Tammay This is the song of the nation because everybody has done cocaine except for me.

Eric ClaptonCocaine

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Tammay This is song when you break with your partner.


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Tammay I am a native New Yorker. It had to find people like me in New York. Born and Raised New Yorker.
Tammay Ah yeah you remember the hustle. Did you have your hustle on. I did
Tammay Yes we all was born to Be ALIVE!!!
Tammay Let's go to Broadway and 45th st. AH sugar honey Ice Tea. Yeah it's me Tammay T. Blipping the morning away in the NYC.
Tammay OH OH I made my son listening to this song. Memory lane.

Power Ballads - White Snake - Is This Love

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Tammay Are you lonely. This song will make you feel happy to be lonely. Hey !!!!!
Tammay Hey I wanted you love but after having a little I don't want it anymore.
Tammay How can do the disco duck?

Rick DeesDisco Duck

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Tammay Who can do the disco duck? (reblip)

Rick DeesDisco Duck

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Tammay Who wants to be rich . Yes I wanna be riiiiiiiiiiiich!
Tammay I LOOOOOOOOOOOOve money. I wanna do good things with it.
Tammay Another Baby making song. Watch out Mr.Babyman.
Tammay It's about time for me to get between the sheets with sweetie.
Tammay I dedicate this song in the memory of one of the members of this group that past way earlier this week. God bless
Tammay Go ahead Eric play that guitar and that sing.
Tammay Burn that mother out!

50 Cent vs The Trammps - Disco Inferno (DJ Flash Clean Radio Edit)

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Tammay Good night time for bed. I going to Sweet Dream.
Tammay How wants a 100% percent of my love. I think not!! Enjoy
Tammay I love John. I hope you do too. He Loves to buy watches.
Tammay This is song when you breakup with your partner. (reblip)


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Tammay I am a native New Yorker. It hard to find people like me in New York. Born and Raised New Yorker. (reblip)
Tammay I'll be kissing your ass back to you.
Tammay coney Island is the place to go.
Tammay party time 9pm nyc time
Tammay OHHH it much. I gota go to the bathroom.

Luther Vandross-Never Too Much

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Tammay Don't let now we just got started.
Tammay ah yah do that sugar honey ice tea.
Tammay Yah LOVVVVVVVVE is happiness. whether you know or not. It's a challenge. Am I right?
Tammay Where are you? In Chicago, Detroit, or Washington DC. I know your thinking about me. Distant Lover. How many of you have one?
Tammay This is the song, you go John play that sugar honey Ice tea.
Tammay who's in a transformation. Nona is the queen of house music.
Tammay Oh yeah memory lane. This makes me laugh. back down memory lane.
Tammay I gotta get up early in the morning. Good night peps
Tammay Are you lonely. This song will make you feel happy to be lonely. Hey !!!!! (reblip)
Tammay Follow my lead. I really don't like in rap but 50 is dope. Straight to the point. Follow my lead.
Tammay Let's start rocking in our seat. This is going to make you move.

ZhaneHey Mr. DJ

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Tammay I just want your KISS!!!!!


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Tammay I am sittin up in my room about to go to sleep.
Jacidbazz [♫ Deodato – Also Sprach Zarathustra ♫] @DJiMatt - My favourite Deodato (in fact would be in my top 10 tunes ever, if there was such a list)...
toosweet4rnr [Steve Miller Band – Fly Like An Eagle] @lilwldchld I'm oop for you too, of course. ;) (reblip)
Tammay Again and Again. We all do that when we know it's not good for us we do it again.

John LegendAgain

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Tammay You can be my candy man sugar honey lollipop. (reblip)
Tammay I am not wasting no more time. Here I go again
ladypn Thanks @Flying_Roundhouse! I like this cover! I'm OOP for you too! (reblip)
Tammay Everything is alright with mmmmmmmmme. How about you?
Tammay Do you need some discipline?
Tammay I love all of you DJ's just the way you all are!!!!
Tammay May 3 birthdays - Pete Staples, British bassist, [The Troggs - Wild Thing] you move me. (reblip)

TroggsWild Thing

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Tammay what the fuck!!!! he is stupid
Tammay oooops it sunday sorry about. I guess?
Tammay She does, @LYRIC. I love this one!! this is the song forever. I just brought my at BB kings june 28 in NYC. (reblip)
joshuadenney We'll go with Billy Joel - We Didn't Start the Fire @brightondoll
Tammay who has pussy control. Shit I know I do! (reblip)

PrincePussy Control

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powerhealths Stephen Bishop – It Might Be You ...."Whether you think you can or whether you think you can't, you're right!" ~ Henry Ford
PauloStudio2002 Tracy Chapman – Baby Can I Hold You ★★★★★★★★
jakks @OhAngie @ccmaine ♥ A girl's just as hot as the shoes she choose ♥

Lady GagaFashion

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Tammay I'm Coming Out !!

Diana Ross - I'm Coming Out

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ARDELLd Get on up on the floor, cause we gonna boogie oogie oogie til you just can't boogie no more.
Diordan never enough 32 last one I promise! Off for real now! leavin' blipland!
Tammay This chanel has a wonderful voice the song is awesome. Listen

ChanelMy Life

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Tammay Hey Chanel do you thing, Dance!


