Meshuggah-Future Breed Machine

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TheMorbidSlayer haha wow it's been awhile Powerman 5000! GET UP! GET UP! GET UP! DROP THE BOMBSHELL! (reblip)

Rammstein Mein teil : )

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TheMorbidSlayer "Well I'm more than just a little curious how you're planning to go about making your the dead." (reblip)
TheMorbidSlayer ahhh, lets get that catchy pop out of my ears with some METAL! \m/ (reblip)
TheMorbidSlayer I love discovering awesome new music! (reblip)


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TheMorbidSlayer I fucking love this new song! \m/ (reblip)

Behemoth-Ov Fire and the Void (full version new song)

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Chikami Dragonforce – Fury of the Storm
Metal_Rocks In Flames - Clayman. Awesome tune...Awesome band! Awesome DJ's --> @DanceDog @Ravenbiker @ash1111 @vix_rock @LUSCIOUSDDJA @bellhugs @FrauLund

In FlamesClayman

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Metal_Rocks Mötley Crüe - Kickstart My Heart. Can't play a Crüe tune without thinking about @michelle4386 She rules the airwaves on #MötleyMönday ;o)
DirtyUrine ~ what's up bro? RU down? @Metal_Rocks: "Disturbed - Down with the Sickness. Haven't blipped these guys for a while!" (reblip)
DirtyUrine ~ i feel I'm about 2 rock!! ~ @BenWright007TX: "Good Afternoon!! ~~ "AC/DC – For Those About To Rock ORIGINAL VIDEO"" (reblip)
DirtyUrine ~ Nirvana - In Bloom !!! (reblip)

Nirvana-In Bloom

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TheMorbidSlayer Just heard this on the most recent episode of Warehouse 13, Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit
DirtyUrine thanks that's what I hear!! and u guys need it 2! ~ @Metalshop: "It's raining in Austin." (reblip)


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Metal_Rocks Korn - Got the Life. Love this tune!

KornGot the Life

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DirtyUrine ~ no! do the look undead? @BenWright007TX: "have u seen the pics of these guys!! @DirtyUrine: "The Verizon Center in Oct or Nov!! ~ @BenWright007TX
DirtyUrine damn yo feet are nice! ~ @JamTrini: "smilin from her head to her feet" (reblip)

FreeAll Right Now

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OmeRoon Lacuna Coil – "Heavens A Lie" - damn.... still not used to the underscore in @Metal_Rocks ! Hope this vid makes up for the typo! 8-)

Static-X Dirthouse

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OmeRoon ZZ Top - "La Grange"

La Grange-ZZ Top

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OmeRoon Metallica – "For Whom the Bell Tolls" - did some blips to hear at work, gotta go now! Cheers!
DirtyUrine ~ six holes! u need a good stick! @DJDreamy: "AC/DC✌"Girls Got Rhythm" & Game ☭ Ever tried a Pool Table ♀ ♂ LOL @DirtyUrine: @c3p0: @michelle4386 (reblip)

AC/DCGirls Got Rhythm

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DirtyUrine @DJMonaLisa: "rb @ramboswife - because @DJbmac heard me playing it and liked it." (reblip)


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DirtyUrine ~ Green Day – Hitchin' a Ride !! (reblip)
TheMorbidSlayer Rain, rain, go away. Come again another day.
TheMorbidSlayer fucking amazing......really want to see this live.

The Game-Disturbed (Lyrics)

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Trevor_Murdoch *Shop Radio* Wolfmother – Joker and the Thief
Scorpionkiss back later,thanks for the listen...S

Youth Of The Nation

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DirtyUrine hey girl! ~ @krystynchong: "You Can't Always Get What You Want #musicmonday | I liked One and Only, btw. didn't make soundtrack? @aplusk" (reblip)
TheMorbidSlayer the original is better than the remix
ilklovn I dont know a desert yet but oh how great the ocean is. anyways is hell im headed for... night night

The OceanLed Zeppelin

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Behemoth "Ov Fire And The Void" official HD

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CMFlinn a minha dose de Glam: The Sweet – Ballroom Blitz
TheMorbidSlayer Metal chicks are so hot! \m/

Straight Line Stitch "Remission" official video

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Straight Line Stitch "Black Veil"

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TheMorbidSlayer "Plague leads to DEATH!!"

Cannibal Corpse "Evisceration Plague"

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TheMorbidSlayer these guys are so talented, i love how they mix blues, jazz, death metal, and prog rock!


