TheJkAAmuz Great band that have no idea what's doing now.. i'll check myspace though. give it a listen

D'espairs Ray- Murder Day live

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TheJkAAmuz : Misfits - "Skulls" ; one of those songs we'd give something to be the one who made it


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Schoork you mean Red rules?@Schoork: "hmmm red mainrules, what does it mean?:-D@lisa_michele: "Rote Hauptregel! (hopefully I said that right!) :-)@Schoork"" (reblip)
DirtyUrine rb@adbert: "#RiffTime [Motorhead – Ace Of Spades] Meu portugues é muiiiiiito ruim, meu portuñol é ótimo @natalynha! HAHAHA!!! XD" (reblip)
causasui This is how it should be DONE!!
Jltorrente Dim my eyes... Dim my eyes if they should compromise our fulcrum, what you need divides me then I might as well be gone. Tool Live... Someday...
SirJaz ♫ WASP – Animal (I F**k Like a Beast) Demo
jettboy Now I sleep in anarchy.


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MRVazzman Cada uno tine su manera de hacer las cosas...
Nilloc Haha ohh you silly bealtes you

Beatles- I'm a Loser

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DjValen Love it!

Nickelback If Today Was Your Last Day Lyrics

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Cordel do Fogo Encantado Ai se sesse

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kilwar Fair To Midland - Orphan Anthem '86
DirtyUrine ~ got a hold off some spoiled tequila last nite but better now! @DirtyUrine: "How ru doin' girl?" @krystalmystic fine thx. How are you." (reblip)

The Ramones Pet Sematary

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fausch Für einen guten Start in den Tag
Buzzz Tranquilo @DaniKiedis. Não esquenta nao ! :D
jaakuuta und ich hab' nicht gesagt!

RamsteinDu Hast

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sweetlilmZmia Faith No More – Epic Music Video
brokenmirror I f Rats were as big as humans, there wouldn't be an epidemic ; Deaths head would be among us,
AndreaUrbanFox new SKUNK ANANSIE #music "8yrs wait,One Little Indian emailed 2day about "Smashes And Thrashes" precursor(2 Nov album) (reblip)
hectorzido Silvio Rodríguez – La Maza <---muy buena rola escuchenla ---> un saludo a @sgttino ya caigale a Tijuana se le extraña
DJJackD I felt like I was in hell the next morning when I drank to much Tequila. I love Mexico and I am going back. ROCK!
Em_and_Murph ok, one might like this one! Rolling Stones - Paint it Black =)
ximon Ah! Ah! ...nice day, thanks!... a bit "hard" but "lucky@tubilino: "hola @ximon ...I suspect that has not been a lucky day ...I hope to be wrong! ;))" (reblip)

Blur - ParkLife

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Aprys @nervioso: "Otra de la misma clase. " Including the PMS thing for me. (reblip)


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weeddude pUFF pUFF pASS - the @weedudde #mmot Led Zeppelin -- Whole Lotta Love
CMFlinn Thats an A+++ rb@BBASE: "some A" (reblip)

AC DC Thunderstruck

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DJDarryl sheer class

Beautiful Child

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DesertLily لیلی

Lily Afshar ~ Kara Toprak

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keskenja loca :) gracias ;) @CMDoria: "U r welcome ;o) If i could, id give u more!! @keskenja: "thank u!!!!!!!!!! @CMDoria: "1001! hehe RB@keskenja: "weeeeee (reblip)

Kreator-Violent Revolution (High Quality)

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DJJuxtaposedJunkie ~ WOO HAAA!! Most Violent/Scary/Disturbing Music Videos! ~ : The Smashing Pumpkins - "Zero"

The Smashing Pumkins "Zero"

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DJJuxtaposedJunkie ~ WOO HAAA!! Most Violent/Scary/Disturbing Music Videos! ~ : Pearl Jam - "Do The Evolution"
sarahcarina Rage Against The Machine – Kick Out The Jams
DirtyUrine for those listeners who demand only the very best! ~ G3 (Satriani, Vai & Petrucci) - "Smoke On The Water" - live in Tokyo ~ vi@OmeRoon (reblip)

