Brian @rico00 - are you sure this is your favorite tune?
tapps i disagree... it *is* what good girls do. :-)
TheDiva No Music station is complete without Party Ben!
Miss_Bella @TheDiva PB is a really chill guy. He worked with Dean Gray mashing up the whole Green Day album.
TheDiva One of *THE* Best Mashups you'll ever hear!!
Miss_Bella the guys from this band are awesome.

Veruca SaltSeether

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TheDiva do do...


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TheDiva Kickin off the day with my current fav. Mashup!
TheDiva Mashin thru the 90s...

Decade Of 90's Part 1 [By Dj Axel^]

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TheDiva One more mashup, then time out for a little @Pandora...
jeffhinz Scalpers charging $22k for 1 Madonna ticket on floor,10th row. Guess I'm not going. 10/6 will be a Blue Monday ;)
TheDiva Don't want no short...mash-ups! ;)
TheDiva "We like the cars, the cars that go boom!"

L'Trim Vs Armand Van Helden Vs Beatles Vs Gary Numan - My Other Car Is a Beatle

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TheDiva "This is why I'm Hawt"

Pour Some Hot Sugar (Mims vs. Def Leppard)

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TheDiva Was lookin for this one earlier! Love this mashup! Enjoy ;)

Don't Stop Believin' In Planet Rock (Journey vs. Afrika Bambaataa)

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TheDiva This mashup makes me wanna jump around like a girl! *woo*
TheDiva @Truejerseygirl & @banannie - One more to rawk out to!! XOXO
TheDiva Just discovered this one...glad to see could accommodate me...Tinnnnnn RoooF!!!! Rusted!
TheDiva Are you ready to bop around? Its The Awesome 80s Megamix!!! You're Welcome :)
TheDiva Time for a lil mashup goodness also known as Bootie!!
TheDiva @ArtyFufkin come on by and visit us sometime for BootieSL, you've been away too long!
tamaleaver A Sunday Morning Mashup Flashback!
TheDiva "Booty Booty Booty Booty Rawkin EVERYWHERE!!!" ....and I'm out the door! BBL
TheDiva I'm bouncin to the play back of last weekend's BootieSF/SL stream - Had to share some Mashup goodness!! :)
TheDiva double dose of Madonna, cause this is the one I was lookin for!
TheDiva Might as well spread some mashup goodness while I'm here! (wish my workernets would play nicer)...buffering...
TheDiva One more mash-up to get thru the afternoon slump. Gonna have to upload some tunes soon, someone is slacking! :)
TheDiva My Internet BLOWS! Not even sure if this is the track I think it is, but if it is, enjoy! If not...meh.IDK.

Boogie PimpsSunny

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TheDiva Dedicated to all the American Boys. (sorry @thirstforwine)
TheDiva This one is for my emo fix. Dedicated to "?"
AnjiBee Dug up Cybster DJ's Lovespirals VS AmpSex mashup called "Crazyless Mother" for all you mashup DJs out there!
cybster This one strolls along

Cybster DJScratch

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cybster This a breakbeat remix of my song "This Record". This has been been my most popular song of all time

This Record (b mix)

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cybster See what I get up to when I'm bored... no song is safe
jeffhinz Sooo much better than Kid Rock's "All Summer Long" - Boston Vs. Lynyrd Skynyrd Vs. Warren Zevon - Owwwooooo
TheDiva Don't Push Me Cause I'm Close to the Edge...
chaeseco I think every body needs a robot! I know I do... oh come on! admit it... you do too!
TheDiva *I just want to celebrate* A little premature, but I am hopeful!


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TheDiva @HopeClary - Hope this Cheers you up just a lil <3
TheDiva For the spirit who was lurking with me over the weekend
TheDiva A dedication to my laptop. Come back to me, I Love you!!
TheDiva YAY! My Laptop is ALIVE!! Everyone up and Dance!!!!