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TheMorbidSlayer this song makes me wish I could play the guitar...
TheMorbidSlayer We are the guardians, the guardians of asgard!

Amon Amarth "Twilight Of The Thunder God" official video

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TheMorbidSlayer Just try and listen to this and NOT headbang!
TheMorbidSlayer can't get enough of this album!

Oceano 'District Of Misery' Video

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TheMorbidSlayer @fearshop: "@Douglas327: "Welcome to where time stands still no one leaves and no one will "" (reblip)
TheMorbidSlayer I'm an album, not a single guy. When I find a song I like I need to listen to more or the rest of the album!
CathLabChick It's been 10 years??? I am so old. @kuyazr: "@rxrx1776: "10 years 2 the day, NIN releases 'The Fragile'@matriax & @ all of"" (reblip)

Linkin Park - Breaking The Habit

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raejrsal i tried to karaoke to tool's aenima once ... i failed miserably ... enjoy! @TheMorbidSlayer


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TheMorbidSlayer Tool is so mesmerizing, especially if you aren't Sober! haha Maynard is speaking to me! :-P "Fetch me the spirit, the son, and the father!"
TheMorbidSlayer my favorite composer, mozart and bach come very close. where would we be without your influence and music guys? nowhere good...
TheMorbidSlayer @LordDad: "Behemoth – At the Left Hand Ov God: #ChurchMusic" (church music? hahaha I'd like to play this for church going folk!) (reblip)
TheMorbidSlayer I have it on vinyl! amazing that I used to hate(well dislike) older music and make fun of my dad for liking Bob Dylan, now I love his music!
TheMorbidSlayer I'm not sleepy and there is no place I'm going to. Take me on a trip upon your magic, swirling ship!
TheMorbidSlayer @LordDad: "Van Halen – Eruption: here's a life changer." (so hungry, maybe back later. thx to my fav DJs for the props and great music! (reblip)

Van HalenEruption

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sneekysneeky Metallica – Leper Messiah.........
TheMorbidSlayer The inspiration behind my most recent tattoos, i have the first two verses on each arm. John you will always be missed!

drowning pool 'sinner'

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Dysn0m1a This is a MUST rb everytime @zx10r07: "Pearl Jam – Black" (reblip)

Pearl JamBlack

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TheMorbidSlayer i like his voice a lot more than Scott, like to call it "inspirational rock"
TheMorbidSlayer @OmeRoon: "AC/DC - "Thunderstruck"" (reblip)

AC DC Thunderstruck

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TrojanMayhem Hate Eternal - King of All Kings

Deicide-Lunatic of Gods creation

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TheMorbidSlayer want to see these guys in Lancaster too! *sigh*
TheMorbidSlayer @crasin2me: "Need some shut-eye, its past 12 mn. Last song==> Rb @johnleesandiego: Hoobastank – "The Reason"" (reblip)
TheMorbidSlayer forgot all about these guys! thx for the flashback @b_s_lynn

Demon HunterUndying

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TheMorbidSlayer I have to thank rock band for introducing me to this band haha!
TheMorbidSlayer thx to my roommate in college for introducing me to this band and getting me hooked on to world of METAL! \m/

DredgOde to the Sun

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DamnTheMan Lacuna Coil - Closer

Lacuna Coil Closer w/lyrics

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DamnTheMan I was listening to this song earlier while I was out. Was gonna play it but forgot. Nice pick. rb @liltude (reblip)
TheMorbidSlayer @DirtyUrine: "@ChadThomas: "rb@TrainWreckRadio: "@vixxeninpink "anyone in CT and going to seether at the Big E?" I was planning on Little Big Town!""" (reblip)
Pink_Viper rb @DamnTheMan: "Thanx @TheMorbidSlayer @Pink_Viper & @ChadThomas. ... why not catch some Tool covering the Floyd as well." [Nice!] (reblip)
TheMorbidSlayer @SpinningDiscs: "Skindred – Electric Avenue...... "We gonna rock down to Electric Avenue... And then we'll take it higher!!"" (reblip)
TheMorbidSlayer i wish i wasn't out of the weed...

peter tosh -Legalize It

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TheMorbidSlayer one more from good ol' peter, i love the guitar solo in this song
deekattax The White Stripes "7 Nation Army" (Audio Slave Cover) < RB @vix_rock: " shout outs and Thanks To @TheMorbidSlayer For RB \m/" (reblip)
TheMorbidSlayer @CMDoria: "Dazed And Confused - Led Zeppelin" (reblip)

Dazed And Confused Led Zeppelin with lyrics

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TheMorbidSlayer We do away with your kind....

