonJam

| play
TallicaRules Jewel-Foolish Games...Always loved this song...Beautiful rendition.
TallicaRules Alicia Keys-Fallin'...Classic. Gotta love this one!

Alicia Keys- Fallin' (Live Wetten Dass)

| play
TallicaRules Adam Lambert-Feeling Good...Saw him last night. He is crazy good!!
TallicaRules porcupine tree-Pure Narcotic
TallicaRules Paula Cole-14...If you like PC but haven't heard this,it's a good one.

Paula Cole14

| play
TallicaRules Yeah Yeah Yeahs-Heads Will Roll

Yeah Yeah Yeahs "Heads Will Roll"

| play
TallicaRules Jewel-Foolish Games...I haven't heard this in ages.

Jewel "Foolish Games" (1998)

| play
TallicaRules Kate Bush-Love & Anger...I haven't heard this in a zillion years...Love it.
TallicaRules Yeah Yeah Yeahs - "Heads Will Roll"

Yeah Yeah Yeahs "Heads Will Roll"

| play
TallicaRules The Ting Tings-That's Not My Name...TT's Rock!
TallicaRules The White Stripes-Ball And Biscuit Live...This song simply rocks.
TallicaRules The White Stripes-Walking With A Ghost
TallicaRules Yeah Yeah Yeahs-Dull Life Factory Superstar
TallicaRules Adam Lambert - Time For Miracles...If need be,I'll sit through 2012 just to hear AL
TallicaRules Regina Spektor-The Call...Wow! This song is new to me...Quite lovely!

Regina Spektor- The Call

| play
TallicaRules 30 Seconds To Mars-Kings And Queens...Great song but super cool video. (cinematography)
TallicaRules Phish - Waste...Favorite Phish song hands down...(I think?! =)

Phish- Waste

| play
TallicaRules Aimee Mann - Mr. Harris...If this isn't the sweetest little love song I don't know what is. Love this.
TallicaRules Metallica - No Leaf Clover S&M...It's just a freight train coming your way.
TallicaRules Yeah Yeah Yeahs - All I Want for Christmas...Love this!
TallicaRules Ana Sivera - Live At West Road Concert Hall...Trust me on this one.She is AMAZING.

Ana Silvera Live At West Road Concert Hall

| play
TallicaRules Greenday - Wake Me Up When September Ends...Loved "American Idiot" last month. Was so sorry to see it end!

greenday - wake me up when september ends

| play
TallicaRules Porcupine Tree - Arriving Somewhere But Not Here
TallicaRules Green Day - 21 Guns...Performed by the American Idiot Cast
TallicaRules Adam Lambert - Broken Open

Adam Lambert-Broken Open with Lyrics HQ

| play
TallicaRules White Stripes - Ball and Biscuit...Love this rendition...

White Stripes-Ball and Biscuit

| play
TallicaRules The Ramones - Merry Christmas (I Don't Want to fight Tonight)
TallicaRules Lady Gaga - Christmas Tree (feat. Space Cowboy)
TallicaRules Do They Know it's Christmas

Do they know it's christmas

| play
TallicaRules Porcupine Tree - Normal

Porcupine Tree Normal

| play
TallicaRules The Motels - Mission of Mercy
TallicaRules The Ting Tings - We Started Nothing
TallicaRules The Mars Volta - Televators
TallicaRules Kid Rock - Bawitdaba Woodstock 99...This concert,as wild as it was,rocked! Check this out!
TallicaRules porcupine tree - even less


| play
TallicaRules SuperTramp - Goodbye Stranger...Oldie
TallicaRules Neneh Cherry - Buffalo Stance...I always thought NC was cool & way ahead of her time.
TallicaRules The Cure - Picture of You Live...Golden oldies and lots of memories today...
TallicaRules Sarah McLachlan - Possession (Live)...Does she rock or what? Would love to see her!

"Possession (Live)"

| play
TallicaRules Metallica & Ozzy Osbourne 25th annual Hall of Fame Concert NYC....Iron Man/Paranoid...Love this.

Metallica & Ozzy Osbourne

| play
TallicaRules Evanescence - Bring Me To Life (Live in Las Vegas)...C'mon!! A new album please!
TallicaRules porcupine tree - Open Car

Porcupine Tree Open Car

| play
TallicaRules Julian Lennon - Valotte...Big time fav. song.
TallicaRules Berlin - Tell Me Why

