Zafrina I don't think the Cranberries worked. More party music!

Outcast - Hey Ya (1)

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Sassette I LOVE this song, was jammin to it today!
Bor64 Black Eyed Peas – Boom Boom Pow


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meghannian @Senna_Amazon seems appropriate, yes? Okay, I'll find something! Surfer Girl

Linkin Park - Breaking The Habit

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TheSaucySenna @hello_jodie I couldn't help it there has to be 2 headliners

brandy full moon radio mix

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TheSaucySenna If I lay here, if I just lay here. Would you lie with me and just forget the world..."
TheSaucySenna @Collin_wolfboy for absolutely no reason what so ever but it is funny

OMD - If You Leave

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sasaloves ((if the plane goes down, damn....))

Jason MrazPlane

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JasperHCullen One for Miss Haley. @haleyymae


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Guns.N.Roses-Sweet Child O'Mine

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Three Days Grace--Pain (One-X)

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TheSaucySenna To you and per request from the lovely @myria101 a dedication to @jaspercullen ...

Third Eye Blind- I Want You

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TheSaucySenna I had to I can't hide that I LOVE this song. It makes me remember.

Ashlee Simpson-Pieces Of Me(Cd Version)

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TheSaucySenna @WerewolfSeth this was my favorite though.

Korn- System (vampire Lestat)

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vamp_queen why not

Bon Jovi- Always

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Bon Jovi *Bed of Roses*

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Candi Staton Young Hearts Run Free

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Nickelback I'd Come For You Lyrics

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Jesse McCartney- just so you know (with lyrics)

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myria101 I blast this song in the car and drive my husband crazy cause I get it stuck in his head!
TheSaucySenna To the bestest Demon Spawn...I won't tell your secret...LMAO

Incubus-"Drive" Music Video (Acoustic Version)

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pra3torian @Vikinggirl: "I love Mr. Bean! @pinkpolkadots" U guys r the push-ups on the bathroom sink. (reblip)

Mr.Bean Hampster Dance

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Gen22 Deee-Lite - 'Groove Is In the Heart'
dj_jodie @Mkenn076 my BFF's new stripper song.

Something In Your Mouth-Nickelback lyrics

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Martika-Toy Soldiers with lyrics

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pra3torian @TazzieT: "this is my tattoo artist's ringtone. Perfect!!!!!"...mine too! (reblip)

Halloween Theme Song

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Danger Radio Kiss N' Tell With Lyrics

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Stereo Skyline- Nothing to Lose

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TheSaucySenna Thinking of going to see these ladies in a month (reblip)

The Veronicas4ever

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Crystaljanet_ @Senna_Amazon this seems to fit ha Pat Benatar Love Is A Battlefield

Pat Benatar-Love Is a Battlefield

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TheSaucySenna Lenny Kravitz ~ Again ~ He is so beautiful

Lenny KravitzAgain

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TheSaucySenna Saw these guys lastnight they are awesome. Sweet heart Andrew is part of my IRL extended family.

Bella's Lullaby (Twilight Soundtrack Version Official )

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Crystaljanet_ this song kinda reminds me of @Senna_Amazon and @Werewolfembry ;) Ciara ft Justin Timberlake Love Sex Magic ;)

Ciara ft Justin Timberlake- Love Sex Magic Official Video HQ+LYRICS

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Everything about you- Ugly kid joe

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MWind076 @Senna_Amazon I will survive - Gloria Gaynor

I Will Survive

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MWind076 @Senna_Amazon Since you've been gone - Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson-Since You've Been Gone!!

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TheSaucySenna @Mkenn076: This one too. definately eventually hopefully (reblip)

Kelly Clarkson-Since You've Been Gone!!

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MWind076 @Senna_Amazon Dixie Chicks Goodbye Earl

Dixie Chicks-Goodbye Earl

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MWind076 @Senna_Amazon My favorite Mistake - Sheryl Crow


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MWind076 @Senna_Amazon It's BRITNEY bitch! Stronger


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MWind076 @Senna_Amazon - To the left to the left....Beyonce Irreplaceable
MWind076 @Senna_Amazon The Veronicas- Leave me alone

The Veronicas leave me alone

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MWind076 @Senna_Amazon The Veronicas - 4ever (my fav song from them!)