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deepbluesealove RB TY@ricktrevino: ""♥Far Away♥ ~ Nickelback" Love Nickelback *waving hi to anyone I missed saying hi to* Hope everyone's having a great night! (reblip)

NickelbackFar Away

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Tammay @Tammay: "This chanel has a wonderful voice the song is awesome. Listen" (reblip)

ChanelMy Life

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Tammay @Tammay: "Good night time for bed. I going to Sweet Dream." (reblip)
Tammay This was the hit for Herbie back in the days. listen to it goodnight for real.
Tammay This song is for all the Entrepreneurs Out there.
Tammay you Iggin me. You remember this.
JJDJ The Delfonics – Didn't I (Blow Your Mind This Time)
fishdeleuze Lauryn Hill and Curtis Mayfield – Here But I'm Gone
Tammay Promises means nothing. Things change everything change.
asterion @Jaymie: "was up?" ...nice song, um not much, im debating on going to Gerlach tonight or tomorrow, sup wit joo??? will be on playa tomorrow... (reblip)


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Tammay Life is a Game. Make sure you play it.

Bobby WomackGames

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DJMees @caporal_chef: "Hey you, how are you sweetie? Sophizz,..do you dance Hatchk?@Sophizz: @caporal_chef ..one of the best music and my fav Hindi tracks! (reblip)
MauiMichael Uncle_Cracker_-_Follow_Me


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TrainWreckRadio @TrainWreckRadio "I like the Bullet Boys version better, but...... Blip no-gotz! (reblip)
DensOnAir "♪♫♥ The Doobie Brothers – Minute by Minute ♥♫♪" (reblip)
charmstep Sylvia – Pillow Talk - When you get a minute...

SylviaPillow Talk

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doosethangs beware beware they out there watch your back trust me!!!!! my back wore outtttttttttttttttt!!!!!!

the o'jays-back stabbers

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TrainWreckRadio @punky07 where would you like it? (((rofl))) (reblip)

Pour Some Sugar on Me

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Tammay I love this song. Love don't Love nobody, Listen!
Tammay Flash backs


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Tammay "I can't help it , I love this song !"" (reblip)

MaxwellNo One

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digitpt Julie London – Why Don't You Do Right? - another unforgettable one ...
tunology Muddy Waters - Rollin' Stone
Choonks You're Addicted To Twitter...You know you're Addicted To Twitter when.... ( fill in the blank space)...lol

"The Twitter Rap Song" You know you're ADDICTED to Twitter when (Original by Aron Ching)

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BLUESBOOGIE yes....I did blip this B4.....It's EXCELLENT!! Eric Lindell – See Me Through
charmstep @jilliansaint: "synchronicity ~ charmstep blipped this and right next to it on my screen is @joechapman." Hey Ms J! I'm putting that vibe out there. (reblip)
rsmac Claaaassic!

Chi-Lites - Try My Side Of Love

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camillek >.< Awesome find @verawooten>.< Luv this tune >.< : "Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress – The Hollies" (reblip)
ambit Chaka Khan~ from the The Madea soundtrack~KEEP UR HEAD UP!! Ahhhh!!!
ambit Welcome Home Michael Jackson.....Peace Be with ya! Celebrate me Home~Kenny Loggins
Joleesa Me fui a costa rica Para tomar y sufear Placticaba con la rasa Cause they know who we are Si no so dio cuenta Then I bet you never were...
hotbeans @Matericia: ""We play these parlor games, we play at make believe" Indoor Fireworks Elvis Costello and Lucinda Williams" (reblip)
CrescentMoonglow I have to go now,the family has arrived. Please y'all, have fun Blipping,but save some great good fun for when I come back later! ; ) BlipLove to all!

English Beat: "Save It For Later"

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greyeyesgabriel @Strangestlover: "It wouldn't even have to be a song about U.S.A, Boss is all American either way. I'd like a dollar for every time someone blips this (reblip)
Tammay u know what up

donell jones : U know what's up

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GinaDunc Wyclef Jean - Ghetto Supersta: (Reggae Remix)
MrsASoprano All out of props - how 'bout a reblip? :)@rock2monster: "@MrsASoprano: "reblip @AnnieLicious"~two of my favorite women with a big "A"... " (reblip)

Luke Bryan-All my friends say (Lyrics)

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FlavorOfLife ♪Come Back To Me (Seamus Haji & Paul Emanuel Radio Edit) - Utada
ambit Fresh Jazz Cafe: Now ya'll know the Cafe just don't happen without some Paul Taylor~Nightlife! Thanks 4 listening @MONIKKA @Tammay @NicoleVSanchez

Newfoundland Music - Irish Descendants Rocky Road to Dublin

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Tammay surpa surpa Cat ! eat that Cat!

Super Cat and Nicodemus Live

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Marcus Miller Blast Live @ One Shot Not

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Tammay @Tammay: "Good Afternoon Blip DJ's, Keeping it REAL!" (reblip)
Tammay Let's Celebrate Life Blip Dj's Happy Friday!
CamelWalk Right on. @BJohnson: "Billy Brooks - Forty Days #funkfriday " (reblip)

Forty Days-Billy Brooks.

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