G3 "Smoke On The Water" Live in Tokyo

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DamnTheMan Alright y'all. This super Dj --->@creativeness<--- only needs a measley 172 more listeners to reach 1000! Dig in for the long haul and get creative! (reblip)
tjps UR2 awesome ~ TYSVM sweetie!! Mad blip luv for >> @DirtyUrine: "CONGRATS AGAIN @tjps!!!! I speak for a 1000+ listeners when I say I Want You Around!" (reblip)
DamnTheMan *hands you a paddle* Least we got company on this trip lol @SkyeCebh: "Believe it or not, we're in the same fucking boat :) #DamnTheMan (reblip)


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Norah Jones Covers Wilco's "Jesus, Etc." Acoustic Live on SIRIUS XM

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fxp123 TY @Blipdjj: "@fxp123: "Three Days Grace - The Good Life"" (reblip)
DamnTheMan Thanx hon, anytime :) @spinsiren: "awesome blip hon, thx :) rb vi#DamnTheMan: "Bush - Glycerine" (reblip)
daytonacharger @Lisa_Michele,@Eric_Keith---THIN LIZZY---The Boys Are Back in Town ( Live ), the lizzy kick some ass live!!! Bloody Marvelous !! (reblip)
Bright_Blue ~ AC/DC - Rock and Roll Ain't Noise Pollution Live 2001 HQ

AC/DC Rock and Roll Ain't Noise Pollution Live 2001 HQ

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La_Vera_Mahshid Black Sabbath, Dio – Heaven And Hell
Lil_Wing Metallica ~Sad But True

Metallica - Sad But True

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Lil_Wing Back From Cali ~ Slash feat. Myles Kennedy
JacoLovesMusic Pearl Jam – Alive (Pinkpop 92)
ukafadar TY rb@wolluf: "inspired by @ukafadar: "One of the greatest solo. Megadeth – Tornado Of Souls"" (reblip)
straywebsurfer ♫ Metallica - "Mama Said"...TY~ rb@ZN_Moment (reblip)

MetallicaMama Said

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La_Vera_Mahshid The Runaways – Cherry Bomb
jinkarasu so if you meet me have some courtesy have some sympathy and some taste use your well earned politics or i'll lay your soul to waste
BattLady Rise Against – Swing Life Away ~~ AWESOME tune!!!
cpcdiniz rb@spiki67: "... <Prodigy – Hotride (Banned Version)>" (reblip)
Tropicsz4 Hi, TY RB @TarinnAdaria: "Smashing Pumpkins – Stand Inside Your Love" (reblip)
Tropicsz4 Yes !! RB @BattLady: "Audioslave – Show Me How to Live ~~ Turn it up, it's time to get up anyway folks!" (reblip)
BattLady Drowning Pool – Feel Like I Do ~~It's Saturday morning people, BRING THE HELL!
rachidkas Welcome & Thank you !@Sevinc13: "rb@zoja01: "Hello, thx! rb (reblip)
caporal_chief nice,..thank you!!@daniblazin: "Lunar Strain - IN FLAMES @caporal_chief" (reblip)
zoja01 rb@xaryo: System of a Down – Spiders (reblip)
rachidkas GoodMorning & Happy WeekEnd!rb @zoja01: "Hello, thx! (reblip)
jrB I lose, you win....i lose again.
BattLady Metallica – Hero of the Day

Motörhead " Whorehouse Blues "

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DJNickPapag Thank u!!! I hope you're having an awesome weekend!! @MONIKKA: "Good morning @DJNickPapag :)" (reblip)
BattLady Stone Temple Pilots – Dead & Bloated
FullMetalRadio Soilwork – Weapon of Vanity
DJPrimitivo ♪Калинушка - Пелагея
fxp123 ty @micheli_t: "Red Hot é demais!@fxp123: "ty @ronnieron: "@fxp123: "ty @Icametumbling: "rb @fxp123: "Red Hot Chili Peppers - Dani California"""""" (reblip)
iReignMusic FAV!! THx 4 listening! RB@sebbisubbu: "Red Hot Chili Peppers – Otherside" (reblip)
FullMetalRadio I'm doing great, thanks! Your quickly becoming a favorite of mine. \m/@profond (reblip)
Sandra_R_ Niceeee... Heeey Rob! ;) RB @FullMetalJacket: "DARK TRANQUILLITY – Lost to Apathy (OFFICIAL VIDEO)" (reblip)
TheJkAAmuz : Black Flag – "Six Pack"; Straight at ya