BerlinTell Me Why

| play
TallicaRules Porcupine Tree - Even Less ...Never enough PT

Porcupine Tree ..... Even Less

| play
TallicaRules Garbage - Stupid Girl

GarbageStupid Girl

| play
TallicaRules Prince - The Truth...One groovy Prince tune.
TallicaRules Paula Cole - Me...Live at Perching Square...If you like PC,check this out!
TallicaRules The Dead Weather - Will There Be Enough Water...Live from The Roxy
TallicaRules Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Kiss Kiss...Happy V.Day!!
TallicaRules Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Runaway
TallicaRules REM - Nightswimming...Man,I love this tune! Great version


| play
TallicaRules Lenny Kravitz - Believe...We just want to be loved...
DareToEatAPeach Yeah, but that's like, mutual, sweetness. @GarlandGrey Thanks for correcting my typo. I was annoyed by its existence.
TallicaRules Blackfield - Thank You (Live in NY)
TallicaRules Beth Orton - Stolen Car
TallicaRules Heart - Mistral Wind

HEARTMistral Wind

| play
TallicaRules Pet Shop Boys - Love Comes Quickly...Just when you least expect it...Just what you least expect.
TallicaRules Blackfield - Blackfield...live in NY
TallicaRules Madonna - Everybody...Vintage Madonna


| play
TallicaRules Green Day - Give me Novocaine

Give me novocaine -Green day-

| play
TallicaRules White Stripes - Ball and Biscuit...OK.Just one more. Love this version!

White Stripes-Ball and Biscuit

| play
TallicaRules Green Day - Restless Heart Syndrome... Happy Weekend!
TallicaRules 4 Non Blondes - Spaceman
TallicaRules Sheryl Crow - The Difficult Kind
TallicaRules Porcupine Tree - Lazarus...Hope everyone is having a good evening!!!
TallicaRules "Hedwig and the Angry Inch" - Origin of Love...If you saw the movie,you probably remember this song. It's a good one.
TallicaRules Peter Gabriel - Flume

Peter GabrielFlume

| play
TallicaRules Faith No More at Coachella 2010 - Epic

Faith No More at Coachella 2010- Epic

| play
TallicaRules Lauryn Hill - Interlude/Freedom Time...Unplugged
TallicaRules Macy Gray - Sexual Revolution ...video is...wow!...funny!
TallicaRules Garbage - Drive You Home...Can't get it together today. =(
TallicaRules Hedwig and the Angry Inch - Midnight Radio...
TallicaRules Steven Wilson - Sentimental (acoustic)...@progman Thank you for the tune!! Have a good day!!
TallicaRules Porcupine Tree - Arriving Somewhere But Not Here
TallicaRules Biglf - Blackball...Right on! Bigelf is finally on Blip!!
TallicaRules Bigelf - The Game...

BigelfThe Game

| play
TallicaRules Bigelf - Counting Sheep...Can't believe I am only now discovering this music...
TallicaRules Foxboro Hot Tubs (Green Day) - It's F*ck Time @Don Hills,NYC...Now this is a party.
TallicaRules Bigelf - The Evils Of Rock and Roll...Love this band. Great video.
TallicaRules Howie Day - Come Lay Down
TallicaRules Porcupine Tree - Halo

Porcupine Tree ........ Halo

| play
TallicaRules Christina Aguilera - You Lost Me (Idol 2010)...If you missed the finale,check this out...AMAZING. Gave me chills.
TallicaRules Linda Perry/Grace Slick - Knock Me Out...HAPPY JUNE!!

Linda Perry Grace Slick-KNOCK ME OUT

| play
TallicaRules Porcupine Tree - Open Car...The very beginning.

Porcupine Tree Open Car

| play
TallicaRules Gogol Bordello - Dogs Were Barking...If you've never heard of this group,check out the video...they're a trip!
TallicaRules Gogol Bordello - Start Wearing Purple @ Coachella 2008
TallicaRules Foxboro Hot Tubs (Green Day) @Don Hills - Broadway/El Camino...Now this IS a party...Check out BJ.
TallicaRules Hedwig and The Angry Inch - Midnight Radio
TallicaRules Green Day - Jesus Of Suburbia
TallicaRules Velvet Revolver - Dirty Little Thing
TallicaRules George Michael - Father Figure (Live In London 2009)...This is beautiful...Mesmerizing.
TallicaRules Porcupine Tree - Lazarus

Lazarus Porcupine Tree

| play
TallicaRules Porcupine Tree - The Sound Of Muzak...SO EXCITED!Just got word that PT is doing a show Aug.11th at The Warfield!! =)
TallicaRules Tori Amos - Hey Jupiter (Live)...Hope that all dj's are having a good day! Off to the races...
TallicaRules Lady Gaga - Speechless...Can't help it! I like this song!!
TallicaRules Michael Jackson - Earth Song
TallicaRules Michael Jackson - Billie Jean (Live in Bucharest 1992) ...Amazing.
TallicaRules Supertramp - Goodbye Stranger...One more oldie.
TallicaRules Love of My Life - Queen (live 82')...Thank you for the info! @LindyLuv
TallicaRules Heart - Dream of The Archer...Have a great Friday everyone!
TallicaRules Linda Perry - Sunny April Afternoon...Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Linda Perry Sunny April Afternoon