The Veronicas4ever

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TheSaucySenna I had to replay this one *tears* (reblip)
MWind076 @Senna_Amazon Erykah Badu - Tyrone (for real this time)


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MWind076 @Senna_Amazon Not Ready to make nice - Dixie Chicks

~Dixie Chicks-Not Ready To Make Nice with Lyrics~

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MWind076 @Senna_Amazon I don't feel like loving you today - Gretchen Wilson (lyrics rock)

Gretchen Wilson I Don't Feel Like Loving You Today

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MWind076 "Michael Damian "Rock On"" (reblip)

Michael Damian-Rock On

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MWind076 @Senna_Amazon "Pebbles Girlfriend" (reblip)

Pebbles "Girlfriend" Music Video

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MWind076 @Senna_Amazon Snow - Informer


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MWind076 @Senna_Amazon @_mikenewton_ yeah, i did it...*rolls tongue* RRRRICO.....Suave...."
TheSaucySenna @Mkenn076 OH YEAH this reblip goes to @Werewolfembry because he so irresistable... (reblip)
MWind076 If you know deserve a smiley face t-shirt (Perfect Gentleman - Ohh La La)

Ooh La La

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ThatGirlAni Good night loves! I leave you with one of my favorite songs. :) <333 I'm Still In Love With You ~New Edition
TheSaucySenna @Mkenn076 @myria101 brad paisley- whiskey lullaby

brad paisley- whiskey lullaby

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TheSaucySenna @Mkenn076 @myria101 any man sings this to me I am locking him away forever. Josh Turner – Your Man

Josh TurnerYour Man

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Closer- nine inch nails

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ThatGirlAni "My love iss lke whoa...."

Mya ft. Ciara My Love is Like Whoa

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ThatGirlAni @Senna_Amazon i think this is the video where he's continuously licking his lips... yum... love this song :))

LL Cool JHey Lover

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MikeNewton You never know when there are *Monsters* amoungst us. - Matchbox Romance (reblip)

Black Eyed Peas-Pump it

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SamUley Favorite new band, reminds me of Cursive sometimes
thetanyadenali Girls it's getting Hot In Here! Want go swim?

Dirrty- Christina Aguileria

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MWind076 @SassySenna @thetanyadenali @hello_jodie OMG I'm this vid to Toxic Britney Spears


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ForeverEsme Don't you wish you could erase and rewind life sometimes?
ThatGirlAni I've had this song stuck in my head since this morning... Walk Away ~Paula DeAnda feat. The Dey

Walk Away-Paula DeAnda ft. The Dey

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Topless- Breaking Benjamin

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Nickelback Burn It To The Ground Lyrics

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New Kids On The Block "Looking Like Danger"

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ForeverEsme My favorite Nirvana song. Heart Shaped Box....
DensOnAir RB @SassySenna ♪♫♥ Beyonce – Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) ♥♫♪ (reblip)
TheSaucySenna "I'm a goddess on my...." *giggles* (reblip)
lilCassCass this song is the best! rebliped it from bratsie! ;) (reblip)

DaughtryNo Surprise

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calin Lenny Kravitz mood - I Belong To You (Noapte buna )

Lenny Kravitz, "I Belong To You"

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TheSaucySenna *whispers* @thetanyadenali I LOVE this one. It should be listened to alot by mystery guy. *grins* Rihanna – The Hotness

RihannaThe Hotness

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TheSaucySenna Can we tell I am having a "candy" craving...bahahahahaha

50 CentCandy Shop

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Gen22 Stereophonics - 'Best Of You (Foo Fighters) - Live Lounge'
Chevy Damen... *swoon* LMBO I bet you are a freaky old man now! lmbo
TheSaucySenna Stop breathin' if I don't see you anymore...

nicklebackFar Away

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ThatGirlAni listening to Lucky ~Jason Mraz feat. Colbie Caillat
ThatGirlAni listening to I'm Yours ~Jason Mraz

Nickleback - Animals

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ForeverEsme He's everything I want....

Everything you want Lyrics

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Nickelback Something In Your Mouth Lyrics

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Gen22 Tool - 'Sober'


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TheSaucySenna @_MikeNewton_ @_Lauren_Mallory IT WASN'T ME

ShaggyIt Wasn't Me

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dariodorkus SWV- Weak


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TheSaucySenna I heard this earlier and had to share it...bahahahaha Here I go here I go here I go again....

Billy Currington- Must Be Doin' Something Right

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Gen22 Alien Ant Farm - 'Smooth Criminal'

Rat In a Cage (with lyrics)

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TheSaucySenna *looking towards the far end of the club I see him walking towards me. I begin to walk to him willingly but not*
thetanyadenali Laughs as @EnglishLocke sings this *Can't get enough of your love baby* Barry White
TheSaucySenna MY FEELINGS EXACTLY!!!!!!!!!!!!
MikeNewton *What Have You Done* and why not me? - Within Temptation. (reblip)
MikeNewton How can you be so cold, so *Heartless* - Kanya West

Kanye WestHeartless

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TheSaucySenna I can't wait to see these guys.