Dimmu borgirPuritania

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TheMorbidSlayer crazy, psychedelic video!

Meshuggah Rational Gaze

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marijaanadj rb@evilinside2020: "( -*-) - Bring the Violence! @Bonsaieyes" (reblip)

Disturbed ~ Violence Fetish

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TheMorbidSlayer @DamnTheMan: "I iz a new Machine Head fan. This is a reblip must! @fearshop: "@Metal_Maniac: "Machine Head – Davidian" - Mandatory reblip."" (reblip)
TheMorbidSlayer takes me to another world....wish I could have been there, but the show I did see was also amazing! time to go eat and watch the new Fringe! peace \m/

Tool- Pushit Live (Salival Album)

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angelheart @CooperHarris: "rb @Twilighter19: " Audioslave~I am the Highway" One of my faves, thanks. Chris Cornell is the bomb.. (reblip)
EnterChaos RB@ladystyx: "@GinaDunc: "Spin Doctors - Two Princes"~great choice!~" (reblip)
DamnTheMan Excellent song. Puppets rulez! @streakinggoddess: "only here for a minute, got to go pick up my pup from the vet @DamnTheMan" (reblip)
TheMorbidSlayer not as good as Lacuna Coil, but Amy Lee does have an amazing voice and I have to give props to that! (reblip)
TheMorbidSlayer yeah that's right, this metalhead is a Beach Boys fan, so what? ;-)
TheMorbidSlayer this song was playing on the radio when my I found out my first dog had died, forever etched in my mind whenever I hear this song.
TheMorbidSlayer "You created this thing you call SIN!!!"

Opeth- Blackwater Park

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TheMorbidSlayer ok time to go to sleep, and do some major sleeping in! g'night blippers!
TheMorbidSlayer one of the most recognizable intros


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TheMorbidSlayer @CPCDINIZ: "@kareliz: "This one brings back lots of breakup song. lol!"" (reblip)
TheMorbidSlayer @DirtyUrine: "@CooperHarris: "Just get me to the airport put me on a plane Hurry hurry hurry before I go insane (reblip)

AC DC - Thunder Struck

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TheMorbidSlayer I love acoustics by the Foo!

Foo FightersRazor

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TheMorbidSlayer checking these guys out, some good stuff here! I want to see them with Whitechapel, Trivium and Chimaira in Baltimore. any takers?!

Ain't No Rest For The Wicked

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TheMorbidSlayer awesome music with a rockin' twist! \m/ I love classical music!

Pachebel Canon Guitarra

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TheMorbidSlayer another opener for Trivium! I am so pumped!! \m/

Whitechapel "Possession"

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TheMorbidSlayer haven't listened to the Floyd in so long!

Pink FloydTime

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Dysn0m1a Seeya, enjoy life not on line,:) hehe @lalunajade: " more for the road! Gotta run, BYE!" (reblip)
TheMorbidSlayer amazing to close your eyes and nod off listening to her

EnyaIt's In The Rain

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Gojira- A Sight to Behold "The Way of All Flesh"

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TheMorbidSlayer they replaced the old vocalist, they sound a bit different. not so sure I like it better than their old stuff.

Behemoth Chant for Ezkaton 2000 e.v.

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TheMorbidSlayer @SkyeCebh: "♫♥♪ Opeth - "Burden" ♥ Such a beautiful slow Opeth ♥" (reblip)


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Deicide 'Homage for Satan'

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TheMorbidSlayer @Moshers_Moll: "Coool tune from Gojira to wake me up this morning \m/" (reblip)
TheMorbidSlayer had never heard these guys before, I like it. I like it a lot!
TheMorbidSlayer I'm officially addicted to Gojira!