| play
TallicaRules The Rolling Stones Ft. Jack White - Loving Cup
TallicaRules The White Stripes - Ball and Biscuit Glastonbury 2005...I never get tired of this tune!
TallicaRules Prince - Creep (Live @ Coachella 2008)
TallicaRules Green Day - Jesus of Suburbia Chicago 7/13/09...This is cool!! Billie Joe pulls a kid on stage to play guitar!! Great!
TallicaRules Bigelf - Gravest Show On Earth...Just discovered www.hotmovies.com. Great selection of concert dvd's!! Check it out!
TallicaRules KT Tunstall - Other Side of The World
TallicaRules The Cranberries - When You're Gone..@LindyLuv Hey there!Did get PT tickets...Really excited! (good seats...lower loge!) Love The Warfield.
TallicaRules Metallica - King of Nothing


| play
TallicaRules Tracy Bonham - Mother Mother
TallicaRules Green Day -East Jesus Nowhere Shoreline 9/4...My Mom on stage with Billie Joe...I am still in shock and so is she!

Green Day ~ Shoreline ~ East Jesus Nowhere

| play
TallicaRules Porcupine Tree - Blackest Eyes...First time I've been able to make myself listen to PT since missing Warfield show...(sick)
TallicaRules Styx - Renegade...Does anyone remember this song? LOVED Styx back in the day...


| play
TallicaRules Styx - Crystal Ball...Oldie
TallicaRules Doobie Brothers - China Grove...Feeling nostalgic this morning...
TallicaRules Donna Summer - Last Dance
TallicaRules Aldo Nova - Fantasy...This was a cool song (back in the day),but this video is hilarious.

Aldo Nova-Fantasy

| play
TallicaRules Van Halen - Ain't Talkin' bout' Love (Live 1986)...Great footage!
TallicaRules Bigelf - Evils of Rock n' Roll..Met Damon Fox at PorcupineTree show in Chicago. Way cool dude...

Evils of Rock n' Roll

| play
TallicaRules Phish - Character Zero (Billy Breathes)
TallicaRules Evanescence - Lithium (Acoustic)...Hi @LindyLuv...Glad that you enjoyed the show! (It must have been awesome). I wanted to be there sooo bad! =(
TallicaRules Petula Clark - Downtown....Classic....=)
TallicaRules Howie Day - Ghost ...Forget "Collide"...This is the tune..."A lie from the first now I'm denied by the ghost of you."

Howie DayGhost

| play
TallicaRules Green Day - East Jesus Nowhere

Green Day East Jesus Nowhere Official Video

| play
TallicaRules Porcupine Tree - Way Out of Here

Porcupine Tree- Way Out of Here

| play
TallicaRules Muse - Unintended...Beautiful song/melody
TallicaRules Adam Lambert - Mad World...Depressed.This song has haunted me all day..."The dreams in which I'm dying are the best I've ever had." Now I know why...
TallicaRules The Rocky Horror Picture Show - Science Fiction Double Feature
TallicaRules Porcupine Tree...Even Less

Porcupine Tree ..... Even Less

| play
TallicaRules Paul Oakenfold - Delerium - The Silence (DJ Tiesto remix)
TallicaRules Green Day - Last Night On Earth
TallicaRules Michael Jackson - Jam

Michael Jackson- Jam (Official Music Video)♫

| play
TallicaRules Green Day - Boulevard of Broken Dreams

I Walk Alone Green Day

| play
TallicaRules Billy Idol - Eyes Without a Face...Looking forward to Dec. show.
TallicaRules My Chemical Romance - Vampires Will Never Hurt You
TallicaRules For Whom The Bell Tolls - Metallica...(Day On The Green 1985) Saw this show...About a century ago...(Seems like another lifetime!)
TallicaRules U2 Spider Man - Turn off the Dark: "Boy Falls From The Sky"...Gorgeous tune...I'm guessihg that this show will be nothing less than epic...
TallicaRules George Michael - Praying For Time...20Yrs. since its release,this song still gives me chills & remains one of my favorites...
LindyLuv I know it's winter but I just had to hear the Satch make that Ibanez "Black Dog" scream...
TallicaRules Sara McLachlan - Adia...Just scored tickets for Oakland Feb.6th show...Have ALWAYS wanted to see Sara McLachlan! So excited!
TallicaRules Like this alot! @marijaanadj: "Kyuss – 50 Million Year Trip" (reblip)
TallicaRules Death Cab for Cutie - The Lack for Color...Have never heard this band before...Liking this alot.
TallicaRules @LacedRadio: "The Fifth Dimension – Aquarius [#Live-HQ /Music Vid 1969]" (reblip)
TallicaRules Elton John - Empty Garden...Love...
TallicaRules Love this...@LindyLuv: "off to the grocery store..." (reblip)
TallicaRules Moulin Rouge - El Tango De Roxanne...Classic scene...
TallicaRules Moulin Rouge - Come What May..."The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return."
TallicaRules Dr.Dre & Eminem - Forgot About Dre...(From "The Up In Smoke Tour"DVD)..."These days,everyone wants to talk like they have something to say..."
TallicaRules Prince - Whole Lotta Love
TallicaRules Prince and the Revolution - Computer Blue
TallicaRules Prince - The Beautiful Ones...Saw this live in 83...As powerful today as it was in the day...
TallicaRules Love this...Sleep tight!@LindyLuv: "goodnight, sweet dreams, drown with me..." (reblip)

