Tequila_Kitty Beautiful song for a beautiful day
rulerofdazzle Paris no matter what baby.

Alexz Johnson - I Still Love You

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filthylawyer i can't help it - this is such an awesome song
filthylawyer Dead denny song! seriously, that's what i think everytime i hear this song

01_Damien Rice - 9 Crimes

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FPonTheDL The Cranberries - Linger
FPonTheDL Ides of March - Silverstein


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FPonTheDL Let's all get depressed now. Yes? Raining in Baltimore Counting Crows
FPonTheDL Hahahaha flashback

Mr Big - To Be with You

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FPonTheDL @FakeCedric How I felt when I was without you.

Bob Marley - No Woman No Cry(1)

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FPonTheDL Such a beautiful song...


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FPonTheDL @VampireKitteh for you.
FPonTheDL @youngsy79 For you ;) (reblip)

Galway Girl

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GrizzlyCullen @Sassette In honor of your being at the race. Kickin' it old school
GrizzlyCullen I was jammin' to this with Bells on our last hunting trip

OMCHow Bizarre

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edwardcullen @EdwardsHeroin Stay with me until I die, there's nothing else I wanna try.
edwardcullen @EdwardsHeroin You took me in gave me something to believe in, that big old smile is all you wore. Girl you make me feel things I never felt before.
DJCedric @FakerParis So this is me and you :)

Eagles - Life In The Fast Lane

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FPonTheDL @FakeCedric haha old song but it fits the situation
FPonTheDL Fast Car - I need a really fast car! Get me the fuck out of here!!!!
Tequila_Kitty this song is gonna be stuck in my head the rest of the day (reblip)
filthylawyer Pretty much my fave song ever - dream on.

Aerosmith - Dream On

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DJCedric @RPattzson for the best brother anyone could ask for
FPonTheDL Gotta love this guy playing guitar. (reblip)
FPonTheDL Same mistake...because I've made them over and over again :(
FPonTheDL Shine on ... this is for someone.

James BluntShine on

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FPonTheDL For a friend so glad you are in my life.

Proud Mary - CCR

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rulerofdazzle @tequilakitty You are very loyal and the kingdom loves you :)
Tequila_Kitty @stealthplacemat singing it now...

Violent Femmes - Gone Daddy Gone

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cheesy80s @tequilakitty is the one natural one take it easy, @marciovillar can take it in stride...
rulerofdazzle @RPBeanieLawyer @FakerParis@FakeCedric @robs_maid @GuardKitteh @Pattzson @Vodkashirt @RoyalsPRnmore @tequilakitty
jerryp007 All I Wanna Do is have some fun before I die....Sheryl Crow
jerryp007 "Every Breath You Take"... every move you make I'll be watching you.......
jerryp007 "My Front Porch Looking In......Lonestar
jerryp007 Fire And Rain........James Taylor
jerryp007 Just had to play a few of my favorites..........Waiting on the World to Change.....
jerryp007 Sounds like you have slimband @ladypn....Hi I had to switch to Firefox to get mine to work better. My Explorer just didn't work well on Blip (reblip)
jerryp007 Stop This Train....I want to get off and go home.....
pagankelly i've seen better days....then the bottom drops out..
jopicar Me encanta esta canción!, espero que os guste :-)


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TravisGreenlee Happy Friday! Here's to a wonderful weekend. .. Love this song, reminds me of growing up in Southern California. Ahhh, back in the day :-) (reblip)
gleegirlrock Hi @storylet,I shoulda read the emails b4 I said goodbye,lol!Glad U liked it,a little more guitar indulgence for you!~Clapton&Beck~Outside Woman Blues
prisalles Minha primeira paixão aos 11 anos!
DJCedric @A_Sturridge

Foghat-Slow Ride

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valia Jackie Wilson – Nothing but Blue Skies (reblip)
m_e_g_a Johnny Nash – I Can See Clearly Now (reblip)
JustChristy @RPatzUnrulyBrow @KingdomGuard One of my faves

Kings Of LeonRagoo

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Lyrical_Cici Found this through stealthcheese. Now I love this band.
CarolannB What a powerfully beautiful voice...Martin Luther McCoy "While my Guitar Gently Weeps"
CarolannB One of Bon Jovi's lesser played songs, "My Guitar lies Bleeding in my Arms"
edwardcullen Everytime I hear this song, little people dance jumpstyle in my head. How odd.

6. Go All The Way (Into The Twilight) - Perry Farrell

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7. Tremble For My Beloved - Collective Soul

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FPonTheDL I dreamt I was missing. You were so scared, but no one would listen because no one else cared.
1MoreMonth4Izzy David Gray-This Year's Love..the ONLY sappy song I will play after this only happy
muttnik The offspring ...Self Esteem ...
muttnik The Cardigans ...My favourite Game ... thx @zucker :)
muttnik Yay!..it's 9.30pm in the UK ... "Blinded by the light"... #earthhour


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LyricalGangsta_ the Coral. If you don't know this band, you should.
filthylawyer i dont know what it is about this song. love it. (reblip)
Shana34 Letters To Cleo - Cruel To Be Kind
Shana34 Jessica Riddle - Even Angels Fall
Lushbag Ok so here is one song...how do I make a playlist or do I just have to keep posting one song at a time?

Kings Of LeonFans

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Mia__Cavallo The Decemberists - The Rake´s song
djcicidamermaid No really, this one Jo Jo. It is my very favorite song of all time.

The CureLove Song

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wishdreamhope First blip ever. & this is confusing.