Black FlagSix Pack

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BattLady Rage Against The Machine – Renegades Of Funk ~~ I have some earworms this week and this is one of them! (reblip)
wreckchords A PERFECT CIRCLE - judith.......
namilos Listening to The Sex Pistols - God Save The Queen
venis_envy the cover for this album always makes me want to pass out.
FullMetalRadio Poisonblack – Soul in flames
theOFM Deftones – Change (In A House Of Flies)
Fujazz Violoncellista colombiano busca en donde posar un par de acordes
RustytheCat I just love a good #pawpawty - Here is a nice song for you... Head Automatica – Beating Heart Baby
ratan_freebird awesome :) @ankita_gaur: "my fav sweetie :)@ratan_freebird: "Foo Fighters & Led Zeppelin – Rock N' Roll (Live @ Wembley Stadium 2008)"" (reblip)
die_kurze inspired by ;-) ...für die restlichen titel bin ich heute nicht in stimmung. die sind mehr für'n freitagabend *lach*

Norma Jean- Discipline Your Daughters (NEW SONG WITH LYRICS))

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Dancer12 Yw,Tysm♦U R so Reblippable & FUN!♦Rb@accdias "Verve – Lucky Man... Thanks @Shellsie @TinaDee @kittycat62 @dANGELofLOVE @lumpelchen @Dancer12 (reblip)

VerveLucky Man

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mrvieira Radiohead – Jigsaw Falling Into Place
Sandra_R_ Megadeth - In My Darkest Hour
Unaturalsoul Hey doc...What's The Other Part?..Like This Song...@docstimulas
wolluf something new for me katatonia follower


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bobscopper looky what i found!@agressiv: "- "Brain Crash"; get you ass kicked: X'D" (reblip)

AGRESSIV Brain Crash

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Alfea → rb@lillianwong: "tyrb @jimbonz: "The Cult - Rain" (reblip)

The CultRain

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wolluf nice new picture of you @1brwneyedgirl: "YES!!! @wolluf: "#MotleyMonday kickstart my heart"" (reblip)

The Cramps ~ Zombie Dance

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sabinoparente Malinconica e sensuale allo stesso tempo, unica Janis!

Janis JoplinMAYBE

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giesebrecht wonderful... ty, sweetie @desyslava: ""Scorpions – Always somewhere" Yes, I`m fine @Eviii! *Hugs*" (reblip)
egirl9 ...then the devils are really angels... freeing you from the earth

Black Sabbath "Paranoid" Music Video

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Captain8Track Joy Division – Transmission
Gabico @DensOnAir: "AC DC Thunderstruck" (reblip)

AC DC Thunderstruck

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patientZeroBand I'm back!

Led Zepplin - The Ocean

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tudoaocontrario 30 seconds to mars – the story

Emperor- With Strength I Burn

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Louden WIN! LOVE the LOVE. Thanks sis :D @fun4lilli: "Give me a Leonard Cohen afterworld bro @Louden and sis @JanetSEyre wishing you both a beautiful Monday (reblip)

HOLE-Courtney Love 6. Pennyroyal Tea

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Alvaroxx The Verve – Love Is Noise...
TChris01 Disturbed & Korn-Forsaken(Blood, Hellsing, Vampire Hunter D)

Disturbed & Korn-Forsaken(Blood, Hellsing, Vampire Hunter D)

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tudoaocontrario Silversun Pickups – Little Lover's So Polite
DJ_DenverCO Metallica - Enter Sandman ...
DJ_DenverCO Cheers! @keithold: "I don't want to come back down / From this cloud@DJ_DenverCO: "Bush – Comedown ..." #90s #UK #rock #alternative" (reblip)
blondetxgoddess Ozzy~Goodbye to Romance

Ozzy Osbourne-Goodbye To Romance-Blizzard Of Ozz

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Nomentionofkev Amorphis_Highest Star (3 of #3) #MusicMonday

Amorphis Highest Star with lyrics

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A Perfect Circle-Pet Lyrics

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MsMercurial Slipknot : Dead Memories
Cephy AFI – Head Like A Hole
citizensnips Rage Against The Machine - "Take the Power Back"
zoja01 rb@lantz45: @mebelle: sex pistols rock!,yeaahh!!@zoja01: rb@greentrees: RB/agreed!>>@neo_akboy: #bestpunksong @ greentrees (reblip)

