The_Kraken @nudeasthenews Tried to put on Dead Funny by Archie Bronson Outfit as a response, but the blips for them are all screwed :-( (reblip)

MetricDead Disco

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DJmDub One of their fiercest songs. Wish it was longer! thx to @The_Kraken (reblip)
DJmDub ...As we would lay and learn about what each other's bodies were for.
The_Kraken A man in spandex? Who'd've thought it?
The_Kraken Starts off slow I know, but it gets a lot better
fuzzygroove @The_Kraken I'll bite - this is one of my favorite tracks of all time. usually for rainy days, but hey, it's raining somewhere.

Aphex TwinFlim

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The_Kraken Again, this one's better than the original - by miles
The_Kraken @rusticspiral - great blip, think I prefer the original, rather than the various remixes though

Le TigreDeceptacon

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The_Kraken I've never heard the full version of this, till now - was one of my favs on a mix album


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The_Kraken @smimarche - yeah, it's a bit of a minefield - trying to put all the decent quality ones in my playlist from now on. (reblip)
SteveKubrick The Decemberists have announced their new album - Hazards Of Love will be released March 24th.
purplesime @heg One of Pete Dohery's better songs. Wonder what the new solo album will be like? Hope his lyrics go back to what they were this time around! (reblip)
RustyBrown Alright then... If nothing's lost...
The_Kraken It must be difficult not to be found if you're the tallest man on earth. Must be especially hard if he keeps making great songs like this.
smimarchie Reblipping @gilbarbara a decent version of that last track! (reblip)
JesusDJ preparado para la convocatoria (si esta se produjese) XD!!!
threebears my baby don't mess around - because she love me so, and this I know for sho! ... nothing is forever.... so what makes love the exception?

OutkastHey Ya

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CalebBooker reblipping @nextstage - this is the HOTTEST remix of a Bjørk song I've ever heard. Brilliant work! (reblip)
The_Kraken The un-remixed version of this on blip is 20seconds long - shame, as it's my all-time favourite hip hop track.
threebears @we'resure-thepersonwouldneverknowingly-dosomerthingnon-consensualwithadonkey-andwe'regoingtocheckthatwiththedonkey ^_^ thanks! (reblip)
The_Kraken Ello - Duke Spirit's one hit - turning up here? (reblip)
jaredcovington ...soundtrack for a confused snow storm...
The_Kraken Gonna put a few new Beirut tracks up from his double EP release (they're a bit different from previous Beirut stuff, but still good)
raininathens this song is so beautiful

BeirutThe Akara

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The_Kraken New Animal Collective track - at least, I've only heard it live.
The_Kraken I shut my eyes, but often crash into the walls and other vehicles.
The_Kraken Good stuff, hope they've washed their jeans since the last album

The View5Rebecca's

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The_Kraken One of my favourite Aphex tracks (how often do you see the words "Kick Ass Violin Solo"?)
Superfly music anonymous anyone?


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The_Kraken @melodyofyourlife - interesting cover, the song suits Matt's voice, ta! (reblip)
The_Kraken A giant squid is a lonely creature - don't I know it?
The_Kraken Fun, drugs and boil - Pour Ten
The_Kraken 1,000 props! Thank you everyone who's hit the thumbs up.
The_Kraken Bob's den, bo-bob-si-Bobsy Bob's den
The_Kraken [Give her at least 15 seconds, then you'll be in love] @VinTriste with Emilie or Fleur? Either way I'm deeply smitten, ta (reblip)
The_Kraken @donkeyrapist Of course I want one now, I think this is suitably dark.
jaredcovington Be back in a little, following lunch and a meeting. Until then, you're all in very good hands with all of the other great DJs active on Blip today.
squidbrain @The_Kraken Is it really him though? I notice some stylistic similarities but it seems unlikely that he would remix anything by T.I.
AbsinthEve Hey like this mash up... I was playin' some Old School but now I am Diggin your mash ups and other's @The_Kraken (reblip)
The_Kraken Tingz FerdiTing? Shut up and let me go must be one of the most mashed tunes around at the moment #mashup


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The_Kraken Vampire Rihanna? #mashup


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BeardyBrave And another tune on my "Blast from the past" trip...