Porcupine Tree-Tilburg 2008-Drown With Me

| play
TallicaRules Porcupine tree - Even Less

Porcupine Tree ..... Even Less

| play
TallicaRules Street Corner Symphony-Creep (The Sing-Off NBC)...Haven't been following this show but caught this tonight. WOW!

street corner symphony "Creep" The Sing-Off NBC

| play
TallicaRules Yeah Yeah Yeahs - All I Want for Christmas..."This is for people we LOVE..."
TallicaRules Michael Jackson - Can You Feel It...All that I can say is damn...

Michael Jackson Can You Feel It Excellent sound edition

| play
TallicaRules Metallica -Enter Sandman...Metallica fans... This is OLD (relatively)...Good sound!
TallicaRules Paper Not Plastic- An Acid Trip Dance...Just stumbled upon this...Video is a serious TRIP...

Woods: an Acid Trip Dance Video by Paper Not Plastic

| play
TallicaRules @LindyLuv Speaking of the 70's...Remember this one? Always loved this...Hope you're having a good weekend!
TallicaRules Annie Lennox - Primitive...Thank God for music...
TallicaRules Paul Oakenfold - Delerium The Silence
DDPlay Merry Christmas! @ReflectionSymmetryFilms: "@donnadontplay: "~ Pearl Jam - Someday at Christmas ~"" (reblip)
TallicaRules Everything But The Girl - Driving...Forgot about this tune...Love this!
TallicaRules Evanescense - Good Enough...Happy weekend to all

Evanescense- Good enough

| play
TallicaRules Green Day - Last Night On Earth...Bit the bullet & purchased tickets to see Billie Joe play St.Jimmy...New York City!
TallicaRules The Eagles - I Can't Tell You Why...(Very few songs by The Eagles on blip...Kinda weird?)
TallicaRules Prince - Face Down...Just heard that Prince is doing two shows in Oakland next week...Life is suddenly A-OK =) Woo Hoo!
TallicaRules Evanescence - Going Under (Acoustic)
TallicaRules Evanescence - My Immortal...Amy Lee: Please come back and make more music!
TallicaRules Prince - Partyup...Prince tonight! Can-Not-Wait!


| play
TallicaRules Garbage - Cup of Coffee...LOVE this song...
TallicaRules Prince - Mountains...Anyone else see Prince last night in Oakland? Unreal.


| play
TallicaRules @LindyLuv: Sleep tight and have a wonderful weekend! Hope all is well... (reblip)
TallicaRules Porcupine Tree - Sentimental...Couldn't listen to PT for awhile...Can't explain why. But finally...
TallicaRules A Fine Frenzy - Almost Lover... Happy Thursday!!
TallicaRules Blackfield - Zigota (Philadelphia,PA) 5/19/11
TallicaRules Jimi Hendrix Experience 2011-Kenny Wayne Shepherd ..."Voodoo Child" - I was reluctant to got to this show & it ended up being ABSSOLUTELY fascinating!

Kenny Wayne Shepherd LRBC 2011 "Voodoo Child (Slight Return)"

| play
TallicaRules Blackfield - Thank You...On my way to Kmart in Lakeport to pick up the two 5' lighted palm trees I had to have last night...Have a good eve. everyone!
TallicaRules Karry Walker-Fillmore...Karry released an album in 1999 "Lipsbury Pinfold"...One of my favorite of all time... Don't know what happened to her?


| play
TallicaRules @LindyLuv ...If only I hadn't been SO nervous...I wanted to say something profound...but couldn't get the words out! =( (reblip)
TallicaRules A Fine Frenzy - Hope For The Hopeless...Good Tuesday morning everyone.Up all night...Insomnia is my new disorder...
TallicaRules Green Day - Before The Lobotomy
TallicaRules Comfortably Numb - David Gilmour & Kate Bush....This should be good...
TallicaRules Green Day - Last Night On Earth...My beating heart belongs to you...Billie Joe...Sorry honey,how about those Giants??!
TallicaRules Garbage - Cup of Coffee
TallicaRules Porcupine Tree - Open Car...Happy almost 4th of July everyone...Rock on & have an awesome weekend!