Sex PistolsBodies

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jinkarasu get outta my head cuz i don't need this why didn't i see this i'm a victim manchurian candidate #RollAroundOnTheFloor
Cephy at least you have your priorities straight =)@sabragirl: "It just doesn't seem like a good day until I hear Rammstein, lol." (reblip)


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zycklon M.O.R.G. – Feelings


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GGDANCE @LeandroAzevedo: "TY =) RB @IDREAMOFJEANIE2: "another classic... :) (& thanks for another great version from @me - you rock brother! xo)"" (reblip)
LeandroAzevedo RB @pcsketch: "@Mossarihair One more Nite nite thanks new Listener!" (reblip)
Alvaroxx Gnigh:)) @foxy_kida: "Gnigh :) @Alvaroxx: "Pulp – Common People..."" (reblip)
BattLady Alice in Chains – Down in a Hole
ForlornHope Yes, indeed. You are welcome/Thanks. @RunswithCizers: @ForlornHope Thank you much for choosing to listen. I hope you enjoy Never Believe by Ministry (reblip)
S4W2E0D life goes onnnnn YA!

The Beatles Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da

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trqhrspwr @Aphrodite44 How about this? A bit of Jeremy.
Bigfrosty13 thanks for being my top propper!@Carmilla:Thanks to my top proppers @xTRiPPx @pumpkinsoup @ForlornHope @ @LiveHeart13 you make it worth being here<3 (reblip)
JonathanDune G'day@Roxanne721 TY Rbs!"...changing, to face the strange changes, time may change me, but YOU can't trace time... (reblip)

david bowiechanges

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ankita_gaur LOL :P@crazydv: "Have that efect at Xs! Try not to be taking a drink when I B ya! Ha!Ha!Ha!@ankita_gaur: "lmao" (reblip)


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TechJunkie Vivian Campbell on Guitar (pre Def Leppard)

The Beatles Eleanor Rigby

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ankita_gaur ty@realtyman: "...and for those of us who haven't stopped Rockin'" (reblip)
JonathanDune G'day gurlie-gurl@GeeOh TY Rbs!..."YOU Are the Only Exception..." {How's life tastin?} (reblip)
pcsketch oh Sugar how about a High…
MrsStonebreaker @agressiv hi, thanks for the arctic monkeys vid :D

IncubusAre you In?

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Lovebreath Letters From The Sky (lyrics) by Civil Twilight" (reblip)

Letters From The Sky Lyrics By Civil Twilight

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fxp123 me too how are you @dawnlambros: "@fxp123: "Beck - Loser" - This one cracks me up! Have a great day sweetie : )" (reblip)


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xxlenaphroditexx ღღღ ◕‿- Garbage – #1 Crush
pieohpah Bye y'all! Have a nice weekend!

SATYRICON • Now, Diabolical • Dallas, Texas • 2009 • PIT POV HD

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Shukitty @Flavoured i saw them a couple months ago, they put on a great show, don't they? (reblip)
DJNickPapag I so love this!! Jose is the man! Thank u babe!! @lostndanet: "Good Morning! @DJNickPapag" (reblip)

Jose Padilla-bosaxi

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by_starla [Sigur Ros - Inní mér syngur vitleysingur]
BloodTears Ah... perfect. Opeth – Hours of Wealth
ankita_gaur me too girl \m/@krystalmystic: "RB I Am so oops 4 u.RB@ankita_gaur: "Symphony Of Destruction – Megadeth (Lyrics Included)"" (reblip)
quorum Props Only :: 3348 songs left :: A pound of salt will not sweeten a single cup of tea.
flinndc THX, How are you today Sis'?@ankita_gaur: "nice avi BRO \m/@flinndc: "RB@krystalmystic: "RB@Vix_Rock: Megadeth – kill the king (studio version) \m/ (reblip)
krystalmystic RB@Vix_Rock: "Metallica – The unforgiven ll. \m/ The First Tune Which Switched me Into Them \m/ #LovedTrack \m/" (reblip)
Tropicsz4 Linkin Park – Somewhere I Belong
quorum Props Only :: 3257 songs left :: Each person has the right to take the subway.
DJNickPapag Hi! Hope you are well!! @NightWitch2

Helmet "In The Meantime"

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TheJkAAmuz : Hypocrisy - "Tamed"; .\../ So beautifully heavy and powerful!!!! .\../

Hypocrisy 10. Tamed (Filled With Fear)