Blink-182I Miss You

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MikeNewton No, I can't stand being in the dark, but *My Life Would Suck Without You* - Kelly Clarkson

Kellie Pickler-I Wonder (With Lyrics)

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MikeNewton Just stop it. Stop pulling the rug out from under me. *Show Me What I'm Looking For* - Carolina Liar

Theory Of A Dead Man- Bad Girlfriend

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Crystaljanet_ this one goes to @SassySenna Plain White Ts Hey There Delilah <3 :)
TheSaucySenna "I thought my demons were my friends..." Korn – Coming Undone

KornComing Undone

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Zafrina Whatching Nightmare on Elm St with @SassySenna my amazing sister and listening to Snow Patrol.
MikeNewton @Sassy_Senna *My Life Would Suck Without You* - Kelly Clarkson (reblip)
TheSaucySenna @darioboy089 Hate you? Sorry but no. Deserve me? Will never know. Disappear though if I have to then I will :'( update 8888 goes to the one I hurt

Buckcherry-Sorry Lyrics

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H-town Knockin the boots

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dariodorkus Something Corporate – Punk Rock Princess
dariodorkus Rocky Votolato – Where We Left Off
pra3torian @SaucySenna You's mascegenated? Oh, day's integrated, Pappy. Damn miscreants! (reblip)
MikeNewton @moviegirl09 You had me worried. In honor of MJ's passing I justed to let you know *You Are Not Alone*
MikeNewton @moviegirl09 You had me worried. Take care of youself and I'll *See You Soon* - Coldplay.
MikeNewton At some point you have to give up dude. Raise the *White Flag* and get out of there. - Dido
TheSaucySenna *cranks the radio up loud & sits in the closet*
ThatGirlAni .@SaucySenna Okay, vamps can't cry, but if you could, you would after hearing this.. So Close ~Jon McLaughlin (reblip)
ThatGirlAni .@SaucySenna Just to give you your tingles... bahahaha Enjoy ;) To Make You Feel My Love ~Kris Allen (reblip)
ThatGirlAni @DJFreshyPanda: "Simple Plan – Perfect (for @Anime81 cause the symmetry is perfect!, and sorry I can't be perfect) ((You're too cute TBF :D)) (reblip)

Simple PlanPerfect

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TheSaucySenna OK I am going through a WEIRD blip moment but if fits...Danity Kane – Damaged

Danity KaneDamaged

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ThatGirlAni listening True ~Ryan Cabrera

Ryan CabreraTrue

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TheSaucySenna @FelixTruVolturi Saliva – Hunt You Down

SalivaHunt You Down

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Sevendust- Face To Face

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TheSaucySenna @VampireGavin Hollywood Undead~Paradise Lost <------My thoughts right now
ThatGirlAni listening to Why ~Secondhand Serenade
MikeNewton @SaucySenna Please baby, *Don't Go Away*, you are making a mistake. You and I were meant to be. - Buckcherry.
MikeNewton You can't. You just can't. *Don't Leave Me Now* - Supertramp.
TheSaucySenna @FelixTruVolturi Right or wrong I will stand beside you even if you frustrate the hell out of me. BAH! (reblip)
MikeNewton This song seems appropriate for sleepy *Sunday Mornings* - Maroon 5. (reblip)
MikeNewton Now let's listen to a guy who has the ladies attention. *Do You Know? (The Ping Pong Song) - Enrique Iglesias
TheSaucySenna Completely inappropriate song but I still LOVE it! I Get Off – Halestorm
TheSaucySenna This self discovery; Redemption taking; Hold of my mind...Disturbed – Into The Night

DisturbedThe Night

| play
MikeNewton *It's Not Over* I truly isn't. Even if she doesn't know that herself yet. - Daughtry
TheSaucySenna I love when I find amusing songs like this one. I should have DEFINATELY done some of these things.

Tata Young- Sexy,Naughty,Bitchy

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TheSaucySenna bahahahahahaha Another one with HILARIOUS lyrics...Bowling For Soup – The Bitch Song

Beyonce-Naughty Girl

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TheSaucySenna "Head Trip For The Mortal Earthbound; One Sip Of The Blood That I Found; Lying Here..." Korn – Love Song

KornLove Song

| play

Train drops of jupiter

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TheSaucySenna @FelixTruVolturi I can't handle just hearing the song. I must have the visual. Way too much XXX in this one Rammstein "Feuer Frei!" Video

Rammstein "Feuer Frei!" Video

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TheSaucySenna Forgive me father for I have sinned...I can't stop staring at Father @FelixTruVolturi...LMAO


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TheSaucySenna "Now I don't hardly know her, but I think I could love her..." GOD I LOVE THIS SONG...Tommy James & the Shondells-Crimson and Clover