Porcupine Tree Open Car

| play
TallicaRules Garbage - Supervixen...I am hearing rumors that Shirley Manson & the band have been working on new material...Keeping fingers crossed. Back to work...
TallicaRules Blackfield Live in NY - Epidemic
TallicaRules Garbage - You Look so Fine...Could listen to this song over & over & over again. Get's me.
TallicaRules Blackfield - Lullaby...


| play
TallicaRules Porcupine Tree-Way Out Of Here...If only

Porcupine Tree "Way Out Of Here" Live in Tilburg (HD)

| play
TallicaRules @TropicsZ4: "INXS – Beautiful Girl"....Great song! Loved & will always love Michael Hutchence.... (reblip)
TallicaRules @technogiant: "Death In Vegas – Dirge" Listened to a lot of your tunes tonight...Excellent! (Love discovering 'new' music) (reblip)
TallicaRules Eminem & Dido - Stan (Live in London 2001)...Memories
TallicaRules Dre & Eminem- Forget About Dre (Live) More memories...

Eminem and Dr Dre live official concert Forget about Dre

| play
TallicaRules Soundgarden - Outshined...SG are playing Thurs.night in SF so I got tickets...Don't know if my husband likes them but figured the odds were good...?
TallicaRules George Michael - Praying for Time (American Idol 5/21/08)

George Michael Praying for Time live American Idol 5/21/08

| play
TallicaRules Annie Lennox -Legend In My Living Room (Live NYC)
TallicaRules The Cars - Why Can't I Have You?
TallicaRules Rent - Seasons of Love

Seasons of love from RENT the movie

| play
TallicaRules Hedwig and The Angry Inch - Midnight Radio
TallicaRules Tori Amos - Precious Things
TallicaRules Peter Frampton - Lines On My Face Live Oak. Auditorium 8/31/79

Peter Frampton Live Oakland Auditorium, Aug 31, 1979 "Lines On My Face"

| play
TallicaRules Metallica - King of Nothing...Happy Birthday to James Hetfield & me! We were born same day/same year...Which means I should get to meet him,right??!


| play
TallicaRules Tori Amos - Putting the Damage On

Tori Amos Putting the Damage on

| play
TallicaRules Tori Amos - 1000 Oceans

Tori Amos 1000 Oceans

| play
TallicaRules Portishead Live - Hunter

Portishead Live (French Concert Privee) Hunter 02

| play
TallicaRules Heart - How Deep it Goes...Watching a VH1 Classic Concert: Heart "Dreamboat Annie" ...30 years since it's release. Hard to believe!! Sounds so good...

Heart- How Deep it Goes

| play
TallicaRules B Springsteen - Light of Day(Live in NYC 2001)Watched this on VH1 tonight.Never 'got' his HUGE appeal..until now. Now I get it. MESMERIZING. Must see!
TallicaRules Blackfield - 1000 People...Signing off... Have a great weekend & if you go to Kim's wedding,have a glass of champagne for me.
TallicaRules Dido - Here With Me: Forgot what a great song this is...

DidoHere With Me

| play
TallicaRules Eminem ft. Dido - Stan (live)
TallicaRules Tori Amos - 1000 Oceans

1000 Oceans Tori Amos

| play
TallicaRules Tori Amos - Northern Lad

Tori Amos Northern Lad

| play
TallicaRules Tori Amos -Hey Jupiter

Tori Amos best live Hey Jupiter ever

| play
TallicaRules Prince - Adore

Prince- Adore

| play
TallicaRules Heart - Unchained Melody (live) If you've never heard this version,it is incredible...

Heart- Unchained Melody (Live)

| play
TallicaRules Porcupine Tree - Even Less

Even Less

| play
TallicaRules Porcupine Tree - Way Out Of Here (Live)

Porcupine Tree "Way Out Of Here" Live in Tilburg (HD)

| play
TallicaRules Porcupine Tree - Arriving Somewhere But Not Here (Live)

Porcupine Tree Live 2006 Saarbrücken Arriving Somewhere but not Here ?

| play
TallicaRules Green Day -Wake Me Up When September Ends
TallicaRules Green Day - Last Night On Earth (live)

Green Day-Last Night On Earth Official Video

| play
TallicaRules Til Tuesday - Voices Carry Live 1985

Til Tuesday: "Voices Carry" LIVE 1985

| play
TallicaRules Beth Orton - Stolen Car
TallicaRules Porcupine Tree - Black Dahlia @LindyLuv Thanks for all the props the other night! (I've been listening to your tunes...So many great ones new to me!)