Jimi Hendrix - Little Wing

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DJCedric oh god, this REALLY takes me back
DJCedric i cant believe i havent blipped this before
MollysChambrs @tequilakitty here you go! This is a favorite of mine!

SiaBreathe Me

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JustChristy @KingdomGuard @marriedtokitteh LOL Is this what happened?
JustChristy Ok, so it's not their classic stuff, but I still like it...
LyricalGangsta_ you guys have to hear what i play though. I cant just preview it. sorry.
1MoreMonth4Izzy Colour Revolt "Mattresses Underwater" this song is amazing
Tequila_Kitty This song has the best chorus to sing while drunk. Be sure to stress the accent. (reblip)


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Aerosmith - Dream On

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Sandman5 Well my baby, she's alright, Well my baby, she's clean out-of-sight, Don't you know that she's ... shes some kind of wonderful....

Pat Benetar - Love is a Battlefield

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wishdreamhope somone once sang this to me. gues who it be
CarolannB I would've really loved to have been a fly on the wall if this had really happened...LOL
CarolannB "Lovin' you isn't the right thing to do..."
hunkamania Damn pipes. James Morrison – Nothing Ever Hurt Like You
De_Ann "....got the pedal to the floor and my life is running faster" (reblip)
lobo199 let´s enjoy my fifty (listeners)!! yuuuuuju ... ;-) (reblip)
Mia__Cavallo Awesome tune! Finger Eleven - One thing vi@mklopez
MikeTrap More high school friends on FB today. Feeling a bit nostalgic...


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MikeTrap Are we human? Or are we dancer?

The KillersHuman

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MikeTrap Wha? A vodka martini? Maybe just one...
DJ_Jules Green Day – Wake Me Up When September Ends
FakerGigi sometimes no comment is needed.
edwardcullen Even though this song breaks my heart, I love it.
proud_to_be_mom wanna break up with someone? Use this song... could be a good help
proud_to_be_mom beautiful version.. I love it
FakerGigi I'm not particularly religious, but she's one of my favorite acoustic voices.
waitin2bdazzled This song is adorable. Love Brandon Flowers!!
DJ_Jules I think she wrote this about me !!

Alanis Morisette - Im a Bitch Im a Lover

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Tequila_Kitty Matt Wertz – Counting to 100
DJCedric maybe cook a meal and enjoy some wine listening to this...
iamloz Pez - Festival Song ~ i luv this song ....
Tequila_Kitty Beck – Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime
bobthompkin Dishwalla – Find Your Way Back Home
bobthompkin when you're drunk, laying back while smoking, put this on. it's euphoric. and quite disturbing.

311Love Song

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bobthompkin I have to convince my mind that I have lost hope. That I was ready for death. This plays in my head -ha.
FPonTheDL Dishwalla - Every Little Thing
coriemichele Stina Nordenstam – Little Star
bobthompkin Jeff Buckley – If You See Her, Say Hello
De_Ann wow- true!LOL@Sally29 Love this song - he sounds so beautifully scottish here, (have to love any song that references Paisley!) (reblip)
Tequila_Kitty Death Cab For Cutie – Your Heart Is an Empty Room
SirenSongTX @tequilakitty Sufjan Stevens- Chicago... I've blipped it a bajillion times
tsarnick @lownleeeynjul "best cover ever" Gary Jules - Mad World

Gary JulesMad World

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Tequila_Kitty Jonathan Clay – 02_after_all
Tequila_Kitty Kaki King – Life Being What It Is
Tequila_Kitty Mason Jennings – The Mountain
Tequila_Kitty Tom Waits – Take It With Me
Tequila_Kitty Billy Joel – And So It Goes

Soul Decision- Faded

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wishdreamhope loooooooovoes htis songgggg
ohsostealth Bobby Long – Left to Lie // <3 LOVE!! :)
FPonTheDL @rpatzhood David Usher - St-Lawrence River What do you think of this song?

David Usher - St. Lawrence

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tsarnick jolie holland - nothing to do but dream
LyricalGangsta_ this one is for the cat with the lime on his head... always makes me laugh

The ChampsTequila

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Tequila_Kitty Violent Femmes – Gone Daddy Gone
RPatZHood Woooooo! What is the dilly kids??

Sweet - Ballroom Blitz

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LyricalGangsta_ I will start out slow and easy
CarolannB *Burnin' the Midnight Oil* "Pink Houses" - John Cougar Mellencamp

John Cougar Mellencamp - Pink Houses

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CarolannB *Burning the Midnight Oil* "Behind Blue Eyes" - Limp Bizkit
tynie626 The Last Goodnight – Pictures of You
dupea For all the things that you've given me will always stay broken, but I'll never throw them away
Wolverine51 Stone Temple Pilots – Interstate Love Song
Wolverine51 Lovin' Spoonful – Summer In The City...enough winter,ty bring on the summer!!
planetparker The beginning of this song just absolutely terrified me as a kid.
Mia__Cavallo It´s getting late. My little heart needs a rest. N8 #tweethearts: Depeche Mode - Dream on
bobthompkin people were listening to this here (don't ask) so i thought i'd share
LyricalGangsta_ Take this song for example. Religious, yes. Beautiful, yes. Inspiring, yes. Even a heathen like myself can appreciate this.

Mike & The Mechanics - Silent Running

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bobthompkin everyone is my lover. and yet im lonely? how incredibly odd.
bobthompkin i count the blue stars when everyone else counts the shooting ones. (reblip)
BoomBoomBetty i could have this song implanted as a computer chip in my brain. and yes i would take it to a deserted island. then no one could see me dance. (reblip)
Tequila_Kitty @hennehton @mrhunker @iamhenrymorgan lunatic is right lol (reblip)