Tommy James & the Shondells-Crimson and Clover

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TheSaucySenna "Whisper words of wisdom...Let it be..." Let It Be- Beatles + lyrics

Let It Be- Beatles + lyrics

| play
TheSaucySenna "I gave you everything you ever wanted;It wasn't what you wanted.." U2 – So Cruel

U2So Cruel

| play
MikeNewton I ain't ever gonna love you. Two out of three is simply not worth my time.
TheSaucySenna "...If it's supposed to be like this, why do most of us ignore the chance to miss?"Bullet For My Valentine – All These Things I Hate
TheSaucySenna "I don't want you to be happy without me" Yes I do..:(..Resident Hero – Happy (Without Me)
TheSaucySenna TOTALLY RATED X!*imagine what I could do to @FelixTruVolturi when you sleep* Now do you not care?
TheSaucySenna Enough said :( Three Days Grace – I Hate Everything About You
TheSaucySenna Every "lie" you told me it was still...Too Little Too Late...Hoobastank – Too Little Too Late
TheSaucySenna "I try to not think about Might Have Been..." What Might Have Been~ Little Texas

What Might Of Been

| play
TheSaucySenna Sorry I love this song totally has nothing to do with ~you~.
ThatGirlAni listening to Breathe ~Taylor Swift & Colbie Caillat

"Breathe" by Taylor ft.Colbie Caillat [Lyrics!]

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Hi-Five- I like the way(Kissing Game)

| play
TheSaucySenna @sassysam2121 Pay no mind tothe actual song just the title. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Fergie – Clumsy


| play
TheSaucySenna @FelixTruVolturi *draws a line and stands on top of it* There is a thin line between right and wrong. Am I standing in the right place?
MikeNewton You should stay and reap the rewards of our feelings.

Paul McCartney & Wings: Silly Love Songs

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MikeNewton I'll be happy when we're happy together.
MikeNewton Yeah, what she said! But you should really listen to this song.
TheSaucySenna "Even if you got down on your knees you couldn't make me stay..."
TheSaucySenna I am having an AAR night. The All-American Rejects – One More Sad Song
TheSaucySenna @SassySam2121 How about a compromise~ The Jackson 5 – I Want You Back
TheSaucySenna @sassysam2121 Goodnight sweetie Jackson 5 – I'll Be There
TheSaucySenna UPDATE 11400 goes to @FelixTruVolturi
Gen22 Heart - 'Crazy On You (Unplugged)'

heart crazy on you unplugged

| play
TheSaucySenna *reaching the center field and laying down. I place my headphones on and close my eyes* Pink~Sober
TheSaucySenna @FelixTruVolturi I am confused and need to hear you say that you want me home with you. David Cook- Come Back To Me

David Cook- Come Back To Me ■w/ Lyrics■

| play

Matt Nathanson: Still

| play
TheSaucySenna *singing along* I miss the sound of your voice; I miss the rush of your skin...* Matt Nathanson – Come on, Get higher
TheSaucySenna @FelixTruVolturi Maybe He'll Notice Her Now ~ Mindy McCready (country) That is what you get for leaving me this long.
TheSaucySenna "I'm going home to the place where I belong where your love has always been enough for me..." Daughtry – Home


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TheSaucySenna @SassySam2121 I think "Bedwards girl" is a great name.

Alice Cooper Bed of nails

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TheSaucySenna Sometimes you just don't believe something until it is proven so you just play "Hide and Seek"~New Edition
TheSaucySenna LMAO RT @MikeNewton: "For some reason I just can't get this song stupid little song out of my head." (reblip)
TheSaucySenna ~SOMETIMES~ a girl wants to see that she means something important. Keith Urban – Stupid Boy
TheSaucySenna More than words is all you have to do to make it real...Extreme – More Than Words
MikeNewton Sometimes words are not enough. *grinning*
TheSaucySenna If you can show me the truth well then "You just might make me believe" sugarland just might make me believe

sugarland just might make me believe (lyrics in description)

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TheSaucySenna Can you at least "Give Me One Reason" and I will listen? Give Me One Reason – Tracy Chapman
MikeNewton My reason, *The Reason* is something you'll have to discover by being with me. - Hoobastank
TheSaucySenna You win. Meet me tonight at 730 @ my house and we can TALK. Ok? Bruce Springsteen – Secret Garden
TheSaucySenna How do you figure it's a "Win, Win Situation"?RT @MikeNewton: "*Laughing @SaucySenna* Don't worry, I'm *In a Win, Win Situation*- Emery. See ya then." (reblip)
TheSaucySenna Update 11900 goes to @_MikeNewton_ "Shouldn't let you conquer me c