Black Dahlia By Porcupine Tree Lyrics

| play
TallicaRules Steven Wilson - Harmony Korine

Steven Wilson "Harmony Korine" HD

| play
TallicaRules Tori Amos - Enjoy the Silence
TallicaRules Pearl Jam - Jeremy Haven't heard this in ages...

Pearl JamJeremy

| play
TallicaRules No Man - All Sweet Things @LindyLuv Do you think that SW might bring tour to the US? I inquired at Burning Shed & they said no... but you never Know.
TallicaRules Porcupine Tree - Where We Would Be...TGIF!

Porcupine Tree-Where we would be

| play
TallicaRules Big Elf -Evils of Rock n Roll...Fell in love with these guys when I saw them in Chicago w/PT in 09'..Hoping for a new album.

Evils of Rock n' Roll

| play
TallicaRules Bigelf - Money Machine
TallicaRules Blackfield - Some Day...Mesmerizing

Blackfield- Some Day

| play
TallicaRules Endless Blue - The Feeling...Incredible song
TallicaRules Sarah Jaffe - Better Than Nothing...Gorgeously raw
TallicaRules Devics -The Man I Love...If you've never heard this,it's worth a listen...Very interesting version.

Devics ~ The Man I Love

| play
TallicaRules Tori Amos - Silent All These Years("Live at Montreux 91/92")Tomorrow nights show has arrived just in time.She has this way of restoring peace & sanity
TallicaRules Evanescence - Call Me When You're Sober
TallicaRules Yeah Yeah Yeahs - All I Want for Christmas
TallicaRules Eddie Van Halen solo - Intro to Eruption...This is worth a listen. He's always been amazing...

Craziest Eddie Van Halen solo ever!

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TallicaRules Blackfield - Blackfield (extended) Happy New Year! @LindyLuv, @DirtyUrine & everyone else out there! Best wishes for a spectacular year!
TallicaRules Endless Blue - Lilacs...I've become addicted to this haunting and hypnotic sound.

Endless BlueLilacs

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TallicaRules Eminem - The Way I Am(The Marshall Mathers LP)...Angry
TallicaRules Kid Rock - Bawitdaba(Woodstock 99)...Can I press restart and go back about 12-13 yrs? A simple do-over?
TallicaRules Porcupine Tree - Lazarus...Thank you SW for being BRILLIANT.


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TallicaRules Prince - Face Down

Prince Face Down

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mark_till Coldplay - Paradise (Official)
TallicaRules Madonna - Candy Perfume Girl

Madonna Candy Perfume Girl (Rock Version)

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fxp123 :))) @Jaana: "I do hope so :))@fx:not to worry dear @bradysbeau1:sorry....;hehe my own big ole butt got..hello woot!!!@fx: Queen - 'Fat (reblip)
TallicaRules Vicci Martinez - Fire In Her Eyes...Have been so burnt on reality shows that I skipped "The Voice"...Just saw VM on Jay Leno. HUGE TALENT. Wow.
TallicaRules Jack White & Alicia Keys - Another Way To Die...Don't know where I've been. Had never heard this. Love it...

Jack White & Alicia Keys "Another Way To Die"

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TallicaRules Steven Wilson - Harmony Korine...@LindyLuv Are you going to SW's show at The Fillmore? Stupid question! Just found out about it today & CANNOT wait.

Steven Wilson "Harmony Korine" HD

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TallicaRules Porcupine Tree - Lazarus...Just when my love for music & the passion it once brought to my life had become stagnant,came PT & SW. It's all OK now...


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TallicaRules Metallica-Death Magnetic Tour/Full Concert France Nimes 09'-Stumbled across this last night.It's OUTRAGEOUS!Venue/Cinematography/Audio/Set List.Enjoy!
TallicaRules Annie Lennox - A Whiter Shade Of Pale
TallicaRules Garbage - Cup of Coffee...No matter how many times I hear this song...what can I say. It hurts.
TallicaRules Phish-Waste.How I miss you Mikey.I'll love you till the end of all time.You were a brilliant,remarkable human being who touched my life like no other.


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TallicaRules Elton John - Empty Garden...


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TallicaRules Tori Amos - Jackie's Strength


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TallicaRules Howie Day - Brace Yourself
TallicaRules Howie Day - The End of Our Days...It's all a little bit strange...
TallicaRules Green Day - Before The Lobotomy

5.- Green Day- Before The Lobotomy [Lyrics] [HQ]

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TallicaRules Green Day - Last Night On Earth

Green Day-Last Night On Earth Official Video

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TallicaRules Beth Orton - Stolen Car
TallicaRules Beth Orton - Blood Red River
TallicaRules Barbra Streisand - Mother
TallicaRules Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Maps acoutic AOL Sessions
TallicaRules The Raconteurs - Bang Bang...Have spent better part of day watching this show on new Sony media player.(How did I manage w/o that thing??!Lovin' it..)

