TheOtherMarley I know I've been sticking with the One-Hitters, but when they keep popping in there, *How* can this one be overlooked? Ridiculous, and I LOVE it!
TheOtherMarley @djpuggie: Another INCREDIBLE song by one of my favorite bands on the planet. Thanks for listening to me too, by the way!

Fleetwood Mac ~ Silver Springs

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TheOtherMarley TheOtherMarley: "@antoforever: I swear, I was gonna add this one sooner than later. Thanks for the timesaver. Oh, and thanks for listening!" (reblip)
verbena still looking for Goldie and the Gingerbreads version! RB@daevababe: "♥♫" (reblip)

Can't you hear my heartbeat HERMANS HERMITS

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TheOtherMarley An eternal great, an inspiration to countless, and one who will never be forgotten as the pioneering, incredible musician who was unstoppable!
TheOtherMarley Many, many hits for this powerful group. I dare you to *try* not to stand up and start dancing wherever you are, even at work. Dance it! LOVE it!
TheOtherMarley A WOW who not only followed the right formula, but also has - a little, at least - unique style. Try *not* movin' to this, even sitting in your chair!
TheOtherMarley A WOW with an unwanted(?) history? Everyone couldn't help notice the similarities in this and David Bowie's (above this Blip). Still sweet, though.

Major Tom (Coming Home) English

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TheOtherMarley One of the very BEST love songs ever! I love the gentle, subtle introduction, followed by a beautiful buildup to the drums kicking in perfectly.
TheOtherMarley My fave JLo song. Can't help noticing the awful-sounding backup chorus singers, though. Makes the talented lady sound even better though. Coincidence?

Jennifer Lopez-Ain't It Funny

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antoforever @JessieDows: "@antoforever: "Hi & tysm rb @Hillend: "Cheers, rb @antoforever: "Rb @mark_till: "The Blues Brothers - She Caught the Katy""" (reblip)
TheOtherMarley Live or not, Freddy could sing *extremely well* anytime, anywhere. The man was phenomenal through and through. I will always love and miss him!
TheOtherMarley The best, with another of their perfect, undeniable, instant classics. 'Love' is never a big enough word for how I feel about them. Always & forever.

The Beatles- Michelle

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TheOtherMarley @dANGELofLOVE: Gorgeous, beautiful, heartwarming....only three of tons of words to describe the song as well as the man. ty (reblip)

Sailing Christopher Cross (Tall Sailing Ships)

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TheOtherMarley Another song I immediately couldn't get enough of. She's come a long way, doing some growing up...I continue to wish her the best! She's wonderful.
Eclecticist rb @TheOtherMarley: "I have yet to ever hear him hit a wrong note when he sings live. Hey, he didn't become a legend for nothing (reblip)
DJBadBilly ""☯"Duran Duran – Ordinary World" @Anniesavoy (reblip)
DJBadBilly ""Shaggy"" (reblip)

Mr Boombastic Shaggy

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TheOtherMarley Oh my God, I was just thinking of adding this! Thanks!@barrypartington: "mmm" (reblip)

Hot Butter- Popcorn Song

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The American Graffiti Wolfman Jack Show 2

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TheOtherMarley A must have to the playlist!@crazyfox: "AC DC big balls lyrics...Yes IM stoned ...makes it harder.." (reblip)

AC DC big balls lyrics

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TheOtherMarley Sure, we all know 'Thank God I'm A Country Boy', but how about this absolute classic? He tells you about it's origins, too!

John Denver Grandma's Feather Bed

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TheOtherMarley @Roxanne721: DAMN good f***ing song. Before Stevie and Lindsey? I think it was, am I right? (reblip)
DJBadBilly ""Once there was this kid who got into an accident and couldn't come to school, but when he finally came back.. (reblip)
TheOtherMarley Throughout the years, even after their drummer lost an arm in a car accident, they haven't changed. Lasting power? Yup. Thank the Lord!

Def Leppard

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dawnie22 'On The Turning Away' -Pink Floyd- Almost Gone........
TheOtherMarley One-Hit-Wonders are sincerely a cornerstone of the music industry, as well as music in general. The Brothers nailed the formula of how to do it right!

I'm Gonna Be ( 500 Miles ) by the Proclaimers

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Air Supply I'm all out of love

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TheOtherMarley A tragedy, yes, but at least we had the sincere pleasure to have even heard such a gift.
TheOtherMarley And here I thought there couldn't be too many good songs left anymore. Then I fell in love with everything they do!
TheOtherMarley I know Tom Waits - who is great - did this originally, but no one really knew about it until the one, the only Eagles put it on Hell Freezes over.

Ol '55

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TheOtherMarley Am I the only one who has always been in love with this song? One of his overlooked best. Even with the Eagles doing background vocals! WTF, man!