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Matokokepa0516 Are you just now noticing? lol HI! @ankita_gaur: "nicole is tat u????@Stef16: "RB!@ankita_gaur: "Fade to Black – Metallica (studio version)""" (reblip)
RadioGhost The Beatles Helter Skelter

The Beatles Helter Skelter

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ElDorkoPunkRetro @LastofmyKind: "OK, he might have a glass jaw but I love him@stellartara: "The Misfits – Last Caress ..... This still rules @LastofmyKind @me test"" (reblip)
Lil_Wing System Of A Down ~ Toxicity
MrBwatts To the sound of a heartbeat pounding away
SuperSpaceAngel ♥ Green Day ~ Know Your Enemy ♥ Indeed, a Great song! TY & RBx2! @NaturalDancer: "Love this! Thanks so much! @Condor" (reblip)

Green Day Know Your Enemy Official Video

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ElDorkoPunkRetro The Misfits - Angelfuck ...Let those bastards believe, Dry your eyes and we'll leave, She isn't loving you anymore...
mrvieira Metallica – Only Happy When It Rains
Lil_Wing Love this! Ty :-)rb@tcarr78717: "Deftones – Sextape" (reblip)
fxp123 thanks @perfectplaylist: "RB @fxp123: "ty @Darksheer: "rb@fxp123: "Depeche Mode - "Personal Jesus" (live)"""" (reblip)
parlotte @ronenk: "יה! יו פוש איט. יה? יו פוש איט! יה, י-פוש-איט!" (reblip)
Dakeek I won't let you drown :* rb@Vifke: "So throw it away, you don't have to take me... Make no mistakes I'm what you make me... @Dakeek ;)" (reblip)
dj_lmb When Angels Fly Away – Cold - Lyrics
Hu9oBastos Amy Winehouse & Charlotte Church – Beat It (Michael Jackson cover)
elland666 Blue Oyster Cult - Don't fear the reaper
JDS442 \o/ .... I like it when ya talk about love ... !!!

Troubadix von Joint Venture

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Coffeenuts rb@smaclaren: "thank you @avivao: "Kronos Quartet – Wa Habibi"" (reblip)
aigin For @Sylak . Thanks for the props last week.
gabrielcorpse Dark Sanctuary – L'ombre Triste
ericsvonk Maybe she was distracted [7 Worlds Collide – Hazel Black]
gabbagabbagirl I'm very well ;), nice tunes =D @Cityboy_Floyd

Buzzcocks i can't control myself(times up album)

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MuesliDD Amy Winehouse – Back to Black
rachidkas It's more important!@ellendiane: "yes- a nap! xo @ellendiane:"& care of 3 dogs- phone calls-laundry--sos-xo Blip,kickbox& chikong!xo! fitness" (reblip)
DJRosaNava Listen my Favorites: @wolluf: "after they changed they changed their bandname from the hype into U2 this was their first single called out of control" (reblip)
GGDANCE WHITELION: "now for a little classic with humor -who knows all their names..lo (reblip)
kikue 陳芬蘭 * 芬蘭的恰恰恰!


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DCCAsh *thud* - again with that sexy voice
83_79_83 Proof that Punk is smarter than Pop: Bad Religion - Oligarchy
Razer_Training Hello from near Glasgow in Central Scotland. Hope you like.@AutoCa5ual
ladypower RB@hpseaton: "@Feminomaly, yes KatieJane and company do like to 'lick the edge'. Their stuff is definitely not for the faint of heart lol" (reblip)
sribler Oomph! & Sex

Oomph!- Sex

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yuuhi_hajime iTunes play "Sweetbox - Waterfall" #nowplaying


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mark_till Wish You Were Here--Incubus - Lyrics

Foo Fighters. Walk.