Raconteurs Bang Bang

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TallicaRules Amy Winehouse - Back to Black (Acoutic at the Orange Lounge 2007) Love this recording.
TallicaRules B-52's-Revolution Earth...Favorite B-52's song...Didn't play it last night.
TallicaRules What a great song...@mark_till: "Chris Cornell [Stripped Sessions] 2 - Like a Stone" (reblip)
TallicaRules Porcupine Tree -Normal

Porcupine Tree-Normal (Full Version)

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TallicaRules porcupine tee - Cheating the Polygraph

Porcupine Tree // Cheating The Polygraph // Live from Anesthetize

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TallicaRules Steven Wilson - 'Harmony Korine' Live in Mexico

Steven Wilson 'Harmony Korine' Live in Mexico (HD)

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TallicaRules Porcupine Tee - Half Light

Porcupine Tree "Half Light" Live in Tilburg

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TallicaRules Porcupine Tree - Baby Dream In Cellophane

Porcupine tree-Baby Dream In Cellophane

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LindyLuv everyone is slipping backwards


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TallicaRules Storm Corrosion - Drag Ropes(Chaining My Heart)
TallicaRules Steven Wilson -Belle De Jour
TallicaRules Steven Wilson - Postcard
TallicaRules This woman's work

Kate Bush- This Womens Work

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TallicaRules Toni Childs - Where's The Ocean


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TallicaRules Alison Moyet - Invisible
TallicaRules Alison Moyet - Honey For the Bees

Alison Moyet "Honey For The Bees" 1984, Dominion Theatre ~ 2

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TallicaRules Jack White - Sixteen Saltines & Freedom at 21 (Live - Holland 2012) Rippin' version.
TallicaRules The White Stripes - Ball and Biscuit (Live) Under Blackpool Lights...Can only go so long without hearing this song.
TallicaRules Never Have I Ever - @HotChelleRae...Happy Weekend
TallicaRules Bigelf - Evils of Rock n' Roll...Don't you know it's the evils of rock n' roll?

Evils of Rock n' Roll

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TallicaRules Lake -We're so Glad To Be Here...Does anyone remember this?
TallicaRules Lake - Into the Night (Paradise Island 76)...Talk about memories...Wow!
TallicaRules Metallica - Creeping Death...When all else fails,rock n' roll.
TallicaRules Annie Lennox - Cold (Live at BBC Sessions)...Annie Lennox fans: You MUST hear this rendition of "Cold"
TallicaRules Prince - International Lover
TallicaRules Blackfield - Blackfield "...We had it all in the blackfield"
TallicaRules Blackfield - Epidemic live in NY
TallicaRules Porcupine Tree - Open Car...I'm getting feelings I'm hiding too well...

open car -porcupine tree subtitulada.wmv

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TallicaRules Steven Wilson - Harmony Korine Live...Perhaps,best concert ever.

Steven Wilson 'Harmony Korine' Live in Mexico (HD)

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TallicaRules Heart - Sweet Darlin' Live - Best Version IMHO
TallicaRules Hedwig and Angry Inch - Tear Me Down...Loved this movie and soundtrack
TallicaRules Hedwig and The Angry Inch - The Origin Of Love
killerswp @GattoMaoz: "..."thanks, for the props...stellar list as always." (reblip)

The Raconteurs "Steady, As She Goes"

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TallicaRules Hedwig and the Angry Inch - Wicked Little Town
TallicaRules Hedwig and the Angry Inch - Exquisite Corpse
TallicaRules Hedwig and the Angry Inch - Wig In A Box
TallicaRules Hedwig and the Angry Inch - Midnight Radio
TallicaRules Green Day - Wake me up When September Ends live HD
TallicaRules Any Phish fans??? - Tubthumping Hampton,VA...A Classic

Phish 1998-11-21 Tubthumping, Hampton, VA

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TallicaRules Great song to end the 'eve' Love this!@killerswp: "have a safe and peaceful morning....... out" (reblip)
TallicaRules Blackfield live in NY - Blackfield
aZiMuTh Porcupine Tree > Staircase Infinities [1994] > Cloud Zero

Porcupine Tree: Cloud Zero (Staircase Infinities)

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TallicaRules Steven Wilson -Please Come Home

Please Come Home ~ Steven Wilson

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TallicaRules Steven Wilson & John Wesley - I Drive The Hearse..."Lying is another way,of hoping it will go away..."
TallicaRules Steven Wilson - Postcard
TallicaRules No Man - Things Change (Live)
TallicaRules No Man - All The Blue Changes Live
TallicaRules Blackfield - Lullaby


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TallicaRules Porcupine Tree - Half Light

Porcupine Tree "Half Light" Live in Tilburg

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TallicaRules Portishead - Roads...Gets me everytime.
TallicaRules Garbage - Cup of Coffee...gets me everytime.
TallicaRules Def Leppard - Hysteria
TallicaRules Sia - Lullaby...Close your eyes,listen to this song and wish upon a star. Haunting but so beautiful.