EARLYBIRD - Whitney Houston vs Cindy Lauper 'Girls just wanna dance with somebody'

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calamari @sengseng Check out this cover of Olivia Newton John's Lets Get Physical by Cat5
TheDiva *Twirls & Sings* Hold me closer Tony Danza...
duckyfresh This was requested at one of my shows, and I've listened a thousand times since.
EricaWallace Dedication #2 to @KatGlimmer (oh and to tom cruise for his performance in Tropic Thunder... )
Miss_Bella am I scaring you tonight?


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TheDiva @EricaWallace - This one seals the deal with @KatGlimmer ;)
EricaWallace @TheDiva aww no beastie boys ..not even this one!! @KatGlimmer you MUST make an exception!
TheWillEd I had a chance to go to school in Australia, my indecisiveness lost me the chance. 20+ years later I finally learned the lesson I should've then.
Miss_Bella it's you on me and me on you and you on me and me on you and you on her.
jeffhinz Awesome way to start the morning - let's all "Jump Dat Soulja"
TheDiva Yay! Pizza Party Time!! *throws oregano in place of confetti*
TheDiva Going out to HeatherFay & AaronK


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randymatheson A Flock of 'friggin' Seagulls... w00t w00t!!
HopeClary Blows kisses up to Heaven today! I miss ya!
TheDiva I'm fallin asleep... maybe I should dance....
Jenn1270 In response to TheDiva--Mahna, Mahna THE best version!!!
TheDiva Norwegian Recycling always have a nice mellow mashup style - perfect for a Sunday in the sun
TheDiva @HopeClary - Meet "Smoosh" - My latest girl band crush.

SmooshFree To Stay

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TheDiva @HopeClary - This is Frou Frou, which is Imogen + Guy Sigsworth...

Frou FrouLet Go

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TheDiva @HopeClary - Here is a Tegan and Sara Mashup. This concludes your New Music Friday Experience :)
KeikoTakamura Aromatherapy + Audiotherapy. Give me the feelgoods.
captaincrazypants I just stopped what I was doing, which was important, and stood up and rocked, unprovoked. I need a taco.
captaincrazypants I have to go pee, but wanted to share this first.


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DJDaleChumbley A little Magic from The Cars

The CarsMagic

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clarkowitz Just had to hear what Parker had to say.
maeda Lovefool – The Cardigans
chris_franz70 where two sets should be, you will only see one, as I carry you in my arms. @TheDiva

Pearl JamFootsteps

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threebears can hear the soft breathing of the girl that I love ....reflecting the glow of the winter moonlight ....with the first light of dawn I'll be leaving
HopeClary If you listened 2 mainstream rock in the 80s,90s,or 2000's,you will know every song...I promise @recr Thanks <3 (reblip)
HopeClary I am so High on Meds!!!!! OMG this is what the Dr. Ordered!!! "Blister in the Sun"

Violent Femmes - Blister in the Sun

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iKrissi ... this is my all-time favorite song. I can always apply it to any situation in my life - the good, the bad, and even the ugly.
TheDiva because "Jason Mraz - I'm Yours" just came on Pandora. Dedicated to (of course) @chris_franz70 :)
TheDiva In SL Takin some pics for Blogger challenge
TheDiva been a while ... [mashup]


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TheDiva "If you want to call me baby, just go ahead now" [mashup]
TheDiva for those of you who want to Dance your way thru Friday... [mashup]
TheDiva I can never get enough Beasties [mashup]

ComaRBoogstie Boys

| play
TheDiva Because I know how much @Katglimmer *hearts* the Beastie Boys ;) [mashup]
TheDiva It's crazy to walk like an Egyptian [mashup]
TheDiva Love can be so crazy, it makes you lose your breath [mashup]
TheDiva Still feeling a bit Crazy. . . [mashup]


| play
TheDiva still feelin' some crazy - KLF vs Gnarles Barkley [mashup]
TheDiva wanted this one earlier - Prodigy vs Buckcherry [mashup]
TheDiva Oh Thank You Mashup Gods (& Pheugoo) - My New Favorite! [mashup]
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