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BluJulius nikki b bad &....@Nikkibgood

Death Grips "COME UP AND GET ME"

| play
LindyLuv This Mortal Coil ~ "Song To The Siren"

Deftones- Passenger (Ft. Maynard James Keenan of Tool)

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barbsurvives The Kinks – Destroyer ..stay in control~

The KinksDestroyer

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NaturalDancer :D!!! rb@mark_till: "No Doubt--Spiderwebs (live)" (reblip)
mandymusic g'night@LindyLuv: I start the day here with this great song (just arrived at work with train:-).♫! (reblip)
HotSummer_11 merci @vixxeninpink: "'wise man wonder while strong men die. show me how to end this alright. show me how defenseless you really are ... (reblip)

Placebo feat. David Bowie ~ Without You I'm nothing

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BluJulius let our differences be our strengths
muso Deftones – Hole in the Earth

Bong-Ra 'Megasaurus'

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cyberfreak77 rb @Genesis67: "Thanks@visserga: ": Bush – "The Sound of Winter"; abstract + abstract + abstract = art?"" (reblip)
winggirl I now know where you name is from, it's a Numan song :) @ThisWreckage: "The bloke singing at the pub tonight murdered this song. " (reblip)
ThisWreckage That's all the excuse I need to blip it... :D @winggirl I now know where you name is from, it's a Numan song :)

Gary Numan This Wreckage

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kaltasosdark ...hello my friends,do you like tv series?well,if you do,let's listen to some tv origined themes and songs... ... BBC Sherlock...

BBC Sherlock: Offical: Tv Soundtrack: Series One Sutie.

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naapstermaan Haha that's awesome @serveauxx: "The bassist for Witch used to be my boss at an old job 15 years ago."


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mmemaledicta @serveauxx: "rb @PeriWinkleSky" here i go, #gazingoffagain. Not sure if I'll be able to escape the black-hole like suction. Jus' sayin'. :D (reblip)
mmemaledicta @slacktastic however, to say that we are on opposite ends is to say that our views are inches apart, and not because of the full circle effect :D

Conflict / Increase the pressure

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SweetSensation And this is a Dance Station, here you go!:)) Michael Jackson - Earth Song #Dancemix

Michael Jackson Earth Song Remix 2013 ♫Tribute♫

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raywoodwouldu @djilo: "More Funkadelic :) .... George Clinton & Parliament/Funkadelic - (Not Just) Knee Deep" #MOREBOUNCETOTHEOZ : ) (reblip)

George Clinton & The Parliament Funkadelic- (Not Just) Knee Deep(AMAZING SONG)

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jewlyann I'm a child, I'm a Mother....
Greenfields47 @outicomics: "do a what at the who now...? @mark_till: "--Piss Up A Rope by Ween"" (reblip)

Piss Up A Rope by Ween

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Unaturalsoul ...Awesome...thxs..@Stregaserena: "David Bowie & The Arcade Fire - Wake Up" (reblip)
mmemaledicta This is totally awesome, @Fangbaby. punk rock sentiments in a dance song. Like a match made in Mexico. Love it! (reblip)
mmemaledicta @obz: "Lush" why have i never heard this before this very moment? That sems odd! #gazingoffagain (reblip)

Lush-Light from a Dead Star

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mmemaledicta this is still one of the most awesome mashups ever created

prodigy vs white stripes (mash-up video)

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morganh Peter Gabriel - Red Rain
morganh rb vi@scotlandlover: "I am a PG fan..but I'll listen :) rb @DJKatalina: "Fever Ray covers Peter Gabriel's Mercy Street"" (reblip)

Amon Tobin // El Chimi

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doyler29 Stabbing Westward - Inside You

Stabbing Westward Inside You

| play
ellendiane ty rb:) @GeorgeSand: "Happy weekend Joanie and Ellen. :) Thank you! rb@JoanieBeachMusic: "California....Inspired by my friend@ellendiane...xo"" (reblip)

Joni Mitchell-California (BBC)

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sir_edward_ross re-bikini @Unaturalsoul: The Cramps – Bikini Girls With Machine Guns (reblip)
mandymusic @PollysMusic: "Sixx A.M. (06:00 AM? actually 01:00AM:-) Life Is Beautiful (reblip)
micoy .

Switchblade Symphony Mine Eyes.....

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Bizius DOA – Fuck You

DOAFuck You

| play
imagine70 Yeah it is a fascist Gov"t Run by Big Bus @fishman08: "as long as U don't make the mistake of trusting Big busin, " shud I trust the government" (reblip)

Pink FloydMother

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livingrope Leonard Cohen & U2 : Tower Of Song

Leonard Cohen & U2 : Tower Of Song

| play
SimpleJim Just echoed that statement :) @NaturalDancer: "Morning! ("...most important meal of the day...") :) rb@pclovinU: Time for a quick breakfast? ;))"" (reblip)

Hugo- Bread & Butter + LYRICS

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