Gojira- A Sight to Behold "The Way of All Flesh"

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TheMorbidSlayer In Flames marathon! \m/ haven't listened to enough of them lately
TheMorbidSlayer a little blip, weed, Coors Light, and leftover pizza. Could my afternoon get any better?
TheMorbidSlayer Thank you! Rock on!@vix_rock: "METALLICA – BATTERY(STUDIO VERSION) #Metal #MetallicaMeltDown Shouts to @TheMorbidSlayer \m/" (reblip)
TheMorbidSlayer I might get some grief from fellow metalheads but I'm a metalhead who enjoys green day...
TheMorbidSlayer now I have to listen to more Gojira! thank you @Stolen
TheMorbidSlayer Cannibal Corpse - Eaten From Inside #metal #headbangtuesday Time to get some dinner! :-)
TheMorbidSlayer Agreed! --> @docstimulas: "one of my favorites an epic song @just_some_lady: "♥ Tangled Up In Blue - Bob Dylan"" (reblip)
TheMorbidSlayer Let's roll another joint and turn the radio loud! <//////////////>~~~ #mmot
TheMorbidSlayer lets get some metal going! \m/ Rotting Christ - Nemecic

Rotting Christ- Nemecic

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Evile 'Infected Nation' Music Video

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Hate Eternal "Bringer Of Storms"

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TheMorbidSlayer rb @DamnTheMan: "Let freedom ring with the shotgun blast!" (reblip)

Machine HeadDavidian

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TheMorbidSlayer Trivium – Shattering The Skies Above Wow they shocked me with this! In a good way too.
Moshers_Moll My favourite Vreid song. I constantly hit that repeat button when this one pops up :) @pieohpah


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Dancer12 TY RB@ckafadar2@Dancer12@Kuby@Dancer12 LOL, do U go away this time every day? My job is 2 say Nite, sweet dreams,TYSM! RB@belcanto9900 thanks 2 all (reblip)
TheMorbidSlayer One of my favorites on this album. The Faceless – Sons Of Belial
Cruzito Absolutely devastating \nn/ : Keator - Enemy of God
brucefraser my fave quote as the intro to this track... @TheMorbidSlayer should appreciate this one! "Velvet Acid Christ – There Is No God"
TheMorbidSlayer rb @Thanatoric: ".@TheMorbidSlayer Check out the result of your Formula ~ Pergamum Classical Metal X" (reblip)

Pergamum Classical Metal X

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marijaanadj rb @Totengrber: "rb@Alfea: "Placebo °*° Sleeping With Ghost"" (reblip)

Placebo- Sleeping With Ghost

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TheMorbidSlayer I love this intro and this entire album! Slayer – Darkness of Christ / Disciple
TheMorbidSlayer "Whitechapel – Reprogrammed To Hate" My favorite track off the new album, love the shrieked vocals.
TheMorbidSlayer AC/DC - Let There Be Rock

AC/DC Let there be rock (1977, Unedited video version)

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TheMorbidSlayer Can't just listen to ONE Morbid Angel song. ;-) Morbid Angel – Summoning Redemption
Stolen Unplug, and/or add plug.

Jay Jay Pistolet- Paper Planes

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kimme23 Yea!!rb@Time2Burn: "Gimme Shelter – The Rolling Stones" (reblip)
TheMorbidSlayer Just had to start listening to them since @Altared_Youth mentioned them! Exodus – Culling The Herd
Dancer12 Hi Joseph!! and TY Jonny! RB@joseph_hedary@JonnyWilson TY for props and're always there...@Dancer12 (reblip)
TheMorbidSlayer High on Fire - Bastard Samurai

Bastard Samurai by High on Fire

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TheMorbidSlayer rb @blue_buddha: "more new petty" Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers - Don't Pull Me Over (reblip)
TheMorbidSlayer A favorite off Akeldama. The Faceless – Leica

The FacelessLeica

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OmeRoon Kamelot – "The Haunting (Somewhere in Time)"
TheMorbidSlayer Had to get a Dying Fetus song in here. "Dying Fetus – Epidemic of Hate"
TheMorbidSlayer Decapitated - Mandatory Suicide (Slayer cover)

Decapitated -Mandatory suicide (Slayer cover)

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TheMorbidSlayer I am on a Decapitated kick! Hold on for the ride! \m/ Decapitated – The Eye Of Horus
ZEW_FREAK Don McLean – American Pie
Chise Led Zeppelin - bron-y-aur-stomp

Led Zeppelin bron-y-aur-stomp album version

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TheMorbidSlayer "Beethoven - Moonlight Sonata" A seriously haunting, yet beautiful song.
Bright_Blue that's mine! *takes it back* @katiemdesigns: "Stupify – Disturbed" (reblip)


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Cysquatch Want something brutal? This is as brutal as it gets! #metal @tedguyver @TheMorbidSlayer A Fallen Theory - In a Decade's Wake
TheMorbidSlayer Vital Remains - Black Magick Curse

Vital Remains Black Magick Curse

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