SiaLullaby [HQ]

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TallicaRules Sia - I'm In Here...Haunting. I spent a huge portion of my life on airplanes. This video hits almost too close to home.

Sia I'm In Here HD Official Video

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TallicaRules Tori Amos - Precious Things
TallicaRules Peter Gabriel - In Your Eyes...Secret World Live Tour
mark_till Florence + the Machine | Never Let Me Go (MTV Unplugged)

Florence + the Machine | Never Let Me Go (MTV Unplugged)

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TallicaRules Porcupine Tree - Way Out Of Here Live in Tilburg

Porcupine Tree "Way Out Of Here" Live in Tilburg (HD)

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TallicaRules Loverboy -Working For The Weekend...and oh boy,here it is...any Loverboy fans in the house?!? C'mon baby let's go... 80's Rule! haha!

Loverboy- Working For The Weekend

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TallicaRules The Motels - Mission Of Mercy...I never knew mercy could feel this way
TallicaRules Pat Benatar - You Better Run...One of the first videos on MTV
TallicaRules Kansas - Carry On Wayward Son

kansas, Carry On Wayward Son

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TallicaRules Foreigner -Dirty White Boy

Foreigner-Dirty White Boy

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TallicaRules Madonna - Justify My Love...Retro hour is wrapping up
TallicaRules Ted Nugent - Free For All...One for my husband.
TallicaRules Def Leppard Hysteria (Full Album)...In the beginning...
TallicaRules Supertramp - Take the Long Way Home...Friday night retro hour is over.

Take the Long Way Home Roger Hodgson with Orchestra

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TallicaRules John Waite...Change

John Waite Change

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TallicaRules Metallica - Enter Sandman...It's retro after-hour countdown...
TallicaRules Metallica - Harvestor of Sorrow live 2009 Nimes,France n
TallicaRules Metallica Concert - Francais Pour Une Nuit France Nimes...Watching this show...Awesome.
TallicaRules Eddie Van Halen - Eruption...Good morning.
TallicaRules @mark_till: "Welcome to the Black Parade My Chemical Romance(Lyrics in Description)" (reblip)

Welcome to the Black Parade My Chemical Romance(Lyrics in Description)

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TallicaRules Fleetwood Mac - The Chain
TallicaRules Haven't heard this in ages...Wish I were in Malibu...@mark_till: "Hole - Malibu" (reblip)


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TallicaRules Green Day - She...Love you @BJAofficial

SheGreen Day

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TallicaRules Nice to 'see' you!TY for props!@DirtyUrine: "Soundgarden - Come Together (Beatles cover) !! ~ Here come old flattop he come groovin' up slowly... \m/" (reblip)

Come Together ~ Soundgarden

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TallicaRules Green Day - Carpe Diem...Love the new album. Right on Green Day.
TallicaRules Steven Wilson - Postcard
TallicaRules Bigelf - Gravest Show On Earth
TallicaRules Chris Cornell - Black Hole Sun
TallicaRules Green Day - Give Me Novacaine...It's going to be that kind of day.
TallicaRules The Motels - So LA

The Motels So LA

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TallicaRules Don't Give Up - Peter Gabriel/Paula Cole
TallicaRules Evanescence - Weight of The World

evanescence "weight of the world"

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TallicaRules Tori Amos - Tear In Your Hand
TallicaRules Bourgeois Tagg - Best Of All Possible Worlds
TallicaRules Green Day MTV Live in Italy 2005 Full Concert - Green Day Fans...This is an excellent show.
TallicaRules The Ting Tings - In Your Life
TallicaRules Slash - Back From Cali (Made in Stoke w/Myles Kennedy)
TallicaRules Steven Wilson - Please Come Home

Please Come Home ~ Steven Wilson

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TallicaRules Slash/Myles Kennedy - Ghost (Made In Stoke)
TallicaRules Back From Cali - Slash and Myles Kennedy ("Made In Stoke") I CAN'T get enough of this collaberation...Love every song.
TallicaRules Slash/Myles Kennedy - Night Train (Made in Stoke)...Can't get enough of this concert.
TallicaRules Sia - I'm In here...Haunting.

Sia I'm In Here HD Official Video

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TallicaRules Blackfield - Blackfield (Live in NYC)
TallicaRules Blackfield-Thank You..@LindyLuv How are you?Any PT news? I'm so afraid they may go off in their separate directions & that will be it. Would be trag