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TheOtherMarley After hearing this song over the years, I finally paid attention to the vocals and realized who's project The HoneyDrippers really was. Go Zep!
TheOtherMarley Saw this (awesome!) movie, heard the song, knew that voice immediately. What an incredible performance by always!
TheOtherMarley Karen could sing almost anything and make it sound like gold.

Carpenters Close To You

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TheOtherMarley I was already blown away by the film itsself...then this song comes on - accompanied by the scenes with it. I was speechless.

Hallelujah Shrek Part I

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TheOtherMarley Can't think of a soul who could have performed this song better. This recording isn't the best, but certainly not the worst.
TheOtherMarley There is absolutely no greater talent than Michael. I will NEVER change my opinion on that. Best singer, songwriter and performer combined in history.
TheOtherMarley You need to hear his entire "Older" album. I know you haven't. What a voice/songwriter.
sandraew I'm out. Sweet dreams all.

Ain't no Sunshine When She's Gone

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PabloM London calling -The clash

London calling-The clash

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verbena RB@SifiJen: "Bryan Adams – Run To You" (reblip)
TheOtherMarley I would be amiss to not add this song. Not the best recorded version, but still cute.

NIKITA elton john

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TheOtherMarley Another breathtaking song from Bob. BTW, got to meet him after a concert and he insisted on me being in a photo with him. An overwhelmingly cool guy!
TheOtherMarley This beautiful & talented lady used to clean her friends' apt. for extra $ decades ago! FYI, I can look and sing just like her. Not the same, I know.

Fleetwood Mac ~ Gold Dust Woman

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TheOtherMarley A masterpiece by THE biggest band in history, and they *always* will be. No one will *ever* take that title from them. A true masterpiece, themselves!

Maxwell's Silver Hammer

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TheOtherMarley Frankie Avalon did it first, but it's one of those covers that are better than the original. Sorry Frankie; harmonies and overall performance better.
TheOtherMarley I just adore Will Smith. He fought & worked so hard to get where he is now, and here's proof of his (already talented) beginnings. We love you, Will!

Parents Just Don't Understand

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TheOtherMarley Digital Underground inspired a few newer bands today, like Maroon 5. Who couldn't like this f**ing awesome-ass song! Sorry for the edited version.

Digital Undergound "Humpty Dance"

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TheOtherMarley Infectious? You bet! It gets in your head and peps you up, *no matter* your mood. Further proof there are still wonderful songs waiting to be written.

Hot Chelle Rae- Tonight Tonight lyrics

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TheOtherMarley Billy Armstrong is a HELL of a musician/lyricist. This song/video shows just that: "Cold turkey's gettin' stale, tonight I'm eating crow". Poetry!
TheOtherMarley Another album (*his* 4th) you need to hear all the way through. The '89 monster great with some giant hits and again demonstrates his writing *GIFTS*!
TheOtherMarley A theme song for more than just the 60's generation. Beautiful. Great vocals/harmonies, writing, performance...there's nothing *not* to love about it.

The Zombies-Time Of The Season

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TheOtherMarley Couldn't find a better recording than this, but that's okay. This is one of those One-Hit-Wonders that more than deserves the extra attention. Cool!
TheOtherMarley Ah, my Sweeties! People gave them s*** for crossing over to alternative/'pop' from straight punk. But I say no matter what, they're forever rock Gods!
TheOtherMarley A classic that could only have been done by them. Performed beautifully, too. This song is f***ing awesome!
TheOtherMarley I can never get over this's...just....pure awesomeness. One of my favorites of all time.
TheOtherMarley What can you say about a song like this? Should have been more noticed. Wasn't a huge hit, but I always thought it should be.

King Of Hollywood.

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TheOtherMarley From Leaving Las Vegas sndtrk. Astounding, haunting, perfect. Listen closely; you can hear the fireplace pop in the old house/castle they recorded in.

sting angel eyes

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TheOtherMarley Simply amazing singer/songwriter. Made quite the bundle with this one, too. Who hasn't seen the films? Nice original video here!
TheOtherMarley Best recording I could find. Man, the Boys even sang live flawlessly. Overly talented band, lucky for us! Love 'em always.

The Oak Ridge Boys Ya'll Come Back Saloon

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TheOtherMarley Yeah, I know who they are. I'm a huge fan. With songs like this, I don't care what anyone says. They can sing, baby! Damn, listen to those harmonies.

Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely (Lyrics)

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TheOtherMarley This is on her crossover album, obviously. Man, she would have been huge. No fair.
TheOtherMarley 1 of my 2 favorite bands of all time. Stay tuned to learn the other one. You'll never guess. I'll gush about these guys a lot. God, they're awesome.

Misery by Green Day with lyrics

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TheOtherMarley David Gilmour - a voice known synonymously with Floyd. Otherwise, he's just loved for that incredible, sexy baritone. Either way, you're still in.
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