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The_Kraken What music would help me through the cleaning and hidying? (like tidying, but involves throwing things into cupboards and closing the door quickly)
The_Kraken What is this Sofia? (reblip)


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jaredcovington There is absolutely no reason this should even be listenable, yet somehow, it works...
SlipperyDistortion From @The_Kraken. Gotta run to lunch and meetings. Thanks for the great blips and generous props. Have a great day, mes amis. (reblip)
CowboyStef If it's mashups you want, this really is a stroke of genie-us!
bendrix Glad U dug the LTX experience - This is a special dedication to U cause I miss my Cindee & its a similar sound. Hope U dig it :) => rb@ladypn (reblip)
The_Kraken What distance is this so called race over?
The_Kraken The origins of breakbeat lie in this one track: watch the explanation here: - it's worth the 20 minutes
The_Kraken Well I can feel it, don't know about the rest of you.
DareToEatAPeach The best part of this is when they mix Debbie's voice so she sounds like she's howling. Best mashup ever.
The_Kraken Modern Art = I could that ÷ But you didn't did you

Art BrutModern Art

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The_Kraken @purplesime - I very much enjoyed the triples today, thanks. 'Ere, you know who I had in my cab the other day.....?

beastie boys - triple trouble - graham coxon remix

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The_Kraken It's much better, cos out of the water I look like this:
The_Kraken I'm going for a theme today, <Jacque Cousteau>an underwater mystery world where the alien is the everyday and the everyday is alien</Jacque Cousteau>
petik3 Holy Fuck - Casio Bossa Nova


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The_Kraken Underwater #29 aaaaaand, that's it from me. Not going to have too much chance to blip over the next 3 days, I'll miss you all.
The_Kraken New My Latest Novel album in progress - this is the first track, inspired by @DJstromer19
Cod Respect to @The_Kraken. You're too kind sir. This workout's on me...
The_Kraken #summer Stumbled on this with my theme of the day (Harding?!? that's my surname, is this me?)

HardingHot Summer

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The_Kraken Digitalism - Taken Away (wish I was taken away from the office, given a cold beer and told to sit on the beach till further notice)
The_Kraken @28apple_chic For your sky blips, it's all clever innit
The_Kraken I've been wanting to blip this for so long, but until I discovered I couldn't think of a way to do that. Now, we're all fulfilled.
The_Kraken Are we still doing midweek remixes? I don't really care if we aren't, cos this rips.
The_Kraken RB vi@28apple_chic NO!!!! totally new to me, thanks babe. (reblip)
The_Kraken New songs from The National previewed at a Dark Was the Night benefit gig 2 more coming up.

England (new song, live at Radio Ci

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The_Kraken Duet from Bon Iver & Matt Berninger.

Big Red Machine (live at Radio City

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The_Kraken Another new song from The National

Vanderlylle Cry Baby (new song, live

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The_Kraken RB vi@robotnik. Ooooo, thanks for this, loads of new stuff from Holy Fuck. Looking forward to seeing them. How was Shearwater the other night? (reblip)
Newmaidumosa yes RB@28apple_chic you have indeed broken my prop button!!!! => @yeesha. Whoop :) (reblip)
The_Kraken Just discovered this Electro-house / bleepy band, and I like what they're doing
The_Kraken Let's have some more Anamanaguchi
The_Kraken @28apple_chic Of course you should go. I must say though that Keiran's not as good live I'm afraid - and I've seen him three times.

Four TetMisnomer

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Apple_chic Massive lovage for Four Tet as always. Hello me baber @kittygubbins
The_Kraken Anyone recognise the drum beat in this?


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The_Kraken Sampled drum beat from my previous blip: Dodos - Fools
bjerre LOVE this. Song for the fields
The_Kraken Could there be any more poignant song for the blip boycott tomorrow?
The_Kraken I want this played at my funeral

mr scruffsweet smoke

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Squarepusher COME ON MY SELECTOR Best Quality

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The_Kraken RB vi@FunkShoi God Almighty this is well a nice. Muchos muchos gracias mi amigo (reblip)
The_Kraken I understand there were NO computer graphics in this (inspired by earlier blip by @tubilino)

Chemical Brothers-Let Forever Be

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The_Kraken Going to see Deerhunter again on Monday, anyone coming along?

DeerhunterHazel St

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Faunts "Feel.Love.Thinking.Of." music video

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tannyt :-)

The National, Slow Show

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The_Kraken @cliffagogo Cliffy, you going to that "festival" at college?
The_Kraken @purplesime Hello sirrah

Four tet-And they all look broken hearted

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The_Kraken a quick 2fer before going off for lunch
Apple_chic vi@noochi - Been listening to this over the weekend. It's the lushness! :) (reblip)

Parov StelarLove

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The_Kraken !RB vi@DaHilster This is lovely. My missus was talking about Blue Roses, but hadn't heard any of their stuff before, thanks man (reblip)
The_Kraken I don't usually like to blip videos, but this is one of the funniest ever. Hi @28apple_chic @estrogen @shiner Congrats on your 500 @abarbero!
The_Kraken Seeing them again next Thursday. New album out on Monday - woo!
The_Kraken bleh

EXIT CALM -Higher Learning

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